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Highest Self Podcast 463: Ancestral Veneration, Facing Your Shadows + Conscious Sex Work with Trap Witch

  Sahara Rose · 463: Ancestral Veneration, Facing Your Shadows + Conscious Sex Work with Trap Witch   In this episode, I sit down with …

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Highest Self Podcast 441: Being The Lineage Breaker In Your Family with Sahara Rose

You are stepping into a whole new way of being. The energetic shifts in the collective right now are calling you to step into your …

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Highest Self Podcast 437: Which Starseed System Are You From? (Pleidian, Arcturian, Mintakan, Sirian, Andromedan, Orion, Lyrans) with Paul Silva

Have you ever felt this deep feeling that you aren’t from here, a nostalgia for a home you don’t yet know? Do you resonate with …

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Highest Self Podcast 418: Spiritually Outgrowing Relationships, Soul Contracts, Past Lives, Intuition + Spirit Guides with Nikki Novo

Are you on a spiritual growth journey but annoyed that your partner is not? Are you wondering when you should stay and when you should …

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Highest Self Podcast 406: Ascension, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Deities + Auras with Shaman Axel Carrasquillo

We dive into ALL the spiritual topics in this flowing conversation. So many of us want to connect to our star family or astral project …

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Highest Self Podcast 404: Healing Ancestral Trauma + Family Wounds Through Family Constellation with Marine Selenée

Family constellations work has been extremely helpful in my own path and I’m so excited to share this healing modality with you. So many of …

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Highest Self Podcast 362: Connecting With Galactic Beings with Elizabeth April

We got cosmic in this episode, diving deep into extraterrestrial contact, star families, galactic beings and all things cosmic. If you feel like you come …

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Highest Self Podcast 331: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries with Isis Indriya

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Highest Self Podcast 327: Accessing Your Intuition + Connecting To Your Guides/ Past Lives with Manuela Welton

So many of us want to access our intuition but don’t know how to recognize it’s voice vs the voice of our ego. This episode …

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Highest Self Podcast 289: Understanding Your Past Lives

Sahara Rose · 289: Understanding Your Past Lives with Sahara Rose   What are past lives? How do we know about them? We dive into …

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