Highest Self Podcast 465: What I’m Feeling These Days (Creativity as Spirituality, Improv, Channeling, Sacred Feminine + Beyond)



Wanted to do a little life update about what I’m into these days (and what I’m not) as I shift and evolve! In this episode I discuss why creativity is the next frontier of healing, my life-changing improv experience, tuning into channeling, the sacred feminine, an IG call out I had for seeing twerking + belly dancing as part of my spiritual practice and more!

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Episode #465: What I’m Feeling These Days (Creativity as Spirituality, Improv, Channeling, Sacred Feminine + Beyond) with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

[00:00] Sahara

Creativity can actually heal us in ways that analyzing our pain and traumas can’t because it takes us beyond, it connects us back to our true nature. And when we’re connected to our true nature, it’s like Reiki over the entire nervous system because we are being who we are here to be – creators and creatrixes. 

[00:22] Sahara

So, that is why art is so healing, whether it is through painting, through music, through dance, through theater, through poetry. And every single culture has art, such a huge part, a pillar of society, because without art, our societies will crumble. Life will become too dense, too difficult, too mundane, and art is what brings beauty to this world. And beauty really is the virtue that I have been feeling more and more of every single day, of like, I’m here to bring beauty to the world. And that in itself is enough.

[01:09] Sahara

Hi, I’m Sahara Rose, and this is The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement. 

[01:17] Sahara

I wanted to do a little Episode about the things that I’m loving right now, the things that I’m feeling, the things that I’m over, just to bring you along the journey of this life, because I feel like we are all on this really fast-moving trajectory where things are changing so quickly, we are learning more about ourselves, discovering new things that we are stepping into, and letting go of former versions of ourselves. 

So, I wanted to, kind of, give you an update of where I’m at, what I’m into right now and what my spiritual journey looks like, because it really has evolved 1000 times since I started this Podcast, five and a half years ago now, and I love where I’m at. 

And I feel like so many of us are feeling a lot of the similar waves that I’m feeling in the collective right now, so I wanted to do a little Episode and give you guys an update.

[02:05] Sahara

So, the first I have really been feeling is that what is beyond healing is creativity. And so much of the spiritual journey, at first, needs to be focused on healing. You know, we step into spirituality and we realize “Oh, wow, there is a whole other world out there and I can live a life that is in alignment with my truth, I even have a truth, I even have a purpose and there is a lot of deconditioning that needs to happen”. 

And sometimes we get attracted to spirituality because it feels like life’s going to be easier. Maybe you learned about manifestation or crystals or you started practicing yoga and you’re like “Oh my God, I want to be spiritual because I want to be one of those happy people all the time”, and then you step into the spiritual journey and you realize “Well, the reason why I’m not experiencing joy on a daily, or even regular basis, is because of these wounds that I have to heal”, so, then the spiritual journey really becomes the healing journey. And I feel like that’s what most of what we see on social media is about – nervous system healing, ancestral healing, all forms of healing. And lots of Episodes on this Podcast, and that’s been a huge part of my journey as well. 

[03:15] Sahara

However, I think what’s missing is to go beyond healing for the sake of healing, but rather, seeing creativity as even the highest form of healing. 

[03:26] Sahara

I think back on when we were kids, and we didn’t really need to, necessarily, sit and talk about our problems and dive into our problems, like, yes, that would have actually been very helpful and I think that more children need coaches and therapists, etc., but by nature, kids don’t really want to do that. They heal by painting and making arts and crafts and going outside and doing things that connect them back with their true, creative child-like nature. 

And for some reason, as an adult, we’ve stopped doing that. So, then, we’re like in these really tough, stressful jobs, working all the time, and then when we’re not working, we’re working on healing, and then that becomes a part of our identity and like “Oh my God, now I need to heal this; now I need to heal that”, and the thing is, it’s never going to be the end, there’s always going to be more to heal. Whether it’s diving deeper into your relationships, your family, your childhood, your this, it’s really a never-ending well. 

[04:25] Sahara

And the beauty of that is that we’re never there, but the shadow of that is, we can make healing our entire identities and use this guise of “I am not healed enough to step into my purpose, to take action, to be joyful, to experience bliss, to (insert whatever the thing is that you really want to do”.

[04:47] Sahara

And to me, creativity can actually heal us in ways that analyzing our pain and traumas can’t, because it takes us beyond, it connects us back to our true nature. And when we’re connected to our true nature, it’s like Reiki over the entire nervous system because we are being who we are here to be – creators and creatrixes. 

[05:10] Sahara

So, that is why art is so healing, whether it is through painting, through music, through dance, through theater, through poetry. And every single culture has art, a such a huge part of pillar of society, because without art, our societies will crumble. Life will become too dense, too difficult, too mundane, and art is what brings beauty to this world. And beauty really is the virtue that I have been feeling more and more of every single day, of like, I’m here to bring beauty to the world. And that in itself is enough.

[05:45] Sahara

And I remember once hearing someone say “You’re either here to bring one of three virtues to the world, make the world a more good place, a more true place or a more beautiful place”, and they’re like, you’re one of these three. And at that time, when I heard this, which was just like 6 years ago, I was like “Oh, well, I definitely am not the beauty one, that’s not important, I need to make the world a better place or a more true place”, and I was, like, toying between those two, and now I’m like, when there is beauty, we naturally want to do good, we naturally align with our truth, we have a reason for doing so.

And this is why I walk the beauty path, of adorning myself, adorning my home, adorning everything that I create, and it doesn’t even need to be physical, but treating everything in your life as sacred, and placing upon your altar of your thoughts, the thoughts that you would seek to worship, that you would bow down to, and if it’s not serving you, “Do I want to place this in the altar of my mind?”

[06:46] Sahara

So, I have been really stepping into this beauty path, and this beauty path has allowed me to step into my creativity in higher ways and making it a priority.

So, for example, I have always loved to craft, but for many years, I stopped doing it just because life, I’m busy, I don’t have time to go to the art store, I don’t this, that, but now I make it a point, at least once a month, I’m making a craft. Like, yesterday, I invited some friends over, we got white pumpkins and we got dried flower petals and we glued the flower petals onto the pumpkins and we put little butterflies on there and made it so beautiful, so, it’s like something as simple as that. To, now I’m in improv classes, which is going to be my second point, and that has been such a game changer. 

[07:33] Sahara

So, really, this whole point is about, what does it look like to step beyond healing, especially healing for the sake of healing and how can we use creativity as our form of healing? And how can we seek higher expressions for ourselves as well, how can we make our life our art? And when we can step into this, which doesn’t mean your life has to be perfect, it doesn’t mean you have to do X amount of healing to then be creative, but it’s honoring your creativity just as much as you do your healing journey.

[08:05] Sahara

So, that brings me to the next thing I’m really feeling right now, which is improv. 

[08:10] Sahara

So, when I was in high school, I took improv once and I love it, I thought it was funny, but I didn’t think I was, you know, good enough to be on the improv crew. And then, once again, in my early 20s in Bali, I went to a class. And again, I love the spontaneity, but I just didn’t think I was good enough. 

But I always, like, wanted to play improv games and whenever I was somewhere that someone knew, I was always asking them questions and I was like “Let’s just do it right now”. 

And as a kind, I was very, like, theatrical and I loved to make up skits and act, make up scenarios and do different voices and accents and wear costumes (and like, I’m definitely that person). 

[08:45] Sahara

So, a few months ago, I just decided, on a whim, that I really wanted to go to an improv show. So, I went to an improv show and at the end of the show they said we actually have classes here, and they’re 3-month classes, 3 hours a week. And even though it was the middle of the summer, super busy, traveling, all the things, just like I did when I signed up for DJ school, I had so much going on, I decided to sign up for these improv classes. And it has become the highlight of my week, because improv, actually, is the ultimate embodiment practice. You literally are embodying different archetypes, and characters, and aspects of yourself, aspects of the whole, aspects of the collective. And not just acting them out, but really asking yourself “Why am I this person and what is this person’s backstory? What are their fears? What do they think about before they fall asleep? What do they really want?” So then, the thing that you’re acting out is actually, also, embodying the words unspoken, and that just allows us to really step into all of these different archetypes within ourselves, whether it’s the inner, lazy, stoner guy, or whether it’s the super hyper-vigilant, corporate lawyer executive, or whether it’s the guy who’s been milking cows for 50 years and he’s really stressed out because the world is changing so quick and he doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to hold on, he doesn’t like what these young people are up to and they can’t remember tradition. And you know, all of these people, that we have their categorizations in our minds, but we’ve never embodied them ourselves, it’s like “Oh, why would someone feel this way? Why would they think the way that they do?”, and then to step into that and let yourself be a channel for it.

[10:31] Sahara

So, improv is also the ultimate the channeling practice because if you just don’t know what improv is, you basically are stepping into a scene that you are making up on the spot, and the other person is making up on the spot, so neither of you know where it’s going, there are no lines, there’s no conversation that you have before of like “Hey, this is what we’re going to act out”. Typically, you get a word from the audience and that’s just a starting point, and then it can just go anywhere. So, you can’t prepare, you can’t, you know, rehearse your lines, you can’t be in your head overanalyzing and I love that so much! And I’ve realized that my highest points of joy are always in spontaneous experiences. 

[11:08] Sahara

Like, why I love DJ-ing is because I can’t plan my set. I have to be there, see what people are dancing to, feel their energy and then I start playing music for them, I’m freestyling the whole time, and it’s the same thing in improv. That’s why I like it a lot more than, like, acting, reading a monologue or something like that, which, again, you have to use your head, whereas, I want to not be in my head at all. I want to be totally in my body, totally in the present moment, connected to the other person, reading their words unspoken, and then playing this game that neither of us knows where it’s going to take us. And that’s why, as children, we love to make up skits, it was that same spontaneous energy that you didn’t know what that person was going to respond as, so you had to say “Yes, and”, and create more, and create more, and create worlds together.

[11:54] Sahara

So, improv has been my favorite thing that I am doing right now! And it’s funny because – so, at the end of each level you have a performance that you literally have to perform on front of a bunch of people, in a theater, who got tickets to be there. 

And it was right after my Sun-Being Way event, which I’ll tell you guys about soon. But basically, we had a big event for 150 DCI grads, plus our 2-day Soul and Strategy Mastermind, so, basically, I was coming off a 3-day, whole experience, a 3-day live event where I’m teaching all day, and traveling, and the launch, and starting the new DCI co-ort, so many things. 

So, I was actually going to not go to my improv performance because I was like “I’ve speaking in front of people all the time, I don’t really need this practice. Whatever!” And then, my friend, who was in the class too, was basically like “No, you need to come, you signed up for this, we’re doing this together and we are finishing it together”, and basically gave me no choice, which I loved, because that’s why we need accountability buddies, sometimes, because I would’ve totally not gone if she didn’t basically push me. And in that moment, that’s what I really needed, and I was telling her “No, I’m really tired”, I was getting myself off the hook and she was just like “Nope, you are doing this! I’m picking you up!” And that got me to show up, do the performance, it was my best performance yet. I channeled this abuelita, this grandmother, and she was my granddaughter, but then we were secretly dealing drugs, but pretending we were innocent, but then when the guy wasn’t looking, we were pretending to throw cocaine, it was very Miami scene. And it was like everyone’s favorite skit of the night because it was so funny, it was so random. This guy, like, pretended to be a police officer and tackled me, and I’m, like, on the floor like “Why did you touch me, we’re in the US, you can’t do that here!”, and then when he would, like, look away, I would keep dealing the drugs. It was so good!

[13:48] Sahara

So, at the end of doing that level of performance, I was like “I want to keep doing this, I want to keep this momentum going”, I’ve grown so much over these 3 months and now I’m doing the level two, which is deeper into the emotionality of it. 

[14:01] Sahara

And often, just, like, in the spiritual space, we read about emotions, we discuss emotions, but it’s like, what about being that, what about being the person whose boyfriend just broke up with them, they day before they were about to go on a trip together? What about being the girl who, you know, is on OnlyFans and will only talk to you if she things you’re going to be her sugar daddy and channeling that energy? What about being the guy who’s just so exhausted because he’s been doing everything for everyone and finally, he’s going to choose himself? So, all these different characters that, again, we’ve been those people, we’ve seen those people, but then, to step into, like, the deeper layers of that person, like, what do they really feel and then channeling that. It’s just taken me to greater depths than I’ve ever gone for.

[14:50] Sahara

So, my suggestion for you is to – and so, how I found this class is, I went on eventbrite.com, which is my favorite website, basically, I find everything on here (so Eventbrite, not affiliated with them), but it basically has, like, events anywhere, I think, in the US, maybe it’s around the world. And so, I looked up improv and that’s how I found this place. 

But basically, every, not only major city, but I would say most cities in general, will have an improv crew or a comedy crew, it’s often at places where they do comedy shows, so you’ll be able to find them there, highly, highly, highly suggest doing it there.

So, in my 2-day in-person mastermind, the Soul and Strategy Mastermind, which is exclusive for our Dharma Coaching Institute grads, I started the day with improv practices for everyone because I knew if you’re really here to speak your fullest expression, you’re here to connect with people as a coach, you’re here to exude confidence, to be agile according to whatever comes up, improv, that’s the practice for you. 

So, that has been so good, so fun, and it’s also really helped me, too, with my storytelling of, there needs to be a backstory.

[16:00] Sahara

I think, so often, when we’re in the self-help space, we’re so focused on “Okay, I need to tell people, like, the answers, I need to give them the tips, the how to, like how to be more healthy, how to eat well, how to this, how to that”, but honestly, what we want as humans is, we want to know how people feel, we want to know the backstory, we want to know why this matters to you, and that’s what really connects us. 

So, it has really deepened my connection with storytelling and that’s something that I’m desiring to teach more of, which I’ll be sharing about in a little bit.


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[18:35] Sahara

So, the next thing I’m really feeling right now is that when we tap into our innate channels, we go far past the logical mind. And really, what that means is that I want to go beyond speaking from a place of knowing what I’m going to say. 

So, that might sound crazy, but I do it every time I’m on Solocasts like this. I have an idea of what I want to say, sometimes, sometimes I really don’t I just have a thought. But my best Episodes are the ones that I’m on a whim because I can’t rehearse, I can’t plan, it’s not coming from the logical mind, so I’m channeling from somewhere greater than me. And if you listen to this Podcast, you’ve definitely heard some of those Episodes before, the one that I did a few days ago on The Hidden Spirituality and Patriarchy, like, that was one of them. 

[19:25] Sahara

So, I’ve noticed that a lot of times people think there’s a formula to speaking, and it’s, you have to have a slideshow, the slideshow needs to have points, you need to, you know, do it in a certain formulated way, you need to have your little clicker and point it to a screed, like TedTalk. I feel like we’re equated public speaking to “Hey guys, in 2030, here’s my visionary dream”, and like having the whole public speaker set-up. 

[19:51] Sahara

I’m so not into that! It’s not interesting for me, I don’t want to do it, and that’s why I’ve never done a TedTalk, because to do them, you have to actually write out every single thing you’re going to say, word by word! Like, even the “And next, we are going to”, to that degree. And if you’re off, from when you present it to, from what you submitted in, more than a certain number of words, they won’t air your TedTalk because they want you to memorize exactly what you said you were going to do because they don’t want you to go off the cuff, to say something that they haven’t approved, they want everything to be controlled. And I get that, they don’t want someone to, you know, say they’re going to talk about one thing and then go, you know, on a rant about something else, totally get that. 

What I’m interested in, though, is speaking from the soul, speaking from a place where I don’t have an agenda, but I’m just here to share what’s on my heart. And when I do that and when I see people do that, it connects me to so much more to what they’re saying than, there’s just a little bit of a distance and separation that I feel when someone speaking logically from their head and giving a talk vs. connecting to me, soul to soul. 

[21:02] Sahara

It’s like, if you’re having a conversation with a friend and they’re rehearsing some scripted-out thing, you’re just going to be like “Urgh, this feels off”, whereas if you’re having a friend and there’s so much rapport, and you say something and they’re bouncing off of you and you’re in this dialogue, you’re so much more engaged, you’re leaning in.

[21:17] Sahara

So, for example, at my Sun-Being Way event, that I just did last week in LA, I did not plan out what I was going to say at all before, and I just showed up and I channeled. And my grandmother was there and I brought my grandmother on the stage and then she talked about her life and what she experienced and what’s happening to the women in Iran right now, and that was beautiful and brought everyone to tears. And she was speaking from her heart, and she has never in her life had a microphone, she’s never in her life spoken on stage, she’s never in her life had 150 people listen to her, really, or anyone outside of our family listen to her. 

So, that just showed the resonance that happens when you’re speaking from your soul, it just allows people to connect with theirs, whereas, if I’m speaking from a logical mind, I’m connecting to people’s logical minds.

[22:07] Sahara

Yes, if we’re speaking about research, facts, data, that’s great, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about, you know, I’m here to talk about beyond that, the truth that we can only feel.

[22:17] Sahara

So, after I was doing that talk, I just felt called to use the audience and use the coaches in the group and have them coach each other. So, I said “Who here, doesn’t know what your purpose is still? Who, here, is having a hard time connecting to your why and what matters to you?” and a few brave souls raised their hand and I brought them on stage and I said “Who, here, has a channeled message that they would like to share with them?” And we passed around the mic and people in the crowd were sharing what they were receiving as their guidance to speak to that person, and then they were responding and it turned into this dialogue of, basically, like, all of us coming together to coach and to dialogue and to uplevel what is possible for this person and for all of us, as a whole. It just created this unified feel and it was so beautiful to be a part of it, it was way beyond anything I could’ve ever created on a slideshow. No PowerPoint skills can top what is possible when you’re channeling Source. 

[23:18] Sahara

And that’s what I feel so called to teach more about because I feel like my greatest gift, and also what has been my greatest block in this lifetime, has been my throat chakra. It has been my ability to tune into my truth and then to vocally express it, to have resonance with others, because it’s one thing to think something or to feel something, it’s another thing to be able to express it in a way that they can now sense it.

[23:44] Sahara

So, I feel called, and this is just an idea that I have right now, but, when I teach more about speaking with soul, and then even create a 2-day, in-person experience all about connecting with your intuitive channel. 

So, we’re together, in-person, for 2 days and you’re tuning into your story, your message, what matters to you, we’re doing improv games together, you’re, you know, gaining more confidence in your intuitive way of channeling the messages that you’re here to channel, and then, at the end of the 2 days, each person shares and gives a talk, not in the traditional sense, but comes up on that stage and channels Source and delivers the message that they are here to channel.

[24:25] Sahara

So, that message came through last week, that I need to create this experience, so let me know if you would be interested in it, just, it’s, right now, a complete idea, but I feel like so many of us, we are feeling called to speak in, just a higher vibrational way, than, like, the public speaking space has right now. And we just, probably haven’t practiced before, it’s hard to know, you know, exactly what you’re going to say when you’re home alone and you’re not getting feedback from other people. So, to be in field where we can be giving each other feedback, where you can practice being in front of a bunch of people and connecting to you channel, what happens then, because, to be honest, it’s easier, sometimes, to channel when you’re in front of people than when you’re in front of yourself because when you’re by yourself, you get distracted, you have your phone, you’re in your head. Mostly, it’s the distraction piece of like, your mind just will wonder somewhere else, whereas when you’re in front of people, and all eyes and all ears are on you, something larger than life comes through. And you just have to feel it, you know, to believe it, and some people are like “Oh my God, well, that would never work for me, I’m not a good speaker, it’s my biggest fear”. And I feel you, public speaking is the number one fear in the world, more than, you know, like, a lot of actually deathly things. Think about all the deathly things there are in the world like spiders and car crashes and plane crashes, public speaking is a bigger fear than all of those things, and that just speaks into why.

[25:53] Sahara

So, if you’re interested, just send me an email, send me an Instagram, I’m just, kind of, feeling the vibe right now, should I launch something around this, speaking with soul, intuitive channeling? Let me know because I feel jazzed up about it and I feel like some of you guys are too.

[26:09] Sahara

So, that brings me into my next point, that dance is the medicine that the world needs right now, and that the people who judge other people’s expression are judging their own. 

[26:20] Sahara

So, now moving into some things I’m not feeling. I recently had someone make a reel that was making fun of people who see twerking as their spiritual practice. And this was a white man, and he just made this reel and he was making fun of it saying it was so ridiculous and how could anyone think that twerking is spiritual and this is blah blah blah. And I found it because people tagged me and like, no, there are some really beautiful ways that you can use twerking and belly dancing and shaking, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s degrading. And anyways, it opened me up to realizing that the patriarchy is so real still, even in the spiritual community, and that’s what inspired me to, actually, create the Episode that I created a few days ago about the hidden patriarchy in the spiritual community. And I speak about it in a lot of senses in that Episode, be sure to listen to it if this is something that you want to dive more into.

[27:13] Sahara

So, how I personally experienced it in the Tantra community, in this polarity community, but even cases like that, here’s this white man, judging the way that women of color have connected to Spirit for thousands of years. You know, for thousands of years, women in Africa, which is where twerking originates from, women in the Middle East, which is where belly dancing, and really, belly dancing is a colonizer’s term for the Middle Eastern dance forms that have existed from all of the different regions. Egyptian style is different than Lebanese style, is different that Persian style is, different than Turkish style, different than Syrian style, they all have different styles of dance. Belly dance has become, sort of, this umbrella term for it. And now, belly dance is seen as derogatory or sexualized, but it was just the way that women in the Middle East danced. 

And that’s, even today, when the women gather together, they’re shimming and they’re cheering each other on, that’s how they heal and that’s how they connect, and they go into trances dancing, and they tune into something beyond them.

[28:17] Sahara

You know, even the origins of twerking, you can trace it back to different African dances such as from Cameroon and the Congo, and even different Somalian dance forms, and you can see that these dance forms were done for birthing rites. So, when women were giving birth, they would do twerking movements because it would help the baby be released from the body in a really easeful way, and now we’re finding, with Western medical science, that lying on your back is not actually the optimal way to birth a baby because it blocks your spine and your hips from opening in the way that they are here to. And practicing twerking, shimming, undulations, all these different movements, helps open up your hips and preparing you for childbirth.

[29:03] Sahara

But also, what my Somalian friend shared with me is that, the twerking practice – again, twerking is a new word that we’ve put on it with origins from the Nola Bounce scene in the 90s, but those styles of dance forms were also practices in funeral rites. 

So, when people passed on, they would shimmy, and shake, and undulate, because that would help release trauma from their bodies. 

So, it’s so sad to me, and really, just showing that the John Smith’s of the world, they’re still very present here, of here’s a white man, judging the way that women of color have healed through death, through childbirth, through pain, through colonialism, through war, through suffering, through patriarchy, for thousands of years, because they don’t see it as spiritual based off of the fucking yoga teacher training that they did. Please, I could get really mad about this and I’m just, this is not going to be that Episode.

But it just shows how the patriarchy can be deeply hidden in spirituality. And you know, this person, probably, just has never really talked to women of color, has never doven into spiritual practices outside of their own, thinks spirituality is simply a non-dual, seated meditation where you go beyond the body and go beyond desires and have no attachment to this material plain. 

And again, that’s one version of it, it’s a more masculine version of it, but it’s not the totality, and for many of us, it’s not our path.

So, to say that only one version of spirituality is correct and the others are not is inherently racist and patriarchal. 

[30:46] Sahara

So, we see this happen again and again – so, people making fun of twerking and belly dancing. And you know, even Salsa dancing can be spiritual; Zumba can be spiritual; anything can be spiritual; pole dancing can be spiritual; floor dancing can be spiritual; hula-hoping can be spiritual; fire dancing can be spiritual; any dance form; any art form, with your intention. Because what, like – so, here’s the thing that I’m over, I’m kind of over the word spirituality because it has been weaponized, it has, like, turned into this thing of like “This is spirituality in this box right here, it is crystals, it is ohm, it is white light, it is wearing all white with Mulla Beads, it is Kundalini yoga, it is this. And if you are not these things, you are no longer spiritual!” 

And also, the word spirituality has this more masculine undertone to it, because Spirit is outside of the body, you know, Spirit is beyond the body. When I tune into the energy of Spirit, I think of the element of air, I think of something that is flowing around me, that I am connected to. And again, I’m still going to use the word spirituality, but when I tune into the roots of it, it’s like Spirit, right, it has an air-like, fluid quality to it, and it’s part of us.

[32:14] Sahara

When I tune into the soul, I want you to tune into the word soul, what does the word soul feel like to you? So, instantly, my body responds to the word soul. I’m feeling soul in my solar plexus, in my womb, in my heart, it’s a very embodies feeling to it, it’s like, rich and textured and well-cooked and alive, it has life to it. And it has a little bit more of a feminine pole to it. It’s here, it’s with us, it’s with our emotions, it’s with our conversations, it’s with the children, it’s with the earth. We all have soul and we all have Spirit, they’re both sides of us.

[32:56] Sahara

I feel like in this modern spiritual Instagram community, we have focused so much on the external, right? We are galactic star seed beings who are connected to the Pleiadian this, and again, beautiful, but what about us as humans, and flex, and blood, and juice, and we’re here, in these sweaty bodies, for a reason, you know. Like, why can’t we stop judging that and seeing that as inferior, of like “Oh, it’s…”

Even in Christianity, and many religions, they have those same things of like “Oh, those are fleshy desires”, like flesh being worse than Spirit, desires being evil. Many religions have this idea, “Do not follow your desire, your desires can lead to you Satan” or “They can lead you to dark places”, in whatever language that they use it. But I see your desires – like, again, there are true desires and then there are desires that may come from the outside world that are not true desires.

[34:03] Sahara

So, like, if your desire is something that hurts someone, no, that’s not a true desire, that’s coming from a place of trauma. Or, if your desire is like “I just want to have all these designer things so people like me”, that’s not coming from a true place. 

But if your desire is “I want to be surrounded by beauty” or if your desire is “I want to experience deep love”, or if your desire is “I want to feel safe in my body, in my surroundings, in my home”, or if your desire is “I want to be heard for who I am and what I have to say”, these are true and inherent, universal desires. And the specific desires that we have, too, within those, really are encoded within us because they are guiding us towards our path. Your desires are sacred, there’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, they are within you for a reason, you are desiring them because they are taking you to what you are here to co-create.

[35:01] Sahara

And I say co-create because you’re not the only one creating it, you are co-creating it with the Universe, with the world around you that is also channeling through us, and we are vessels for. And our desires are what make us connect to it. Because if the universe has a desire for me to share wisdom with the world, but I personally did not desire to do that, it’s not going to happen, right? So, the Universe’s wish of me to be the channel in this way won’t happen unless I want it to happen. So, your desires are within you because they are desiring you. 

[35:38] Sahara

And that’s why I write in my book “Discover Your Dharma”, your dreams are dreaming you back, because the very things that you are dreaming about are waiting for you to dream about them because you are the perfect vessel to bring them to fruition. 

[35:53] Sahara

So, this is why I believe that the new paradigm is about moving beyond some of these, again, more non-dual, release all attachment to all desire approach to spirituality. Again, that’s the path of the esthetic, that’s the path of the true yogi who is here to have no material possession, no relationships, to be meditating in their cave and experiencing that pure spirit connection, that’s a beautiful desire if that’s who you are, like, freaking go for it!

[36:25] Sahara

My husband is a lot more like that than I am, it’s a bit more of a masculine path. But if your desire, if you hear that of like “No, I definitely don’t desire to have no possessions and be in silence and living in a cave, like, that does not call to me. But living in community, in nature, with music, and dancing, and ritual, and song, and story, and co-creating, and weaving what the Earth, and being an instrument and a channel of the divine, and being in relation to all things around me, and co-creating beauty with all the colors, and dance, and textures of life”, if that is speaking to you, which is definitely speaking to me, I’m like “Urgh, channeling all the codes right now”, then you’re on a different path than what most people in the spiritual space are talking about.

[37:14] Sahara

So, things like “Okay, meditate in silence and just repeat this mantra again, and again, and again”, probably isn’t going to work for you, because that’s not the desire that you seek to experience, it’s, you seek to experience totality, not nothingness. Two ends of the same coin. 

And sometimes we need to experience the other too. Like, I’ve done transcendental meditation training in many different trainings, but I honor my core of who I am, which is Shakthi, which is the divine, sacred, feminine energy that wants to dance with all life, and that is just as sacred as the masculine path. Which takes me back to, let’s honor it as such and not see it as inferior because that in itself is the patriarchy.

[38:03] Sahara

So, I’ll probably do a Part 2 because I have seven more points that I want to talk about. 

So, let me know if you like these kinds of Episodes, if you like to hear just more drop-ins, when I’m feeling and when I’m channeling and when I’m up to. Please leave a review for the Podcast and share with me there, that is the best place and it just really helps the Podcast be seen by more people. I try to make the Podcast have as little Ads a possible, and the way that we can do that is just by spreading the word. And as a free gift, I will send you my Womb Meditation. 

So, this is a really good meditation if you’re like “Yes, I want meditation practices that are more about being in my body and listening to the answers that are encoded in my soul”, you’re going to love this practice.

[38:47] Sahara

So, I’m sharing it absolutely free for anyone that leaves a review for the Podcast. You can do that on the iTunes Store. And all you’ve got to do is write a little review, write something nice, I read them all, and I’m so grateful, take a screenshot before you hit submit, or after you hit submit, and then email it over to me. My email is [email protected] and you’ll find that in the show notes as well. And so, email me that review and I’ll send you back my Free Tuning Into Your Womb Wisdom Meditation.

[39:19] Sahara

So, thank you so much for listening, for hearing my thoughts, for holding the space, I’m really curious to see what resonated and landed with you. 

So, I appreciate you being here on this soul journey, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this Episode, and I’ll see you on the next one! 


Episode #465: What I’m Feeling These Days (Creativity as Spirituality, Improv, Channeling,  Sacred Feminine + Beyond) with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

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