Highest Self Podcast 331: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries with Isis Indriya


So many of us have a deep connection with ancient Egypt as we have all had past-lives there. In this episode, I sit down with ordained Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, Isis Indriya to discuss all things ancient Egypt. From rituals to mythology, this episode dives deep into the many nuances of Kemetic magick and lineage. Sit down in sacred circle and dive into the portals with us!

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Episode 331: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries with Isis Indriya
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I am loving getting into these conversations where we just explore different topics. To me, that is the most fun, you know, to really let intuition guide us, and whatever is meant to come through, to come through. And this is definitely one of those conversations.

So, as you know I am the founder of Rose Gold Goddesses, the Sacred Sisterhood Collective all about Embodying the Goddess within. And what we do in Rose Gold Goddesses is, every single month we work with a new Goddess archetype. So, what are the Goddess archetypes?
First of all, well, the Goddesses to me are a depiction of an archetype or an aspect of the Divine Feminine. So, they are not these living people who then died, rather, they are personifications of an aspect of ourselves.
So, for example, Durga Energy would be the representation of our courage and our strength, and our fierce Diving Feminine Wisdom. And then someone like Lakshmi would be the embodiment of our Fertility, and our Abundance, and our Prosperity. And Saraswati would be the embodiment of our Creativity, and our Knowledge, and our Music. And these Goddesses are not unique to Vedic culture as well; they actually come from all around the world.
In Rose Gold Goddesses we’re doven so deep into so many from Goddess Isis and Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddesses; the ancient Kemetic Nubian Goddesses as well; we’ve looked at Goddess Quan Yin of Compassion; we’ve looked at some Celtic and Pagan Goddesses such as Cerridwen who we just did this past month and Brigid who we did in May; we’ve looked at Orisha which are the Yoruba tradition of Africa, so looking at Yemaya, we’ll definitely be working with Oshun.
So, looking at how similar – I really see the similarities of the Goddess archetypes all around the world that everywhere, regardless of culture, religion, background, exposure to other cultures, we had the same downloads that the Feminine is fierce as she is sensual; she is a mother and she is a lover, she is all.
And right now so many of us are awakening to that; I’ve seen such an awakening towards wanting to learn more about Mary Magdalene and revisit, maybe, those stories that we have been told, and we got really into conversation with this with Ben Decker on ‘Miracles vs. Magick’, and people wanting to experience the Divine as them, seeing themselves as a reflection of the Divine. I don’t see it as separate from us, I don’t see it as a statue outside of us, I don’t see it as this thing that we have to be fearful of and if we don’t pray to it enough it’s going to get mad at us and ruin our lives; I don’t see it as so unforgiving like that.
I think that that’s what man has created in their idea of God of this thing outside of you that if you don’t do XYZ thing, it’s going to be mad at you and punish you, and that’s not what the Divine Feminine is. Above all of that She is Nature, She is the Earth, She is the Water, She is the Stars, She is the Fire, She is the Earth, She is all of it. When we look at the Doshas, the Doshas are a reflection of the elements – Vata Dosha is Air and Space; Pitta is Fire and Water; Kapha is Earth and Water.
And then we could also see, for example, in Chinese medicine they work with the different elements. They actually have wood and metal instead.
So, we can also see in Shamanic traditions – we have the salute to the six directions and they each represent different elements. So we can see that this is universal.

So, I love learning about Goddess Wisdom, Ancient Wisdom, Old Mysteries, and I really believe that so many of us, including myself, are here to bring them back to life.
And I also love to learn from people who have really dedicated their lives to a particular lineage.
So, on this Episode, Isis Indriya has very much dedicated her life to the Egyptian Kemetic Lineage and when I say ‘Kemet’ what that actually is, is what Egypt used to be called before this name ‘Egypt’ was given to it. So, it’s the ancient name for it, and Nubian is southern, modern-day southern Egypt is Nubian.

So, in this Episode, I sit down for just a deep dive conversation with Isis to talk all about ancient Egyptian mysteries, from Goddess Isis and the different stories to working with their magic and symbols. And if you are someone who really resonates with the Ankh for example, I’m sure you’ve seen an Ankh symbol, it’s one of the most common symbols, universally. Essentially it looks like a cross but the top of this cross is a circle and the reason why is because it’s the merging of the feminine and the masculine. So, the circle represents the womb, the ovary, and the straight line represents the lingam or the penis, so it’s the merging of the two. And it comes from the story of Goddess Isis and Osiris and how they merged together as one.
So, if you are someone that has always resonated with ancient Egypt – maybe when you were in school and you learned about ancient Egypt; you’ve always loved hieroglyphics and Pharaohs, and pyramids, and Cleopatra, and all of these different things – well I believe all of us have had a past life in Egypt. Many people including Derain Virtue has done so much research on past lives (since we’ve all had a past life in Egypt, at least one). So some of us are really going through a period of our Dharmas – I always see it as almost like past lives have different stages that we really get to dive into them. So you might be going through a period where your work is really all about Egypt; and then you might go through and it’s all about Peru; and one that’s all about India; and one that’s all about Bali, and one that’s all about wherever else – just naming these because I’ve gone through all of those, and they are very, very common ones because they were all some of the most incredible ancient civilizations.
So, Egypt is a major, major one, and I love speaking with Isis because she has really spent years and years and years of research into this and knows so much, and is such an intellectual on this topic, and I love having people like this on the Podcast because we can really dive into a subject and learn more about it.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Isis to The Highest Self Podcast.

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[8:40] Interview

[8:41] Sahara:
Welcome Isis to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.

[8:46] Isis:
Thank you, thank you, it’s an honor to be here.

[8:48] Sahara:
And I know you’d like to start us off with an honoring of the ancestors who created and lived on this land. So if you could start us off.

[8:58] Isis:
Thank you Sahara. I just want to create these ancestral homelands that I’m currently inhabiting. These are ancestral homelands of the Nisenan people, I’d love to say Shelly Colbert and Ginger Colbert’s name, this is currently called the Nevada County, but is Ubicha, the area is called Ubicha in the Nisenan language, and then I just want to greet the ancestral homelands where you are and also in that we acknowledge our benevolent ancestors, guides and allies [inaudible 9:26] and Chamorro, native to the island of Guam.
And everyone here that’s gathered too, I just to acknowledge our benevolent ancestors, guides and allies that have dreamt us into this alignment today.
So, thank you for giving me the opportunity to say that.

[9:41] Sahara:
Thank you so much for sharing that. And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[9:48] Isis:
That’s a really great question; I’ve never heard that before.
For me, life is an alchemical journey. I feel like all day, every day I’m learning, and growing, and evolving, and alchemically transforming. And part of what I’ve studied over the years and what I’m committed to is the magnum opus which is the divine work where everything I’m doing is an interior transformational process and similar exterior transformational process.
So what makes me my highest self is the commitment to continue to do the inner work that reflects in the world around me too. So it’s an everyday, all day, and it’s a commitment, it never turns off, I’m never not doing the inner divine work, and everything I am doing, that level of commitment and intention, and the practice. I like to use this example, even when I’m washing the dishes, it’s an alchemical process, so washing and tending to anything inside my own consciousness, it needs that love and care so that I can be available and show up in a good way in the world.

[10:50] Sahara:
And this word right now ‘alchemy’ it’s almost like a buzz word right now, people are really using it a lot. So can you describe what alchemy really means?

[11:01] Isis:
I can share a little bit of what I’ve been taught. I studied Alchemy for many years, I used to teach Alchemy too, but my main teacher William Jake, I just want to say his name, he’s an amazing alchemy guide teacher.
What I learned is Alchemy is the Divine, the magnum opus, divine words, transformational and transmutational process in everything, all day, all the time. And alchemizing is seeing the self-reflected in the work that we’re doing. And often times it would be associated particularly with lab work when we would do, witness the transformation of different plant material and a specific alignment of a cosmological alignment through the glass or copper lab material, and witnessing the transformation that happens there also; and the transformational process that happens on the inside and the distilled essence of what is manifested is connect to that journey that one takes.
My relationship with Alchemy is an interior, internal, continual commitment, like I said around the higher self-work, to the transformational process on behalf of not only my own liberation but the liberation of others because we’re all very interdependent and woven, and so the good work we do on the inside reflects, it is supportive and originally reflects the good work that can happen in every way, shape or form because of our web of relations.
So I really believe in the rippling effect of my own work on myself and taking care of and tending to these parts of myself, the rippling effect that it makes in all of my relations.

[12:43] Sahara:
So beautifully said, and I think we’re witnessing that firsthand right now with all of the chaos happening in the world around us, that it’s so easy to let go of our own practices, our own spiritual growth, self-care etc. because we feel like we need to tend to everything outside of us. And I was actually thinking today about, for example, these blue zones around the world, the world’s longest lifespans – the Okinawa Islands etc. and imagining if those people, instead of focusing on how they can live with the land and become their healthier selves, which in turn became an inspiration for everyone else. Imagine if they were like “We can’t focus on ourselves until every single person in the world is healthy!” Well not only would they not have been able to be that example for others, but we wouldn’t know what’s possible. So, sometimes, you focusing on yourself actually can create ripple effects throughout the world in the biggest way even though you don’t firsthand experience it at that moment.

[13:43] Isis:
Absolutely! And also connected to wanting to be of benefit, and use, and be helpful. So the inner transformational work of the Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit to be of service and helpful to the larger web. I feel like that is also sometimes forgotten, that relationship and that interdependence we have. I think sometimes in this modern-day it’s easy to get caught up in the self, and even to the point of overdoing self-work just, almost does like an escape route where remembering too that we’re a part of something larger and we’re here to be of service. And that’s also an important part to doing the self-work; it’s recognizing our role and our service. And why we do this, it’s so that we can actually show up in a good way, and contribute and be helpful.

[14:38] Sahara:
Yes! And I think it’s that perfect balance and we all have our own experiences of maybe not thinking about the whole and only doing the self-care so you can have more clear skin and you can talk to your spirit guides more, and then the people who have no boundaries, complete empaths, taking on the pain of the world, and it’s like finding that perfect balance between the two. And I think we’re really stepping into that right now. And right now, what I love, that’s emerging, is looking at things from this higher perspective, and I know you are someone who teaches Oracle Arts, and a lot of people are identifying themselves as an Oracle.
So what does that really mean, to be an Oracle?

[15:18] Isis:
That’s a great question too! You know, one of the things I like to spend time contemplating and sharing about, is the idea of oracular consciousness. What does that actually mean? So far, what I feel, and it’s a growing, living, consciousness too, so it grows. I feel like every day I’m learning more things about it. But what I’m learning about it right now is this eternal presence where we’re tuned into time moving in all directions – where saying a prayer that we have here in this moment is a prayer that can be supportive for the beauty we want to see in the world in the future; a prayer that’s important for our present moment; and a prayer that helps tend to any ancestral dynamics that we have been inherited and that we have been carrying. And how time and the timeless state is connected to this awareness of time moving in a circle or backwards, forwards, upwards, downwards, diagonal, it’s this oracular state of consciousness where everything is simultaneously happening and maintain that eternal state of presence in the mystery of it, and being really aware in the mystery of it is part of that ability; it opens up that ability to be vessels for information and wisdom, whether it’s the wisdom in the water in our body because water is a carrier of the wisdom, water never leaves – we come from water, we are made of water, we return to water (Earth is primarily made of water).
I’ve been taught that water carries the wisdom of the ages and all this information is stored in the water. And so I think about oracular consciousness when I’m in that eternal presence state where time is moving in all directions, and tuning in, staying tuned in, in this well-spring of information, and instruction sometimes, and wisdom, emerges. And it is definitely intuitive-based also, but it’s also science, it’s like a sacred science and intuition, it’s combined. And this well-spring of information wisdom and understanding can emerge from this eternal state. And I believe that everybody has access to oracular consciousness; I feel like it’s actually a common thing. You know, historically, oracles were a very important part of the care of communities and the care of societies, and the care of empires. And we’re learning what it means to be connected to this, I like to think of it – the wisdom and the water or these 32 intelligences that reside in the internal body system; these Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit. We have lots of different types of intelligences and part of this time I feel is like the waking up to this stored wisdom so we can put that in service and we can call upon new innovative technologies and a deeper listening; a deeper listening that’s not just with the ears. And part of that deeper listening too, I find is connected to our relation with our ancestral homelands that we reside; the stories of the places we reside; the stories of our bloodline; where we come from; our benevolent ancestors are. Because there’s like a mystical oracular tradition, I believe in probably all of them, whether they use the term oracle or not. And learning these stories and learning where we come from, even all the way back to ancient Egypt, going as far back as we can, I find is really helpful in waking up, at least for me, the intelligences inside myself, to help me then see how to be of service and see how to innovate and really open up doors of perception to see deeper into what’s going on in a new way so that I can actually contribute something that ideally is very helpful for several generations into the future and more.

[19:06] Sahara:
So beautifully said! And I think there is a collective awakening in remembrance of “Oh, this is our ancestors’ land; or the ancestors of another group of people” and honoring that; and then also going into our ancestry and working through whatever may have happened, but also, there’s a lot of ancestral guilt and seeing that no matter what, I think for the most part, they were trying to do the best that they could with the limited knowledge that they had, and making peace with what happened rather than being like “I hate my ancestors” which is how a lot of people feel right now.
So, how can we, if we feel very disconnected from our own ancestral lineage, reconnect?

[19:51] Isis:
There’s a lot of ways to do that. Obviously some people are concerned about sharing their DNA with things like ancestry.com and “23andMe”, things like that, and then of course asking our family There’s so much healing when we ask our family about our bloodlines and our grandmothers, and our great-grandmothers, and great-grandfathers, and all the way back. And also, often times, what I’ll really just talk to my benevolent ancestors inside me through my bloodlines or looking at the stars and ask them for guidance. And for me, it’s like clockwork, they show up; they show up through lots of different ways, like maybe I run into somebody who’s from Guam and they share a story, or maybe I start to look up the Pacific Islands and learn all of these; somehow the web read my intuitive nature asking my ancestors for guidance; it’s connected like that. And all of a sudden these doorways of understanding open up. Sometimes it’s purely just asking for the connection, it can be that simple, and then that prayer, because it’s a prayer setting in motion by asking and building that relationship, because a lot of times, the way I’ve been taught is, our benevolent ancestors, guides and allies, they’re here to assist but what I was told is they can’t necessarily assist unless we ask them. I mean, there is divine intervention moment for sure, but for the most part they give help when we ask them, and that’s part of their duty to support at this time of turning. Like all hands on board, human and non-human, at this time. And they want to connect and help and support this time of turning, and the way that they can is if you talk to them. It’s kind of like that thing when you water the plant it grows; when you talk to the plant it blossoms even more, but when you don’t, it dies. And that same concept, I feel, that relates to our ancestors is when we talk to them, the relation grows; when we commune with them, we research and we want to know more and keep going because so many of us are made of so many different bloodlines too. We’ll start with our moms and dads and then we’ll go and go and go, and then all of a sudden we look into this huge web of thousands of ancestors from lots of different traditions and then it brings us back to how connected we all are, for sure. And also, looking at the fuel lines, to start with, also help us see the diversity in this unified field that we’re all native too, and the nuances and details and the different kinds of offerings that we can bring to the group, bring to the table.
So, I would say the first three suggestions would be, if you’re comfortable with ancestry.com or 23andMe, and those kinds of ways, looking into those, of course asking your family because right there so much healing can come up just by asking that. Every time I’ve asked an aunt or an uncle, or a relation for details of stories, it’s created healing in the family, it’s wild, it’s like clockwork, and it strengthens my bloodlines and my relationships in different ways.
So that, and then another one is just, if you like altars, put something up there that represents your ancestry and build that relation, start to talk to them; or talk to them inside yourself and meditation or looking at the stars. I love talking to my ancestors by looking at the stars; so it’s just some offerings.

[23:26] Sahara:
I love that, it reminds me of the scene in The Lion King when his father dies and he looks up at the stars and he sees his father talk back to him in the stars and the reflection, and you know, it’s so simplistic but it really is, it’s like they’re everywhere. And I think we’re so used to; everything is so gross in our society that if it’s not like a physical human speaking a language that we understand, we don’t take it as communication and it’s opening yourself up to the subtleties.
One thing that I have been toying around with is doing this dopamine detox where you don’t use your phone; you don’t reach for stimulation all the time, so you can become more sensitive to these subtleties and then you can hear the stars talking to you or the tress, or flowers, or whatever else, but if we’re constantly consumed by videos and video games or whatever it is, it’s very, very hard to actually be able to hear it.

[24:23] Isis:
So true! Probably that’s why this is happening right now, what Charles Eisenstein says in the “Coronation”, is to get us to stop, we wouldn’t otherwise.


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[25:49] Sahara:
So, right now a lot of people are also having collective remberences of past lives and past life lineages. I know you yourself are very connected to your Egyptian past life lineages, and have travelled there, and teach so much about this. And something that I’ve heard someone say, and I’d love your opinion, is that every human has had a past life in Egypt, a Kemetic past life, because it was such a huge civilization that has made human kind what it is today. So, for those of us who are resonating with ancient Egypt or feeling that, how can we deeper connect with it?

[26:31] Isis:
Well, it’s not so much that everyone having a past life in Egypt. I love to think about this, no one ever shared this with me, I just kind of one day was sitting and this idea came up. I like to think of cauldrons as, I think of the cosmic cauldron in the stars or the celestial realm. And when a body dies, someone still takes the boat back to its celestial home. I like to imagine that it goes into this cauldron and so this cauldron is this big scoop of all of the different souls mixing. And then, when it’s the time for the new divine spark of a soul to come forward, the big dipper comes in and stirs up the cosmic soup and takes a scoop of it, and then the divine spark takes the journey on the boat, coming in, and aligns with his mom and dad, and its astrological timeline of its destiny or its purpose or mission, what it’s here to do, comes into a body. And so, the way that I think of that in relationship with past lives is probably why we have so many past lives and memories because we’re mixed like that, souls are mixed like that. And in that, we could have millions of them, who knows, but there is something to still note, that every person I’ve met in some way, shape or form, either has been completely mystified and in awe of the Great Pyramid or the mystery of Egypt, has had memories of being there. And there’s a lot of different stories of, are we talking about pre-flood or post-flood? Graham Hancock is a great one in discussing this timeline.
I like to explore ancient civilizations quite a bit, that’s a great study for me personally, and then also, it’s worth noting that, as far as I know, that there isn’t another pyramid that is the same geometric analogy as the Great Pyramid – like the mathematics of the Great Pyramid in relation to any of the other pyramids, even in Egypt, there isn’t another one like that, and they’ve recently (not recently) discovered that – well, recent is, what does recent mean actually if we’re talking about post-flood or pre-flood? Because really, pre/post-flood, we’re pretty young as a species, so we think about it, at least what some of the old Samarian and some of the old texts and artifacts say.
But it’s interesting to note that there hasn’t been another pyramid uncovered that has the same mathematic geometries as the Great Pyramid and it being 8-sided (it’s 8-sided, which is also very interesting); and it’s very unlikely that it was made by our species, it’s pretty much proven that we didn’t make it to the way that we think about it. And, to this day, as far as I know, there hasn’t been another country that’s been able to replicate the Great Pyramid in its details and its math.
So, there’s something to that, and the fact that that’s a living example of a sacred site that exists, and that we get to live here on this Planet while that technology is there – I feel like is an indicator of something way older, where we come from, way, way, way older where we come from. And the mere fact of the mystery of the Great Pyramid in enough itself, and the Sphinx; and then when you start to go into the stories of ancient Egypt and the different Schools of thought, and really, the science, the sacred sciences of Ancient Egypt; the mystical, philosophical technologies and really the science of how creation comes from the most subtle to the most dense, like you said, gross subtle to dense subtle to gross, and then from the very primordial subtle qualities to the physical world – it’s science and technology of that; it’s written in these texts that has been interpreted by many different people – it’s just so profound and by nature, in studying and exploring these ways, even if you just spent your whole life of getting to know the Great Pyramid, it opens doorways of memory; the reality of we’re way older than we think that we are, and where we come from. Where we come from is far older than what the history books are telling us and I feel like they open up doorways of our intelligences and our perception that is actually very helpful and very useful for this time of transition. It’s very helpful because when we actually look into the past and get to know actually that we’re far older than we think and far more connected to the intelligence than we are currently working in – that kind of mystery and awe and wonder is so necessary to help us create the beauty we want to see in the world for generations into the future. It’s so important!
And I’m an eternal student of Ancient Egypt; I can definitely suggest; I’ll suggest right now some great places to start. I’m always studying lots of different Schools of thought in the Kemetic traditions/Kemetian traditions, there’s a lot of different Schools of Thought. Currently I love, as a starting point, I love Normandi Ellis, she’s been such a great guide, she actually did a translation of “Awakening Osiris, Egyptian Book of the Dead” coming forth by day; she studied the oracle base and did her own translation, it’s an incredible text, highly recommend her – “Imagining the World Into Existence” Normandi Ellis. And Nicky Scully – Nicky Scully is one of my first teachers in these ways; she’s actually a guide for me that helped me go to Egypt in the first place. And then I also really love Rosemary Clarke and her work “Sacred Traditions”, “Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt” I love Muata Ashby, he has a lot of different books (Muata Ashby) and then Media Terre is a really, really great text too for some sort of starting points.
And if somebody’s really interested in a Divination text specifically, “The Book of Doors” is incredible by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, the really did a lot of work looking into [inaudible 32:41] and Wallis Budge in creating this incredible Divination Deck 64 Neteru which are the divine principles, qualities of the celestial, terrestrial realms, the Neteru are and we personify them (very common examples, like Sekhmet or Hathor or Heter (Heteru), Isis, Aset, Osiris, Oser). And what I love about that divination book “Oracle Deck” is, it brings in some of the Kemetic names because the Kemetic names are very important because when Kemetic names are made up of a variety of different words that mean different things. So we start getting to know the divine names, divine tones and what they represent. Where like Isis and Hathor and Osiris, Horus, those are the Greek versions, the Greek terms. So I feel like it’s very important to look at the Kemetic names also, so those are some suggestions on where to start.
And of course Graham Hancock, I highly recommend looking into his work if you haven’t.

[33:44] Sahara:
Yes! So much to say to all of that! Yeah, it was fascinating for me because when I was studying I was like “Oh wow, Isis, Hathor” they aren’t even their original names and as we know a word carries so much vibration, and the hieroglyphics in themselves carried so much symbology and receiving those codes, communicated with you so much deeper than just like typical words and vocabulary could. So I think there’s so much power of reclaiming that and reclaiming indigenous words. And something that I noticed was, when I was trying to learn the different stories of, per say Isis etc. I felt like there must have been more there; I felt like maybe some of the stories had been lost or changes, like for example, Isis’s story of – maybe you could share a little bit about Osiris and getting his penis again to create the child, but I felt like there must have been more there. I would love to know if you’ve been able to see if there are other stories of the Goddesses that may have been lost with patriarchy kind of sweeping over.

[34:48] Isis:
Something I love to do my best to consider is the power of mythology in relationship to a personal story that becomes a myth, it becomes a legend, it becomes boat history. And also, in the older, older mythologies, how they could be describing the process of creation in different forms and the science of physics.
One of the things that took me a long time to sort of follow this road and get to the pathway, but I’ve been learning for years now about looking at the Egyptian family members and their roles and what they tend to is aspects of the process of creation and destruction; and life it feeds death, it feeds life again (the life, death and rebirth cycle). And this is why I think it’s important to read lots of different versions of stories too and think about them or tune into them in relationship to creation and the inter-dimensional realms.
One of the things I love about the journey of the Duat, or when the body dies and the soul goes to the Duat, which is the netherworld to meet Osair (Osiris). That whole journey of the soul is when the soul takes a journey through the 12 gates to get to meet Osair (Osiris) and the way the heart with the feather of Ma’at, Ma’at meaning cosmic law and cosmic truth, where the heart, against the feather of Ma’at and with the older texts, of the 42 negative confessions or the 42 ideals (that’s like a modern version) if the heart is lighter than the feather, they would continue on to the celestial worlds; if the heart wasn’t, then they would either get eaten and serve another life or enter into this other realm that they have to work through some aspects of self that were necessary. But what I love about that story is that when the soul is going on that journey, that we also do in this life, that willingness to commit to go through the alchemical transformational process (alchem-Kemetic) where Alchemy comes from is Egypt because Kem is Egypt – the willingness to go through that alchemical process is also food and nourishment that feeds the soil in the Middle World and provides nutrition and nutrient value to soil to feed all creation here. And then simultaneously is connected to the journey of the soul to the celestial realms.
So, Osair is also well known to be in relationship to the netherworld of the afterlife which is connected to this world in terms of actual soil, and farming, and agriculture. So it’s really amazing to see how many people are gardening right now, it’s like everything that’s happened has inspired everyone to get back to the garden. And you know, when you put your hands in the soil and when the especially if it’s healthy soil, the joy and inspiration it brings in the transmutational, transformational process, you see when you plant a seed and then the seed growing through the dark soil and breaking through into the light, and then growing and growing into full blossom, and then when it comes into full blossom it offers itself back to the soil as compost, it dies, it offers itself back to the soil to mix with the soil to then support another life moving forward.
The journey of the seed, to fruit, to flower, to death is the same journey that we go through, and that’s reflected in Egyptian Cosmology, Egyptian stories. And that same thing is reflected in the process of creation. You know, Tehuti, both [inaudible 38:39-38:42]; one story is that Tehuti came down with Ma’at to Cosmic Law, Cosmic Tradition which is the Feather of Ma’at (who is an ostrich feather); they came down together from the primordial waters of Nu, where they say the androgynous serpent resides; and they came down together on a ship, and Tehuti was there to support Ma’at Cosmic Law and Cosmic Truth. And Tehuti often represents the sacred sciences; the divine Heka Magic; the word, tone, sound, the timing in which we say something, how rhythmic effect it makes; and also related to technology; and was coming down to help with the manifestation technologies in reverence to Cosmic Law and Cosmic Truth.
And Tehuti is well known for the oath, the Emerald Tablet – so if anyone hasn’t checked out the Emerald Tablet, I highly recommend looking at the Emerald Tablet because it’s an Ancient Code; it’s a really powerful Ancient Code around the process of Creation, of Life, Death and Rebirth; and there’s a lot of different translations of the Emerald Tablet. In fact, it’s amazing to read different translations because there’s so much there. They say Tehuti was an Atlantian; and there are some stories of were the Egyptians Atlantians, were they Laverians, [inaudible 40:10], the Pout; they say there’s both. You have a lot of stories that way even though the Library of Alexandria – some story is that the original library was in the Temple of Wars, and then a lot of the Priests and Priestesses would go there to train in the Temple of Edfu (the Temple of Horus – Wars) to understand the deeper mysteries that were brought forward from Tehuti both from relation to Cosmic Law and Cosmic Truth.
And so, a modern-day version of that (not modern, but a place to start to explore that’s very old) is the Emerald Tablet, and I highly recommend looking into that. And then another really amazing, important text I believe is called “The Kybalion” – it’s the Seven Heretic Principles from Tehuti – there’s a very important divinity [inaudible 41:00] in the family. So, I would also look into that.
Now, why bring all these things up in relationship to the stories is you know – stories – it’s like a telephone game; it’s like a telephone game, we hear one story, we read one story and then we interpret it and translate it or share, we remember. And often times what we remember is perhaps a portion of the bigger picture, and so, part of the journey of remembrance is – am I pending to go back and look deeper into these older stories to see what they’re actually trying to share; and then also, to share with others. I feel like it’s really important to have a study group, like a group, maybe two or three of you want to get to know the story of Osair and Aset (Isis and Osiris) and reading different threads and then bringing those stories together and see what you come up with. Or three people want to read about “The Kybalion” – creating a group conversation around what we’re learning and what we’re studying, to then contemplate and see how that applies to our lives, I feel is also very, very important. Because maybe one part is that somebody heard about the story about Aset and Isis, and Isis and Osiris; it really stuck to them; it was really important for their life transformation who is really different from the other one and really different from another one, which is why maybe some pieces got lost or been interpreted in different ways. So if you have multiple people together, sharing about what they’re learning, then you get to see more parts of the whole which is a big part of what the story is about. All the dismembered parts of Osiris (14 pieces); bringing all those parts back together and reuniting them; and reuniting them on behalf of the transformation which is needed at this time. So we can apply that process to bringing people together around the story; to bring all of the threads and reweave them in a way that actually creates something beautiful and helpful.

[43:04] Sahara:
Yes! Thank you so much for sharing, and sharing some of the resources that people can dive deeper into learning the stories and how different ones will resonate with different people at different stages of their lives. And I know that one really common interest that people have right now is the Mary Magdalene and Isis connection. So can you share a little bit more about this?

[43:26] Isis:
So, there is a big correlation with Mary Magdalene (Mother Mary) and Aset. One of the places I communed in and studied in was the Fellowship of Isis, which is a lineage that people can look up to if they really want to get into that lineage. And one of the stories is that Mary Magdalene, daughter, constrained with Mother Mary in these priestess lineages that comes from the lineage of Aset and Isis, that those mystery teachings and trainings are in that lineage.
There’s this one story, it’s a story – I like to say story because sometimes parts of the story are accurate and sometimes they’re not, so I think it’s really important to speak of story in terms of story versus this definitely truth, because as we know right now, so much is changing, so much is being uncovered, so whatever we consider to be truth at one point is changing and evolving. So this is why I think it’s important to think of things in terms of stories, and also to help us create the new stories that are very helpful too at this time.
But, one of the stories is that, in the time of Akhenaten and Nefertiti when Akhenaten changed everything that was happening in Egypt and really it was like you don’t need to go through all the high priesthood to connect to the God, you can go directly to the Source and connect to the Atin. And that of course upset the high priesthood, so the story is that they took them down into the Lamarna, and one of the stories is that one of the children, one of the daughters, they had been going into exile went to the Isle of the Sky, and went to Scotland, Ireland and England, and that region. And one of the stories is that she had to either shift her name or she was given another name that was Scota. And she brought the ancient teachings and mystery traditions over there. And so, there’s an interesting relationship when we look into Judaic and some of the more pagan practices in that region, there’s a lot of shared similarities with different names in a slightly different ways with Ancient Egypt. And some stories are connected to how that was brought about, or other stories is that they actually studied in Egyptian Temples and studied Egyptian ways, and were carrying forward the lineages, and the traditions and the ritual technologies of Egypt, Ancient Egypt (perhaps the Lemurian or the Atlantian lineages).
I’d love to speak in relation to Kabala and her medic Kabbalistic traditions because I find it’s a very helpful blueprint and a practice to see corresponding relationships.
So, one of the stories in terms of the process of creation is that there’s this sphere (Sephera Albina) and she’s the Holy Mother and Divine Feminine Principe and Aspect, and she also represent the womb, represents the yoni, represents form, and she’s also the great sea, and she’s understanding. And one of her names is Marah, and Marah meaning the Great Sea or Stella Maris as related to the Sea of Stars. One of the stories is that Marah and Mary’s (the Mary Magdalene’s) is connected to the Creations Principle of the Holy Mother, which is Binah, and how all of Creation emerges from womb of Binah, and that’s an entire teaching in enough itself that has a very hermetic process. And one of the ancient teachings that I focus on and follow because it really shows a lot of these correlations of the Marys, the Magdalenes, Aset and Binah, is the hermetic Kabbalistic teachings because it talks about the process of Creation and how we can attune to these frequencies and be Spheres. One of the stories that I love in the hermetic Kabbalistic tradition, in the Robert Wayne book, is about how – there’s this idea that the church came from Mother Mary, and that Mother Mary wasn’t just the statue that we pray to for that remembrance of the Holy Mother and that benevolence, and in honoring of the Holy Waters from which we came from, and the Holy Waters that we’re made of and the Holy Waters that we return to, but also, she was the church itself. So, when you enter the doors of virtue and entering her body, she’s the Holy Water that we bless ourselves with; she’s the hymns and the songs; and the tones and the prayers and the feeling, and the frankincense and the myrrh. She represents the rites and the technologies in relation to the sacred and how we tend to the sacred and how we care for the Spirit. And that, those teachings, those Temple Rites, obviously got opted and colonized over (clearly), come from these Ancient Temple Rites of Kem, the Land of Kem, Ancient Egypt. So there’s a lot there, we could surprise on that.

[48:50] Sahara:
There’s so much there. And a book that a lot of people are reading right now is “The Magdalene Manuscripts” and in that they speak into Sex – Magic. I would love to hear your take on this.

[49:01] Isis:
I haven’t read that book in a decade so I’m sure there’s so much more to that book than I remember right now. But the mystery of sex is the mystery of Creation; it’s all sex. Now, in what ways? I feel like everything is making love all the time, look at Nature. And one of the things my friends Louis Schwartzberg, amazing, amazing film-maker, definitely look up Louis Schwartzberg, she just worked on this film with Paul Stamets it’s called ‘Fantastic Fungi’ (incredible). And he says that beauty is the survival tool for Nature, I was like “What?! Wow!” So I asked him, I was like “What do you mean by that?” And he was talking about the role of beauty in courting, in the natural world; and really the sexual dynamic of Creation; and how the role of beauty and the role of courting, and what that makes; and the integrity of that; and the mutual courting that occurs.
I believe Sex – Magic is one of the highest forms of ritual, especially when we have a level of intent; awareness; care; purpose, and liberation involved. It’s obviously one of the most used technologies for control of manipulation which in enough itself shows the power of it, and it’s so subtle and so detailed; what our real intent is and what we’re trying to do with the power of that magic. But one of the things Lon Milo DuQuette says, which I really love (and this is a different approach on the term magic) is, we don’t do magic, we become magicians so that all acts become magical acts. So in that form Sex – Magic is an act of everything being a magical act; so everything that’s happening in there is alchemical; everything that’s happening in that relationship and that time we spend together is alchemical; it’s food and nourishment to nourish our interior’s temple (the inside; the outside as we witness without) so that we can tend to creation in a good way. And really, the subtle and the care that we take with it in that liberating dynamic so that we are aware of the energy that we are wielding.
We talk about this one for a long time also, these are big topics, every single one of them.

[51:35] Sahara:
Yes and I think it’s so beautiful that people are really realizing the potency of sex, and that it is this energy transfer, and also it can be used in a powerful way. And I know that there are different Schools of Thoughts of the practice of Sex – Magic, is this something that you need to work your way up to, to have a certain level of meditative focus to be able to cultivate that energy towards whatever it is that you want, but then also, as you say, we’re already magicians that it could just be setting a time and the intention before you have sex, or bringing energy to your heart, or the things that you’re already doing, just adding a little bit more ritual to that.
So, for someone who does want to maybe ritualize their sexual life a little bit more, what do you suggest?

[52:27] Isis:
Well the first thing I want to, before I speak to that, when you said we’re all magicians, I want to be clear that it’s a study to really learn how to work with creation in a good way. And what part of that study is the healing and the transformation, and the deprogramming of the programs that Wwe needed programming in the English Language in this Western World that we’ve been raised in, that is by nature colonizing in enough itself.
So, there’s a great study around being really careful about how we direct, use our will and work with our energy ideally in alignment with the will of the Divine – so we’re collaborating in a way.
So, the magical path is a life-long study and commitment, alchemical transformation, we’re back at the beginning of the conversation. So, I just want to speak to that because yes, we’re all magicians in the fact that we’re all creators, and part of this work is understanding what we’re creating and why we’re doing it, how’s this helpful and what is it making. What kind of rippling effect are making? And what we’re allowing to influence us that then is by nature embedded and effecting of the ripples we’re making – so it’s a life-long journey and study, so I appreciate you bringing that up.

And then in terms of for those who want to get deeper into ritual and Sex – Magic – I feel like, ritual is a popular term right now, you can apply the term ‘rituals’ to everything. But under simple context – intention, having an intention, stating an intention, let it be simple too. Sometimes we get caught up in making these very complex intentions and stories that by nature, almost are impossible to fulfill because they’re so big. One thing very simple – we know when we light some candles it sets us to the tone, it sets the tone. When we burn a really beautiful incense or resin like frankincense or myrrh, it sets the tone. We put on music that is inspiring, that opens us up, and opens our heart and our spirit – put that music on, and something that’s really nice too.
My partner, he’s been studying in a Suhali Tantric tradition for a decade, and yogic tradition, and they have the Asanas, the philosophy and the rituals combined in the practice. And something that I find to set me in that state too where I can liberate, open and heal, is I do little self-care first like some stretching or yogic energy to help me out (this is not all the time, this is just sometimes – obviously sometimes it’s just that wow moment when you just go for it – but if we want to set a ritual tome, focusing around that). Do a little self-care, anoint yourself, dress yourself, love yourself, whatever, care for you, do something that feels really good to you – light the candle, play the music that feels really good to you; light some incense, frankincense and myrrh too, but at that state. And something too is the power, and the beauty, and the intimacy, and the intimate cultivations through caressing. Caressing is so nice, or lugging; you’re dressing your lover with this oil, and taking that time so all of senses start to wake up and in that way more doorways of sensory, memory palaces of perception open. And by nature, at least for me, transformation occurs in that experience, and a part of what it is, is the journey of bliss, cultivating bliss. And so, it’s so nice to take time for it.
Venus is the day of Friday (which is today), my partner and I, we have our Venus date every Friday. And we know from 5pm on is our Venus date to celebrate our love, care for our love in however we choose to do it. And part of it is getting into the rhythm of that love and care in relationship too; and then that love and care in your sensual practice, whether it’s just for you or with somebody. Because also, you can create this ritual just for yourself, and open up your sensory abilities just for self, because there’s magic in that too.
So those are some ideas, we could go on forever on this one too, I love this topic.

[57:06] Sahara:
Yes! So beautiful! And a question that I commonly get, that I’d love to ask you, is what if your partner is not into spirituality, they don’t want to do breathwork with you etc. would it still be possible for you to hold that intention or would you suggest finding a different partner?

[57:27] Isis:
Well I definitely had that in a previous partnership where he wasn’t necessarily into the practices that were important to me and I still did them, and I didn’t necessarily need to speak them out loud to him or force him to do it, I could just do it on my inside. Because at the end of the day, this is an internal journey, anyone’s internal journey of awakening and this state of bliss. It’s really awesome when your partner is on the same page, obviously. But I was able to do a lot of my internal transformational opening work just setting that intention for me and what makes me feel really good and not necessarily needing to force him to do it. We aren’t together anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value all of the sexual practices that we did do. I was perhaps working in a different expression and /or dimension of it, but we were still able to come together. Definitely, my journey now is far more deep and profound because we’re on the same page; or even if we’re not on the exact same page, he has wisdom to share and I have wisdom to share, and we can help each other that way. But, sometimes – I have a lot of friends actually that have partners that aren’t so into the spiritual languaging or the breathwork practice, but it doesn’t mean that they – like one of my dear sisters, her husband is not into this stuff (whatever that means) and I was like “What do you mean ‘this stuff’?” and she was like “The way that he connects to the Spirit is super-different, he never uses the term Spirit, and this is how he does it”, I was like “Awesome!” He wants to go work in a shop for a while, work it out, and that somehow arouses him up while you’re in your room doing your deep study of practice and Taoism and all the different ways that you like to get to know your sexual practice, and you can come in with his wildness, and you can come in with your practice, and you don’t need to necessarily tell each other all the time, you can do it inter-dimensionally too. I believe it’s very, it’s at a different level from me now but that’s how I did in the past.

[59:39] Sahara:
Definitely. And I think, especially with the masculine, they often relate to spirituality in such a different way, they don’t want to do a Full Moon Goddess Circle and make yoni oils, that’s not really fun for them . But I think for us, when we learn these new practices, we – “I heard this on a podcast and I want to try it; oh my God you don’t want to try it with me” and then it creates a little bit of a discord in the relationship. So, maybe it’s working in the shop for him that’s his spiritual practice, or making music, or whatever else. Also, I do think by holding that frequency too, you just naturally change them, without even telling them, soon they become curious; and often it will be through a different path and a different lineage, like you shared your partner’s more of a yogic path; and sometimes it could be a different languaging; a different culture; but it’s really honoring the same thing which is awareness.

[1:00:32] Isis:
Absolutely, and something I do find too is – whether you were in two different lineages or belief structures, and how we connected to the Spirit, to the Sacred, having consistency of the date, a time for courtship, a time for caring – everyone loves the word ‘love’, it could just be that simple; a time to commune in love, and creating time for it, so connection can occur on multiple levels, not just one hour or two hours.


[1:01:04] Sahara:
Yes, and I think that beautiful practice that the Goddesses would do – just adornship, of letting yourself be in these beautiful oils, and maybe put the jewelry on, and let yourself feel super beautiful. And in that too, there will be a natural spark of chemistry that is created, but that’s not the purpose of it either.

[1:01:23] Isis:
And you know, adornment is – in a lot of the old Temple Rites and now what we do in our Temple Rites – we adorn ourselves to our own divinity in relationship to divinity. But a ritual adornment is such a powerful healing process in enough itself; to that kind of self-love and self-care that then and right there are things that juice into the relationship.

[1:01:54] Sahara:
It is also one, especially for the feminine. I remember, years ago, when I went to Bali and I went in just my yoga outfits, just the yoga shorts and whatever, and noticing the women there who would wear these beautiful long skirts, and the fringes, and the bangles, and all these things, and I would love how they would carry themselves, even if it was – we were in the same belly dance class, and naturally it just created this shift in me that I traded out my shorts for long, flowy skirts. I feel like I go through different phases especially with this quarantine – in the beginning I was “Pajamas all day” and now I’m getting dressed up, for myself, at home, and it feels so good.

[1:02:36] Isis:

[1:02:38] Sahara:
Yes! It is the time ladies, bring out that beautiful outfit that just makes you feel like a Goddess, and put it on for yourself and the Divine. That’s all that’s needed!

[1:02:46] Isis:
Absolutely! And garden at the same time!

[1:02:51] Sahara:
And garden at the same time!

[1:02:52] Isis:
And that’s the other thing – at one point I remember this program where I felt like I had to garden with certain clothes on, I was like “How can I even garden in my dress and just feel the beauty of gardening with this dress, well I don’t want to get it dirty” I was like “What does that even mean?” that’s putting my love and care into this garden.

[1:03:16] Sahara:
Yes! That’s one of my favorite things. In India you see these beautiful women in these colorful saris and they’re in the rice fields or literally doing construction work still rocking those saris, and it’s so inspiring because I think we have this idea of “I can only get dressed up if I have somewhere to go that’s outside of the house so other people can witness me” and just noticing that relation of “I can only, basically, look good for others” I’m like “Why can’t that just be your daily practice?” And then your relationship with fabric; with jewelry actually changes too, and you become less “Ugh, this feels really foreign to me” and more like “Ah, this feels like me in my full power!”

[1:03:57] Isis:
Absolutely! And then we get comfortable in our skin. Sometimes I found that at different times in my life, when I adorned myself for me, it helps me get more comfortable in my radiant self, because it’s sometimes tricky to do that.

[1:04:16] Sahara:
One hundred percent! Yes!

So, thank you so much for sharing all this incredible wisdom from Alchemy to the Kemetic lineage, and everything in between. And where can listeners connect with you and learn from you even further?

[1:04:30] Isis:
I want to say thank you Sahara, it’s really good to meet you, I really appreciate it, and bless this Podcast and everything you’re doing. Your heart is beaming and it’s just amazing to contribute and learn with you. Thank you!
My Instagram right now is the best place – @isis_indriya because our website Academy of Oracle Arts, we’re rebuilding right now, that will be up soon (Academy of Oracle arts). And then also too, Living Village Culture is a network where we do all of our outwork, outreach projects, and that will soon be in relationship to Academy of Oracle Arts. And right now we’re in the process of seeing if we can do our next Egypt trip in January and February. So that will also be in the Academy of Oracle Arts website.
So, right now, lots of good things, we’re riding the way immediately, my Instagram is probably the easiest because of all the things evolving.

[1:05:25] Sahara:
Yes. Well, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us, we are so grateful.

[1:05:29] Isis:
Likewise! Every single person that listens to this, thank you too for your contributions; everything you bring to this time, all hands on deck, we’re all needed, we all have our role, we’re all important, and the more we come together and the more we share what we have to offer, we actually make the beauty that’s helpful and beneficial, and really useful for all the generations to come, so thank you Sahara.

[1:05:57] Sahara:

[1:05:58] End of Interview

[1:05:59] Sahara:
Wow! How incredible was that conversation! She has so much knowledge and takes us down so many different rabbit holes for us to explore. And really, what we can all take away from this is that there’s so much nuance and there’s so many layers, that it’s not this one-size-fits-all. The deeper you go into it the more you realize that we don’t know and that’s the mystery of it all, that there is no right or wrong, we’re never going to get to the bottom of it, we’re never going to become the complete master that has nothing else to learn, it is an ongoing process.
So, let yourself surrender to the mystery, surrender to the not knowing because that’s really what the teaching is – to be in the unknown and to let yourself be okay with that.

[1:06:40] Sahara:
So, we have a full Goddess Isis Circle for you available in Rose Gold Goddesses. So in thins Circle I actually dive us into the mysteries of Isis into the process of Alchemy and the different stages of Alchemy; into her story; rituals for her; meditation; journal prompts and how to really evoke her wisdom and her magic. She really is that Goddess that represents Alchemy, and magic, and transformation, and how to evoke that into your life. So, if you’re curious to learn more about that, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com you can find the Goddess Isis Circle right in there.
We also have month-to-month memberships back on, so you can join for a month, check it out, see how you like it and then maybe transition to an annual membership (for your over two months free that you get when you join on annual).
So, I’m super-excited to meet you, new, beautiful members who want to dive into all of these beautiful ancient rabbit holes with us; you definitely are in the right community in Rose Gold Goddesses for this type of conversation.

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 331: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries with Isis Indriya
By Sahara Rose

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