Highest Self Podcast 528: A Step-by-Step Guide To Healing Your Inner Child with Carina Talla


It’s time to break free from the confines of an old-school patriarchal approach to healing. Let’s embrace the essence of our inherent worthiness, stepping out of repetitive cycles to thrive authentically.

This week on Highest Self Podcast we’re diving into a profound exploration of a deeply resonating topic where my dear friend and exceptional teacher, Carina Talla, will grace us with her wisdom on healing the inner child. 🌟

In this episode, we’ll be exploring…

The very special friendship Carina and I developed in London and why it was so healing for both of our inner children, especially in our single journeys
The importance of emotionally supporting our inner child and showering it with love and attention.
How inner child healing is a universal path, applicable to every soul, no matter the experiences you’ve encountered.
Feminine Healing, centered in the body, nurturing, and feeling
Worthiness Beyond Perfection
Reframing beliefs, and fostering better communication
Stepping into our power, leaving behind victimhood
And SOUL much more! 😍

This episode is your invitation to journey through the depths of healing, stepping into our power, and letting go of victimhood. Let’s embrace self-worth, self-confidence, and forgiveness together! 🌹

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