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Highest Self Podcast 237: Spirit Hacking + Shamanism For The People with Shaman Durek

We all have the ability to change our state and bring forth guidance— and it takes talking to the part of yourself that knows. In …

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Highest Self Podcast 179: The Ayahuasca Episode with Shaman Omar

What is Ayahuasca, this sacred plant medicine that everyone seems to be talking about? What can you expect in a ceremony? How does this plant …

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Highest Self Podcast 145: Feminine Shakti Shamanism Part 2 with Malaika Darville

Mama Malaika, my dear Shamanic teacher, is back for another episode, continuing our conversation on shamanic wisdom, the divine feminine, tantra, dance, inner healing and …

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Highest Self Podcast 144: Feminine Shakti Shamanism Part 1 with Malaika Darville

This episode is so special to me because it was the last conversation I had before Steven surprise proposed to me in Bali! I sit …

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Highest Self Podcast 101: Awaken Your Powers Masterclass with Shaman Durek

In this episode, we dive deep into what it means to awaken your powers. We discuss owning your voice, public speaking to be remembered, being …

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Highest Self Podcast 085: Awakening the Shaman Within with Alyson Charles

Totem animals, sound journeys, medicine bowls.. shamanism seems so interesting but lots of us are confused how it really works. I sat down with my …

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