Highest Self Podcast 266: Embodying Your Inner Queen Archetype with Gina Devee


What does it mean to be a queen and what are the different shadow archetypes we experience that keep us from our queendom? We discuss in this episode! From the princess, to the saboteur, to the defeatist, to little miss perfect, to the martyr.. We get deep into archetypes and discover your own in this episode!

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Episode 266: Embodying Your Inner Queen Archetype with Gina Devee
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara

Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement. 

[00:19] Sahara

If it’s your first time listening – welcome! I am soul grateful to have you here! This is the place that we get freaky in the spiritual world; we discuss it all; we keep it real, raw, relatable and sometimes I like to talk like a radio host! If you’re here all the time, you might like this voice, for change!

[00:36] Sahara

So, I’m really excited for this Episode, because you know I love me some Archetypes, I live that shit, it’s so fun! 

[00:43] Sahara

I mean, Archetypes have been the most major catalysts for me because they’ve allowed me to learn about myself in a way that’s like “Oh shit, I see those patterns” And, it’s easy to see it when it’s called something else and not you, and you’re able to have a little bit of separation form it, and then also able to see things that you may not have looked in yourself.

[01:06] Sahara

So, for me, my Archetype work really started with Ayurveda, the Doshas, these three Doshas, the Ayurvedic Mind-Body types, our Archetypes. They are Archetypes that teach us about our mind, our personality, our body, our physiology, digestion, all of the things.

And if you’re interested in learning more about that, head over to my website iamsahararose.com you’ll see Discover Your Dosha, there’s a Quiz right there. I email you all this amazing content on Ayurveda. I’ve written two books on it “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” and “Eat Feel Fresh”, so, not going to get too deep into Ayurveda, but that was really my first Archetypal System. 

[01:40] Sahara

From there, I began learning about the Michael Teachings, which is a channeled material of work by a group of 1008 souls called Michael, kind of out there, but come into that stuff. And, they talk about these different Soul Archetypes, they have different names for them – the King, the Server, the Artisan etc.

And for me, it really helped me see my own, which was the Priest or Priestess, and how this was before I was doing any of this work, when I completely doubted myself and I knew I loved to write but I never thought I’d have a career as a writer, I thought blogging was just something I would do on the side. But it was able to show me that as the Priestess Archetype, I have this message in me that I’m not actually fueled by money, I’m fueled by impact and when I’m speaking, I come alive. I have this glicit in my eyes because it’s my soul coming alive, and then also, the shadow sides of that that I might not have noticed, like, meeting someone and trying to save their life and telling them all these things to do and giving them this compelling talk about why you need to change your ways and they’re just not open to it, not receptive to it, don’t care, which can actually end up, not backstabbing, but going back on progress for you and progress for themselves. So, I’ve learned not to screw with other people’s Karma, and what that that really means is, some people need to learn the journey for themselves; certain lessons they’re actually supposed to learn for themselves and other people are meant to act as guides, but only when you are ready. It’s like when someone giving you advice when you’re not asking for it (yeah, I used to that all the time), and I thought that I was helping people.

[03:20] Sahara

So, learning about the Archetypes allowed me to see that I do really want to help people, etc. but I’m not also going to be screaming on the streets about it, I’ll let people come to me. And later, a huge Archetypal System that I became interested in was Human Design, and I’m the Projector, which is the exact same thing of waiting for the invitation, and the Projector has this huge clear vision and can see all the things. And for other people I can tell everything, I’m like “Your Dharma’s this; this is what you’re supposed to do with your brand; these are what your offers should be”, that is just my jam, it’s so clear and it’s so easy for me to see for other people, not always for myself, but, to wait for that invitation, wait for until someone asks for it.

[04:01] Sahara

So, Archetypes, which, maybe I’ll do a whole other Podcasts on, on just been working with so many different Archetypes, there are Enneagram Archetypes, there are the Goddesses. The Goddesses are an Archetypal System, so, looking at Saraswati, to represent our creativity, or Durga, to represent our courage, our fierceness, our Dharma; looking at Lakshmi, to represent our abundance, our fertility, our prosperity.

Looking at the Greek Goddesses – Athena, our warrior strength; Aphrodite, love and beauty; look Goddess Isis, Egypt; look at Goddess Áine in the Celtic culture, there’s Goddesses all around the world and this is what I teach about in Rose Gold Goddesses, my sacred sisterhood collective, all about becoming your highest self, which you can learn more about at rosegoldgoddesses.com 

[04:44] Sahara

So, Archetypes are my jam (needless to say) and I believe everyone should know about Archetypes because they really allow us to paint the picture and put together pieces of the puzzle that we may not have otherwise. 

[04:58] Sahara

So, in this conversation, with my friend Gina Devee, we talk all about the Queen Archetype, and then different Archetypes that are the not Queen – shadow side.   

So, what is the Princess like? What is the Defeatus like? What is the Martyr like? And that’s actually my shadow Archetype. So, we talk about all of these different Archetypes and you’re going to notice yourself – “Am I fully in my Queen?”, “Am I in my get shit done, handle things like the boss, the queendom, royalty, I get what I want”?” or “Am I in my Sabator?”, “Am I in my naïve, Princess, etc.?” 

So, I really love this conversation because it opens up the doors of so many new Archetypes that I haven’t worked with and maybe you haven’t worked with yet. And just gives you a better picture of seeing yourself and seeing others. 

[05:47] Sahara

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Gina Devee to The Highest Self Podcast. 


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[08:39] Interview

[08:40] Sahara

Welcome Gina to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[08:43] Gina

Sahara! It is such a delight to be here!

[08:47] Sahara

And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[08:54] Gina

Juicy, right from the get-go! What makes me my highest self is when I embrace and embody the totality of me, in the present moment. I think that, so often times, in my life, I’ve seen me splinter myself and show up one way for one person and a different way for a different organization. And the older I get and the more developed I get, I find that I bring the totality of me, and that feels the highest self.

[09:28] Sahara

I love that! And I think that’s something that a lot of people aspire to do – to fully be them, to be paid to be them, which we’ll definitely talk about, and to not feel like – I mean, I think in every situation, different archetypes of ourselves come out, which we’ll dive deep into in this Episode, but to know that you are the consistency that’s between all of those Archetypes. You’re the same you, with your husband, as you are with your client, as your mom; and to allow more of that to show up, to not feel like you have to totally fit into one box.

[10:00] Gina

It’s to not fit in one box, and in owning totality of you. You know, and I’m sure we’ll discuss this further – there’s the light shadow archetypes and then there’s the dark side archetypes, and really getting comfortable with all of it – like our brilliance and our fabulousness, and having the compassion for your own self, as a human being, and other human beings, from the shadow side also. 

[10:29] Sahara

I love that! So, I love me a good Archetype, and you love you a good Archetype, so I’m really excited to dive in!

And your work has really been about embodying the Queen within, which I love, and is so similar to the Goddess, but I feel like it’s also different. So, can you share what it means to embody your inner Queen?

[10:50] Gina

Yes! So, the Queen Archetype – the reason why I love the Queen is, she is the masterful blend of the masculine and the feminine. And for the way that I like to operate in the world, I’ve really honed, not just default into my masculine and really thriving in my femininity, but not making any part of me wrong, including the masculine, because I think, sometimes, we’ve revered the masculine too much and then we’ll do this pendulum swing and we’re like “I’m all feminine”, and I’m like “No, no!” Masculine’s not bad, it’s just learning when to use which energy and when you allow yourself that totality, then you’re just in a place of thriving. 

So, part of what I love about the Queen is, she’s the masterful blend of both, as we’ll dive into, I’m sure, I’m obsessed with all things – personal development, spiritual connection, contribution and lifestyle, materialistic, pleasures in life, all of that. 

And so, I’m very, very grateful that the Universe did not give me the Monk Archetype, which, with all due respect, because I have a very high reverence for Monks, I just like my castle and my clothes, that whole world too. 

So, I love the Queen Archetype for all of the flare and the drama, and then it’s also about being a benevolent Queen. As women, we are feminine leaders and we’re leading our communities and our families, and this world, and so, it’s the leadership element that embodies the feminine values that I so love about the Queen, also. 

[12:28] Sahara

I love that so much! And that’s so much of the conversation today that I think we’re having of “Can we be spiritual and still want money; and still want luxuries in our lives?” And I think so many of us grew up like “Oh, a spiritual person is someone that has no desires and no wants and no thing outside of them” and we’re like “Screw that, then I’m not going to be spiritual!” and now, it’s really that integration of the two.

And to me, that Queen is the boss! She makes decisions, she’s in her throne, she’s choosing things. And she has that divine feminine power, like a Goddess, but when I think of a Goddess, I think a little bit more mystical, a little bit more spiritual, a little bit, probably, more in her feminine than the Queen. I see the Queen has that strong, masculine decision-making than the Goddess – I mean, there’s so many different Goddesses (Durga, who’s totally different) and there’s all Queens in their own right, but how do you see Goddess and Queen?

[13:30] Gina

Very similar to what you were describing. The Goddess, to me, in general, though she is ultra-fierce as we know, she is really, predominantly, feminine, is what I experience the Goddesses to be.

And with the Queen, you’re right, and she’s very much rooted in this earth, though she does, very much, have a spiritual connection and seeks source and is divinely guided, there’s this very grounded way of being in the world that the Queen is and who she is as an initiator and a leader, and is visible, so there’s a lot of the masculine elements there. But then, she is feminine and insightful and intuitive and spiritual, so it is both.

[14:25] Sahara

I love that so much! And I remember growing up – you think you’re a princess until you get married or you’re a mother, or something has to happen for you to become a queen.

So, I was always like “Oh, I’m a princess, I’m not a queen” but when I was reading your Archetypes, I was like “I’m definitely the Queen!”

But, can you share a little bit how you, in your words, define Princess?

[14:51] Gina

Yes! So, the Princess is – well, first of all, in her most empowered self, the Princess is young and she is naïve, and there’s beautiful innocence in naivety and youthfulness and all of the newness of life that we get to experience when we don’t have life experience.

So, the Princess – we’re all meant to be Princess when we are younger and then, not just some people, but some areas within most of us, typically, we get stunted somewhere along the line. And so, even though we were meant to evolve and grow and mature and expand in our consciousness, in our psychology, in our emotional maturity, there’s places where it’s gotten stunted. And so, that’s a lot what I write about, is where we can really see the difference for us adults (women) where we are growing and thriving in our Queen mentality and where we are getting stuck and behaving like a princess or behaving like a teenager or a little girl.

[16:00] Sahara

Totally! And, you know, I see a lot of people and they’re a Princess in business, I’m sure you see this too, but like “Oh, I can’t do all the business things, I’m not a finance person, I’m not a tech person”, we put up all of these excuses why running a business is so hard but we don’t try and realize that we’re so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. 

[16:21] Gina

Yes! That really cones from conditioning, and in a way, there’s like the entitled side of Princess, like “I shouldn’t have to do that”, and there’s also the martyred side of Princess, of like “Oh, I have to do everything and I have to think for everyone and it’s all fallen on me”, but then there’s the avoidant Princess, like “Oh, I’m not good with technology. Oh, I’m not good with numbers. I’m not good with Excel Spreadsheets!” And, I can speak well to these because I’ve pretty much been all of them and part of my own growth and healing and strengthening was really reclaiming all of these aspects of myself. When I grew up, my brother’s really smart and so is my mom, not that me and my dad aren’t but they’re just, I don’t know. And it sort of became this joke of like, they were so good with math and it was sort of like “Well, Gina’s not good with numbers” and it was like this story that I ten told myself “Oh, I’m not good with numbers, so if you’re not good with numbers, you can’t be good at business” is what I told myself. And I carried that into my 20s and it just, automatically, took me out of being an empowered boss, until I changed the story. And actually, I’m really good with numbers, I’m really good with business and I told myself the story in so many areas of being a Princess, “I’m not good with technology, copywriting, branding, sales”, it was just all this stuff that I didn’t have experience, I didn’t think I was good at it, so therefore, I didn’t like it and then I just told myself I wasn’t good at it, which was an excuse.

So, Queens, following no excuses policy, and either you become good at it or you hire someone who is, and if you don’t have the money to hire someone who is, then you become good at it, until you can hire someone who is.

[18:23] Sahara

I so relate to that! I also was like “I’m not a math and science person” and I definitely never thought I’d run a business, and I was also told by my mom this, kind of, story of “You either have a happy marriage or you’re a career woman, but you can’t have both because everyone that I see around me who, as a career woman, their husbands leave them and cheat on them and they gain weight” and it was her own conditioning that she was raised with – women just didn’t work and the stories that they would tell themselves to make themselves feel better about it was “Well, if I became a career woman then I’m not worthy of love”, so I always thought you either choose money or love, but you can’t have both, so I’ll choose love. Because of that, I thought “Oh, I don’t want to get too financially successful or any financially successful because then I won’t find a partner that wants to marry me”. 

[19:16] Gina

It’s such a big story women have been told and tell themselves.

[19:21] Sahara

So, another thing that you write about the Princess, which I think a lot of people, can relate to is, they speak with disclaimers. So, the people who are always apologizing about what they’re going to say or like “Is it okay if I ask you a question?” 

How do we know if we’re speaking with disclaimers and how can we catch ourselves and reframe our vocabulary?

[19:41] Gina

Oh, it’s like, once you start to have the consciousness where you can hear it, you just can’t listen to a smart, empowered, grown woman – like, start sentences with these disclaimers. And it can be anything from like “Oh, I hope you don’t mind” or “I don’t mean to bother you” or “I’m sorry to ask” or “I know this sounds silly”, “It’s probably a stupid question”. One of the ones that bugs me the most is at a restaurant “Can I have the club sandwich?” Of course, you can have the club sandwich, it’s on the menu, be the Queen “I would like the club sandwich please!” It’s this whole, just asking for permission-energy that’s in all these disclaimers, takes anyone who starts their sentence with that, out of the game. 

[20:36] Sahara

That is such a good example! Well, I was always, my mom always said “May I have” but I would want to say “Can I have” and she was always “No, say may I have”, which definitely brings in a more Queenliness. 

What are other examples that – because I think most of us think it’s polite to be like “Uhm, excuse me, sorry to ask…” or “do you mind if I ask you a question?” What else do you see?

[21:00] Gina

Well, I’ll tell you the big thing that I see – I don’t see men behaving in that way. I can’t even imagine my husband saying “Would it be okay if I ask a question?” or “Can I have the steak?” I can’t even imagine!

Men, in their empowered masculine, there’s just a real power of self-assuredness where they give themselves the right to speak up, say what they desire.

And I think that, we women, in practicing our Queenhood, could really take a page out of that playbook and speak directly. And so, that’s part of the masculine in the Queen that I love (I’m stuck on this club sandwich, I don’t even like club sandwiches, but anyways) “I would like the club sandwich, please.” You can be gracious, you can be polite, you can be considerate, and as a Queen you actually must be all three of those, and you can be direct and clear.

[22:05] Sahara

So true! I love that so much! And what do you think about, you know, a lot of people in their businesses, I see them on the other side, living in fantasy. You have a Mastermind, I have a Mastermind – I see a lot of people going from one end of the spectrum of like “Nothing’s possible for me” and then they’re like “I’m going to, this year, do all of these things that are not possible for any human to do in one year” and then they set the pedestal so high that they end up essentially being so overwhelmed and do nothing.

[22:40] Gina

Yes! So, Princesses do live in fantasy and it’s part of how they run and operate (it’s kind of like dogs do bark). And so, if you’re going to be in a Princess mentality, that fantasy is part of “You know, we’re little girls, we had imaginary friends and we played in the fantasy that…whatever, one day the prince would come” or whatever the fantasy was. And Queens, they have a great relationship with time, and Princesses do not because Princesses are like they – either the Martyr will be like “It’ll never happen for me” and the Princess is like “I’m going to make $10mil tonight!” And a Queen – a Queen has the wisdom of all the different seasons of a woman’s life. 

And what I know about my own story – I started out as a struggling psychotherapist, I was living off of $24,000 a year, and I went to a seminar once and I heard that you can turn your yearly income into your monthly income and I was like “What!?” I was calculating what that would be like. At that time I didn’t know anybody who made $250,000! So, when I heard that, I was like “If that’s humanly possible, I’ll take a yes please!” And I did! And my first year of business, I went from $24,000 to $250,000, and then I went to $500,00 and I crossed 7 figures in 3.5 years. And what I learned in that process, was “I’m so happy I did not make more money faster” because I was so loving who I was becoming in the process.

And sometimes there were steps and other times there were quantum leaps, but none of it was fantasy. The mystical realm provided miracles, but it wasn’t fantasy in the in the fake space, in the fake way. 

And so, that’s what I love about a Queen is, she can push herself, if that’s what she desires, and sometimes the Universe is bringing on the really intense lessons. Great and fine, but there’s a real connection and there’s not like a spiritual bypass in that process.

[25:10] Sahara

That is so well said! And I experienced the same thing going form – in 2016, under the poverty level, then making what I thought was like a professional salary “Oh my God, I made it!” and then doubling and doubling until I crossed 7 figures (this past year as well). And that was never a thing that I even though was possible for me, I always thought I’d have to marry someone that had that. And essentially, I wanted to marry someone who was successful and had their own business and liked to do fun, wellnessy thing on the weekend, and was a DJ, and guess what bitches, I became that thing! So, it is possible for all of us!

So, that’s the elevation!

[25:59] Gina

Yes, yes! I think so many of us that have had this awakening and we realized we were trying to marry who we desired to become. 

[26:08] Sahara

Yes! And I think that that’s that shifting from the Princess to the Queen! The Princess is like “I need someone else to be that. I know I want to be around these things so I need to find someone else who’s around them” instead of, you know, realizing that you have the responsibility and the power to make that your own reality. And then, it’s not contingent upon anyone else because no one in your life is a guarantee, except for yourself. 

[26:34] Gina

Exactly, exactly! And really getting what the deepest desire actually is. Same as you Sahara, when I would go shopping with my mom, as a little girl, just happened to naturally pick out the most expensive things (apparently) and she would always say “Gina, you better make sure you marry a wealthy man” and it just wasn’t in the consciousness at the time, she never said “Gina, you better make sure you learn to make a lot of money yourself”. And so, really getting that it is the desires that are within us – that is what is real and that is what’s meant to be manifested. 

And so, my deepest desire wasn’t, ever, actually to marry a wealthy man. I told myself that for so long, I believed it. My deepest desire was actually to be the – I wanted to marry a rock star and yet, I didn’t realize I wanted to be the rock star of my own life. That was the deepest desire! So, it’s really special when you realize what choices you have, what power you have and what you’ve actually been destined for all along. 

[27:44] Sahara

So, ladies, look at what kind of man or woman that you thought that you’d end up with and what qualities do they have because those are all qualities that you have inside of you.

[27:54] Gina


[27:55] Sahara

Yes! So, I want to talk about some more Archetypes. Let’s talk about the Sabator. So, who is the Sabator, how do we know if we are acting like the Sabator in our own lives?

[28:07] Gina

Oh, it’s such a sneaky one! You know, being a Transformational Coach for almost 20 years now, I obviously can, I’ve worked with thousands of women around the world who are into self-sabotage, and that’s just their programming and it’s their thing. It’s always easy to see someone else’s stuff, right? “Well, look at her upper limiting; look at her self-sabotage in that relationship again; look at her self-sabotaging in her career etc.”

And, I knew that I had many issues but according to moi, self-sabotage just wasn’t one of them until I started writing this book and really diving in to see how sneaky it is. And all of the unconscious programming that happens in most of us to hold ourself back from shining in our full glory and accessing our full power. 

So, that is something that – you know, I really saw how personal the Sabator was to me, and just really started to take radical responsibility in “Who do I need to become and what do I need to do to say yes to the forward movement”, and I started constantly asking myself “Gina, how good are you willing to let life get” and then I would see when my stomach would tighten or I would go to recoil or when I would come up to my own edge or learning curve or have to get out of my comfort zone. And the tendency, and the sophisticated excuses and the justification about why I couldn’t move forward in the direction of my dreams, became something that really took a lot of personal responsibility around, to get out of, because that Sabator is a sneaky one.

[30:00] Sahara

I’d love to know, because you’re someone who’s so queenly, what was it like for you when that Sabator showed up for your book-writing process?

[30:11] Gina

Okay, so, people think I’m really disciplined and it’s always such a crack-up to me because I have, my husband would know, and would laugh (and so would my team even), like, I am, I don’t want to say the least disciplined person you know, but that’s not my natural nature, I’ll just say it that way. I’m not a workaholic; I’m actually not that disciplined.

What I am is obsessed with results – it’s part of my nature and it’s part of my joy and my passion place. So, I have trained my mind to get really good at decision making and to be trustworthy to myself, when I make a decision, so that when I make a decision I don’t go back on it. I’m not a quitter, I don’t back out, I’ve learned that.

So when I sat down to write this book, it was, you know, when you get to a place when you’ve been doing something for 20 years, you can get kind of comfortable with it because you think you know what you’re doing and you think you know how it works and it’s familiar. And so, writing a book, this was my first time and I was a freshman all over again, I was like “How does this work and wow, this is harder than I thought it was going to be!” And so, there are all these places to tell myself “Oh, well, maybe I won’t make the deadline” or “It’s okay if the book isn’t that good, I’ll do better on my second book”. And I started letting myself off the hook (mentally) when I got scared and then I just realized that this is a place of the Sabator showing up. And the fastest remedy, I’m talking instant remedy to the Sabator, is to reconnect with your spiritual connection. Because the only way I could be thinking those thoughts is if I was completely reliant on myself, “Are the words that I’m coming up with going to resonate with the people”; and “Is this interesting” or “Is this joke funny”. All of that was me, me, me, me, that was ego, and it was “Instantly Gina, shift that” and it was like “Dear Source, how would you have me be used right now”, and as soon as you connect with your spirituality and with Source, there’s no Sabator around. It’s like lighting a match in a dark room, once there’s light, the darkness has to go away. 

And so, that’s what I found, is that the Sabator really showed up when I really wasn’t consciously in tune with my spiritual connection.

[32:51] Sahara

That is so beautiful and I love that affirmation of just “Let me be of service to Spirit, let me get out of my own way” or whatever way you say it in, it’s just to realize that this work that you’re putting out there, it’s not for you, it’s not even from you, it’s rather through you and then when you take it out of that, it’s like, you know…

I think a lot of us, we get stuck in our perfectionism, and that’s actually the next Archetype (Little Miss Perfect), but I think Little Miss Perfect is creating the Sabator because “If it’s not perfect then I’m just not going to do it!” whereas, sometimes, just the way that the Divine, initially, showed it to you was perfect.

Sometimes I will write something and then I’ll go back and I’ll edit and I’ll edit it and I’ll get my head and then I’ll be like “This is actually worse than how I started it as”, but our minds, our society tells us like “Oh, your first draft is never good enough”, but when you’re in a channeled state, that first draft is the gift from Source. 

[33:53] Gina

I heard that when Norah Jones played one of her first songs, on her first album, it was just – there were no edits, it was just that it just came through and so…I think everyone’s just got to be on their own process.

What I got really comfortable with was just writing in flow and for me, I dropped into the joy of the editing process. I actually became a lover of put the first draft out on the page and then I would love to go in and select different words and then punch up a joke. And so, it was almost like cooking for me, like adding the layers of flavor – first you sauté the aromatics then you add the stock and then you add the salt, and it’s melding of flavors. So, that’s where I was able to get to with the writing process, but there were a few demons and dragons and Little Miss Perfects and Sabators along the way.

[35:00] Sahara

Totally, yeah! And you’re only going to figure out your process when you give it a try. 

I hate editing!

[35:07] Gina

Oh, really?

[35:08] Sahara

Once I write it I just hand it to the Editor, I’m like “Yeah, whatever you think” and I kind of just skim over it. Energetically, editing feels so draining for me, I don’t like to go over and think about it, so, essentially everything I write is just a first draft. But I’ll fix some typos and maybe if something is not really easily understood, I’ll clarify a little bit more, but I’m definitely not swapping out words or adding in jokes later. And for me, that would feel more draining – I just try to get it on the first try. Maybe that’s my – I don’t know, that’s just how I do things! I feel like I just go in and I’m intense, like “Okay, I’m done, I don’t want to look at it anymore!” 

[35:50] Gina

Every Queen gets to pick her style!

[35:53] Sahara

Yes, yes! So, let’s talk about Little Miss Perfect – what is she like?

[36:00] Gina

Codependent – that’s for sure! And I’m only laughing because this was probably one of my biggest ones that I really had to slay.

So, Little Miss Perfect is just so in need of other people’s approval and she’s got to get it right, but right according to other people, not her own sense of self; not her own desires; not her own way of being in the world, and it’s just a very neurotic place to live.

But even more than that, what I thought was being so nice and considerate and compassionate for other people, I was like “Oh, what does someone else want?”, “What’s going to make them happy?” or “What are they going to like?”, or “How can I show up so they won’t get angry, or whatever the story was. And it wasn’t until I did the deeper dive in writing this book that I realized “What a manipulative way to exist!” 

And what I mean by that it is, because it was never actually considering the other person and what they actually wanted with this whole spirit behind this way of thinking is manipulation and “How can I get someone to like me”, “How can I get someone to approve of me?”

So, it was like this little chess game in my mind, unconsciously, at the time, because I wasn’t just genuinely thinking of the other person. And that’s just what codependency is – it’s like one big self-obsession, it’s like “How can I be safe in the world?”, “How can I be okay?”

And by needing other people’s approval to feel at peace within yourself or to feel okay in the world, is a very terrorizing way to live. And so, that’s one of the reasons why I bring out this Archetype in the book, because I know so many women are suffering with Little Miss Perfect running the show. 

[38:00] Sahara

Yes! I think codependency is such a huge issue and most of us, we think that codependency is actually obsession of the other person, but I like how you actually reframed it and it’s actually like ourselves because it’s our own need for validation, of survival, security etc.

Can you speak a little bit more into what are some codependent patterns that people can look into?

[38:27] Gina

Yes. So, codependency, the classic form of it is when someone is dependent on someone else. And so, usually what this means, is, the person who is dependent, so like the Little Miss Perfect, doesn’t have to a sense of self, isn’t thinking for herself and doesn’t even feel okay if someone else doesn’t feel okay. 

So, you have that girlfriend that, if her boyfriend’s in a bad mood then she’s got to go home and make sure she’s tiding up the apartment or cooking his favorite food or whatever, she can’t relax because he’s whatever, had a bad day at work or is upset with himself for whatever reason. Or, often times you’ll see with women, even into their adult like, like married women with children and their own mother. They’re terrified of their own mother because their mother wouldn’t approve of this or because they didn’t want to go to the whatever family function, their mother would be furious and they can’t be okay within themselves if someone else is not happy. These are just a couple examples of how that looks and how it can show up. 

I write some very revealing and vulnerable stories when I needed approval from my own clients, so I was setting boundaries within my own business and thinking “Hey, it’s my business, I’m allowed to be clear on what my boundaries are and set those boundaries” and when other people didn’t like them, it was terrorizing for me and I wanted to buckle and crumble, but fortunately Spirit was using those incidences as an opportunity to show me:

  1. A) that I was codependent, because I didn’t see that I was;
  2. B) that how much I needed other people’s approval to really feel okay in the world;
  3. C) how I will always lose, anytime I make any one source other than Source.

So, basically, I was making these people God and I was almost like worshipping them like God and trying to please them like God. And nobody is God, Spirit, Source, Universe, Higher Power, other than Source.

[40:46] Sahara

So well said! And really, that too, someone might think “Oh, codependency means you’re obsessed with your mom or you’re obsessed with your husband”, but it’s from yourself, it’s coming from “What would happen to me if they leave me? If they aren’t happy with me anymore?” So, really…

[41:05] Gina

Say bad things about me…

[41:07] Sahara

Exactly! And I think, you know, the parent one is a huge one, that’s definitely the one I’ve had to do major transformation around, of just not living for someone else’s expectations.

But a lot of us, we pretend we don’t mind “Oh, it’s not that big of a deal”, “Oh yeah, my mom’s nosy, but it’s fine, that’s what moms are like” and we don’t admit how much it’s actually bothering us and interrupting us, and we suck it in, and we suck it in, and it’s going to seep out somewhere in your life, and maybe it’s going to seep out to the wrong person or even worse, to yourself.


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[42:58] Interview

[42:58] Gina

I just really want to say that anybody suffering from codependency, or maybe they don’t even realize it, is like, you probably realize that you’re afraid what other people are going to think of you, or that you’re afraid of what someone else might say about you. And I want you to know that there is freedom from that. Because that was just my whole paradigm, my whole self-belief, I lived in it my whole life, I didn’t know that there was anything on the other side of it. And though it took me a really rough, like, ripping away of that ego and Archetype and all of it, it freed me in the biggest way and I’m so much more free and confident and sassy and individualistic, because I’m no longer suffering from that. 

So, I just want you to know that there are so many resources, in my book of course, but so many other resources too, from Coaching, to books, to podcasts etc. Do what it takes to get to the real you because that’s where the real dance is.

[44:05] Sahara

I love that! So, let’s talk about The Defeatist. How does The Defeatist show up in our lives?

[44:13] Gina

The Defeatist is different for different women. A lot of it can show up as depression, and I’m not talking about classical clinical depression, I’m just talking about women who are in some form of a funk, have given up, are settling for their own level of mediocrity, even though their life looks pretty good on the outside, to other people, but for their own internal thriving, they’re just existing. And it’s also, usually, The Defeatist is numbing out in some sort of way, whether it’s sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, workaholism, because, somewhat, intrinsically, they have felt they were defeated with their big dream, like it’s never going to happen for them.

[45:05] Sahara

So, I think a lot of people can connect to feeling like their dreams are so far away that there’s no point in even going for it. How do you get yourself out of this slump? I always call it the Kapha slump of just like “Oh, there’s so many things I want to do but I know I’m never going to be able to do it, so why waste the energy?”

[45:26] Gina

Alright, let me dig in, to tap into this one – I have so conditioned myself to not believe that, hold on.

[45:41] Sahara

Trying to remember what that was like!

[45:43] Gina

I know, I’m like “Believe me…”

[45:44] Sahara

That’s a good sign when you’re like “I can’t even remember that framework anymore!”

[45:50] Gina

Look, I didn’t come out of the box this way but you know, you do your work and it’s kind of hard to remember what it was like to live in a false belief! 

Okay, for the women who think their dream is too far away – well, first of all, it’s not your dream, and I’m just going to use the word ‘God’, if that’s okay, because that’s what I subscribe to, and then you insert your ‘Source, Universe, Spirit etc.’ So, if I believe that God put a desire in my heart, then it is meant to come through to fruition (when I am spiritually connected). Obviously when I’m in my own humanism, my own ego, my own fear, I forget.

But when spiritually connected, it’s like “Well of course it’s going to come to fruition, my job is to be on the adventure and to hold the faith of knowing that it will be manifested.”

So, part of the power of the Queen and the feminine is seeing things not as they are but as they could be. So, just because you can’t see the sun on a cloudy day doesn’t mean the sun’s not there and it doesn’t mean the sun isn’t coming back, and it doesn’t mean you’re never going to see the sun again. And so that’s how I, pretty much, programmed myself around my own dreams. 

So, first of all, as a Queen, I’ll get really grounded, like “Is it really a dream of mine”. “Is it really that important to me” or “Is it a want or a wish or it would be nice” because a Queen discerns and a Queen discerns big time between a must and a want. So, I don’t pay attention to anything that’s not the must, of the now. And the Queen, because she’s got a really great relationship with time, she knows what this day is about, or this week, or quarter, or even year, and she’s not fantasizing and future tripping. 

So, if it’s meant to be manifested, it came from Source and your job is to be open to let it flow through you. And it didn’t come from you in the first place and it’s not going to happen because of you either, you’re not going to be the one to make it happen anyways. And so, when you’re so spiritually aligned and dialed in and you just really get that your job is to be in this open vessel, to let Spirit guide you and flow through you and send the Earth Angels who this is going to become – your dream is going to become manifested because of other people, that’s just, you know, how Spirit uses people. Think about anything, how you’ve up-leveled your life or improved your life, it was because some clients signed up and paid you and that up-leveled your financial situation; or your soulmate walked into your life and that fulfilled your joy and passion and relationship.

So, really getting clear that these desires – they’re real and they’re meant for you. And when you come from the framework that you revere the feminine, and the feminine is the vortex of desire. This isn’t just a though that you thunk up, that’s the masculine, when you’re only operating from the neck up. But the desires are the vortex of the feminine and your job is to keep honing it and keep calling it in and keep honing it, regardless of what it looks like. 

So, for example, I’m actually in the process of working a miracle, right now, as we speak, and there is something that is going to happen next week, in my life, that at this moment there is zero evidence of that manifestation. And anybody, if I told you what the specifics were, which I’m not going to because they don’t matter and I want every listener here to have a clean framework, for your own, because that’s you get to work your own miracles.

So, every person, if I told you what was going on, you would say it’s not going to happen, there’s no possible way this can happen by next week – number one.

Number two, the people in my life, who do know what’s happening, have all told me that that’s not going to happen, maybe in the future but it’s not going to happen by next week.

So, it takes so much fierceness and so much faith and so much ability to see things not as they are but as they could be to call in your miracle and to allow zero concept of defeat to even be in your thoughts, in your consciousness and certainly not in your vocabulary. 

And so, all I am doing, every day, all day right now, I’m seeing, I’m visioning, I’m praying, I’m meditating and I am asking for what action steps must I be taking for this to take place.

So, the world would tell us women that we are crazy to be doing this, but what we know is how to bend time and space. When The Defeatist has taken over, The Defeatist has robbed you of your femininity, of your spiritual connection and of those powers that we have. We can bend time and space, we can create miracles and that’s exactly what you are meant to do in your life on a regular basis. 

You know, the Course in Miracles says “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love, and when they are not occurring, something has gone drastically wrong”. And yet, society would teach us that “Oh, if you experience a miracle once every blue moon, that’s okay”, but no, it’s supposed to be on a regular basis.

[51:31] Sahara

I love that and I agree with everything you just said! It’s so amazing that all these different spiritual traditions, form the Course in Miracles, to the Vedas, are really all saying the exact same thing, because I would say the exact same thing from a Vedic perspective of living your dharma is the most selfless thing that you can do because you are actually a conduit for the wisdom, the message, the product, whatever it is, that is seeking to come through you.

So really, if you think it’s selfish to follow your dreams, it’s actually selfless, and at the same time, you need to take action. I think a lot of people, they will stop at the prayer, they’ll stop at the vision board, they’ll stop right there, and it’s like, pray and ask “What action steps can I take?” 

And you’re out here, and I kind of have a psychic feeling what you’re manifesting right now, but you’re taking action towards it. And I think that’s where a lot of people – I don’t see many people who are bringing the spirituality and bringing the action in, and that is truly the way forward.

[52:37] Gina

Absolutely! And you know what? It becomes so fun, actually. The temptation to spin and worry and have anxiety and fear that your dream is going to take so long or it’s not going to happen. If you, me, we, all of us, we put that much intensity, I’m like “How could it happen?! How is this possible?! How can this take place?!” Looking into that and asking those really deep questions, and coming from this non-negotiable place of nothing less than extraordinary, nothing less than your dreams is good enough for you, and that is the only thing that you’re obsessed with, focused on and committed to calling in. And then you see it happen, which then builds faith because you build faith by faith by faith; like success begins success, begins success; like “Wow, that just happened! Let’s do that again!” And then again and again and then it does just become much more of a way of life, you’re like “Okay, I see the growth opportunity coming up”, just like “Oh, I see the sky is starting to get grey”, you understand the rhythms as a Queen and you don’t freak out over them but you’re with them and you get numb.

[54:04] Sahara 

I love that! And I think what a lot of people, who, maybe, haven’t fully stepped away from their Defeatist are thinking “Well, who are you to want this?”, or they saying it to themselves – how do you get over the case of “Who am I” or “Who are you”?

[54:20] Gina

Well, if I have your permission to push, so to speak – you know, God doesn’t pay extra humans and the fact that you have a life right now, I think that most of us tend to take for granted, if we’re not conscious around it. So, if God doesn’t create extra humans, that means your life is radically necessary and important for what’s occurring on the planet right now. 

And also, I have a belief, that God doesn’t create junk of any sort. So, if God only creates extraordinary, exquisite, victorious, phenomenal, well then that means that you’re extraordinary, exquisite, victorious and phenomenal and very needed human on this planet. So this whole “Who am I”, I lovingly say, it’s a bit 1984, it’s an old consciousness.

And I think that any of the mothers listening – if you watch your child say “I’m not good enough” or “Who am I in your life” – What?! “I birthed you; you are the best thing on this Earth! Literally!” You know, it’s like, can you imagine what God says to us, and feels the same way. 

So, it’s really time that it becomes so much more mainstream and it’s up to women to lead the way! You push your shoulders back, you lift your chin, you remember who you are, and you are a spirit-being with so much potential and such necessary wisdom to come through you. Your light must be shining in a blaze so that your destiny can be accomplished!

[56:05] Sahara

I, one hundred percent, agree, and I love your reaffirming words, and, yes, so with you sister. 

And I think a lot of people are afraid of other people telling them “Oh, who do they think they are” and we, essentially, play into that other person’s limiting beliefs because they don’t believe they are worthy of standing up for whatever it is that their soul desires. When they look at someone else doing it, it’s very easy to say “Ah, who does Gina think she is? She thinks she’s the queen; she’s no queen, ha ha ha!” Instead of being like “Wow, she’s fully stepping into that, she’s created this as a reality for herself, and that also means I can create my own reality too!”

[56:42] Gina

Aha, aha. You know, it is something too, one of the other things that I’ve outgrown – when I was broke, I didn’t know anybody who wasn’t, literally! Maybe, like, I had a rich aunt and uncle, on the other side of the country; “rich”, they weren’t broke, I’ll say it that way. And then I remember when I was just a hot mess, in terms of relationship. Everyone I knew, who even was in relationship, was gnarly and I’m like “Why am I trying a relationship, I don’t know anybody in this relationship”, and I was searching for this. 

But the flip side is also true, because I don’t have anyone (and I’ve really done digging), I don’t have anyone in my life, right now, that would be like “Who do you think you are?” I mean, if everyone in my life is like “Of course you’re going to”, “Of course, queen”, it’s so supportive and loving, so, I think that when we really get that, we are the mirror and we are the magnet, and anything that needs transformed – you cannot go to the next level when you’re working through your own learning curve and edge, and have people blowing out your fragile little flame there. You can’t afford, emotionally or energetically, and probably financially, to hang out with anybody who would possibly say that to you. 

[58:15] Sahara

I, one hundred percent, agree! And for those people listening out there, if they have someone in their head that they’re like “Oh, she’s always telling me who do I think I am” that is someone who you get to reconsider your relationship with. That person does not get to have your energy, that person does not get to access to you, and that might even be a family member, but if they’re going to come about with this negativity, it’s holding you back from your soul mission on this planet and there’s nothing more important than that, so, sorry.

[58:43] Gina


[58:44] Sahara

Not sorry! 

[58:45] Gina


[58:47] Sahara

So, I want to talk about a couple more Archetypes, just briefly to give people – you really dive into them in your book.

So, what is The Martyr like?

[58:57] Gina

So, The Martyr is – this is another one that I was like “Oh, you know, The Martyr’s the person, like it was someone other than me, this is the person who thinks they have to do everything; that if it’s going to be done right, it has to be done by them, they’re damned if they do; they’re damned if they don’t”, they’re these really negative people, right? 

Well, one of the things that I’ve learned is – if something is even 5% true, you’ve got to own it. And so, though I can do enough self-analysis on myself to know that the Martyr’s not my biggest story, but to the degree that the 5% of The Martyr that I found in myself, I was like “Oh!” As I would catch myself saying “Why do I have to do everything? Why do I have to think for everyone?” and there’s so much on my plate, so that whole icky energy is just who The Martyr is. And when the Queen shows up to counteract that, you’re in opposition, your Queen follows a ‘no excuses’ policy. The Queen delegates; the Queen finds solutions; the Queen lives in this place of zero overwhelm. Nobody in my life gets to do overwhelm. I don’t do overwhelm, my clients don’t get to do overwhelm, everyone knows, we know overwhelm. 

[1:00:30] Sahara

I love that! This is actually my shadow archetype – The Martyr. 

[1:00:34] Gina

Really? Tell me.

[1:00:35] Sahara

Yeah. This is my one because this year, when we were chatting briefly, we were at dinner last week and I’m someone who has always done it myself, I’m very resourceful, so I’m very good at figuring out how to do things myself. And I started blogging when I was 19, so I would build a website and do the SEO and figure out how to do the digital marketing, and then it turned into “How do I build a course” and make a sales figure and do the email copy, and all of the things”, and I was, until last year, doing every single role in my business. Even now, I’m still the person who’s doing a lot of the things that probably could, and should, be outsourced, but I think it’s my own, that Martyr archetype of me that’s like “Well, I can do it myself faster and I don’t want to hire someone to do it so I’ll just go do it now”, but it’s actually holding me back. So, I can definitely relate to the person that feels this almost like a superwoman of like “I need to hold down the fort because if I don’t do it it’s all going to collapse!”

[1:01:35] Gina

Right! It’s a badge of honor!

[1:01:39] Sahara

Yes. So, any tips for stepping out of that?

[1:01:43] Gina

Yes. So, Martyrs are cheap with themselves, and as Queens, it’s really important for us to get the “What it is” to make money, spend money, invest money and do it from a very adult place.

And so, really getting – I have this great friend and she’s a mother, and there was a minute when I was considering motherhood and I was a little nervous about it, I was like “I don’t know if it’s really for me” and she said “You are required to be the child’s mother, not the child’s maid”, and that’s the way I feel about women in business. To so many degrees, our business is our baby, and you’re required to be your businesses mother, but not the maid. And not that any of us are above the maid. I don’t mean to say that any of us are above anything, but you cannot be the Queen if you are going to be the technician. You cannot be the Queen and the maid, and the technician, and the guardsmen, and the secretary, and all of it. You cannot live your soul’s mission at the highest level because you only have a certain amount of time, but you only have a certain amount of attention.

And to the degree that we are doing the tasks that are taking up our attention from the higher calling and the higher mission, we get it justified in “Oh, I don’t want to spend money on that” or “I can do it faster” or “Nobody’s as good” or whatever it is. And the truth is, Spirit knows where people are. There’s going to be such a blessing in someone’s life to get to be your assistant, just to be around you and soak up your vibration and your consciousness and learn all these amazing new concepts while they’re doing the things that it’s time for you to graduate from.

[1:03:49] Sahara

Totally, yes! And I think a lot of us, we only do that when it’s, you know, it’s not never too late but it’s like you literally can’t bare it anymore and you’re like “Oh crap, I’ve got to get someone. Have to hire someone”, but you know, the Queen looks ahead, she’s like “What could I potentially need in the future so I can continue to remain in this state of non-overwhelm, not get to the point that my plate is so full that I have no choice but to hire someone”, and often times it’s just out of desperation. 

[1:04:20] Gina

Right! So, for everyone listening out there, it’s like “Oh, this isn’t me because I have invested in myself, I have hired”, well, the other way that I’ve caught The Martyr showing up in my life – so, first and foremost, not hiring, tell yourself you don’t have the money for, you can do it better or whatever. Then how about hiring The Duck and not The Swan. 

So, you’re like, you’ve got this team member and it’s like, you’re getting frustrated, you have to explain everything, you’ve got to, almost, half do it, but you’re like– you kind of get what you paid for, sometimes, so you’re like “I don’t want to hire a higher level person, this is fine, I’ll just manage this person more”, all of that matter, and so, really challenging yourself to be in Queenhood, that it’s not just about hiring, but it’s hiring the A-player for whatever the position is and because everything has a frequency and it’s got to be a vibrational match.

So, lack is not a vibrational match, but neither is mediocrity. And so, I think it’s necessary for all of us, in our Queenhood, to not fall prey to codependency or martyrdom or any of the lower level Archetypes. In our Queenhood, you get to say “This isn’t working for me” and call in that higher vibration because the higher vibration you surround yourself with, from team member, to clients, to friends, to all of it, you’re just going to go up, up, up as well.

[1:05:53] Sahara

I love that! So deeply resonates with me. Definitely, when I started to hire a couple years ago, I would go on Upwork and look up literally who is the cheapest person for this job and hire them, and I’m like “They don’t speak any English, but it’s fine, we’ll be able to communicate”. And it would be so frustrating because I would be up at night talking to India on Skype but I had a block in my head of people who live in the US are going to be too expensive and I can’t afford it and I’ll just get it done myself, and it’s not that big of a deal”. So, I’m so glad I found my shadow archetype, thank you!

[1:06:29] Gina

You’re welcome, thanks for revealing that. I think that, you know, this is the other thing too, that, when you drop Little Miss Perfect, you start to realize how much more interesting you become and other people become, when you get into the real stuff. So, thanks for sharing that Sahara.

[1:06:45] Sahara

Of course! So, you have so many other incredible Archetypes in your book – The Naïve Princess, The Gladiator, The Avoidant Princess, The Ghost, The Bitch, The Paranoid Gangster, The Rollercoaster Rider, The Money Slave, The Gambler, The Abuser, The Frugal Fanatic, The Secret Spender…

Literally guys, the list goes on! This book is so helpful for helping any woman just connect to their feminine and all these different sides of their feminine. And once you really figure these Archetypes out, of “Where am I falling into?”, “What are my habits?” etc. it just helps you to get to know yourself on a deeper level and then find the right coaching or journaling prompts, or whatever it is, you need to know specifically for you. 

So, thank you so much for writing this book! What inspired you to write this book, by the way?

[1:07:37] Gina

You know, it was – I had a dream of sharing a content that I share with my super-high-end clients in my high-end programs with the masses, because I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now.

And the basis of my work is based on the ancient story of Queen Esther of Persia. And for those that don’t know it, it’s – Persians know it from the Bible, Jews know it from the Porum, and everyone else knows it sort of as a Cinderella story (or once you learn about it, it is).

So, I definitely realized that this story is every woman’s story. 

So, real quickly – the story of Esther is, she was a Jewish orphan girl, her parents die in the war, she gets exiled out of Israel, sent to Persia where she lives like a second-class citizen. And then, the King gets rid of his Queen, so they round up all the young maidens in the land to pick the new queen and she gets thrown into the palace haram with all these other beauty contenders, and has to hide her identity, hide who she is. And then, unbeknown to the King, he picks the Jewish orphan girl to be the next Queen of Persia. Right after she becomes Queen, there’s this law issued in the land to kill, destroy and annihilate all the Jews. So then, she’s got to go and expose and risk who she is, and go before the King and say “I’m a Jew and I’m asking you to save me and my people”, and (spoiler alert) he does, and in my book, she becomes the heroine of all time.

So, the reason why I wrote this book is that I realized that we are all ordinary women that are destined for greatness. And that only, from the position of Queen, can we fulfill our calling. Esther could never have saved all of her people if she was not in that power position and if she was not there to speak that message. And so, that’s what I firmly believe for all of us – there’s a famous Scripture that says, “Esther, for such a time as this, you have been called into royalty to save your people.”

So, if you’ve got anything squeamish going on inside of you, like “Well, who am I and this and that” and I say “Stop! For such a time as this, you too, have been called!” And it’s up to all of us women to look within ourselves and just own our own for such a time as this moment.

So, that is the basis of all of my work, that is a chapter in the book, so that’s where it started. And then, honestly Sahara, the Spirit just led. This is not the book I thought I was going to write. It was very different than my proposal, I had this idea that I was going to have this sophisticated, elegant voice in it and it was going to be all things ancient and Queen Esther, and when I started writing, it came out – I don’t know if mother’s feel like this, you have the kid that you didn’t plan on having; you love this one, you love it even more than what your idea was, but that’s how I felt about this book. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s snarky a little irreverent. I didn’t plan on it being as memoirey as it is, as sharing as much of my stories I do. So, the whole thing was really – if you enjoy it, you can thank Spirit for it. 

[1:10:56] Sahara

I love it! And I think a lot of us, we’re so afraid of sharing our stories because we don’t want to bore someone with the details of our lives, and who cares, they don’t even know me. But it’s like, really the stories of other people that inspire us to create change into our own lives. And I think that’s why Archetypes are so beautiful, because we can talk about why it’s important to not be codependent, but we can put a name on that and a personality on that, we’re like “I see how that plays out in my life” and you can look at it. 

And that’s why I love Goddesses and these Archetypes, and Myers Briggs, and Enneagram, and Doshas, and Astrology, and Human Design because it just allows you to see all of the patterns. And if you do one thing one way, you probably do something else another way, so it just puts together all of those different pieces of the puzzle and gives you a good look at your blind spots. 

[1:11:43] Gina

It’s so true and it’s just so beautiful to see – glad you’re not obsessed with your past, Sahara, you just go on and on and on. It’s so beautiful to see a woman like you, so in her dharma, so in her passion and just like can’t get enough!

[1:12:00] Sahara

Thank you! And just like you, I am obsessed with this book, I keep reading it, I keep getting more and more wisdom out of it. Guys, you’re never going to get bored because there’s so many good Archetypes and I bet you you’re going to be able to see someone that you know in each and every one of them. 

So, where can people pick up your book “The Audacity to be a Queen”? 

[1:12:19] Gina

Yes! Come on over to divineliving.com/book (I don’t have to spell it with this crowd, but most crowds I do) and you will get all the details there and pick your favorite book-seller to purchase it from.

[1:12:43] Sahara

Well, thank you so much for stepping up into your full dharma, sharing your wisdom with us, helping us better understand ourselves and have the audacity to be a Queen!

[1:12:54] Gina

Absolutely! As always, Sahara, it’s such a joy just to be around you and soak up your sparkly energy that’s just so full of depth and wisdom as well. Thank you for having me!

[1:13:05] Sahara

Thank you!

[1:13:06] End of Interview


[1:13:07] Sahara

Yes, Queen! I hope you enjoyed that Episode! You’re going to check out Gina’s new book “The Audacity to be a Queen”. How are you feeling with the Queen in your life? Have you fully stepped into her? Are you playing with the Martyr? Are you playing with the Sabator? What do your shadow archetypes look like? Let me know, send me an Instagram message or comment over at @iamsahararose and I’m soul excited to connect with you further as we embody our Queens, our Goddesses, our Highest selves, our Priestesses, our Warrioresses, whatever it feels like for you show up in your highest light and your highest self because the world needs you! 


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Thank you and namaste! 

Episode 266: Embodying Your Inner Queen Archetype with Gina Devee
By Sahara Rose


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