Highest Self Podcast 515: Working With The Egyptian Goddess Mysteries with Isis Indriya


I remember I first learned about ancient Egypt in grade school where I instantly felt a connection and inner gnosis. Perhaps you too feel like you may have had a past life in Egypt after feeling familiarity with the symbols related to its history.

But sometimes the information accessible online or taught in schools does not take you as deep into the wisdom as you’d like to go. This is why I love connecting with Isis Indriya (who I had back on the podcast in 2020) who is an expert in Egyptian teachings and one of my greatest expanders on the topic.

In this episode, Isis and I are exploring…
• Death and the afterlife through the Egyptian lens
• Egyptian symbolism
• Different Egyptian Goddesses and what they represent
• Our relationship with the snake
• Integrating the darkness with the light
• What Egypt teaches us about the divine feminine + masculine
• Creating more communion/sacredness in your life
• Egyptian mystery teachings
• The power of ritual
• And so so much more!

This episode is a sacred reminder of the ancient parts of our evolution that we so easily forget in the regular hustle and bustle of the modern age. I hope you are able to slow down and fully drop into these teachings with an open mind and heart. Let me know what downloads come through after listening!

If you’ve felt a draw to hieroglyphics, pyramids, Goddess Isis, and ancient Egyptian mysteries – this episode is for you!

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Episode #515: Working With The Egyptian Goddess Mysteries with Isis Indriya
By Sahara Rose

[00:00] Sahara

You will always get what you’re ready for. If it’s happening, you’re ready for it, and if it’s not happening, you’re not ready for it. And that has been a huge teaching for me too, of like “I really want this thing”, and it’s like, if I was ready for it, it would be here. And like “I can’t handle this thing that’s happening”, if you couldn’t handle it, it wouldn’t be happening. And like, you will always be exactly where you need to be in that cycle, and by the way, there are simultaneous cycles in different areas of your life happening at the same time too, that you might be in like, one 7-year cycle of your relationship and like the cosmological cycle of something else, and like this, and it’s like, everything ebbs and flows and nothing changes, and, like, ultimately, it’s all a mystery. 

[00:41] Sahara

And it’s so interesting because the past few years, I’ve just really been saying the mantra of “I don’t know”, that has been my mantra, of like “I don’t know”. And I think we have a hard time, I think that’s why a lot of us go to spirituality, is because we, like, deeply want to know, we’re like “Let me make it make sense. The pattern app says this was going to happen, so that’s what’s going to happen. And like, according to the healing I’ve done, it should go like this”, and it’s like, ultimately, it is a mystery and we can take these tools and we can take these lessons and use them as guidance and we just have to surrender that life is going to life, and there is so much at play that is beyond our scope. And if we look back on our lives, it all makes sense, but it’s like, trusting that right now, one day, will, maybe it’s in the afterlife. But nothing is random, nothing is coincidental, the thing that’s going to happen to you next year, five years from now, the seeds of it are actually being planted right now, you actually don’t see them in this reality. You don’t see the little thing that one day, you’re going to be like “How did I not see that?”, it’s like “Oh, it’s right there, it was that little sneak that you weren’t paying attention to”.


[01:58] Sahara

Welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast. My name is Sahara Rose, and in this Podcast, I love to take spiritual concepts and make it really grounded, modern, relatable and fun, so it can actually serve your needs.

[02:12] Sahara

I have been on a spiritual journey for over a decade and it continues to deepen in this spiral that we are in. 

I see life as this, you know, when you’re at the mall and you put a coin in that, like, circular thing and it’s like spinning, and spinning, and spinning, and then it’s, like, getting closer and closer to the hole and it keeps going until infinity, that’s how I see the spiritual journey, of, we look at different things in our lives, our childhood, maybe ancient Egyptian, you know, alchemy, our relationship with our parents, our ancestral lineage, our sexuality. We look at these things and then life happens, we learn other lessons and we come back to them and they deepen, and they deepen, and they deepen, and they deepen, and it never ends.

[02:54] Sahara

So, like many of you, I learned about Egypt far long ago, when I was in grade school, and they taught us about ancient Egypt, and I felt this instant knowsis, this connection. In fact, one of our school projects was to make a song about mummification, and I still remember my full song, it was a Spice Girl song, it was like “If you want to be a mummy, you’ve got to complete the steps”, like, I literally remember the entire like “First remove the stomach, put it in a jar, then remove the intestines, it goes in whomatastra”, I know the whole thing because of the Spice Girl’s song. So, that is how deeply encoded it is within me. 

[03:31] Sahara

And so many of us, we feel like we’ve had past lives in Egypt. We see these symbols like the Eye of Horus, or the Ankh, or these different Egyptian Goddesses like Isis, and Hathor, and Sekhmet, and we feel this connection with them, but we don’t really know much about them. 

And the way that we’re taught about Egypt in school, it’s very historical, it’s very to the surface. And even if you go to Egypt, the majority of the teachers there are like “Yeah, and these are the pyramids and it was just, like, a burial site and that’s it, moving on”, and we know that there are deeper mysteries to this.

Sometimes you hear about the sacred geometry or the fact that these pyramids were placed under Sirius B, and it’s like connection to the different sacred sites around the world, like, you hear these things, but very few of us have actually doven into them.

[04:19] Sahara

So, a lot of my spiritual lineage was Vedic, Indian focused. I, you know, started practicing yoga at a very young age, I lived in India, I studies Ayurveda, became an ayurvedic practitioner, so, it was very Vedic. And it wasn’t until the end of 2022, when I – long story short, was going to go to Bali. The day of my flight to Bali, I just got a hit that I was not meant to go there, and I’ve been going to Bali for like 10 years, and it just…I just had a sense that I wasn’t meant to go there. But my airline, which is like Air Emirates, I had to book another flight that they would go to, so I was, like, looking at all the places, and I’m like “Egypt sounds cool”, coincidence, right? So, I end up re-routing my trip to Egypt and I felt this call that I was meant to go to Egypt to heal my relationship with the divine masculine. 

So, I actually invited my dad to come with me, because my dad has always loved Egypt, and then my brother was actually in Qatar at the same time, so then he was going to come and we were going to do this trip, and then my divorce happened.

And my dad and my brother didn’t go, in fact, two of my friends came with me and we did ritual, after ceremony, after just complete shedding, and I died, fully died, and came back to life in these lands where death is the spiritual practice. And my soul knew I needed to go back to Egypt to die.

And what’s crazy is, I did a Past Life Regression Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique, like, 5 years ago and I saw this lifetime of mine that I was in Egypt with my, then husband, and we both were really shivering and cold, and we had smallpox or something, and I remember the best day of my life being the day that they, like, moved part of the Sphinx, like, by us, in the little nomadic hut we were in, like, like, I saw out of it and that was the best day of my life. And we just died of illness. And it was like, my soul needed to come back and, like, just die in this lifetime.

[06:16] Sahara

And I remember, you know, days after, realizing I was going to get a divorce and just the pain, and the sadness, and the heartbreak, and like, you’re in a state of shock, you know, when things like this happen and I’m the freaking Great Pyramids, just like, wow, like, life and death, and these stories are eternal and so much greater than me, and I’m in the King’s tomb just bawling and grieving, and it all made sense of like, of course my soul chose, like, the most grandiose place to die, like, we need to do it big in the pyramids, okay! 

And the way that the initiation that I went on down the Nile, it was literally from, like, the death of the pyramid to coming back to life. With every single temple, it was a code initiation and I was, like, standing in these temples and the hieroglyphics were speaking to me and they were telling me their stories. And it was like, I never needed to learn how to read them, I would just look at them and they would tell me the exact stories I needed to hear, of how it related to my life.

[07:16] Sahara

And in 2018, I interviewed this queen, here on the Podcast, Isis, who you’re about to hear. And I knew about Egypt, I was interested, but it hadn’t quite solidified in the way that it had now, of really being initiated into the path of the Kemetic Priestess.

So, after this initiation in Egypt, I knew I need to, like, actually really sit with this ancient mystery and learn about it. So…oh, the craziest part of all of this is, Isis was in Egypt at the same time! And I was going to go on her tour and it didn’t work out, which, thank God, I would’ve been crying the whole time. But it was like, we were both in Egypt at the same time and then I was like, I need to, like, really sit and study with you.

So, then, a small group of us came together to her beautiful temple home in Nevada City, and we sat in ceremony, studying the Neteru and these stories of the death and rebirth cycle, and ritual, and practice, which, we’re going to be talking about today.

[08:10] Sahara

So, since then, you know, I got hieroglyphics tattooed down my back, and it’s such a huge part of who I am. These teachings have rewritten me and so, I’m so excited to bring this beautiful queen, who is so learned in these ancient ways and embodying them in her daily life, here on the Podcast.

[08:30] Sahara

So, welcome Isis!

[08:33] Isis

Thank you so much for having me, it’s a real honor to be here and I just want to acknowledge these ancestral homelands and the ancestral homelands that I came from, the Nisenan homelands of Nevada City.

My name is Isis Indriya, born in Maize Arizona, raised on the island of Guam, so, I come on behalf of my ancestors, Chmura people. And in that, too, I come on behalf of lineage, I have a tiny bit of Egyptian, I found, in my journeys, and looking into my DNA, so, I also come on behalf of a student and a voice for the Holy Lands of Kemet, of Egypt.

And so, with that, I just want to say a short prayer here. I just want to say thank you, once again, to these ancestral here and all the ancestral homelands of all of those that watch this Podcast, and all the four-leggeds, two-leggeds, assuming ones, the standing ones, insect being, the winged ones, all the holy beings of this natural world, and all the home places. Greetings to you at this time, and also greetings to each and every one of our benevolent, elevated ancestors, our guides, our allies, they called us here together in this way. And thank you to the cosmological teachings and the principles of the divine ones, of the Neteru. All of the cosmic principles coming into form, thank you.

Thank you too, to all of those that have been carrying these traditions, carrying them forward, the mystery teachings in the good way so they can come forward at this time, on behalf of the assisting in this time of great transition. 

May everything we share here together, in this Podcast, be helpful and be practical, be helpful, be beneficial to each and every one of our hearts, our minds, our bodies and our spirits, and in that way, may it be an offering into the web of life, on behalf of the liberation of all beings, human and non-human, tending and healing anything that needs to be tended to at this time to make good offerings in this present moment, to create more beauty, infinite beauty for infinite generations into the future. Ankh Neteru, Ankh Neteru, Ankh Neteru, blessed be and so it is.

[10:44] Sahara

Thank you for that. And I’d love to start with the question, what makes you your highest self? 

[10:50] Isis

My heart, my mind, my spirit, my love, my care, me. You know, every day that I tune in and call upon my highest self, I do, every single day, and so that I can walk in union with, what the Egyptians refer to as our Kha, walk in union with our highest self, our holy guardian angels in physical form. And part of it too, is my devotion, you know, really loving being a spirit in a body, and tuning to how precious that is, every day, the preciousness of life.


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[14:47] Sahara

With you, 100%. So, in this lifetime, we experience a number of deaths, life is death, and that’s something the ancient Egyptians, which we will now refer to as the Kemetic people, because that’s the actual name. Egypt is a British, anglicized name for it. So, you’re going to hear us say Kemetic, you’re also going to hear us say the word Neteru, which is the actual name for what we would call the deities, the Gods and the Goddesses.

But I would love, Isis, if you could start with telling us the story of the afterlife and Ma’at, from the Kemetic perspective, because I think this is really the foundation of it all.

[15:27] Isis

Well, I want to acknowledge the butterflies that you shared that you have now imprinted in your body, your skin. And one of the things I love of my teacher Mahmud Kuder shared to me about Egypt and the mummification process, is that, it’s very much connected to the journey of a butterfly. 

When the body dies and the soul goes on a journey into the afterlife, part of the process is the removal of the organs, like, in your childhood (your Spice Girl song), the removal of the organs, the cleaning of the heart, putting the heart back in, the removal of the brains, and a variety of processes. But they would wrap the body in this linen that was the body of Neath, the body of the sky, the stars. And in that wrapping, they attune to it as the cocooning process, and in the cocooning process, everything would break down inside the chrysalis, these imaginal cells would form and then the soul would become a butterfly and travel into the celestial kingdom. So, I love that story because, you know, when we attune to Kemet, to Egypt, generally, the first two things we think of are mummies and pyramids, when we’re children, those are, kind of, the first things we see, and that is connected to the journey of the butterfly. 

The afterlife – you know, I believe that why I’m so drawn to study, and learn, and commit to learning and devoting me time to ancient Egypt and Kemet Egypt, is because my mom died at a very young age, she died when I was four, and having her transition into the other side, led me to want to understand the other side my whole life. And also, close people to me, passed, like a best friend and a lover, death has been very much a part of my life, and so I really wanted to understand what was in the afterlife. I’m always studying it, I’m continuing to study it.

But one of the things is, they say that when the body dies and the soul goes on a journey to the afterlife, it goes through these gates, these 12 gates, some refer to them as the 12 hours. Sometimes, in Egypt, you see these beautiful images and carvings of the sky Goddess Nut, she’s so beautiful, she’s kind of shaped like this. And you see her, she’ll eat the sun and the sun will go through her body for 12 hours and then she’ll birth the sun again, so, I always think about that. When the sun comes out, it’s coming out of the birthing canal of Nut, and then we experience the sun and then when the sun sets, it goes back into her body. So, I feel like that’s related to the journey of the afterlife. The body dies, the soul goes into journey through the gates. And there are 12 gates, and at the gates there are these guardians that we have to face, and some really, really intense ones. It’s said that you need to know the names of the guardians in order to pass, you need to know their names, you need to know what to say and how – some say you need to offer something or you just need to know their secret name to pass. 

So, each gate has a function and a purpose, and there’s this one place that you refer to, which is the moment of the judgment, the great weighing, the great weighing of the heart on the scale against the feather of Ma’at. Ma’at is an Egyptian Neteru Goddess, often times you see her with wings and she has, on her crown, a feather, an ostrich feather.

One time, I was asking one of my teachers, why is it an ostrich feather, and he said because the breath of shoo, the breath of the wind, moves through the ostrich feather, I just love that.

And so, the heart is weighed against the feather of Ma’at, which is the feather that represents cosmic law, cosmic truth and cosmic order and justice, that’s what Ma’at represents. And at the great weighing, there’s also Anpu, also known as Anubis, he’s a jackal-headed Neteru. Often times, they say, you know, if anything, in any dimension, lower, the middle, the upper, Anpu is always going to be there for you, on Anubis, kind of like our dog, you know. Our dogs are with us everywhere, at every stage, no matter what. Anpu is there, as part of the great weighing. There’s also Isis, also known as Ast or Aset; Nephthys, also known as Nebet-Het, they’re sisters and they represent, they’re kind of like the protectors and the guardians of the weighing. And also, you see Osiris, also known as Asar Usir. Those names, Asar Usir, Osiris, there’s the Kemetic names and then there’s the Greek names. Aset, Ast, is the Kemetic, Isis is the Greek, so I just wanted to clarify that. They’re also there.

And then, there are these 42 assessors, the 42 Ma’ati. And when the soul meets this time of the great weighing, their heart is weighed against these 42 negative confessions, or later called the 42 ideals. And the older was “Did you do this?”, and you would respond, the newer version, I like the 42 ideals, and they’re referencing specific qualities like “Did you keep the water pure?”, “Did you keep your own council?”, “Did you embrace the all?”, “Did you walk with integrity?” And there are 42 ideals, 42 principles, to weigh your heart against the feather of Ma’at. 

I live by those principles, I follow them, you know. The negative confessions are the older versions, and the 42 ideals were the newer version that – I’ve always, I’ve been trying to find who are the creators of the newer version. It’s said by the 8 priestesses of Abidos, those are the ones that brought forward the 42 ideals. 

These 42 ideals are principles that we can live by in our lives, every day. Back in the day, that’s what they did. They followed these principles every day, so that when the time came for the great weighing, their heart would be lighter than the feather of Ma’at. If the heart wasn’t lighter than the feather of Ma’at, there would be the being Ammit. And Ammit was this three-animaled being od a crocodile, lion and hippo, called The Great Devour of the Heart. If the heart wasn’t lighter than the feather, then Ammit would eat the heart and the soul would disappear into non-existence, wouldn’t even exist anymore, and/or potentially have to come for another life. If the heart was lighter than the feather, then they would travel into the realm with Osiris, Usir, into the afterlife, which was heaven, not a hell, heaven, continue forward in the heavenly realms.

And they believe too, in ancient Kemet, in Egypt, that there were three rivers, There’s the river that’s the Nile, the river that’s the afterlife, because when the body died, the soul would get on a solar boat, would get on a boat and travel through the afterlife river to go through the gates, and then there’s the river of the celestial sky. And when the body died and the soul went on a journey to go through these gates, their journey of transformation became nourishment and food for the waters in this terrestrial world, in the Nile. So, it was also, part of living a good life was so you would be good nourishment and good offering, for those still living, that’s how I life to see it. And that would feed the soil here, to support life here, and then when they would do the weighing, they, ideally, would become similar to the beginning, a butterfly, and travel celestial waters back home into the heavenly realms again. 

They really believed that in order to create heaven on earth, we had to really learn about the heavenly realms and make them, and feed them, and tend to them. Rituals are a way of life. So, there’s a little bit about that story.

Oh, the serpents too, you had to face the serpents. There are serpents in all dimensions and there’s serpents of all kinds. But in the Duat, you had to face the biggest serpent which was called Apep, and it was all of your fears in one large serpent, and how you face thyself determined whether or not you passed. It’s kind of like what we experience in this life, now, every day. 

[24:03] Sahara

You have to go through your biggest fear to have the life that you want on the other side.

[24:08] Isis


[24:11] Sahara

And that even, like, the energy of the serpent, it can be like this really scary thing that’s like creeping up being you in the darkness that you didn’t see, it’s like, lurking in the corner and it bit you and you’re like “Where did it come from?”, or it can be this energy that you integrate within yourself, that, like, makes you become alive and just, like, oozing with sensuality, and Kundalini, and lifeforce. And it’s like, even just the, you know, our relationship with the serpent, says so much about us. 

I just got this serpent tattoo as well as the butterfly and, you know, I showed it to my mom and she’s like “Oh, snake!”, you know, because that’s how we’re conditioned, you know “Why did you get that, it’s evil”, you know, and it’s like, our relationship with the snake says so much about us, are you going to integrate the darkness within you, because if you don’t, it’s just going to keep manifesting in your reality.

[24:59] Isis

Yeah, and get stronger.

[25:01] Sahara

And get stronger. And it’s like, it kind of reminds me of like, when we would play, like, video games or something. Like, I remember in Mario, it was like, you would face that, like, big, like, monkey that you would, like, have to face off with, and I would be, like, at the final level when you’re going to beat that level, it was the biggest one, and it was like, sometimes, our reality is, like, showing, it’s, like, putting us in that thing of like, are you going to learn from this lesson or not? And the cycle repeats until you’re like “This is clear, I’m no longer going to play into this karma and play into this game”, and then you graduate to the next level. And then, there’s always more initiations, but then that lesson no longer needs to show up in your field.

And yeah, for me, when I was, like, really taking that all in, being in the temples and seeing that, it’s just like, sometimes we just hold onto, like, the sense of victimhood within ourselves like someone did us wrong and “How could this happen to me?”, and it’s like, ultimately, Ma’at, Ma’at will take care of it, you don’t need to.

And I remember, I was in Egypt and one of the, uhm, the tour guides there, she was a Priestess of Sekhmet, and she’s like “Do you like Sekhmet?”, I’m like “I love Sekhmet”, which, we’ll talk about Sekhmet, and she’s like, but she was very connected to the feminine rage element of Sekhmet. And you know, I could feel her, like, Egyptian women have this ferociousness to them, and she was, like, ferocious and she was, like, really ready to go to battle, like, for the feminine, and I’m like, I can either choose to take that path, that version of Sekhmet, but what does my heart really want, like, who am I? And it’s like, I’m a creative, like, I always have been, Saraswathi energy, and I’m here to create music, and poetry, and dance, and it was then, I decided, I’m here to take the path of Hathor, of Het-Hert. And that, of really just like, that is, I can find a lot to be angry about, you know, and I can…and some people do, and we need all of it, you know, but it’s like, what I’m here to do is to bring creativity, and music, and dance, and like, that frequency and, you know…And I ended up getting these hieroglyphics tattooed on me, which is the Eye of Horus protection, seeing the unseen, the Ankh, marriage of the masculine and feminine within myself, and then Hathor. And then, since then, the artist frequency has really activated within me.

And I told you, I’m making my first album, like, music as well as spoken word poetry. And what I love is, it, like, gives you so many pathways of the feminine, and it’s like, and we are all of them.

So, I would love to start with, maybe we start with, Isis, Aset, because I feel like she is the one that’s the most known. You know, many people know this winged Goddess with the long wings, or the Rihanna tattoo, she has Goddess Isis tattooed on her ribcage. Can you tell us a bit of the story of Aset and Osiris?

[27:59] Isis

Yeah. And before I get into that, one thing I do want to share that was very fundamental for my studies, I think is important, is an offering way of life. When we attune to making our life an offering, we step out of the consciousness of victimhood.

[28:17] Sahara


[28:18] Isis

And so, I feel like that’s a really beautiful approach to our life journey, so I just wanted to share that. 

[28:23] Sahara

And we’re like “Oh, this experience is happening for me so I can then transmute it and share the wisdom codes of who I become as a result”.

[28:30] Isis


[28:31] Sahara

So, it’s like “Oh, thank you for the curriculum”.

[28:33] Isis

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, so, Aset is the Kemetic name, or Ast, and the Greek is Isis. I remember reading this quote from another Egyptian, Kemetic, Neteru called Renenet, and I remember it said “When you know the name of the being or the deity, and you speak its name correctly, the essence of the principle is then liberated”. And so, by learning the names, the ancient names, the essence and the teaching of the Neteru, come through in the name because of the vibration and the sound. So, we’re still learning how to call upon the vibrations with these names.

So, Ast, Aset, or Isis, sometimes, you know, most of the time we see the image of her with the wings and she has her head on the side with a crown. Sometimes it’s Ma’at, and I think that’s also very beautiful.

Actually, a friend of mine got a tattoo on her back, thinking it was Aset, and it turned out to be Ma’at, because of the crown.

[29:41] Sahara

Yes. Can you tell us the difference between the crowns?

[29:43] Isis

Absolutely. So, the crown of Ma’at has a feather, and the crown of Aset has a thrown, and so, she’s known as the throwned one, she’s the great mother (the throwned one). And that thrown is also, represents the birthing thrown, because she’s the great mother.

Often times, you see a lot of really beautiful depictions of her breastfeeding her child Heru (Horus). There’s this beautiful love story of Ast, Aset, Usir, Osiris, and I’ll be saying both of their names as we go. 

Long, long story, really shortened and simplified. One story is that Aset and Usir actually existed as divine humans, some lineage traditions say they lived here, that they were actually living beings that walked this existence, some say differently, but we’ll go with that. 

So, one story is that Osiris, Usir, was really revered, very popular in Kemet, and he really represented fertility, and agriculture, and growth, and prosperity. And his brother Set, he represented the desert and chaos, was jealous. And so, he fashioned this carving of a coffin, and he said “Okay”, he threw this big party and said “Whoever fits in the coffin made of jewels and gold, gets to have it”, and so, then, Usir, Osiris, gets in the coffin and they lock it up and they throw it down the Nile. Aset is looking everywhere, “Where is my love?”, you know, so is Nephthys, her sister, and they’re traveling down the Nile trying to find it, and then it gets caught into a tree, the tree of life. And then, that tree gets broken down and taken to a temple and becomes a pillar in a temple. And she finds out where this pillar is, Aset and Nephthys, and so they go down, she becomes a nurse to serve the child of the family and then, eventually, they trust her and she says “My husband is in this coffin, in this pillar”, so they give her the coffin, Set finds out, rage, and then he finds the coffin, he finds Osirus and cuts Osirus up into 14 pieces. One tradition says 14 pieces, another says 42. And then we’re back to the number 42, like we started with. 

He gets cut up into all these pieces and then Aset and Nephthys travel all over Kemet, Egypt, to go gather the pieces. Some of the stories refer to those 14 pieces actually being where the temples were resurrected. So, each…one of the journeys of the initiate, when you travel to temples is to gather parts of Usir, Osiris, of each of those temples, to bring everything back into wholeness, to then go into initiation in the Great Pyramid. 

So, one temple represents his head, another his arm, another one his other arm, another one his leg, and so, they go all along the Nile and they gather all the pieces together, but they can’t find the lingam, they’re looking everywhere for the lingam.

[32:45] Sahara

Lingam, for those of you who don’t speak Sanskrit – penis. Like, the lingam. 

[32:53] Isis

They’re not able to find it. Some say the lingam (the penis) got eaten by a catfish, some say it disappeared.

[33:00] Sahara

Those damn catfish!

[33:01] Isis

Egyptians wouldn’t eat catfish at all.

[33:05] Sahara

There might be a penis in there. 

[33:08] Isis

So, the gather all the pieces together and they do the Great Rite, called the Black Rite, the great ritual, of using all the parts of USir, Osiris, together, and fashioning a golden rod. Now, what’s the golden rod? And they do this alchemical process so that, essentially, she can make, they can make Heru (Horus), their child, the falcon god. So, they do the Black Rite through the alchemical process of resurrection. Where do we hear the story of the resurrection? We hear it with Mary Magdalene and Jesus (Yeshua). There’s similarities in that story in ancient Egypt, in Kemet. Some of you even referenced that story as the same. 

So, they perform the black rite and she ends up getting pregnant and she births Horus (Heru), the falcon God.

And often, like, the tattoo that you got, the Eye of Horus (Eye of Heru), that eye that we see often times as drawn like this, sometimes, the ancient Egyptians would have two, two eyes of Heru, one represented the Eye of Ra, so you’re connected to the Eye of the Sun God Ra, which is very much active, and young, and moving forward in prosperity and making and creating, and the Eye of the Moon, which should be the Eye of Tehuti, which is protection and healing and knowing all the rituals and intuition. And so, depending on what eye they would draw on the Eye of Heru, dependent on what they were working with. 

So, anyways, Heru was born Horus, and Aset, Isis, in hiding, raises him. And he’s raised and trained in the ancient Egyptian mystery teaching, the mystery teachings that have lasted through the ages. Raised, and raised, and raised to be this great warrior, to then come back and basically kill the one who killed his father, Osiris, Usir. And he, eventually, over a long journey, slays Set.

So, when the story happens, Aset agrees (Isis), to stay here, on planet Earth and build the mystery schools, share the mystery teachings, tend to this plain of existence. And Osiris, Usir, agrees to go into the afterlife and tend to the realms down in the afterlife for the soul to journey through the Duat, to make it to the afterlife. And they tend to both realms. 

And some of the great love story is that, you know, this longing that we feel, you know, the longing to connect with the divine really.

And some of the old initiation journeys, when you to Kemet, in Egypt, you would start in Abydos, Usir, Osiris, and you would travel to each of the temples to receive, like you experienced, these codes, these remembrances, of ourselves, of the self, on a journey. And through that, we gather all the parts of ourselves back together again, similar to your journey. And then, to fuse it all back into wholeness, we then go back to the Great Pyramid for that final fusion. And then, we do this for ourselves, and we do the great work, the divine work of transformation, like you did, by nature, it becomes nourishment and food for others. You have a story to share, your journey itself sends a rippling effect into the collective, far beyond what you could ever see. 

And so, the great work itself, of being willing to face our shadows, our demons too, and do the transformational work is also to serve others on their path. 


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[38:03] Sahara

That feminine yearning is so eternal. What I’m recognizing is, that is an inherent part of who we are, we will always want more, whether you are in relationship, you will want more, whether you’re single, you will want more, and it’s like, that Aset, she was, like, searching for more, for wholeness, but that wholeness is her wholeness with God.

[38:24] Isis


[38:25] Sahara

You know, and to see your divine partner as God in human form, and her, completing him, was like him completing her devotion to the divine. And, like, us, healing each other, is us making ourselves back into God. 

And I feel the feminine…I always like to take these concepts and I can really relate them back into, like, my life and the lives that we see. And I see it as – as the feminine, we are healers. And I see a lot of us, we’re like “Why do I have to be healer in my relationship?”, and it’s like, there is a balance of like, we’re not meant to be, like, the sole healer in our relationship, and the feminine is healing. And like, especially right now, I see the masculine is hurting, the masculine is very fragmented, they’re lingums are very far lost in the catfish, you know, like, just so much of just, like, confusion, and porn addiction, and you know, the societal pressures and all these things that, like, that’s what the feminine, we’re here to do, we’re, like, here to help restore, also, the masculine of their divinity, remind them of their divinity, remind them of their kingdom. I feel the feminine, we have really risen and remembered in the past few decades, and now it’s like, let’s shine that light back on the men, of like, you also are a pharaoh, it’s time to step into that. 

And what I also loved, and was receiving, in these temples, it was always, like, the queen and the king, side by side.

[39:57] Isis


[39:58] Sahara

And it was never one ruling over the other, side by side. And just the beauty of you can go so much further in that sacred partnership, but also, she and he, are whole on their own, you know, and it’s not a just, it’s an and.

And also, seeing the children as well. Like, a lot of these depictions had the children that they would birth through, and their stories. And you know, I’ve questioned, in my journey, of, do I want to have kids, do I not, and at that time, you know, after the divorce, I was like “I don’t think I ever want to have kids”, and then I would see these hieroglyphics, I’m like “Ah, it’s such a meaning of life”. And I know you had that, you know, because you had your son when you were 40?

[40:44] Isis

Mm-hmm, yeah. He came in a vision. I wasn’t going to have kids. He came in a vision, and over, my husband and I, in a ceremony. And we went to Egypt, to make offerings, to ask, and it became very clear that we were meant to carry it forward. And that’s very much about it too, is, I find we do the healing work so that we take care of something so it doesn’t get passed on. 

[41:12] Sahara


[41:13] Isis

You know. Because the way that I see it, the way I’ve been taught, we’re borrowing the future from the children right now. Every choice that we make right now, everything we do right now, send a rippling effect into their lives and the world that is theirs, you know. And I feel like, if anything, that’s one reason in and of itself, to do the transformational work on behalf of our descendants, whether you choose to have a child or not. 

But part of, you know, when I really, when my son’s spirit, Odiyon came over us, I was also in Kemet, Egypt, noticing all of the images of the children and the babies. And that is why, in a way, most of us are here, is to pass it forward. So, what are we going to pass forward, you know? 

I’m really, I’m really in great support of ancestral healing work, ancestral medicine work, and this is very much connected to the teachings of Aset and Isis, is really doing the healing work, on a profound level so that we actually pass forward blessing to our children, so we carry those blessings moving forward, because they’re the ones that are going to be tending to what we’re borrowing from.

You know, Aset is considered to be the mother, the great mother, so when people tune into her, I like to think that, you know, she’s bringing forward the blessings of the great mother, teachings of the great mother and the lineage of the great mother. You know, what is, like, actually the one being that is accepted by indigenous and communities all over the world? Is really Mother Mary, the Holy Mother. And often times, in our hardest challenges when we are, like, facing the darkest moments, calling on the grace of the Holy Mother can assist us. Often times, when Aset, or Isis, comes, to bring forward that pure, unconditional, all-encompassing frequency of love, to just nourish the heart, the mind, the body and the spirit. This is when we connect to these Neteru, they can help us that way, call upon these principles.

And that feeling of longing, the feeling of longing, I feel is connected to the feeling of communion.

You know, in the western world, it’s just more stuff, like, get this and this and this, and progress that the cost of all things living. We’re moving so fast with this, sometimes, extractive consciousness, that we are, things are dying behind us. But we’ve got to get to this and that, and more and more, you know.

And what I love about these teachings is the feeling of longing is connected to the feeling of communion. Communion with the sacred, the sacred way of life, whatever term you use, God, Creator, and that’s so much about what she represents, that communion with a sacred way of life and preciousness of life. Every choice that we make now, every day, sends a rippling effect, so what kind of ripple are we going to make? 

[44:15] Sahara

And whenever I’m feeling that yearning of like, you know when you have that, like, just little bit of anxiety within yourself or a bit of loneliness or something, and I, like, sit with it and I’m like “What is this?”, and I’m like, I want to feel God, you know, I want to feel my fullness. But then, what we do, then, is, we fill ourselves up with social media, with food, with even trying to feel good, like, all of these…you know, especially with the feminine, who tries to fill ourselves, and the masculine tries to release itself, you know, have an orgasm, go off, close your door, you know, and it’s like…but all we want is to feel God, we want to feel the divine. And it’d like, so, like, just go straight to it because you can fill yourself up with the brownies or the person or whatever, and it’s like, that emptiness will still be there.

[45:05] Isis

Yeah. We’ve never alone, you know. My dad would always tell me that, you know, “You’re never…”, because my mom, being on the other side, “You’re never alone, you have so many relations on the other side that are right there with you”, you know, I think about that. 

And also, too, in terms of, like, filling ourselves up, what actually nourishes us is water. Water is life, you know, we survive because of water. We’re mostly made of water. And you know, it’s said the ancient Egyptians really revered water, you know, they prayed at the Nile consistently and they believed that every prayer and offering they made to the Nile, the life blood, the holy waters of Kemet, would move into different tributaries and make offerings to all the rest of the bodies of the water around the earth. We’re made of water, the water never leaves, the water changes form and we’re made of 70% water. Some say that the wisdom of the ages is in the water, the wisdom of the holy’s, the wisdom of creation is in the water. So, even purely just sitting and taking the time to tune in with the water, that in and of itself is communion with God, you know, or when we shower, when we bathe, whatever it is, this is taking time to attune to the consciousness of communion.

I love this quote by Wayne Diary, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Whatever we direct our perspective towards is what we’re actually imbuing in our consciousness that makes and creates. We’re always creating, everybody, we’re never not creating, because we’re always moving forward on planet Earth, moving through the sky with all these celestial bodies moving forward. Even when we’re sitting, we’re creating. And part of the greatest, I would say, challenge, or challenges, that we face in our shadow, is our mind. Wow, power of the mind!

The Kemetics, ancient Egyptians, were very much about a richer way of life, to focus the heart, the mind, the body and the spirit in alignment to make an offering. Ritual helps to just focus our mind in alignment with the heart, the body and the spirit to be really clear about how we’re directing our energy, what we’re doing with our energy, what kind of offerings we’re making. You know, we know this, like, we said that one thing that we knew, the moment it came out of our moth, we kind of regretted that we said it, you know, because you feel the creation when you say something that’s going to hurt someone come out of your mouth, you feel it creating and then you, like, watch it manifest before you. And usually, there’s more healing where it takes longer to clean up the mess than the time it took to start it with the power of the word, you know.

Ancient Egyptians were very much about the power of their word. They referenced that the tongue and the mouth was the patah, the divine utterance of creation, comes out of the mouth. This is a very powerful creative force, the mouth. The lifeforce energy moves through us, like you said, the Kundalini is the serpent energy. They say we have two serpents; we have a water serpent and we have a fire serpent. Like the Caduceus, the symbol of the medical symbol, in the hospital, you see there’s a staff in the middle and there’s two serpents that rise up like the Shishumina and the Ede and the Pingala. In Kemetic, you know, it’s the Jed, your central pillars, your Jed. 

You have these two serpents, the fire serpent and the water serpent, that rise up the body in the spine, and the serpent’s heads face here, towards the mind, this region.

And so, how we work with our energy and how we direct that energy and work with the mind too. And connecting, like, through our throat, the power of our word, our mind and our heart, this is the place that connects the mind and the heart, is the throat. How we learn how to commune and share and be deepen and become more aware of what we imagined, it becomes our thoughts, it becomes the first step of creation, it becomes our words, our deeds, our habits, our behaviors and then our destinies, and how we do that collectively, because that’s what’s going to make and call forward the destinies of the future. They’re very detailed about that, and it wasn’t just for humans.

They had this really sophisticated, elegant, approach to creation that was very much about co-shaping. Us, as humans, through a richer way of life, learning how to co-shape consciously and coherently, with the beings of the natural world, the four-leggeds, the two-leggeds, assuming ones, all the holy living lifeforce energy embedded in everything of the natural world, and the Neteru, the divine principles, the cosmic energy.

Kind of like right now, everyone’s really into astrology and we’re learning how to tune into celestial bodies and, you know, our signs and things like that. Understanding what’s going on in the cosmos, co-shaping consciously with what’s happening in the cosmos in the relation to the holy living energy of this earth in its varying diverse forms, as humans. And our job was to maintain those relationships. So, we weren’t just creating for ourselves, or even just for humans, we’re co-shaping all together on behalf of creating a unified communion, a unified field of energy. And I feel like we’re starting to do that now, as a culture. 

Like, the fact that we can talk about astrology as a normal thing in and of itself, is incredible. And then, what’s happening, the climate is talking, the Mother Earth is talking, she’s saying a lot of things to the point where we cannot not listen and pay attention, you know.

So many of the old indigenous traditions and ways in ancient Egypt, that part of the job was to be able to listen and to train the heart, the mind, the body and the spirit to listen to the intelligence of the natural world and listen to the intelligence of the cosmos so that we can all work together, consciously and coherently. That’s why things I really love about it, you know. It’s not just about humans, you know, there’s a divine trinity. Similar to like ‘in the name of the Father and the Holy Spirit’, who is the Holy Spirit? The mom, you know! The father, the son and the mother. So much about trinity relationships, co-shaping, co-creating together. When two come together, a third is born, even in conversation. How ever we’re balancing things back and forth, something is born from it, something unique. We’re always co-shaping together, so who are we co-shaping with and what are we co-shaping together?

[52:09] Sahara

And I think a really important lesson of Aset is alchemy and transmutation. So, can you speak about the stages of alchemy?

[52:18] Isis

Yeah, I’d love to. I mean, first and foremost, I want to acknowledge that the term alchemy itself, you know, al-chem, chem refers to the black fertile soil of Kemet, which is the original name for Egypt. So, alchemy really comes from Kemet, from Egypt. 

There are these stages, one version of alchemy that we go through. We’re the prime material, in calcination, we’re the prime material, and one of the next stages is then, we go through this process with water and with this distillation and then, kind of like the cleansing process, we purify ourselves with the water. By the way, if you don’t do this with the shower or the bath, you can ask the water to help you cleanse your heart, your body and spirit, every time you shower and take a bath, the water will help you with that. 

So, calcination, the alchemical stages. The first stage, we’re the prime material, we go through this purification process with water, distill, distillation. And then, from that process, everything is separated, you start to determine what you want to let go of and what you want to work with more. Kind of like when we’re going through the process of transformation, part of transformation is knowing what we want to let go of so that there’s more space to bring in what we want to bring in. I like to think of it as deprogramming.

Most of us are born with, we come into this life with a lot of programs, most of which, we don’t necessarily, our spirit doesn’t really agree with. And a lot of our work is to deprogram the programs that have been set upon us. So, this would be the process of separation, “I’m done with that, I’m going to let that move forward but then I’m going to bring together all the things that I want to, that feel good for my next stage of evolution”. And then, that’s the conjunction, the marriage, you bring it all together, all the things you want to carry forward. 

And then, from that process, you then let everything ferment, similar to what you did in Egypt, you know. You went on this journey of transformation with a powerful process of transmutation, probably looked at all of your…faced your fears, you were the prime material, the calcination, the prime material that, kind of, went through purification by realizing what was happening in the marriage and then had to go on this trip to Egypt, went through the process of separation, of all the things that weren’t helpful for you anymore and to bring together things that were, bring all those things together. Then you get to sit with it, let it ferment. It’s really important to sit with things so that we can actually really allow the teachings of the process to emerge and reveal themselves.

Often times, in the ancient Kemetic traditions, when we sit and allow ourselves to ferment, that’s when the messages from the great mystery come, you know, it’s like, that’s our home place, in the fermentation process, the death process. 

Then when we allow ourselves to, like, die you know, fully surrender, not try to hold on to anything anymore, you know, then it’s a good time to immerse thyself in water again, go through another process of purification with the water (and this is one of the stages). And then, from there, it’s like, after the death, purify thyself, maybe a baptism, and then, coagulation is your fully expressed next octave, these are some of the seven steps. 

Usually, it’s connected, I like to think of it as the shedding of the skin, you know. Sometimes they say it’s 7 years. Shedding of a skin, we get to one octave and then we start another one, you know, like, we do one full shedding, one full process of transformation and then we begin the next one and we go through the same process again.

In the ancient Egyptian tradition, the reason why we were born here is to do this work, the great alchemical work of transformation, that is why we’re here. 

One lineage tradition, and I don’t know if I necessarily agree with this, or how I feel about it, but one lineage tradition talked about this actually being the underworld, here, you know, and the afterlife is heaven. You know, we come here to do this work, and on behalf of, even lifetimes of work before, we have the opportunity in the current life that we are in right now, to clean up and clear up any karmic dynamics, anything from the past.

Part of the power of a purification rite with water is, you can clean up a thought process you got 5 minutes go and maybe even a dynamic that happened 10.000 years ago. In Egyptian tradition, you purified all the time, on behalf of the work of transformation, because when we go through a process of transformation, and we all go through them, we then…so much wisdom comes forward and then we can be of assistance to others, you know. And part of the process of transformation is the commitment to do it. And often, too, when it’s happening, there’s nowhere to go because it’s all happening anyway, so you might as well just, like, go with it. 

The only way out is through, this is how they see it, the only way through is in, there’s nowhere else to go. And that’s something I also really value, they really talk a lot about, in the great alchemical work, is, as within, so without, that which is above is that which is below. And when the two become one, then we enter the kingdom. Everything that we experience on the inside, immediately reflects how we experience the outside. It’s just wild! When they’re referencing that which is above, is that which is below, is really connecting the heavenly realms and this natural world. We’re like the conduits, we’re the access mundi, the connection between the heaven and the earth. I like to think of this as trees. And trees are like that, you know, trees are like our body, they have their arms out, their branches, like us, like our arms, we’re the connection point, the access mundi, between the heavenly realms and the earthly realm here, in this place. 

And in this place, the way that they believed it, and the way that I believe it, the commitment to do the transformational work, to bring in more light from an infinite place. They reference that the light of Ra, the light of the sun, the light of the moon, the light of the stars is where the infinite light comes from. They did this infinite, intricate rituals to revere the light, not light as opposed to darkness, because there’s luminous darkness. I mean, in the dark, at night, is the light of the moon. In the dark, at night, is the light of the stars, you know. To bring in that infinite light from an infinite place to assist and bring in infinite teachings in this plain of existence, to exist in this time of transformation for all of us. We are here now, humanity is experiencing one of the greatest times of transition we know in our origin stories. This is big, this is a big moment.

And it’s really interesting and fascinating, and I think really helpful that the ancient teachings of Kemet, of Egypt, and a lot of indigenous teachings, original teachings, are spreading and being shared in the world to help us. Because, really, the only thing that I can see that has lasted through the ages are the ancient teachings and the mystery teachings, you know. And we’re learning how to learn again, and we’re learning how to listen and pay attention, and attune to the intelligence of the natural world, the intelligence of the cosmos and thus the intelligence within, where we can move based on what we feel on the inside.

[1:00:15] Sahara

I love that honoring of the cycles and the seasons because in our personal development world, we can often think it’s this, like, linear, like “Okay, pay your dues now and then everything will be great, and easy, and flowy, indefinitely”, and it’s not how the world works you know. You cannot have the light, the daytime, the sun, without the darkness, the dark night of the soul.

[1:00:41] Isis


[1:00:42] Sahara

And that is where the stars are born, that is the only way you can see. And I love how the honoring is 50/50 to both, you know, and going into the temple of Nut and seeing that beautiful night sky and all of the constellations around that, it’s just, like, and life goes on. And you know, you can take that as this like really, like, scary thing of like “Shit, I just went through the dark night of the soul and, like, I might have to go through something like this again”, and it’s, like, trusting that you will always get what you’re ready for. If it’s happening, you’re ready for it, and if it’s not happening, you’re not ready for it. And that has been a huge teaching for me too, of like “I really want this thing”, and it’s like, if I was ready for it, it would be here, and like “I can’t handle this thing that’s happening”, if you couldn’t handle it, it wouldn’t be happening. And it’s like, you will always be exactly where you need to be in that cycle. And by the way, there are simultaneous cycles in different areas of your life happening at the same time too, that you might be in, like, one, you know, 7-year cycle of your relationship and, like, the cosmological cycle of something else, and like this, and it’s like, everything ebbs and flows and nothing changes, and, like, ultimately, it’s all a mystery. 

And it’s so interesting because the past few years, I’ve just really been saying the mantra of “I don’t know”, that has been my mantra, of like “I don’t know”. And I think we have a hard time, I think that’s why a lot of us go to spirituality, is because we, like, deeply want to know, we’re like “Let me make it make sense. The pattern app says this was going to happen, so that’s what’s going to happen. And like, according to the healing I’ve done, it should go like this”, and it’s like, ultimately, it is a mystery and we can take these tools and we can take these lessons and use them as guidance and we just have to surrender that life is going to life, and there is so much at play that is beyond our scope. And if we look back on our lives, it all makes sense, but it’s, like, trusting that right now, one day, will, maybe it’s in the afterlife. But nothing is random, nothing is coincidental, the thing that’s going to happen to you next year, five years from now, the seeds are actually being planted right now, you actually don’t see them in this reality. You don’t see the little thing that, one day, you’re going to be like “How did I not see that?”, it’s like “Oh, it’s right there, it was that little sneak that you weren’t paying attention to”.

So, I love the teaching of this, that I feel like are eternal, no matter what culture you’re from, no matter what you’re going through. 

So, I want to segway to Hetta, into Hathor and her story and mysteries, if you can share.

[1:03:18] Isis

Lady of Heaven, lady of many names, lady of ten thousand names. She has so many names, she has her secret name, she has her magical name, she has lots of different forms.

One of the things that I also love about the Kemetic beings…well, first, related to getting to know them brings awe and wonder into life, and that can help. You know, when we’re going through such a tough moment of the dark night of the soul, communing with these beings, these divine principles can call upon the awe and the wonder to engage in the experience of the dark night of the soul with new lens, new perspective. 

You know, I know for me, one of the hardest times in my life, when I felt like I had no one there for me, it opened a door where all I could connect to were these beings, they’re the ones that came and helped me. Het-Hert is one of them, she’s also related to the lineage of the Holy Mother’s. So, she has lots of different names in the Egyptian, Kemetic, tradition. Some of these Neteru have forms in different dimensions and serve different functions. So, we hear Hathor, the Bovian Cow Goddess, usually, you see on her crown, you see the horns, sometimes referencing Taurus at sun dusk. She’s related to cows, sacred cows, they would refer to them as Bovines. Her Greek name is Hathor, one of her Kemetic names is Het-Hert, when she’s related to Heru, Horus, or Het-Hert, lady of heavenly, of ten thousand names.

Her temple is Dendera, Dendera is gorgeous, it is so beautiful, especially the last few years, they’ve been doing a lot of restorations so much of the color has been coming out. And in that temple…or, that temple was known for a dream temple, sound healing temple. The Hathors or the Het-Hert, the Priestesses of Het-Hert, or the Priestesses of Hathor, were trained in the sound healing technologies and were trained in the ritual dances and the ritual instruments. Like, you see the drums, and you see the flute, and you see the rattle, called the sistrum, carved in the temples. And they would do all the ritual dances and songs to, not only bring, revere the cosmos, but bring cosmic principles into form, to geometric pattern. They would also support the healing for those that would come through the sound technologies, through the dance, through the drumming, through the trance. They’re dancers, they’re musicians. 

And they were also really devoted to the healing of the dream time because there’s…you know the blue lotus is one of the flowers that was really revered in ancient Egypt and I’m a big fan of the blue lotus. And one of the things that that plant, that incredible flower medicine would support in, is opening up these liminal states, these in between states.

So, you know when you’re right about to go to sleep, you know, there’s that place, that feeling before, you’re kind of awake and you’re kind of asleep, it’s called a liminal state. And part of the sound healing work and part of the dance and the songs were to assist in the healing that happened in liminal states, because the axis between the subconscious, conscious and the super conscious is more available there. So, you do all these and bring forth the healing energy of Het-Hert, Hathor, her frequency, into form, to assist in the healing.

She’s also a Goddess of Fertility, she’s also a Goddess of Love, of Passion. Women would travel all over the world to come to this particular, few places in the temple, to receive a blessing from her to get pregnant. A dear friend of mine, that happened for her. We went to Egypt in 2012 and she went to that spot and she got pregnant in Kemet. 

Het-Hert, Hathor, is also a divine goddess, deity, Neteru, that is related to this particular cosmic environment, so, the Milky Way, as an example.

Some believe that her, as the cow, or the sacred Bovines as the cow, created the space for our solar space to exist in, and that the Milky Way was the nourishment from Hathor, Het-Hert, that fed our entire solar system. And so, when we would gaze upon the Milky Way, we’re gazing upon, and attuning to, the transmissions of Het-Hert and Hathor.

I think about it too, in relationship to being a mother. When I’m breastfeeding, I think of being the Milky Way for my son, and when I see that milk, I think of that milk being Hathor, the blessings of her, coming through to him. 

She was also the roots of divine sacred union ceremonies. The original sacred union ceremony, they would make offerings to Het-Hert, Hathor, to bestow love and fertility upon the couple. So, she would bring forward the blessings of love and fertility for the family and the entire community. 

I could go on and on about her, there’s really a lot.

[1:08:39] Sahara

Can you speak about how she worked with sound and music?

[1:08:42] Isis

They were the grand musicians, they were, you know. And it was a collection of them. It’s the only place I’ve noticed so far, in Kemet, Egypt, where you actually see instruments, the lyre, the drum, the flute, the sistrum and the songs, and the chants. Sometimes they’re called the chantresses, where they would use the power of vibration and tone and mantras, they didn’t call them mantas back then, but very much like mantras, to bring the sound healing vibrations to help with the body, the heart, the mind and the spirit. People would go there for healing.

[1:09:18] Sahara

Yes, the original sound baths were there.

[1:09:21] Isis


[1:09:22] Sahara

And what I love about the sistrum, which is this beautiful, sacred instrument, like, this kind of, like, rattle.

[1:09:28] Isis

It’s a rattle.

[1:09:29] Sahara

Yeah, it’s a copper rattle with her depiction on it, and whenever I shake it, it, like, clears, it’s almost like a sage, it, like, clears the energy.

And if you can just share a little bit, this is, like, I know it’s a very big topic, but how sound may have been using in carving the pyramids?

[1:09:47] Isis

Oh, yeah. Well, vibration, rhythm and tone, and also, you know, it’s sort of when we experience a sound bath, we feel lifted and elevated, I feel that, do you feel that with a sound bath?

[1:10:02] Sahara

Oh, yeah.

[1:10:03] Isis

When I’m in a sound bath and the sounds, and the tones, and the transmission are, like, clear like that, I feel lifted and elevated, that’s the way it was described to me. 

The attunement to, also, the transmissions of the language that were utilized to bring forward the sounds, and the vibrations, and the tones, to shift the dynamic of gravity. 

[1:10:27] Sahara

The reason why I consider myself really a student of Het-Hert, like, especially right now, is, I had this realization that, you know, I write books, I’m an author, I mean, my last name, Kitabi, means person who writes books, but I was realizing, like, the limitation of the written word and how vibration and sound…it’s like, you can listen to a song, the song might not even have words in it, but you feel, like, the chords make you feel a certain way, whether it’s nostalgic, or elevated, or heartbreak, or possibility, or anything.

And I saw this vision of my future self and she was, like, in her 70s and she lived in this, like, pagoda in Costa Rica, she had all this family around her, and she told me that my books will be albums and that these albums are going to carry the frequency of the message, and that I will be using word as like more, but poetry, to support the frequency that, like…so, instead of a book on sensuality, of like steps 1 to 3, to be more sensual and do these ten things, it’s like, listen to this album and you will receive the codes and the textures that will evoke the sensuality, or the purpose, or whatever the topic is, within you.

And then, this summer, I told you, the codes of music really came on, I started producing music and coming up with melodies and, like, baselines and, like, all of these things that were, like, within me, you know, but I had this belief that “Oh, I don’t know how to engineer music, like, I can’t”, and it was like “Oh, I can”, you know.

And also with dance, being the physical expression of music, and letting the music move through you so you can show, and embody, and give form to the music, like, that’s what dance is. So, her frequency has really been coming forth through me and, to me, has been my ultimate form of transmutation, because it’s like, who do I become after the period of transmutation, it’s like, I become art, and that’s what she represents to me.

[1:12:28] Isis

And an offering. I love to, you know, in the priestesses of Het-Hert and Hathor, so much is about bringing the transmissions of the cosmos through form and through embodiment, and then, also, being the conduit for the transmissions to come to others through the sound and through the movements and the gestures.

The old tradition of Heka was the term for magic. And Heka, magic, was also the sound, the vibration, the ritual gestures, the intention, the presence, the offering and the tools, ritual and that their tradition was very much about music, music was crucial, and movement, becoming the, you know, we are the access mundi, the connection point of the consciousness of the heavenly realms and the trust realm, the divine moves through us. And then, learning how to do that as a group, together, and be the transmissions together, to bring forward the codes. 

I love her too, she’s just…

[1:13:33] Sahara

And that’s why it’s so powerful when women get together and dance, it’s like a remembrance of “Oh, this is the way we prayed for thousands of years”, of just coming together and letting our bodies be this expression of the divine, and, you know, recoding the ways that we have been taught to pray. Like, we have been taught “Oh, you have to sit, put your head down and clasp and, you know, ask for forgiveness”, and it’s like, oh no, you can dance and you can be under the stars, and using these beautiful herbs like the blue lotus and, you know, mirror, and rose, and all these beautiful plants that are here to support us. It’s such a more experiential relationship to the divine that, I feel, is missing, and the reason why so many people feel disconnected from God. You know, more people than ever, just calls themselves an atheist, and it makes sense, because it’s like “Oh, if connecting to…”, even the word God, it’s so polarized, like “Oh, connecting to God means, like, that, through the church”, and like “I don’t want to do that”, and it’s like “Oh, what if communion was the union within yourself, within the people you loved, with the elements”. And that’s what the ancient Kemets knew.

And I remember being in one of the temples and I would just, when I would close my eyes, I would, like, see the drapes that were once there, and the fruits that were once there, and the way that the temple was so alive.

And I was actually going with fruit to all of the temples, and I was trying to feed the Neteru because I could feel how starving they were, like, it was so dry and parched, so I would like, because you’re not allowed to leave fruits there, so I was like, trying to, like, sneak it into little corners, this little orange and do my prayer and I would come back, and sometimes they would be taken away and sometimes they wouldn’t, and I’m like…that’s why, like, in Bali, you feel the spirits so strongly, because the spirits are being fed, daily, you know. They’re being fed, they’re being prayed to, they’re given offerings, and I feel the Neteru in Kemet, they are so strong and they’re so active despite having been starved for a very long time now. And now, so many of us are being called back to feed and bring the spirit back.

[1:15:42] Isis

I remember this one moment at the temple of Philae, after our ritual, our prayer, we were in this region, the temple hall, and I started dancing and I remember, as I was dancing, I just started weeping, and then all of my sisters, our priestess friends…I was by myself, they started coming from all the corners and then we all started weeping, and crying, and grieving. The grief of not being able to dance in the temples anymore, and then the grief of the forgetting, and moving all of that energy, and then the revival of being able to dance again.

[1:16:26] Sahara

It’s happening, we are planting the seeds. And so many people all around me are being to come…I feel this love transmission is happening. Like, I was really operating at the level of truth, of justice, and then I went to Kemet and it was like “Oh, truth is just asking for love”, and we cannot know truth if we don’t receive it with love first. And it just shifted everything and I’m like, trust that Ma’at has it, you just show up as love.

So, it’s an exciting time, I can’t wait to…we have to go back. I hope to continue to do pilgrimage there every year.

So, where can listeners connect with you, learn from you and dive in deeper into these mysteries?

[1:17:10] Isis

Oh, thank you so much for having me here, I just want to say that. And Academy of Oracle Arts is our school, academyoforaclearts.com, an imaginal community, that’s our virtual temple. And then Egypt Initiation is our yearly pilgrimages.

One of the things that we are devoted to doing there is making offerings. Similar to what you said, is to bring food. usually, we bring the offering right at the temple steps before we enter, and then through our offerings, it’s just our time, our presence and our intention.

So, for those that feel called to Kemet, to Egypt, if it’s calling you forward, there’s probably a good reason. Those temples were designed to wake up parts of ourselves that might be dormant. So, take the journey, you know, follow with that pilgrimage, and in that way, may everything that we shared here, somehow, in some way, be useful for everybody. And may this be a doorway into diving deeper into the mystery teachings, because there’s so much awe and wonder embedded inside of it.

One thing that my dad said to me once, he said “If I could share anything with you that I’ve learned in my life, it would be to always maintain a state of awe and wonder, because then the world will keep opening up for you”.

[1:18:25] Sahara

Beautifully said. Well, thank you so much for being here today. And thank you for listening.

[1:18:31] Sahara

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Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you in the next one.              

Episode#515: Working With The Egyptian Goddess Mysteries with Isis Indriya
By Sahara Rose

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