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Highest Self Podcast 447: How To Heal Your Nervous System – Your Guide to Somatic Healing with Sarah Baldwin

Have you ever been in a situation that caused you to get EXTREMELY anxious, trying to do everything possible under your power to try to …

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Highest Self Podcast 425: How To Heal Trauma + Restore Inner Peace with Gabby Bernstein

Have you ever noticed that you have certain triggers that don’t seem to go away? Maybe it’s codependency or getting reactive to something your parents …

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Highest Self Podcast 422: When Life Feels Overwhelming AF with Sahara Rose

We’re all feeling it right now. It’s hard to have your eyes and hearts open in a time where we are faced with so much …

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Highest Self Podcast 421: Connecting With Your Power Animals with Alyson Charles

What is your power animal? In this interview, we dive into the shamanic realms of the various power animals and the medicine each offer us. …

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Highest Self Podcast 403: How To Actually Create The Life You Desire, Despite What’s Happening In The World Around You with Sahara Rose

Woke up in the morning and these codes started spilling from my lips, so I needed to share them with you. If you resonate with …

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Highest Self Podcast 401: What Got You Here Won’t Take You There with Sahara Rose

This thought came to my mind as I was making a smoothie and I knew I needed to pop on and sound it out with …

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Highest Self Podcast 392: The Most Common Misconceptions in Human Design with Dayluna’s Shayna and Dana

“Projectors have no energy.” “Generators are supposed to build someone else’s dreams. “Manifesters are aggressive.” “Reflectors don’t know who they are.” We constantly hear these …

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Highest Self Podcast 372: Tapping Into The Joy Frequency In Chaotic Times with Sahara Rose

This is one of my most important episodes to date. In it I share my real thoughts about what’s happening in the world with cancel …

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Highest Self Podcast 349: Money Mindset vs Manifestation with Emma Mumford

People love to talk about manifesting abundance.. But what does that really mean? Max out our credit cards to show the universe we are abundant? …

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Highest Self Podcast 337: Greatest Lessons of 2020 with Cassandra Bodzak

This year has been one of great lessons, realizations and shifts. In this conversation, I sit with one of my besties Cassandra to talk about …

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