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Highest Self Podcast Episode 021: Why There’s No Such Thing As The Perfect Digestion.. And That’s Okay

As I discuss in Episode 003, I used to be obsessed with digestion, which is what brought me to Ayurveda. Ayurveda is all about healing ...
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Highest Self Podcast Episode 012: Interview with Tara Mackey of Organic Life Blog – Cured by Nature

My dear friend Tara Mackey is the true epitome of making your mess your message. She came off over a dozen psychiatric medications virtually overnight ...
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Highest Self Podcast Episode 008: Going From Healing To Healer

 So many of us are stuck on getting more and more healing… That we never rise up to become the healer. We need the balance ...
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Highest Self Podcast Episode 007: I’ve Been On A Diet Since I Was 11 Years Old

A little spoken word about freeing yourself from the diet industry and stepping up into your highest self. Do you relate? Join the conversation on ...
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Highest Self Podcast Episode 003: From Eating Disorders to Balance Through Ayurveda: My Own Unique Journey to Health

In this episode, I discuss my own unique healing process. From being an overweight child to losing all the weight and becoming addicted to weight-loss ...
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