Highest Self Podcast Episode 008: Going From Healing To Healer

 So many of us are stuck on getting more and more healing… That we never rise up to become the healer. We need the balance of both.

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Episode 008: Going From Healing To Healer

By Sahara Rose

Going from healing to healer. There’s something I see a lot in the personal development community. And it’s an addiction to personal development. These are well-intentioned people who have made a commitment to self-improvement, which is extremely commendable. We all have to start with the healing in order to become the healer. We cannot heal others when we have open wounds ourselves. But, I’ve noticed a lot of guru-hopping in the personal development world.

  • “Oh, you have to check out Jackie’s program. It’s totally transformational.”

  • “Oh my god, Guru Jelly Bean’s retreat was totally life-changing. I’m going back every year.”

  • “Oh, yeah, I’m actually saving up to do Molly’s teacher training. I’m going for my 500 hour.”

You see, there’s always another workshop, another certification, another qualification that you need in order to do the work.

Let me tell you something. You do not need to ask for permission to heal the world. You don’t need a special certificate to listen to someone’s problems or a degree to help someone out. You can just start today. What this world needs more of is people stepping into their power. We are done. With the patriarchal system where you had to show what college you went to and what your GPA was in order to be taken half as seriously as a man. Huh. No. This is a new era. Where what matters is how you show up. Vibes can’t lie. I repeat. Vibes cannot lie.

What will attract people to you is the energy you carry. Not how many degrees you have. I got my first health coaching client when I was 20 years old, before I even started a health coaching program. Was I qualified? Abso-fucking-lutely. I was passionate and I wanted to help. That’s enough to make you qualified to change people’s lives. You don’t need another degree. You don’t need to do more research. You don’t need to wait for the perfect time. Start now.

This is the permission that you’ve been waiting for. The world doesn’t need more individuals who think commitment is spending 20 years in a corporate job that eats them alive. No. Commitment is owning up to your truth. And committing to that higher power, which will carry you home if you just let it, and surrender every illusion and false belief that you are not enough. Right now, as you are.

Episode 008: Going From Healing To Healer

By Sahara Rose


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