Highest Self Podcast 406: Ascension, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Deities + Auras with Shaman Axel Carrasquillo


We dive into ALL the spiritual topics in this flowing conversation. So many of us want to connect to our star family or astral project but haven’t yet practiced grounding. In this conversation, we speak about the weaving of ascension and descension and how both poles are necessary for spiritual growth. We then dive into connecting with your spirit guides, past lives and the deities (goddesses + gods) that are most resonant for you. We share our own stories and techniques of how we began remembering ours, as well as our Atlantean + Lemurian connections. Axel then dives into each color of our auras and what they mean on a balanced and imbalanced level. This episode is legit a MASTERCLASS and you’re going to love it!

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Episode 406: Ascension, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Deities + Auras with Shaman Axel Carrasquillo
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
I have been getting into so many different spiritual conversations recently, about Ascension, Descension, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, and really moving past any of our stories, our human made stories, into seeing the truth of all that is.

[00:36] Sahara
And I wanted to have a conversation, like those that I’m having off camera, on the Podcast because I know so many of us are sitting with these questions.

If it’s your first time listening, I love to dive deep into spiritual rabbit holes, to really understanding the truth of, not only why we are here, but how we can live our fullest expressions, our most joyful and purposeful lifetimes that embody who we are here to shine as.

[01:00] Sahara
And there are so many different spiritual philosophies and traditions and lineages out there, and they’re all so fascinating for me to dive into. But really, underneath all of it, is really the same, that we are all connected to the same divine energy that moves through all of us and that each and every one of us is here to embody our Dharma, our Soul’s Purposes. And really, there are just so many different languages and tools that we can use to describe this one universal phenomenon as to us being here, on this planet Earth, and not really knowing why, but feeling into what makes us come back alive.

[01:39] Sahara
And in this conversation, with my dear friend Axel, who is a Shaman and doctor of Metaphysics, one the most knowledgeable people I know, really diving deep into Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, as well as Shamanism. We speak about all of this.

[01:54] Sahara
So, we really start with the importance of first being here, in our human bodies, in this present moment, the path of Descension before the path of Ascension, and what that really means.
Then we dive deep into who our Spirit Guides are, connecting with different Deities, Gods and Goddesses; how to build a relationship with them; how to call upon them; how to work with them; learn about their mythologies; how to connect to our own past lives; different archetypes that may feel familiar to us, as well as scary for us; how to connect to our Angels, our support squad, and know who is calling in or even the question of whether we need to personify them or not; and then we dive into Auras, the different colors of the auras and what they mean.
So, this is such a multi-dimensional and jam-packed, really like Masterclass of an Episode that provides so much value.
We really converse about so many potent spiritual topics. And if you are interested in all these things I just mentioned, from Spirit Guides, to Past Lives, to Auras, all of this, and remain with that curiosity of what is even beyond that, then this Episode is for you.

[03:10] Sahara
I’m super excited to share it with you, I know you’re going to get so much insight. It really is a conversation beyond an interview and really is a questioning of how can we connect with these archetypal systems that come most naturally for us and support us in living our highest purposes. So, I hope you enjoy this Episode.

[03:31] Sahara
And without further ado, let’s welcome Shaman and doctor Axel, to The Highest Self Podcast.


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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you.

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[04:38] Interview

[04:38] Sahara
Welcome back Axel, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.

[04:42] Axel
Yeah! Thanks for having me! Happy to be here!

[04:46] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[04:50] Axel
Openness. Just being willing to dive into things that do not always make sense or may seem a little bit scary, and you have to be willing to say “I’m willing to dive into the unknown”, and I think that makes me the highest self, and I think it really translates across the board when we’re talking about spirituality.

[05:09] Sahara
Yes! I really think the unknown. It’s hard, because as humans, with evolutionary psychology, we have adapted to fear the unknown because the unknown is where I can get hurt, right? “If I go into this dark cave, I don’t know who’s going to be in that cave”, or “If I go into this jungle by myself, I don’t know what animals are there”, so our human biology, in a way, has been conditioned to run away from the unknown.
I mean, look at 2020, it was so much uncertainty, and that was driving people insane, but also, if we stick to what is known, I mean, imagine if we stuck to what we knew when we were 10 years old, or when we were 20 years old, or at any given age, we would never grow and expand from there. So, it’s, like, balancing that feeling of safety in your body and your nervous system, I feel, and moving into the unknown, which also requires you confronting your relationship with death, which I know is something you’re massively passionate about.

[06:06] Axel
Yeah, yeah! Death is like this huge thing that I think that – because, you know, in Shamanism, you have to understand that death is part of this Mayan illusion thing where a lot of people have, kind of, had this experience of, a loved one has transitioned and somehow that loved one is still communicating with you through your dreams and stuff like that. You have to understand that death is like a perpetual state, the moment that you decide you’re going to wake up one day, you’re not going to show up to your job anymore, you chose death over being the slave that you’ve been; you’re either done with the relationship where you’re like “Okay, this is not for me anymore”, is this interesting illusion of what we, as humans, have created, this fear towards death is, especially, again, coming back to the nervous system, your body naturally has this apprehension of like “Oh my God, death is the worst thing possible”, but if you think of death as transformation, or the ability to rebirth yourself, recreate yourself, reinvent yourself, it’s actually a blessing in disguise, and I think that’s the hardest thing to learn overall.

[07:11] Sahara
So true! So, there’s so much I want to chat with you about today, and we want to dive into connecting to Spirit Guides, Angels, our support squad. But before we get into that, something that I really feel, and I’ve known in my own journey like, when I first got into spirituality I’m like “I want to know who all my Spirit Guides are and I want to talk to my ancestors, and I want to know every single past life”, and what I’m realizing now, it’s so much more about, first, being in your body and connecting to what is in your present moment reality, connecting to your emotions, your root, the path of Descension before the path of Ascension. And I feel like so many of us, you know, with Instagram, TikTok spirituality, we’re like “I want to do all the fancy things, I want to astral-project, I want to know all this information from the Cosmos”, but then we haven’t mastered being here, now.
So, can you share with us a little bit about the importance of first descending into the physical body before ascending and how it’s actually not even possible to ascend if you’re not, first, fully grounded?

[08:15] Axel
Yeah, for sure. So, there’s this common misconception in Ascension Theory, which is, the whole point of it is to actually leave your body. Everything is 50:50, so you have to learn how to step outside of your body, here and there, but it’s kind of like a tug of war. You’ll leave your body, you’ll come back to your body, and then there’s times when you’re getting to know your body. And a lot of times people think that the body is just gross matter, it’s dumb, it doesn’t really retain any information, you can’t talk to it. But science has shown us, that for sure, you can talk to your body, you can tell “Hey, I love you, you’re amazing” and your skin will get better, you’ll start seeing yourself as more beautiful and people will start picking up on that as well.
So, when it comes to Descension, and usually too, people think Descension is a bad thing, but really, when you’re doing, for instance, shadow work – shadow work is form of descension, you’re going deep down inside of yourself to understand what’s in the background, driving you to do the things that you do.
A lot of times, when you’ve been doing Energy Healing, you have to, almost, backtrack a little bit in time, to understand how it’s creating your future.
So, infinity is always coming back, and you know that loop that’s always coming back around, you have to understand that your true potential to access everything in the Cosmos comes by integrating both of them in the now moment.
And often times people think the now and the present are the same thing, but the now is beyond time, the now is just like “Okay, what else is there other than time itself?”
So, a lot of times, it’s through your own body really. When you decide, you go to a party and you know that the people at that party are the people that don’t resonate with you, and right before you end up getting to that party, feeling all these weird vibrations like “Oh, I don’t want to be here”, or the anxiety, you start feeling gross in your stomach and you want to vomit or something, that’s all your body being intuitive and talking to you. It’s trying to tell you “Don’t go here, you know what kind of energy is here”, and a lot of times people will ignore that and then they wonder why is it that they can’t tap into their intuition, so they can channel their Guides.
So, it’s like a mix of these two vital vibrations that will always make you more powerful when you recognize that we came to the spiritual realm to have an experience of being super-psychic beings that are able to manipulate matter, at the end of the day, with your mind.
And if you’re always thinking that this is your cage, this is like your prison, this is something you have to escape from, you’re still running in this illusion of yourself of saying like “There’s something better outside of this Universe.”
But, I mean, if you believe in God or the Universe, or whatever your representation is, it’s everything, that’s why we’re told; we’re taught, often times, to find the love in everything that you do, because then that gets you closer to Source.

[10:59] Sahara
I love that so much and I think that, sometimes, we use these concepts as spiritual entertainment. We’re like “I want to know about the Paladies” and “I want to know about all the colors of my auras”, and it’s like, again, it’s fun, I love doing that stuff too, but that’s not where the real work is. The real work is going into those edges, those dark corners, those feelings that bring up a lot for you, that, sometimes it’s the last thing that you want to be in, but that’s really where the spiritual growth and progress comes from.
And I understand that for so many people, they don’t know how or it feels really heavy, so I would love your tips on how we can start to maybe deepen into our shadows or these blind spots that we may be holding onto, so we can actually, from, a more whole place, step into doing the more outer body spiritual work?

[11:51] Axel
Yes, so I think the best way to do it, honestly, is to pull up your horoscope details. I know it sounds lame at first because it seems cosmic, but every person’s horoscope or zodiac sign is tied to a specific Angel, tied to a specific Deity, from any pantheon, it doesn’t matter what it is.
So, first of all, you’ve got to be open to the fact of like, if you have a hard-set belief on just ‘Angels are the main vibration of the Cosmos’ you can also talk to an Egyptian God; if you talk to Greek God, something like that.
How I started doing it was, I got on this huge rant and I was like “Okay, well, this is my horoscope, I looked up my stuff and I said “Okay, what are the Deities and the Angels that are connected to that” and you can go out and google, and type in ‘Zodiac Gods’, and you’ll notice that if you’re an Aries, you connect with the God of War, which is Ares, but also, if you’re looking at that same information under the Egyptian pantheon, if you’re an Aries, you connect with Thor. So, here are some Angels or some Deities that you can automatically be like “Okay, well, these are the beings that are based off of cosmic energies, aligning themselves with me”. Doing a little bit of research on those Deities or those Angels that you really connect with, or are a part of your horoscope, will then give you interpretations as to your own characteristics, which then you have to work on in your body.
So, me bring an Aries, and Ares being the God of War that controls my zodiac sign, also Thor being there, I pursue a lot of wisdom through Thor, and I also have a lot of that fire, anger, energy where I can be super aggressive when I want something, based off of that war vibration.
So, by studying those two Deities, I can be like “Okay, one of the things that I’ve got to keep in check is the whole” – I do have this temper that randomly just surfaces and can be problematic, but also super beneficial at times. And then also looking at the vibrations of Thor and being like “Okay, well, I’d really pursue wisdom, I love wisdom and learning, and what is the thing, what are the things that make me feel like I’m nourishing my soul through that, kind of, similar vibration?” Or you just start, kind of, looking at those quick details, you can then start focusing more on the material world through those cosmic lessons that are vibrating through you. They same will happen with Native American Shamanism, based off of my chart, I associate myself a lot with the falcon, the falcon is very strong, it has confidence. And you start noticing that if you’re not embodying these things already, physically, then you’re not in alignment with those higher beings, those higher energies that you want to start really connecting with. So, then you have to sit down and be like “Okay, where am I not feeling confident; where am I not taking action when I know I should be taking action; and how can I become more of these cosmic vibrations incarnated?” Because, once you really start doing that and you start analyzing your characteristics, the actions you’ve done in your life and what you’re planning on doing next, that’s where the cosmos starts shifting and then you start seeing all of these angel numbers, you start just seeing all these synchronicities come through, and you feel like you’ve grown, not because you’ve grown in your body, but you’ve grown in your aura. Your aura’s part of your body, but you’ve grown in your energy, therefore, your whole entire universe has grown, your consciousness has grown, and it’s coming back to your physical self.
A lot of times when you do this type of work too, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of resonating factors with, for instance, in my horoscope, I have the vibration of Autumn Raw, which is the vibration of being able to create things easily, but also the ability to destroy things. And I’ve had to sit down, looking at my charts, and be like “Okay, when I destroy things, why do I destroy them? Do I destroy that out of anger, does it naturally happen the moment I think to myself “Oh, I don’t want to do this anymore”, even though I ask Cosmos to shift something, I just felt that feeling”, you start taking things as mental registry and you start understanding how your body reacts to specific things. Like, when you really want to get to know your body, you talk to it. One of the best things to do, that I’ve taught my students, is get a mirror, stand up in front of the mirror, and stand in front of it naked, and just hear all the thoughts that come to your mind. If you start hearing “Oh God, I have a lot of fat on my ass” or “Oh man, I could definitely get Botox”, you start hearing all these negative narratives. You know, automatically, that that’s what you’re creating in your reality, so you have to then come back and be like “Wow, wow, wow! My fat on my body may not be kind of ideal right now, but you know what, it’s who I am and I’m going to accept that.” Because if you can accept those basic emotions, especially physically, when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, you get closer to accepting those other, more difficult emotions that are in your ego, that are in your shadow, and then you can then sit down in your meditations and like “You know what, I understand that maybe I had a fall out with my sister and all the details that played into that and I accept my role in it, I accept their role in it, and I accept our role in it.” Your body is always going to be a representation of everything that’s going on in your reality, that’s why when you feel like, no, you’re not really wealthy, your legs feel really tense and they shake and you almost feel like this constant anxiety that you’ve got to keep running, and you’ve never had a moment to just breathe, because your body is taking your internal beliefs and it’s turning it into a physical manifestation, and that’s what always happens in any form of energy work and any form of esoteric guides. You are the cosmos embodied and everything that you carry with yourself, every belief that you have for yourself, is going to somehow give you a response on that, because this Universe is just a huge mirror. It’s not really changing itself to cater to you, it’s just changing because you’re telling it to change at some subconscious level.

[17:37] Sahara
So, so much there! So, first piece, if we want to look up what Deities are connected to our birth chart, what do you recommend for doing that? Are there any websites or if you just google it, you’ll find things?
I know in Vedic Astrology, as well, there are also Gods and Goddesses that represent the different signs too.

[17:55] Axel
Yeah, yeah. So, I mean, really, all you have to do is trust the Universe, trust Google, and I just type in ‘Gods and horoscopes’, ‘Horoscope Gods’ or something like that. Usually, it’ll pull up all the Greek or Roman Gods, but that’s still a really good starting point. You can look up ‘Egyptian horoscope’, usually those horoscopes were built off of the Gods so that you can understand, and they’ll tell you multiple different kinds of Gods as well.
I don’t really have a specific website that I go to because a lot of what I do is just channel the work, but if you allow yourself and you trust that the Universe is going to give you that information, you just go on Google and you’re playful with your words, it might take you a minute or two, but you’ll start finding the information for sure.
I usually start off with Native American type stuff, so I’ll look up Native American totem animal, and most people don’t think your totem animal is your Spirit Guide, but it actually is, it has a lot of different information as to what people resonate with you, what your life goals are, what you should be focusing on, and you’ve got to be open to exploring all these different pantheons. It’s okay for you to type in ‘Thai Shamanism Zodiac’ or ‘Hindu Zodiac’ and stuff like that (Vedic Zodiac too), so, you can go ahead and start getting different perspectives.
You’ll notice that, what the most important thing about it – I think, by looking at all the different cultures that do it, you’ll notice that they all came down to the same kind of conclusions on your personality traits.
But one of the things that you’ve really got to understand is, just because you’re reading these things, they’re a basic blueprint to help you understand what’s the next level and what you should be focusing on. But they’re not the thing that you can use to – I often times hear people say “Oh, well, I’m an Aries, that’s just my default, I just can’t fix it”, no, I’m sorry, you can’t really say that, at the end of the day because you do have Free Will, you can change the things that are in your chart by being conscious, by working on yourself, you know.

[19:52] Sahara
I feel like, too, it would be a good, fun project I want to do this, is, look up every single system, Astrological system, Mayan calendar, Chinese Zodiac, Zoroastrian system, Toltec, Vedic, other Sidereal, the Galactic, there’s just so many systems out there, and write them all down and then see what are the similarities that you’re seeing, what are the differences.
For example, for myself, in Western Astrology, I’m a Capricorn, so I’m assuming that’s going, I don’t know if you know what the Deity is, but I’m assuming it’s going to be a pretty grounded one; whereas in Vedic Astrology, I’m a Sagittarius, so it’s more of a Durga, more of a Fire energy; in Human Design, I’m a Projector, so that’s more of an Air energy. So, someone might be like “It’s Earth and Fire and Air, that doesn’t make sense”, but it’s like, “Well, you are all of them”. In some areas you have fire, in some areas you have water, in some areas you have this.
And also too, I like to work with Goddesses that have the energy that I don’t have. Like, I love to work with the Water element because I want more water in my life, I surround myself with water, I end up being friends with a lot of water people.
So, I think too, it’s like, harness your strengths and your gifts, and call in what you are seeking more of, to bring back that balance.

[21:11] Axel
Absolutely, absolutely! I love what you said about the Elements. Often times you think about, like, our zodiac. I’m a Fire sign and I can only be with Fire people, but it’s like too much fire will burn you out eventually. So, you’ve got to be able to be like “Okay, what are opposite traits that I can surround myself with.
My significant other and I, he’s a Pisces, he’s a Water sign, I’m a Fire sign, and because of that, we have a really great balance because when I’m way too fire, he has that flow, that water, to just allow me to see things from a different perspective, and even calm me down in different ways, we kind of complement each other like that.
So, it’s really important to kind of like, even, take a registry from time to time, don’t be like a weirdo about it, but try to find out what your friends are like, when it comes to their zodiac, just the most basic stuff, and it helps you understand why you’re closer to certain signs, certain energies vs. others, because they bring a certain something in your life.
I know, for sure, I surround myself a lot with rather Water or Fire people because the Fire people really help me stay creative and motivated, the Water people always challenge me to think outside of my normal spectrum, which is like, “We’ve got to win” because I have that energy of winning. So, it’s very interesting when people are able to kind of just explore this because, what I like to do too, is pull up a spreadsheet and I’ll just keep a sheet of everything that I’ve looked up. And sometimes you’re going to look up all the information and it won’t make sense to you right there and then, that’s when patience comes in, to be like “Yeah, I’m going to explore this; I’m going to start looking for it in my life; I’m going to try feel where I’m holding these kinds of energies in my own body”, and by doing that, you start seeing manifestations shift, you start actually reprogramming your subconscious because you’re shifting how you’re looking at yourself, ultimately.

[23:04] Sahara
I love that so much! So, when working with Deities, I would love for you to share how can we know which ones we most resonate with, are meant to work with?
For myself, it’s always been a certain one draws me for a certain period of time. I have my lifetime girls like Lakshmi, Saraswathi, they are my lifetime Queens, and then I have certain energies that I’m like “Okay, a little bit more Quan Yin right now; a little bit more Durga right now, etc.”
So, I would love for your advice on how do we know which Deities we’re meant to work with and for how long?

[23:39] Axel
Yeah. So, it’s just like hanging out with any friend. One of the things I really like to focus on is not putting them on a pedestal. Yes, you have to understand their cause of things, they know more than you, you definitely don’t want to disrespect them. But they’re here to be your friend and if you’re coming from it from this authentic space, you’re not going to have a really negative experience.
One great example is Chinnamasta. Chinnamasta is like one of those Hindu Goddesses, that she cuts off her own head and her imagery is almost like violent and dark, but when you start to hand out with her, she’s super down to earth, she’s like a bullshit, zero, type person. If you like those kind of vibrations, or you understand that your friend is that kind of person, that when she says something to you, she’s like “You know what, you’ve got to stop hanging out with so and so, or you’ve got to smoking cigarettes, you’ve got to stop doing this”, you know she’s telling you that because it’s the best, most highest vibration that you need at that moment.
Now, the Deities and the energies, they switch because they’re cosmology energies, they’re like natures of reality.
So, this year is all about the energy of Mercury, or Hermes, basically, the messenger energy, traveling, movement. Last year was all about Rahu and it was a lot about Saturn energy, with Saturn, is also another God, which is basically Hades (well, it’s debatable like Hades), but you end up with, kind of like, seeing “Okay, well, if this whole entire year is ruled by this particular energy, I can talk to that Deity this whole year.” I’ve been talking to Hermes all year long, asking him what should I do, where should my focus be. You’re not going to be talking to them all the time, you don’t hang out with all your friends 24/7, you have to be okay with that because you need your time to grow.
So, a lot of the times you’re going to be, rather than looking at the Astrology and figuring it out, it’s easier to just find it on the internet, or other times you’ll have dreams. My hubs, the other day (a month ago) he woke up and he literally said “Have you ever heard the name Bagalamukhi??” And I’m like “Where did that come from?”, he said “I don’t know, I was in this dream”, and he described her dimension, which is like a turmeric ocean and he was like “I don’t know, and she was talking to me and said her name was Bagalamukhi”, and I was like “Yeah, she’s the Hindu Goddess of basically stop and gossip and negative energy being spoken at you, and he was mind-blown because he didn’t know anything about her, but she showed up and she was like “Hey, what’s up, let’s hang out.”
So, you’ve got to be open to those kinds of vibrations, especially because they want to hang out with you if you’re a conscious person. And they’ll show up, rather, through texts, they’ll show up through a friend. And you can also choose who you want to hang out with if you tell the Cosmos, “You know what, I really want to learn more about manipulating time. I want to learn more about finding love or becoming a better mother”, and you’ll notice that if you want to become a better mother, out of nowhere, Isis and Egyptian alchemy will start showing up, or if you want to become better at bending time, Makhachkala is going to show up and he’s going to want to hang out with you. So, it’s more so like this intuitive thing, because they’re all listening to you.
Sometimes we think about Ascension as the Deities and all of them are super high up, but really, they’re just on the same playing field because there is no distance or time, they’re just waiting for you to be willing to talk to them, because they still abide to Free Will.
So, sometimes people are like “Oh, what are my Guides?”, but you weren’t specific enough as to what Guides you want to talk to. They’ll hang out with you for as long as they’ve got to hang out with you, some of them have been with you for many, many lifetimes. And when you start doing Akasha work or Channeling or Channel my Guides reading, they’ll show up first, and those are usually the people that they grow with you all the time, you probably have even been incarnated with them in specific lives. But other ones, they just come through as an experience, just like social networking at any other level – you talk to somebody, you get to know them, you keep their contact, if something comes up you and know that they’re capable of taking care of you, you’re like “Hey, I need a quick favor”, you’ve got to keep that openness when you’re doing your own energy work, because everything is energy. Your own consciousness can be your own Spirit Guide, that the other thing.
It’s taken me years to sort of realize this, but your future self can be in a meditation right now, talking to the present self, which is the past to them, and they’re guiding you do to XYZ to get to the next level. You are your own Spirit Guide; we’re all interconnected, and it doesn’t always have to be a Deity or an Angel that’s talking to you to guide you.

[28:14] Sahara
Yes, all of this, so important! So, with Deities and Goddesses, I know for myself, at the beginning it started with certain ones, I would see their statue or their image, and something about them called me in. Certain ones, I would just look at them and I’m like “I want this energy in my life” and certain ones, actually scared me, like Kali Ma energy, Chinnamasta energy. And it’s funny you mentioned Chinnamasta, because she’s actually in my Oracle Card Deck, my Yogic Path Deck, and I was like “I don’t know if people are going to want to pull Chinnamasta, she has headless bodies with blood gushing out of them”, but she is also that important energy that kind we’re all going through right now of death and letting go and rebirth.
So, sometimes too, it’s energies that, it may feel frightening at that time, but you can feel that you’re moving through that. I know with Isis energy as well, so many high priestess, people who resonate with that archetype, Isis is the Goddess of that.
So, looking at images of different Goddesses and Gods and seeing what calls out to you. I think also what they stand for, and certain lessons in your life you can personify with them. I love sacred sexuality, so Lalita Sundari, she is the Goddess of that, that I will always have, you know, if I’m in a situation, I’m like “What would Lalita Sundari do?”, and I use that as almost like a reflection of someone who’s embodying completely that path. And the beauty of the Goddesses is like, they’re so, kind of like, single-focused, but Lalita Sundari can just be about sacred sexuality, but us as humans, we’re so multi-dimensional, so it’s like, we’re able to pick and choose “Okay, I’m going to use this energy in this area of my life and another energy in this area of my life”, and have that beautiful dance of harnessing that archetype and stepping into that archetype, without thinking that that is a person that knows better than us. It’s like that fine balance, it’s not like now it’s “Lalita Sundari knows the answers and I don’t”, but it’s like “How can I have more of her energy in my everyday life?”

[30:19] Axel
Yeah, yeah, for sure. I also think about them as Coaches in a way. I don’t know too much about this one subject matter and just like in the material world, you technically would hire somebody to help you master those kinds of skills. You can still have that kind of transaction with the Deities or the Angels, or whatever you’re talking to, you can just be like “I’m going to offer you a shrine, just so you can educate me to learn the things I want to learn.”
One of the things too is, not so long ago, they gave me a mantra, which is so powerful and it made so much sense, where I was getting psychically attacked and I had this thing where if you’re psychically attacking me, because I know they’re out of power, I can do, I don’t want to directly involve myself in that because it might be an overkill. And then, I was in this weird place and then, Kali came in and she was like “You know what, don’t you have friends in other world that would back you up. Let us take care of what you need to be taking care of”, and I said “Cool, I’m going to sit back and I’m just going to let you guys do it.” And they did it and I heard the mantra of “My friends always help me when I need it, but when they need me, I help them as well.” It’s a two-way relationship, sometimes the Deities come through and they need your help in some way, not because they’re ultimate divine beings that are limitless, because they too are still learning specific things. And sometimes they’ll learn through your own experiences, why it is that humans do a specific thing; why they hold themselves back from fully fulfilling themselves. A lot of times we think that they’re all-knowing beings, but there’s many times where you’ll talk to a God of War and what you really want to know is love, and you’ll ask this God of War this love question and they’ll be like “You know what, you’re asking the wrong person”, because they’re only specified in that one particular subject matter. So, you have to be okay, kind of jumping around.
Coming back to what you were talking about, those statues. There’ve been plenty of times that I’ve seen statues and they’re scary, some statues are definitely scary and you’re like “I don’t know, I shouldn’t be diving into this”, but there’s like this magnetic draw. And the statues themselves have; they’re created as a visual representation of the energy that you’re connecting with, but also, it’s a representation of what you carry inside. And that’s something that I’ve definitely learned a lot with, hanging out with Makhachkala, which, he’s about wrathful compassion. A lot of times we think of Quan Yin as compassion in like a loving, mercy ways, but also, Makhachkala can be like “You know what, the most compassionate thing for me to do for you right now is to not give your bullshit space”, you have to be really direct with that.
And sometimes you can be merciful through the Quan Yin energy and help someone really grow, but then other times, by setting a boundary and being like “You know what, this is not okay. If you want to continue being in my reality, you’ve got to look at what you’re doing”, and that’s like having a very stern compassion from the Makhachkala vibration, that then can help a person be like “Wow, I’ve got to wake up, I’m going to lose something that’s really important to me”, whether it’s a friendship or relationship or whatever, it’s one of those things that you’ve really got to be open to.
And even if you have that fear and you feel the calling, just do a little bit of research. I’d never recommend going to work with any Deity or vibration without doing some research first, figure it out, read as much as you can and then see why this energy is calling into your life, because you can be aware of why Sekhmet is showing up for you, and you’re like “Okay, she’s all about embodying your personal power, your own radiance, taking action”, and then you’re like “Wow, yeah, I’ve been actually, kind of like, stuck for a while and I don’t really know which way to go”, that’s why she’s showing up to you, that’s why she’s highlighting herself to you, because you, out of cause and love, are asking for help and she’s like “Yo, I can help you through it”, but you have to, first of all, be conscious of who’s there and then invite them into your reality. Because just being conscious of them is not enough, you actually have to say like “Alright, let’s go hang out, let’s go chill”, because that’s het to your house pretty much.

[34:20] Sahara
Yes! And also reading about their stories is so helpful because the mythology is there to teach you lessons. The lesson of Sekhmet, it teaches you what happens when anger gets out of hand. She is that lioness and her anger and her rage is her power, but then when it goes out of hand, she ends up killing everyone that the God, or Ra, had to basically then – I don’t remember exactly, basically had to kill her and stop her from destroying everyone else, and it just is the example of ‘allow yourself to release the anger but don’t let the anger run you’. So, that’s why it’s so powerful.
And especially, in so many of the Goddesses, they are the same energy, but they transform into each other. It’s like Durga, it’s like a pantheon, she also is Lakshmi, she also is Saraswathi, then she turns into Lalita Sundari, she turns into Parvati, she turns into Kali. They’re not different people in different points of time, but they’re really energies that we’re all simultaneously turning into. And reading about their stories teaches you these overarching lessons that can help us when we are feeling really fiery or feeling really emotional, or feeling really creative.
For example, in the Saraswathi story – Saraswathi is the Goddess of Creativity and for so many musicians, artists, she is the Goddess for them, and that’s why I love her, however, in one of her stories, her husband, basically, left her because he was saying (I think it was the embodiment of Vishnu), it was saying that “You’re not wife material; you’re not taking care of me; you’re not taking care of the home. All you care about is your literature and your art and your music.” So, again, it’s that lesson of, so many of us, as women, who are inspired to live our soul’s purposes of like, sometimes the shadow aspect that we can experience is someone saying “Well, you’re not maternal enough.”
So, yeah, diving into their mythologies and their stories can really teach us so many lessons in our everyday lives as well.

[36:22] Axel
Yeah, and that’s like coming back to Ascension/Descension. A lot of times you’ll work with a Deity and it seems like they’re testing you and things got really out of hand and you’re like “Oh my God, I don’t know what’s going on”, but it’s only so that you can see past your own limits and past your own limitations in general when it comes to how you perceive your reality. I know that I’ve hung out with a tone of Deities that have put me in a really uncomfortable position, and sometimes they give you a heads up, they’re like, “A lesson’s about to show up, just letting you know that you better be ready for it.” Other times it just caches you off guard and you’re in that moment so uncomfortable and you have that opportunity to step outside of your ego, your normal framework, your normal limitation, to then ascend. It seems like a descension moment but only until you choose to not let it make you go down again.

[37:14] Sahara
Exactly! And it is that perpetual balance, because if we’re only – there’s some people who, they think the entire world is just whatever’s physical, “I am my body, and that is it and there’s nothing beyond.” So, they could benefit from a little bit more of the Air energy, the Angel realm, things that are a little more cosmic. And there are some people who are just like “Plant medicine every weekend”, always in the other realms, but they haven’t mastered being here in their bodies. You know, the Universe is in a spiral, every single thing in this world, if you look at even a plant, it’s always spiraling and spiraling and spiraling, and really, it’s that lesson of, we’re never done with anything, it’s going up, it’s going down, and we’re always going to come back around from a deeper and deeper and deeper understanding that you may have a certain time period with the Deities and then you may, kind of, just, go into meditation and then you may come back and then you’re into the Angels and then you kind of just go into this other realm.
And I think so many of us, we’re so used to the western school system of like “You need to stick to one thing, that is the only one thing and if you bounce away from that, you’re a failure!” No, your higher self, your soul is really guiding you towards what lessons and what realms and dimensions you need to experience. And then, when those soul contracts are complete and it’s important for us to, now, learn from these other realms and perspectives that will take us to the next spiral of growth that we’re in.

[38:43] Axel
Yeah, no, definitely! The way to it, you can look at it as – for instance, if we look at Sekhmet and then you look at Kali, both of them are pretty intense vibrations, but they kind of, sort of, bring you back to the same concept from two different levels of understanding. So, it’s okay if you’re wanting to learn power and something like that, you jump through different Deities that will teach you power, because, ultimately, they’re all cohesively coming back to give you perspectives that you wouldn’t learn with one vs. the other.
Another thing that’s really powerful with that, kind of, self-mastery, is – a lot of times people will go ahead and they’ll try and take a ton of psychedelics, and they think that the only way to access the other realms is to go to psychedelics, when, in Shamanism, what we learn is – you take psychedelics to learn the vibration and integrate it into your body. And a really, really powerful Shaman is the kind of person that, you’re in their presence and you can just feel their lucidity, they’re in a different realm, even though that seems like they’re still standing with us.
So, you have to allow yourself not to always, just, piggy-back and depend on a specific practice, not even meditation, or there’s even mantras, you can chant mantras over and over and over again, like [39:59 – inaudible], for instance, but if you’re always just chanting the mantra and you’re never integrating it into your body – that’s what they were made for. They were made for you to be an embodiment of divinity. We are almost like a soup of all the Deities, all the vibrations in the cosmos, and they’re just waiting to surface through us by through experience or through something else.
I’ve definitely learned that with my career, where, there came a point where I was just, kind of, like, “Okay, well, I want to hit the next stage because I won’t have to deal with a lot of the drama at this lower stage that I thought I was dealing with”, and then when I “ascended” from one level to the next, I noticed that this same patterns were still there, they just changed their forms, they weren’t that intense, and I had to learn like a different format of what I was dealing with before, so I can get even better at doing what I do on a daily basis.
So, a lot of times there’s this escapism vibration when it comes to ascension, even, where you’re always relying on something else to almost come through and save you. But a lot of times when you’re ready to become really good friends with these vibrations, they’ll put you in positions to test you on your own will power. We’re not always going to be there to save you, this is your life that you have to experience. We’re here to teach you, help you embody and make it easier, but we’re not here to do the heavy lifting for you. You’re the one that decided to come to the third dimension to have that experience, to learn polarity.
And a lot of times people are like “Oh, well, looking at Chinnamasta, she’s really intense, she must be evil!” It’s a natural human perception to see images and be like “Wow, I don’t want to be involved in that”, but then when you take the time to get to know her, to get to learn her, you end up realizing “Wow, this is one of the most beneficial things that could’ve happened to me to grow and become more of who I was supposed to be.” It’s like, they’re all part of your greater soul purpose, at the end of the day.

[41:58] Sahara
So true! So, now, moving into Spirit Guides, so many of us, we are seeking to work with Spirit Guides, but we’re stuck because we don’t know who they are.
So, first of all, how important is it to know who they are specifically? Do you think they are certain, maybe, people or archetypes or do you think that it’s more our ego putting on a face and a name around energy?

[42:26] Axel
Yeah. So, that one’s one that the Egyptian God taught me. He’s like “We’re all interconnected. I’m just another version of you that has acquired all this information that you don’t currently perceive”, and that was kind of, like, mind-blowing. But yeah, when you’re connecting with them, they’re like information, so if you can embody the vibration of Kates, which is basically pleasure, if you’re finding pleasure in your life, that, just the vibration of the pleasure is ascension and will lead you to certain places.
Every vibration has a Descension/Ascension vibration that we were talking about, and you can take pleasure and really make it toxic, but you don’t necessarily, always, have to know their names.
And I think a lot of times people get stuck and they feel like they can’t move because they can’t see them, they can’t hear them, they can’t feel them. All you have to know is that they’re there and then be willing to take steps into the unknown and be like “Okay, show me what is going on. Show me what I need to do next.”
A lot of times with my Spirit Guides, I just hear voices. Somebody will chime in, I think I have hundreds and thousands of them, and they will just show in and be like “Hey, you need to do this right here.” I don’t always know who’s saying that, I just know it came from a higher vibration that is obviously trying to guide me to the next level, and I’m just like “I might as well just listen.” That’s the point of it, you can ultimately say that every Spirit Guide, Deity, Angel, everything, is just another echo of Source, which is just another echo of you. And who is to say that, sometimes you hear a voice or a prompted gut feeling and that’s not just Source transmitting itself through you.
A lot of times people even think that Source is so far beyond them that they have to connect with this Spirit Guides first, and it’s just, like, no, you can choose your experience. This is a la carte almost, you can choose to become really well-versed with a bunch of angels. But I really do recommend that you understand that Angels are part of a greater vibration, which is called Damons, which means that Demons also fall into that category. So, Demons and Angels are Damons, and they just have different philosophies on life. And, automatically, people will see the word demon and be like “Oh, negativity”. Not all demons are negative, some demons are actually really well intertwined with other Gods and Deities that have existed before. A great example is Baal. he was a Canaanite God of Wind and Harvesting and the Sun, and stuff like that, and when the Canaanites basically started fading out, Baal got turned into a demon of pestilence and also a demon of cure, so, it’s like, there’s that double vibration.
And Amon, in Egyptian vibrations as well, he was the God of Secrets, unknown of your unconscious mind, and as Christianity starts stepping in, he got turned into a demon.
So, you have to be willing to even just allow then to teach you who they really are. And sometimes that’s just going to come through as this random instant – you’ve got to buy this one book about Egyptian Gods. And you start messing about with tarot – I think tarot has probably been one of the best ways to really connect to really specific Deities. There’s two tarot decks that I really love, it’s like, the Goddess of Sirens and the Gods and Titans. And they have so many different, kind of, Gods and Goddesses in that where you shuffle the deck and one day you, just, pull out freaking Apollo and you get to embody his vibration, which could be luminescence or becoming very determined towards a specific vibration.
A lot of times it’s just synchronicity too, because you’ll ask for an answer and you’ll be like “Okay, should I quit my job?” and you look at the clock and it’s 11:44, that’s technically a Spirit Guide talking to you. You didn’t have to know his name or whatever, it talked to you through the numerology. And numerology, geometry and mathematics, all of that, is a Spirit Guide as well, we can’t just put it into this position of a physical body because we are the mathematics that creates the rest of the cosmos, there’s no separation between us.

[46:42] Sahara
So true! Yeah, I feel that it’s all energy, and our human minds cannot compute energy if we do not have personification around it. And really, even Deities, that, ultimately, is why they have names and statues and stories, it’s so, like, we humans can grasp these energetic lessons. So, what can be helpful to just trust that there is a higher power that is supporting you and cares for your highest good, is to being journaling and practice some automatic writing and write down “I meditate, I’d like to connect to my Spirit Guides, those who support me, those who are here for me”, and then you can start writing what is your name, and then just let your hand, sometimes you could use your other hand that allows you to be a little bit more acceptive and see if your hand starts to come up with a name. I know for myself, it did. Now, looking back on it, I think it was my own highest self writing a name so I would believe it. Now, I don’t hold onto Spirit Guides as much as like “I have my Spirit Guide which is this Indian man, from this time”, it’s more like “I have support and I know when I make a decision, I know when I’m guided somewhere else, I know I have the support.” But what helped me now trust that and not question it, is to have this personification, this practice of like “Who’s my Spirit Guide? Where are they from? What are their names? What do they look like?” because that just helps you build a relationship with the unknown, and then eventually what happens is, you don’t really need to hold on to the identification as much because you’re just, like, “Truthfully, it’s beyond my human understanding so I’m just going to trust that it is.”

[48:24] Axel
Yeah, yeah. And that’s kind of the divine force of movement, that goes to the cosmos, is what you’re pretty much going over, for sure.

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[51:12] Axel
One of the things I think is really important too is the whole perception of non-attachment, as in Buddhism (attachment is the root of all suffering). A lot of the times when we’re like “Oh, I got this one God and this is my ride or die”, which is like, okay, you could have that person, but if you’re constantly just attached to that person, you’re going to notice that, eventually, you’ll get cut off from them because they don’t have that level of attachment either.
A lot of the Deities and stuff like that, they are polyamorous, they’re willing to explore not being, almost like, shackled to anyone’s situation. So, you have to be willing to say “Okay, for an extended amount of time, I’ll work with this person or this energy”, because sometimes they also shift themselves. You’ll start working with a specific vibration and it showed up as a person or a being that you can talk to, and then, out of nowhere, that energy kind of disappears, but it’s still in your aura and it starts showing up as life’s lessons, it starts showing up as conversations, it starts showing up as dreams that you have. You’re still in the vibration of that Deity and that Deity is still in you, but you have to remember – just like Gaia. We look at Gaia; Gaia is not only the celestial planet that we live on, which is an extension of our body, she’s also a Spirit that you can talk to. Ultimately, you’re always talking to the Spirit Guide, which is Gaia. If you just go out into nature and you allow your mind to clear out and connect with nature, it doesn’t have to be super complicated, it’s just eventually you end up learning these different perceptions that will then teach you how to become more of yourself.
Definitely, with automatic writing, I think that’s one of the best things that you can do is, you start asking a question like “Who is my Spirit Guide?” and you might not get an answer. A lot of times people are like “Oh, this doesn’t work”, the moment they don’t get an answer, so then you have to tell them to change it like “What do my Spirit Guides want me to know right now?” and they might just give you one word like love – “Okay, love, what does this word love mean to me?” And you almost create it like a tree map that is basically all these word associations, and that’s you channeling maybe one, or multiple different Deities that are talking to you at the same time.
And another thing that you need to understand is, even your past lifetimes have to be – they’re Spirit Guides as well because – if you lived in a lifetime that is associated to Atlantis, for instance, then you’ll notice that a lot of things that happened in the Atlantis story are replaying now. So, your past lifetime that experienced all those things back then is coming through right now again and reminding you like “Hey, this one pattern – this is how you defeat this one pattern, by practicing meditation.”
Sometimes you’re doing yoga and you just have a revelation, in general, and that revelation is just pure energy. And in a lot of Egyptian alchemy, there’s reference to Waters of Chaos or Infinities, and I think that’s what’s really powerful, is, you can never define infinity, therefore you never define anything in the cosmos for what it really is. It’s always going to be continuously expanding, growing and changing from your current perspectives. So, you have to be willing to dive into the unknown or those other perspectives; you have to be willing to even be wrong and say like “What if everything that I’ve been working with, everything that I know, everything that I’ve got accustomed to, isn’t the full spectrum of what is infinity?” And when you start really considering that, you’re like “It can’t be because infinity is infinite, infinity is eternal, you cannot define it, that’s why doesn’t have a specific calculation to it, so what is that?” I think it’s where the ego really starts to kick in and be like “No, you’ve got to work with this one Deity!” No, you can step out of just working with the light spectrum, for instance. And that’s where you can fall into a common term where people, today call it like a false light.
The false light is essentially just your ego telling you “This is your limit” and when you believe that limit in any way, shape or form, rather it’s good or bad to be one way vs. another, that’s where you’re creating a holographic reality that is going to always supply a limitation at the end of the day, especially when you want to step out of it and grow. You have to be willing to say, your ego knows about a specific kind of reality. Maybe you’re a chef, there’s a part of it that knows a lot about cooking, but there’s another part of you that is well-versed in tarot, and you’ve never been able to explore that because you’ve subscribed to the chef identity.
And a lot of the Deities will even show you that through the work that you do with them. They don’t even subscribe to their personalities.
The Goddess Isis is a really powerful to teach you that, she says “You’re a being of 10000 names”. Your name ultimately doesn’t matter, it’s the vibration behind what embodies each one of those names.
And today, you have to even look at your own personality and say “Okay, Axel is just so much of what I understand myself to be this lifetime. Who am I if my name is no longer Axel? And who am I if Axel can’t subscribe to the story that he’s lived in?” That’s where the power really comes from, that’s where Ascension truly lies, it’s that uncomfortability.

[56:31] Sahara
Absolutely. Yeah, imagine if you just didn’t have any of your stories and you were just placed into this reality right now, who would you be?

[56:38] Axel
Absolutely. And it’s just like “This is weird! This is a weird playing ground!”

[56:44] Sahara
I know, when I go into it it’s like [sound]. But one thing, just to bring it back for people that just started this journey – what really helped me when I first started of like “What are my past lives? Do I have Spirit Guides?”
I remember I was 20 years old, I was studying abroad in Paris and I had no friends there, I was completely by myself so I had all this time by myself to think and contemplate. So, I started to write down what are the historical time periods that really resonate with me; when I think about them, I feel like I was there, I love them; what are the languages; what are the cultures; what are the archetypes; what are the types of people? So, I started to write down “I love indigenous medicine woman; something about them I just feel a connection”, “An African young girl who is in a village just dancing to the drums, with a big smile, I feel a connection to that”, “Hawaiian culture, there’s something in me with that”, so I just started to write them down and that really created my first connection of like “There’s something here!”
There’s also certain time periods and archetypes I really have a rejection towards. Like, for me, it’s going to the South, seeing plantations – I get the heebie-jeebies because I have been a slave in many different lifetimes. Or, I grew up in Boston, and seeing all the colonial buildings there, I’m just like “Something, shit hit the fan here! Get me out!” That’s why I left as soon as I could.
So, also, there has been trauma in certain lifetimes – the Witch Hunt Wound, etc. And then when I started to move into my Spirit Guides, they really are a reflection of those lifetimes like the indigenous medicine woman, the African dancer. And certain ones, I feel a greater pull to in certain time periods of my life. When I was writing the books on Ayurveda – very deeply connected to the lifetime that I was an Indian Rishi Man in northern India. I actually had this dream once that I was flying over India and something pointed to me, it was like I was flying over a map of India and it was like “This is where you’re from, the Saraswathi River”, and I was like “Saraswathi River?” I woke up, and this is like way back before I even knew any of the stuff and I googled it and I found out that that was a river that dried up thousands of years ago, it doesn’t even exist right now, and it was where the original Vedas were written. So, I know, that was proof to me, it showed me that I was there.
So, for me, it’s like, kind of, one of the same; my Spirit Guides, my past lives, the Goddesses – they all come from these similar energies, archetypes, historical time periods that I feel most resonant with, that I know I still karma to play out in this lifetime.
For me, Lemuria – that is such a huge mission of mine, to bring that Lemurian frequency, to being Heaven on Earth, and I literally had to play out an exact situation of how I died in Lemuria, in this lifetime, again, with someone who was very Atlantean. And I even remember the Atlantean lifetime, but I didn’t have a good time in Atlantis.
You’re super Atlantean, I’m super Lemurian, it’s just so funny because you’re all in the science and technology.
So, I share this all because it doesn’t mean you have to sit and wait for your dreams to tell you this, but it just comes from writing down “Okay, what are the time periods, what are the historical figures, etc., that I feel most resonant with?” And then, from there, it will kind of show you what’s next, can I read a book about it, can I start listening to music?
Because of my Lemurian lifetime, which I still probably feel the most connected to out of all my lifetimes, I went to Mermaid School. I lived by the ocean; I live my live thinking “How can I bring the Lemurian frequency to earth as my north star?”
So, it starts with just with just having this feeling of “I connect to fairies” or “I connect to dragons”, or whatever it is, and then letting that guide you towards what’s next.

[1:00:35] Axel
Totally! And what’s crazy is when you end up sitting down and you think about, because, hindsight to 2020, once you have the level of consciousness where we’re at right now, you look back on your life and you’re like “Oh, damn, I’ve always known who I am, I just kind of forgot who I was”. You’ve been doing the same things over and over again.
I know, definitely, when I was a little kid, I used to be super obsessed with mermaids, and all of my class mates hated me because I always had to create a project around mermaids and then, fast-forward, that was for 20 years, it’s like “Oh damn, I lived in Atlantis, that makes a lot of sense”, the water energy and who knows, the mermaids probably weren’t actual species of people at some point. And then you end up reading about Sirius A and Sirius B, and Sirius B is a lot like that water energy, mermaids live there and you start kind of realizing that “Wow, you’ve always known, you just haven’t known, you haven’t been aware of it.”
I know, when I was a kid, I was drawing a lot of Star of David’s, which in alchemy means the balancing of all ailments and it also means the ether. So, nowadays, being an alchemist, that’s been able to study all this stuff in Shamanism, I’m like “Oh, duh”, when I was a kid, I used to be in church or some place that made me feel uncomfortable, I was drawing this symbol to stay balanced and stay grounded in my own power, I didn’t even know what I was doing, so, it was like this really interesting thing.
Especially, too, if you feel this draw to go to a specific place. Not so long ago, my hubs and I, we went to Providence Town and being from New England, myself, I’ve always had this, even as a kid, I had this really huge drawn to Native American culture that’s all around there. And when we went to Providence Town, we went into this one, pilgrim museum that’s there, and being there, I was having flashbacks of “Oh, this is why I really don’t like the pilgrims and this is why I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in a specific way.”
For me, it’s always been like, I’m celebrating my ancestors, not the people who migrated here because there’s so much, almost like, it was a really huge awakening that the reason why I’m so huge in Native American Shamanism is because I’ve lived that life before; and the reason why I’ve had these traumas, especially living in the New England area, and a lot of the trials and tribulations that you’ve experienced living in Boston, or certain places, is because I was almost like attached to the story of my land being taken away from me, and you reincarnated in these places, almost hoping to make a difference. And that’s the karma, you have to sit down with yourself and be like “Why did I get so attached to this? Why am I coming here?”
A lot of people go to Egypt and then all of a sudden have that epiphany as what they have to do and change their life to become happier. And that’s like a generalized energy of history, infinity, and basically, I guess, your Spirit Guides, if you really want to cone it as that. But a lot of times you don’t even need that to be in your own power.

[1:03:36] Sahara
Yeah, when I was a kid, I was always drawing yin yangs (yin yang), and it’s like the balance of the feminine and masculine energy, that was my thing. And then, also, roses – the rose lineage is the divine feminine, high priestess, goddess lineage of the sex rituals from Goddess Isis, who trained Mary Magdalene, and the entire temple of the rose and Venusian lineage, which I feel such a resonant with today, but as a kid, I was just like “I don’t know, I love roses, I’m just going to keep drawing that.
So, it’s like, these codes are within us and go back to what were, maybe, the characters, the symbols that you used to naturally draw as a kid and what could that mean for your life today.
I also think that location alchemy is so important, and where were you born, because our souls chose to be born in that place for a reason. So, yeah, both of our souls chose to be – were you born in Massachusetts?

[1:04:27] Axel
Yeah, I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts; grew up in Boston.

[1:04:31] Sahara
Yeah, so we both chose to be born in Massachusetts. And yes, that Wampanoag, that Native American culture, I have never celebrated Thanksgiving like – since I was a kid I was like “This is wrong, this is the atrocity”, and just feeling such a deep connection to the Native Americans, to the Salem Witch Trials, to just all of the historical things that took place when – you know, Massachusetts is the first place the pilgrims came, that we had some unfinished business, some karma. So, look at the place that you were born because it’s not an accident.
Also, look at certain locations that you may feel drawn to go to because there may be some codes there for you.
I mean, astrocartography is a huge thing, if you look up your birth chart online, if you look up astrocartography, you can actually see all these different lines, your Venus line, Pluto line, and it says what places around the world carry significant energy for you. But for me, India, obviously, huge one. The moment I got the opportunity to go to India, I’m like “I’m there, this is me”, but then from India, it was Bali. I did not know why I never met anyone in my life that went to Bali, I just knew that I needed to go, and me going to Bali was when I really let go of all of the conceptions of who I was and rewrote and reprogrammed my entire state of being, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t come back to the womb space that is Bali.
So, certain places, that really draw you, each land carries its own energetic frequency. The land there, the nature there, carry such potent medicine.
And that’s the thing that concerns me with all this metaverse, virtual reality stuff, people are like “You’re never going to need to travel again because you could just go to the pyramids of Giza on VR”, I’m like “It doesn’t have the energy.” I can be in a waterfall in VR, but it’s not going to have energy of the waterfall, of being there in person. And I think travel has really slowed down for so many of us, it has become really difficult, but if there is that one place, for anyone listening to this, I’ve always felt drawn to go to Morocco or Iceland or Machu Picchu, whatever it is – there’s something that your soul needs to learn that it can only learn through being there. So, try to do whatever it takes to go there because that will teach you the next step of where you’re meant to go.

[1:06:45] Axel
Absolutely! Totally! Well, okay, astrocartography is a great example of cosmic Free Will, because you get to see what lines will better for business, for self-development, for romance. And depending on where you’re at in your life, you’re like “Okay, I want to work more on my business”, you would want to just look up those lines, you’re basing it on Free Will, you choose to be in that vibration.
A lot of those lines are associated to the planets, so, let’s say that you go closer to your sun line, and that’s more so for spiritual development through the sun vibration. You can still connect with a lot of Deities etc. associated to that particular cosmic body. Each cosmic body has a set of Deities that work with them. If you’ve always been drawn – like, I’ve always been drawn to the sun, so a lot of the things that I’ll do is, I’ll look up Apollo, Ra, anything that’s sun, fire-based. If you’ve always been drawn towards Saturn, you can look up your guides and still have that energy too, and then you’ll be able to see how those life lessons on your astrocartography and those particular Deities will even present themselves in that one location.
The other thing, too, that I’ve noticed with astrocartography and those specific locational alchemies, it’s like, some of them make you feel uncomfortable even if you decide to go on your trip that way, and you should still go even if you feel like some sort of terror or something because you’re almost telling your body “It’s okay this lifetime. Yeah, we went through some shit last time, but now things are different, we don’t have to be carrying that everywhere”, and it’s almost like a purge from your energy.
I went to Aruba, I went to the top of this volcano and I didn’t know why I was so obsessed, I was like “You know what, I will skip so many different things and so many different people that I’m supposed to be hanging out with here, just to go to this volcano”, and I got to the very top of it. I had a few revelations and it was really interesting how it just all came together because I was like “Oh, I’ve lived in Aruba before, I’ve lived somewhere around here”. And you’ll end up, even to the astrocartography, you’ll see how you’ve had multiple lifetimes. On mine, Puerto Rico is one of the places that I’m supposed to go to, I’m freaking Puerto Rican, you know what I mean? So, then, Egypt, freaking Cairo is another place that I’m supposed to go to, and Cairo is where I used to rule when I was a pharaoh back then.
So, it’s like, all these different things you go to. – I got drawn, one time, to go to the Anastasi City, I think it’s in Utah, in Colorado, and paying attention to how you feel when you’re there because when I was in the Anastasi City, so high up, 10,000ft up, I felt this extreme peace, I was like “Man, I’m home! I’ve missed this place” and I started crying because I didn’t even understand why, but it was like “Man, if only people could see what this was”, and then I just had this feeling of feeling blessed, that so long has passed and now I can still come here and see what’s happened to the world and how things have changed, how I have changed across the lifetimes not being here anymore. And it’s a very beautiful experience when you treat everything as being sacred. Every step you take is sacredness.

[1:09:51] Sahara
Yes! That feeling of being home! I remember being in Bali, that I realized “This is my soul’s home”, the culture, every aspect of it, just feels like me. And I also really feel that way with Hawaii, though, not the commercialization of it in the way that it’s been stripped from the local Hawaiians, that, for example, that brings up lot of triggering for me because I definitely have had lifetimes as, you know, a local Hawaiian. But then, there are certain places for me, and even temperatures that bring up a lot of fear.
So, for me, the desert – I really don’t like the desert. And a lot of people, they love the desert. But I did a Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique, which is Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression Modality, that they take you to the deepest level of hypnosis. I’ve done two podcast episodes on if anyone wants to listen, if you just look up Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique, but in one of the lifetimes, I went back to this lifetime in Ancient Egypt and I was a peasant and I was literally living in this little hut that I put together with some scraps that I found, and it was night and it was so, so cold and I was just shivering and shivering, and I was sick, and then that night, I just died, I just died of freezing to death and being sick.
For me, when I am cold, it’s like, I don’t have a normal reaction to it, it’s like, I actually feel like I’m dying. And Steven, my husband, he loves the AC, and typically men run hotter than women, so he’s always wanting to crank up the AC at night and I’m like “You don’t understand, I’m in pain, my body hurts”, because my body is responding as if I literally might die. And also, being in a desert, I feel that I might die here, I might just now have enough water and hydration, and also, my ancestry comes from Iran, and Iran is a desert and I’m sure there has been (I know) so much atrocity that has happened in my lineage, so, sometimes it also comes with facing those fears of like “I’m not going to die of being cold in the desert in this lifetime. I am safe in the desert”, but if I don’t know this, my body is going to respond.
Even like the fear of bleeding out, that’s a huge for me, I’ve always been really afraid of blood, needles, particularly veins, because I have died from being stabbed in different lifetimes, that for me, a little bit of blood, it just sends my nervous system into “Holy shit, we might bleed out and die”, whereas for some people it’s heights, for some people it’s public speaking, for some people it’s etc., and I think it’s important for us to recognize that those fears can come from previous lifetimes because you may not have actually had a trauma in this lifetime to have caused it, but when we can understand that it comes from another lifetime, then you stop beating yourself up about it and taking it as personal, and you can tell yourself “It is safe for me in this lifetime to bleed”, “It is safe for me in this lifetime to speak”, “It is safe for me in this lifetime to drive in a car”, and that creates such a healing to remember that what happened in the past is in the past and we don’t need to replay those fears over and over and over again, otherwise, we’re actually going to recreate that same karma again in this lifetime.

[1:12:49] Axel
Absolutely! And talking about reprogramming your nervous system, that’s how you do it. You can do it through energy medicine, but you can also do it by traveling and connecting to these sacred spaces and then, kind of, not only just creating a new narrative around it, but allowing space for you to overcome that karma, because it is ultimately – whatever response is holding some level of power over you, it is your karma to overcome.

[1:13:15] Sahara
I need to be with a bloody person in a cold desert – fuck! Happy Burning Man!

[1:13:24] Axel
Right! But I know a lot of people who have been like “Yo, I used to be a witch and speaking out of magic and stuff like that that got me burned at the stake so I’m afraid to speak now.” If you have that level of knowledge, internally, that’s come to some way, force yourself to do the opposite of what the trauma is. No matter how difficult it is, put yourself in that position of saying like “Okay, I’m going to do the opposite so my body can recognize that this is not going to be the same situation.”
I, often times, try to put myself in boats and I go out into the sea and stuff like that, because I died in Atlantis. I went down with the city because the king told me “Specific people do not get off the island, unfortunately, you’re going to have to go down with it.” And some of the last memories I have is like, when the city finally went down, I was floating in the depths of the water and it was getting darker and darker and darker, and I’m like “Wow, I’ve lived around waters this whole entire time and I never knew, I never thought that the water would take my own life.” And nowadays, as soon as I’m in a huge body of water, I start freaking out, I start thinking about “Oh my God, all the things; a shark, there’s massive sharks that live in the ocean, what if it jumps and takes a bite out of the freaking boat”, you start going to all these things and that’s where you start meditating, you’re like “You know what, I’m not going to manifest this. Because if I keep on putting my attention on this, I will probably manifest a freaking shark showing up.”

[1:14:55] Sahara
And I think that it’s so important because, yeah, we can only focus on what feels good for us and yes, it’s important to have pleasure and also go into what feels good, but it’s also conquering those fears, otherwise, they’re going to keep having control over you. Like, if you’re afraid of going on a boat, think about how much you’ll miss out on in your lifetime, if you’re letting that fear of jaws taking over your boat take you.
And then, sometimes, too, you go – I went to Burning Man, I did not want to go but I went, and I didn’t love it. I kind of went into it like “Okay, I’m going to try my best” and I realized it still wasn’t for me, however, it let me see “Oh, I can see why people love the desert. I can see why they have fun in this dimension, and it’s probably just not going to be my place. I want to be in the jungle with the water.” So, it’s important for us to have those different experiences and then also step into “Okay, what actually is my highest truth?”

[1:15:50] Axel
Yeah. And another thing, while you were saying that, thinking about the energy of the desert – the desert itself can be a Spirit Guide. So many Shamans, especially in the Amazon, they’ve gone by themselves into the Amazon to learn from the Amazon. So, you can go to these locations and then just, not even be going to be a specific thing like the Anastasi City or the Great Pyramids, you can just be in that element and the element will almost like resurface a lot of internal knowledge that you carry from being that element. Because there are times where we’re not even incarnated in between dimensions or bodies. We can leave our body and there’s a possibility that you probably even had a lifetime as a freaking falcon, for whatever reason, and you have always been drawn to that particular animal. Look at what its metaphysical meanings are; look at why you’ve always been drawn to water, what are the metaphysical meanings of water. All of that is a part of the greater template blueprint that is your cause in itself; you have so many details.
And what I really like to focus on when I do antojai is, all that information is in front of you, you just have to allow yourself to say “Okay, I’m just not perceiving it, show me what I’m missing”, and the Universe will literally respond and show you that stuff.

[1:17:08] Sahara
Color Alchemy too, has been so massive for me. Certain days I feel so drawn to certain colors, that I wake up and I go on Pinterest and I’m like “Coral”, I just want to see things that are coral; or lavender, and every day I’m like “I’m changing the furniture to coral or lavender”, or whatever the color is, but that color has medicine for me, it’s that energy that my soul is craving more of. So, really tuning into what colors are alive for you right now, which would you want to surround yourself with?
Certain time periods too, we do have, I feel like, contracts with certain colors as well. You might have your deep purple couple of years, or your forest green, or a certain color combination, and it’s like, that energy is soothing or enhancing your soul in some ways. And we also have colors that really repel us. Certain colors you see and you’re like – like, for me, actually, I used to love red, but now I don’t actually love red. I know you love red, but I’m like, something about red, because in my life, maybe, I’m already so doing and there’s a lot of red energy in having a business and all of that, that I’m like “I want to have more of the softer colors etc.”
But, yeah, do you ever work with different colors and meditating on those?

[1:18:26] Axel
Yeah. Color Therapy is huge in alternative medicine. One of the things that you’ll notice is that, if you’re drawn to specific colors, they tell you about your personality. So, you can look up like, gold, the meaning of gold, the color gold, and they’ll tell you prosperity, golds, and you might notice like “Oh, damn, those are things that I’m trying to manifest in my life that’s why I really like that color.” Same thing happens when you look at a specific color that you really dislike, like, maybe, teal or something like that. Or if you look up the metaphysical meanings of that, those are the things that are deficient in your body, those are the things that you should probably be contemplating that would then balance you out and bring you to a better place.
Color has been shown that if you wear it, not only does it stimulate your specific chakra, but it also starts creating different formats of looking at life. That’s why, if you live in a house that usually has really muted colors like grey or something like that, often times it’s hard for you to, kind of, see the positivity in reality, or to gravel out of creativity to create the things that you’re looking for.

[1:19:26] Sahara
And research has backed that too.

[1:19:28] Axel
Yeah. You’re not fueling your conscious mind to be in a different state. So, I usually recommend people, especially through the laws of Feng Shui, pay attention to what crystals are in what areas of your house. Feng Shui will tell you, the furthest portion of your house and this area should be pink. Just attempt putting pink sheets on a specific area. Look at your body, if you’re someone who deals with a lot of liver issues, you can look up the Chi Gong colors for liver and then notice that “Okay, it’s probably like a red color”, and you’ll start wearing red more often, so you can get rid of that energy or you might start sleeping in that color so you subconsciously start absorbing those vibrations.
A lot of times we think that energy work or spirituality always has to be a conscious effort, but you can do a lot of subconscious passive things that still help you ascend and get to the next level, absolutely.

[1:20:24] Sahara
Yes! Yeah, I have been really called to all forms of orange, that has been coral, peaches, I just love them, and it’s the sacral chakra, it’s creativity, abundance, pleasure, Lakshmi, all of the qualities that I love and am seeing more of.
And then, yeah, I think for me, the red, even though the red is very similar to orange, but something about the red, it has an energy of maybe anger for me, of like, this like power and intensity and aggression that it repels me. So, I don’t know, maybe I need more of that in my life, who knows, but I’m like “I feel like the world is already so red and inflamed, I want more sexy orange!”
So, yeah, that’s super, super fascinating. And different crystals as well, I love citrines and again, it has more of that creativity energy. And too, I’ve learned that my aura has a lot of orange in it, so, it’s like, I’m drawn to the color that has it.
So, I’d love for you to also share, how can we tune into what color our auras are.

[1:21:25] Axel
Oh, that one’s real easy! You can just close your eyes and you start kind of, like, taking deep breaths to clear yourself away from the stuff that’s happened yesterday, the things you that you’re going to do in 30 minutes, you’ve got to – especially, you should just find a moment where you pretty much don’t have anything to do for a couple hours so you can feel more comfortable in your own freedom. You take a couple of deep breaths; you take all that stuff until it anchors and then you just allow your mind to open. And usually, what I tell my mind is like “My mind expands infinitely in all directions”, and then I’ll just let it say that and actually feel it happening or imagining it happening. And usually, when you open up that doorway, you end up seeing a specific color that shows up to you. Now, that color that shows up to you is something that’s currently in your aura and is currently something that you need to be paying attention to vitally, because that’s why it’s making itself available to you. The darker the hint, the more, kind of, like, toxic needs to be worked on. So, if it’s closer to a black shade, you need to basically find the element that’s going to heal that. And if it’s a little bit too light, almost reaching a white color, then it’s deficient. So, black means overload and lighter ends up meaning not enough.
You always want to have like a really rich vibrant bright color of any color that shows up to you.

[1:22:49] Sahara
Yeah, often times, when I meditate, like when I actually really drop in, I see the color purple, and I thought “Oh, everyone must see that because it’s the color of your third eye, that just must be happening when you meditate”, but I asked other friends and like “No, that’s never happened to me”, and then I learned that, also, purple is one of the colors of my aura.

[1:23:08] Axel
Yeah. And then, too, what you can do is – I mean, they have aura cams too that you can check out.

[1:23:12] Sahara
How accurate are those?

[1:23:14] Axel
They’re super accurate actually, yeah. What I’ve done with, because I have two different kinds of aura cameras, I’ve done tests with people where I’ve been like “Okay, this is what I’m looking at, let’s put you through a scanner and see actually what’s happening”, and the scanners actually pick up on it because each one of your fingers, basically, and your whole entire body, your whole hand, is light, you can’t perceive the different kinds of spectrums that are coming out of your hand, but the cameras can pick up on that and they can pick up on the luminosity and then tell you not only what color your aura is, but what body parts and stuff like that are deficient and they need a little bit more attention.
If you’ve ever checked out the gateway process that was really huge for a while, on to a darker thing, you can do meditations where you can imagine a specific color coming into your body and fueling; and even like, you can see yourself in red, like a silhouette of red and then you end up getting more vitality after it; you can see a silhouette of green and all of a sudden you feel like your body is starting to breathe again.
So, there’s this really interesting thing that your aura is even responding to your thoughts. And a lot of times people think your aura is this fixed color like “Oh yeah, my aura is always gold”, but really, day to day, moment to moment, your aura will change based off a thought that you’re carrying, the food that you’re eating. And aura is, essentially, energy sweat, and the kind of aura that you produce on a regular basis is also working in tandem with the Law of Attraction, bringing in more of that energy into your reality.
So, people who typically have a lot of pink in their aura, those are the really loving people and you just, you’re around them and you just can’t help but to be thankful for life and thankful for that person.

[1:24:54] Sahara
I’ve heard they’re very sensual too, like Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, they all have pink auras.

[1:25:00] Axel
Yeah, and those are the people that you can’t help but almost like give your attention to. Exactly, it’s exactly what it is.
So, if you wanted to become more of a loved person, of those people that you just mentioned, you start imagining that you’re always surrounded in this vibrant pink color. And all you have to do is imagine yourself doing that. Stand in the mirror, take a picture of yourself even and paint it with a highlighter that your aura is that way and look at it every day, and eventually your aura is going to start adapting to that and you’ll start manifesting the events that come with that aura color.

[1:25:36] Sahara
So, if you can just share a couple of the other aura colors and what they represent? So, what does a red aura represent?

[1:25:43] Axel
A red aura is usually associated to a person who has a lot of magnetism; they definitely know what they want. Now, there’s different shades of red, obviously, so, more of a crimson red usually deals with a person who is, they’re not necessarily honest and they’re more so vicious. So, it’s not always a bad thing, but they have this – if you cross them a wrong way, they’re definitely going to take it out on you, you know what I mean? If it’s a lighter red color, then those are usually people who have a passion for life, they want to have more adventure and more fun. If it’s like this cherry red color, then those are usually the people who feel real sexy about themselves, those are the people that really go out of their way to look hot.

[1:26:24] Sahara
Jennifer Lopez. Is she one?

[1:26:26] Axel
Yeah! Jennifer Lopez, she has a lot of red, she has yellow and she also has a little bit of green, so she’s super creative with that yellow, the red is that sexual “I’m hot” and then the green is, because she’s authentic, she cares about the things that she’s doing and the people she involves herself with.
So, a lot of times when you’re working with these auras, you’ll be able to tell – once you get used to it too, and if you want to start seeing auras, you have to make a narrative in your head that says “You’ve been able to see auras your entire life, you just have not given the time of day to actually process that information.”
So, then, we go into orange. Orange is usually people who – they want to, obviously, manifest. The more vibrant od an orange, the more wealthy that person tends to be. Also, if the orange is more in a darker side, that person is carrying a lot of emotions that they can’t let go of. For them it’s the lesson of acceptance. If it’s a lighter orange, then they’re not embracing their emotions enough, they’re usually pushing it away like “I don’t have time to process this right now, I’ve got to do other things.” Usually, a lot of business people who are so involved in their business that they don’t cater to themselves and their family have a lighter orange energy because they’re suppressing emotions instead of actually dealing with them.
Yellow is the color of creativity. Yellow has a spectrum where it can even be like this gold color. If the yellow is more so, this holographicy gold, it means the person’s mentality is extremely lucid and progressive. Those are the philosophers and the people that you can have a conversation with.

[1:27:58] Sahara
I see yellow on you!

[1:28:00] Axel
Yeah, I carry a lot of yellow and a lot of orange and a lot of gold as well because that’s just my personality.
If it’s a lighter yellow, then those are the people who are constantly fatigued, they’re always carrying a lot of anxiety, they won’t let go of the past, things like that.
When we go into green. Green is associated to your relationships and how you nourish your life. So, the more vibrant of a green color you see on a person, it means that they’re healthy to some degree or they’re focus is creating the ideal life. If it’s a darker green, then they’re holding on, again, to a lot of resentment or pains that are associated to the relationship realm vs. like an orange. Sometimes a darker orange involves – people just get triggered very easily, they don’t have a way to let go of it, vs. like a dark green will say like “Okay, my mom hurt me and I haven’t been able to find a way to move past this particular pain.” A lighter green means that that person is afraid to fall into feeling more love or feeling more of themselves and being open and trusting the world.
Blue is usually associated to authenticity and truth. And that one’s, I think the most valuable if you’re an energy healer or if you have a lot of liars, or something like that, in your life. Pay attention to the blue that kind of comes to you. You might see it on them, you might see it in your mind’s eye or you might even just feel it. Sometimes I can’t always see somebody’s aura, I just hear it’s a super dark blue, almost like a navy black color, and I’ll be like “Okay, well that means that this person is obviously not very honest or they’re not at peace in this moment right now, not telling me the truth.” If it’s more like a bright, vibrant, almost like a neon blue color, that person is hell on honest, their authenticity is through the roof, those are the types of people you really want to vibe with. People who have a lighter blue color, those are the people who don’t speak up for themselves, they don’t really always say what’s on their mind because they’re afraid of what other people are going to be thinking.
So, when we go into purple – purple and a neutral indigo-purply color, that one is a psychic person. The more vibrant of a psychic color, that is like a vibrant purple, that person is more in tune with a specific kind of intuition. Now, intuition kind of changes by person, some people are third eye intuitive, some people are just like environmentally intuitive, they just can really feel the energies around themselves. But that high vibrancy purple will give you indication of that. A dark purple means the person has basically shut themselves off from the intuitive side, usually based off of fear, they’re afraid that if they go into their intuition, then they’ll run into a negative being that’s going to cause them a lot of harm. A very light purple is usually people who don’t believe in the psychic realm or their own ability to be psychic, which we all are.
And then, we come to the crown chakra, essentially, which the crown chakra is usually describing to you, rather two different spectrums. It’s going to be this raspberry color – if it’s a raspberry color, this person’s really in the moment; they’re really in love even; they want more of whatever they’re experiencing at this current time.
If it’s a white color, then that person is more so seeking enlightenment vs. being more so in the moment. So, neither one of those colors is bad, it’s just more so based off of the person.
If you don’t see a color that resonates with the crown chakra, then that’s where you’ve got to be “Okay, how do I help this person because they’re crown chakra is somewhat really low.”
None of your chakras can actually be fully shut off, but they can be running at 1% vs. running at 100%.
The remaining colors that associate themselves with their – if you see black or gold, that’s your halo, basically your eighth chakra (Shamanic chakra).
People who have a lot of black are people who are carrying a lot of trauma from other past lifetimes; they carry a lot of hatred, stagnation, worry, stuff like that.
If you see the opposite spectrum, which is gold, then that color is telling you that that person is transformative, they’re willing to think about transcendence, they’re always kind of contemplating more than what the material universe is giving you.
If you see high vibrant ultra-violet, then that’s the soul. Usually, people who are living their dharma or they’re really in tune with their soul purpose or their soul origins, because it’s not always about dharma, but it’s sometimes about, just like, “I know I come from this one galaxy or whatever”, their aura is super, ultra-violet purple, and it shows you that that person has transcended time and space all together, those are gems in this reality. There’s like this vibrant blend of browns and earthy tones which will then show you that that person is very nature-oriented, usually those people talk to animals, telepathically, they just channel freaking plant medicine instantaneously. They have a cold and they’re like “I don’t know why but I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to buy myself some nettle”, and it works for them because they are very much so in tune with that.
If you have a super splendor luminescent energy that’s constantly changing colors in some way, shape or form, it kind of looks like glitter a lot of times, that person’s super, super in tune with their spirit, that’s usually more so people like us, they usually have kind of, have even been working with spirituality or understanding some portion of the cosmos, extensively, from spirit level.
And if you end up seeing, finally, like a copper color, those are the people that are very in tune with the akashic records, they’re in tune with the cosmos. So, those are the people that, they may not always watch what cosmic weather is happening or something like that, but they’ll be hit and be like “I don’t know, I don’t know, I feel like something’s happening in deep space. I feel so sick right now”, and then all of a sudden you start seeing like the rest of the world is responding to what they’re picking up on because they are cosmic beings. Their essence is more so rooted in deep space and it isn’t in the physical, material universe.
Again, your auras are going to change between these spectrums at different states in your life, and different things that you’re focusing on, but that’s pretty much the gist of how you can pick up on these specific colors and what they mean.

[1:34:19] Sahara
Wow! So good! I recommend people just go back and pause between each one and write it down. And there’s so much, we should do another episode on just about auras.
So, what aura colors do you see in me right now?

[1:34:31] Axel
Today, you definitely have a lot of yellow, just like a high vibrant reality, I know you’ve been thinking about things, being creative. You have a little bit of blue there because obviously we’re talking, it’s the authenticity. You have a little bit of purple on the outside, which is like, because we’re, right now, kind of like, right now, channeling the cosmos, so that’s kind of right in there. And you also have that glittery color that I told you about, that luminescence on the outer layer as well, which is spirit. You’re just channeling I would say joy, obviously, you’re channeling this pleasure of doing what you’re doing, and that’s coming from a spirit level for sure.

[1:35:04] Sahara
Love that so much! So cool! Well, thank you so much for all of your wisdom today, this truly was a masterclass of all things Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Astrocartography, Auras, so many different realms.
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us today! And where can listeners connect with you further?

[1:35:25] Axel
Yeah! Well, thank you for having me! Definitely check out my website antojai.us if you ever want to check out some of my classes that I go into a bunch of different types of Shamanism energy work, or just follow me on Instagram @antojai and you’ll be able to find me anywhere really. If you just type in Antojai on even YouTube or TikTok, you’ll find me.

[1:35:44] Sahara
Awesome! Thank you so much!

[1:35:46] Axel
Yeah! Thank you!

[1:35:47] End of Interview

[1:35:48] Sahara
Wow! I am just vibrating after that episode! So much wisdom shared, I’m sure you’re like “What is my aura color right now?”
So, I highly recommend meditating, that for me, is how my purple color and as well as my orange-peach color really started to show up because those are the colors I would see when I would really drop in and meditate. So, practice meditating; focusing on different chakras as well.

[1:36:09] Sahara
Sometimes we’re also able to see the color of the chakras that we meditate on. For example, if you’re meditating on your heart, you may see a lot of green; your throat, you may see a lot of blue, etc. So, it’s so fascinating, there are so many books about this as well, and of course, this Podcast has a wealth of information from so many spiritual teachers, leaders and authors into understanding all these spiritual principles. And of course, know that you don’t have to figure it all out, there’s no marathon and there’s no end goal, the best use of all spiritual wisdom is to take what serves you, integrate it, embody it and then, when you’re ready for the next piece of pie, you can always come back for more.

[1:36:47] Sahara
If you loved this Episode, I would love to send you a free gift which is the first half of my unreleased book “Eat Right for Your Mind-Body Type”. This is a different book than “Eat Feel Fresh“. My first book ever which is not released anywhere, and I am gifting it exclusively to those who leave a review of my Podcast in the iTunes store. So, all you’ve got to do is head over to iTunes where you’re maybe listening to this Podcast and leave a review, take a screenshot that you’ve left it and email it over to me at [email protected] and I will send you back the first half of my unreleased book “Eat Right for Your Mind Body Type“, which goes all into Ayurveda, Doshas, Plant-Based Nutrition, Body Types – all of the things in a really fun and engaging way. So, this is my gift to you for free for supporting the Podcast. Every single review I personally read. It really helps the Podcast be listened to by more people so we can raise the vibration of the planet together, and I am soul grateful to have you on this journey.

Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.


Episode 406: Ascension, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Deities + Auras with Shaman Axel
By Sahara Rose


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