Highest Self Podcast 418: Spiritually Outgrowing Relationships, Soul Contracts, Past Lives, Intuition + Spirit Guides with Nikki Novo


Are you on a spiritual growth journey but annoyed that your partner is not? Are you wondering when you should stay and when you should go, and how to help your partner become more conscious? Then this episode is for you! This was both Nikki and I’s experience at the beginning of our relationships and we speak about how to enhance someone’s vibration just by being in your space. We also dive into ALL the spiritual things, from our soul contracts with people (and how to know if you’re in one), to remembering past lives from hypnosis to spontaneous remembering, to making decisions with our intuition, to connecting with our spirit guides and deities, to connecting with our highest selves in this multidimensional episode. If you’re a Highest Self Podcast regular or just a spiritual-being, you’re going to ADORE this episode.

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Episode 418: Spirituality, Outgrowing Relationships, Soul Contracts, Past Lives, Intuitions with Nikki Novo
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
If it’s your first time listening – welcome, this is the perfect conversation for you to be a part of! And if you’re here all the time, trust me, this is going to go down as a Highest Self Podcast favorite because we talk about all the spiritual topics. I mean, I was trying to fit them all in that title and I couldn’t even get to all of them. So, this conversation is juicy!

[00:39] Sahara
So, before we get into it, I wanted to share that I have been majorly up-leveling in my life, like, up-leveling in the way that I spend my time, friendships, habits, all these little things, and I’ve been finding a lot people around me, too, have also been up-leveling.
So, maybe you had a blow out with your friend and it just kind of showed you guys weren’t in alignment, or you just had this feeling that the friendship served it’s time and it’s time for you to move on. Or maybe that’s happened in your romantic relationship, or in your career, holding on to your old pair of shoes for too long that you’re just ready to release.
So, if you’re feeling that right now, I just want to acknowledge you, I see you, I feel you, and I know sometimes it’s really hard to outgrow people, places, careers, stages of our lives, and it really does have to do with certain Soul Contracts that we have. I believe that we all have Contracts with certain people, for a set amount of time, to learn a certain lesson, and once that lesson is learned, it almost becomes more and more painful to remain in relationship with them because it’s your soul, guiding you to what’s next.

[01:51] Sahara
The same thing happens with your career, maybe you were supposed to have a certain career or project you were working on for a certain period of time and it’s getting heavier and heavier and heavier, and you know it’s time for you to move on for the next phase of your journey, and that doesn’t mean what you did was wrong or a waste of time, it’s just that you’ve outgrown it now, the Soul Contract is complete and it’s time for you to move on.

[02:12] Sahara
I know I’ve experienced that with everything in life, it’s always changed, it’s always seasons and evolution, and our ego really wants to hold on to something and have it be our forever thing, and it’s just not the way that anything in nature works. Nature is always blossoming and always dying, it’s a simultaneous resurrection, and if we didn’t have that, if everything were forever, I mean, it simply couldn’t exist, we couldn’t have a flower that was always in peak bloom because, well, when would it blossom?
So, if you’re letting go of something, if it is the time for release, I just want to send you a lot of love because I know how hard it is to sometimes acknowledge that, and to move on to what’s next. And sometimes it’s not a complete goodbye, it’s just an up-leveling. Maybe it’s within yourself, up-leveling how you spend your morning routines or how you interact or communicate with people or what you do on the weekends, or whatever else, it’s just we’re constantly up-leveling and that’s what’s allows us to continue to refine and refine our time so our inner worlds and outer worlds can be more aligned. And that’s really what living your Dharma is all about, the Dharma Embodiment stage that I speak about in my book “Discover Your Dharma”.

[03:26] Sahara
If you’re not familiar with my book, I share all about living your Soul’s Purpose. You can find that in the show notes or on Amazon, Barns and Nobles, it’s called “Discover Your Dharma”, but I really share about how that stage five is where you are being you full time and there is no separation between the inner and the outer you. So, maybe right now, you’re just letting go of that final thing that will help you really sit into that embodied state.

[03:51] Sahara
So, I’m really excited for today’s conversation because it is just juicy, it is esoteric, it is grounded, it is very multi-dimensional. And I love stepping into these conversations, which, by the way, every single person I interview on the Podcast is either my friend or a teacher of mine, so, no one is a random person on here.
And Nikki is a friend of mine and someone that I’ve been learning from, and she’s just such an incredible soul. So, I was like, let’s just see where Spirit takes us in this conversation, and boy did she deliver!

[04:26] Sahara
So, we speak a lot about the spiritual growth journey, what to do if you feel like you’re growing and your partner’s not, when is it time to release that relationship, how actually being in our vibrational space can allow your partner to step more fully into their spiritual path. We dive into Soul Contracts, Remembering Past Lives, Connecting with Spirit Guides, Deities, and also, above that, really connecting with your highest self and how, sometimes, we can get caught up into “Well, is it my ancestor or my Spirit Guide, or who am I connecting to?” and really, it’s all an expression of your highest self.

[05:00] Sahara
So, again, if you’re a Highest Self Podcast regular or a newbie to it, you are going to adore this Episode! I’m also so excited because Nikki will be teaching Live on the Rose Gold Goddesses retreat.

[05:12] Sahara
So, Rose Gold Goddesses is my Divine Feminine Mystery School where every single month we really dive into a new spiritual topic whether it is Womb Wisdom, Joy, Intuition, Expression – so, Nikki will be teaching in our in-person retreat, which is only available for members. So, if you’re not a member yet, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com to join the wait-list and she’ll be teaching a Goddess circle all about opening up your third eye for the Rose Gold Goddess community. So, again, head over to the link in Bio to join!

[05:41] Sahara
Nikki Novo is an incredible Intuitive, Channel, Psychic Medium, she truly, truly has a gift and is so tapped in. I interact with tons of people all the time and sometimes, you know, you go to Psychics, you go to Intuitives, and it’s just not really hitting home, but with Nikki, it always has. And she truly has such a gift for making this wisdom really accessible for people. So, I’m so excited for you to learn from her in this conversation, and also to allow the remembrances in your own intuition to spark because sometimes it just takes someone to say something a certain way, at a certain time, for you to have that remembrance of your deeper soul calling.

[06:25] Sahara
So, without further ado, let’s welcome Nikki Novo to The Highest Self Podcast.


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[08:02] Interview

[08:02] Sahara
Welcome Nikki, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[08:06] Nikki
Oh my gosh, I’m just excited to take time out of my work day to talk to my friend, that’s why I’m so excited to be here with you!

[08:13] Sahara
Aww! And the first question I would love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[08:18] Nikki
So, for me, my highest self is most associated with my heart and I just feel like when I’m in my heart, well, in the balanced heart, because I can definitely have over-balanced heart, out-balanced heart, I don’t know if that makes any sense, but sometimes it’s a little too open, so, I’m always playing with that. But definitely, when I’m in my heart, in my intention, that’s when I know I’m in alignment.

[08:41] Sahara
It’s so interesting because for my spiritual journey, as I progress, I realize it’s all about the heart. It really comes down to opening your heart and can you see everything as love and give your empathy and compassion while also giving it to yourself and not letting that shadow side of the super open heart where everyone’s problems become your own and there’s almost no separation.
So, I’d love to start there because I think a lot of listeners, and myself, resonate with being an empath, hypersensitive and sometimes it’s hard because we end up filling up our minds with other people’s problems and feeling like we’re responsible to help everyone around ourselves, and of course, we do have a Dharma in being of service. How do we find that balance of being of service without trying to fix someone else’s life?

[09:34] Nikki
Yeah, that’s such a great question. And you know, sometimes it really comes from a place of us having to look at what we really want to change within ourselves, but we’re just trying to do it outside of ourself.
So, I actually, I totally had that problem in the beginning. Obviously, I was spreading the good word and I wanted everybody to be happy, I was even that child, growing up, really, I just wanted peace and I wanted people to be happy. But actually, my father’s a physician, and when I got into this work, he told me something that stuck with me forever, he always says “Listen Nikki, a patient, if they don’t want to receive medicine, there’s nothing you can do”, and he was just very much like – and the little sad Nikki inside myself was like “What?!”, but at the same time I was like “Oh, you may have medicine, but you really have to wait for the patient to come to you and be ready to receive the medicine.”
So, it’s just always going to work that way better, I find that when you try to support or heal somebody who’s not ready, you just end up getting disappointed, which actually darkens the heart in many ways. So, you need to protect yourself as a Healer or whatever you identify with, but you need to – your heart is the strongest part about you, it is your medicine, so if you’re not protecting that, then you’re really not doing anything to the world. And protection doesn’t mean “Oh, don’t let anybody in or whatever”, it really is about “How can I put myself in positions where I don’t get disappointed? How can I put myself in – why do I keep putting myself in those places, the little sensitive part of myself gets hurt?” So, you have to be a good mother and you have to take care of that little inner child that’s within and make sure you’re not putting her in these positions because she is sensitive, she is a healer, and we want to keep that pure for the people who are meant to work with her.
I have like a really big belief, I mean, it’s even like my sales tactic, I just believe that whoever is meant to work with me, will find me, I really just exist that way. Of course, we do all sorts of stuff to let people know that I exist, but at the same time, I don’t want to work with anybody who is not ready. And everything is timing too, sometimes you might plant a seed. I had a reading with somebody two years ago and I just planted some seeds, and they’ll show up, two years later, and they’re ready to do the work. So, you’ve got to hold the faith in people, too, if you know there’s something a little off and that you could support them, always trust that they’re going to wrap around to you, when the time is right, or to somebody else.

[12:06] Sahara
I love that so much! I’ve had to learn, in my own journey, sometimes you think you’re really helping someone and you speak your truth, and even your truth is a gift, and not everyone needs to hear your truth all the time. It’s having that discernment of “Is this actually going to be helpful for both parties?” or sometimes it’s just, you’ve got to let people learn from their mistakes, you’ve got to let people live their Karma, and who are we to even think that things should be different for them, all we can know is our own path.
And I think it’s also a way for us to, even bypass doing our own inner work, to be like “Well, you need this” and “You need to fix that” and “You guys need to change” and “You guys have it all twisted”, rather than just looking at “Well, okay, what is my reaction in this?” I know with parent’s, especially, I’ve had many conversations with you of “My dad doesn’t want to change”, but it’s like, I’ve had to just accept that he’s going to be who he’s going to be and his decisions brought me to life, so how am I to think that I know better when I’m also part of this mystery of decisions and circumstances that I don’t understand, I might not even, in my conscious mind, agree with. I don’t agree with drinking a bunch of soda or being stressed out, but you can’t change someone else’s life plan. I think that’s just such an important lesson for us, Empaths, Intuitives, to learn.

[13:37] Nikki
Yeah. And don’t you see this the most in relationships, when you’re in a romantic relationship and you start waking up to some stuff, you’re like “Oh, I’m upgrading my beliefs and I’m ascending my energy” and all those things? And then, of course, the first thing we do is we look to the side and we’re like “My husband, or my partner, they’re not getting anywhere, they need to go to this retreat and they need to do this thing” and all this stuff. I definitely was there, I’m speaking from experience, and then, again, you get really disappointed and it actually, kind of makes you all sorts of things, sad and all these things. And what’s funny is that, the energy of intuition or love is like an energy of trust. And I think we sell these people that are around us, way too short.
Even when it comes to partners, just because you’re ascending a certain way or you’re learning and you’re doing your thing a certain way, doesn’t mean that they’re going to do it exactly the way that you do, but there’s so much in just holding that energy. I think you do such a good job of that, Sahara, there’s so much in you just holding your power and your energy and existing in it and embodying in it – we’re like little plants, if I’m planted next to my husband and I’m holding that power, guess what – most probably, he is going to absorb that power. And I can’t predict exactly how the shift is going to happen or how the change is going to happen, but it’s just the basics of energy. For the most part, I’m really in that power, I’m really in my heart, he can’t sleep in the bed, next to me, and not get there at some point. And we just really, we’re not patient, we want to control everybody else’s paths when, man, just be you and just really show up that way. And you know, if it’s time to go, for whatever those relationships are, you’ll also know that too. But I had that experience with my husband and it’s not like everybody’s situation is going to work out that way, but don’t underestimate you standing in that love and that power and not getting involved with the people around you, and believe in them.
I was just talking to a friend of mine, a few weeks ago she had a situation with her partner and she’s like “That’s it, I’m leaving” and I was like “I’m going to let her do that”, and I knew that that’s not how it was going to pan, because I believe in her partner, I know he’s going to show up, but you know, you’ve got to let her – I was like “If you feel like it’s time to go, it’s time to go” and all this stuff. And then, sure enough, a week later, she’s like “No, he showed up. He said this and that”. Sometimes we – you’d be surprised what your power plus, unattached, believing in somebody. If you can believe in somebody in a very unattached way, it’ll make miracles.

[16:25] Sahara
I love that so much! You know, when I met Steven, I was 24 years old and I was still really young and really in my hippy phase, and he was 29 and in the EDM dance music world, and it was polar opposites, and people were even like “How are you guys dating?” because it was so different. And at that time his business was going out to these clubs because he manages these different DJs and producers, and there’s alcohol there and all this stuff, but just something in me just loved his heart so much. And even though he didn’t look spiritual or have a spiritual practice, per say, I still felt like he was one of the wisest people I had met, just from the way he embodies he energy. It’s like he didn’t need to read a book about it, he just was it, from opening your heart to being generous, all of the things that so many people need to learn.
Now, in our, almost 7 years of relationship, he is burning sage all the time now, yesterday he showed me, he’s almost in a split because he’s been practicing yoga every single day, he has a man-bun now, he’s like totally spiritual, reads Allan Watts, his bookshelf is all David Data and Yoga Nanda and all of these things. It’s kind of funny because now I’m like business and lifting weights and doing my masculine thing and he is so in his spiritual and embodying his feminine as well.
And it’s so interesting because it’s almost like my soul could feel that he had that within himself, and I never told him. On one of our first dates, he even smoked a cigarette and I remember seeing that and I was like “Wait, wait, wait, my God-man cannot smoke a cigarette”, but I’m so grateful that I didn’t end the relationship at the time because of that, because now he definitely doesn’t smoke, and just from being in my vibration, just like you said.
I mean, even back in the day, people would go visit gurus, they would visit spiritual teachers just to be in their energy, that what Satsang is, to sit in the presence of an enlightened being, not that I’m the enlightened being, but when you are operating at a higher vibration, it’s uncontrollable for people to feel that.
Now, there’s two options, I think that that person can ascend and grow and learn from you – Steven would see, “I always feel really full after my meals, like sickly full because I overeat”, he’s like “You don’t feel that way”, I’m like “No, because I stop eating when I’m full”, so, it’s little things like that, they start to notice that you’re doing and then they grow.
It could also take the other option like with my ex, that I was spiritually growing and he was spiritually descending, and there was nothing in common to hold us together.
So, how can we, I guess, know, whether our partners have the capability to spiritually grow vs. we’re spiritually outgrowing them?

[19:25] Nikki
Yeah, that’s such a great question, I have so many things to say, I’m like “Steven, we lost you at the man-bun”, once you get a man-bun, I mean…

[19:32] Sahara
There’s no going back!

[19:35] Nikki
When I was gone in LA recently, Benny starts sending me videos of being in my little…because I have a little shed that I work in, and he was saging and he said he was going to do readings for people, he knew all the steps, so funny, it’s on my Instagram.
Anyways, so, yes, you’re saying basically that you can be in that power and either somebody’s going to go for the ride with you or they’re going to fall away, which, I think is a great thing. I mean, we’ve talked about that before, anytime I see somebody having people fall away from them, I’m like “Great, awesome!” that is a sign you’re ascending, it can be sad, of course, nobody wants to outgrow somebody, but if you think about dimming that power down and thinking about, just, all the time and the years and the opportunities and the awarenesses that you’re missing just because you’re trying to keep one little human in your life, when there could be so many other great people out there that are meant to be with you.
So, you do have to have a lot of trust in the awakening process, and I know that in the beginning, when you’re first starting, it’s hard to trust what’s on the other end when life is, kind of, falling apart or people are leaving you because you’re just going down another path, it’s a little like “Oh my gosh, I have no idea what’s on the other end of this.” So, the first time is really tricky but you will die and be rebirthed many times, as long as you’re living this, kind of, heart-led, soul-led, what I like to call it, path. So, this is going to happen again, you’re going to have a death and a rebirth again because you’re going up the ladder, in ascension.
So, the first time it could be a little tricky, but after that, I hope that you gained some trust and be like “You know what, the last time I was, kind of, in this situation, it super scary, but man, my life is so much better now, so much good came out of it.” And it is kind of a formula, that death and rebirth, there’s a formula to it. There’s this place where everything falls apart, you can’t see what’s in front of you, which is when people see a psychic (usually), you can’t see what’s in front of you, but something’s calling you towards it, and we can totally delay that process and not rock towards it. But there’s a formula in the sense that as long as you’re following that heart and you’re doing it, obviously, mindfully, but you’re trusting what’s ahead, typically, because you’re moving up and you’re ascending, it’s going to be, I don’t want to see a happy ending, but it’s going to be something more beautiful or something more appropriate, or something that is the right thing for you. And we really have to have a lot of trust in this process.
And just one least thing about that is, when you hold your power in and you exist in that power, like what you were saying with Steven, yes, there’s going to be people who are going to be like “That’s amazing, I’m inspired”, and there’s going to be people that are like “I don’t like that, you’re intimidating me.”
And it’s the worst with partners, I had the same experience before, before I met Benny. I was in love with this guy and he helped me go into my power and as soon as I got there, he was like “Oh, I’m out.” So, yeah, you don’t know, but many times, sometimes being with somebody like that, kind of, it’s like you can’t be upset about that. Similar how you were saying about your dad because him being scared of my power was actually that made me go “Well, fuck you, I’m going even bigger in my powers.” So, I would not have made such a shift without such a contrast. So, I can’t regret it and I couldn’t have predicted it. I actually kind of knew, when I first started dating the guy, I was like “This is not going to pan”, but I also needed that because it really elevated me in a way that I just wouldn’t have been able to get there without that relationship.

[23:20] Sahara
It’s so true, we learn from the contrast. And I always tell my parents, I’m like “Out of everything that you’ve done, I’m the most grateful for you not believing in me because that’s what allowed me to believe in myself.” And sometimes we need that horrible breakup to find our worth, or that marriage that didn’t work out, for the marriage to work out, and all of these different lessons that we learn.
And I think we also have different soul contracts with people, that that person came into your life to help you with your power and then once you were in your power it was like they’re not needed anymore, they’re going to fizzle away, and your next soul contract opens up.
So, I’d love to talk a little bit about Soul Contracts and what do they mean for people who, this is a new word for them, and how can we kind of tell when we’re in a Soul Contract or when a Soul Contract is expiring.

[24:09] Nikki
Yeah, I love Soul Contracts! It was like the thing that interests me in this world. I read “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline….

[24:19] Sahara
I love her!

[24:20] Nikki
Yeah, and I remember being like “What!?” I couldn’t believe the thing. I was raised Catholic, so to hear these different ideas is amazing for me.
So, the Soul Contract is basically this concept that all souls have landed on this earth with a bit of a blueprint. Before you came here, you were meeting with your council and with some higher guides, and maybe even with some soulmates, like “Alright, let’s map this thing out. This is the general strategy of this lifetime, this is kind of what I’m going to do in this lifetime.” The tricky thing is, is that, when we come to Earth, we have the great forgetting, so it’s like, the veil of forgetting. You forget everything, you come here and those bastards, you had this thing that you’re supposed to do, but of course, you don’t remember any of that.
So, typically, what I have seen in my work is that, when we start getting to a place where we’re asking questions like “What’s my purpose?”, “Am I on the right path?”, those are usually the questions. And people feel like that’s a crisis moment, which, could be, but I actually feel that that is the remembering. I think you’re so lucky if you actually get to that point because so many people will live their whole lives never asking that question, and what will happen is, they’ll go back, when they die, and they’re like “Damn it! I knew I came for something! Totally forgot about it!” So, actually, to me, there’s some sort of – usually these are older souls or very wise souls that, even though we were meant to forget here, something that happens that you actually think to ask the question, and that’s the beginning of the remembering.
To me, a spiritual journey is the process of remembering; a remembering that contract, and what’s tricky about the contract is that it’s like the yellow brick road, but unfortunately, we cannot see what’s at the end of the road, all we get is like one brick at a time, which is super frustrating.
But again, it’s kind of like a hazing too, you get a few blocks at first and then once you’re in the zone and you’re trusting and all that stuff, you’ll get more. And you can start getting into intuition work and you can start to see longer and longer paths, for sure, but in the beginning, yeah, it’s so scary because you only see one thing at the same time.
So, that’s kind of like purpose; all that stuff is kind of mixed in. Actually, the heart is the language of the soul, so, some things start to happen. I also find that some ugly things that maybe have happened in your life (“ugly”), actually are, I think that they are little chips that exist in us that help us remember. So, an example would be, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees at 3 years old, and you know, for my parents it was such a big deal; they went through a lot and all that stuff, but when I was becoming an adult and I was graduating from college and moving to LA, my parents were like “Oh, you’re off on your own, you’ve got to take care of your health, make sure you go to the these doctors”, whatever, and I remember getting to LA and being like “Oh man, are you kidding me, I have to take a steroid or I have to take these anti-inflammatories”, something in me was like “There has to be a better way, I can’t believe…” And, I come from a family of doctors, so I would never question that, but once I was off on my own, I started to question it and that’s when I found green juice and found all these anti-inflammatory diets and I was like “Oh my gosh!”, and to me, that was the beginning of even where I am today, it was really starting from there.
And I honestly feel my knee, especially something that came so young, at 3 years old, I really do feel that there are some things that are part of the Contract, they’re like “We’ll give this girl arthritis thing, it’s going to be really weird, it’s going to really random, but at her 18th birthday, she’ll remember”, kind of like those movies you see. And I really do feel that way; I feel so grateful for my knee because I would never gone down the…who knows when I would’ve gone down the rabbit hole.
So, I do think that there are – maybe those relationships with those ex-boyfriends are little things that were written in the contract, like “This is going real south! These guys, they’re soulmates but they always fuck it up. Let’s write it in, let her hit some sort of rock bottom so that she starts to remember”, things like that.
I have a really big mother wound. My mom and I, it’s been a hard lifetime together, and some people have asked me “Oh, do you think is like a dark being?”, and I’m like “No, she is the lightest being ever, she sacrificed so much of this lifetime to wake me up”, she never believed in me, actually, she criticizes the shit of me, but that’s why I have – there’s nothing in me that’s “Okay, if I can get past my mom criticizing me, I don’t care what other people think of me”, I’m so grateful for that. And to me, I’m like “Man, what a hard sacrifice to make.” She’s made this lifetime; she’s woken up so many of us in our family, because of the contrast.
So, sometimes your contract can be something like that too, it’s not all rainbows and sprinkles.

[29:14] Sahara
Your story echoes mine so much with the health crisis waking me up. And I think for a lot of people, that’s one of the biggest catalysts because when you don’t have health, it’s like you can’t think about anything else. For myself, going through Perimenopause and Amenorrhea and Osteoporosis symptoms when I was 21, is what brought me to Ayurveda, which led to my spiritual journey. So, yeah, those things that you sign up for, from Past Lives, and be curious, like the knee, like stability and stability and support, mother wound, that whole connection there.

[29:49] Nikki
I mean, there’s like a whole journey – I did a, actually in Miami, I love this doctor, he does trauma release from the body. And I’ve had many different renditions of – like, the knee has shown me many different things, but the thing that really – I mean, I haven’t had a flare up, I would get them when I was pregnant, but that was expected because of the extra weight and stuff like that, but really, it was actually the right knee, my father, working the way he works, feeling sad for my father because he was with my mother, all these emotions stuck in the right knee, and when I was able to release it, it’s just never happened. Benny, my husband checks it, he always puts his hand on my knee, because he can feel it, once he puts his hand on it, he’ll know where it’s at, I’m like “Benny, I’m healed, man, I released my dad’s demons from my knee, I’m good!” And it was almost soothing that I acquired in the womb, or at a very young age, I was sad for my father at a very young age, and absorbed in the knee.

[30:48] Sahara
So interesting how different parts of the body, so for those of you who are like “Wait, why did she say right side father?” because the right side is the masculine and the left side is the feminine, and then each part of your body represents something different.
So, Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” has every dingle ailment and every single body part and says what it’s spiritually connected to, so I highly recommend that for people.

[31:10] Nikki
There’s an App for that and so you can get really good looking at every body part. I remember one of my best friends was like “I have a migraine”, I’m like “Look it up in the App”, and it says you have to masturbate, she’s like “Nikki, you lost me! App and masturbation for my headache?” because she gives you a tip on how you can heal the…

[31:30] Sahara
Well, I mean, it’s true! Migraine, you’re really in your head, get in your body, release pleasure. It’s so interesting because the body really is communicating with us. I was having; my let hip was flaring up so, hip is emotions, left, feminine, so it was not letting myself be in my feminine, even not getting my period was like not feeling safe in my feminine.
I had a friend, she had this huge ovarian cyst in her left ovary, and it was because, in her relationship, she was in her masculine.
It’s so funny because recently I went to the dentist, he’s like “Oh, you have gum inflammation”, I’m like Spiritual meaning of gum inflammation – feeling unsupported”, I’m like “Wait, I also don’t really floss, so it could be that.”

[32:15] Nikki
Yeah, it’s simple, we have to find the middle of that.

[32:20] Sahara
Yeah, it’s a mixture of both, I don’t support myself in flossing, but I got a water pick, so I’m excited about that.
So, I want to talk about, now, when these wounds show up, I think a big question is how do we know if they’re from past lives, this life? How can you, kind of, tell “Oh, this is deeper than this lifetime?”

[32:37] Nikki
Yeah, that’s a great question. So, in Soul Academy, which is the Intuition School I own, we go into healings in the second half, and actually one of them is like a Past Life Healing and I get this question all the time because it’s like, you may have all these tools, but when you need to use them is kind of the question.
So, sometimes, if you’re working with somebody or you’re just feeling it yourself, you may intuitively be like “Man, this doesn’t make any sense from this lifetime”, maybe you have these abandonment issues but there’s nothing in this current lifetime that has taught you abandonment, you have great parents, you’re in a good partnership, no one’s ever left you. So, those are usually signs that that may be whatever is a chronic challenge, doesn’t really add up to what this lifetime has looked life, that’s usually one of the reasons.
Also, I would say, anything chronic. So, like a chronic challenge, so anything like “Man, I’ve tried it all, when it comes to money, I’ve read the books and I’ve changed jobs and I have done budgets, whatever, I’ve done all the things that I’m supposed to do. I’ve manifested, and some reason money doesn’t feel comfortable for me”, if that’s like a complain, the first thing I would do is go check the Past Lives.
You can also, something I didn’t know when I first started practicing, is like, you – so, you go to the Past Life, you find it, you heal it and hopefully that gives the person some relief. And actually, what’s really interesting about Past Lives is, I had one girlfriend who has no big interests in this world, but when I was studying (my Shaman studies), I asked her “Can I practice on her”, she was going through a divorce and she wouldn’t want to do the Past Life with me, she didn’t want to journey with me into the Past Life, but I brought her back the information about her and her ex-husband, and it was so healing for her, it was very much, almost like a knowing and a remembering just the little info, like “Oh, you guys were this in the Past Life, and you had this going on, and this is why you resent him”, and that was like a big release for her.
So, Past Lives are interesting where you can, obviously, learn to go see your own Past Lives, or you can have somebody that knows how to do it and kind of tell you the story. Other thing about Past Lives is, you can actually activate the good stuff from Past Lives.
So, let’s say, Sahara, which, I wouldn’t doubt this because I don’t think we’ve seen some of your Past Lives yet, but I wouldn’t doubt that you were a queen in Egypt or something, I don’t know, maybe you were Cleopatra, I have no idea Sahara.

[35:05] Sahara
Everyone was Cleopatra. Everyone’s like “I remember my Past Life – Cleopatra!”

[35:11] Nikki
I had one client that was trying to convince me that she was Mary Magdalene and I’m like “Man, I really liked you before you told me you were Mary Magdalene!”

[35:18] Sahara
But we can – and it’s interesting too, because even the soul has fragments, so there may be tens of millions of us who have remembrances of Cleopatra and Mary Magdalene because they’re universal archetypes.

[35:30] Nikki
One hundred percent! Exactly! I remember when I was first studying, I was like “What?!” but then yes, I understood that maybe there’s a million Mary Magdalene’s existing right now because it’s the fractal, yes.
So, going back to that, we can go into the Past Life – let’s say, let’s go into that Mary Magdalene lifetime and maybe activate something that’s really missing from this lifetime; or going back to Cleopatra, maybe it’s like “Man, I’ve really been trying to find my power. Somebody happens to go into your Past Lives, finds that you’re some sort of, you had a queen lifetime, and then you can activate the energy from that Past Lifetime to help you embody a little bit more of those lifetimes. There’s a lot of cool things with Past Lives that you can do.


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[37:17] Sahara
I’m really obsessed with Past Lives, that was one of the biggest things that brought me to my spiritual journey. I remember I was doing study abroad, in Paris, when I was in college, and basically I was all alone and the place I was staying at didn’t work out so I was like alone for 8 weeks, and I wasn’t even really spiritual then, I practiced yoga and that’s it, but I had so much time by myself and no one spoke English, so I would just sit in a café and I would just think. And that’s when I started to have all these remembrances of different Past Lives and I was writing them down, and I’m like this girl in Africa with this really big smile who is dancing to the drums and then this old indigenous Guatemalan medicine woman, and all of these different archetypes were cultures and time periods and archetypes that I really resonate with in this lifetime, even today. So, it almost created and embodiment or a personification of these different aspects of myself. So, I always think that that’s a really good way to start off, like what are time periods that you just feel maybe a sense of nostalgia for. Some people love the 1920s, it’s almost like they were there; they love Ancient Egypt or whatever the thing is; different cultures; different languages. I feel like I was a Latina in my Past Life! You’re like “Yes, we even went to the Cuban party”, but, because I’ve always felt such an affinity with Latin culture, and even though I didn’t really take Spanish, it just came to me so easily, whereas French, which I actually took, was so hard for me to learn and I had a horrible – every time I go to France I have a horrible experience, I actually think I was a slave in France. Just even the architecture there, that colonial architecture, even in Boston, seeing it, it gave me the heebie-jeebies, because I just knew that I was a slave.
So, I think we’ve had so many different Past Lives, so it’s like those unexplainable things that feel like home. And even fears – for me, I know I died in a car accident because I have this unexplainable fear of driving, and I’ve never really been in a bad car accident in this lifetime, but it’s like, even every time Steven drives a car, I’m like “Make sure you’re not texting and driving”, I’m hyper-attuned to that, whereas, I’ve never felt that way on a plane. And some people, for them a plane is a really big thing.
So, yeah, what advice do you have for people, to help them remember, maybe, these aspects of themselves?

[39:39] Nikki
Yeah, and I think the best thing we could do is share these stories because we are definitely all experiencing them. So, my middle son, Oliver, I named him Oliver because his name came to me way before I even knew my husband, I just was like, and then Oliver showed up and I was like “Okay, that’s what I’m going to name my first son!” And from 0-3, the guy had a British accent, no joke, straight up, people were asked me why does he speak like that, I don’t know, maybe it’s too much Peppa Pig, which is like a British show.

[40:08] Sahara
I had an Indian accent as a child, no joke!

[40:14] Nikki
They say that a lot of kids come remembering, and Oliver is such a – you know, I’m Cuban, my husband’s Cuban, my parents were so, they were like “Oliver”, I mean, we actually call him Ollie because God forbid, we call him Oliver.

[40:29] Sahara
Oliver, I want some more.

[40:31] Nikki
Yeah, that was the way he was talking. So, there may be little things like that for you, that hopefully these stories help you remember them.
Also, one thing to look out for is, you may spot Past Lives the most in people that you meet. So, our friend, since my ex-boyfriend, I’m sure same situation with you, that was so Past Life, and that’s the tricky thing about meeting, because anybody you have a past life with, we would consider a soulmate. It’s a soul that you lived other lifetimes with. Unfortunately, we romanticize the term soulmate, so, often, yes, that ex-boyfriend was a soulmate, so then I might be like “Well, if I met my soulmate, I should be marrying my soulmate or I should be with them for the rest of my life”, and that is the hardest part about Past Lives with people, and feeling like we’re supposed to be with them forever.
You might have people that you dated and you loved, it wasn’t a bad thing, and it’s sad to not be with them, but you know you’re not supposed to be with them. So that’s a lot of – you may be remembering your past lives through the people you see through. Exact thing like you were saying, remembering these cultures.
My best friend, she says, she was so obsessed with the Titanic growing up, that even she made her parents take her to some Titanic Museum, and she checked the list of all the people that died to see her name was there, she was convinced that she was on the Titanic. So, things like that, you’d be surprised, that is the beginning of the remembering, so, don’t underestimate that. And if you really want to know, then you can, it’s really just a meditation, there are some meditations online. We teach Past Lives in the Akashic Records, I just feel like you have more control when you go into the Akashic Records, because you can do like a Brian Weiss meditation where…

[42:17] Sahara
Dolores Cannon.

[42:19] Nikki
Yeah, you can do those, which I definitely started off with that. But whatever wants to show up, will show up. Where in the Akashic Records, you can be like “I would like to see the lifetime where I first started having challenges in money” and that lifetime will come up, so you have just a little bit more control when you go through the akashic Records.
So, I mean, you just have to be able to let yourself go into meditation and to journey a little bit and see what you get. Just make sure you have a notebook and pen, and after you have that experience, or a voice note, and just voice note yourself or write it so that it ends up sticking to you. And definitely, if you have those experiences, I wouldn’t share them right away to anybody that maybe doesn’t believe because you’ll lose the magic of it and it won’t really stick to you, so hold on to it, you can share it with somebody who totally is there with you and believes you 100%, or just hold on to it for a while until you feel like you’ve let it integrate into your being.

[43:16] Sahara
So good! Yeah, I have done Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique a few times, and definitely, it took me into different lifetimes. There was one, really, in it, it’s like the deepest state of hypnosis, but at the same time you’re conscious. So, the first time I did it, I was kind of waiting for something to appear, so then, for a good hour I was like “I see nothing”, and then she’s like “Well, start to use your imagination”, and I’m like “Well, if I’m using my imagination then aren’t I making it up”, and I think that’s a huge thing with intuitive work, it’s like where is your imagination coming from? Your imagination is coming from somewhere, and that’s your intuition. So, once I started to just let myself imagine at the beginning, even though I was like “Am I just making this up, what is the point of this if it’s just a story I’m making up?”, some of the stories were like these things that were so simple that I really believed that they were Past Lives because why would I make this up? There was one where I was this peasant in, it looked like somewhere in the Middle East, it was all desert, I’m in this hut, in rags, and then she’s “Take me to the best day of your life”, and I could see from very, very far away, the Sphinx, part of the Sphinx going by, because they were setting it up, and that was the best day of my whole life. And then she’s like “Take me to when you died”, and I’m freezing of hypothermia and I just died of freezing, which, in this lifetime, I’m very sensitive to cold, so that makes sense. There was another one, I was a homeless person drinking on the street and I just died drinking and no one cared.
So, those lives, it’s funny because we’re all like “I’m Cleopatra and Mary Magdalene”, and it’s like yes, and you’re probably a drunk homeless person and a peasant and all of those things too. But then there were other stories that I definitely was just making up. One of them, I’m like this blue alien being and I’m in this jungle and these people are coming, and then at the end, I realized I literally just retold Avatar, it was just my subconsciousness. But what does that story represent? It obviously represented how some part of me feels. Or, one of them, I was a leprechaun and I was “People need to leave me alone, I want to drink my soup in peace!”, and it was like, that’s part of me too.
So, I think that, sometimes, we get so caught up in “What’s my Past Life, and I need to know, and is this real?”, it doesn’t actually really matter. All that matters are the lessons that you’re learning from it.

[45:41] Nikki
One hundred percent! And listen, we can’t, 100%, you know, know for sure. You can definitely, it’s cool to do it with somebody else, let somebody guide you, because in Soul Academy we actually do it as a group and it’s fascinating to see how ten women will be taking you to your past lives. Sahara, they’re all kind of seeing the same thing which is so interesting to experience. And especially if you’re going to die at the end, it’s nice to have somebody to pull you out.
I’ve definitely gotten stuck in some Past Life visuals before, I’m freaked out and then, thankfully, I’ve had teachers that will pull me out. But yeah, it doesn’t really matter, and that is definitely where the beginning of intuition comes from. We have to be able to – I always say, when you’re first starting with your intuition, and maybe when you’re thinking of doing Past Life journeys and things like that, let yourself be crazy for a little bit; don’t judge yourself for a little bit, just be like “You know what, I’m going to spend three months studying this and I’m just going to be super playful.”
My youngest, who’s 4 right now, we were playing ‘Pretend’ with a little shark today, and he’s getting to an age where he knows what’s not pretend and what is. So, we’re playing and I’m like “Oh no, the shark is biting me”, and he’s like “But mom, it’s just a toy, it’s not real”, and I’m like, he stops our game every single time to tell me it’s not real and it’s like, man, we could’ve just had one long game playing sharky. If you wouldn’t stop to doubt yourself, we could have one cool experience, some cool journey, some cool reading energy, whatever it is that you’re practicing, if you just don’t doubt yourself. So, afterwards, I can look back and be like “Oh, was that sharky story real?” we could talk about it.
But you really have to let yourself, just take yourself off the hook. And I know it’s hard for some of us who are really logical in our minds and stuff like that, but I don’t know, there’s no police that’s going to come and get you if you’re telling your past life wrong or anything that.
What’s most important is to be around people that support you during that process, it’s really nice to have some sort of community so that it can develop quicker than being around people than doing it alone, and then being doubtful.

[47:52] Sahara
Yeah, and I think, also, too, I’ve had people say “Well, I know, in my past life, I was a Native American, so, I need to tell people”, but you actually don’t, especially when it comes to marginalized groups, it could come off as offensive to someone to be like “Oh, well, I understand your Native American struggles because in my past life, I was” so, I do think it is important to be mindful of that.
And we, I believe, have had millions of past lives that are truly, simultaneously happening in this moment, because even time is a figment of our imagination and we’re parallel – it’s like our soul is this huge cloud, that particles of the cloud are in many different human experiences at the same time. So, I think it’s important for us to, also, not get so caught up in the “When did this happen?” and “That couldn’t have been my past life because, then, when did I die?”, and it’s not this linear process, it’s not so much of you die and then you pick one and then you come back, it’s more of a simultaneous experience of your soul having parallel realities right now.

[48:57] Nikki
It’s fascinating! And that’s why – the Akashic Records is basically everything that has and will have passed, present and will happen, that’s the concept. We exist in this one moment where everything is happening, past, present, future, which is so hard. I feel like it’s taken me a long time to get there, but from practicing these things, I’ve gotten there, I get it now.
So, even when you’re doing any of these practices, what’s cool is, my suggestion would be, before you go in, set the intention that you’re open to seeing whatever you’re meant to – I always say “I’m open to seeing something I’ve never seen before.” It’s very much like an energy of curiosity and kind of childlike, just “I’m open to seeing anything that I’ve never seen before.” And when you do that, it’s super cool because you’re making your way into a past life, but you’re going into the past life where you’re on another planet or you have these really strong rememberings of these other times and all that stuff, because your brain, if it wants to stay safe, it’s going to give you the experience, you’ll be a Native American, or it’s going to give you an Arab piece, bla, bla, bla, which, it’s not that those aren’t true, but you’d be surprised how many things, how expansive the Universe really is and what you can really see.
And definitely, we are experiencing different dimensions at the same time. I think that a lot of our great literary, or our movies, are such a good example of people downloading and channeling this information from different dimensions. So, it’s like those “imaginations”, they came from somewhere and I think that that’s always fascinating when you see these, you’re like “Oh my gosh, who is writing these stories?” This is exactly what you see in the Records, it’s just fascinating. So, just be open, let yourself be curious and keep yourself in a nice community, so that you can get the most out of your practice.

[50:51] Sahara
It’s so true because when I did the Past Life Regression, I saw this alien and I’m like “Ugh, I don’t like aliens, don’t come near me”, and I actually was able to just not experience that life. And then when I landed on the leprechaun, I’m like “Leprechaun, really?” I’m not really drawn to Ireland, particularly, but I’m like “Let me just go with it because it’s just showing me something.” So, sometimes it’s not necessarily the thing that you love, but your mind is showing it to you for a reason, so just be curious about it.
So, I’d love to, also, talk to you about different ways of harnessing our intuition. So, a lot of us, we’re making these big decisions in our lives, about our purpose, about our relationships, and I think a lot of times we get stuck on “Am I making the right decision or not?” How can we make decisions from our intuition and what are different intuitive practices to support us?

[51:49] Nikki
Yeah, I mean, there’s like, beginning stages and pro stages, and all that kind of stuff.

[51:54] Sahara
We want the pro! Make this all go away!

[51:59] Nikki
So, the first thing, honestly, you guys, is, you’d be so surprised, again, the intention, because – so, like a practice thing, intuitive myself, I used to do, I do these soul readings and it’s like a job, not every day is a great day, and not every day do I feel super inspired and super intuitive, but I’m still being paid to do this reading. And it’s so funny – in order to be able to do the intuitive work well, you just need to get past yourself.
So, on those days that are really hard, I’ve had hard days with my husband or my kids or something that it’s hard to be able to deliver, but need to deliver. It’s really a process of eliminating that part of you.
So, yes, you’re going to be anxious and fearful – you know, typically, you’re even asking a question about my future, whatever it is, because something, you’re feeling a little uneasy. So, you actually want to be like – you first have to set the intention that you are a clear vessel, you’re like “Okay, I’m a clear vessel, thank you”, a lot of gratitude, because the energy of intuition, of that higher vibration is gratitude, it’s curiosity, it’s trust.
So, have you ever picked a card from a deck of cards and you get the worst card ever and it’s because you, yourself, are picking that card from a really scary place, you’re afraid, and you’re just being mirrored back to you, this thing, your biggest fear. And that’s normal, I mean, that’s why we’re asking these questions, but what we want to do, and we’re not asking you to figure out your life before you ask for a prediction, it’s that you have to be like “Okay, for just a second, I’m going to put that aside”, anxious Nikki, she’s just going to be put aside, sad Nikki, whatever, and I’m just, I’m really going to connect, I kind of see it as – I close my eyes, I see my crown connecting to Source and I go, I’m connecting as high as I can, to Source, and I’m just like “Thank you so much for this opportunity, it’s such a blessing to be able to do this”, and that’s really me, opening my heart, I’m just getting to that place so I can really – and then I’m saying “May I be a clear vessel for messages?” And even if I reaffirm myself, I’ll say “May I be a clear vessel for message, for Nikki”, because Nikki is human, but there’s a soul, which is a part of me that’s actually connecting, so I’m actually almost, like, taking myself out of that physical body and connecting to my higher self, my highest self, and the highest self is actually what’s connecting and allowing the human Nikki to be human. So, even if I’m reading for her, I actually separate the two, and I’ll speak that way, I’ll say “Please, allow me to receive these messages for Nikki’s highest and greatest good.” So, I’m setting up the stage to really, to almost be unhuman at that point, to not be in any of my human stuff, so that I can get the information.
Of course, a lot of intuitive work is like metaphors, and you’re going to use, your human metaphor and that kind of stuff, but once you set – it’s like, you’re just plugging into the right outlet, that’s like the first step, and so many of us miss that. We forget the sacredness of connecting and we just go for it and pull a card or whatever, and you have to have some sort – and that doesn’t have to be like, my little ritual doesn’t have to be yours, but have some sort of set up where you’re really moving yourself aside.
You can also, if you’re feeling like you’re not sure if this is anxious information or fearful information, just present the question to yourself like “If I wasn’t afraid, if I wasn’t anxious about this, what would be the highest thought or the highest message I could get?”
I always recommend having a paper and a pen, too, because we want to bypass the logical mind, so we want those messages, as we’re asking questions, we want them to drop and not be filtered through the logical minds, so it’s almost like I catch the message and I throw it on the paper before I even understand it. You do that work, channel writing. So, it’s kind of that, but it’s almost like “I’m not even going to process what’s coming through, I’m going to process it on the paper, later, because we want to bypass that.
If you don’t like paper and pen, you can also do it with voice, which is what people will call a channel, but it’s really just you trying to download messages and say what’s coming without doubting it, without interfering. How many times are we closing our eyes and we’re reading something and we’re like “I think I see a pink heart”, and it’s like urgh, that’s it, just say “I saw a pink heart”, that’s okay, you don’t need to know even what it is.
So, definitely, it’s all like a game of getting out of processing that information; it’s also totally a game of focus, and that’s the hardest part. There’s lots of hacks too, if you’re trying to download messages, try a few things. You can get some music that has data brainwaves or binaural beats, that will help your mind focus, because what you’re doing is, when you’re getting messages, what you’re doing is, you are picking up energy that is unseen. So, if you’re going into the future, for instance, “I’m seeing a future path, it already exists, it’s energetic, it has no form, but I’m reading the energy of the future.” So, I have to hold my focus to connect to that energy and then translate it, basically, is what’s happening.
So, that’s why, in Soul Academy, we actually start off with the chakras because if you can learn to read a little chakra, that’s like a little point of focus that you – you know, if you hold your focus, you close your eyes and you’re like “Okay, I’m going to read the root chakra”, then, if you can grab whatever you see in the root chakra, it’s actually teaching your mind to hold focus. And then you can get to the bigger stuff, you can get to future prediction stuff, you can get to Akashic Records, all that stuff, but it is, you’re focusing on an energy that you can’t see. Everything’s energy and then you’re writing down whatever is coming in that moment. And everybody is going to have a different intuition. Some of you are going to hear it, some of you are going to feel it, some of you are going to know it, so, you’re going to get it in different ways. Some of you are actually going to feel it completely in your body, which are more of our empaths and our sensitives, you’re, again, going to want to have to, kind of, separate it from you, but you just want to catch the information and put it on a paper. You can dissect it later, once it’s on the paper, don’t worry about that, but try not be my son, interrupting me in the shark game, don’t interrupt that process, just get what you get. And then, as you do more of that, you can end up holding your focus for like an hour, which is really cool, and you get like a lot more information.

[58:33] Sahara
So, it sounds like it really is – first of all, carving out the time. I know, I leave my oracle cards next to where I make my matcha because I know that’s the only way I will be sure to pull them every single day, because I’m standing there waiting. But then, sometimes when you’re like having a stressful day or you’re just not putting in the time, you’re like “Okay, cards, what do you have for me?” And it’s like, you never – I mean, sometimes you do get messages like that, but you’re losing the point if you’re waiting for the cards to tell you, or something outside of you to tell you, it really needs you creating that sacred space that you mentioned, of coming to your center, just taking a moment to pause, raising your vibration, asking for guidance, that’s just going to raise your frequency so much, that you’re going to come in a receptive space to even listen, but if you’re like “Okay cards, what do you have for me today?” you’re not even going to listen or when you’re stressed out and you pull a card and you’re like “I don’t like this card”, and you pull another one and another one, until it’s the one that you like, and then you’re like “Well, this doesn’t even mean anything, screw the cards!”

[59:37] Nikki
You keep showing up, the same card keeps showing up, I hate you, I don’t understand you!

[59:42] Sahara
Same dreams too. So, how can we read dreams for intuition? Because I feel like dreams sometimes, too, are a lot of just like things that we saw that day or thoughts that we had that day. I had all these dreams about pigs being slaughtered last night and I think I’ve just been thinking about pigs because I went to the pig island and it just made me think of pigs differently.
So, is that like my inner guidance telling me that’s my new cause, “Save the pigs”, or how much of it is just things that were in your subconscious, that your brain is just processing?

[1:00:15] Nikki
I think we would like other things from you rather than you saying the pigs, Sahara. So, hopefully you don’t.

[1:00:20] Sahara
The pigs need me!

[1:00:21] Nikki
I love that! So, dreams, especially if you’re not carving up the time during the day, or if you’re just still learning and you’re not getting there with your own intuitive practice, your guides, often, will show you things. Like, if you’re starting that connecting and they’re like “Oh, she’s trying to get there, we want to show her some things when she’s sleeping”, so, some of it – there’s a mix of things that happen, for sure, when you’re dreaming, but sometimes, yes, your guides sometimes are showing you pictures that are metaphors that you ultimately have to translate the metaphor.
Of course, there’s the subconscious part too, that “I see the pigs, I just saw them the other day”, but actually, like you said, if you wake up the next morning and you kind of remember that dream and you just journal a little bit about “What does that dream mean to me? How did I feel? What does that dream mean?” If this dream meant something, so, you definitely don’t want to take anything at face value, there’s always a metaphor. Actually, intuition, when you’re sitting in intuition, the language of intuition is a metaphor. That’s why I always teach; that’s why Jesus spoke in parabolas, everything is a metaphor.
So, the pig thing, like, would be, we would go a little bit, and it could be so unrelated to animals, you know, but it’s something that you’re understanding, and it’s almost like an encoded message for you.
Then there’s other types of dreams where, I remember when I first started this work, my Spirit Guide would, I asked to see a past life, before I, I don’t why I just kind of put it out there, I was like “I want to see a past life.” I went to sleep and I really remember my Spirit Guide journeying me into other lifetimes. So, where that is not as metaphorical, it’s just that my brain is in the perfect place for me to have those experiences. I don’t have them anymore because I do them in my waking hours, but when I couldn’t get there yet, and I was still learning, I would have these experiences. So, I think there’s some experiences, some healings you’ll even get. You’ll get, some of you are really connected to the star seeds, you might have star beings come and give you healings or activations or, kind of Shaman-looking guides show up, so there’s like healings, there’s journeys and then definitely, these subconscious messages that will come through when you’re sleeping. So, there’s different ways.

[1:02:40] Sahara
I love that! And can you share a little bit more about the highest self and how it’s really our highest self that’s always channeling? Whether we’re working with Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Galactic Beings, Past Lives, how our highest self is that conduit between the worlds?

[1:02:55] Nikki
Yeah, I love that you are very connected to the highest self. Even when we practice and play together, I love that you go all the way up, it’s kind of what I call it.
So, there’s different levels of plains of existence or like, you can call them densities, it’s what the Law of One calls them. You’re going from one, we exist on 3D, they say that we’re moving into 4, and then you can go all the way up to Source, which is 7, right? Yeah, because that’s, it even goes with the chakras too.
So, the higher self is basically a piece of Source, so, that is like the God within you. And as much as maybe having a Spirit Guide that’s super wise, maybe really corny, working with like an Ascended Master, if you’re working with a Goddess or the Buddha, or whoever it is that you might be working with, those are great too, but actually, the highest self will trump that because it is – the highest self is almost like the future self, it’s like what the soul is trying to get to. So, it’s so interesting, it’s almost like the highest self sets your soul off on this, it’s like “Alright, let’s do many, many lifetimes of reincarnation to get right back to zero”, so, it’s almost like a clock. So, to me, the highest self is at the 12 and it’s like “Alright, we’re going to start off, we’re going to go 1, 2, 3”, and it’s really, just, almost in a way that’s how the future self is the beginning, but it’s also the end, which is really interesting. So, that’s why it is the highest version and it actually trumps any guide you may be working with.
Now, for me, I wasn’t ready to be in my highest self when I first started practicing. All I was ready for was a Spirit Guide. I grew up Catholic, so Jesus would show up for me and I could only understand that and it was super helpful for me, even as I started to read people, I would feel the Guides. And you’ll go to readings that people are like “Your Spirit Guides are saying this” or “My Spirit Guides are saying this”, and that’s okay, they’re working with them, but they do [Spirit Guides] exist at a different plain, like a lower plain then your higher self, so, there’s a limitation to that. Even those who like the Law of One – I forget what level he says he’s at, it’s 6 or something, and there are some questions that the Channelers ask him, or it, sorry, the Collective, and Ra will say “Oh, that’s basically above my pay grade.” So, as much as Ra is a very wise being, there’s like a limitation where the higher self, the concept is that, it’s like the part of Source. But don’t force if you’re not connected to the higher self yet, don’t force it if you don’t see it or super connected. If what you’re experiencing right now is Spirit Guides and beings or whatever, that’s okay. First of all, I always say check IDs, make sure that they are in your highest and greatest good and that they work with the light, because you’ll be surprised, you’ll connect with something that is just playing with you, I’ve seen it many, many times. So, make sure you’re just checking IDs and just always take it with a grain of salt because, you know, sometimes, there’s more.
Same thing with passed loved ones, many of us are guided by our grandmother who passed, or whatever, and you have to remember that that soul is still in its process, and for all we know you are an older soul than your grandmother. So, everything with a grain of salt.
Your grandmother could definitely show up because you’re in the middle of cleaning something in the lineage and you’re going to be the first woman, in the lineage, to make her own money or something like that, and she’s there to support you, but she’s not necessarily going to tell you, I don’t know, like, all of the world’s issues, answers to all of your worldly issues or whatever. Remember that sometimes these guides have specialties and like, some things might be above their pay grade, and the hope is that, ultimately, you’ll get to the higher self. But there’s so much wisdom in the Spirit Guides, I find them more like, as they offer specialties.
And also, a really cool thing is that, like, from being in school with all these women in the Academy, it’s so coo to see that a lot of – your Spirit Guides are actually you from a past life. So, you’ll show up and you’ll be like “Oh man, there’s kind of this Shaman indigenous woman working with me”, and after time, you’ll be like “Oh my gosh, it’s actually me.” So, the Spirit Guide is just kind of reflecting – so, they’re just like, kind of, giving a costume or an era to help you, almost like see the you in a more sacred way, or a more divine way, even though it’s still you. So, I think that that’s like a trick of a higher self, sometimes.
So, I think there’s definitely Spirit Guides that are not you, but so many of our Spirit Guides are actually us from other lifetimes.

[1:07:32] Sahara
Yeah, I so agree with everything you just said. And in my own journey, when I heard about Spirit Guides, I’m like “I need to find out who my Spirit Guides are’, it became this obsession and I tried to do automatic writing and connect, and it just never really hit it off for me. I, again, felt like I was kind of making it up, where some of my friends are like “I have a Spirit Guide, he’s on my right hand all the time this is his name, he cracks actually funny jokes and have this one”, and I don’t know, for whatever reason, I never had that experience, whereas it was more like the Past Lives thing, seeing an archetype, but it was me. And I got very into the Goddesses, that kind of became my thing, connecting to these different Goddess energies, which I still love, but then I almost, spiritually, like, kind of outgrew, or moved past that, of like, I don’t really need to worship a Goddess or think about it as “Oh, it’s this, Goddess knows the answer”, I am the Goddess; we are all the Goddess. I am every single one of these archetypes and the only reason why they’re Goddesses is because, as humans, we need a personification of something in order to trust this universal energy, the universal energy of abundance and opulence and fertility is Lakshmi personified. So, it because less, and I still have my Goddess statues all over and I love them, but it became less. Originally, in Rose Gold Goddesses, was about Goddess archetypes, and now it’s more you channeling those abilities that you have within yourself rather than needing a middle man. And that’s why it’s so interesting that, I even called this Podcast, Highest Self Podcast back in 2017, when I started it because it was kind of, my intuition knew that it’s all you. You are the Spirit Guide, you are the Ancestor, you are all of it in human form, and you are the God and Goddess you’ve been waiting for.

[1:09:28] Nikki
One hundred percent! I mean, my job, we can just end it here, buddy. But yeah, that’s exactly, you know, the ideas that unity is the ultimate place that we’re trying to get to, so when we start to understand that, and there’s no shame in that understanding that. If what Sahara just said does not make sense to you, that’s okay, God knows it did not make sense to me for a long time, and that’s why a lot of these guides were helpful for me, and that’s the concept. The Goddess wants to, kind of, upgrade your understanding and the ideas, she wants you to graduate from that understanding, ultimately, and you can’t force it, and when it’s time, it’s time. But yes, you can still love the Goddesses because, basically, what they’re doing is, they’re a vessel holding a certain kind of energy, that, going back to the beginning of our conversation, we were saying “Oh, you hang out with your partner or whatever, and maybe they hold a certain energy and we end up absorbing it”, so, having those Goddesses in our lives, this very potent essence of something (fertility, whatever it is), and as we get to know them, we get to absorb that energy because they don’t have to be in physical form, they’re just energy, that’s what you’re doing it in intuition; you’re reading it, you’re tapping into it, you’re understanding it, and you’re putting it into your energy, so that’s why they’re so super helpful, you know.

[1:10:41] Sahara
Yeah, and I have certain friends that look at these different deities as teacher that they sit with. So, right now, “I’m sitting with Vishnu and I’m channeling and learning from that pool of energy, or with Saraswathi”, so, I see some people see it that way, and other way see it more of literal, and I think it’s just like, everyone has their own Karma and their own way that they’re going to connect to Source. So, giving yourself that invitation to try different things and see what feels like home frequency for you.

[1:11:10] Nikki
I love that! Exactly! It’s exactly what it is!

[1:11:13] Sahara
Yay! Well, do you have any final words of advice for someone who’s on their spiritual journey, they’re wanting to connect deeper and yeah, just any insights for them as they’re stepping into their soul’s purpose, to know what’s right for them?

[1:11:29] Nikki
So, I just have a big feeling of you’re doing a great job, it’s what I want to tell all of you that are listening. And if we keep, again, knocking ourselves down, doubting ourselves, telling ourselves “Oh, I’m not being productive enough” or “I’m not getting where I want to go”, it is actually stopping us midway to the climb that we’re reaching, that we’re destined to go on.
So, I really just feel – I just want all of you to know that Source says you’re doing a great job, you really are! And we just want to stay in that, it’s okay to – you don’t have to think you’re killing it every day, but it’s okay to just love yourself through the process, so that you’re not breaking your progress, because it’s like, every time we stop, and it’s like an addiction, honestly, even the cards sometimes, it’s like this addiction to be like “I don’t know what’s happening, let me pull a card or whatever”, and it’s fine that we get that info and we need to, but what it’s doing is, it’s stopping our progress.
So, intuition is not necessarily even getting messages all this time, it’s also about just trusting your path and having your – really trusting in yourself. And especially if you’re looking for speed, if you’re looking to try to get to wherever you want to get to faster, play a little game with yourself and tell yourself “Okay, for a month, I’m not going to doubt myself, I’m not going to interrupt myself on this climb”, it’s like we’re taking a bunch of cigarette breaks when we’re trying to go up the mountain, it’s like, shit, it’s going to take 20 days to get up that mountain if we keep stopping for a cigarette break or water break or cookie break, or whatever your break is. And if we can just eliminate that, even if it’s just eliminated for 50%, we don’t have to be perfect, by any means, that is actually the connection to the higher self. That little prayer that I was explaining before, what I do before readings, that is, I’m just plugging into the higher self. So, maybe all of us can do that, maybe we can all challenge ourselves to do that for the next 30 days or so, and see what happens. Let’s just see if we can eliminate doubt for a little bit, eliminate self-hatred, eliminate that pressure, and just trust that we’re on the path. Maybe we don’t know exactly how it’s going to pan out, but let’s give ourselves a little bit of a smoother path.

[1:13:49] Sahara
Thank you so much for your wise words, we’re so grateful for you to be here and share your wisdom with us! Where can listeners connect with you even further?

[1:13:58] Nikki
I loved being here with you guys and with you Sahara! So, you can follow me, Nikki Novo, on Instagram or my website, that’s like my personal stuff, and then, if you’re interested in more of the metaphysical and going deep dive into studying the practices, we have Soul Academy, which is super fun. We have three different levels and we learn reading energy and Spirit Guides and Past Lives, and all the cool stuff, Akashic Records, that’s actually mysoulacademy.org

[1:14:29] Sahara
Beautiful! Well, thank you so much for being here and sharing your insights again.

[1:14:33] End of Interview

[1:14:34] Sahara
Oh, yes! How juicy good was that conversation with Nikki!? I could’ve gone on for hours, and that is why I love this Podcast, because we get to really dive deep into all the spiritual topics that we’re thinking about! Maybe you read a little quote about on Instagram, we actually get to dive deep into what it means, and that’s really the only way that we’re truly going to be able to understand these topics, not at the surface level, but at its core. And of course, this is really just the beginning.

[1:15:01] Sahara
So, if you’re interested in diving deeper, Nikki will be a featured guest in Rose Gold Goddesses, my Divine Feminine Mystery School.
So, join the wait-list at rosegoldgoddesses.com, she’s also teaching in our in-person retreat, which we’re so excited for! And Nikki has her Soul Secret Course, which you can get for 10% OFF with discount code ‘Sahara’. So, if you head over to the show notes, you’ll find those links there, and that will be the perfect next step for you to dive deeper into your spiritual journey.

[1:15:27] Sahara
And if you’re interested in becoming a Certifies Spiritual Life Coach or Soul Purpose Coach, then doors are opening back up for Dharma Coaching Institute in March. So, this is your opportunity to spend 6 months diving deep with me, all about launching your career as a Certified Dharma Coach.

[1:15:44] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode, I am so grateful for you to be here! I’ll see you guys in the Astral Realm! Namaste!

Episode 418: Spirituality, Outgrowing Relationships, Soul Contracts, Past Lives, Intuitions
with Nikki Novo
By Sahara Rose


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