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Highest Self Podcast 440: How To Have An Amazing, Deep + Sacred Relationship With Sheleana of Rising Woman

Relationships are a sacred container for spiritual growth. But how do we nurture them so they can be deep, nurturing and give back to us …

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Highest Self Podcast 430: How Creativity is Related to Sexuality, Sharing Your Story + Conscious Relationships with Adam Roa

Did you know that creativity and sexuality are both related to your life force energy? In this episode, I sit down with renowned poet Adam …

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Highest Self Podcast 222: Dating, Desire + Dominance with Shan Boodram

What makes certain people turned on? How can we date with dominance? How can we know our partner’s love language? What to do to preserve …

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Highest Self Podcast 197: Conscious Relationships and Masculinity with Stefanos Sifandos

From finding a conscious dude to balancing feminine/ masculine dynamics in a relationship, this episode covers it all! I ask spiritual partnership expert Stefanos all …

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Highest Self Podcast 170: Discussing Open Relationships with Aubrey Marcus

This episode was triggering for me and I’m SO glad I had it! Aubrey, NYT best-selling author, is in a very public open-relationship with his …

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Highest Self Podcast 137: How to Preserve Passion in Long Term Relationships with Sahara Rose

How do you keep the FIRE (Pitta) up when you’re starting to feel like roommates? I explore this in this episode, as I prepare for …

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Highest Self Podcast 116: Master Your Relationships with Conscious Love Expert Mark Groves

I met Mark at Wanderlust Oahu where we both taught and we couldn’t stop talking about all things love and relationships, so naturally I had …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 018: Parvati- The Goddess of Embodying Your Highest Self to Manifest Sacred Partnership

You all have heard a devotional chant to Parvati at the intro of my podcast, which is an amazing song called Silent Ganges by my …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 011: Thoughts On Relationships

In honor of my two year anniversary with my twin-flame, I share with you a beautiful piece by Osho, an incredible Indian philosopher who has …

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