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Highest Self Podcast 246: How Your Body Reflects Your Personality with Aaron Alexander

In this episode, we discuss how your body is the secret map towards what is going on inside. We discuss Aaron’s body archetypes, based on …

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Highest Self Podcast 218: How To Work With the Goddess with Sahara Rose

Join the FREE Rose Gold Goddess Challenge by heading over to Let’s take the discussion further in the Mind-Body Balancers FB group: Discover Your …

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Highest Self Podcast 207: Human Design – Exploring How You Were Meant To Operate with Erin Claire

 Finding out I was a Projector was a game-changer for me. Everything made sense– the way I channel ideas, how I can see the big …

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Highest Self Podcast 160: What Mystical Being Are You with Sahara Rose

The long awaited episode.. what mystical being relates to you? We all reflect these magical archetypes and learning about our own can deepen our relationships …

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Highest Self Podcast 078: How Your Archetype Affects Your Body with Dana James

We know all about the Doshas but let’s talk about the archetypes! I sat down with Dana James, author of The Archetype Diet, to talk …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 020: Stages of a Woman’s Evolution Part 2

Part two of my “Stages of a Woman’s Evolvement” Highest Self Podcast episodes. This is where I discuss stages 8-11, stages I have yet to …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 018: Parvati- The Goddess of Embodying Your Highest Self to Manifest Sacred Partnership

You all have heard a devotional chant to Parvati at the intro of my podcast, which is an amazing song called Silent Ganges by my …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 019: Stages of a Woman’s Evolvement- Part 1

Back from my trip to Europe with more insights then ever before. I noticed a lot of changes in myself on this trip.. I was …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 010: How The Hindu Goddesses Relate To the Ayurvedic Doshas

If you follow me, you know I’m all about the Goddesses. But did you know they also relate to the Ayurvedic Doshas? I’ve found: Saraswati= …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 005: The Seven Universal Archetypes and Discovering Yours

What was soul put on this planet to do? Find out through understanding the seven universal archetypes according to the Michael Teachings in this Highest …

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