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Highest Self Podcast 464: The Hidden Patriarchy In The Spiritual Community

  Sahara Rose · The Hidden Patriarchy In The Spiritual Community with Sahara Rose   Much of what you see in the “divine feminine” space …

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Highest Self Podcast 444: Sacred Feminine Rage in a Post Roe v Wade Overturn World with Maya Luna

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been feeling a lot of anger recently with the blatant infringement on our human rights that has occurred. And …

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Highest Self Podcast 387: What Actually Is Cultural Appropriation + Activating Your Powers with Shaman Dr. Axel Carrasquillo

You’ve probably heard this word, seen others accused of it or maybe been accused of it yourself — but what does it actually mean? What …

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Highest Self Podcast 141: The World’s Major Pitta Imbalance with Sahara Rose

The wars, the fires, the gun violence. The world is dealing with a major Pitta (fire) imbalance. The inflammation within us has created inflammation in …

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Highest Self Podcast 060: How To Know The Signs to End Gun Violence

What can we do to end gun violence? Know the signs. This episode is about how you can look out for signs such as social …

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Highest Self Podcast 037: Why We Spiritual People Need To Get Out Of Our Bubbles And Get Involved

It’s time we get involved. We’ve drank our green juice, done our yoga, oiled our body.. Now let’s cultivate that positive energy and go out …

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Highest Self Podcast 032: The Need for Diversity and Affordability in Wellness

I talk some major truth in this podcast episode about a topic the universe has been reminding me to bring up.. the dire need to …

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