Highest Self Podcast 289: Understanding Your Past Lives


What are past lives? How do we know about them? We dive into these questions in this episode! Understanding my past lives has been a major part of my spiritual journey and I’m back on the podcast sharing about how you can understand, access and learn from your past lives!

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Episode 289: Understanding Your Past Lives
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the Highest Self podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement. 

If it’s your first time here – Welcome! If you listen every week – What’s up, What’s happening?! 

I want to share with you a little bit of news, I have been on TiK ToK, ya girl’s on TiK ToK having a freaking blast! I was always like “Oh, I can’t go on TiK ToK, like, I have no time..” and then quarantine happened. And suddenly I did have time, so I got on and literally have been addicted since. I am bringing spirituality to TiK ToK, and I’m obsessed with this platform because it allows you to be so creative. I have made skits on looking at your old Facebook pictures from before your spiritual journey, or how spiritual people are reacting to Coronavirus, or looking at yourself before and after, you know, your awakening and just all of the spiritual humor and it’s been such a blast! And, I’m also sharing little tidbits of spiritual wisdom and that is actually what inspired this episode.

So, I was making a video on understanding your past lives and it hit me that I actually haven’t spoken about past lives in quite some time on this podcast, and my, I believe, fourth episode ever on this podcast, which was three years ago, believe it or not – three years ago. I started this podcast simply because I wanted a spiritual podcast to listen to. That was fun, modern, relatable; and I couldn’t find one, so I decided to start one of my own, and that was June 4th 2017. 

And that point in my life, you know, I was very known for Ayurveda. I was talking about Ayurveda; I had my book “Idiots Guide To Ayurveda” coming out that summer. But I had so many other sides to me that I wanted to speak about, namely my spirituality – and that’s why I started the podcast, so that fourth episode that I did on ‘Understanding Your Past Lives’ was really like my coming out of sharing it. 

And since then we’ve done several episodes on past lives, particularly with quantum hypnosis healing technique practitioners, which is a method of hypnosis that you actually go into your past lives, which I’ve done several times since then; and because it is such a topic that especially people who are beginning their spiritual journeys want to know about. I wanted to dive back into it with my awareness of today. 

So, when I talk about past lives, I really invite you to look at it through your intuitive lens rather than your rational egoic mind. Because, even the word ‘past life’ is actually not true to what it is because it’s not in the past, it’s actually still an aspect of you happening in this present moment. We can do another podcast on how time doesn’t really exist and everything is happening in the now moment. There is just this, ever-lasting continuum that we are a part of; but that’s a whole other episode. 

So, when I say ‘past life’, I don’t want you to think “Ok, it’s something that happened in the past between these years, and I must understand how it is”, it’s not going to work that way. It’s so much more subtle and energetic and something that you can just feel – that if you continue to look for the hard evidence for it, you’re never going to get there. And that – it’s kind of everything with spirituality – it’s purely intuitive. So, I invite you to look at this though your intuition rather than your rational mind. Your rational mind is great for taxes; it’s not great for this.  

So, I begin to discover my past lives when I was about 20 years old. So, this was about 10 years ago, and I was on this student abroad trip to Paris, and I ended up really not liking the house that I was supposed to be staying in, like, the apartment was horrible, so I left. And I was staying in this apartment by myself where I didn’t know anyone and I was there for the next two months. So, I was basically in a city completely by myself, with no one to talk to, that no one I knew, and no one spoke my language. And it was a really interesting time because I was constantly just thinking alone. Like, I would just, you know, I would go to the class but everyone in my class was actually like, happened to be Chinese, so they didn’t speak any English, so I was alone. And, I would just walk around Paris and sit in coffee shops and think. As romantic as that sounds, it was actually kind of depressing. 

But, in that time of me just thinking, and thinking and thinking; I remember this so clearly, but one day just writing in my phone, like, all of these ideas of what I would think my past lives are; what are cultures that I resonate with; what are time periods that I resonate with; what are just things that make me feel like home. So, I began writing this list, you know – like, Latin American medicine woman, you know; Egyptian Priestess – like all of these different archetypes that like, I felt like there is a part of me in that. At that point, I wasn’t like super-spiritual, I was definitely a yogi, a hard-core on the yogi path, but I never studied past lives. I didn’t grow up in a household that really talked about them, but I always kind of intuitively knew that this wasn’t our first time here. 

So, I basically wrote down this whole list of all of the different sides of me, from the ganeyan dancer to the flamenco dancer; a lot of them were dancers, and in this list, as I was just looking at it, it just felt like, all of these archetypes encompass me. And again, I didn’t know if it was past life or not, but I felt a deep residence. 

So, past lives are aspects of yourself. And to understand them, I invite you to ask yourself – What are some periods of history that you are drawn to? Like, are you obsessed with the 1950s? This girl that I follow on TiK ToK literally lives her life like the 1950s. Only wears 50s clothes, decorated her whole house 50s – it is so clear that in her past life she was just in the 50s. And that’s why in this lifetime, she almost feeling like she wants to complete that. Maybe she actually died a tragic death which is why she feels this insane need to complete that life. And actually, hers is about Marilyn Monroe specifically. 

Were you super-drawn to the Han dynasty in China? Or the Pharos in Egypt? Or maybe Lemuria or Atlantis? What archetypes are you drawn to? Is it the medicine-woman; is it the priestess; is it the oracle; is it the warrior? And again, it doesn’t have to be one, in fact you might have been all of these things in different lifetimes. How many lifetimes have we had? The mind wants to know but it’s something that doesn’t exist, but again, time doesn’t exist. So, different, you know, Buddhist theories, Hindu theories have different kind of numbers that they give, but you could just assume thousands. You’ve had thousands of them. And certain lives are more significant in this lifetime than others; and certain time periods within this lifetime will draw out different past lives. 

So, what archetypes are you drawn to? What archetypes have you been drawn to? What cultures are you drawn to? You know, does being in Guatemala just give you butterflies? Something being with Cacao and the indigenous people there, like, that feels like home. Or maybe it is being in Mongolia in the steps and you so wonder what it was like in the time of Ganges Khan? Or maybe it was in France during the Middle Ages. What feels super-resonate for you? Maybe you watched it in a movie or read books about it, or you just have dreams and visions about it, or flashbacks from being there. What languages come easily for you? I have spoken to so many people who say they literally remember that they could speak a language that they were never taught. For myself, Spanish came very easily to me, and I’ve always been so drawn to Latin culture; I always talked about wanting to move to Miami. But, I love Latin culture, and Spanish, it just feels like coming home when I’m speaking it, even though I actually took French. And I still suck at French and it definitely doesn’t feel like coming home. So, we can see the past lives there. Maybe I actually was killed in France, which I believe to be true. So, what feels really at home for you? And maybe, what doesn’t feel at home for you? There’s some information for you there too. Even, what kind of dance, you know. Right now on TiK ToK, again, there’s this dance challenge happening of this African dance called the Guara-Guara. And certain people who are not African, who have never African danced before, do it so perfectly; that I believe it’s a Nigerian dance actually. People are like “How did you learn to do that? Like, we don’t even do it that clearly here.” It is so good, and obviously there was some sort of past life within them that their body could just move in that way. Maybe it’s a musical instrument – you can just play the sitar and somehow you’re just strumming that beautiful sitar and you’re channeling your lives in Ancient Persia with Rumi and Hafez.  

So, I invite yourself after this podcast, to really sit down and write down ‘What historical periods resonate with me? What cultures resonate with me? What archetypes? What time periods? What languages? What dances? Even, what foods? What culture do I feel the most at home at? You know, so many people, they travel to another country and they knew instantly that they have had a past life there. Something has felt so resonant with them, so at home for them there. 

And there are other places that you may go, and actually may feel a lot of fear showing up for you there. Perhaps you were killed then, or you were a slave then, or mistreated in some type of way. So, besides knowing what time periods our past lives were; we also have people that travel with us across timelines. 

So, different spiritual beliefs have different theories of how this works, but the one that I see the most common and that resonates with me is that there is a soul clan that travels with you across lifetimes. And these are the people who are in your family; your partner; your close friends that really last with you in this lifetime. And they’re with you across every single life time, but you have different roles. So, maybe, your mom, in this lifetime used to be your sister, or used to be your lover, or used to be your brother, or used to be your enemy. And maybe your dad; one of these other roles as well; your partner as well. In one of the past life regressions that I did, I actually saw myself, my husband and my brother as warriors in the battle of Troy, and my dad was the general; and Deepak Chopra was actually the head general over him and these are all the people who have been extremely instrumental in my life, and I believe in all lifetimes I’ve known them. 

So, sometimes we have like interesting relationships with people. Maybe with your mother – you’ve always felt that you were actually the mother; you were always teaching her; maybe because in your past life you were her mother; and you guys are still carrying a bit of that relationship in this lifetime is about you completely showing up as the daughter and her as the mother. But that’s why it may have been tricky for you both because you were so used to playing the other role. Or maybe, your partner was you know, your sibling and you guys get on each other’s nerve, but there’s such a kinship there. Or maybe your child was your partner or even a grandparent. You know, I have so many people who say “I fell like my grandma is my soul mate”, and even though it’s not romantic in this lifetime, it’s this feeling of ‘our souls are meant to be with each other’.

So, every single person in your life that is close to you has been with you before. And understanding just the natural tendencies in your relationship can help you understand what it may have been like in a past life. Do I know if that was in every past life or just one – I don’t. I don’t know. What I will intuit from my perspective is that – the past life that needs to be healed is the one that’s going to show up for us right now.                           

So for example, maybe, if you were your mother’s mother in a past life, and she was your daughter, and because of this maybe she was an alcoholic and you had to always take care of her. It was because that co-dependency needed to be healed in this lifetime. And you needed to learn to trust and claim that you are an innocent child and you’re not you’re responsible for everyone else and she also had to stand in to her power, and that was what both of your karmic contracts were about. 

And when I say karmic contracts, what I mean with that, is that you came into this lifetime with a soul contract. A soul contract is essentially what your soul agreed to fill in this lifetime. So, maybe, your soul agreed to, you know, be the spark in your family to end addiction or to create a revolution or to help those in need or something else. These are things that you’re soul came to this world to fulfill and that is why you are so naturally drawn to it. You can’t explain it, it’s just part of your soul contract. And we don’t just have one, you will have different soul contract at different times of your life that need to be fulfilled. 

So, for example, in my earlier years when I was, you know, from maybe 7 years old to 18 or 19 years old the most adament soul contract for me was to protect human rights, especially for children; and that’s why I went to school to become a human rights lawyer and  everything that was about it, Amnesty International; I was volunteering in Zimbabwe and Vietnam, all of these different places because I, most likely, was either trafficked or.. Like, I definitely know sexually abused and all of those things in past lives, so this is why in this lifetime, I so deeply wanted to be a voice for those children because it was part of my contract to come back. And then my contract shifted and I actually became more about raising conscousness and changing the way that people think because if we change the way that people think, then these issues won’t happen to begin with. 

 So, when we think about past lives, I want you to know that it doesn’t mean that everything was bad or everything that was good. We have all had past lives that we have been brutally murdered and killed, you know, that’s why there are phobias and fears, these are related to past lives often, not always – often.  

So, for example, if you are deathly afraid of being chocked, I know a lot of people, they are afraid of, you know, anything around their neck. Most likely, you were chocked or beheaded in the past life. If you are deeply afraid of heights, most likely you fell. If you are deeply afraid of riding in cars, or riding in a plane, you probably died that way. If you are afraid of blood, like myself – I bled out, I actually have the memory of this. 

So, the reason why we carry these fears in this life is because that trauma was so huge that it moved with us into this lifetime, subconsciously, but also because it needs to be cleared and healed. Because what happened in the past is not happening in the now. So, if this sounds very woo and crazy for you – why are you listening to this podcast, that’s what we talk about here. But if this does sound resonant to you, I invite you to explore that. 

And, you might be thinking “Well, I want to know, like, can you tell me how I died and what my fears are?” I can’t tell you, no one can tell you, even an intuitive or a psychic or a past life regressionist, anyone who is truly gifted, will have you find out for yourself. Because that’s the only way, first of all, is true for you and second of all – going to heal you. Because, even if I did, and I can, you know, often channel peoples’ past lives, but I don’t do it because it’s not my business, it’s their responsibility and their opportunity to learn for themselves. 

So, ask yourself “What are my fears and what do I think that’s related to?” You know, maybe you’re super-afraid of spiders – why do you think you’re afraid of spiders? You know, it’s pretty clear that you’d be afraid of spiders because you probably died of a spider bite. So, all of these fears, we can explain them and then when we can see them, it actually has nothing to do with this lifetime, but it’s our past lifetime that help alleviate the fear, because we recognize that it’s not true; it’s in the past, it doesn’t even exist anymore, we’re just holding onto something from the past. 

And then the same thing, the other end of the coin – of what are you drawn to? Ask yourself that question. I believe the reason why all of these past lives that showed up for me when I was in France was because I was completely alone there and I had no one to talk to and I had no stimulation, so I went inwards. I was going so deeply inwards that I was finally able to listen to the whispers of my soul. And right now, in this quarantine experience, we are gifted that opportunity again. To really dive in inwards and ask ourselves – what does resonate with me? Who am I? Where am I from? This is the perfect opportunity for you to do that work. And I know, all of us, every single one of us, has had a feeling, whether you watched a movie or read a book or had a glimpse, that you like “That feels like home.” 

So, some of the most common ones, there’s many, and this month in Rose Gold Goddesses, we are going to be diving into one very large past life archetype and learning more about this, so come join us in my membership community. If you’re not aware of Rose Gold Goddesses, my membership community, we have so much incredible content for you; if you love this podcast and want to dive deeper with my workshops and master classes and programs, it’s all available for you, with many expert guests from this podcast member-let workshops, all of it is available for you in Rose Gold Goddesses. And this month we’re actually going to be diving into past lives, and I don’t want to say too much, but if you’re into this stuff, join Rose Gold Goddesses and you’ll see why. 

But, some of the most common past lives that many of us experience are the following; I’ll list three right now. 

  1. Ancient Egypt – It is believed that every single person has had a past life there because it was, you know, one of the first civilizations. So, if you resonate with the pyramids; the pharos; the hieroglyphics; many of us, when we were children, were very aware of this past life. I know for myself, I was obsessed with Egypt as a kid, and then many of us had carried that. I go through different phases with Ancient Egypt because I’ve also had some traumatic past life memories there – one of which I’ve lived through again. So, a lot of us with Ancient Egypt have this strong resonance of ‘this feels like home’ and I believe that all of us were there and that’s what a lot of past life regressionists say. A well as Dolores Cannon, who is the most well-known and the founder of quantum hypnosis healing technique (which I’ve done two podcast episodes on). 
  2. Another one is Atlantis – I think everyone has heard about Atlantis. There’s of course a luxury resort in the Bahamas called Atlantis, but many of us remember being in a civilization that went under water. Many of us can remember, I can remember the large towers that were there – it almost looked like the Little Mermaid; and the people with their webbed feet – like, they had these duck feet there, and when I was there, it was like, when Lemuria was sinking, so I kind of don’t have the most positive memories of being there. I remember like hearing; hearing behind the curtain, kind of that something was happening and they didn’t want us to know. But some of my friends are Atlantian Priestesses, all about Atlantis. Really Atlantis, what it represents, is science and spirituality merging. And it was all about, you know, the maths and sciences, and literature, and technology. It was super-technologically advanced. And it’s in kind of modern-day Ibiza, right now, so it’s the island of Spain. 

And these were all real civilizations. You can look these up. But they were five-dimensional so they were different. The way they experienced life was far of a higher vibration than we are experiencing, most of us are experiencing life right now. But Atlantis fell because, because, when, in my past life memory of remembering it, it was like the science and the hard side that had overtaken spirit. And it was no longer the merging of it; and the frequency was no longer really needed and it kind of sunk, and it was kind of a misuse of power. So, Atlantis is a huge past life. Many, many books about this, if you want to learn more. 

  1. And then Lemuria. So, Lemuria is my soul’s home. It is one of my most fond and prevalent, and like, past life that I’m so in right now. And Lemuria was about bringing Heaven on Earth, a pre-dated Atlantis, modern-day Hawaii, specifically. Kawaii was a really powerful point where there was a rejuvenation temple; but also all of the Pacific Islands, from actually, like, Australia throughout Fiji, French Polynesian, all of that was Mu – Lemuria. And it was based on the heart, you know. Atlantis was all about the mind; Lemuria was all about the heart. It was all about connection and community, and dancing and song, and living life with Earth in union with Gaia. “Ah! I wanna go back, I love Lemuria so much.” I mean, this lifetime for me, especially at this moment, when my life is all about bringing Mu back, bringing Lemuria back, and so many of us are Lemurian Priestesses who so deeply resonate with like, living life from the heart, again, with the dance, with the music, with the song, with the community, with the mermaids, with the dolphins, you know. Dolphins were our spirit guides at the time of Lemuria, so if you have a huge resonance with dolphins and the sea creatures, that was your Lemorian life. 

The waterfalls. There were such beautiful waterfalls in Lemoria. If you’ve ever been to the Napali coast, in Kawaii, that is what Lemuria looked like everywhere. And the rainbows, and just, you know. We were, again, very five-dimensional, so we spoke telepathically and we were shape-shifters, so that’s why so many of us have had mermaid past lives and in a podcast I did last January of 2019, it was all about your mystical-being archetypes and how much the mermaid archetype for me is super-huge, and for so many of us, and that’s our Lemorian past lives because we were shape-shifters and we were mermaids, you know, and that really represents that unity between the Sea and the Earth. 

So, these are three past lives that many people have memories with and there are so many shades and spectrums in between. 

So, I invite you, now that this episode is to a complete, to channel it for yourself what you believe your past lives are. To ask yourself what periods of history you’re drawn to; What archetypes; What cultures; What languages; What dances; What feels like home for you. If any of these three civilizations that I shared feel like home for you. And I invite you to join us in Rose Gold Goddesses as we are going to dive deeper into past life wisdom; into one of the civilizations that will be really magical for us to all experience together. It’s going to be amazing. And to be a part of a spiritual community that supports one another; that is talking about what we’re all going through from a spiritual perspective and lifts each other up. So, if you love this podcast and if you want to meet fellow listeners of this podcast; be part of a community; dive deeper into my work. This month we have my healing and embodiment through dance workshop, full workshop, two hours speaking, one hour dancing. All about how to heal through dance; how trauma is stored in the body; what different types of movement mean about the energy that you’re holding onto, and how to really elevate into your highest self through the feminine route. You know, because dance is to the feminine what meditation is to the masculine. And the feminine form of healing, it’s, it’s creative; it is shackti; it is yin; it is all-encompassing, and that is what the Goddess, Rose Goddesses is all about. So, and this is calling yo name, I guarantee you, you’ve had a past life as a Goddess; you had a past life as a divine feminine priestess and you’re being called to step into it again. If you’re hearing this and you’re feeling like this is something that’s interesting for me, and I want to enter into this vortex and see what’s inside for me, then I invite you to join us in Rose Gold Goddesses. 

It is rosegoldgoddesses.com, the link is in the show notes and I am soul excited to meet you inside.                                        

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode. Namaste.

Episode 289: Understanding Your Past Lives
By Sahara Rose

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