Highest Self Podcast Episode 003: From Eating Disorders to Balance Through Ayurveda: My Own Unique Journey to Health

In this episode, I discuss my own unique healing process. From being an overweight child to losing all the weight and becoming addicted to weight-loss to becoming raw vegan to suffering from digestive issues and ammenorrhea.. to finally finding healing through Ayurveda.

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Here is my journey, straight from my heart to yours.


Episode 003 – From Eating Disorders to Balance Through Ayurveda – My Own Unique Journey to Health

By Sahara Rose

Namaste everyone! It is Sahara and welcome back to episode three of the Highest Self Podcast. I am so excited to have you here and to share a little bit more about me, more than the Instagram captions and blog post will allow me. Since I’m your host on this show I thought it would be a really great place to kind of start off with my own journey of:

  • How I discovered Ayurveda

  • What my own journey to health

Just so you can get to know a little about the perspective that you are hearing from. To make a long story short I was born nine pounds and growing up I’ve always known that I was put on this earth to help people. That was one thing I’ve always been sure about, the only confusing part was just how. As a child I wanted to be a marine biologist, I wanted to be a lawyer, I wanted to work with this, with that and I ended up going to school to become an international human rights lawyer, to specialize in child advocacy: child labor, child trafficking, child sexual abuse, things like that. Went to George Washington University in DC, I was in the Elliot School of International Affairs which is like a wonderful international affairs program and I started working in the summer for different non-profit organizations, helping with immigrants and refugees and I realize upon working at these places that it was not the right fit for me.

Since I was young I’ve been travelling the world by myself with NGO’s volunteering building orphanages, teaching in schools, working in slums, that part I loved but I hated the bureaucracy that came with the non-profit sector. I didn’t want to raise money for the next fund raiser, I didn’t want to spend my days looking at spreadsheets and I wanted to be out there in the field helping people. I wanted to see their faces and feel them.

They are different types of learners; I’m a very connectic learner. I need to feel things to really experience them and for me for being so far apart from the people I was helping was not enough for my soul. So, I was really confused and actually became depressed in college because this thing that I had spent my whole like wanting to be an international human rights lawyer was no longer vibing with my energy and I couldn’t deny it, I just could not imagine myself going through court cases and the whole law school system and I didn’t even agree with so many of the laws in place. I didn’t believe that the UN was doing enough to help people. I wanted to be there, so I thought I would join the peace core and just spend a few years travelling but obviously my family felt like “I need a stable job” I just can’t keep travelling and then what?

I was really at a lost for what I was going to do and for me that depression manifested as just not eating, I wouldn’t eat like at a day at a time and the weird part about it was anyone who like an eating disorder is you feel really proud of yourself. So even though I have lost control over this whole aspect of “What am I going to do with my life?” I gained control over feeling proud of myself for not eating. I remember I told my roommate in college I’m like “Oh my God, all I ate today was samples at farmers market” and being like “Great job”. I don’t know it’s really twisted that it was something that I was proud of and that shows that there is something in your mind that’s going on and eating disorders comes from an Vata imbalance, too much wind but it was just too much not knowing what to do, too much flow, too much movement, it became a tornado and the only thing that I had control over was the food that I put into my mouth. Then, from there it shifted into just being obsessed with what I ate, I became raw vegan after because that was kind of like the next thing that I could do to really watch after what I ate. I was just eating a lot of smoothies and salads and I found myself constantly hungry and constantly thinking about food. If you’ve ever been on a diet you’ll know that all you can think about is food. I would spend my afternoons on Pinterest looking at like foodporn literally, like brownies and ice cream and things that I would never ever eat but I would just stare at their pictures because my body was so hungry that just by looking at it became satisfying to me.

As I was a raw vegan my health begun to deteriorate and I was living in Boston, I transferred from GW after my depression to BU, and Boston, my family live there and I was like figuring out what it is I want to do, I continue studying international relations but I decided to start a blog about all the food that I found on Pinterest and I was like 19, 20 years old. People weren’t blogging that much back then, so it was kind of a weird thing to do actually and I didn’t wanted to tell people but I figured out share the recipes that I make from Pinterest and it can be like a side hobby thing, never expecting it to go anywhere. I was looking for jobs to work in like the beauty industry, I thought it would be awesome to work for a good cosmetic company and I was just looking for a way to travel, like “Oh I want to move to Dubai, I need to go visit these shamans in Ecuador” I was always looking for an escape because I was not truly happy with where I was.

I began this blog literally in a day, I was like “What am I going to call it? Oh eatfeelfresh that sounds cool”. Called it eatfeelfresh, googled how to start a blog, saw blogger.com, started that blog and it became a hobby for me. Overtime I became kind of obsessed with it, just like I was about my food but I became obsessed with posting, like how can I get it to look good, how can increase traffic, it was like my little blog baby. I’m sure if you guys have started a blog you know how exciting it feels and it literally becomes like your child.

I was like researching ways on how I can get traffic on it and I saw that Pinterest was a really good way, so I created all of this pinnables and I was joining other people’s pins and group boards and I was pinning it and constantly posting like every day writing a new blog post, that I would like be hanging out with friends and just on my computer working on my blog and back then it was mostly raw-vegan blog. I have slowly shifted away from raw-vegan but I definitely very vegan and then someone on Pinterest still don’t know who, who reposted one of my article called “The one week detox” and it went viral and suddenly started to get millions of hits on my little blogger website and it was so weird to me like “Oh my God, they’re here, they’re ready, they’ve come”, and it was sort of like when the guests arrive and you go like “They’re here” and I was like “Okay what am I going to do now?” So I’m like “Okay, they are really into this like one week detox thing so, I’m going to write so much more about detox” I’m going to be like the detox specialist and then that article became like the number one thing on google, that when you would google “the one week detox” it was the number one thing that came up and it last there for a few years action. I don’t even know, I think I deleted that article actually.

So, I became like “Okay, detoxing is my thing” and the you know, juice cleanses, how can you detox your body and like again the whole notion that you have to detox your body means that you are filled with toxins which is not true. The body naturally detoxes itself every single day, every 90 days our body totally eliminates all toxins from our systems. So the idea that we need to like just drink juices to detox our body is just a self-harming one especially if you come from an eating disorder background. I was doing that for some time and people around me were like “You look really thin” and I’m like “Oh thanks, I’m cool” and there like “No, like too thin” and I’m like “Really?”

Growing up I was never the thin girl, I was always the chubby girl. I was born as I’ve mention nine pounds, but I was just always a chubby kid growing up. Weight was like always a hard time for me, it was the first time anyone has ever called me too thin. I was born with a lot of Kapha and my procraty which is the Dosha constitution that I was born with. Kapha is the earth energy so, I sort of at first took it as a compliment and then overtime I just kept getting it from people but you know how people can be sometimes it can be like this double-edged sword “Oh you’re so thin, you’re probably anorexic”, “Oh I love to see you eat those fries” and just like really hurtful things that people say to others and especially if someone does have an eating disorder to like be like “Come on, eat that bread, why aren’t you eating that bread, what’s wrong with you?”, “How can you survive without carbs?” that’s probably the most harmful thing that you can do but that’s what I was getting from my friends, from my family, from so many people and it was just making me feel worst.

If you feel like you need to fix yourself and someone telling you that you’re even more broken, it’s just going to make go deeper into your hole but what they were saying part of it was true that I definitely was too think and I continued on this diet but knowing that something was wrong. I stopped menstruating for like a year, I got of birth control and my period didn’t come back, I was extremely cold all the time, not normal amounts of cold but like frigid down to the bones cold. I grew up in Boston, so for me to be cold there says a lot, I was sleeping with two layers of wool socks on, I was just shivering constantly, I couldn’t even just like wear a skirt or something, I needed so many layers on me. I would exercise and all I would do is cardio and then I remember one time at the gym I just started to get so dizzy and I had to lie down. I lie down and I fell asleep for some time, I felt like I had to throw up and went to the bathroom and fell asleep at the toilet again. My body was literally shutting down and I wasn’t listening, I was like “Oh, I guess I worked out too hard” not thinking “Oh, well maybe if you don’t eat at all and you’re like 90 pounds that can happen”.

At that time I had been travelling to India and I was volunteering in the slums in India, teaching health, sanitation and things like that and I decided it would be a really cool experience for me to visit and Ayurvedic doctor. At that time while was in college, after I started the blog I also enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is like the world’s largest nutrition school, it’s an online school, a yearlong program which I highly recommend if anyone has any questions on that you can definitely let me know and I also have discount codes available to have $500 off any program as an ambassador for them.

At IIN, Institute for Integrative Nutrition I heard about Ayurveda, I love quizzes, I love personality quizzes, getting to know your mind, your body, I’m all about that sort of stuffs. So I loved how it was like a health system that began with a quiz, that was super cool to me. When I tool their quiz, I saw that I was 100% Vata, I had all the symptoms: cold, underweight, low period, low energy all of the things. I decided I would visit this Ayurvedic doctor and see what she had to say, I was never considering even taking her advice to be honest, sorry if you are listening but it was just sort of like a thing that you do when you go to a place. So, I go to the Ayurvedic doctor and she asked me:

  • What do you eat?

  • What are your dreams like?

  • What is your period like?

Like all of these questions and I’m like “I eat salads, not getting my period, barely sleeping” all of the things that are like Vata, Vata, Vata, Vata. So, she was like “Okay, 100% you’re Vata imbalanced” and I was like “Okay, so what do?” she’s like “Well you have to stop eating all raw foods, you have to eat lots of rice with ghee which is clarified butter and dhal which are lentils, all cook foods, even drink ghee in the morning when you wake up.” She gave me cups of ghee to drink and if I don’t follow these suggestions I was at risk for Infertility, for Osteoporosis, and even for cognitive diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

That was like getting hit in the head with like a canned of bricks, whatever that expression is. That was a serious wake up call for me because you know, I knew that what I was doing was probably not the best but my fear of gaining weight made keep on doing it but to hear that I was actually putting my body in a long term health risk for like the immediate desire to just be skinny and like look good in clothes, that was like a whoa moment of like “Who’s going to remember how I looked in this BCBG dress when I have Osteoporosis and can’t walk?” Like imagine if I can’t have kids one day because what I’m trying to do here and it showed me just how serious it is and especially when you’re young, you are creating the foundation of your body that’s going to last you for the rest of your life. If you’re not nourishing your bones when you’re in your teens and in your twenties, I’m sorry they are not going to magically grow in your fifties and sixties when you need them most.

The fact that I was such in a Vata imbalance at such a young age was extremely scary. The only thing is the suggestions she gave me were totally anti everything that I was all about. I ate raw foods, these were all cooked food. I was a vegan, she wants me to eat ghee, she even wanted me to eat meat because Ayurveda is not a strictly vegetarian diet if you have a severe imbalance that your body needs life by eating meat, then it’s honoring the circle of life because you are giving yourself life by taking life. I was even supposed to eat meat, it was going against everything that I was so strongly for and you know a lot of times when you eat a certain way and I see this a lot with the vegan community which I was in for many years, it becomes an ideology and I wasn’t willing to look at the other sides. I was just saying “Well, this is the right to do it; raw vegan food is the only way, your foods dead, my foods alive”. It became even superiority complex because when the ego is tied in the way you are eating it says “I’m right, you are wrong” and that should not be part of any diet.

I was really confused because I wanted to follow her suggestions, I knew what she was saying had accuracy to it but I didn’t want to give up the way I was eating. So, I kind of ignored it, and I ignored it for a few months until my back was hurting so bad that I couldn’t even practice yoga some of the time. My hips would literally come out of the socket. All of the things that she was telling me were beginning to come true, it had been over a year no period in sight, my hair was falling out, I use to have a very thick hair became extremely thin, I look gaunt. Looking back on pictures of that I’m like “Wow, like no wonder people were telling me I was so skinny” there are some people who are naturally really skinny and some people aren’t. I’m not someone that naturally is 90 pounds and that’s how much I weight and I’m 5’4, it definitely was a time of severe imbalance in my life.

I decided I was going to take some of her suggestions but integrate them in my own modern way. She told me I need to eat more cooked food, so I decided I was going to cook all of my greens, I would still eat my kale and my spinach and this and that but I would cook them and the one Indian recipe that I really loved was palak paneer which is like a spinach curry, it’s basically you cook spinach and then blend it so it’s almost like a hot green smoothie and you typically add paneer which is cheese but I would add tofu to it. Every single day in India I ate that, every single day and I brought my own quinoa and instead of rice I would have quinoa. Just from that switch I started to feel so much better and not just in my body but also in my mind.

I’ve always been a night owl and I still am but I was finally able to sleep soundly throughout the night without waking up and like having to pee like five times and just thinking about things all the time. I became so much more grounded, so I saw wow just by doing that I already feel so much better; imagine if I started following the other things she has to say. So, I began to visit her and learn from her and I’ve decided to study one-on-one under her and we created an Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking program that I just did single sidedly alongside the doctor who is a female and she taught me so many things about Ayurveda, she spoke to me about the Dochas and the way that they impact our digestive system and our physiology and like ways that you can notice them in other people and even in children. It was like I was just learning this language that I spoke a thousand lifetimes and it just made so much sense to me but at the same time there were a lot of things that I disagreed with and there are a lot of things that I would say “That doesn’t make sense”. It was so different from what I had learned about before like “How can cooking foods make it more nutritious, doesn’t it kill its living enzymes?”

There are so many things that Ayurveda opposed with especially from the raw vegan diet but also just the way that Westerners eat but they had a reason for everything and a lot of it is not strictly scientific reason it’s an energetic reason. It opened my mind to looking at food in a whole new way of not just macronutrients and calories and what’s its effect in your metabolism but like what is its energy? If you are lacking and grounding, how can you gain that from your ingredients that you put into your body?

I learned that root vegetables have grounding energy because they are literally grown under the ground and the sprouts that they have that go deep into the soil when you consume those that’s like putting roots into your own body making you feel much more grounded, stable and supported which is what I needed. I need to increase my Khaffa again and learned that certain foods are airy and they evoke feelings of Vata of movement of windness and those foods are leafy greens, berries and just things that are light and flowing and cold in nature which was basically 100% of my diet.

I learned that my Dosha became so imbalance from Vata because I was eating essentially appear Vata inducing diet. It was incredible to see that how much the food that we eat truly influence how we feel and it was coincidentally that my blog that I had already started a few years before at this point was called eatfeelfresh so it was like my soul new that I needed to learn this lesson and that’s how that name came through me.

I continued studying Ayurveda for about two years; I went down to Kerala which is where kind of like the home town of Ayurveda. Ayurveda started in Northern India, when the British rule came they said Ayurvedic was barbaric and they no longer allowed it to be the leading medical practice of India, that used to be the medical system there but when the British came they instead enforce western medical system and Ayurveda went underground. When underground it found its safe haven in Southern India in a town called Kerala, it’s this beautiful beach town, coconuts everywhere and now Ayurveda is the main thing in Kerala, people go to Kerala for Ayurvedic Panchakarma sessions and things like that.

I went to Somatheeram which is the world’s oldest Panchakarma center which was freaking intense, did Panchakarma there, I went down to Goa, I found an Ayurvedic healer that I would learn from, I was just hungry for knowledge. I read so many books, I was going back Delhi to learn with that doctor, just doing as much as I could to really immerse myself in this ancient wisdom and the home country where it’s from and I truly don’t believe I would have gotten the same education if I had studied anywhere but India because in India it’s not, I wasn’t just going to Ayurveda class and like coming back to my life. I was living and breathing the system. I had a yoga teacher that would come to my house every day and teach me Ashanga and we would fast every day and I would learn about the Gods and the Goddesses and I was just so fully immersed that I have lived so many lives as.

My family is from Iran they are not Indian but ever since I was young like I have been Indian. Like when I was young I remember I visited Iran, my family there and they asked my parents “Why does your daughter have an Indian accent?” they are like “What? Yeah, she talks in Indian accent” they like “Oh, I don’t know.” I look extremely Indian everything about me is Indian. It was amazing to go back there and like revisit my people essentially and be like “Yes, this is how lived our lives for so many years” and I was just so happy to be back home and I’ll talk more about how you can know about your past lives and places were you feel so comfortable and innate, those are probably places that you’ve lived past lives. For me, I literally understand Hindu, like I can watch a Bollywood movie and know everything going on, a lot of it is the same as Farsi very similar words but it’s past life recognition.

So, Study the Ayurveda and while I was studying it I felt extremely called to write a book, sharing this Ayurvedic wisdom in modern applicable terms and I talked more about this in, I think the first episode but I wrote that book, spent years writing it, went against all odds, went through a lot of chaos and confusion, got the book done, looking for a publisher and then eventually got the book deal for the Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, which is the official Idiot’s Guide which is going to be out on August 8th this summer, so freaking excited.

Basically the reason that I’m sharing this story with you is so you know that my mess a hundred percent is my message. I would not have cared about health and nutrition and well-being and mind-body balance if I didn’t have to learn these lessons for myself. I had to undergo imbalance, eating disorders, confusion, digestive issues, I visited so many gastrointestinal doctors because when I started eating normal food again everything hurt my stomach so badly that I simply couldn’t eat. I’ve tried being paleo and keto and everything under the sun and food has always been a huge obstacle for me. That’s why that mess became my message, I recently graduated from Matthew Kenney culinary school studying raw foods, you can see it on my Instagram the creations there.

I am no longer bound by food; I’m no longer obsessed with its nutritional value. There are plenty of days, every single day I would eat like a bar of chocolate, for me that brings me happiness that keeps me my state of flow and that’s a non-negotiable and it’s taken me a lot to not feel guilty about that. I’ve seen that yes, like it’s so important to be healthy but it’s just our physical body at the end of the day and if we stress and spend all of our time focus on our physical body we can never transcend into our highest selves.

I see so many people especially in the fitness community that obsessed like I see in this fitness competitions it’s all about what is your physical body look like on that show day and they starve themselves thy ruin their digestive systems, their metabolism for years to come to have to calculate your percentage of body fat so someone else could judge you and tell you that you are worthy enough.

That’s not just going on, on fitness competition, that’s going on every single day with all of us. That’s something I really wanted to step away from and for me food is:

  • Nourishment

  • Joy

  • Community

  • Health

  • Medicine

  • Art

Food is all of these things, I don’t want to define it as just one thing of just “Well I’m just going to eat broccoli and chicken because it going to give me a six-pack” or “Oh I’m just going to eat cookies because they taste really good”. It’s all about finding your balance and somedays that balance is going to be like lots of salad because that’s what you just need and other days it’s going to be no salad and a bagel because that’s what you need and I think we should respect both of those decisions

Another thing that I love about making your own food is that you can make healthier versions of that. So, before when I was extremely restrictive of my diet I wouldn’t even try to make like the healthy paleo breads and desserts and stuff because I was like “No, it’s just going to lead me to eating normal bread and I can’t” and again that was my food fear keeping me from trying these new creative recipes. Then once that I’ve tried it I’m like “Darn, this is like super good” and now I’m able to eat a piece of the paleo bread or have like a cookie with coconut sugar or whatever and just feel no guilt about it and not have to think about it because we waste so many of our precious brain resources stressing about food.

Oh my God, like imagine if you could just have all of the time back that you’ve spent thinking “Is this going to make me fat?”, “Is this good for my body?” Like imagine if you could just have that all back and like write a cd, I don’t know, write a book, do anything with it. You could have become Picasso with all of the time you’ve spent stressing about your food, how much you’ve worked out and what your body looks like and I truly believe that that’s why the media in the past has put this upon women because as woman if all were concerned about is looking good and impressing others which actually really impressing other women because men don’t care, then that keeps us from actually achieving what we were meant to do on this planet.

I really feel like these restrictions were placed upon us to keep women blow, they were placed upon women to say “Oh well you got to go work out, you got to do this, you got to do that”, if men spent all the time that we focus on their physical appearance they would not be climbing the corporate ladder and this and that. Now that we have entered this feminine Aquarian age where the energy has shifted from the Patriarchal masculine to the not even Matriarchal but just like for everyone and it’s a more feminine era of flow and everyone is at the same level. Let’s let go of that woman need to look a certain way, woman should be judged, woman should look like this and smell like that (dadada). Let’s let that all stay in the Patriarchal era and let’s not bring it with us anymore because it’s not serving us.

As much as I am a Nutritionist in this path I became Holistic Health Coach and a Sport Nutritionist and an Ayurvedic practitioner and as much truly believed in the healing powers of food and I see it every single day with my clients, I always tell them “What is your purpose of health?”

  • Is it so you can play with your kids?

  • Is it so you can start your own business?

  • Is it so you can just be your highest version of yourself?

Or is it just so you can have slim legs? And they all know it’s not for the slim legs, it’s not for this. Maybe at the beginning it is because their ego tells them “I will be happy once I have a thigh gap, I will be happy once I can fit into a size 4 dress” that’s actually not about that. Losing weight is losing a part of yourself that you want to let go of and it’s healthy to an extent if you are overweight which many Khaffas are, they are holding on to a lot of things, they are holding on to baggage.

We store emotions on our physical bodies, so Khaffa’s store a lot of emotional dramas, stress, tension, all of these things and it manifest as body fat and they carry it with them anywhere that they go and also if you have ever been abused or traumatized, you often ended up eating to create a protective layer around yourself, because you feel like it is not safe to just be you. A lot of women when they have been you know sexually abused or something as a child or raped they ended up over eating afterward to say “Well, maybe if I was fat I wouldn’t have gotten that kind of attention”. It takes releasing that, releasing those thoughts patterns, because when you are able to face that side of you and say “No, it is safe for me to be here, I don’t have to have this protective wall around me, I can just be as I am” then that’s how the weight just naturally slips of without ever having to try a diet again because you’re no longer in this cycle of self-sabotage.

I’ve ended up kind of specializing with women with eating disorders because I’ve experience it, I’ve seen it with so many people, I’ve really believed almost every woman in the United States has had some sort of eating disorder. It could have been Orthorexia which is obsession with healthy eating, it could have been Anorexia which is not eating enough, could have been Binge eating which is over eating, can be anything in between, Purging is another really big one when you throw up your food and again it’s trying to lose something, trying to cleanse yourself from something like saying “Argh like I’m dirty, I need to get this out of me”. I always like to look at what is the subconscious message underneath your eating disorder, underneath your relationship with food. To me, once you are able to kind of hit that nail on the head it naturally just goes away.

Where I am on my journey now is spreading the messages of Ayurveda, my book is going to be out this summer, I have my 12 week program which is on my website iamsahararose.com it guides you step by step through “How to integrate Ayurvedic wisdom into your lifestyle in a way that’s just attainable”, so it starts with getting to know your mind-body type, what’s the best breakfast for you, then lunch then dinner? Then it goes into understanding the Doshas and the Sub-Doshas and the Dual-Doshas and the right workouts for you, water, all of these things, grocery shopping, meal plans. It’s basically everything that I wish I had when I began my journey and I basically created it as a platform again for myself. If I even had something that I forget, I go back and I look at the program because there’s just so much information in there.

That program is on my website eatfeelfresh.com if you just look at the top it says 12 week program and you can see it there. As my book comes out I wanted to be a tool for people to know that food is just one part of the equation, it is not the end goal, there is no medal that you get for having the best digestion, there is no race for the medievalism, at the end of the day it’s just the gas in your car, it’s just the fuel in your tank and the question is where you’re going to go with it?

I’d love for you to take a moment, take a night, take a week to think about that and think about “Why is that you want to eat healthy, where is this energy going to go?” and if you’re not eating healthy, “Why is that? Why are you trying to sabotage yourself, what is underneath the eating disorder?” If it’s over eating, “Why don’t you feel happy with where you are, why don’t you feel fulfilled that you need food to fill you?” If it’s undereating, “What areas of your life do you need feel control and how can you regain control so you can let go of the need to control every morsel of food that you put into your mouth?” If it’s purging, “What are you trying to cleanse yourself from, what part of you do you need to look at and love more?” If it’s is orthorexia, “Where does this need for perfection come from, who’s approval are you looking for and once you have it what does it even mean?”

It all begins with self-love, when we love ourselves we don’t allow ourselves to get into these states because when our ego starts saying “No restrict this or eat more or do this or do that”, our souls has no “Girl, I’m protecting this one”. So all of those parts of you that you think are not enough I want you to love so deeply, whether it’s your stomach or your legs or your traumas, I want you to love them because they are part of you and I don’t want you to love them because you think it’s a way of letting them go because that’s not really loving them. I want you to love them because they have been given to you for a reason and they are the obstacle that has been placed before you to help you get higher on your path and the moment you truly begin loving those parts of you whole-heartedly you’ll see the reality around you will instantly shift, trust me I’ve seen it myself and I’m still working on it.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in, I have a private Facebook group called mind-body balancers, I will put the link in the show notes and I would love for you to join that and we can take the discussion further there. In the meantime I’m on Instagram @iamsahararose, my website is iamsahararose.com. If you have never taken my quiz, so you have no idea what these Doshas and mind-body types are, I have a free quiz that you can take at iamsahararose.com and it will give you a breakdown of your mind and body type, it gives you the percentage of each Dosha in your mind and in your body and explains what that is even all about. The 12 week program is also there and after you have taken the quiz you’ll receive a discount for the program, so I really encourage you to do that. If you have taken the quiz and you want to learn more about the program and get the discount you can always contact me.

Thank you again so much for tuning in, I love you guys so much and I’ll speak to you on the next episode. Namaste!

Episode 003 – From Eating Disorders to Balance Through Ayurveda – My Own Unique Journey to Health

by Sahara Rose


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