Highest Self Podcast Episode 012: Interview with Tara Mackey of Organic Life Blog – Cured by Nature

My dear friend Tara Mackey is the true epitome of making your mess your message. She came off over a dozen psychiatric medications virtually overnight and decided she would heal her body with nature– food, sun and meditation. She is now a best-selling author for her book Cured by Nature and blogs about natural beauty on her website theorganiclifeblog.com. This is such an inspirational interview where I learned even more about Tara and am further impressed by her incredible work-ethic and resilience. She is a true leader from a divine feminine space and I am so elated to share this interview with you.

Be sure to get her book: https://www.amazon.com/Cured-Nature-Inside-Happiness-Discover/dp/1634504011

Follow her on Instagram: instagram.com/taramackey

Join her Hua Hine retreat this August at theorganiclifeblog.com.

Have you faced depression or anxiety and looking for ways to heal it naturally? Let’s take the discussion in the Mind-Body Balancers FB Group.

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Thank you Tara for this beautiful and inspirational interview!


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