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The Highest Self Podcast

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Highest Self Podcast 337: Greatest Lessons of 2020 with Cassandra Bodzak

This year has been one of great lessons, realizations and shifts. In this conversation, I sit with one of my besties Cassandra to talk about …

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Highest Self Podcast 233: The One Thing That’s Holding You Back From Happiness with Sahara Rose

We are living in a time where we have more, but are often less happy than ever before. What is the deal? In this episode …

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Highest Self Podcast 213: Living Life By Your Own Rules with Amy Jo Martin

There is no one version of success– it may be writing a NYT best-selling book, it may be quitting your job and moving into the …

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Highest Self Podcast 212: Even Stuff That Sucks is Redirection with Sahara Rose

 Losing your wallet, getting locked out of your workout class, your phone crashing.. ALL redirection! In this episode, I discuss how you can understand the …

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Highest Self Podcast 206: How To End Your Addiction to Suffering with Sahara Rose

Do you believe the only way you can grow is if you suffer first? Most of us have been taught so. This episode is all …

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Highest Self Podcast 205: How to Actually Love Yourself with Paul Fishman

What is self-love and how do we embody it? We discuss in this episode with Kapha Unicorn Paul, who is one of the sweetest souls! …

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Highest Self Podcast 201: Skincare Rituals with Tina Hedges

Taking care of your skin can be part of your spiritual practice! In this episode we get witchy with Loli founder Tina and discuss all …

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Highest Self Podcast 200: Why You’re Not Meant To Be Liked By Everyone with Sahara Rose

We’ve been raised to try to get everyone to like us, from the teacher to our peers. However, this has us seriously f-ed up.. And …

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Highest Self Podcast 195: Overcoming Your Quarter-Life Crisis with Christine Hassler

Oh the quarter-life crisis.. Who’s had one? Anyone? If you’re a millennial, most likely. In this episode, we discuss why it’s okay not to have …

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Highest Self Podcast 194: 5 Tips for Wedding Planning with Sahara Rose

How to plan a wedding while having a career, fitness routine, spiritual practice and life? It’s possible! Planning a wedding is a super exciting and …

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