Highest Self Podcast 506: How To Have Hot Girl Energy


Your Highest Self is also your HOTTEST self. Because your Highest Self isn’t about transcending this life but rather being more embodied and integrated into your pleasure, joy, expression, authenticity, and sensuality.

And from this place, you cultivate your hot girl energy.

After my divorce, I had a massive glow-up where I fully got to know what hot girl energy looked like for me. Before my divorce, I had a little taste of it, but I wasn’t fully living in it due to illusions I had around being married and not needing to impress anyone anymore. But then I realized – I don’t need to be the best version of me for a MAN, I want to do it so I feel more alive.

In this week’s Highest Self Podcast solo episode we are diving into JUST that – hot girl energy and what it’s truly all about. (Shoutout to Megan Thee Stallion and the 2020 hot girl summer trend for some of the inspo!) Hot girl energy goes beyond your looks though, it’s a state of consciousness.

It’s you being in your most bold, confident, expressed, sexy, and embodied energy.

In this episode I talk about taking inventory of who you are now and who you want to become, words to align with your hot girl brand, the power of a cute outfit/the colors/textures you wear, stepping into your fullest authenticity IRL + social media, how we’ve been conditioned to have “cold girl energy”, honoring your sacred feminine energy/magnetism, twerking (of course), shadow work, pleasure, and SOUL much more juicy depth.

This episode isn’t here to teach you how to claim your hot girl energy, but to remind you what is already there inside of you ready to be expressed. Be sure to share this episode with your girlfriends so you can crank up the hot girl energy together this summer!

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Episode #506: How To Have Hot Girl Energy with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

[00:11] Sahara

Welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast! My name is Sahara Rose and this Podcast is all about taking spirituality and making it modern, fun, grounded, real, relatable, sexy, so you can feel like your most embodied self!

[00:25] Sahara

So, to me, your highest self is not this thing that’s outside of you, it’s not this thing you’ve got to figure out, and become, and transcend all desires and humanly possessions, but rather, it’s “How can I be more embodied and integrated in my pleasure, in joy, in my heart, in my senses?”, because that’s how we cultivate that hot girl energy, which is what we’re going to be diving into in today’s conversation.

[00:49] Sahara

So, what does hot girl energy mean? So, I feel like this is a term that Meghan the Stallion made really popular. You know, she would always talk about “I’m a hot girl and I do hot girl things”, I was just like “Oh, that’s a vibe!” I feel like 2020 was that year, that, you know, we would start talking about having a hot girl summer, like “I can’t to have it once we’re out of quarantine”, and now, to me, every summer is a hot girl summer. Like, moving forward, I am only having hot girl summers!

[01:13] Sahara

So, to me, a hot girl energy is really a state of consciousness, it’s not about looking a certain way, but we are going to talk a little bit about how style is a part of it, but rather, it’s you feeling confident, you feeling bold, you feeling expressed and you feeling embodied.

[01:30] Sahara

So, for me, I had a massive glow up that happened after my divorce because I really stepped into what does hot girl energy feel like for me. 

So, before that, you know, I had a little micro dose, I had a little tasty taste of it here and there, but I would say I wasn’t fully living in it, because I had these illusions of “Oh, well, I’m married, so, like, let me, like, you know, dress like this, like, whatever, I already have a man, I don’t need to impress anyone”, and then I realized, after, I’m like “I don’t do this for a man, I do this because I feel more vibrant, I feel more alive”. When I’m wearing a cute outfit, I feel more radiant, I feel more inspired, even if it’s just at home. 

So, I started to become more mindful of the colors that I was wearing, the style that I wanted to emit, the way that I wanted to show up on social media, and showing more of who I really am inside and express it out into the world. 

[02:26] Sahara

So, step one is really taking an inventory of “Who am I right now and who do I want to become?”

[02:34] Sahara

So, coming up with some words that you want to be part of your hot girl brand. And again, whether you have a social media or not, you are your personal brand at all times. Every conversation you have, every person you meet, is an embodiment of you. 

So, when someone’s talking to you, they’re getting a little tasty taste, like “Mmmh, I like that, that is spicy”, or “Oh, that’s so sweet”. Or “Wow, that is really edgy, mmh!” 

So, what are those terms? Do you want to be seductive and mysterious? Maybe you wear a lot of black, and purple, and leather, and velvet, and you have this, like, magician feel to you. Maybe you want to be hot pink with feathers and really bright, and loud, and neon, and sparkly, and, like, just take up a lot of space. Maybe you want to be, kind of, like, the sexy goth who’s like, more of like a Meghan Fox, hot topic, kind of, vibe. Maybe you want to be JLo, cca.2000s velour jacket, hoops, baby-girl, the little hairs gelled down.

So, what’s your vibe and how can you take it up a notch? Because, often, we are very inspired by people we see on the streets, who are bold in their fashion.

[03:55] Sahara

Like, I love seeing the older women, like the grandmas, who are just, like, wearing, like, bright colors, statement pieces, and to me, that is so inspiring because you know they’re just doing it for them. 

I follow some Instagrams like that and it’s, like, these fellow older ladies and they see each other on the streets and they’re like “I love your fit”, they’re like “I love yours too, girl”, and it’s so fun to see because they’re not, like “Oh, now I’m old, so I’ve got to wear, like, the old people stuff and no one cares about me, and I’ve got to cover myself, and I’m forgotten in society”, which is the story society tells us, right?  But instead, they’re like “Oh, I’m no longer living based on anyone else’s approval or expectation, and instead, I’m going to dress how I want to dress”, and that shifts your energy.

[04:40] Sahara

So, I’m starting there because how we show up in the world is going to share the feedback that we’re getting from other people. 

[04:47] Sahara

So, you know, one concept that I love about the Burning Man culture is, we are co-creating the experience. Like, every single person there is an offering to the collective. So, you just emitting this vivacious energy, and whatever flavor and texture you want to embody it in, is inspiring people around you, it’s inspiring people to show up as more of their full selves. 

So, think of embodying your hot girl energy really as an act of service, because it is, because you are actually giving people a permission slip to be more, authentically, themselves.

You don’t know how many people I get, every single day, saying “Thank you for sharing your twerking on Instagram, because that inspired me to start showing my sensuality more, and to stop blaming and judging myself, or feeling like “Oh, because I’m spiritual, I can’t also be sensual and feminine”, “Thank you for being the example of a serial entrepreneur with numerous 7-figure businesses, who’s also a DJ and having fun, and expressed, and laughing, and being silly, and not taking yourself so seriously”, “Thank you for showing me that you can do both”, “Thank you for writing books on spirituality with Forwards by Deepak Chopra and then going to Afrobeats festivals and winding up on the dance floor and showing me that you can be all of these things”. 

And again, that doesn’t mean they want to do exactly what I’m doing, but I’m being a permission slip of what’s possible when you step out of this linear way thinking and being, which, by the way, makes you fucking miserable, and then you wonder why I don’t have that same vivacious energy and spark, because you’re just trying to fit the standards of this society that is designing women to hate themselves. Like, it is teaching us “Don’t be too loud”, “Don’t be too emotional”, “Don’t be too this”, “Don’t be too that”, “You’re going to be too much for people and they can’t handle you, so, tone it all down”. Retold as a young girl, “You’re too loud”, “You’re too talkative”, who is, like, every parent-teacher conference “She talks too much”, right? It’s like “Hello, we’re social ass beings!” I mean, I was definitely told I talk too much and this is why I just like “Blah Blah” for a living.

So, that very thing that is, like, our bubbly, sparkly energy that, like, saw the other things in school and wanted to talk, and we just had so many things to discuss. It was like, we were made wrong for it, we were told “Sit quiet, stay in this little, freaking, desk”, you couldn’t even open up your arms because there was so much gum under there, it was nasty, “Sit down, 8 hours a day, don’t move, and if you move, if you fidget, you have ADD, you have ADHD, you have this, you have that, something’s wrong with you”. 

So, we’ve been trained to have cold girl energy instead of hot girl energy, we’ve become cold, we’ve become numb, we’ve become dense, we’ve become this, like, shell of ourselves. 

[07:33] Sahara

And that was, like, a huge thing I noticed, even from moving from Miami back to LA, because in Miami, people carry a lot of hot girl energy there, like, it’s part of the Latin culture, where people are very bold and expressed and unapologetic about it, that it’s like, no matter what your body size is, like, you flaunt it, and you don’t give a shit, and you’re going to wear your neon, and your jewels, and your hair extensions, you’re going to do the damn thing. And it’s just like, everyone is supportive of it. 

Whereas, in LA, it’s a lot of these women I see, and I’m doing a generalization here, I’m not saying everyone, but I see this culture where it’s, like, over-exercising, over-exerting, undereating, like, really nervous, and on edge, and out of our body, and emaciated, and trying to reach this level of perfection, and then, like, like, plastic and numb and no facial expression from all of the Botox, and the fillers, and the this, and it’s just like, we’re like, these like alien beings. 

And that is very unattractive because it’s like, no one wants to sleep with an alien being, it’s the opposite of hot girl energy, you know. We’re attracted to, especially the feminine, it’s our aliveness, it’s our juiciness, it’s our pleasure, it’s our sensuality, it’s our receptivity to life. The fact that we’re, like, making love to life, like, that’s what makes us magnetic. But if we’re like “Ok, am I perfect enough? Am I thin enough? Can I wear this thing? Just all greys, all neutrals, stay in the box, like, hmm, keep going to Soul Cycle, spinning and I’m, like, basically no longer existing”, it’s like, you’re so fragile and weak at that point. And that’s what society wants us, women, to become, fragile, weak, undernourished, because, then, we’re not in our fucking power, right? But we take up space and we’re like “Yes, bitch, I’m going to be loud, I’m going to share how I feel and I’m going to dress like this for me, because when I’m turned on by myself, I don’t need someone else to tell me I’m good enough. I don’t need to chase external validation. I don’t need to chase approval, because I’m so filled up with that from myself, I am oozing and radiating that self-love!”


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[10:47] Sahara

And that’s actually what makes you really magnetic, when you are self-sourced, right? Think about a waterfall, it’s just gushing, and gushing, and gushing, with more nectar, more amrita, more lifeforce, it’s like this constant, like, nectar, from the Gods, oozing out of you, that is the truth of who you are. You are a waterfall of creativity, of love, of pleasure, of ideas, of inspiration, of connection of nourishment, it’s just that we have been so malnourished in our societies, that we have dried the fuck up. We are in dry bitch energy, rather than whop energy, and that whop energy is what’s going to make us feel so enriched and tantalized, and again, turned on by ourselves that, then, life becomes a seductive dance, you’re flirting with the Universe for you, right?

[11:44] Sahara

Like, I read this quote that I love, is “I’m flirting with myself through you”, and when you see that it’s just like “I’m going to flirt with life”, instead of putting up this wall, putting up this front, trying to, you know “I’m going to say the right thing at the right time because I’m a high value woman”, so the high value woman is saying “I’ve got to make sure I save that Instagram post and say it exactly the way they told me to say it”, but instead, it’s just like “I’m going to flirt because I want to, not because I need anything”. That’s freaking sexy. That’s some hot girl energy right there. And then you get filled up with that, it feels good for you because you’re detached from the outcome, you’re not manipulating, you’re not needing anything from anyone else, you get to live in a state of turn-on, and flow, and juiciness, for you, period, regardless of the outcome!

[12:36] Sahara

And that’s a shit, right? It’s like, remember when you would go out, maybe, in college and you would, like, get super dressed up and get ready for the boys, “Oh my god, I hope he’s there at the frat party tonight”, “Hope he’s at the club”, like, and we’re, like, getting ready, but it’s like, so we can get something? And then, the way that night went, if it was a fun night, or not a fun night, it was based on “Did we get that guy that we wanted? Did we get the attention that we wanted?”. But instead, when you get older, it’s like, the most fun part is, like, me just getting ready and feeling good and dancing to some Genuine, and having fun with my friends, and taking pictures, it’s like, that in itself, is enough, now, everything else is just a bonus. And then, no one can make or break your joy because it’s coming from you, you get to choose if the night is fun or not, not if some dude, who, you’re going to forget his name in a week, let’s be real, talked to you or not. 

So, when we can become self-sourced, and that doesn’t mean like “I will never need a man and I’m Miss Independent forever”, doesn’t mean that at all, there’s still that feminine yearning and that space to be met by the masculine. But that feminine yearning is very different from a woman neediness. 

A feminine neediness is “I’m going to dress like this so I can get you, and once I got you, I’m going back to the granny panties”, and we do that, and it’s like, and then we’re wondering why the relationship isn’t as hot anymore, because we were only doing that thing to get somewhere, and then we got that thing and then we’re like “Okay, that was all a mask and illusion, err, I don’t actually feel comfortable holding my energy here”.

[14:12] Sahara

If you want this to become your new vibration, you’ve got to be it all the time, not just when you have the man, not just when you have the body, not just when you have the thing, that’s actually how you become those things. When you are feeling hot, you attract the relationship; when you are feeling hot, you have the energy to go exercise and take care of your body, but you’re not doing it for those things. That’s the difference there, you are self-sourced, you are that waterfall, you are that flow, you are that amrita, you are that juicy nectar of life.

[14:40] Sahara

So, hot girl energy really is a state of consciousness, just like twerking is a state of consciousness. Like, everywhere I go, everyone’s like “Can you teach me how to twerk?”, and I’ve tried and I realized I really can’t teach someone how to twerk because it’s a state of consciousness, of being very grounded in your body. When you are rooted in your body, and you are grounded, and you are connected to your feminine, and your hips, like, naturally, this gyration comes online, it’s like your body starts to move and express itself in a certain way.

It’s like, did anyone teach you how to have sex? Like, no! It’s like, your body is in your body, it’s in your being, and the more safety you experience with yourself, the more liberated and expansive you become. 

And that’s how hot girl energy works, no one can actually really teach it to you. But what I can do, is remind you that it’s there, it’s dormant within you, it’s waiting to come online in your own unique way, but there’s just these layers of conditioning right now that you are holding onto, these beliefs of “If I show up as my hot girl self, then…”, and I want you to fill that sentence right now. “If I show up in my hot girl energy, then….my husband will leave me; my friends will be intimidated by me; people will be jealous of me and I will be alone; my colleagues won’t take me seriously; what will my kids say?”, so, what are those things for you? Let’s get freaking honest about them, because they’re going to be lingering in the corners of your mind and subconsciously running the show, until we give them that space.

[16:16] Sahara

So, in my Embodiment Certification, where we really dive into this work, and if you’re interested, I have that link in the show notes, if you’re interested in becoming a Certified Embodiment Coach and diving into your own embodiment energy, which just takes everything that I’m saying to, like, the deepest level.

But I was coaching one of my students, and she had this fear of “I want to be more sensual, but what will my children say is their mom is, like, dancing, and their mom is dressing, you know, more sensually? They’re going to look down, I don’t want to put my kids through that”, and what I helped her understand is, wouldn’t we love to be the example for our children, for our daughters, of what an embodied woman looks like, and also, for our sons, of what an embodied woman looks like? Like, are we actually helping our kids by being so droughted from our pleasure that we’re showing them the example of what a burned out, people-pleasing, overwhelmed, running on overdrive, exhausted, woman is like? Like, that’s going to be the woman, the girl’s, expectation for herself, and the man’s expectation from his partners. That’s not what we want.

We want to show our children what a nourished and relaxed nervous system, and open body, and sensuous woman, which, by the way, in many cultures around the world, is very normalized. You go to many cultures in Africa, and women have their breasts out all the time, it’s not even sexualized, it’s very normal; you breastfeed your children, it’s very normal; the women dance and they gyrate their hips, it’s normal. We don’t need to hide this from them, it’s not like “God forbid my mom is a sensual being, how dare I know this?!” It’s like, our western society, it’s like, as a kid, it was like, always, like, the worst thing ever if you’re like “Oh my god, I think my parents have sex, like, I’m traumatized, like, what if they have sex?”, it’s like “No fucking shit, where do you think you came from?!”, right? 

Like, why are we so traumatized by this fucking obvious fact? Yeah, your parents have sex! I hope they have sex, that would be great for them if they have sex, parents should have more sex! But we’ve turned this into this, like, thing of like “God forbid mom has a body”, “God forbid there’s any romance happening in our family”, “God forbid there’s any pleasure”, so then, what example are we showing in ourselves? No wonder we don’t feel comfortable in our pleasure, in our sensuality, in our hot girl energy, because we have been trained, generationally, to hide those things, which comes from religion, of “Those things are impure”, “Those things are dirty”, “That’s a sin, that’s shameful”. But it’s the truth of who we are, it’s actually where we all come from. Like, you are an orgasm in human form, I hope you know this. Like, literally, orgasmic energy is what creates life. It’s the truth of who we are.

[19:02] Sahara

That’s why, often, when you sit in a deep meditation or a plant medicine ceremony, you come into this, like, orgasmic energy, and that’s you, tuned into lifeforce of what is. Like, the Universe is constantly breathing, and inhaling, and exhaling, and microcosmic-orbiting us, like, we are always living in the orgasmic flow of the divine, that is the truth of who we are. 

So, when we cut ourselves off from our energy, we’re cutting ourselves off from our lifeforce, from the very thing that created all of us. So, instead, let’s play with it, rather than be so afraid of it.

[19:36] Sahara

You know, I love going to different cultures and seeing, like, the children are dancing, and the parents are dancing, and it’s not this shameful thing that we have to be afraid of, because, let’s be real, the more we make something shameful, the more we will have the opposite, right? If you went to a catholic school, we all know what went down there, let’s be real, it’s, like, the more you make something not allowed, where I come from, Iran, one of the most repressed counties on human earth, where dancing is illegal, singing is illegal, definitely wearing this outfit is illegal, I mean, showing any form of hair, skin, anything, is illegal. That’s where my family comes from, and here I am, breaking major ancestral bonds, to even be sharing this with you. 

And when I share it, I, not just help other Iranian women, but I help many women step into their more full spectrum self, and I’m someone that comes from probably the most suppressed country on earth.

So, if it’s possible, for me, someone that’s come from a lineage of forced child marriage, coming from a lineage where no woman has even worked, let alone talked on a podcast about orgasms, and here I am, because of the depth and inquiry that I’ve gone to, then you know it’s possible for you too. And you know that whatever the fears are, it’s just a story in your head. 

And by the way, those very people that you’re so worried about dictating your life, the colleagues, “What if they talk about me?”, those old high school friends, do you even like them? Let’s be real, like, do you actually like these people? Do you actually really care about their opinion? No, probably not. But here you are, letting them dictate your entire life, you are not living your most expansive, liberated, vivacious, free, embodied, self, because you are so concerned with what Katie, from high school, has to say about your Instagram story; you are so concerned what Sally in Human Resources might say about you going to a pole dancing class; you’re so concerned about your mother-in-law, which, by the way, already has a list of things that she doesn’t like about you, might say if you wear the corset top. Fuck it! They’re going to talk shit regardless, be you, fall in love with yourself, and by the way, your biggest haters are your biggest fans, always. 

And then, soon, Katie, and Sally, and mother-in-law, they’re going to want to wear the corset and come to the pole dance class too, trust me. They might not just tell you it right now, but they will, you’re inspiring them from afar.


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[23:15] Sahara

And by the way, the people who can’t handle being in your field, don’t need to be. You’re not forcing anyone to be here, you’re not forcing anyone to watch, they’re choosing to, right? So, give them a freaking show, have some fucking fun, be your full spectrum self that you fall in love with yourself!

[23:33] Sahara

You know, one of the biggest things that helped me fall in love with myself is DJ-ing. Because, for me, I’ve always loved DJs, I’ve been enamored by DJs and then I was like “Nope, bitch, I’m going to be a DJ! I’m going to be the one who creates the vibe that I always wished existed”. I love listening to reggaeton, to afro beats, to 2000s hip hop, to tribal trap music, this is what I’m getting down to, but I’ve never seen a party where people are sacred twerking before, so, I’m going to be the first one to do it. And people might talk shit about it and think it’s crazy, and I might have some haters, but you know what, I get to live my fucking dharma, and that’s a lot of fun. And guess what – I started to do it and I put myself out there at, you know, first, my birthday, and I was, like, so nervous, and then my friend’s event, and then another one, and then I started getting hired at festivals, and now I’ve done numerous festivals. And this summer alone, I’m DJ-ing in Estonia, and in Quebec, and in Portugal, and in Greece, and it’s just getting started, and I’m DJ-ing at festivals thar are, like, my dream festivals to go to, like Envision Festival, and so many more, because I’m stepping into this unknown. And I’m being the vibration that I wished existed, rather than waiting for a permission slip, because, honey, waiting for someone else to invite you to be your hot girl energy is not your hot girl energy, you’ve got to choose that shit and you’ve got to pave that road for yourself because there is only one hot girl vibration that you can carry, and it’s yours, fully! And no one else can replicate it! Because you might even wear the same outfit as someone else, but your flavor, your magic sauce, your way of expressing the stories that you share, the vibration, your aura, all of these things are uniquely you, and they’re also ever-changing, due to your life experiences.

So, when you can open and surrender into it, and trust that you are being guided to express your soul’s purpose, your dharma, in this way, that it’s asking to come through, and letting go of the judgment and shame around “Well, I can’t be this way because I won’t be taken seriously, because people don’t like a woman who’s too embodied, who’s too sensual, who’s too powerful, who’s too fierce, who’s too bold, who’s too confident”. The more we can drop those stories, the more we experience the truth of who we are on the other side. 

It’s like letting go of all of the weight that our balloon has been carrying, and the more we drop that limiting belief of “I’m too loud”, “I can’t be expressed”, “I can’t be too arrogant, they’ll think I’m arrogant, they’ll think I’m a hoe, they’ll think I’m this, they’ll think I’m that”, the more we let go of these weights, the more we soar, and soar, and soar, and then we’re, all of a sudden, this, like, higher level perspective and vibration where anything is possible. And we are literally manifesting in rapid speed. It’s like, you have a thought and that thing shows up instantly in your reality.

It’s like, for me, at this point, it’s like, I have something, I’ll write it down and just, it just happens, because I’m living in this cosmic quantum field where God is my Dom and I’m trusting the divine and I’m listening. And from that space, I’m like “Ooh, what else do I get to play with? How else can I make my life more fun and juicy?”, and then, all of a sudden, I’m literally living dreams that I never even knew was possible, and also trusting that there are dreams I haven’t even dreamed yet, that I will be living one day, because God is my Dom and there is something so much greater for me on the other side.

[26:55] Sahara

So that really is what embodying your hot girl energy is about, it’s about trust, it’s about surrender, it’s about listening to your intuition, it’s about honoring your dharma, your soul’s purpose, it’s about feeling your full spectrum self. 

[27:09] Sahara

I created the EEE embodiment method that I share in my Embodiment Certification – Emote, Embody and Express, these are core tenants of hot girl energy. Feel those emotions that you’re holding onto, underneath it all, the anger, the sadness, the grief, the shame. 

By the way, to be a bad bitch. You first got to step into your sad bitch, you’ve got to feel your feels, you’ve got to cry those cries, you’ve got to let it out. We can’t bring that into the future, we’ve got to feel what’s present for us right now and let go of the past by being present with what is. 

[27:42] Sahara

So, emoting, feeling what’s underneath the hood of the car, whether it is shaking, dancing, twerking, screaming in the car, grunting, your self-pleasure practice, feeling what is there, because we have to purify those denser emotions to create that space to let go of the weight. And then, from that place, embody. What does your body tell you? Where do you feel it in your body? Is it in your heart? Is it these butterflies in your heart that are wanting to come alive, that want to just love, but you’re not allowing yourself to emit it to you? Is it in your womb, of this deep desire to create and to birth things into reality? Is it in your solar plexus, this desire to do and to be in action? Where do you feel it? How is it embodied? And then, how can we use dance as a practice to amplify this energy?

So, if I want to feel more pleasure, how can I dance my pleasure, how can I use self-touch, how can I dance what feels really juicy and radiant for me, so then I’m practicing the energy that I’m calling in? 

If it’s more ease, how can I dance with more ease and flow and surrender? If it’s more empowerment, how can I dance my empowerment? Maybe some tribal music that really gets me going? So, using embodiment, and dance, and movement, as a way to bring your body into the vibrational state that you are calling in. Because the mind is a reflection of the body, and a congested body, a stuck body – like, think about when you’re sitting on the airplane for too long and you’re, like, so small, and you’re tight, and you’re, like, cold, and dry, and crackly, well, if your body is in that asana at all times, your mind is going to be like that, your mind is going to be limited in its thinking, limited in its possibility, “No, no, no, that can never happen, I should do this, I shouldn’t do that”, because your body is in that rigid state. But when you open up your body to pleasure, to expansion, to joy, to ease, to fluidity, to all forms of expression and aliveness, then, all of a sudden, your mind is seeing perspectives you would’ve never seen before, it’s coming up with ideas you’ve never seen before. 

[30:05] Sahara

Like, the way that I channel here on this Podcast, it’s a reflection of my embodied state, that I am living this vibration from within, so I am expressing it from without, because I’m committed to my embodiment practice.

And then expression, how you speak, how you communicate, your poetry, your art, your dance. Using all pain in life to become your greatest masterpiece that you share on the other side. Because now, for me, when I am going through a challenge, I always know “Oh, this is going to be my Podcast one day”, I already know I’m going to turn it into my art and I’m going to find the lesson and meaning beyond it. And that’s how I transmute lessons through life, I find gems and I share them with others so I don’t need to hold onto them anymore.

[30:51] Sahara

So, really, the hot girl journey is the spiritual journey! I got you there, I got you to listen to the whole Episode, to drop in that little download for you! And here we are, I hope this brought you to a state, but you can see it’s all interconnected. The thing that you want in life that you want to be juicy and flirting with the Universe, that’s all within you baby, it’s all within you, it’s just asking you to dive into your heart, your soul, your purpose and to listen, and to surrender, and trust that everything that you are seeking, is seeking you back, your dreams are dreaming you back, your highest self is always supporting you, it’s always whispering to you, God is always like “Baby girl, I got you, I’m your Dom, sky daddy has your back, I’m going to show you what’s up. And sometimes I’m going to take you to things you might not like right now, but it’s always in your highest good”. And we can really lean into that vibration, really lean into that way of living life, then, all of a sudden, everything becomes so much more fun and playful because we’re in constant conversation with our highest selves.

[31:52] Sahara

So, I hope you loved this Episode, it was a lot of fun for me to do! And if you want more conversations like this, I’m really curious what topics, what questions you have. Leave a review for me in the iTunes Store, I read all of the reviews, and share with me if you loved this Episode, like, I’m putting myself out here, so let me know if you like it. And as a free gift for leaving a review, I will send you my Womb Meditation. 

So, this is a meditation for you to drop into your sacred womb space, this is the part of you that knows, deeply related to your sensuality, whether you have a physical womb or not. So, this is a meditation, about 7-8 minutes, you drop right in, ask your womb questions and the answers you get are beyond amazing. 

So, to leave a review, just head over to the iTunes Store, write your little review right there, any themes, questions, you have, what you’re loving, take a screenshot and email it over to me at [email protected] and I will send you back that Womb Meditation.

[32:45] Sahara

Please share this on your Instagram! This is a great way of, like, coming out of the spiritual closet a little bit, of like “Okay, let me have Sahara say it because I’m really nervous to talk this way myself”, so, you can put me on the limb, I don’t care. It’s just a fun way, because then we start to find people, like attracts like, we find people who are speaking our language.

That’s what I love the most about my event, The Highest Self Weekend, it was like 300 of us, who are, like, sacred twerk queens, who wanted to karaoke, we were singing Tony Braxton, “Unbreak my heart, say you love me again”, and it was so much fun, and we were, like, emoting, and crying, and releasing, and stomping, and going into the depths of our inner child and inner teenager, it was full spectrum. Everyone was a “Fuck yes!”, for it, and I was like “I found my people!” but I found them by being that, by emitting that energy.

So, by sharing this Podcast and sharing your unique vibration with the world that is how we find ourselves alongside other people. 

And of course, my Certifications at Highest Self Institute are a perfect way to find that community that you are seeking! 

[33:48] Sahara

So, at Highest Self Institute, we have two Certifications right now, our Certified Embodiment Coach Certification, which is all about using the EEE method that I spoke about (Emote, Embody and Express), for you to really tune into what is alive in your body and how do we give that a voice, how do we give it a sound, and a texture, and a color, and a quality, and then use our bodies to dance and express that thing so it can be shared and experienced. And the miracles that I’ve seen happen, people who have had life-long traumas, who have been in repeated loop cycles that they’ve been talking about for like 20+ years, within 30 minutes, are, all of a sudden, freed from this energy, because they were able to release it from their bodies and nervous systems. 

So, this is what I train you to become a coach of, in the Embodiment Coach Certification. So, if you’re interested and curious, you can learn more about it in the show notes below. 

And we also have our Certified Dharma Coach, Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coaching, which is all about helping people tune into their soul’s unique purpose.

So, you’ve heard me talk about dharma throughout this Episode, and that really is the big reason why you are here. And you have one, you have a scared calling, and this lifetime is really about figuring out what that is, which, by the way, is already within you. 

So, if you’re interested in learning about both of these certifications, head over to highestselfinstitute.com you can find that link in the show notes below, join our wait-list, get more information for when doors open again.

[35:15] Sahara

So, thank you so much for tuning in, I appreciate you guys so much for being open-minded, open-hearted and ready to vibe with me! I’ll see you in the next one! 

Episode#506: How To Have Hot Girl Energy with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

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