Highest Self Podcast 439: Top 10 Highest Self Podcast Episodes – 5 Year Birthday Episode with Rhonda Byrne, Mark Nepo, Aaron Daughty, Krista Williams, Cassandra Bodzak, Briana Lynn, Axel Antojai, Mia Magik

I can’t believe 5 years of recording this glorious podcast has flown by! This podcast has inspired, healed and connected me in ways I can’t even describe and I know it has had the same impact on so many of you. It truly has been such a profound journey and in this episode, I wanted to share clips of the top 10 most downloaded episodes EVER on Highest Self Podcast. Can you guess what they are?! We’ll be starting with episode 10 and working our way to episode 1. I am also doing a GIVEAWAY of 10 Rose Gold Goddesses Memberships (value of $888) for those who leave a review + share their favorite episode on their IG story and tag me @iamsahararose! I am also giving EVERYONE who reviews the podcast my Discover Your Soul’s Purpose Meditation Course FREE! Just email me your review at [email protected].

Tune into the 10 episodes:

393: Reclaiming Your Inner Witch, Sharing Your Voice + Healing The Feminine Wound with Mia Magik
406: Ascension, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Deities + Auras with Shaman Axel Carrasquillo
402: How To Spiritually Protect Yourself Using Law of One with Krista Williams
373: How To Raise Your Vibration + Create Your Own Reality with Aaron Doughty
001: Who Is Your Highest Self? Intro to the Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose
002: How I Became My Highest Self, Discovered My Dharma and Wrote The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda with Sahara Rose
377: Choosing Intuition Over Fear with Mark Nepo
382: Divine Feminine Truth, Embodiment + Body Sovereignty with Rev. Briana Lynn
381: Law of Attraction Techniques with the Secret Creator Rhonda Byrne
389: How To Manifest Anything (that is in alignment) with Cassandra Bodzak

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Episode 439: Top 10 Highest Self Podcast Episodes – 5 Year Birthday Episode with Rhonda Byrne, Mark Nepo, Aaron Daughty, Krista Williams, Cassandra Bodzak, Briana Lynn, Axel Antojai, Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
If it’s your first time listening, welcome, I am so grateful to have you here, and this is a really impactful Episode that you’re listening to! And if you’ve been here for a couple months, a couple years, maybe 5 years, because today is the Highest Self Podcast’s 5 Year Birthday, which is just insane to me! Five years is more than the amount of time that one goes to high school or college, and it really, at the same time feels like a lifetime, and it also feels like five minutes ago, when I started this Podcast. Especially as I go back to the very first Episodes and listen to them, which I typically don’t go back and listen to my Episodes because my inner critic sometimes comes out and judges myself, judges my voice, I’m sure you’ve felt the same. But I went back and I started listening to that very first Episode I did on June 5, 2017, and what was amazing to me, and honestly made me so emotional, is to realize how I really haven’t changed.
Of course, I’ve released multiple books, and businesses, and gotten married, and have gone through a huge evolution, and in many ways changed so much, but at the core, I’m really the same person. In fact, I’ve had the exact same intro music, the exact same opening line, the exact same first question, I even had the exact same graphic for the Podcast, for the first 4 years of it, and it just shows that truth really never changes; that when you tap into your true essence, it is eternal.

[01:57] Sahara
So, of course, I’ve evolved and my voice has changed, and if you go back and listen to the first Episode, you can feel the shift, the difference in my voice, because I am so much more grounded in who I am at this point, but the essence is really the same.

[02:11] Sahara
So, I created Highest Self Podcast over five years ago, simply because I was looking for a podcast for myself to listen to. There were a couple spiritual podcasts at the time, but they were very new age, very LA, and I wanted to go deeper, I wanted something that was a bit more grounded, I wanted to talk about things like Past Lives and Spirit Guides, but also conscious entrepreneurship and living your Dharma, your soul’s purpose.

[02:42] Sahara
And it’s so funny, because as I go back and I look at these very first Episodes, I didn’t know that I was channeling the very topics that would become my book. I had no idea I was going to write a book called “Discover Your Dharma” three years later, I had no idea that tapping into Past Lives would be such a huge topic that I would continually speak about, I had no idea that I would create Rose Gold Goddesses, I had no idea that Deepak Chopra would continue to write the Forward of my next three books, I didn’t know any of these things, I was just trusting. Trusting the intuitive downloads that were coming through me at this time, this yearning, this whispering in my soul that told me “Follow this; that your desire to listen to this Podcast is because you are the person to be this Podcast”, and so I listened, even though, to be honest, I never thought that a podcast would be a big part of my career. I mean, at this time, I didn’t see it was a big part of anyone’s career, and this Podcast came out right before my first book “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” came out. So, at this time, I thought that being an author was really my thing, I consider myself to be way more of a writer than a speaker. And even in some of the first Episodes, I would write down what I wanted to say because I was afraid if I was just speaking, I would forget.
And through this Podcast, my voice shifted. I became so much more confident in trusting the channel of my voice, which now, is by far my strongest channel, I consider myself more of a speaker than I do a writer. And, intuitively, I believe I was guided to create this Podcast because that is the way that my channel comes online.

[04:20] Sahara
For me, when I am just in conversation, flowing, and not knowing where the conversation or the topic is going to go, that is when I channel, that is when I access information that I normally I would not even be capable of if I was trying to plan it out from a space of my mind.
So, throughout this Podcast, you hear me and you can probably hear the difference in the tone of my voice when I’m just tapping into something greater than me.

[04:46] Sahara
So, this Podcast has given me the opportunity to tap into my gifts, to connect with people who I would’ve never been able to connect with, from influential spiritual teachers like Sadhguru and Don Miguel Ruiz, and Marianne Williamson, and Gabby Bernstein, but also, the most popular Episodes of the Podcast have not been any of those.
And, in fact, today, I will be playing with you the Top 10 Most Downloaded ever Podcast Episodes, over our 440 Episodes, over the past 5 years (the number one episode being one that probably will really surprise you).

[05:28] Sahara
So, it really makes me emotional to witness the impact that, not just this Podcast has had on my life, but more than that, the impact that it’s had on other people’s lives.

[05:39] Sahara
I’ve had so many people come up to me, sharing that there have been times that they have been alone, hitting rock bottom, crying in their car, alone during the lockdown, the quarantine, not knowing which direction to go, and listening to this Podcast has helped them.
And in some ways, I can’t even still fathom that because I am alone all the time recording this in my microphone, looking out the window, so, sometimes, to me, it’s almost crazy and mind-boggling how people actually listen to this (for real?!). And I actually remember even before having a Podcast, when I would listen to other people’s podcasts, I felt like knew them so well because you hear their voice and you’re like cleaning under your sink and you’re just listening to this person’s voice and you get to know their laugh and their tone, and little characteristics about them, and I’m like “Wait, people know me that well through the Podcast?!”, it’s still crazy to me!
And at the same time, I’m just beyond floored and grateful for it because it has allowed me to cultivate a connection with you that I could’ve never done alone with just social media or even a book. My Podcast, honestly, feels like my diary to me sometimes, I share things on here, probably the reason I don’t listen to it is because “Oh my God, I can’t believe that I just said that on the internet”, but it feels like a really safe space for me because you’re not getting the comments and the noise from social media, and the feedback, and you’re not worried about the algorithm, it’s just me and my microphone, looking out the window. And that’s always how the Podcast has been and that’s why I love doing it. And honestly, I love doing it more than video because I don’t have to wear make-up, my hair is in a messy bun, I can just be staring at the clouds and that allows me to just tap into another level of honesty and transparency.

[07:25] Sahara
So, I highly recommend, if any of you are listening to this Podcast, and are like “Wow, I really wish a podcast existed out there that talked about this thing, or shared this type of wisdom, or that kind of advice”, a hundred percent do it! Podcast is what changed my life, maybe more than anything else, it has allowed me to find my voice, to find my tribe, to connect with incredible people, to understand my own beliefs, to become more self-aware, to look at topics from a journalistic point of view, without my opinion, but be able to hold space for the larger conversation to see things really from a leadership perspective, to dive deeper into topics that the collective may just be speaking about, but to really ask questions and get curious, it has transformed me on every single level.

[08:16] Sahara
So, first of all I just want to say thank you so much for listening to this Podcast, for giving it your time, for giving it your heart, your open mind, I am so grateful for every single person that has ever left a review. I read every single one, it is the highlight of my week when I read them, so thank you so very much for leaving your reviews. Thank you so much for sharing them on your story. Thank you so much for telling a friend. Thank you so much for even just taking action on what you’ve learned, because it truly creates ripple effects of us raising the vibration of the planet. Every single lesson that you learn here on this Podcast allows you take that lesson and embody it, and transform someone else’s live, and then they upgrade and transform someone else’s life, and it’s this beautiful domino effect that I’m just so beyond grateful to be a part of.

[09:11] Sahara
So, throughout the 5 years of this Podcast, I have had so many incredible conversations. We have dived deep into all topics from Spirituality, to relationships, to Dharma, to Past Lives, to plant medicine, to Human Design, to Ayahuasca, to embodying heaven on earth, to everything in between, it has, honestly, been like a masterclass upon a masterclass every single week. I have learned so much from the guests here and just from the channels that have come through.
And I wanted to put together the Top 10 ever Podcasts that we’ve ever had, to share a little soundbite of each one, a couple minutes of each one, so you can go back to them. Maybe these are Episodes that you’ve listened to, or Episodes that you have not yet listened to, but listening to these little soundbites may inspire you. And I will have the Episode linked in the show notes so you can go back and listen to that exact Episode if it’s something that you’re curious to dive more into.

[10:14] Sahara
So, when I was looking at the Top 10 ever Episodes, I was quite surprised because, sometimes what happens in the podcasting space is, people think “Well, if I can only get someone really famous, then the Episode will do well”, but my Top 10 Episodes are basically all with my friends, 90% of them are just with my friends, which just shows that the Episodes that people love, are the Episodes where there is rapport, where there is connection, where we are going back and forth, and it doesn’t feel like this interview that I’m here to ask you specific questions on your book.

[10:48] Sahara
So, I’m not going to tell you them all because I want you to come on this journey with me, so I’m just going to share a little tidbit about each Episode, share 5-minute or so segment of it and then bring you into the next one.

[11:01] Sahara
So, we’re going to start with Episode 10 and work our way into Episode 1, the number 1 Episode.
So, I’m curious to know, for you, what have your favorite Episodes been? What have been the Episodes that you’ve shared with others, that you have come back to, that changed your life, that changed your world view? Please let me know over on Instagram, my Instagram is @iamsahararose and share that Episode with me, share with me, tag me, so I can repost it so other people can know. Maybe there’s a certain Episode that we haven’t mentioned, but that Episode on Desires really changed your life, or that Episode on Goddesses really changed your life, or that Episode on healing your relationship with your parents really changed your life. So, I’m very curious to hear from you.

[11:44] Sahara
So, with that, let’s begin with number 10, Episode: Reclaiming Your Inner Witch, Sharing Your Voice and Healing the Feminine Wound with Mia Magik.
So, this Episode, people loved Mia Magic, modern-day witch, one of my best friends! And we really dove deep into what it means to be a witch and what that word witch means, which means wise woman, and why so many of us have a hard time sharing our voice due to the past life trauma of being burned at the stake for being magical, for being medicine women, for being healers, for being gynecologists. Even at the time, these things were considered illegal and satanic, and you would literally get burned at the stake for them. So, we really dive into that witch wound that so many of us, especially spiritual women, and men, carry.
So, with that, let’s dive into Episode 393 – Reclaiming Your Inner Witch with Mia Magic.


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I am so excited to see what happens for you on the other side! Again, head over to iamsahararose.com/dharma and you can find that link in the show notes.

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[14:09] Sahara – number 10
That deep betrayal wounds that is in so many of us, that’s like “I opened my heart before and I was betrayed. I trusted a sister before and I was betrayed. It’s not safe for me to open my heart again”, how can we move past that?

[14:24] Mia
I think that the greatest thing that I would say is, there has to be something you learned. You can look at the disempowered thing that you learned which is, people can’t be trusted, but what if – I worked with this with a client who was really, she had been abused by her partner and she was having a really hard time taking responsibility in her own life, she was like “But he did this to me”, and I just looked at her and I was like “Was there ever a moment in the very beginning, before it happened, where you saw a red flag and you didn’t listen, you didn’t follow that guidance, you said ‘I’m going to stay’” and her face just dropped and she was just like “Oh my God”, and so, that’s the biggest thing for all of us, this betrayal, it’s from ourselves, it’s because we were forced to betray ourselves in order to survive; we were forced to betray our truth and our gifts and our magic in order to survive.
And so, the first practice is not to betray yourself, listen to those tiny little nudges, those little itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny subtle whispers where your intuit-witchion says “Bring a jacket” or “You want to go left right now”, it can be so small, they can be so tiny. It’s gotten to the point with me where it’s like the smallest little thing, and the example that I always share is – I was at my partner’s house and he had this little green bag sitting right next to his backpack, and I saw the green bag and I thought about saying something, and then I didn’t, and we went back to my house and they next day it was my birthday and he’s like searching everywhere, I’m still in bed, I’m like “What’s going on”, he’s like “I’ve lost your birthday present”, I’m like “What does it look like”, he’s like “It’s in this little green bag and I can’t find it anywhere” and I just didn’t say anything and I would have.
The other day I was at Layla’s house and I had this thought like “Is someone taking a shower” and I was going to ask her but it’s like “What, why would I ask her that” and her bathtub was overflowing and it flowed all the way down into her living room and got all over the rug, and if I had asked, she would’ve thought “Oh my God! There’s no one showering, it’s the bathtub!”
And so, these little whispers, these small ways that our into-witchion, our inner wisdom, speaks and communicates to us – if we start to not betray that; if we start to listen and say “I hear you, I will let myself be guided, I will say this weird thing about a shower, just because that’s what you’re telling me to do, I don’t know why but I guess it’s just because it’s what I’m meant to do. And I will do that and I will let you lead me”, that is how we stop betraying ourselves, and we let our inner wisdom and our inner guidance know “I trust you and you can trust me in return.” And then when we are radiating that energy of trust, that’s what then brings in people to our lives who we can trust, who won’t betray us, who are going to love us.
I have no fear of that with you, I know you would never betray me, ever, it’s because I trust myself, because I trust myself to call in people, into my life, who are amazing and are going to be in integrity.
And I think that healing betrayal is hard, it sucks! When people cheat on you, it’s hard to forget; when a parent or someone abandons you, it’s really hard to believe that someone else won’t do the same thing. But if you can start cultivating, even in that healing process, “What does my body need right now; what does my heart need; what does my soul yearn for to feel right now, how can I meet that need myself; how can I show my soul I’m willing to give that to you”, that is what will then shift and transform the whole belief that no one can be trusted or that everyone will betray me. It’s like “No, I know I can be trusted and I know I will never again betray myself”, and then that vibration rippling out will just change the game and no one will be fooled by someone who’s out of alignment with that trust in themselves and who would have the capacity to then betray them.

[18:30] Sahara
So powerful! And such a great reminder of the inner GPS system that we have of our intuition that truly is always looking out for the best in us. And I think, sometimes, as women, we are trained to overlook that GPS system.

[18:44] Sahara
How potent was that clip?! I absolutely loved that Episode!

[18:49] Sahara
So, for Episode number 9, we have an incredible guest who is also one of my dear friends, who I met on TikTok! Yes, you heard that right, I met this beautiful soul on TikTok! And he actually came on my 4You page because of a video that he shared about what is cultural appropriation and I just loved his nuanced perspective on it.
So, I started following him, I reached out to him and we became friends, and he actually supported me in a really difficult time of my life.

[19:16] Sahara
So, with that, I started to dive deeper into his universal magic and learning and having many discussions about Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Deities, Auras, Ascensions, and so much more. And I’ve had him in Highest Self Podcast twice now, I had him teach in Rose Gold Goddesses, and his Episode 406 is our number 9 most ever downloaded Episode.
So, this Episode is all about the topics I just mentioned. We dove deep into all things Spirituality, Spirit Guides, Deities, understanding what color your aura is, Ascension, and so much more.

[19:52] Sahara – number 9
So, with that, let’s drop into this Episode with Shaman Axel ara

[19:57] Axel
You can ultimately say that Spirit Guide, Deity, Angel, everything, is just another echo of Source, which is just another echo of you. And who is to say that, sometimes you hear a voice or a prompted gut feeling and that’s not just Source transmitting itself through you.
A lot of times people even think that Source is so far beyond them that they have to connect with this Spirit Guides first, and it’s just, like, no, you can choose your experience. This is a la carte almost, you can choose to become really well-versed with a bunch of angels. But I really do recommend that you understand that Angels are part of a greater vibration, which is called Damons, which means that Demons also fall into that category. So, Demons and Angels are Damons, and they just have different philosophies on life. And, automatically, people will see the word demon and be like “Oh, negativity”. Not all demons are negative, some demons are actually really well intertwined with other Gods and Deities that have existed before. A great example is Baal. he was a Canaanite God of Wind and Harvesting and the Sun, and stuff like that, and when the Canaanites basically started fading out, Baal got turned into a demon of pestilence and also a demon of cure, so, it’s like, there’s that double vibration.
And Amon, in Egyptian vibrations as well, he was the God of Secrets, unknown of your unconscious mind, and as Christianity starts stepping in, he got turned into a demon.
So, you have to be willing to even just allow them to teach you who they really are. And sometimes that’s just going to come through as this random instant – you’ve got to buy this one book about Egyptian Gods. And you start messing around with tarot – I think tarot has probably been one of the best ways to really connect to really specific Deities. There’s two tarot decks that I really love, it’s like, the Goddess of Sirens and the Gods and Titans. And they have so many different, kind of, Gods and Goddesses in that where you shuffle the deck and one day you just pull out freaking Apollo and you get to embody his vibration, which could be luminescence or becoming very determined towards a specific vibration.
A lot of times it’s just synchronicity too, because you’ll ask for an answer and you’ll be like “Okay, should I quit my job?” and you look at the clock and it’s 11:44, that’s technically a Spirit Guide talking to you. You didn’t have to know his name or whatever, it talked to you through the numerology. And numerology, geometry and mathematics, all of that, is a Spirit Guide as well, we can’t just put it into this position of a physical body because we are the mathematics that creates the rest of the cosmos, there’s no separation between us.

[22:50] Sahara
So true! Yeah, I feel that it’s all energy, and our human minds cannot compute energy if we do not have personification around it. And really, even Deities, that, ultimately, is why they have names and statues and stories, it’s so, like, we humans can grasp these energetic lessons. So, what can be helpful to just trust that there is a higher power that is supporting you and cares for your highest good, is to being journaling and practice some automatic writing and write down “I meditate, I’d like to connect to my Spirit Guides, those who support me, those who are here for me”, and then you can start writing what is your name, and then just let your hand, sometimes you could use your other hand that allows you to be a little bit more acceptive and see if your hand starts to come up with a name. I know for myself, it did. Now, looking back on it, I think it was my own highest self writing a name so I would believe it. Now, I don’t hold onto Spirit Guides as much as like “I have my Spirit Guide which is this Indian man, from this time”, it’s more like “I have support and I know when I make a decision, I know when I’m guided somewhere else, I know I have the support.” But what helped me now trust that and not question it, is to have this personification, this practice of like “Who’s my Spirit Guide? Where are they from? What are their names? What do they look like?” because that just helps you build a relationship with the unknown, and then eventually what happens is, you don’t really need to hold on to the identification as much because you’re just, like, “Truthfully, it’s beyond my human understanding, so I’m just going to trust that it is.”

[24:32] Sahara
So good! Such a pool of wisdom and information Shaman Axel is, and I loved his Episode, so be sure to listen to that, #406.

[24:41] Sahara
So, for this next Episode, number 8 Top ever downloaded Episode, this is one that really took me by surprise because it was completely unplanned.

[24:52] Sahara
So, Krista Williams, who you may know from the Almost 30 podcast, a dear friend of mine as well, was over at my house one day, in Miami, and we went into so many different rabbit holes. I mean, we were talking about everything, from every single conspiracy theory imaginable, to spiritual protection, good and evil, we really dive deep when we are together. And it was midnight at this time and we were like “Wait, we haven’t even hopped on a podcast yet!” So, we started this conversation at midnight, in the dark, in my office, and we went into a lot of different topics. In fact, I was getting scared sometimes, during the conversation, when we were talking about ghosts and Ouija boards. And it was just such an honest conversation because it was the exact type of things that we just talked about as friends, and I think the reason why it resonated with so many people, is because a lot of us, we want to have these kinds of conversations, we want to have friends that we can talk about, with spiritual protection and good and evil, and conspiracies, and energy, and all of these different things that we think about, but we don’t really safe or comfortable. We really were so honest with what we believed, like do we believe in Karma, what is our relationship with channeling, what is our relationship to angels and all of these different things? And we both offer just super different, yet similar, views, and I think that just the authenticity of it is what really hit home with so many people, and also, just the storytelling was phenomenal and hilarious.

[26:21] Sahara – number 8
So, with that, let’s play a clip of Episode 402 – How to Spiritually Protect Yourself Using Law of One, with Krista Williams.

[26:29] Krista
We talk about that too in Law of One, they talk about the veil of forgetting, is really the amnesia and it’s basically us forgetting our true nature, us forgetting who we are, coming back down to Earth and having to re-remember. And so, for a lot of star-seeds, people that are listening, it’s like, remembering who you are, the eternality of who you are, or the fact of remembering that you are like a living fractal of the divine, which is – and I think about Kanye (Kanye West). Years ago said, he had that song I am a God, and I just remember, everyone just freaked out about that, and he was like “Why does everyone have such a problem with me saying I am God, I’m part of God?” and he’s like “You guys are cool with me talking down about myself and used other explicits, but you’re cool with in-rap songs, me talking shit about myself and saying I’m a pimp and I’m all these things, but I can’t say I’m God, I’m a part of God?”

[27:22] Sahara
Yeah, I mean, I believe we’re all Gods and Goddesses, non-binary, royalty, everything you want to be, in human form, but I think, for a lot of people, who’ve maybe grown up with this context of God, who is this man and this guy, who is almighty and I’m a mere mortal human who is dirty and sinful and shameful, to see someone reclaim their divinity, is questioning their entire belief system, so they’d rather say you’re crazy than “Except, wait, if you’re God, that doesn’t make you better than me, that means also I’m God/Goddess, too.”

[27:54] Krista
I mean, I think about this a lot, how deeply ingrained hierarchy is into our brain, that’s the whole thing. When we take away religion from culture, we are so deeply embedded with the structure and understanding of having a religion as a foundation of our existence, that we inherently replace it with something.
So, right now, it’s like, pop culture or politics, is almost becoming a religion. And so, it’s like, when we look at the structure of religion, obviously I come from, someone who’s catholic and obviously didn’t connect with that, and I’m like, how could this be good? How could this be good and I don’t know if a lot of it is good? And a lot of the processes and practices are good but I do know that coming out of it, to my own understanding of God, and my own understanding of my connection, has been really beautiful. But I do have sympathy for people that aren’t like “I’m not cool with saying God”, “I’m not cool with calling it that.” And even in The Hermetica, which is the text I was talking about, Hermes is writing a letter to Foath, who was one of the Gods, and they use the word ‘Atom’ instead of God, and they say Atom because God is so loaded.
And I thought that was fascinating, where I’m like “This text that is so old, they’re even recognizing how loaded the word God is and they’re using Atom.” And so, that, to me, just says how complicated this concept is for people and how hard it can be to come back to belief that “Oh my God, God loves all of me, the dark, the light, the beauty, the ugly and I am loved no matter what. I’m not going to Hell, I’m not going to these things because I’m bad, it’s something I had to come to on my own because I was so turned off by the concept of God because of my Catholic upbringing.”

[29:42] Sahara
Yeah. And I feel like, for me, I used the word Goddess more because I don’t have any negative preconceptions about the word Goddess because no one really ever used it, growing up. So, it’s like, a Goddess, it’s like a clean slate, and it’s also a feminine energy, which I think a lot of us, as women, trust more. Whereas, God, my understanding is like “Yeah, if you do something bad, God’s coming for you” and I’m just like “Shit, he’s watching my every move, this doesn’t feel very loving to me.” So, even to me, until this day, I don’t really use the word God because of that childhood programming that I had around it.

[30:17] Krista
I know. I had to, kind of, come and reclaim it for myself of what it means but I still feel the charge of when I say it, I still feel it. Sometimes I say and I’m like “Oh my God, they…”, I’m like “Oh yeah, I love God.”

[30:28] Sahara
Well, because think of you in a certain way.

[30:29] Krista
Yes, they think you’re super Christian or something, and it’s like…

[30:34] Sahara
Right. And even Jesus, people think, if you’re saying “I love Jesus”, that means I’m super Christian in the way that Christianity is practiced today, whereas, what you and a lot of people are referring to is like, Jesus Christ, Yeshiva, as the Spirit Guide and Ascended Master, that I think, many people would agree, that he was.

[30:53] Krista
Yes. And I think I said this last night at our dinner, but I connect with Jesus because it feels closer to my lineage, and I’m not going to be, like I said with you, I’m not going to be connecting with the Hindu Goddess because that doesn’t feel it’s connected to my lineage.
You know, maybe someone who is Irish is going to connect to some deity; maybe if you’re Japanese, you’re going to connect to a different one. And so, I think there is something about that connection to someone that makes sense for whatever lineage or past that you potentially have.

[31:23] Sahara
So incredible! Be sure to check out the rest of that Episode 402.

[31:28] Sahara
Now, this next one was another completely last minute, in-person conversation that happened with someone who I had been following online, we both knew about each other’s work, but we hadn’t yet connected in person. You may know him from his YouTube channel, Aaron Daughty.

[31:44] Sahara
So, I was in Vegas and I went over to his place, and again, we just went into this deep spiritual conversation for like 2 hours, and we’re like “Oh my God, we need to get on the podcast!”, so we hopped on and this was the result.

[31:56] Sahara
So, again, really just authentic, nuanced conversation, speaking about raising your vibration, creating your own reality, being a conscious entrepreneur, his experience of going from working at a shoe store into becoming a huge spiritual YouTuber, and what were the biggest shifts for him. So, this is, again, a really real conversation where we are honest with our own journeys. And sometimes in the spiritual space, people talk about manifestation and then you just say affirmations, and you create your own reality and that’s it, and we really talk about the behind-the-scenes, and I think that that’s why it hit some with so many people.

[32:32] Sahara – number 7
So, without further ado, let’s play a clip from Episode 373 – How to Raise Your Vibration and Create Your Own Reality with Aaron Daughty.

[32:41] Aaron
I used to always, kind of, be like this, “Think a better thought”, I would sit on the couch wanting to manifest stuff and I felt a lot of, things weren’t happening, and I used to view myself kind of as a lazy person. All of a sudden people are reaching out “Aaron, how did you make so many videos? How was this so natural for you?” and it started to rewire my self-image, I’m like “Oh, I’m a hard worker! I am somebody that can make content that helps people” and it changed my self-image. And that was more powerful, I think, than me just making the daily videos was that it changed the way I viewed myself. And as I went from one vibration, which was a 9-5 job I hated, selling women’s shoes, complaining every day about how slow it was because retail way dying out more and more, to having to deal with corporate politics and corporate BS (which sucked) and then all of a sudden I’m like “Well, this is my reality! I’m taking action, thinking thoughts and feeling emotions equal to this reality. So if I want to bridge something else or I want to create something else, I have to literally be a new version of me.” So, what I did is, I just started wiring that in, no matter what, and just, as I kept doing that, eventually my reality shifted, and it shifted very powerfully.
So, another little story about that is, I realized I used to work in 9-5 jobs at a Nordstrom’s, and when I was there, I read a book called “Psycho-cybernetics”, have you ever read that book? It’s a book by Maxwell Malt, I think is his name, he’s a doctor (I think that’s his name). He would notice that his clients, he was a plastic surgeon, he noticed that his clients wouldn’t really change on the inside unless they changed their self-image, even though they had outside work. So, he kind of popularized the idea of a self-image, “How do you view yourself?” And I realized, at the time, I went in to work every day, selling women’s shoes, and at the back there’d be a list of the people that were the top sellers from the day before and everyone’s sales would be there so I’d get to see how I compare against everyone else, every single day, about the last day sales. And I realized that I saw myself as an average employee, I was right in the middle of the list, wasn’t at the top, wasn’t at the bottom, I was always right in the middle. So, what I did is, I applied that concept and I started to act, I started to feel, I started to show up as, on the sales floor, as a top salesperson. Within a couple days, I was consistently at the top of the list, just by changing the way I viewed myself and then embodying a version of me that was a top salesperson. I would talk; I’d think to myself “How does a top salesperson act? How many people do they greet? How do they smile at customers? How do they go above and beyond?” And that became my Law of Attraction playground because every day I started at zero. So, I’d go in, zero every day and I could see how the energy dynamics went into what I was experiencing. “So, what is it like if I go and seriously trying to hit a $3000 goal and getting paid 10% commission?” So, it was $300 a day, not bad, right? But I’d be like “If I went in this day, and that was my intention and I was really focused on it, what were my results? What if I change that intention and instead wanted to add value to other people, I wanted to really help people, get to know them, what is my results them? What if I go in and just want to have fun with the customer? What is my result then?” So, though these different energy dynamics, I was able to see what got the best results. That became what my YouTube channel is kind of founded on, I would talk about, you know, I wasn’t some rich guy making YouTube videos, I was learning it as I went on my journey to becoming abundant and successful. I would just share “This is what worked for me – having fun with customers, joking around, being light, having this intention of adding value”, so I applied all that same concept towards my YouTube channel – how can I add value and have fun in videos? If I’m too focused on the views, I’m like “This video has to get 100.000 views” it doesn’t do well, but if I go in and have fun and being lucid, embodying, being this version of me because it’s authentic, it does well, you know. So, that became the Law of Attraction playground that I then begin to apply towards everything that I was doing. But the self-image work, of changing the way I view myself, to then be it, has been key for me in everything. And even now, I’m like known as a YouTuber”, not that there’s anything wrong with being a YouTuber, but now I want to venture off and do other things like start an App or, you know, build my business more. So, that is challenging me to view myself differently, to hire a team to expand to this new level. So, it’s kind of interesting, but I’ve applied that towards everything I’ve done.

[36:54] Sahara
I love that story so much; resonating with all that you said and the embodiment factor. Something that we talk about so much on the Podcast on Embodiment over Information. You could’ve so easily been “Okay, I’m just going to study all this Law of Attraction stuff and study it enough until my life changes”, but here you were, in this situation of selling shoes and “Okay, let me try this and let me get the feedback and let me see how it goes.” And I feel like so many of us, we wait till we perfect something to try it and you were really brave to actually see your life as a living experiment that you could see “What does my thought, thinking this way, create in my reality? What is it thinking that way?” So, that is so valuable that anyone can apply to anything in their life, even like “Let me try, today, saying 10 things I’m grateful for. Okay, let me try, today, going straight on Instagram”, let’s see what the results are.

[37:43] Sahara
Oh man! How good was that conversation!

[37:45] Sahara
Now, for the next one, this is one of my Top ever Solocasts! In fact, the next two Episodes, number 7 and number 6 are Solocasts that I did, and it’s quite surprising that the Top ever Solocasts, on the 5+ years of my Podcasts, hundreds from y’all to choose from, is Episode 1.

[38:07] Sahara
So, I think that the reason why Episode 1 is one of the top Episodes, is because a lot of people have told me that they find the Podcast, love it, and they go back to Episode 1 so they can listen to every single Episode, which I just find so kind of you, thank you so much, it really means a lot!
So, that’s why Episode 1 is one of the most popular Episodes, because a lot of people want to go back and just understand what is this Podcast about.

[38:34] Sahara
So, I went back and I listened to it as well, and I honestly stand behind everything that I said. Of course, you will hear the difference in my little baby voice, five years ago, but everything that I said is so me, it’s so who I am. The things that I knew about myself were so true, just my interests and my understanding of what brings me joy. It was like I felt into little tidbits of greater expressions of my soul that I knew to be true, but I was just happy into fragments of, at the time, that have just shifted and turned into giant forms of expansion in my life, from dance being such a huge part of my journey; the goddesses being such a huge part of my journey, Dharma, entrepreneurship, fun, joy, these are all pillars of my life that I knew were parts of me at that time.

[39:25] Sahara
So, with that, let’s dive into Episode 1 – Who Is Your Highest Self? Intro to The Highest Self Podcast, with Sahara Rose.

[39:35] Sahara – number 6
A lot of you ask me “How do I know who my highest self is? What does it look like? What are these downloads that you’re talking about?” You know, a lot of you have an itch for this “Spiritual Awakening” but don’t know where to buy it from, essentially.
So, I want to play with this idea of tapping in to your highest self, right now. So, I want you to take a few moments to think just about what are the things that you love. It can be an activity. It can be a state of being. A place. A community. Family. Animal. Think about those things that you love, and you know you love them because when you see them your heart literally feels something.
For me, when I look at my puppy I literally feel all types of ways. I’m like “Oh my God, I didn’t even know I could love someone this much!” I could literally just stare at him for hours! And when I’m here right now sharing with you guys, sitting here talking to no one, but knowing that you guys are going to read this, WOW! that gives me the heebie jeebies, oh my gosh and that’s something I really love. And being in nature, totally disconnected from all of this and feeling so, so small and knowing that your life is actually so insignificant and you are all just part of this giant universe, you’re a grain of sand in it and that also is so freeing because you don’t have to take your life seriously.
Another moment for me is snorkeling underwater and looking at these fish and the colors and
designs and being like “Holy shit, God made that!” He is the ultimate fashion designer. I can’t believe that exists in nature. Fruits! Oh my God, fruits. The colors, the vibrancy, the shapes, and they all taste so good. Like, you got to know someone’s out there looking out for us because someone made fruits.
So, I want you to just think of those things that you love and we can sit here for twenty minutes in silence and it’s going to take at least that long a period of time and I’m not going to waste your commute on that, but think about those things, write them down on a journal,
come back to them. It could be a list of 500 things, it could be a list of 3, whatever feels right to you at this time, and from that list, I want you to think about those moments that you feel truly alive. What were you doing in those moments? How did that feeling of aliveness translate through your body? Did you feel excited and radiant and full of energy, or did you feel still, serene, calm, present?
And I want you to think back upon your childhood self. See, as children we are much more tapped into our highest selves, because we were born knowing exactly what it is we were meant to do on this planet. If you’re ever confused, look at a baby. A baby knows what’s up, but as we grow up, we forget, and it’s not because of time, but it’s from the little things. The adults rolling their eyes at our responses when they ask us questions about ourselves and what we want to do, and then we change our minds until we fit the norms of what is acceptable, which gets further narrowed the more that we grow.

[44:11] Sahara
Wow, I am amazed, honestly, with my courage to create this Podcast at a time that I had never met anyone podcasting, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, and honestly, I was a bit afraid that people would hate it and make fun of me, so I’m really proud of baby Sahara. I was 26 years old when I started this Podcast and I’m really proud of that version of me for putting herself out there, for sharing her truth and not knowing how it was going to be received, but doing it anyways. And even with receiving hate and negative feedback, for persisting again and again, guys, I hadn’t missed one week. In fact, there was a time that I was doing this Podcast four times a week, and then for many, many years, I was doing it twice a week, and now I do longer Episodes about once a week, but I haven’t missed a week in five years.
So, I want to give a shout-out to my dedication to this Podcast, because I know a lot of people come in and out of podcasting, but for me, the moment I started I was “Nope, this is what I’m doing, this is who I am and this is part of my identity, this is part of my Dharma”.
So, if you are thinking about creating a podcast, I would say just jump into it and devote yourself to it because there’s so much magic on the other side of devotion.


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[46:54] Sahara
So, let’s dive into Episode Number 5, Top Downloaded Episode on the Podcast.

[47:00] Sahara
So, this is actually the second Episode that I ever did. How I Became My Highest Self, Discovered My Dharma and wrote “The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda”, with Sahara Rose.

[47:10] Sahara
So, with this, it’s kind of beautiful that it’s such an expression that your highest self is always changing. So, at this time, in 2017, prior to my first book coming out, I had realized that I was embodying my highest self.
Again, I didn’t have a big career, I wasn’t making really any money, to be honest, I lived with my grandma at the time, but I knew that I was my highest self because I was the highest self that I had ever been, I was living my truth. And I hope this shows you that being your highest self is a continuum, it’s not like “Oh, once I have a beachfront apartment, then I’m my highest self”, “Once I’m married to my soulmate, then I’m my highest self”, “Once I have books out”, “Once I have a podcast”, “Once I have this, once I have that”.
This was a second Episode I ever did and I was like “This is how I became my highest self, boo”, because I was, and that is true to me, and my highest self has evolved and expanded since.

[48:08] Sahara
So, I hope this Episode shows you that you don’t need to be perfect for you to be your highest self. As long as you are the highest, the most evolved, the most expansive, the most full that you’ve ever been yet, you are your highest self.
So, DJ, let it rip, let’s play Episode 2, of The Highest Self Podcast.

[48:30] Sahara – number 5
The first book that I wrote “Eat Right for Your Mind-Body Type” was from a complete state of feminine flow. I was twenty-two years old when I started writing it. I had no idea anything about the book process, I just, somehow, felt called by from my spirit guides. I’ll discuss more about what spirit guides are, but I felt called that I needed to write this book about Ayurveda. I needed to translate the Sanskrit text in a way that it would be easier for people to understand and benefit from. I felt like this system of Ayurveda, was going to be key for helping my generation, especially from me coming from a background of under eating, eating disorders, raw veganism, restrictive diets. I knew, intuitively, that Ayurveda held the answers for me and others like me to achieve balance again. But I felt like the ancient texts and the traditional teachers and books were not in language that people like me want to read about, and as much as I wanted dive into Ayurveda, I was like “How can I share this with others when it was even so hard for me, a nutritional student to understand”. So, my highest self was like “Girl, you need to be the one who changes it”. So, I sat every single day, the entire day from the time I woke up, I would practice yoga, I would spend probably till three in the morning writing, writing, writing, writing, re-writing “How can I make the doshas more easier to understand?”, “How can I talk about koshas?”, “How can I talk about the stages of digestion?” All of these things that I was not raised with, but I felt like this was my path. I did not have, obviously, a book deal. Did not know literary agent. I did not even know anyone that had a book deal. I was so far out of that. I was living in India at the time, but I knew even if no one reads it, maybe it’s just my mom, maybe not even her but I have to write this book.
And coming from that state of divine flow, I didn’t sit and say “Okay, today’s chapter is going to be about…” I might have had that kind of intention about the book at the beginning of the day but it always took its own shape, and maybe one day, the concept of operating from your soul level just really came through me. Maybe that has nothing to do with Ayurveda, but I said “This is what I have to write about today”. And the more I just let myself write from the state of flow, the more creativity came through me and it’d gotten to this point that I would sit in front of the computer and my hands were just typing and typing and typing and typing and my mind was like, “Whoa, what is it saying” and I literally became a channel for the energy. And this higher self above was using my body as a vessel to write down these words that even my mind had never heard before. I was straight up writing Ayurvedic wisdom that I had never learned about. It was one hundred percent channeling through me, from probably a past life where I was an ayurvedic sadhu or mentor or something but the entire ayurvedic system came so naturally to me. It was like I was just relearning a language that I spoke for thousands and thousands and thousands of lifetimes. There was never any question about “Well does that make sense or what is this?” When people have questions about Ayurveda, even if I didn’t know the answer it will just “Blip”, there is the answer. I had become so tapped into my higher self that my ego is like “Where is this all coming from?” And it was a really, really beautiful moment and I wrote over a thousand of pages of words on Ayurveda at this time.
I even moved to Bali to focus on my writing for 4 months. I was just writing constantly around the clock, it was a really beautiful time. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, my family wasn’t like “Hey girl go to Bali and write this book on Ayurveda, it would be really cool of you” No, not at all (we’ll talk more about that later). But regardless of the noise, regardless of the fights with my parents and all of the stress on how I’m going to get money? How am I going to survive? And I was literally staying in Balinese people’s houses, guest houses, just like “Okay, how can I make enough money to survive in Bali this month?” That was literally where I was at because all I could think about was my work.
So, that is a state of creative feminine flow. It’s just this not knowing, but at the same time, really deeply knowing.

[53:13] Sahara
Wow! Okay, we got through listening to my voice, phew, it swung a little bit! And now, let’s dive into Episode number 4.

[53:21] Sahara
So, this Episode was nothing short of magical. This man, his words are so poetic, and I actually heard them for the very first time when I was 23 years old, living in Bali, unsure about my path, in massive fights with my family, not knowing how, or if, or if I even could, ever live my purpose. And I was at this yoga class that I would go to at the yoga barn, and the teacher, and her name was Becks, she, after a sweaty Vinyasa class, read aloud this poem. And I still have this journal today, I jot down everything I could remember of this poem, and I became obsessed with this poet named Mark Nepo. And I started to look online for his quotes, and every single one, it just hit home so dearly to me.
And he told this story that I wrote down, that, on this Episode, Mark Nepo, himself, shares on the Podcast.

[54:21] Sahara
So, this Episode is one I highly recommend going back to. It’s just so poetic, so artistic and so divine.

[54:30] Sahara – number 4
So, without further ado, let’s play Episode 377 – Choosing Intuition Over Fear, with Mark Nepo.

[54:37] Mark
There’s an old story, but I’ll modernize it here – a parabola about a young person, a good heart, wants to be a philanthropist. But they don’t have any money so they work for a Foundation so they can help people. So, they do all this stuff and they have a resume and they get an interview, and on the way to the first interview, he’s going there (he or she), this old woman falls in front of him, her groceries fall over the parking lot, and she scraped up her knee; of course, helps her and she’s not seriously hurt but she’s scraped up and bleeding, so he takes her to urgent care, he misses his interview, so he reschedules the interview. And the next time, the interview, he’s on the way, and all of a sudden, before he goes into the building, this young, 6-7 year-old girl is chasing a loose dog. The dog’s running out in traffic, the girl started running in traffic, he stops, he goes to help and he misses the second interview. By this time, the Foundation, they think he’s a slacker so they don’t give him any more interviews, and all the time he thinks he’s a failure. And all of his dreams of being a philanthropist are interrupted by all the opportunities for him to do good deeds – he’s already a philanthropist.
So, when we can follow what is heartening, what our dreams, and what we want, often take shapes we didn’t imagine. They show up in ways to be open, that they don’t just show up in the way we first looked for them. Because the truth is, and I’ve felt this in my life, that, often, our dreams don’t come true, they change or they unfold differently, but when we give our all to what our dreams are, sometimes we come true, and that’s more important.

[56:53] Sahara
That story hits so close to home because I literally went to school in D.C. to study International Human Rights Law, always wanting to be the person who saves the world and the philanthropist, and then I suffered from really bad health issues which caused me to have to redirect. And how can I heal the world when I first need to heal myself? And then brought me on this journey, so I really resonate with that.
And I know, so many of us, we want to be of service and there’s so many calls for being of service to humanity, and it’s that constant dance of being of service where you are right now and also not forgetting all of the people who we aren’t seeing, who could also use our help. And even just your story, it reminded me of that essence that I had, going to college to save the world and to also not lose touch with that side of it either, of having both parts of you be alive – the micro and the macro.

[57:54] Mark
Yeah, I think that we cast ahead of us our dreams and plans. And, at least, I have found that’s only helpful so that as I start to live them, I’m open to how life will then teach me what’s next.
Too often we’re taught, which is really kind of an infantile definition, but, if I get what I want, that’s success and if I don’t, that’s failure. And if I follow what’s touching me and what I want, it will lead me, like the cyclist, to the heron, it will lead me to discover things I couldn’t have imagined.

[58:48] Sahara
And I think that’s so important because right now, manifestation is such a buzz word in the spiritual community, especially in the social media space, and it’s really so focused on “I want to make this much money, or get this accolade or this, often, material possession, or partner”, or whatever else it is, and “If I can manifest that thing, that will be the thing that shows my spiritual abilities back to me”. And it’s really, more, opening up your heart to, as you say, allow that journey to guide you vs. basing your success based off of – in fact, how miserable would our lives be if all of our goals actually happened? If we were limited to only those things, we wouldn’t have even been aware of so many of the beautiful mysteries of our lives that have unfolded and will continue to.

[59:41] Sahara
Well, and as frustrating as it is, what’s in the way is the way. That’s how we grow, that’s how we are taught and how life teaches us.

[59:57] Sahara
Wow! Such magical wisdom! I absolutely loved that Episode with Mark Nepo!

[1:00:03] Sahara
And Episode number 3 is one that is so fiery, so inspiring, so activating, it’s one that I went back and listened to multiple times because this queen, Reverend Brianna Lynn, she really brings that fire.
This Episode 382 – Divine Feminine Truth, Embodiment and Body Sovereignty, really took the world by storm! I mean, I had honestly never seen an Episode be shared so much in people’s stories, than this Episode, especially because she speaks into some truths that a lot of people were afraid of talking about, especially with everything happening around the world.
And what really struck home with so many of us is, why, we as women, aren’t able to feel comfortable and safe in our bodies; why is it hard for so many of us to dance and receive pleasure and express, and to be honest with the wounds that the patriarchy, abuse, assault, trauma, throughout history, have inflicted upon us, so we can come, not from a place of shame and blame, but rather from radical compassion to understand why we feel the way that we feel, why we feel that we’re holding back, why it’s still unsafe for us to be our fullest expressions. And from that place, let pleasure be our activism.

[1:01:25] Sahara – number 3
So, without further ado, let’s tap into this Episode 382 with Brianna Lynn.

[1:01:31] Brianna
We, as women, cannot access our pleasure or our sensation until we deal with our rage and our grief. Because it’s like, sensuality is the result of what we are. We’re already sensuous, we’re already turned on, it’s the layers of patriarchy and shit on top of us, that keep us from accessing that. So, my invitation for a woman, who is having a difficult time dancing in her body, dance your fucking rage, bitch! Get that Rage Against the Machine song, get that Courtney song, get that rageful L7 song on and let yourself go on about how it’s unfair, how your shame gremlins are up, that you take your hips, whatever it is that wants to come forward, dance it fully, and then dance the grief of the disconnect, dance the grief of the relationships lost, dance the grief of whatever’s there, and then the Turn On, you don’t have to do shit. It’s actually our natural state – sensuality, sexuality, expression from our pelvis, our love for our breasts, this is our natural state, there’s nothing to do to get there. What the doing is in, is recognizing moving the rage and the grief that’s stacked on top of it. So, that would be my number one thing of dealing with shame.
Shame is, specifically for women, the safe response for women in situations where we would normally have rage and grief. It’s easier to shame ourselves than to actually express our rage, than to actually express our grief. So, behind all shame is rage and grief at the systems of oppression that are putting us in that position, that would have us shame ourselves.

[1:03:03] Sahara
I love that! Instead of trying to be like “Why aren’t I dancing?”, “Why aren’t I sexy?” “How come I can’t twerk?”, dance your grief, dance your rage, dance what you’re actually feeling right now, not put on a show, put on a choreography and think that you need to look a certain way because, otherwise, it’s another spiritual practice that I can’t get right, and then naturally see what’s under that.
Osho Dynamic Meditation is also similar to that, I don’t know if you’ve done it before, but he has these 5 different stages, which are similar, but, essentially, it’s – one of the stage’s, he’s like “Go crazy”, and you punch pillows and you just do whatever you’re holding onto. And then the last stage, he’s like “Now celebrate”, and you just can’t help but celebrate because that’s what was waiting to come through. Joy is our natural state, you just need to release all of those layers of clothing that we have been holding onto, for that to come out, so, I love that so much.
And I think, also, using our voices – what advice do you have for women who, maybe, feel like their throat chakras are blocked and just the connection between the womb and the pussy and the throat, and how we can open that channel up?

[1:04:10] Brianna
Yeah, I’ll send you a link. So, there’s a whole process that I lead people through (women, men, others) called Breath, Sound, Movement, Touch. And so, we begin with the breath; we move into sound and then we move into physical movement, and then self-touch, to move some of these things, but most of the podcasters here (the listeners here) will know the larynx and the throat and the lymph nodes are almost bio-identical to our vaginal canal and our ovaries.
So, there’s this really beautiful bio-mimicry happening within our body; and also, every time we make vibration in our throat, it activates the Vagus nerve, which is the largest nerve in our body that goes from our frontal lobe, down our face, down our chest, into our digestive system and down into the pussy. So, every time we make a vibration, we can do it when we’re speaking, I’ll vibrate my voice a little bit so you can feel the difference, every time we allow that vibration to come forward, it activates that Vagus nerve and calms our entire nervous system.
So, whether it’s mantra, whether it’s just toning, whether it’s just humming, singing and speaking to ourself in the vibration, is the number one way, outside of breath, because that comes first, breath and then sound to calm the nervous system and come back into our power and pleasure.
So, the simplest way is just to sing. Put on songs and sing. It is so special and horrifying to know that the number one tool of colonization, whenever they would come into an area and want to take over a group of people, is, they made it illegal for them to sing. That’s all you had to do, was take away the singing, and all of a sudden people were disconnected from their own bodies; disconnected from each other. And the conflict in between people rises so much when singing is not involved. When we sing together it’s literally creating vibrational harmony. It’s almost impossible to be in conflict with someone and also create harmony.
And so, there’s this piece around seeing singing, as an act of evolution/revolution, right? Every time I sing, I’m contributing to the rebalancing of wholearchy on the planet. Every time I hum, I’m contributing to mine and the world’s well-being. I’m trying to remember this study, but this really incredible study that showed how plants sing, and when we sing back to them, that there’s a symbiotic relationship that’s happening, that we can receive more information from the plants when we sing. And a lot of Shamanic cultures and earth-based cultures, and even in Disney princess cultures, it’s like “Sing to the trees and they will sing back to you”, that there’s a harmonic resonance that when a tree can sense, with their electromagnetic frequency, that there’s energy coming towards them, they will send more energy towards the thing that is giving them energy, it’s an incredible plant intelligence.
So, for those who feel the disconnect from the throat, it’s like, you don’t have to do anything other than bring in that vibration, and you can sing to a fucking houseplant, it doesn’t have to be this huge – it can be, vocal awakening and now you’re a singer, I encourage it, go as far as you want to go. And I like to kiss it, keep it simple sweetheart, just really like subtle availability, breath, sound, movement, touch – your own breath, your own sound, your own movement and your own touch are the most healing things for you. Not another Healer, not Jesus Christ, not the Buddha, not Mother Mary, not Isis, those are all concepts and metaphors for something we can never define. The most powerful way for you to experience God and the healing power of who and what you are is through your own breath, sound, movement and touch.

[1:07:44] Sahara
Yes, full body chills in that Episode, you’ve got listen to it, it is so powerful and activating!

[1:07:51] Sahara
So, we’re going to take a turn into new territories now, into Episode 2 of the most downloaded podcast.

[1:07:58] Sahara
Now, this one, it really went viral. It was an Episode that was shared so many times, and what really struck a chord with me the most is that, the person that I interviewed, and she actually is very, very well-known person. Of all the people that I’ve talked on the Episodes, she actually is one who’s quite famous and she shared with me that in her 30+ years of being interviewed, that this was her favorite interview that she’s ever done, which just made me so happy because I love these conversations and making people feel safe and heard to speak about parts of their journey that they may not on other people’s podcasts, and ask questions that are a little bit different than the mainstream.

[1:08:42] Sahara – number 2
So, you may have watched the movie The Secret, it is a movie that really brought manifestation into the mainstream world in the early 2000s. And the creator of this film, Rhonda Byrne, was a guest on my Podcast, where we dove deep into Law of Attraction techniques and what she’s learned since, from Law of Attraction and Manifestation, 20+ years later after The Secret came out.
So, in this Episode we really dive into what she’s learned, destiny, and whether that plays a role in manifestation, and so much more. Her voice just makes you feel good, and I know that you’re going to love this conversation.
So, let’s play Episode 381 – Law of Attraction Techniques with The Secret Creator Rhonda Byrne.

[1:09:30] Sahara
So, I’d love to know, what do you think is the role of destiny, and if something is meant to happen in your life, like an experience that is meant to happen, a soul contract, etc., vs. how much we can control through manifestation?

[1:09:47] Rhonda
That’s a great question! We certainly have some control over some things, for sure. But, too, I feel that we have a destiny, I sort of feel like it’s both and it seems like one contradicts the other. But I feel like we’ve got a blueprint and that blueprint was worked out by us; and with very good reason (that blueprint), to free us. And so, from a really incredible place of allowing, I think we create a blueprint. But then, in between all of that, in that outline, there’s lots of little details and things that we can manifest that don’t affect at all the overall blueprint, so I kind of feel like it’s both.
I know one thing for sure, we are all destined to fully wake up and realize who we are, there’s no doubt about that. Not one of us can ever, ever, ever miss out on that, ever! It may take a bit of time (or so-called time), but every single being will arrive home and be free, every person, and realize who they are. And that’s just a beautiful way to look at everything, and there’s manifestation of people at different stages along the way of that, but it doesn’t matter where anybody is because the destination is the same for all of us.
I remember when I would speak to my mentor, and I would say “I really want more of the truth and more of the truth and I want to do it in this lifetime” and he would say to me “What’s the rush, you’ve got all of eternity”. And he meant that, I mean, you have all the eternity, what’s the hurry?
We do all have the same destination and that destination is one, whereby the incredible experiences as that we’ve had in the physical world, do not harm us, the experiences, I can’t even say they’re an experience, but in the end the destination is the same glorious destination for every single being. And they will be free and they will know that they are infinite; that they are all that there is and that nothing, ever, ever, ever can harm them and they’re so much more than they ever, ever thought they were.

[1:12:38] Sahara
Do you feel that the soul ages? Like the number of souls or lifetimes we’ve had on this planet play a role in someone’s awakening, like those who are awakening are old souls, potentially, or do you feel like everyone, in this lifetime, can spontaneously awaken, regardless of how many lifetimes they’ve had here?

[1:12:57] Rhonda
I think that anybody can spontaneously awaken, I think that’s possible for everyone, simply because it is who we are. And so, yeah, anybody can awaken!
And I mean, I sort of wonder what happened in the previous lifetime, that I came into this lifetime, and I don’t know, and the reason that I don’t know is because it’s not important for me to know.
My mentor used to say “If you need to know anything from any other lifetime, and it’s important for this lifetime, you will remember it; it will be given to you and you will remember.” I just, kind of, have a sense of a country and things like that, but yeah, I just think we’re all just so destined to end up where we are. And there appears to be a journey, and like an evolution for the soul; there appears to be, and certainly, when you look around, it feels that way too. And I remember the Buddha said that he had had 500 lifetimes and he recalled all of them. So, one would think, therefore, that there are some souls that have moved along more than other souls, or have awakened, but I actually don’t know the answer to it.
And it’s kind of a speculation like, “I guess I should ask the question”, because whenever we ask the question, we get the answer and then we know for sure, but I don’t know. I just know, for this lifetime here, that I’m so, so grateful to have woken up, I’m just so grateful. And I don’t know what happened previously, but, oh my gosh, whatever it was, just thank you, thank you, thank you with all of my heart. It’s kind of a roundabout way of answering your question.

[1:15:04] Sahara – number 1
Drum roll please! Without further ado, the Number 1 Most Downloaded ever Episode of the Highest Self Podcast – before we go into it, I want you to take a guess. What do you think this Episode is going to be?
So, it may take you by surprise because this conversation is not with the world’s most famous spiritual teacher, but it’s with one of my best friends. This is a person who was a bridesmaid at my wedding, I’m a bridesmaid at hers, who, we go back 6 years of really being there for each other. You’ve heard her on the Podcast multiple times, but Cassandra Bodzak is the Number 1 Most Downloaded ever Episode.

[1:15:46] Sahara
And to me, I think the reason why is, because in this conversation about manifestation, we really look at it from a lens that most people don’t talk about it from.
So, often times, when you hear about manifestation it’s like “Just make a vision board and then it happens, and just release it to the Universe”. But we break down the four steps of manifestation and we give really honest feedback around where we’ve gotten stuck, where people get stuck, where people may misunderstand manifestation, why manifestations may not be working and we break it down step by step, especially for people who are wanting to manifest careers, or homes, or partners, or whatever else, we really break it down and give our own life experiences. And I believe, again, just that authenticity is what made this the most, ever, downloaded Podcast Episode! And I’m so excited to be continuing to co-create with Cassandra, so stay tuned for a little special course magic that we’re going to be coming out with later on this year, on the four steps of manifestation.

[1:16:50] Sahara
And again, she’s also been on the Podcast numerous times, but this Episode 389, it is pure magic, it is going to change your view on manifestation forever, and inspire you to co-create your own reality, to not see time as something that’s working against you, but rather working with you, and to expand your limitless possibility of what you are capable of.

[1:17:12] Sahara
So, the Number 1 Most Downloaded Episode 389 – How to Manifest Anything That Is In Alignment, with Cassandra Bodzak.

[1:17:21] Cassandra
I like to say, the area of your life that’s causing you pain, or the area of your life that’s not working, is the area that’s on the altar to be dealt with right now, and that’s really as simple as it is, we don’t have to judge it.
I believe that, as souls, we came in here with a certain path and certain lessons we wanted to learn, and certain things that we had, we chose to have certain blocks. And some of our blocks go as far back as other lifetimes, our childhood, all different kinds of things, media, there’s so many ways. And so, the thing that’s on your plate, in that example of the relationship, is really just your soul being like “Okay, this is the next assignment, let’s dive in!”
And so, diving in, to me, to create real transformation and real change and shift in that area, is really looking at “Okay, what are the beliefs I have around whatever it is I’m manifesting?” So, in that example of having an amazing relationship – what I kind of do in the process of the book, Steps 2 and 3 – Step 2 would be looking at okay, kind of what Abraham Hicks is saying in a little bit “What is my dream relationship? What are the things that are really important? What do I really like?” And you could do that for whatever, career, money, health, whatever, what’s the ideal scenario when you connect to your soul, not our ego, but our soul, what’s really important to our soul? And then, asking the question “Okay, what comes up for me when I think about having that?” because our programming is sometimes hilariously obvious. It comes as simple if, someone who’s watching this has never made $1M, you could just simply say to yourself “I made $1M’, and then watch all the thoughts that come up after it. You don’t know how to make $1M, nobody in your family ever made a $1M, if you made $1M the tax people are going to come get you, I don’t know, whatever, you have all these things that come up. And so, looking at that, as soon as you see what you want, is also looking at “What makes me believe I can’t have it?” And so, in that scenario, with a relationship, I think, what can be helpful of the Abraham Hicks version of that is that, if you’re on the vibration, which, this is kind of jumping around, but Step 4 in my little manifesting through meditation process in the book, is Quantum Embodiment, so that’s kind of what they’re skipping to. Embody the you that’s in that ideal relationship that’s looking for all the good and what actually will happen in that scenario – if you’re doing that, and that’s your practice, and that’s a good practice while simultaneously also looking at your blocks, and then what happens is, you’re clearing your blocks, you’re keeping that vibration and if that person that you’re in partnership with is not the right match, it’s going to fall away. It’s going to be so easy and most likely it’s also going to be really peaceful. It’s just of going to be like “Oh wow, we’re literally not just on different wavelengths and you’re a great person, and I’m a great person, and we’re not meant to be together”, and so, there’s the magic of upbringing that in. But I think the important part is doing that inner work, because what happens if you don’t do the inner work, you’re going to attract the same person again in a different form. Which is why, I think, often times, when we’re in situations that we feel disgruntled in, whether it’s a job we don’t like or a relationship that’s struggling, or a financial situation, or whatever it is, something that you’re not happy about, our reflex, sometimes, is to just jump off the ship and be like “This is awful, I’m jumping off!” And obviously, in certain abusive situations and really negative situations, you do that, you save yourself, you jump off the ship. In situations that are just not ideal, there is just work to be done there, and if you do the work in that relationship or that job, or that career, what will happen is, that career will either transform into – I had a girl in one of my programs that was doing this work around her career, and thought the thought what she was going to manifest was leaving her job and starting her own yoga business, and what actually happened was, through doing the clearing work, and simultaneously holding that space, for how she wanted to feel, she got a promotion, her job got more flexible hours, she started doing more of the things that she liked doing, and her job actually transformed to meet her in a space that she didn’t even know was possible. And so, that can happen too, but yeah, I think it’s important that you have to do the work simultaneously, because our brains and our unconscious are really, really powerful. And so, if we’re not actually taking the time to really reprogram them, then they’re going to just catch up to us. If you’re not doing that deeper work, you can’t; I really don’t believe you can fake it because you’ll be saying those things, but underneath you’ll still be feeling like “Oh, I’m lying to myself” and you’re not going to get anything; nothing can manifest from that place.

[1:22:58] Sahara
Wow, wow, wow! We have made it to the end, the Top 10 Most Ever Downloaded Highest Self Podcast Episodes!
I’m curious to hear what was your favorite? What are you going to go back and listen to? What was the Episode that really hit home with you? And what were the Episodes that you loved but were not in the Top 10? Please share it with me over on Instagram at @iamsahararose and to celebrate the fifth birthday of the Podcast, and hopefully there are many, many more birthdays to come, but I’m doing a really special giveaway for those who leave a review for the Podcast.

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[1:25:50] Sahara
So, again, you can find those links in the show notes, and I just want to say to you, thank you so much for listening, for being here, for just being a support. It’s not easy to talk about these things, sometimes, online, when you’re talking about spirituality and trauma and healing, and really personal matters in my life that I’ve shared on this Podcast, so I just want to say thank you so much for being a safe space for me to be my authentic self. And I’m so grateful if, in any way, it’s supported you in being your authentic self because at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters for us to have more weird, different, expressive, crazy people on this planet Earth. We need more people just being their full selves, their higher selves, and that’s really what’s going to make this world a beautiful place, when each and every one of us is in alignment with their unique expression and being the channel of that, being that permission slip for others, being that flower that you’re here to be.
So, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for being here, I’m so grateful for you.

[1:26:56] Sahara
And don’t worry, this Podcast isn’t done, I’ll be back next week. But I just wanted to take this time, ceremonially, to just witness all that has been created. And share with me, when you leave a review, how this Podcast has impacted you, I would love to know and love to have it be witnessed and seen by other people, because sometimes we don’t realize how much even just listening to people’s advice and having that recurring theme in our lives, of a Podcast, can really transform entire timelines in our lives. So, please share with me how this Podcast, how any of these words, have impacted you. And I just want to thank you again so much for being here.



Episode 439: Top 10 Highest Self Podcast Episodes – 5 Year Birthday Episode with Rhonda
Byrne, Mark Nepo, Aaron Daughty, Krista Williams, Cassandra Bodzak, Briana
Lynn, Axel Antojai, Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose


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