Highest Self Podcast 437: Which Starseed System Are You From? (Pleidian, Arcturian, Mintakan, Sirian, Andromedan, Orion, Lyrans) with Paul Silva

Have you ever felt this deep feeling that you aren’t from here, a nostalgia for a home you don’t yet know? Do you resonate with certain environments such as turquoise blue waters and waterfalls or maybe star galaxies and nebulas?

In this episode I sit down with starseed expert Paul Silva to discuss a variety of the different starseed systems and how to know which your soul is from. We discuss what starseeds even are, why it’s a frequency rather than a physical thing and the characteristics of Pleidians, Arcturians, Mintakans, Sirias, Andromedans, Orions, Lyrans and more. I also share my own and have you guess!

We also discuss the frequency differences of the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. If you’re ready to dive deep into your soul lineage beyond this earthly realm, this episode is for you!

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Episode 437: Which Starseed System Are You From? (Pleidian, Arcturian, Mintaken) with Paul Silva
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
If it’s your first time here, welcome, I am so grateful to have you here! This is an incredible Episode where we dive deep into all things galactic, cosmic, out of this world!

[00:34] Sahara
So, I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about what star system they’re from, and frankly, I’m like, “I don’t know, I don’t really have any memories of being from another planet”. Some people really feel drawn to the Nebulas and the cosmos, but for me, my home has always been Earth, especially the oceans, the dolphins.

[00:53] Sahara
So, I always have felt the Lemurian frequency, which I’ll speak about in this Episode, but the galactic frequency, not so much. And it wasn’t until I stumbled across the starseed expert Paul Silva, on TikTok, that he shared with me about one of these star systems; shared a video that went viral. And when I listened to this video I was like “Okay, oh, shit, that’s my home right there, that’s where I’m from”, everything that he said was so deeply resonant. And if you know me, you know I love a good archetype! I started my career on Ayurveda, which is all about the doshas; I’m all about Enneagram, Myers-Brigg, Astrology, Human Design, Vedic Astrology, and I’ve created my own archetypal system, the Dharma Archetypes. So, your girl right here loves to get to know herself in a quiz!
And in this Episode, we really dive into many of the different starseed families out there so you can get to know which one you are from.

[01:51] Sahara
So, if you’ve resonated with certain environments or you’ve noticed patterns amongst people who you really vibe with, that is often related to what star system your soul is from.

[02:00] Sahara
So, first of all, we talk about what that means. Is this a physical planet? Are we talking about Venus and Mars here? What are we really speaking about when we speak about starseeds and how is it different than the planets that we learn about in Astronomy?
So, we start there and then we go into the different starseeds. So, we talk about the Pleidians, the Arcturians, the Mintakans, the Sirians, the Andromedas, the Orions, the Lyrans and more.
We also speak about the frequency difference between Atlantis, which you may have heard about before, the lost civilization, and Lemuria, another lost civilization that predates Atlantis, and the different frequencies, and even the soul memories that I have had there.

[02:45] Sahara
So, this is definitely a far out Episode! So, if you love the Podcast, getting weird and getting into it, this is one of those conversations!

[02:55] Sahara
So, I’m curious to hear about what starseed system you’re from after this Episode, so please share it with me on Instagram, and share with me “Oh my God, Arcturian AF, or Orion AF, or Pleidian AF”, I’m curious to know, and I’ll reshare them. And I’m going to do some polls on my IG stories as well. If you’re not following me on Instagram, @iamsahararose, I’m always polling you guys and sharing with you, so I’m going to do a little poll to see which starseed system most of you are from, I’m very, very curious.

[03:22] Sahara
Alright! So, without further ado, let’s dive into Paul Silva’s conversation, all about the galactic star families.


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[04:34] Interview

[04:34] Sahara
Welcome Paul, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[04:37] Paul
Oh, pleasure! Thank you for having me!

[04:39] Sahara
The first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[04:44] Paul
What makes me my highest self? I feel that it’s being authentic. It’s removing the layers of the stories that I tell myself that have either been programmed in me or I’ve internalized. And as I remove more of those and become more open to myself and being able to receive me for who I am, I feel I connect more and more to my highest self, it’s being my own guide. And sometimes it’s not easy to let go of those, because some stories we’ve had for a long time, and they’ve served us, and so, the real courage, the real challenge comes in having the wisdom to let that go, even when it’s scary and we don’t know where it’s going to lead us. We know, I know, that when I do that, the Universe provides, it always opens and I get closer, I get more clarity and I feel more here, more connections. So, it’s really just removing what isn’t me.

[05:45] Sahara
So beautifully said! And how was your journey? You told me that you were a chef, and how was the journey now moving into spiritual work and working with these different star systems? What did that journey of really stepping into your spiritual self look like?

[06:01] Paul
Yeah. I loved being a chef, there was a passion there, there was something about creation and also the tactile, the 3D, kind of, being able to create and watch. And what’s really cool about when you create food is, it disappears, it’s gone, it just changes into, it’s all energy and it’s changing form, from farm to plate to whatever.
And so, that was probably at the time the closest I felt spiritual, was just in through that active creation. Coming from creator, we create.
And as that started to vane, and part of my story is addiction, and so, with alcohol. And it got to a point where it was completely unmanageable, it was just awful. And when I got sober, that was my first spiritual awakening, I needed to, Spirit was there, I was looking for Spirit, but this is the Spirit that I was actually having. And so, I wrote a book called “Longing for the Spirit” and it was just about, the feelings around that and the growth that came through letting go of something that I thought I needed, going back to higher self (removing). I thought I needed that to live, but I was clutching onto something that was killing me. And so, that was that spiritual awakening, and that kind of just opened the door to what was possible. And as I started to move through that and I started – I was tapped on the shoulder to help other, to be of service in a different way, so I got into coaching, which was wonderful too. It was something that could do this, one-on-one and help people and help them connect to themselves, and that helped me to connect to myself even deeper.
And just in the last year, year and a half, letting go of that now, I’m in the process of letting that go, because now, what’s happened is, it’s opened me up to so many other channels on the spiritual landscape. And so, everything from – I’m more drawn to the Shamanic side of things, so journeys, etc., etc., but also Divination, through cards and bones and charm casting, and star systems, and connecting with that, and starting with the clairs; the clairaudience is starting to come in now; channeling is starting to come in now.
And through work with some mentors and guides, and just tapping into the collective and just trusting my own intuition, it’s now starting to open up even more and more in front of me. It’s like, I remember having, the first time going into a kitchen, a professional kitchen, and I was like this young little bug, it was so exciting. And I feel the same way, I’ve just got goosebumps just talking about that because this feels like the closest I am to me, and I get to be of service to others, it’s such a win-win, it’s a beautiful thing.

[08:55] Sahara
I so resonate with your journey. I don’t know if you know this, I also went to culinary school and I have a cook book, so food, it was a huge part of my journey, I was a food blogger for 7 years, that’s what I did, it was Eat Feel Fresh, that was my whole career. And then what I realized, it’s the same thing, I loved creating arts with the food and the experience and the textures, and it really was a spiritual experience, but I wanted to go in deeper and, you know, got more involved with health coaching and then life coaching, and now, just channeling and receiving. And it’s just such a beautiful journey that it takes us through because we need to first heal the physical body, and then we can move into the emotional body, and then we can move into the metal body, and then we can move into the spiritual body. So, I love how we kind of both walked those lives of the physical of food into this more metaphysical realm now.

[09:50] Paul
How cool would that be? To just whip up a dish and then just go do some channeling!

[09:56] Sahara
Yes! A spiritual protection dish! I love it! So, I found you on TikTok, which I’m so excited about, and one of your videos came on my For You page and I’m like “This is me”, and you were talking about a certain start system, who, I’m not going to share which it was because I’m going to let the listeners, as they’re hearing about the different star systems, to feel into what theirs is, and let them guess what they think mine is as well, just to start using their intuitions as well because a lot of them have heard me on this Podcast, so I’m curious to hear where you guys, it takes us.
So, there are so many different start systems out there – so, first of all, when we’re talking about star systems, can you explain to people, who, maybe it’s their first time hearing this, we’re not talking about Pluto and Venus and stuff here, can you share a little bit what we’re talking about?

[10:43] Paul
Yeah! So, these are, this is really about starseeds. And starseeds generally are souls that are not from here, they are from other galaxies, star systems or planets who have decided to incarnate here to help the development of humankind, to raise the vibration of Earth, essentially. And there’s a lot of traveling out there, that’s going on, there’s a lot of different star systems and places, like you said. And we have traveled, not everyone, not everyone on Earth is a starseed by the way, so we’re talking about 1% of the population, generally, of who are here, now, who have incarnated, who have been from other places and traveled a lot, so, we’re talking about starseeds. And there’s common traits around starseeds in general, and then there’s more individual traits amongst these.
Now, it’s not necessarily the astrological thing where Scorpio and then all the Virgos are like this, and all the Caps are like this, we tend to, we realize with a chart, there’s a lot more. There’s the ascendent and where’s your moon, so we get a clear picture. Same with this, in a way, it’s rare that someone is just one in particular, we are a mix because we’re such travelers. But, having said that, we tend to have certain traits that really speak to us a little bit more, and so we can start to say “Yeah, I’m a little bit more this”. And I get this all the time on TikTok, it’s like “Oh my God, I totally relate to this”, I’ll be talking about whatever it was and they’re “But I also relate to that other one”, they’re confused, and I’m saying “You could be both, it’s just in what regards?” So, these are generalities, but this is about starseeds.

[12:31] Sahara
I love that! So, would the term for them be ‘Starseed Families’, ‘Starseed Systems’, what do we call these?

[12:37] Paul
Yeah, so, when you talk about the starseed families, and so, talking about whether it’s Pleidian or whatever it is, we’re talking about the families – now, not all starseeds come from star systems, some will come from planets, some don’t have a home anymore, or never really had one to begin with. So, it’s not necessarily that every single starseed has a home, they generally do, but not always. We talk about soul families or soul lineage.

[13:07] Sahara
Beautiful. So, let’s get into the one that’s the most common here on Earth, the Pleidians. Can you share a little bit, how do we know if we are a Pleidian?

[13:17] Paul
Yeah. Pleidians and Sirians are the one to punch of how many are down here. Pleidians are – the way I see it, they’re the, it’s about the heart, it’s all about the heart, the heart chakra. So, Pleidians come from Pleides, which is in Orion, in the Taurus, the hunter system. And so, Pleidians are, they tap more into the feminine energy. A lot of them do, some of them are more masculine or balances masculine, feminine. But Pleidians, their whole gig, their whole jam is turning chaos into order, chaos into calm, it’s kind of transmuting that energy. And so, they’re here, all starseeds, they have, kind of, the collective mission and then they have the personal mission. And so, they’re all very similar, a lot of it, you can always come down to raising the vibration of us. But for them, they also, it’s about really opening our hearts, opening our heart chakras, and really coming from a place of love. So, they teach us to come from the place of love. They could be perfectionists, they struggle with things like violence and any sort of thing, because, again, it’s all here, and they don’t enjoy that kind of energy, sometimes they may feel like getting sick. They, like many starseeds, they’re very much into nature, animals, they’re very empathetic, they are often water signs, so that fluid kind of sense of emotion (so, a lot of the star signs, Pisces, Scorpio). They tend to have closed throat chakra, so they have a hard time, sometimes, communicating, and they can be people-pleasers. The thing with Pleidians too, is that, they are used to having – some people, believe it or not, the twin flame idea, and so, they come from a place where they feel like there’s someone down here that’s for them, so they struggle down here in terms of not having that. And so, when they come down here, they really struggle. There’s two starseeds that struggle with personal relationships like romantic relationships, the Pleidians are one of them. And so, they can get into abusive and manipulative type of relationships. They struggle to voice themselves, which is why the throat chakra is closed, is, they have a hard time communicating what their needs are. They’re fixers, they want to fix things. And so, when they get into those situations, where they’re with someone who can be abusive and manipulative, it’s like this perfect storm. And so, what’s important for Pleidians to understand is that they have self-worth, that’s part of their journey, is to understand that they’re worthy of this Earth, we’re here for a reason to do that. And because they’re so sensitive, their job is to move through that, to be of service to others, but also to fortify their own spirit, to fortify their own soul. And so, because they’re so plentiful, because it’s a nearby star system, that’s where this opening up has been happening in terms of love-based decision making, even though, right now, we may feel like there’s a lot of fear-based, there’s a reason why there’s so many now coming from love. We need more love-based decision making to counter what’s kind of been going on lately. And so, that’s essentially Pleidians. I mean, you can get into some of the technical things, but they are highly empathetic, they’re soft-spoken and tend to be polite, but, you know, again, were just generalizing. You can have a fierce Pleidian who just lives and just takes life by the guts, but still come from that heart-centered place. So, Pleidians are beautiful souls.

[17:11] Sahara
Is Oprah a Pleidian?

[17:14] Paul
Is Oprah a Pleidian? Oh, good question.

[17:16] Sahara
Some of the things you mentioned, I feel like that’s Oprah because I see in Doshas, so I see it as a Kapha kind of energy.

[17:23] Paul
Yeah. I mean, I just had goosebumps when you asked me that. So, that’s usually, I could ask my pendulum.

[17:32] Sahara
Well, we can check in later, but yeah.

[17:34] Paul
But you know what, the fact that you just said that, and I think about her story and just the chaos she had growing up, and turning that, and also showing on such a big platform, obviously. Man, I still have the goosebumps, that means a truth just hit us! I would bet my bottom dollar that if she isn’t, she’s got a lot of that in it, because, talk about just coming from a place of love and being a quiet force. Being quiet and polite and all of that doesn’t mean that we lay down.

[18:08] Sahara
She’s still very big, but it’s through her ability to sit and listen.

[18:13] Paul
Yeah, yeah. So, that’s a good observation, it’s a great observation. I would bet that if she’s not that, there’s a lot of that in her. And so, she’s a beacon of this love-based way of showing others how to be love-based, yeah.

[18:29] Sahara
So beautiful! So, let’s hop into the next one. Can you tell us a little bit about the Arcturians?

[18:35] Paul
The Arcturians. Okay, so, the first time I got into, started looking at this, started experiencing it, I did, like many people, I did online, I was like “How do I know, how do I know?”, that’s the number one question I get on TikTik, is “How do I know? How do I know?” There’s some other ways that I can share later, some ways to look at that. But I did an online quiz, I shared three, three completely separate quizzes, and they are very different, some are visual-based, etc., etc., and they all said Arcturian, I’m like “Okay!” I started to read a little bit, I’m like “I don’t know”, and then when I hit some sections, I’m like “Oh, yeah, that’s Paul”.
So, Arcturians are, they’re like 5D and up, they’re kind of like the doers, not so much the feelers, doesn’t mean they don’t feel, but they’re more the doers, they’re like the architects, pioneers, they’re great leaders, they’re fascinated by ancient civilizations and cultures. Now, we can say generally all starseeds, but this one more so, very much into that. They are organized and logical, they’re future-based, sort of like the Sirians, they like to take things apart to see how they work, not just physically, but also in other ways.
When it comes to the spiritual side of things, they tend to gear more towards the mathematical sign, so like sacred geometry, all that, kind of getting into that space, just like the nuts and bolts of it (again, they like to take things apart). They are guarded and I connect to that because I find, sometimes, I have a guarded heart, and so, they can be guarded. It doesn’t mean they’re not emotional, they’re very are, they’re great at combining innovation and creativity, and we have that sort of spirit, but there’s a little bit of a wall, a membrane, there that we…

[20:28] Sahara
Are they kind of Atlantian?

[20:30] Paul
I wouldn’t say so much Atlantian, I would say probably more like Sirian, where they can – I think, unlike Sirians, we have more of the language, we can share what we’re feeling, but we’re holding our cards a little bit to our chest, in terms of opening. I consider it almost like, very much, Scorpio, kind of like typical Scorpio. We’re good at everyone telling us their secrets, but we don’t tell ours very much, it’s a very Scorpio trait.
One thing, definitely, is, of all the starseeds, Arcturians have a lot of shadow work, there’s a lot of shadow work to kind of open up on. So, for Acturians, for them to step into their fullness, it’s important that they look at their shadow work, whether it’s coming from past lives, whether it’s coming from karmic, kind of, baggage, if it’s coming from, they came from all their travels, looking at their shadow self is very important.
And like any of the starseeds, when the Arcturians fail to tap into that and understand, they can get into things like addiction and anxiety and depression, and things like that, because they’re not leaning into their strengths and they’re coming from a place of fear, and they’re coming from those darker, lower energies, as opposed to coming from the place of that fullness, of leadership, of innovation, of channeling strength that they can. And so, the Arcturians are, yeah, they can be a bit aloof, but they really do have big hearts, and they really do care, and they really do, they’re of service, they love being of service.

[22:12] Sahara
So, is Steve Jobs an Arcturian? I’m, like, trying to think of everyone.

[22:19] Paul
I love…

[22:20] Sahara
Because he’s a bit, you know, like, more scientific, reserved; maybe he’s even more Sirian, from what you describe, a little bit.

[22:27] Paul
I see where you’re coming from with that. He could, or else I would say he was also either Orion or Sirian, I feel like he would be more Orion, just a little bit more. But what was great about Steve Jobs is that he – like, another thing with Arcturians, they are drawn to spiritual work, especially Shamanism, specifically, they’re intelligent, also, with their spirituality, if that makes any sense? And you know, he was very much, especially, because he was very innovative (Hello! Apple!). I can see it more, I’d have to think about that one a little bit more, but he definitely brings, he combines the two because he had a lot of that wisdom and sage part of him. I mean, he was known for his words of wisdom as he was for the technology side, so he did play that both. And it’s also, Arcturians are very much masculine/feminine blanaced.

[23:22] Sahara
So helpful! Well, let’s dive into the next one, the Mintakans.

[23:27] Paul
Oooh, Mintakans! Alright! So, the Mintakans were, that was in Orion as well. And so, it’s a water-based homeland, so to speak, and that was destroyed. So, that’s one of the starseeds where they don’t really have a home to go back to.
One common trait among all starseeds is that there’s a sense of homesickness, but not all starseeds have that, we’ll probably cover one or two more of those later. But even though they don’t have a home, some Mintakans have that homesick feeling, some have tempered it down. But the most important thing is the water, there’s this connection to water. We’re talking about planet where they have dolphins and whales, Mer people, like mermaids, and they – for the Mintakans, it’s all about the love and unity. And so, obviously, when they’re down here, part of their thing is – and Mintakans and especially the water-based planets, they have a really hard time adjusting down here because the water there is so much lighter and it’s like glass up there, and it’s also lighter, so there’s a buoyancy of it, there’s like this brilliancy in this water. And so, to come from that, almost like 12D almost (9D – 12D) energy to come down here to this dense 3D, it’s a real struggle for Mintakans.
So, they, too, they struggle with a lot of the hard stuff, but they can be people-pleasers. They are often let down and disappointed when they’re connecting to other people because they have certain expectations, and often they’re let down. It’s not that they’re naïve, it’s not that, but because they’re so open. It’s like chance of the belly, that’s just their nature, they’re open, they’re fluid and free, they’re free spirits. And so, with that, they get the slings and arrows, and they can feel let down and betrayed by certain people.
But, having said that, they’re great at committing to something, they enjoy the finer things, they’re like the Lyrans, they like a little nice bag, they like a nice car, they’re very much about just feeling and enjoying; they can be controlling at times. So, all of these traits can be flipped, it’s like, they can get tripped into the shadow side of things.
The Mintakans are also very much about bringing out their best qualities, but also best qualities in others. And so, part of their mandate is not only love and unity, but drawing out of you what is best for themselves and for others. And I keep thinking of this water, this fluidity, there’s this continuum in the water, it’s that, what’s that thing, ‘you don’t stand in the river twice, you stand in it, the river I stand in is not the river’, I can’t remember the whole expression, but there’s this motion and movement.
And so, Mintakans are very much about staying in that emotion and growing and opening things up for people, and it serves them to help others. Now, the things is that they have to really watch out for, is being that overly sensitive and to be able to stand their ground, to not be afraid of technology, to not be afraid of using their voice, essentially. And it’s really hard for them, especially in this type of energy, it’s very dense for them. And so, it feels like they’re stuck, it’s like they can’t really move, and that’s spiritually as well, mentally, emotionally. And so, they open themselves up, but that’s just who they are, you can’t stop them, can’t stop that love train.

[27:15] Sahara
So good! Alright! I’ll let people guess at the end, like “You’re giving it all away!” Okay, I’ll just come out of the closet, that I am a Mintakan, I believe. Am I, what do you think?

[27:29] Paul
Well, you know, it’s funny, when we first connected on TikTok, you said “Hey, can you take a look at my account?”, and I looked at it and “Oh my God, you’re Mintakan”, and I think I responded to you, I said “You’re Mintakan”, for sure. I was like, either that, Sirius B, Lemurian or…

[27:49] Sahara
I’m Lemurian, for sure!

[27:51] Paul

[27:52] Sahara
Because this sounds like Lemuria, to me.

[27:53] Paul
Like, here’s the thing. There’s a lot of crossover with these because these are celestial beings, they’re traveling from one place to the other, there’s a lot of, they need each other, there’s a lot of this, I don’t want to say cross contamination, that’s the wrong word, that’s a culinary term I’m thinking of, but it’s, there’s this melting pot of things that happen. And so, yeah, Lemurians are very much the same way, very sensitive, they, too, struggle with being here on this energy because they, too, were in the water and they got dispersed everywhere, as well. And so, when I saw your thing, I was “No, that’s Mintakan”, yes, Sirius B, there is some of that, Andromedans, because they’re planet is 85% water, so they have that as well. But my gut just said yeah, Mintaken.

[28:38] Sahara
Yes. Actually, the video I found you on, the Mintakan video, and it’s so funny because when I’m on land for too long, when I haven’t been in water, it’s like I need to go into the water to just decompress and release and recalibrate. And even in the wounds you were speaking of, my biggest thing, I’m so open-hearted and I want to help everyone and I want to bring joy to the world, and then people don’t see it and they misunderstand me, and then taking it so personally and getting really sensitive and feeling like “Am I even making a change?”, and that’s like that thing. But I would say, I never felt homesick per say, like, I wasn’t one of those people that was like “Oh, I wish I could go back to my planet”, I always felt this deep sense of I love the earth and I love being here in nature. And I think it’s because of that water element, that there is the water here. But I think you said in one of your videos, it may have been the Andromedan one that it’s, I don’t resonate with the dark, like scary sea, it’s that light, and I have kind of memories of this, of the swimming pools that we would swim in, naked, with the tribe, playing the drums and singing and dancing around it.
When I went to the Nepali coast in Hawaii, like, this is my soul’s home right now. The waterfalls, that type of just crystalline water.

[29:57] Paul
Yeah, that makes sense. And they say too, with Lemuria, part, they’ll say Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, even Thailand, those are parts of what that would’ve looked like (Lemuria). So, it’s almost like we have reminders of that. And so, because there’s that that you would resonate so much to that, then it makes sense that you don’t necessarily feel homesick. And I can relate to the homesick, I even did a video on TikTok saying I feel homesick, I feel like “Alright, I’m done, can I go home now?” But not everyone feels like that because there is that connection that they find here, there’s an anchor. And so, for you, you have your anchor, and so, that keeps you here. And so, I wonder if that also helps you personally, as you grow yourself, and putting yourself in front of so many people, is having that anchor. You don’t feel like you’re staring off into the sky, that you have something here that just keeps you here, it keeps you grounded.


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[32:31] Sahara
Yeah, I have this deep sense of I volunteered here to help assist humanity and I am here to help the humans, so, I think that’s the difference. Whereas my husband, he’s very like, if there was a star ship that came and said you can come with me to this other planet, he’s be like “Bye!” Whereas, I think a lot of what we have seen on the media, of galactic beings, aliens, extraterrestrials, it has been this very masculine, technological, silver, without the earth and the feminine, so that is why, to me, it’s like, I don’t want to be on Mars where there’s no trees and there’s no nature and earth, whereas some people do, so that’s why I’ve always resonated with Lemuria because it’s that frequency of the feminine, of the heart, of the joy.
So, does Mintaken also have that kind of more feminine frequency?

[33:24] Paul
Oh yeah, yes, yes. Most of them resonate more on the feminine side, there’s a couple that are masculine/feminine, I’d say masculine, there might be, maybe the Lyran, maybe the Orion. They tend to be more on the feminine side because we’re talking on energy. They take, when you think of masculine, protective, guardian, all that, providing, action, all that kind of stuff, they do, but at the core of it, there’s more of that growth, nurturing, opening type of spirit, that mothering type of spirit. But Mintaken, yeah, for sure. I personally think it’s more on the feminine side, it definitely has that energy about it. And they can still create and still do, they still have the masculine to take the action, but overall, when you feel it, and even just feel it, even as we’re talking about it, I just feel that sort of divine feminine energy, and that’s how – we’re on a plain here, a planet where the feminine is not, everything is based on the masculine spirit, the masculine energy, everything is rewarded if it’s masculine. The feminine is not respected or seen as the way it needs to be seen, it’s not seen as equal, and that’s part of why we need so much more of this feminine energy, to help really balance that out.

[34:48] Sahara
Absolutely, and yes, that’s why I love Lemuria. And here, in Miami, the waters are very Atlantian, Atlantis was Bahamas, also, some say Ibiza, and I feel the difference in those frequencies, as Lemuria was all about the spirit and connection and community and trusting nature, whereas Atlantis was, how can we merge spirituality and science and create technology, and it was like the basis of literature and culture, and kind of the Greek tenants of society. And I see someone like Dr. Joe Dispenza, super, that Atlantian energy of merging science and spirituality, but I feel like my Dharma’s more, not so much in the innovation and science realm, but rather the no, nature is already perfect as it is, let’s start focusing on that a little bit more.

[35:41] Paul
Yeah, precisely. And we need more of that energy, we need more of that to, nature has all the answers, we’ve butchered it, continue to butcher it, when it has all of that. That’s why Shamanism calls me because it is about nature, and it’s like tapping into the wisdom that’s already here, as opposed to tamping it down and trying to create our own stuff on top, and we’re just taking away from what has already been provided for us and what can give us everything we need.

[36:13] Sahara
Yeah, exactly! And I think that, you know, certain people are here to merge spirituality with science, and how beautiful is that, we need these different innovations and technologies, and some people are called to grounding mats, and these bands that they wear, and all these different devices. But, it’s just, for me, it’s like, why tamper with something that’s already whole. So, we’re all here, coded in different ways, to bring different qualities to be here.

[36:40] Paul
Precisely! All hands on deck, and we all have different parts and roles to play. And going back to the mission, for starseeds, there’s a collective mission, which is the overall mission, but we all have our personal missions and they’re all very different, and those might include Karma, or they might include cleaning up, things that we – Past Lives, etc., or North/South Node kind of stuff in astrology, is, continuing to learn, continuing to teach, but…
So, for some people, personal mission might be just, that’s why, sorry, and I’m jumping here, but that’s why starseeds are scattered so much around, because it’s like 1%. And so, we’re needed in certain areas, to spread this around. And so, someone’s personal mission may be just improving the lives of 4 people, their family, and that’s it, that’s their mission, is just to create this beautiful, wonderful family. And for some people it could be like an Oprah, it could be like yourself, as you open up to huge amounts of people, and that might be your personal mission, but also, involved in that is this inner work that we all need to do so that we can tap into our highest selves.
And so, we all have different personal missions, but overall, we’re here to elevate where we need to be, to elevate the earth, the vibration, and bring us back into equilibrium, into a place where we can start to grow.

[38:04] Sahara
Yes, a-ho to that! So, let’s hop into the Orion. Can you share with us a little bit more about Orion people?

[38:12] Paul
Yeah. Orion is – they can come across as cold, and Orion, it’s interesting because Orions have, there’s some people who dislike Orion, because they have been known to be aggressive, and they have been involved in some wars. You can spend years studying all the wars and all that.
So, for example, on TikTok, when I started talking about Orions, I had some people in the comments, there’s some haters for Orion. But generally, sort of like the reptilians, there’s the lower and then there’s the reptilians who have advanced, they’re here to, they have their own missions and part of their mission is to balance out the damage done by the lower energy reptilians.
So, Orion, not as black and white, there, Orions are here, generally, to help us with innovation, science, tech, you were just talking about that, that’s part of the thing. I kind of picture them like the Vulkans, the Spock, kind of, on the front may seem as cold and calculated, but they really do, they’re really compassionate, they’re so much into learning. Let them loose in the library and they’re happy. They make great students, they’ll be the one after class asking all questions over and over; they’re the ones that everyone’s like “Okay, come on, quiet Scott, I just want to go”, and they’re the ones who want to ask questions, and because of that they make great teachers, so, there’s knowledge, technology.
They also are interested in looking to insert technology into a bit of the spirituality, that’s not their main thing because, that’s part of their work is to open themselves up, open up their part, open up themselves. They, too, struggle with personal relationships because they’re a little too direct, they have wicked senses of human. But in terms of, they don’t read the room as well as maybe other people do, and so, they struggle in terms of that interpersonal skill set, those soft skills.
They are great planners, they have strong opinions, they work better in small groups, or alone, they need some of that alone time. But a lot of their energy, I would say there’s more masculine energy in this. A lot of this is organizing, planning and structure, and creating; they can be artists and stuff, still, but the definitely do like to organize as well, they’re like great organizers.
And so, part of their mandate here is to help us evolve, technologically, but for them, it’s also learning to soften themselves up. Because they can come across as arrogant, they can come across as a know-it-all, and they have to learn to soften their language, soften their voice, realize that they’re not the only one around, there’s other people around you, and it’s in their best interest because they have so much, they do have compassion, it’s just shielded in so many ways with this understanding and this logical. And that logic can be great because they can be cool under pressure. When stuff is flying, they can just boom, boom, boom, they’re that person, that’s just calm, grace under fire. But on the flip side is that they can come across as calculating, unemotional, but they do, it’s in there, and once you get to know them, they open up. But I just keep thinking about softening, that’s a part of their mandate, for themselves, because when they can soften themselves, that energy also exudes out. And so, people can realize that they can have this balance, and you can have this wonderful person with that humor and just that sharp wit and that keen eye, but also that they can relate to. So, that’s Orion.

[41:59] Sahara
Sounds like my dad! Everything you said I’m like “Yep, that’s him!”

[42:02] Paul
I was wondering who you were thinking of, I can see that you were thinking of someone.

[42:05] Sahara
I’m like “That’s him! Can’t leave the room, that’s him!” So, now, I was imagining Orion, I get it now, love it!
So, let’s hop into the Andromedan people, what are they like?

[42:19] Paul
Andromedans are the, I call them the freedom fighters, the quiet warriors. If you have a cause or something, you want them on your squad. They are creative, but logical, they’re kind of childlike, they’re introverted, they have that little inquisitive nature about them, they are empathetic, they are very much about truth. A lot of these starseeds are also, you know, and Andromedans for sure, are human lie detectors because of energy, because so many starseeds are so attached and in tune with energy, we can tell, a lot of times, Andromedans, for sure.
Andromedans, like I was mentioning, have the water aspect as well, so there’s that emotional, empathic, highly sensitive person energy to them as well. They struggle between what they should do and what they want to do because they can get into people-pleasing as well. Their job, for themselves, because they can be very self-critical, and they can lack confidence. On the outside, they exude because they’re that warrior, leader type, and you’d be shocked, like “Really, lack of confidence? You don’t seem like that”, that’s part of their struggle.
The one big thing, too, is freedom. Freedom is huge for them, it’s one of their core values, if you will. And generally, they distrust the government, they love the conspiracy theories, I mean, I love them too, but because they feel like it’s constricting them. And also, reptilians, they have a great distrust for reptilians because of past history. And so, they’re also the type to say “Yeah, reptilians are running, it’s all corrupt, everyone’s corrupt, social media is corrupt”. They tend to think that way, not every single person does, of course, but generally there’s that mistrust and that distrust for authority. Hard to pin down because of freedom sometimes – yes, they’ll be travelers and all of that, but hard to pin down in a relationship hard to pin down in a 9-5 cubicle, kind of job, but they are a great masculine/feminine balance, and they will go for bat with you, they just won’t go for bat for themselves as much.

[44:32] Sahara
Sounds like Enneagram 8, the Challenger.

[44:35] Paul
The Challenger.

[44:37] Sahara
I have a friend who’s like this, she’s very into sharing about the government and all about freedom, and just such a rebel, by spirit. So, when you were sharing about this, it really reminded me of her. And 8 is her Enneagram, so it’s how I was like “Hmm, there’s a connection here!”

[44:54] Paul
Oh, yeah. What are you, what number are you?

[44:57] Sahara
I’m 7-3, so 7 is the enthusiast, 3 is the achiever, so I’m like, I want to experience life and have fun and joy, but also, I will really work hard towards something. And I have 8 planets in Capricorn in Western Astrology.

[45:13] Paul

[45:15] Sahara
So, yeah, coming in with that!

[45:16] Paul
Oh, you’re one of those!

[45:19] Sahara
Yeah. And then 8 planets in Sagittarius in Vedic Astrology, which is like the 7, so I’m both.

[45:25] Paul
You’re all in, aren’t you?

[45:27] Sahara
Yes! Work hard, play hard! Alright, let’s dive into the Sirians. And I know there’s Sirius A and B, so I’m curious if there’s a difference between the frequency of the two.

[45:37] Paul
Yeah, there’s also Sirius C, and Sirius C is more of a dimensional type thing. And you know, what’s interesting is, someone left a message on my TikTok when I talked about Sirians, like “You know those are stars, they’re not planets”, because I’m referring to planets, I hadn’t responded. But if we’re talking about higher dimensions, it’s not always a physical place. When you look at a Sirian – if you were to have an actual, physical planet there, it would just burn up in seconds with all the heat from the stars around there. But when I talk about homes, I’m talking more like higher dimensional homes, rather than a planet.
So, Sirius C is considered home, but is dimensional, a higher dimensional place. Sirius A and B tend to be put together. Sirius A is, I believe is the larger one, not a 100% sure, I can’t remember. Sirius B is the water, is another water planet, but they tend to kind of cross in terms of just general characteristics. So, the only difference, for me is that Sirius B is that water planet. And so, that too has – people that are more from Sirius B, who are more into nature and all of that, obviously will tend to go more towards sea creatures rather than a house cat, they’d rather hang out with the dolphins or have a fish or whatever it is.
But in terms of just overall, you won’t find a lot online in terms of delineating the two because they do carry a lot of that.
Sirians are kind of like the peace keepers and the guardians, they’re the protectors. When I run into Sirians, I just feel them as a calming influence, they have a calming influence, but at the same time they have a sense of authority. So, you know that type of leader or boss you had who you felt comfortable around but you knew there was a line, and Sirians are very much like that. They’re quiet, they have a lot of integrity, they are highly spiritual, they are also, they feel deeply, they’re the type that just love fast, love deep and they take that on. And of course, when you open like that, you can get hurt, and so, that’s part of them.
They do better, sort of like the Orions, they like having a smaller group of friends, a smaller circle, because they, too, have a hard time, because they love and feel deep, they have a hard time connecting with people because it hurts. They open up their hearts and it feels like it gets kicked in somehow. So, they are very much about being of service to others.
Sirians are beautiful people, I love their energy, it’s kind of a quiet, powerful energy, and especially when you have the water involved, sort of like when we were talking about the Mintakans, there’s that fluidity, that vibrancy with Sirians. But they also stand their ground, they’re very much about being in the present and they inspire others, they’re very much about, again, we talked about – some of them, their gift is being able to see the gift in others, and that alone is a power that comes from that space where they know that they love and feel deeply, but they can carry, they can pass that onto others, so those other people can love themselves more, because sometimes, they will attract people who may try to harm them, emotionally, but they’re also attracting people who need that love in return. So, they see this kind of love being modeled, and it goes back out to them, if that makes any sense?

[49:20] Sahara
Yes, so, I’m imagining they’re just like cuddly, care-bears who love people but have a really small tight-knit group of friends because they can, sometimes, maybe see things in other people that make them a little bit guarded to let new people in.

[49:36] Paul
Yeah, yeah. And they’re very loyal and devoted, they make great companions, souls, companions, spirits. But don’t take that all lightly either, they have that energy that they can put their foot down and they can, again, create that authority, because they do, they’re very intelligent, they’re creative, they tend to go in arts. They can create change, they can be influencers without having to stomp around on everyone, they can come at it from a quieter place, and people get inspired and motivated by them.

[50:09] Sahara
Yes, one of my best friends is definitely a Sirian, so, that. And lastly, can we hop into the Lyrans?

[50:17] Paul
Yeah, the Lyrans, I joked, they’re kind of one of the OGs, they’re one of the older spirit souls around, they’re big travelers. They actually were one of the first, I think they are the ancestors of the Pleidians, so they’ve been around for a while. And so, they got tossed around when they had to move. They are [the Lyrans], they love being here on Earth, they’re like the blue rays, they don’t struggle, they don’t struggle with the homesickness thing. They love being here, they love buying things, they’re trendy, they’re very much about living here, they see Earth as a playground, and they’re here just to enjoy it. Again, sort of like blue rays, they’re very similar in that way. And so, they don’t have that homesickness, they feel like in tune with what’s going on here, they’re fiercely independent, they can be almost like misfity, they’re great leaders. Speaking of influencers, I think of some of them, some of the social media influencers I know, and I’m like “Oh yeah, they’re Lyrans, for sure!”, because they have that aura. And they also attract, they have this big energy, even though, many times, they are introverted, but it’s like their actions speak louder than words. But because they’re so much introverted, they love to indulge, they enjoy life. They, too, need to open themselves up a little bit more because they’re so busy, they want to make a mark so badly that they will sacrifice personal connection in some ways, to do that. There are something about cats, there’s like a connection to cats there.

[52:00] Sahara
And do they often look like cats because that’s what I get?

[52:02] Paul
Some of them yeah, we didn’t get into it, but there’s certain characteristics – it’s hard to say because of all the cultures and everything we have on the Earth, it’s hard to say that we have this, this and this. But some may have feline characteristics with them.
I think of cats, when they fall, they always land on their feet, but they can be clumsy at the same time, cats knocking over stuff and tripping and things like that. But Lyrans are very warm and they’re powerful and they’re genuine, and they’re very much about being unique, they like to stand out. But like I said, that influencer energy, and that’s how they elevate other people’s energy, is exuding that, it’s almost like a very grounded, because they’ve been around for so long, they’re very grounded that way and that warmth is kind of like, I think of king energy, when I think of archetypes, it’s kind of very much like the king energy. Can be queen energy, of course, but more of that, I always think of king of pentacles, just grounded, it’s like the dude abides, I think of him as the dude sometimes.
And the Lyran is kind of, that sort of, ‘been there, done that’ man, and is able to just, a sense of like, they know, it’s like they have an inner knowing, but they’re open to sharing. But it’s getting past that, they can come across as aloof, they can come across as a little bit too wacky, and so people just step away from them because they’re so much into trying to stand out. And so, their struggle, their challenge, is to stay grounded and connected to others so that they can grow at the same time.

[53:49] Sahara
Yes, I’ve heard some of them also might have curly hair, like lionesses.

[53:53] Paul
Yeah, lions too. Any of those feline, yeah, absolutely.

[53:58] Sahara
And are there any other physical characteristics? Someone once told me I had Arcturian eyes because they have almond-shaped eyes. Have you heard of this?

[54:06] Paul
I have. Yeah, I don’t pay attention to a lot of the physical characteristics because it’s just because we’re so different. Some of them might be more Nordic, I’m trying to remember which one is that.

[54:17] Sahara
I heard Pleidians, yeah.

[54:19] Paul

[54:20] Sahara
Like, Native American as well.

[54:22] Paul
Yeah. And it’s hard, I just think of, you know, if that’s the case and you’re 5’2ft, how does that translate? And some of them, we didn’t talk about, but some of the star children like rainbow crystal, indigo, they have certain features too, but some of them are just, there is no characteristic, it’s just more of the energy rather than the features. But yeah, I’ve heard the almond eyes or the feline kind of thing, or maybe smaller in stature, Arcturians, sometimes a bit smaller in stature, etc., etc. So, you can go off with that, I wouldn’t put too much, personally, I wouldn’t put too much into that just because of the variety that we have down here.

[55:04] Sahara
Yeah. And I think it’s also, sometimes, the frequency thing. Sometimes you see people of different cultures, but they have a similar feel to how they look, and it’s something that’s beyond any sort of cultural difference.
Are there any physical characteristics for Mintakans or any of the other ones?

[55:21] Paul
Mintakans, you know, I…

[55:23] Sahara
Do we have mermaid tails?

[55:25] Paul
I’ll let you know. Some people do are drawn to the more physical aspects. Personally, I tend to look more at the, just the energetic kind of profile because I think that is more telling than necessarily, kind of, like, their facial structure or maybe just how they walk, or anything like that. But I know some people like to look at that as well. But for me, it’s like a feeling, just when I knew, when I saw your stuff, I’m like “Oh, Mintakan”, because I wasn’t looking at your features or anything, I was just going by the vibe.

[56:04] Sahara
That’s how I feel with mystical beings. I can see, sort of, if someone is a fey, elf, gnome, mermaid, and it’s just this energetic thing. And sometimes it’s like, if I showed you Ed Sheeran, duh, gnome, we can all see that, like, certain people are like duh, Pink, pixie, glow! But then other people, too, you just feel into it and you just know it to be true.

[56:29] Paul
I’ll spit my drink up.

[56:32] Sahara
Yeah, when I was doing a bunch of stories, sharing all these celebrities, I was like “This is the fairy, this is a mermaid”.

[56:38] Paul
Yeah, sometimes people have those elven features, or sometimes they have dwarfen, I just think of The Lord of the Rings, those kinds of features, absolutely. You can probably go deep into that. And like you said, just point people out and just kind of get a general feeling or, you know, read on them.

[56:59] Sahara
Because our physical bodies are manifestations of our souls. Our souls chose our bodies, our faces, for a reason, and it’s part of our mission. And then, our bodies also shift and morph to embody the energy that we’re tapping into.
With Ayurveda, the same thing, and also Chinese face reading, just from physically looking at someone, there’s certain – and we’re all doing it all the time, we just don’t really know how and what we’re picking into. But even with Ayurveda, people with rounder faces tend to be more Kapha, which we tend to feel “This is a more personable person”, because they have a rounder face, and someone that has a really long and angular face, we might think of them as long, more Vata, or super angular, more Pitta. And that creates our own, you know, sort of like, maybe even stereotypes of what we think about this person, but the reason why they’re there is because it’s like, throughout nature, tried and true, and we started to notice patterns around “Oh, the people who look like this are like that”. So, it can be very helpful and it’s important to go beyond physical feature because it truly is beyond that, it’s an Oric, energetic thing.

[58:05] Paul
Yeah. And you are right, there is something about, we did choose this vessel, this container, and so, there is something to, there are clues in there, and why someone is X amount so tall, so many pounds, and someone is more petite. There’s a connection between their purpose and where they’re supposed to be and how they’re supposed to do it. So, I think you’re right, yeah.

[58:32] Sahara
Yes, some people are – I have these friends, they’re twins, and they’re super small, but they’re tiny, but mighty, and that’s their whole thing, that’s their slogan of their lives that they’re loud and they’re ambitious, and they get what they want, but they’re 4’10ft. And there’s other people who are gentle giants, that someone might look at them and. “Oh my God, you’re huge”, but it’s like, they’re so soft and gentle inside.
And so, sometimes too, we choose our physical characteristics to break a norm of what we think of that person.

[59:02] Paul
A hundred percent! You beat me to that, I was going to say, it’s breaking that stereotype. So, you see someone tall, all the basketball jokes come out and they’re like the softest kitten inside. And for them, it’s demonstrating that, you know, inside, there’s a different kind of strength, as opposed to outside, when we think of strength. Yeah, it’s fascinating, I love seeing that dichotomy.

[59:30] Sahara
So good! Well, I could chat with you about all of this for hours, and it’s been so much fun! Do, where can listeners connect with you further?

[59:38] Paul
I am on TikTok, therealpaulsilva, Instagram as well, therealpaulsilva.com, I’m just building that now, but probably by the time you see this, it’ll be up and ready. And so, any of those platforms, you’ll catch me.

[59:54] Sahara
Amazing! Well, thank you so much for being here and sharing your wisdom today!

[59:057] Paul
Thank you! A pleasure, pleasure, thank you!

[1:00:00] End of Interview

[1:00:00] Sahara
Wow, so fascinating! I could talk about stuff like this forever! And I so deeply resonate with Paul’s journey of really beginning with food and healing the body, and then these different powers unlocking within you. And I see that happen so often within the spiritual journey, it begins with the healing journey, and as you heal, you start to access more of your intuition, more of your soul’s memory, prior to this lifetime, and then more of these cosmic codes begin to unlock.

[1:00:25] Sahara
So, again, share with me on Instagram, which starseed family you’re from. I’m going to do a poll on my IG story as well, share this Episode, encourage your friends and families to listen to the Episode too. That was really helpful for me to know what starseed family my dad is from, because now I will have a lot more compassion around why he is the way that he is, and see the benefits and the gifts in that as well.
So, it’s just a beautiful, new and textured way to get to know your friends and family on a deeper soul level. So, please share this conversation, tag me at @iamsahararose and I am so excited to see it!

[1:00:59] Sahara
So, I hope you loved this conversation, and I would love for you to leave a review. So, please share a review with me if you’re listening to this on iTunes and take a screenshot of that review so I can send you a free gift as my thank you.
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[1:01:41] Sahara
I hope you loved this conversation, share it with people that you think it may resonate with, and I’ll see you in the next one. Namaste.



Episode 437: Which Starseed System Are You From? (Pleidian, Arcturian, Mintaken) with
Paul Silva
By Sahara Rose


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