My Dharma is to help you discover yours!

To bridge

ancient wisdom with modern spirituality to help you remember the sacred wisdom that lives in your body And show you the spiritual journey can be relatable, grounded… and fun!

From blossoming into your purpose with Discover Your Dharma, to connecting with your intuition with A Yogic Path, to balancing the mind and body through Eat Feel Fresh and Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda. My books are my offering to the world to raise the vibration of the planet.
I was born to write.
My last name Ketabi literally means “author” in Farsi, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. My ancestors were the first publishers in the Persian Empire and once resided in the very place where the Vedas were originally channeled. It is my dharma to share this wisdom with you.



Discover Your Dharma


With a foreword by Deepak Chopra

The story of how I found my purpose, reclaimed my truth and overcame disapproval, fears and limiting beliefs… and how you can too.
We are going through a pivotal shift with so many career transitions and the opportunity is for us to really utilize this time to ask ourselves– how can I live a life in full alignment with my gifts? What even are they?
This book will remind you of the wisdom that lives inside your soul so that your outer reality can reflect your inner radiance.

#1 New release in spirituality

Best-Selling Ayurveda Cookbook

Eat Feel Fresh


With a foreword by Deepak Chopra

More than just a cookbook, this is a guide that will forever shift your relationship with food.
Based on my modern, plant-based approach to Ayurveda, this book contains easy-to-make, tridoshic recipes using ingredients found in your local supermarket.
Come join me on a journey across India as we eat and feel fresh.

my first book

Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda


With a foreword by Deepak Chopra

If you’ve ever been curious about Ayurveda, this is your book.
I explain the in’s and out’s of this holistic health system, from the Doshas to nutrition to self-care to spirituality to morning/ evening routines to chakras to Panchakarmas and so much more.
Best of all, I make it simple so you can start implementing Ayurvedic wisdom in your life today.

Best-Selling Ayurveda book

Best-Selling Ayurveda book

Lets Get


A Yogic Path


Spirituality is one of my favorite things to teach and practice.
My journey began with my health issues and became so much more. I realized that we are not our bodies or our minds, but rather souls that live inside of them and that we can only truly come into harmony when we balance the three. This is what prompted my spiritual journey and led me to creating products to help others tap into their own intuitive wisdom.
Steeped in ancient Vedic wisdom, A Yogic Path Oracle Card Deck provides you with the space and opportunity to connect with your intuition and guides.
With original ancient depictions of Goddesses and deities, chakras, yoga sutras, Ayurvedic wisdom and Vedic spirituality, this deck is for the yogi who is ready to take their practice off the mat and into their life.

A Yogic Path

Reflective Journal

I was craving a journal that included the WHOLE me, from daily gratitude + intention setting, to tracking my menstrual cycle, to scheduling my days with the Doshas, to affirmations, to reflective prompts, to Vedic astrology.
This is why I created A Yogic Path Reflective Journal, the journal for the sacred womban. With practices, rituals and card spreads, this journal will help you manifest the life you’ve always desired and known you were worthy of. Your dreams are dreaming you back. Notice the shift with A Yogic Path Reflective Journal.
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