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Highest Self Podcast 445: The Time I Was Caught in a Sand Storm – Lessons From the Sahara Desert, Morocco Travel Recap

I just came back from an incredible month-long trip to Morocco and it truly was life-changing. In this episode, I share with you ALL the …

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Highest Self Podcast 439: Top 10 Highest Self Podcast Episodes – 5 Year Birthday Episode with Rhonda Byrne, Mark Nepo, Aaron Daughty, Krista Williams, Cassandra Bodzak, Briana Lynn, Axel Antojai, Mia Magik

I can’t believe 5 years of recording this glorious podcast has flown by! This podcast has inspired, healed and connected me in ways I can’t …

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Highest Self Podcast 438: How To Know If You’re Spiritually Outgrowing Friendships, Careers and Homes with Sahara Rose

You know that uncomfortable feeling when a friendship, career/ niche or home is just NOT an energetic match anymore? Yeah it’s time to up-level! In …

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Highest Self Podcast 436: Why I Don’t Watch Scary Movies with Sahara Rose

When I was 7 years old, my cousins thought it would be funny to show me Nightmare on Elm Street, the horror film with Freddy …

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Highest Self Podcast 434: Why It’s So Uncomfortable To Speak Your Truth with Sahara Rose

Have you ever spent hours/ day/ weeks/ month/ erm maybe even YEARS thinking about what you want to say in a situation, trying to figure …

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Highest Self Podcast 431: How To Stop Being Overly Responsible with Sahara Rose

Do you feel responsible for your friends and family members’ well-being? Are you always the person helping everyone with all their problems? Do you take …

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Highest Self Podcast 423: The Truth About Quantum Leaping with Sahara Rose

I’ve been hearing a lot about this concept of “quantum leaping” and wanted to share my perspective on it. Can you actually meditate your way …

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Highest Self Podcast 420: If You’re Healing Right Now- This Is For You, with Sahara Rose

Healing is confronting, challenging and also the most courageous work you can do. In this episode, I send extra love for those of you deep …

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podcast 416

Highest Self Podcast 416: What Does True Success Mean To You with Sahara Rose

Do you always feel like you need to be rushing and responding just to stay afloat? Maybe you are always in your emails, checking your …

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Highest Self Podcast 411: How To Have More Community, Belonging + Discernment in a Social Media World with Sahara Rose

Have you ever felt frazzled by all the opinions, voices and narratives out there on social media? This is because of your biological need to …

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