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Highest Self Podcast 358: Trusting + Connecting To Your Truth with Shannon Algeo

In a noisy world, how do we connect with our truth? In this episode I sit with my dear friend Shannon to discuss following our …

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Highest Self Podcast 327: Accessing Your Intuition + Connecting To Your Guides/ Past Lives with Manuela Welton

So many of us want to access our intuition but don’t know how to recognize it’s voice vs the voice of our ego. This episode …

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Highest Self Podcast 176: Intuitive Gifts + The Loneliness Epidemic with Teal Swan

You may recognize Teal from her vastly popular Youtube channel. I sat down with Teal to discuss all things intuition, channeling and the biggest problem …

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Highest Self Podcast 132: Enhancing Your Intuition with Natalie Miles

Natalie Miles is a real-deal intuitive and in this conversation, we discuss many of YOUR biggest questions such as: -How do I connect with my …

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Highest Self Podcast 035: Understanding The Ayurvedic KOSHAS to Harness Intuition + Expand Consciousness

If you’ve read my book Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, taken my quiz on, read my blog, follow me on Instagram or listen to my …

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