Highest Self Podcast 362: Connecting With Galactic Beings with Elizabeth April


We got cosmic in this episode, diving deep into extraterrestrial contact, star families, galactic beings and all things cosmic. If you feel like you come from a star system far far away and are longing for a place called home (which isn’t on this planet), this episode is for you!

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Episode 362: Connecting With Galactic Beings with Elizabeth April

By Sahara Rose


Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.


If it’s your first time listening – welcome! My name is Sahara, I a best-selling author, host of this Podcast for almost 4 years and an ancient soul in a modern body, really on this soul mission to make spirituality accessible, grounded, relatable and most of all, fun, because I think we’re taking ourselves a little bit too seriously, especially on the spiritual path.


So, if you have come to this Podcast, you’re probably on a spiritual journey. Maybe you’re just at the beginning of “Who am I? Am I more than this mind and body? Do I have a greater purpose? How can I find it?” Maybe you’re knee-deep into your past lives or you’re channeling galactic beings? Wherever you are on your journey, we’re really all at this same place in time because, truly, time doesn’t exist and we’re all in the ongoing process of awakening.


So, what I love about spirituality, and even the term spirituality, I feel like it’s so nuanced, because, the truth is, we’re all spirit, we’re all souls having a human experience. And it’s really this same oneness that we experience in different ways.


So, to me, spirituality, your highest self, is about being your fullest expression. It’s not even about getting somewhere or this linear progression of “I’m my lower self; now I’m my higher self”, it’s not like a thing that’s taller than you, that’s not at least how I see it. I see it more as embodying your fullest expression of who you are and diving into the different paths that you may be interested in. I always say “Excitement is the breadcrumb guiding you towards your dharma, your soul’s purpose”. So, we’re all here to experience the full potential of who we are, and the beauty is, though paths that resonate for us are going to be different according to our childhood upbringing, our past lives, our ancestral experiences, our karma, soul aid, all of these different aspects is going to make, maybe, the path that is more exciting for you be different than the one that’s more exciting for me. And the beauty is, it can also change.


You know, I have gone through phases – I was star practicing yoga when I was 12 years old, so I was very knee-deep in yoga and then Ashtanga yoga, which then later took me into more Ayurveda, and that was really my practice, and then brought me into more understanding my past lives, and that was a really big component, then ancestral healing, then divine feminine wisdom and now discovering your dharma and joy as a pathway, womb awakening. So, it’s had all these different flavors and textures that really brings us to the same source.


And doing this Podcast now, for almost 4 years – by the way, did you notice the image of this Podcast has shifted? For the first time in 4 years I have updated the image. I mean, I will always love the original Highest Self Podcast image because it was actually an image taken of me by my husband, before we were married, on my 26th birthday, at the Yoga Nanda Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, California. And I will always love that image because it just really has this dreamy ethereal quality to it and it was such a beautiful gift for my husband, on my 26th birthday, to do a little impromptu photo shoot of me. But I’ve also shifted since then, I’ve shifted in the past 4 years, and some of you have been listening to this from the beginning and for some of you this is your first time hearing me. So, welcome in this iteration of my life! But I have shifted and I wanted the image to represent more of who I am now.


I feel like, when I began this Podcast, I still had this view of what spirituality looked like. You know, I have been an Ayurvedic practitioner and an Ayurvedic author for almost 10 years now. So, for me, I wanted a place that I could talk about more than just Ayurveda and physical health, and self-care, and nutrition. This is how I started my career, I began my first blog, Eat Feel Fresh, in 2010, so 11 years ago now that I’ve been doing work, but I wanted a place that I could talk about more than physical wellness. I wanted to talk about past lives, spirituality, karma, your highest self and all of these different aspects that were exciting to me, that I felt like I didn’t really have a space to explore. I felt like all my Instagram, I had to be the Ayurveda person because that was what people followed me for, and I wanted a place that I could just talk freely and about all of the other things I was personally just curious about and I really wanted to listen to a Podcast that had diverse audience members, more grounded, not so, like this very white, spiritual approach that we see in the mainstream audience, but one that is just more embodied and feminine and diverse. So, that’s why I created the Podcast.


And you know, in the past 4 years, of now almost 400 Episodes and over 4000 5-star reviews, which is just “Wow” insane, I cry every time I read it, thank you. But, I have shifted. For me, spirituality, it’s about being a multi-layered version of you with your textures and your shapes and your emotions. And I wanted the image to reflect that because sometimes we think “My highest self or spirituality is this white, pure, light-being, pristine version”, that is not me because , you know, I bleed with the Moon, I sweat and I cry, and my dirty human self can’t be that. And I just believe that that’s the polar opposite of the truth. I don’t believe that we’re here to fill out our karma and do our lifetimes and get the hell out of here, you now “Bye Earth”, I don’t see that. I feel like Earth is the most incredible place to be. We have waterfalls, deserts, amazing people, amazing food, I love Earth, Earth is great. And there’s so much more to experience than this 3-dimensional plain. So, I wanted the image to reflect that, the textures, the fun, the joy, the embodiment of being a soulful person, which isn’t just disconnecting from your human form but rather being fully engrossed in it. So, I hope you like the new image and I hope that this also gives you permission to shift and change. And just know that discovering your dharma, your soul’s purpose, it’s not a one-time process, it’s not like “Okay, I’m here, I’m going to hedge my stick in the Earth and not move. I’ve made it to Mars, I’m living my dharma”, but it’s more like a mountain range. You get to that first peak and you realize it deepens and it spirals and you further understand more facets of yourself. And living your dharma just requires you to honor the truth of who you are at this time. It’s not about being one version of you but it’s rather, as you receive more information and unravel more facets of who you are, that you take action and reflect your outer world to be a natural response of what is happening in your inner world. So, you did not need my permission but in case you’re like “I feel like I’m shifting but people expect this from me and I don’t know if I can shift because I’ve got to stay what they want me to be”. No! You do you honey! You are here to grow and all Earth needs is the fullest, most embodied version of you right now. So, don’t feel afraid to change, in fact, you are meant to, you are not meant to be just one brand. This is why I don’t resonate with personal brand because you’re not a brand, you’re not Coca Cola, you can’t do your branding one time and it lasts for a hundred years. You are changing every single minute of the hour! So, let your outer world reflect that. I’m going through a massive phase right now with different colors. I used to wear more neutral, now I’m wearing all these different colors. So, let whatever’s happening inside of you, let that change the art on your wall; let that change the meditation you listen to; let that change the music you tune into or the dance that you do or the practices that you do. You don’t have to just “This is my meditation practice, that’s it!” Some people, that resonates with them, it’s a more masculine, rigid way of doing things. But for me, my daily practice or routine, has never been the same for 2 days. Today I just work up and I got on the Podcast, you know, and I honor that, I honor my flows – so, giving you the permission that you do not need to honor your flows.


So, I’m really excited for this Episode because I’ve actually tuned to the guest, Elizabeth April, on other shows, I know she has been on Gaia before. And for me, connecting with the galactic realm is something that has not been my natural forte, as mentioned I’m super Earth, I have 7 planets in Capricorn, I love the Earth, but I have been getting very into Astrology, especially over the past year or two, and just seeing how much these different planets affect us. It is crazy, me and my husband will have a weird situation and we’re like “Argh, Black Moon Lilith! It’s always those damn planets, they’re ruining our lives!” No, but they’re also making our lives, we love them! But it’s just insane to see how the movement of planets, light years away, can impact your energy on such a subtle level. So, how can we say that these things don’t make an impact? And also, how can we say that we are the only living beings in all of the galaxies? Our Earth is one tiny grain of sand to the Earth.
Imagine if you just picked up sand and you had it in your hand, could you even count all of those grains? No, there’s thousands. Now imagine all of the grains of sand on a beach, trillions or quadrillions, or I don’t even know the number for it, very, very high amounts of small, small grains of sand. Now imagine in the entire northern hemisphere; now imagine in the entire world; how many tiny particles of sand there are?
Now, if our entire earth is one of these particles of sand to the Earth. Think of that ratio. Our mind can’t even compute it because it’s so colossal that we can’t even imagine.


So, if we are that small compared to all of the galaxies and universes and black holes that exist, how can we say, for sure, that we are the only living beings out there and how can we even say that we know what a living being looks like? How can we say “Oh, if I don’t see it with my five senses, then it can’t exist”, because every single day science is finding new waves that we have not been able to see before. If you told someone a hundred years ago “We’re going to have this thing called the Internet and it’s this invisible Wi-Fi that anyone can connect to all around the world and can stream all forms of information and all ideas, information, books, everything is going to be accessible to everyone with this invisible wavelength called ‘Wi-Fi’”. They’d be like “You’re crazy! Burn her at the stake!” But, now, this is normal, this is science, we have 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, we’re probably going to have a lot of Gs (G-g-g-Unit – shout out to that!), so we’re going to have a lot of Gs.
And there’s more, there’s infrared, there’s UV, there are micro waves, there are so many layers out there that we had not been able to see before, that now science is able to say “Oh, of course there’s infrared; of course there’s micro waves; of course there’s radio waves”. But before, if you tried to explain these things, they’d say you’re crazy!


So, I share this because sometimes we can go into Galactic Beings with an eye-roll “There can’t be, there are no such thing as aliens”. We even discuss do they like being called ‘aliens’ or not, and we’re also discussing more of the energy of these Galactic Beings. This isn’t like a debate “Are there Galactic Beings or not”, but Elizabeth April has a firsthand experience with connecting with these Galactic Beings, extraterrestrial contact.


So, in this conversation, we discuss all about that, her personal experience. Throughout her life she really has been a voice for many, many years on connecting to these extraterrestrial Beings. We also talk about different star families. I know that’s a huge topic right now “Am I Pleiadians? Am I Sirian? Am I from Series A or B?” All of these different star families out there and different textures that they have. And we talk about how, you know, sometimes that can be very helpful, and then also, that can sometimes be our human mind trying to classify us into one category of like “I am a Lairing” and “I’m only Lairing”, and it’s just like we are all of the doshas and all of the elements, and all of the signs and all of the human designs – we’re all of the things.
So, this is just another way that we can look at qualities. I see it as another Archetypal System related to different Star Families. And we also share our own stories. And I share my husband’s story about the extraterrestrial contact that he had. So, if you feel like you come from a star system far, far away and are longing for a place called home (which isn’t on this planet) then this Episode is, for sure, for you!


So, without further ado, let’s welcome Elizabeth April to The Highest Self Podcast.

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[16:05] Interview

[16:05] Sahara

Welcome Elizabeth to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.

[16:08] Elizabeth

Yeah, likewise! Very excited for our conversation today!

[16:12] Sahara

Yes! And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[16:18] Elizabeth

Hey, good question! I would say being in the present moment and ultimately, that is definitely one of my greatest strengths, but also, definitely, one of my greatest weaknesses. And it’s something that I have to bring myself back into constantly, which also allows me to be constantly authentic, because I’m always checking into my state of being and I always know that if I’m extra triggered, or a little bit edgy one day, it’s because I’m not in that presence. So, that’s definitely the thing that always aligns me to my highest self.

[16:53] Sahara

So simple, yet so needed, you know, and it’s always this reminder. So, you have an incredible journey that I would love to learn more about and share with our listeners.
So, can you tell us a little bit how you got into channeling and how you began communication?

[17:11] Elizabeth

Yeah, absolutely! So, I really got started when I was a kid and I was born with extra-sensory abilities and I think a lot of kids really, truly are, you know, which just means that I was able to tap into other energies, frequencies. I was extremely sensitive and empathic to the point where I wasn’t really able to go out to public restaurants; I would take on everyone’s energy. You know, my dad knew, right, it’s like “Hey, do you have to go to the bathroom”, and it required a lot of purging being in the presence of others. I was also seeing ghosts and spirits. Luckily my dad was very open to that and my mom was a little bit more, kind of, freaked out. And I was always the weird kid in elementary school, you know, it was very difficult for me to fit in, definitely feeling like I didn’t belong there and that I was different, but I didn’t know why. I think a lot of starseeds have been feeling like that way too, especially at childhood. And then at the age of 10, I just shut off, very consciously, all of those abilities and I just started playing sports, I just started doing the things that I needed to do to fit in, but that really led me to a lot of anxiety, a lot of depression, a lot of questioning, who are we, why are we here, what’s the whole point of this?
For me, just living a “normal” life wasn’t going to cut it, that wasn’t good enough. And so, at 16, I was really just kind of going through the motions, but also really depressed and anxious and questioning. My questioning actually led my dad to offering me a past life regression. Believe it or not, as an engineer and as a born and raised Catholic, he was also very open-minded and very spiritual. And he ended up taking a course on past life regression when he was in university. And so, at 16, in about an hour and a half, we went into five different lifetimes and in each one of those lifetimes I was in a position to gain access to information and to give it to humanity to help them. I didn’t know how exactly I was helping or what exactly I was gaining access to but I did know after that past life regression a couple of things: 1) reincarnation is real and we are not just who we are in this present moment, we are the sum of all of our past lifetimes; and 2) time is actually an illusion, it’s simultaneous. What, in an hour and a half, I can explore five entire lifetimes, at the age of 16, what else is possible?
So, that really just kind of opened up the can of worms. When I went off to university, I ended up taking my dad’s past life regression book, and that’s kind of how I made friends in university.

[19:53] Sahara

Dolores Cannon?

[19:55] Elizabeth

No, no, his actual regression techniques. I took them, I copied them into my own book and I started regressing kids in university, without any sort of prior ability, knowledge, hypnotherapy work, I mean, it was probably, really irresponsible of me but it was also really amazing to be able to take people into a trans-like state where they can experience infinite number of past lifetimes. You know, that was kind of my party trick back in the day. And so, I was really open.
The second I went away to university, I started to really just expand my abilities. Again, I had that freedom. And, at a certain point in time I asked myself, it takes so long to get someone separated from their ego mind and separated from this current moment, and is it possible for me, instead of regressing them and putting them into a trans-like state, is it possible for me to regress myself into a trans-like state where I can see that persons akashic records and past lifetimes? And when I started doing that, what used to take one lifetime in an hour and a half, now I can explore five or six lifetimes for an individual, in 30 minutes. It was just so much more efficient. And that’s when I started getting into remote viewing and astral-traveling. Oh my God, if I can tap into someone’s past lifetimes, or my own lifetimes, at will, with my own conscious navigation, what else can I tap into? How are the pyramids built? How was Jesus really? These are all the things that my curious mind wanted to explore. So, at that point I was really open.
One of the past lifetimes that I tapped into was, I was a yogi in Burma and I could do a lot of really crazy different things like defying the laws of physics and levitation and all of that cool stuff. And one of the practices that I used was Vipassana, and so I’m like “I’ve got to find a Vipassana Center”. So, I went away to attend a Vipassana meditation, a silent meditation retreat. And at that point I was very open, exploring a lot, downloading a lot, doing a lot of things. But if you ask me if I believed in aliens, I would probably laugh and say “Hmm, I’m sure they’re out there in the Universe, but there’s no way they’re here in this lonely 3-dimensional planet, why? Why would they ever bother with little old us, humans?” So, believe it or not, on the second night of the silent meditation retreat, I ended up getting fully, consciously abducted by aliens, by interdimensional beings. And it was a very fear-based abduction experience. And I’ve been interviewed many times on what exactly happened, but it’s actually not what happened but really what happened after. Once I got exposed to the fact that interdimensional life is not only possible, it’s real, it’s a thing, but that they’re here, all of a sudden my questions went away from this physical reality and dimension, and started going into other dimensions. So, who are these beings, why are they here, what is their point of their interaction with human beings, what is their angle? And that is when I started to basically channel and go into past times where I’ve been in interdimensional bodies, in other dimensions, on spaceships and planets. And I just took my prior knowledge and I applied it to the Universe. So, that was about 10 years ago, I’m 28 now and it’s just been the past 10 years of unpacking and exploring and really just trying to figure out what this is all about.

[23:32] Sahara

I love that so much and I have so many questions that I’m sure listeners are like “Wait, what here?”
Okay, so, here is, what I feel a lot of people struggle with, including myself, I feel like we have grown up seeing – and by the way, do they prefer extraterrestrials or aliens?

[23:50] Elizabeth

Yeah, they, I mean, any term other than aliens is probably okay.

[23:53] Sahara

Not aliens, okay.

[23:56] Elizabeth

It implies that they’re foreign to this planet, but also mainstream. Sometimes I do use the word aliens because that’s what the mainstream…

[24:05] Sahara


[24:06] Elizabeth

Understands, right.

[24:08] Sahara

So, you say the extraterrestrials are here? Does that mean they are just right next to us, just in a dimension that we can’t see or they’re here in terms of – explain what that means?

[24:21] Elizabeth

Totally! So, I mean, it’s in a variety of different ways that they’re here and that we can perceive them here. Mostly what I reference is, they have been interacting and engaging with humanity since the dawning of humanity. As a matter of fact I believe that they are the missing link to our genetic evolution, but that’s just my perspective based on my channeling. And I do want to mention, too, that I don’t do any external research, I don’t read any books, I don’t watch documentaries on the stuff that I channel, and I was told that, at a young age, not to do any external research in order to keep my perception as clear as possible. I’m already battling my 20-something year-old self, I don’t need to battle other teachers and their perceptions and their language as well, so I always like making that statement. And I also always like making the statement to your listeners – take anything or leave anything; it is always up to your own free will. And that way it just kind of opens the door and say “This is what I believe based on my experiences and you don’t have to be there with me.”

[25:24] Sahara

I love that! So, they’re here, just in different ways. So, people talk about these different Galactic Beings (The Pleiadians, The Arcturians, The Sirians), are these the same extraterrestrials that you are referring to? I know you have said that you’re a Grey. What are the differences between these Star Systems?

[25:44] Elizabeth

I mean, there is an infinite number of beings that are out there in the Universe, right? There’s never a limit to who’s out there. I’ve seen them of all shapes, sizes, colors, frequencies, it’s really vast. There are, however, some main species that interact with planet Earth. I’ll kind of list off the main ones that I have a lot of knowledge in, and then there’s other ones that are becoming more common, like you mentioned before we hopped on (The Arcturians).
So, the main ones that I mostly communicate with and kind of understand are The Pleiadians, The Angelics, The Greys, The Mantis, The Anunnaki and The Reptilian. But then, the ones that are really coming and interacting with this planet – The Sirians, The Arcturians, The Blue Avians, The Andromedans, even the Yahyel, that are all kind of coming in robes to this planet. So, they are kind of the main ones and then there are so many others. There are so many others that I interact with that I have no idea what their name is and I have to ask them what their species name is and I have to describe what they look like every time I talk about them because no one else knows who they are, and they’re really beautiful too. So, the majority of the species that I interact with are all here for unity consciousness, that’s the easiest way to sum it up. They just want us to thrive. Up until this point in time, we have been suppressed, we have been repressed, we have been under the guise of corruption and illusion, and right now, at this time, all of that corruption, all of that illusion, all of that projection is all getting exposed right now. And that’s why things are collapsing and people are very afraid because reality is shifting. So, there are, definitely, other beings who are interacting with planet Earth and humans, who are not good beings. And it’s very difficult to say all one species is good and all one species is bad, but there’s also a frequency that these beings exist at, and most of the, say for example, Pleiadians are high-vibrational, very loving, very open, and say, for example, most of The Reptilians are lower vibration, greedy, service to self. But that is not to say that all Pleiadians are good and all Reptilians are bad because that’s like another species looking at human beings saying “Oh, they’re all bad. There’s some bad apples in the bunch”, and that’s too limiting. And I think, for human beings and our own linear mind, we would love to say that they’re good and they’re bad and this is what you need to watch out for, but it’s not that simple and it’s not that linear out there in the Universe.

[28:37] Sahara

So, how can we know, I feel like this is such a human thing, but we’re like “Which one am I? Am I a this? Let me take a starseed quiz”. Are there any tell-tale signs that you may, and I’m sure we’re all of them in varying amounts, but are there any tell-tale frequencies that really encompass different ones?

[28:58] Elizabeth

Oh totally! I’ve broken it all down in videos before and I also have my, kind of own, Figure Out Your Cosmic Family Quiz.
So, let’s just talk about maybe the main ones – Pleiadian for example. Pleiadian and Angelic frequencies are very, very similar. Angelics, a lot of the time, exist in the 7th or 11th dimension and they’re very out of body. If you’re an angelic soul, you know how some people are like “Oh, you’re such an angel”, it’s that earth angel energy of always giving, always loving, always healing, unconditionally, for ever and ever, but the problem is that, what I tend to find, when channeling angelic souls in human bodies, as an angel, they’re so used to having an infinite amount of energy and vibration from pure source because they’re energy beings, they’re etheric beings, that when they come into their body, they’re like “Oh, I’m tapped out on my energy. I only have a limited store of energy”. So, angelic frequencies tend to get sick very often.

[30:01] Sahara

Is Jordan Younger one?

[30:03] Elizabeth

Is who?

[30:04] Sahara

Jordan Younger. I think you’ve been on her podcast too – Balanced Fund?

[30:07] Elizabeth

Oh okay, yes, absolutely.

[30:09] Sahara

I’m like, she sounds like an angelic to me. She’s just very etheric.

[30:13] Elizabeth

Yeah, very etheric, yes! So, there’s positives and negatives to each trait. I think it’s really important that we understand who we are, at least a part of it, because, like you said, we’re really, truly been all of the species out there, throughout all of our past, present, future timelines, so it’s difficult to say “This is who I am”, and the problem with that, as human beings, we so, desperately want to belong, or fit in, or feel like we’re a part of something that I have seen people step into their cosmic identity and dismiss their human identity, or attach themselves to a brand new cosmic identity, and it’s like “No, no, no, we’re trying to be fluid with all identities, we don’t want to get stuck into “Well, I’m a Pleiadian and this is what I do as a Pleiadian” and you know, and then of all the rules and regulations and conditions within that. So, we have to be careful with that, but, say, for example the Annunaki – Anunnaki, Hybrids or Beings, and there’s different forms of hybrids, it’s a lot of information, but Anunnaki, typically, humans with higher percentage with Anunnaki DNA, typically, they’re actually larger; they’re physically larger people and they are very, kind of, divine masculine; they are very strong and structured; very much so like the pillar; the supporter and very good at holding space; but also really love knowledge and understanding ancient relics and different scriptures and things like that.

[31:48] Sahara

Or, like Viking people kind of like that?

[31:50] Elizabeth

Absolutely Viking, yeah, absolutely that kind of vibe. So, yeah, so, it’s just really interesting to observe and piece it all together, but also to be constantly be checking in with your human, and making sure that your human is being cared for because I went through about a 2-year period, where I tried to kill or squash my ego, well, all my pain and suffering is coming from my emotions and reactions, so let’s just get rid of all of that. And by the end of that 2 years, my inner child was crying, saying “You don’t care about me”, and I really had to go through that whole experience to understand the human is just as important as the frequency; it’s just as important as the cosmic; and we really can’t put one or the other in a hierarchy-type of position. And since then, I’ve really kind of come into my emotions and surrendered to my day-to-day, and the triggers and all of those things because this is an experience that I came here to have and I am so grateful for that.

[32:51] Sahara

I love that so much. So, what are our Arcturians like? People have told me I have an Arcturian face and that they channel very ancient knowledge.

[33:00] Elizabeth

Yes, absolutely. You do have a very strong Arcturian vibe. Arcturians are interesting. A lot of them are asexual, which means that they’re in the middle, basically non-binary. They’re in the middle, between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, which also means they’re extremely balanced; they’re energy is very, very calm in relation to other beings, and they do love to deep dive into ancient knowledge and wisdom, and they love to figure it all out; they love to the bigger picture and then they have the ability to navigate through that bigger picture.
I work with an Arcturian Council, and I’ve been working with them more and more in the past, probably 2 or 3 months because they’re really coming in strong. And this Council, in particular, works for the Galactic Federation, I’m sure there’s many other Arcturian Councils out there. This one that I worked with only has about 4 or 5 Arcturian beings and they are a timeline council, it’s really cool. So, what they do is, they took a look at the all of the most predominant timelines on planet Earth and they basically relay knowledge to me, in order to relay it to humanity, about kind of what to expect and what’s going to come down the pipeline and what to get prepared for based on the current timelines. Especially now, it’s difficult to track down these timelines because humanity is in such a state of collective flux. We’re hopping in and out of different vibrations, different densities, different dimensions, from moment to moment, collectively, it’s very difficult to kind of lock down any sort of timeline. But people nowadays, more so than ever before, kind of want to know what to get prepared for, kind of want to know where things are going. So, the Arcturians are really great with that, and they’re also, typically, shorter. And I find that, I don’t know how tall you are, but I find that human beings with that Arcturian DNA also tend to be just short, little, cute beings.

[34:59] Sahara

Yeah, I’m 5’4, so no that tall. I love that! And then, what about the Sirians?

[35:05] Elizabeth

Yeah, the Sirians, okay. They’ve got a very similar vibration to the Arcturians. I just spoke to a beautiful a Sirian Being, I guess etheric being, the other day, and it’s also difficult to say because I don’t have as much experience with the Sirians as I do with other beings. Difficult to say that the whole species is like this, just because I had one or two conversations with, you know, because there’s different personalities and what not, but they’re very (I find the Sirians) are very kind of in your face with information; will not beat around the bush. I find the Angelics and the Pleiadians are so empathic, but they will give it to you the way you need it – Sirians, even Arcturians, are “Bla, this is what it is, take it or leave it”, kind of in your face.

[35:52] Sahara

Phil Good is a Sirian.

[35:54] Elizabeth

Yes, a hundred percent. He’s been bringing through the Arcturian energy recently and it’s been pretty incredible. So, yeah, just also about knowledge and information and helping us along and kind of whipping us into shape.
I find, as a Grey being, my origins are from Sirius (Sirius B) which is the planet that’s kind of my home planet and so I’ve got a lot of that kind of Sirian Zeta Grey type of energy. For me, the Grey’s are all about quantum physics, astro
-physics, science, mathematics, understanding the way that the Universe works and why it works. It’s very, very, very deeply knowledge-based and we love technology and gadgets and what’s the next new thing.

[36:40] Sahara

Is Steve Jobs a Grey, was he a Grey?

[36:42] Elizabeth

Oh I’m not sure, I haven’t channeled it but I wouldn’t be surprised, but Elon Musk – definitely an alien. I don’t know what kind of alien he is. A lot of the time when I try to look at that, because I have tried to look at celebrities or presidents or what have you, they have a lot of energetic defenses and I get blocked from taking a look at their energy. And sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing, you can kind of feel their vibe when you tap in. So, yeah, there’s no more curiosity with those kind of people anymore, I just recognize them as I see them.

[37:17] Sahara

So, I want to tell you a little story and you can tell me what this was.
I’m an RH negative blood type, which I hear are a lot of alien people, is this true by the way, people with negative blood types?

[37:29] Elizabeth

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve always been really curious to sit down with all the blood types and channel which species is which, based on our DNA. I haven’t done that yet, so I don’t know which species is which but one day.

[37:41] Sahara

Yeah. I heard with, I don’t know with what percent, a small percent of people have the negative blood type and they’re not able to track them back to when we were all monkeys and Neanderthals – that was a positive blood type and then suddenly this negative blood type just showed up and scientists today still can’t track it, so people say it’s some extraterrestrial lineage. But, for me, I think it’s this fear. I’ve done Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique and every time I see a galactic thing I’m like “No, no, take me to the mermaids”. But I’m surrounded by people who resonate with being extraterrestrial, including my husband.
So, when we first started dating (this is almost 6 years ago), we were on the Big Island, which is known, especially in the south, where it’s all lava, a lot of people go there for contact. And I was there before, on a belly dance retreat, and he came down and that night I heard him kind of mumbling under his breath in the middle of the night, but I thought he was sleep talking and I didn’t think anything of it. The next day he’s like “Oh my God, did you see that?” I was like “What are you talking about?” He was like “There was this disc with lights all over it and it was on the floor and it hovered next to me, right at my eyes, and then it shot out the window, and then I tried to wake up and I had sleep paralysis and I had shivers on my body for 30 minutes and I just felt so nervous and scared, but excited”, but his body couldn’t move. So, I was like “Oh, that’s weird”, didn’t really think anything of it, I thought it was just a weird dream. Then I see on his back, I’m like “What’s on your back”, he’s like “What are you talking about” and I’m like “You have these rashes on your shoulder blades”. And I take a picture and we’re trying to figure out what it is because it’s shaped like honeycombs on both of his shoulder blades. It looks like when you go cupping and it’s like suction cups, but on both shoulder blades in the shape of two honeycombs. So, we’re trying to figure out “Okay, what kind of bug could do this, it’s way too symmetrical for a bug bite” and I’m like “Maybe on the airplane you were leaning on something”, but we were like “Seatbelt? That couldn’t really do that”. We’re trying to figure it out, we start googling ‘Honeycomb rash’ and we end up on this extraterrestrial website where there are hundreds and thousands of people who had some sort of dream that was similar to that or something of contact, woke up really startled and now have this exact same rash.
So, obviously something weird happened but what I’m very confused about is why did he end up with these rashes on his physical body? Did they take him with his body to test him? And he’s very stoked about this, he’s like “I wish I could remember more!” But, what do you see?

[40:27] Elizabeth

Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, I mean, to actually, fully get the whole experience, I would have to tap into that. But a lot of the time, when people have an experience like that and wake up with different markings, what I’ve channeled before is – a lot of the time it’s upgrades. So, DNA upgrades, activations, sometimes they’re etheric and energetic activations and upgrades, and sometimes it is the fact that they were taken to a ship and they were worked on up on the ship, and sometimes they’re able to work on people right from their own bed. What I would recommend for him, especially if he kind of wants to deep dive into a little bit further is, you for, if you know QHHT or whatever it’s called, you should regress him back to that night, you should take him back there and re-experience that moment and take back the hidden memories that were lost. Before you do that, just make sure you’re asking his subconscious or higher self, if he’s ready and prepared to see what happened. Because you may not ask permission and try and take him back and he just simply won’t go there because he’s not ready. So, just ask, get him into that trans-like state, ask him, see if that resonates and then he can go there. And that’s what I recommend, is him to re-experience that, and it’s always pretty cool. And I think part of the problem with people having abductions is, they don’t have all of the answers and it creates a fear that is unwarranted because it could’ve been a really amazing experience, but you never know until you know. It’s kind of, ultimately, that fear of the unknown. So, I think it is important for him to figure that out at a certain point in time. And then, if it is a very positive experience, which I feel that it is, and it was contracted at that time for both of you to experience that moment, I think that that’s really going to kind of open you guys up having more of those experiences moving forward.

[42:28] Sahara
Yeah, I mean, he also said when he woke up he felt like he was in this chair that shot back. So I was like “Maybe they took him and he woke up a little bit too soon and saw them dropping him off or something”.

[42:42] Elizabeth

Right, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[42:43] Sahara

It felt very Matrix in that chair, you know.

[42:46] Elizabeth

Right, or Inception, right? Yeah, so, when me and my wife were staying in Joshua Tree in 2020 for 4 or 5 months, she had a – Joshua Tree is extremely portal-activated, high-vibe, I would say even more so than Sedona, that’s just kind of my opinion. And so, the one night, this happened twice while we were there, it was so wild. We were sitting in the living room, watching TV, and all of a sudden the light, it was like a motion activated light, starts flickering, and it’s so bright, and it’s flickering like crazy, the blinds are open and I’m like “Babe, can you just, this is freaking me out, can you close the blinds”, so she goes to close the blinds and every single slot of the blinds, they were like hanging blinds, they all fell, the second she touched them, they all fell, and this light is flickering, I’m like “Okay, this is weird”, then all of a sudden Siri turns on, on her phone, it’s all shut off, okay, Siri turns on out of nowhere (never happened before) on her phone and what’s on the search of Siri is “E.T.”, and the first thing that comes down under E.T. is ‘extraterrestrial’. So, the blinds fall, the light is flashing, E.T. comes on under her phone, we’re looking at each other being like “What the hell is happening”. It’s like all of these symptoms of like an abduction experience are about to happen. And we kind of got freaked out and we went to bed. And that night she said (I didn’t have this experience), she said that in the middle of the night this green light comes down and it just envelops her, and there’s just bright, kind of green light, all around her and as this green light was all around her, she literally felt like she was getting sucked up while falling backwards at the same time, by this weird pulling feeling which she later finds out is a very common trait of a physical abduction, right. And she said that she was also paralyzed, but for whatever reason, in that moment, she was able to reach out and I remember her grabbing my arm and said “Babe!” And I remember her saying that and I’m like “What, what is it”, and the second that she was able to get out of that moment, and she kind of woke me up, the green light went away instantly. And that happened one more time and when I tapped into it, it was an upgrade experience that she needed to happen, but it was too overwhelming and it was funny because all of the weird, freaky things that were happening right before that, were them, our cosmic family, trying to prepare us and warn us this is about to happen, to try and make it a little bit easier for us, but it did the opposite and it just freaked us out ten times more.

[45:35] Sahara

Aww, that’s cute. They’re like “How do we help the humans? Their phone, they listen to their phone, put it there!”

[45:44] Elizabeth

Yeah, just let them know E.T.s are coming, whatever. So, then, I didn’t have to have that green light experience because I’ve already gone through the upgrades or whatever that she’s about to go through.
So, then it happened like 3 months later and she allowed it to happen and it was a beautiful, incredible upgrade experience. It was something that should’ve happened 3 months prior, but I think the energy was a little bit too weird. And even for me, I speak to aliens all the time, but I’m usually after travelling up to their ship, I’m having telepathic conversations with them. Back in the day, when I first got introduced, it was a lot more physical, a lot more Pleiadian Beings walking into the room and visitations by Mantis and all of those things. It’s very difficult for them to come down from higher dimensions to this 3rd dimension, very dense planet. But even for me, those kind of physical, weird, paranormal things are still freaky, you’re still a human, you’re still in a dark room thinking “What was that?” Like you and your husband, there’s still that logical brain that is trying to figure it out and once there’s no logical explanation, then you go to the next level which is “Okay, cool, this has got to be some sort of paranormal, etheric type of thing, let’s really surrender to it”. So, yeah, it’s interesting.

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[49:12] Sahara

You know, a buzz word that has been showing up in the news recently, that you have been talking about for a while, is the Galactic Federation. So, what is this?

[49:20] Elizabeth

Yeah, totally! So, I was introduced to the Galactic Federation back in 2011 and I’ve been communicating with them almost every month since then. And, essentially it is just an organization, a group, of many different interdimensional beings that are together to help the planet ascend, awaken, move into unity consciousness and a higher dimension and frequency. The Galactic Federation, being an extraterrestrial organization, is really everywhere, all over the Universe. Sometimes they’re called different things like ‘The Federation’ or ‘The Federation of Light’ or what have you, but they’re really just, it’s all the same thing – an organization of beings coming together for unity and to help the rest of the Universe abide by the Laws of the Universe, one of the laws being The Law of Non-Intervention. So, if any being or any species tries to override another species’ free will, that’s when the Galactic Federation will get involved. Back in the day when I first got introduced to them, I was studying Global Politics in University, and to be honest I was kind of pissed that there was a Galactic Federation to begin with, because I’m like “Come on, you guys are interdimensional, 8th, 9th, 10th dimensional beings and you still need to organize, you still need to structure, you haven’t figured it out? You still need a policing system, you still need a government? What?! Are you saying it never gets better? Count me out!”

[50:51] Sahara

Like the UN of the cosmos.

[50:54] Elizabeth

Yeah, and understanding that the UN and these global non-government organizations, NGOs here, are all corrupt, so I’m like “Okay, cool, so we’re just dealing with another one of those”, but they’re much better, they’re much better. There definitely is, sometimes there’s like double agents and weird things that go on within the GFL, but ultimately, everyone’s intention is pure and aligned. And there’s rigorous testing that you have to go through to become a member of the GFL, but, I just want to make a statement, a lot of the people, probably a lot of your people (pretty much all of my people) are all Galactic Federation Alumni. We all used to work for them, then we volunteered our souls through the organization to come to this planet. So what was really brilliant about this about this Israeli man, back in December, who disclosed the Galactic Federation is that, he didn’t just say “Aliens exist”, there have been other people in the organization, in really well-known doctors and things, who have disclosed that, but no one really takes that seriously. The second you’re like “There’s a Galactic Federation, which is an organization of these beings” it hits in a different way. And so, when I tuned into that frequency, the message that came through, the GFL said “Oh yeah, we’ve been talking to this man for quite some time”, and there were many different timelines involved but he disclosed it probably a year, two, sooner than everyone was anticipating (everyone up there was anticipating that he was going to disclose it). But what’s beautiful about that is, the words Galactic Federation are a trigger word to actually expand and unlock a DNA within us, as human beings unlocking that interdimensional DNA. So, just to the average person who has never heard about aliens or anything before, here’s that the Galactic Federation was trending; headline news – is actually going to shift, open up and awaken an aspect, an element of them that has not been awakened before.
So, it’s just, it’s pretty profound, the effect that just those words are having on society as a whole. And I bet you a ton of starseeds have reawakened or at least began to search for the answers since that disclosure in December of 2020.

[53:20] Sahara

Yeah, when I hear the word I’m like “I want to be a part of it, on an Earth Galactic Federation.” And I also studied International Development in college, so it’s like we have these memories of a group of people coming together to help us raising humanity and then we realize the existing systems on Earth are not that, we need to create our own.
But, what about the people who are afraid of these extraterrestrials harvesting our energy on Earth, what do you have to say about this?

[53:49] Elizabeth

Okay. So, let’s call that another agenda that’s at play. I have deeply explored all of the agendas that are happening on this planet. I started out with exploring the conspiracies, the government, the corruption, the reptilians, the shape-shifters, the harvesting of the energy, all of that, and it freaked me out, I’m like “Okay, cool, well I guess we can’t change things, now I’m really excited to see the change.” So, what I have to say is, that agenda has always been at play, since the dawning of humanity, it’s been at play.
So, I want to remind people who have just awakened, in 2020, that this is not a new agenda by any means, this is not just starting. Things are not getting more corrupt, they have always been this corrupt, we’ve just never questioned the corruption. Now we’re waking up to it, now we’re questioning it. Things aren’t getting worse, they’re just purging out to release; they’re being exposed to release, that’s it, they’re not getting worse, we’re just seeing them, maybe for the first time, and thinking that things are pretty bad.
So, it’s important to understand what that agenda is and what they’re trying to do so that we can be aware of it, not to get sucked into it. But the next step really is understanding the other agendas at play, with the Galactic Federation, with higher vibrations. And then, the ultimate agenda that we all need to go back to is, it’s not the corrupt cabal, it’s not the beauty light-workers of the Galactic Federation and interdimensional beings, it’s above that, which is pure source energy. That is everything and nothing that exists simultaneously and infinitely. It is the thing that created and runs through every single, living, incarnated thing in the Universe, right? So, if we go back to source and we understand that source created all polarity and duality to allow us to experience, then we’re never getting caught up in the illusion of dark or light, right? And I keep saying, especially in 2020, to become a master of this reality is not to be all dark and all about corruption and cabal, but also, at the same time, it’s not to be all light. Just like I say, 5D frequency is not all butterflies and rainbows and beauty, no, shit’s still going to happen to you, you’re still going step on your toe, you’re still going to lose your jobs, you’re still going to have to pay our bills in a new frequency, you’re still going to experience duality – it’s how you are able to perceive and navigate that duality that’s really going to put you in a certain vibration or another. And we have to keep going to the highest vibrational frequency, which is always source, in understanding. Duality is amazing, my shitty days are just as great as my powerful, empowered, beautiful days, and really understanding the experience within that polarity and not really getting caught up in either paradigm.

[56:51] Sahara

I love that so much! And I think it’s important because yes, so many people have woken up in 2020, and I, especially at the beginning too, I’ve been down the rabbit holes but I went back down the rabbit hole you know, and you’re trying to figure that all out and it can take you to really dark places and then you’re just paralyzed and you can’t take action and you’re waiting for this thing out there to save you. I feel like a lot of people are almost like waiting for these extraterrestrials to come without realizing we are the people we’ve been waiting for.

[57:22] Elizabeth

Exactly! And I get that question – so, back in the day, 10 years ago, I used to do kind of underground speaking, engagements and whatever, and one of the main lectures I would speak about is, we create our own reality. Back in the day I always got the question “Well, why would God create so much suffering on this planet?” And then it moved into slightly more conscious “Okay, so, why would aliens create this suffering because they’re clearly in a higher place and they clearly have the technology to solve our suffering, so why would they let us suffer?” Then you get into a little bit of a higher place being “Okay, so, we are the creators of this reality, why would we create so much suffering?” And once again, it’s just to be in the mix of experiencing that polarity and duality. And based on the number one law within the Galactic Federation (and just really, within the Universe), is the Law of Non-Intervention. No being, whether it be for positive, good purposes or negative, bad purposes, no being is allowed to override another being’s free will.
So, in the entire planet, in our entire community and collective is saying “No, we don’t need help, we don’t even believe in you actually” so, it’s not even possible to get help and there’s going to be no help, there’s going to be no interference. We have to ask for it as a collective in order to create it and manifest it. So I keep telling people “If you want to interact with your cosmic family, if you want to interact with the Galactic Federation, if you need assistance and help in your own life, you have to ask. You can’t just sit by and blame them for not helping if not even just asking.” So, it is really, truly up to our own focus where we create our own reality, and if you’re not focusing on asking for help and being more vulnerable in that way, it’s just not going to happen. So, I think that we are going to get an intervention; we’re already starting to get intervention because a lot of us have been waking up and asking for assistance and understanding that we have more tools in our backpack than just what we have been taught.

[59:32] Sahara

So, do you think this intervention will happen like, aliens land on the White House lawn? Something that has to be very physical for people to believe or do you think it will be more subtle?

[59:45] Elizabeth

Well, ultimately I believe the intervention is already happening and that’s why we have so much upheaval, so much chaos. If there was no intervention, the systems would be the same. We would all be happy with whatever president we had and we would all be very content and blissfully ignorant. And people are upset and fearful right now because the old systems are purging and no one knows what’s going to come next.
So, as far as an intervention with, you know, a flying saucer landing on the front of the White House, it’s not going to happen for quite some time. We’re already seeing the CIA releasing all of their (some of their) documents and that was linked in with the stimulus bill, which is pretty amazing, and we’re seeing the disclosure of the Galactic Federation. So we’re already seeing this.
Right now, they are testing the waters, to see where the humanity is at and how much further we can push the paradigm and push people into a place of being uncomfortable, because that’s what it has to come down to. There are a lot of people that are still indoctrinated into religions, and religions have zero room for interdimensional life.
I believe that the second that we, as an individual, come to the conclusion that there is life out there, it unlocks a huge amount of our interdimensional DNA, and if humanity were to do that at a collective level, I mean, watch out world, we’re ascending rapidly, which is already what we’re starting to see.
So, if it was super-apparent right now, humanity wouldn’t be able to handle it and there would be way more fear than anything else, so we need this very slow, casual hedging into the right direction, rather than something that’s very blatant, that can really scare the people, especially at this time when fear is rampant.

[1:01:36] Sahara

So, you mention those CIA documents, and there’s something that a lot of us have heard of but we didn’t fully understand or dive into. So, can you share with us what the CIA disclosed in these documents?

[1:01:48] Elizabeth

Totally. So, I haven’t read them, there’s only one actual document that I read and I thought it was really fascinating. So, basically, in the very last stimulus bill, with the pandemic, in America, there was like this line or this sentence within the stimulus bill that had said “Within 180 days of signing this bill, the CIA has to disclose all of their UFO documentation”, which is, I mean that’s wild and that’s actually what the Trump Administration kind of gave us before the exit, which is kind of nice (is part of that disclosure). And so I tuned into it, I don’t think the CIA is going to be disclosing everything, I think it would be a lot, but I also think that the underground (we call them ‘The White Hat’) government, so the Light Government – so it was kind of an underground shadow government and there was that underground light government – and these are physical people who are embedded within these powerful positions to help us ascend. I believe that they really pushed that agenda to be involved in this bill.
So, one of the documents I read, and literally, you can go to the CIA website right now and get a hold of all of these documents. It’s pretty wild, or you can watch a YouTube or go through the documents.
The one that I read was this remote viewer who remote viewed or I call it astral-traveled over to the Galactic Federation spaceship that hangs out right outside of Earth’s atmosphere, that I’ve been talking about for a while, and he was relaying and even drew pictures of his experience of showing up in a room on the Galactic Federation spaceship. And I just thought it was really funny because this is clearly a government trained remote viewer and he didn’t really have nearly the amount of details that I typically get when I go. So I was kind of laughing, thinking “Man, he missed out on a lot in these details!” But it was cool stepping into the room, explaining the different furniture and the different beings who were in the room, but he never had a full telepathic conversation with any of these beings, he just stepped in, creeped it out a little bit and then went back into his body. But I thought that was amazing and so many people sent me that document in particular because that’s what I do on a daily, if not monthly, basis – is, I go astral-travel, remote view, over there and speak to them, and I can describe the room to a T, what it looks like just because I’m in my astral body. So, that was really cool, that was huge validation, just from my own experiences, to have that be documented in such a legitimate way, it was really awesome to see.

[1:04:32] Sahara

I love that so much, so cool! And I know that one of the documents was sharing how we basically live in a hologram, that we create our whole reality, and that manifestation and all of these things are real. But it’s interesting because they released it and most people just don’t notice or talk about it etc., and they’re literally handing it to us. It definitely, it’s going to take some time for people to continue to see and see and dive more into.

[1:05:00] Elizabeth

And it could be 5 years from now where a documentary gets released, actually explaining and unpacking these documents, right? So, it’s just going to take some time, I think, for people to really sink into them

[1:05:13] Sahara

So, for people who are resonating with this and are wondering how they can also astral-travel and meet their cosmic family, what do you suggest?

[1:05:22] Elizabeth

Yeah, so the first think I kind of want to make it known as, is, everyone has the capacity to astral-travel, remote view, precognition, clairvoyance, I mean, everything that I can do, other people can do, without a doubt. There’s no “I’m special”, there’s none of that, we’re all so powerful, it’s crazy. So that’s just a statement that needs to happen.
And to astral-travel, remote view, the thing is, people get so caught up in “How do you do it? What’s the technique? How, how, how?” And I kind of chuckle because I’m like “You’re probably out of your body right now, you don’t even know”. So it’s not how to do it, you’re already doing it all the time. The real question is how do we be aware of when we’re doing it?
So, if you’re on autopilot program, in your body, you’re just doing the things that you’re doing. You’re cooking dinner, you’re answering emails, you’re doing things that don’t really require a lot of presence. So, when you’re, let’s call it like the ego self, the ego mind, that’s just kind of based on prior experiences and knowledge. When that’s just going and running on that autopilot and you’re not really aware of doing the things that you’re doing, you’re not present, a lot of the times, especially for starseeds and light-workers, our soul, our astral body starts to float away and go have fun in other dimensions and planets and whatever. People who do this often tend to have autoimmune disease, tend to be exhausted very often because they’re just out of their body the whole time. People who tend to do this also have headaches very often, get very dizzy and lightheaded often, and we do this all the time. So how do you become aware of it?
First of all, be more in the present moment because when you’re more in the present moment, then you can recognize “Oh, I’m feeling a little dizzy”, “Oh, I’m feeling a little off”, then you can sit down and ask yourself the question “Where am I right now?” And when I started doing this years ago and sitting down and asking “Where am I right now”, I would have a flash, just a very quick flash or maybe it was a sensation or a feeling or a motion in my body that I would feel really quickly, it was hard to grip onto of where I actually was, where my soul, my astral body really was floating around in some sort of other dimension. And the other kind of tip that I would just make a mention of, is lucid dreaming. When we dream, we get out of our body and we go to, what I call, different dream dimensions, we actually enter into different dimensions, and in that way, they are really, truly real places that we have created and constructed, similar to this, your living room being a real place that you’ve created and constructed. So we can go back to those places in the dream dimensions.
So, if you start being aware and waking up during dream state, then that is a huge step forward to being comfortable with the astral body and what is possible within that astral body. Think about a dream that you had that you felt was so real, you didn’t recognize it as a dream and you were just in it, that’s what autopilot is here on this planet, in this physical frequency. When you’re just doing the things, you’re just in it, you’re just in life, you’re just in the present moment, you don’t even recognize that you’re in it. When we start to step away from this reality and say “Oh, I created all of this, what else can I do”, “Oh, I put myself in this body, what else can I do?” The second that you recognize you’re dreaming in dream reality, is the second that you wake up in that moment and anything is possible. The second that you realize and recognize that this is just another reality that we created, like a simulation, is the second that we can change it and recreate it to be anything that we ever want, anything that’s possible.
So, practicing lucid dreaming is a fantastic step of getting comfortable with other realms, other dimensions, the astral-realm, and just in general, being out of body and being aware of the visuals and the places and the things we can do when we are in that out of body state. And same thing with trans-like state, and quantum hypnosis regression, past life regression – what are you doing? You’re in the present moment as your however old self and you’re literally traveling, getting out of your body and traveling to other timelines, other dimensions, other places, other lifetimes. So, these are all things we can do just to get comfortable in that realm, and then stopping yourself when you do feel out of body. We say that all the time in the spiritual realm, or within spirituality, “I feel out of body today”, cool, well that actually means that you’re out of your body. So where are you if you’re out of body? Let’s take it to the next level, right?

[1:10:26] Sahara

I love that so much! And what it made me think when you said, for example, in a lucid dream, when you wake up in that dream, you can do anything. And it’s more in that you could jump out of a window and fly, we’re not saying do that in this physical world, there still are Laws of Gravity here. But what it made me think of is – imagine if you could go back to your 12-year-old self and knowing everything you know now, I’d be like “Screw you teacher, I’m not going to do this!” It’s like, back then that didn’t seem like a possibility, like “No, homework is due tomorrow, I need to do the homework”, but now, knowing what you know now, you could’ve made so many different decisions and that fear that you had actually was not there. There were so many other timelines that we could’ve taken if we knew what we knew now, so it’s not like this weird metaphysical thing, it’s actually you, in 10 years from now, has truths for you right now that if you knew the very things that you’re worried about, you would be laughing over because it’s just an illusion.

[1:11:26] Elizabeth

So, let me give you a good example. So, this is something that I’m in the midst of exploring at a very, very deep level and I’m not going to get into half of it because it confuses me. And I’m talking Quantum Physics; I’m talking simultaneous time, experiences; it’s pretty wild.
So, a good experience I just had last night. Me and my wife are car shopping right now, our car broke down, it’s 10+ years old, so it’s about time, and we’re really in between two different cars. And so, we were just talking about (today we’re going car shopping) and we were just talking about the one that we want and we really want it for a family and a future and whatever. So, in that moment when we were talking about it, really, just 50:50 between these two different cars, I got a flash forward because I used to get flashbacks into past lifetimes, I got a flash forward, it was probably like 8 years from now and it was a flash forward of the car that we got. And we had kids in the car, it was like a truck, a SUV, whatever. We got kids in there, it’s all dirty, now it’s old (it’s 8 years old) and it wasn’t the car that I wanted, it wasn’t the one I was expecting, so I’m like “Oh my God, I just saw our future. I saw the one that we wanted.” So, I didn’t tell her which one it was because I wanted her to also be open in her perception. And then this morning she comes to me and like “Yeah, I think it’s going to be the Forerunner”, I’m like “Yeah, that’s the one I saw us in 8 years from now”, so we were kind of laughing about that.
So, tapping into timelines, it’s just, it’s so wild what is possible and what we can do – tapping into your childhood self and then tapping into yourself 10 years in the future. It’s just, it’s infinite possibilities, it gets a little weird (I’m just going to say it) but also, just because you’re tapping into that timeline doesn’t mean that’s the timeline that you have to walk through. And that’s where we get glitches in the matrix and that’s where get the Modella effect; when the collective agrees upon one timeline and then all of a sudden we agree on something that happened already, but we switched the choice that was made collectively, and all of a sudden everyone’s recognizing the two different choices. The one that’s in this current reality and the one that used to be in this reality, and they’re like “Hey, what’s going on here? I remembered this differently”. So, it’s really wild, this is totally something that I love but it’s extremely difficult for me to explain because it hurts the brain, it really does.

[1:13:59] Sahara

Is there an optimal timeline or are they all neutral?

[1:14:03] Elizabeth

I would say there is a scale of the most optimal, but it also depends on what your perception is of optimal. So if we were to find the most optimal timeline within humanity collectively, it would be unity consciousness – that’s the most optimal timeline. And then there are many other timelines that kind of creep in and sub-timelines and all of that that come together. And it’s difficult to kind of lock down especially when we’ve got counter forces on this planet trying to take us off that most optimal timeline. But hey, we’ve got the numbers, we’ve got the consciousness, we co-create this collective reality – let’s go, let’s wake up, let’s rally people together for unity, for free will, for that collective consciousness.
We’re doing it, we’re in a really great place right now, and any time I tell people that I’m very excited about what’s happening, whether they be spiritual or not spiritual, they give me a funny look, because even within the spiritual community right now, there’s so much fear about the new world order and the cabal timelines and what have you. And like I said, it’s not getting worse, it’s just the plan that they’ve always had. So let’s stop them, we can, we’ve got more of us than them and we are just as powerful, if not more powerful than them. We are all hybrid beings in our own right you know. So, we’ve just got to step into that and get away from this fear a little bit.

[1:15:28] Sahara

So, I could talk to you forever but one thing that I’m wondering – so, we’re all heading towards unity consciousness and some say the Light has already won; this already has happened, it’s just a matter of which timeline and how long it’s going to take to get there. But what I see occurring is this shift, even in the conscious community, of moving towards more technology or more Earth. We have the people who are going off grid, making their own communities, going back to these very simple plant-based times, and then we have the Elon Musks or people who want to merge with AI and it almost feels like a battle between the two. So how can we have unity consciousness if people are splitting into these different polarities?

[1:16:12] Elizabeth

Absolutely. Like you said, even within the conscious community there are so many different sub-communities that are popping up, and for me it doesn’t make sense. We want to go into unity yet we’re all trying to define ourselves within one community, it just baffles me. But it baffles me about the whole LGBTQIAZP community as well. I’m a part of the gay community and they’re like “Oh, so you’re bi now; you’re gay now”, I’m like “No, I’m not, I’m just fluid. I just love who I love and why put a label on me?” But it’s the same thing with the spiritual community. So it’s been difficult for me to navigate in that way as well, just seeing so much polarity within such a conscious community, it just baffles me.
But yeah, I would say, bringing elements together for everything. There are so many people wanting to go off the grid. I want to go off the grid, but I want to go off the grid in the most eco-friendly, high-tech way possible, not that I want to merge with AI any time soon. But we can’t be scared of development, we cannot be scared of growth. And I just want to make a statement – at the beginning of this year, we were all pretty freaked out about a lot of things, and hopefully we’re in a much more neutral place, but one of the things was 5G technology. And it is no surprise that during the pandemic, 5G technology has been pushed in our face. The amount of ads that I get on 5G, it’s never before, I’ve never noticed before, it’s never been like that before. So, it’s very peculiar. And I was freaked out and I asked the Galactic Federation and said “Guys, tell me please, should we be burning towers down? Just say the word and I am out there with some gasoline and I was ra ra all day about it”, and so they laughed and they said (it was so interesting), they said “Well, Elizabeth, what do you think our technology is? What kind of radiation do you think out technology, propulsion technology, plasma technology gives off? It gives off an astronomical amount of radiation to the point where, when we started to interact with human beings, you guys started dying on mass because the radiation was too much for your bodies to handle”, so they said “We didn’t stop our development because of the radiation, we just grew into solutions around it”, and they said “That’s what’s going to be coming out on your plant. It doesn’t mean you have to burn then down or stop your evolution, it just means you have to bring up solutions to help save you guys.” So, that was so profound for me, of “Oh, there shouldn’t be any fear around this. This is a part of our evolution. We can’t fully stop it, and it’s not just the cabal’s plan to put that out there, to kill us off, it’s not just about that, it’s actually about growing and developing.” Now, let’s find the solutions around that, and maybe right now, the solutions are orgonite and shungite and different crystals and what have you that we have available to us. And eventually, maybe it’s like a dome that we put ourselves in, I don’t know. But we do have interdimensional beings, like myself, who have come down here at this time, to bring solutions to the problems like that in particular.
So yeah, so, I mean, there’s a lot of things going on, but we need a little bit of both. We need to get back to our roots, we need to get back to community, we need to start, really, planting on the land and utilizing our resources, but at the same time we do need to be advancing. And the next huge leap for us is to be off planet and to explore other galaxies, and I don’t think that that should be a fear-based thing, it’s just something that we can really navigate in an appropriate way.

[1:20:02] Sahara

I love that so much and I feel the same way. So many times I’m like “Fuck it, I just want to live by a waterfall and eat fruits, naked outside and be one with the jungle and really feel that” but then I’m like “Growing your own food is no joke, that is a full-time job”, and there are reasons why we’ve stepped away from each person needing to grow their own and have to survive because it takes your focus away from doing other things. The reason why we can have this conversation, I’m not even talking about the technology for this conversation, but even just the space and awareness to have this conversation is because we have our survival needs met. So, I feel like so many of us, we are so focused on the shadow repercussions of technology and societal growth and all of these things that we think the growth is the problem, whereas it’s just having conscious awareness around it and you can just live off grid with hydroplane solutions and all of these different things that – there was a reason why we grew out of this, you know.

[1:21:05] Elizabeth

Exactly! Yeah, and I’ve been saying that in 2020 – is to be able to expand our consciousness and to think outside of this reality is a luxury; it’s a luxury. That right there means we have all of our needs met. For you to be able to have time in your day, to just contemplate life, that’s a privilege. There are so many developing countries out there that are just surviving to get water every day. So, could you imagine getting all of the rest of the countries out there – their water need are met, their shelter needs are met, their food needs are met – wow, that’s when we really advance, right? So, we have to understand the privileges that we do have, based on technology, based on what society is allotting us and really be grateful for that, and bring it down to the basics of “Wow, what a great position to be in, all your needs are met and now you can just think about life”, that’s incredible. And I think that the more and more we kind of up the standards in all of these other countries, I think the more and more we can come together with that unity. So, that’s something that we need to be kind of projecting and creating as well, is the ability for everyone to have their needs met, all across the board. And even in the Western worlds, just to not have to slave away in a 9am-5pm. And honestly, I’m so grateful for 2020 because a lot of people lost their jobs but a lot of people recognized that they can have their own business, make their money from home and not have to go into an office and not to have a stressful management position or whatever it may be, and there’s liberation involved in that, and I’m grateful that people had to go through that shift and that change.

[1:22:55] Sahara

Absolutely! And more people right now are questioning “What is my dharma, what is my purpose, why am I meant to be here” that they wouldn’t have, again, had the space to even come up with that idea because they were running on the autopilot. So, it all needed to happen though sometimes the most up-leveling times in humanity are the most painful and difficult and tumultuous, but that’s what call us to action.

[1:23:19] Elizabeth


[1:23:20] Sahara

Yay! Well, I could chat with you forever! And where can listeners learn more from you?

[1:23:27] Elizabeth

Yeah, just Elizabeth April across all social media platforms. If people are really struggling with their triggers, their reactions, their attachments at this time, I do have a course out there, it’s an 8-week long course, it’s called The 3D to 5D Shift Masterclass, it’s had amazing results all across the board. That’s something that will kind of hold your hand through the process of shifting and awakening and really supporting yourself in your own growth. So, that’s kind of what I recommend for right now. And then I’ve got my first book releasing officially in April at some point, so that’s going to be really exciting. And it really goes over all of the steps and all of the stages of your awakening journey, which is just super validating of “Oh cool, I’m not dying, I’m just waking up” and that’s actually the name of the book.

[1:24:18] Sahara

Cool, I love it, I can’t wait to read it! Well thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us today.

[1:24:23] Elizabeth

Thank you so much, such a pleasure!

[1:24:25] End of Interview

[1:24:26] Sahara

I absolutely loved that conversation, I hope you did too. It feels so good to sometimes just zoom out of our very small present world reality where problems can feel so big, right? You’re just constantly thinking about this one very human problem you have and you zoom out and you’re like “Oh, wow, I’m not even the only living being in this galaxy, so how big is my problem really?” So, sometimes it’s helpful to zoom out and see things from a more galactic perspective. And it actually can bring about great healing for you to connect to these higher realm beings that now, so many different scientists from Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra and many others have been able to show that when we are connecting in high levels of meditation using heart coherence, we’re actually connecting to these unseen beings who are performing psychic surgery on us, meaning they are up-leveling us, they are giving us upgrades, but all we need to do is just get to a higher vibration state to connect to these beings.

[1:25:26] Sahara

So, it’s so incredible! I mean, we’re still at the beginning of understanding this, far, far, far beginning, and we are able to have a direct experience and not wait for an establishment to tell us “Okay, you can believe this or not believe this. Aliens are real or not real”, we can have our own direct experience. So, if you are curious about this, resonate with this, I suggest you meditate and ask for guidance from the galactic beings that have your highest good, that are seeking to connect with you. Maybe do some automatic writing, some free-flow journaling on it and see what comes through. And I’m excited to see your experience!

[1:26:02] Sahara

So, if you want to dive into deeper on your soul mission on this planet, the reason why you incarnated here and how you can live your fullest purpose, then come join me in my 21-Day Dharma Discovery
Journey. You can find that link in my show notes – iamsahararose/dharmadiscovery


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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 362: Connecting With Galactic Beings with Elizabeth April
By Sahara Rose

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