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The Highest Self Podcast

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Highest Self Podcast 394: How to Connect with Plant Allies + Lucid Dream with Adriana Ayales

Did you know plants are here as allies to support us with our spiritual growth?! In this episode, we speak about various herbs, how the …

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Highest Self Podcast 393: Reclaiming Your Inner Witch, Sharing Your Voice + Healing The Feminine Wound with Mia Magik

We go IN on this episode! I sit with one of my best friends + fellow witch Mia Magik to talk about all things being …

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Highest Self Podcast 392: The Most Common Misconceptions in Human Design with Dayluna’s Shayna and Dana

“Projectors have no energy.” “Generators are supposed to build someone else’s dreams. “Manifesters are aggressive.” “Reflectors don’t know who they are.” We constantly hear these …

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Highest Self Podcast 391: Discover Your Soul’s Purpose Meditation with Sahara Rose

Your soul’s purpose is your divine calling, your energetic frequency, the big reason why you are here. In this meditation, I will be speaking directly …

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Highest Self Podcast 390: 6 Steps to Alleviate Burnout with Sahara Rose

My last two solocasts on burnout and overwhelm became the top shared episodes on Spotify so I know the collective is feeling this right now! …

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Highest Self Podcast 389: How To Manifesting Anything (that is in alignment) with Cassandra Bodzak

This has to be my favorite manifestation episode to date because we really explored the topics, it’s nuances and misconceptions with one of my best …

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Highest Self Podcast 388: Why The Term Toxic Positivity Makes No Sense with Sahara Rose

Back at it this week with demystifying another “spiritual word” people hear, misunderstand then use as a dagger to throw at others who aren’t like …

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Highest Self Podcast 387: What Actually Is Cultural Appropriation + Activating Your Powers with Shaman Dr. Axel Carrasquillo

You’ve probably heard this word, seen others accused of it or maybe been accused of it yourself — but what does it actually mean? What …

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Highest Self Podcast 386: Affirmations for Burn-Out with Sahara Rose

The world is feeling heavy and it’s important we take care of ourselves so we can truly live our purposes and share joy. In this …

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Highest Self Podcast 385: Content Creation Through Inspiration, Not Depletion with Aileen Lavendaire

Do you feel it’s part of your dharma to be a content creator? In this episode I sit down with Aileen, also known as Lavendaire, …

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