Highest Self Podcast 531: Chemistry vs Compatibility in Dating + Relationships with Rosie Acosta


In this episode,I’m back with my soul sister Rosie Acosta for a deep dive into something we all want to understand better: “Chemistry vs Compatibility in Dating + Relationships.” 🧪❤️🔗

We’ve all been there, right? That magical moment when you feel that inexplicable pull toward someone—the kind that makes your heart race and your thoughts wander.

That’s chemistry, the magnetic force that draws us in and gets us curious about the person before us. It’s less about the checklist and more about the connection.✨

But hold up—let’s talk compatibility. It’s about the willingness to put in the work, to navigate the highs and lows, to create something beautiful together. Compatibility is the foundation where we build and grow. 🌱

In this episode, Rosie and I unravel the intricacies of modern relationships. We’re exploring the internet’s portrayal of partners, steering clear of the transactional approach, and aiming for that deep connection where your person feels like your best friend.

In this episode, Rosie and I discuss:
– That magical spark we call chemistry and how it’s less of an interview and more about genuine curiosity.
– Compatibility Deep Dive: Understanding the balance between being drawn to someone and making things work in the long run.
– Breaking away from transactional dating and finding your person who feels like a best friend.
– Identifying the signs and navigating the dance of affection in modern dating.
– Masculine vs Feminine Energies,finding harmony and balance in relationships.
– Ghosting Conundrum, when is it okay, and what do we owe each other in the dating world?
– Setting Standards, understanding deal-breakers and red flags in relationships.

It’s all about unraveling the nuances of modern love and relationships, diving into the intricacies of what draws us in and what keeps us connected. Tune in as we navigate the wild and wonderful world of chemistry and compatibility in relationships. Grab your favorite cuppa and join us for an insightful chat! ☕✨

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