Highest Self Podcast 461: How To Have A Conscious Conception (Health Hacks For Pregnancy) with Melissa Ambrosini



Most people believe the pregnancy journey begins when you become pregnant but it actually begins years before as your body is creating the egg and seed. This is why conscious conception is so important.

In this episode, Melissa shares with us how we can prepare our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually for a healthy pregnancy.

She shares the tests and healing protocols she took, as well as the spiritual practices to prepare herself for her baby girl. She also shares some things she would have done earlier and other tips to prepare for pregnancy.

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Episode #461: How To Have A Conscious Conception (Health Hacks For Pregnancy) with Melissa Ambrosini

By Sahara Rose


[00:11] Sahara

Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.


[00:19] Sahara

If it’s your first time listening, welcome! If you’re here every week, I’m so grateful to be reconnected with you in this lifetime!


[00:26] Sahara

This Podcast is over 5 years old now, and really, my mission is to make the spiritual journey fun, grounded and relatable, so it can serve the needs for today’s people, for myself, for those of us who want to bring our highest selves into our everyday lives, and that’s really what this Podcast is all about.


[00:46] Sahara

So, today’s Episode is a really special conversation because it’s with one of my good friends Melissa Ambrosini, who’s been on the Podcast three times now, and every single time comes in with a new topic. 

And what I love about her is, whatever she’s moving through in life, she really immerses herself in. And the past 2 years of her life have really been about motherhood. And even before so, with her journey of conception, which she shares in this Episode, was not an easy one. And it’s been incredible to witness her, as a friend and all the things that she did to prepare her body for pregnancy, and the tests that she was doing, and the detoxes, and I just learned so much from her. And I know that, when I am ready to have a child, I’m definitely going to take a lot of the suggestions that she mentions today in the Podcast, and beyond, in her Wholly Mama Course, into action. Because, I see now, the beauty that she has in her life with her little baby girl Bambi, is just so inspirational. 

And she’s really just such an example of what’s possible for us when we really start focusing on our health and we start to go underneath the surface, because, often times, we go to a doctor and the doctor tells you “Oh, everything’s fine”, or “Oh, yeah, I guess you’re infertile”, or whatever else. 


[02:01] Sahara

And you know, my own journey was when I was 21 years old, my body went into perimenopause, so I stopped producing hormones, zero estrogen, zero testosterone, and doctors just told me I would never be able to have children. And on top of that, you go through a whole host of different issues from anxiety to osteoporosis-like symptoms, your bone density really starts to diminish. And imagine going through what menopause is like when you’re 21 years old, so I dove into hormonal imbalance very early in my life, and have, since then, been able to bring my body back into balance, and now share this wisdom out in the world and interview incredible people who are doing the same. And this is why I love this conversation, because whether you want to have a child or not, you, taking care of your hormonal health and your fertility is so important because it is a very strong bioindicator of the rest of your health. Because when we have adrenal fatigue and we’re stressed out, or we have a thyroid imbalance, or mold toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, these things often end up in the endocrine system, our hormonal system, because it’s so sensitive. So, often, these different hormonal issues that we see, such as PCOS or endometriosis, and the list goes on, and it’s becoming more and more rampant in our society today, is because of these unknown causes that most typical western medical doctors aren’t even testing for. They’re not testing your body for heavy metals, they’re not testing your body for mold. So, I really love this conversation because we speak more on the holistic realm about all the things that you can do to prepare your body for a conscious pregnancy.


[03:39] Sahara

And if you’re interested in more of this, she has her new course Wholly Mama, and I will be sharing a special bonus with you guys, over in the show notes, and at the end of the Episode, if you want to join.


[03:48] Sahara

So, Melissa Ambrosini is a three-time bestselling author, a speaker, a mama and a friend, and let’s welcome her to The Highest Self Podcast.      




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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you! 


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Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s Episode!


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[05:28] Interview 


[05:28] Sahara

Welcome back Melissa, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!


[05:32] Melissa

Oh, I love any time with you, any conversation with you is just a delight! 


[05:39] Sahara

And the first question I would love to ask you is, what makes you your highest self? 


[05:46] Melissa

I don’t remember what I said the last two times I’ve been on the show, but living in alignment with my truth, makes me my highest self.


[06:01] Sahara

Yes! The truth which is always changing! And you have gone through a massive transformation in the past year or so now, with giving birth to your beautiful daughter Bambi and the entire pregnancy journey.

I know a lot of mothers and people who are stepping into motherhood, which we’re going to be talking about, they really speak about the identity shift that happens when you become a mom. So, can you share a little bit about what that process was like for you and if you had any fears around “I built a business, I write books, I got things off the ground, and now, if I have a kid, will that all fall apart and be taken away from me?” 


[06:41] Melissa

It is such a great question, and something that we need to talk about because that shift from maiden to mother, it’s called maidtrescence. Have you heard of that term? 


[06:55] Sahara

I recently did, so fascinating!


[06:58] Melissa

Okay, so what happens in that time, from maiden to mother, there are so many physical, hormonal changes, identity changes that happen for a woman in that time. It’s very similar to adolescence, it’s that same sort of upgrade, yet in society, we allow the child to go through that, that adolescence and we go “Oh, they’re a teenager”, and we excuse a lot of their things and we’re just like “Oh, you know, they’re going through adolescence and things like that”, yet we don’t even honor the fact that we’re going through maidtrescence, which is even bigger than that adolescence journey. 

And it’s really important that we address this, there’s so much that happens, the identity shift that happens, the hormones that change in your body, your brain is actually being rewired and it’s such an exciting and beautiful thing. And it’s also really confusing and you feel, at times, I’ve felt very lost, I’ve felt confused, I’ve felt not myself, during this period, I’ve felt – there’s been times where I’ve gone “Who am I? What do I love? What do I want to do now?”, because your brain has just been completely rewired and reprogrammed to shift to make you want to fall in love with this baby, to make you want to spend every waking moment staring at this beautiful bundle of joy, you become obsessed with it, you want to do those things, it’s not a chore, you want to do those things.

And then, once they grow and they evolve themselves, your brain is growing and evolving, and a new version of you is birthed as well. And so, it’s like you’re stepping into a new version of yourself, there’s no bouncing back, there’s no going back. Once you give birth, you’re pregnant and you give birth, you are a completely upgraded version of yourself, completely different. It’s changed me in every area of my life, it has changed me for the better.

And it’s been big, there’s been times where I’m like “I just, I feel so insecure”, and I’m not an insecure person, and there’s been times where I’ve felt really not confident. And you know me Sahara, I’m a confident person, that’s like you saying “I’m not confident”, but these are just some of the things that can happen through that maidtrescence journey. And I love talking about this because I want to bring it to the table and make it a common conversation that we have. 

And so, when there’s a new mother in the community, let’s be gentle, let’s be gentle with her, let’s be soft, she’s going through a huge transformation. And the thing is with maidtrescence as well, it never ends. And then you have another child and then another whole level of maidtrescence is birth, but it never ends, you’re always evolving. Then your children move out of home at 18 and then this other whole identity shift happens. So, it’s a life-long journey of uncovering and discovering, and it’s beautiful. 

And I think, for me, because I’m new about maidtrescence, before I gave birth, I studied it, I really dove deep into it because I had the understanding of what was going on psychologically in the brain, for the woman. I knew what to expect. 

And so, when there were times, post-birth, where I was crying for seemingly no reason, I would just turn to my husband Nick and he would say “How are you feeling? What’s going on?”, and I would just say “Maidtrescence”, and he would go “Okay, honey, okay”, no need for any more discussion. Because I think our brain wants to know “Well, why do I feel like this? What’s going on? Let me work it out, I want to work it out, why do I feel like this”, but there’s no working out, it’s just part of the evolution, it’s part of the journey. 

And because I had that understanding, I was able to be a lot more soft, kind and gentle with myself, and it also gave me dialogue to express how I was feeling to my husband, which is really, really powerful. But it’s such an incredible journey! 

And also, even though there were times where I was so confused, like “What’s next for me? I have this podcast, I have all of these books, what’s next?” I have all of these ideas, and when you birth a baby, your creativity is next level. I had 15 ideas swirling around in me, but then I was confused as to which one to act on, which one to move forward on, what is, I was so confused. And then it’s like, it comes and you just have to trust that. And it’s such a beautiful process of letting go, of rebirthing yourself as this new version of yourself, and it’s all part of the process. And we’ve got to be kind, and we’ve got to be gentle and soft with ourselves along the journey.


[12:46] Sahara

As you said that, just, my heart goes out to my mother and all of the mothers who did not know about maidtrescence and for judging themselves and wondering “What’s wrong with me?”, or “I need to keep showing up the same way”, or even having their next child and feeling like “Why don’t I have the same energy as I once did?”, and of course, the postpartum and the fact that no one speaks about the depression and anxiety that many women might face. So, I think that the education, the discussion around it is so key.

And I think, also, for people who are not yet mothers, going into it, knowing yes, having a child is so beautiful and it can be very confronting, and there are things that you can start practicing right now that will make the journey a lot easier. 

So, I know that you were on your conception journey for quite some time before conceiving beautiful Bambi, and there were some challenges for you, some ups and downs, and a lot of beautiful preparation that I have learned just from watching you. I did not even know that this idea of conscious conception and preparing your body, and the healing work that both you and your husband Nick, were doing. And it has really inspired me to now, I don’t want to have kids for a few years from now, but to begin that healing work now so I can be prepared on a mind, body and spirit level. 

So, can you speak about this idea of conscious conception and what it means and what it entails?


[14:08] Melissa

Oh, goodness me, I love this topic so much, I love it so much! So, what is conscious conception? Conscious conception is when you and your partner, consciously, make the choice together, to bring a baby earthside. So, a lot of people have the “Oops, we’re pregnant!”, a lot of people have that, you know “We weren’t even trying and oopsie, we’re pregnant!” And that happens many times, and that’s beautiful, and that’s their journey, but it’s when two people, consciously, decide to prep their mind, body and soul to bring a baby earthside. And it takes two, it’s not just the mother, it’s not just the father, or whatever relationship you’re in, it is both people, consciously, prepping their mind, their body and their soul to create life.

So, what does that look like, right? Let’s talk about the body, the body first. So, that is when both people – it’s really important that you do a massive detox, a big cleanse, before you get pregnant, if you can. Doing some sort of detox like a panchakarma or something like that. What we did personally, and this is what I talk about in Wholly Mama, the program, we did a whole bunch of tests. So, we got our bloods done, our hormones, our thyroid, we did a hair mineral analysis test to find out if we had any metals in our body, we did a gut test to see what was going on in our gut, so we did all of these tests, both of us, and then got them read by our holistic doctor. And then he formulated a specific program just for us to get our body into the best shape possible. 

I found out, during that time, that I had high levels of mercury. You don’t want mercury in your system, you don’t want any metals in your system whilst you have a baby, because it will get passed down, so, we don’t want that. We really want to clear that stuff out. 

So, doing a physical detox of some sort is such a key component to conscious conception, whether it’s 3 months, or 6 moths, or if you’ve got the time, a year, two years, depending on when you want to have babies, the longer, the better. 

I heard a doctor once say that whether you want to have kids in 10 years or however old you are, 10 years or 20 years, whatever, 15 years, you’re in trimester zero, you are priming your body now, in your 20s, for whenever you want to have your baby. 

And so, it’s really important that we treat our body with love and respect and take care of it. So, on the physical sense, that’s what we can do, we can do a big cleanse and prime our body.




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[18:20] Sahara

I want ask you about the heavy metals because I feel like that’s such a huge thing that so many of us have, whether it’s mercury – I remember I did a test a few years ago, I had high levels of copper or nickel, it was one of them, and I was like “Where did this come from?”, I was like “Is it my copper tongue scraper, maybe?”, and they told me that in the water in LA it had high amounts of it. And even though I was using a water filter, the water filter was not getting rid of, I believe it was that copper. So, I think it’s so important to know this because even if you’re seemingly healthy, it still might be in your system.

Another big thing in the Baby Boomer generation was lead because they did not know lead was so bad for you, so it was in the toys, it was in the paint, and it’s just related to a lot of different neurological issues that the Boomer generation is now suffering with.

So, out of all these tests that you did, the heavy metals test, the gut test, digestive test, what would you say were the most important?


[19:19] Melissa

Well, okay, for me, the hair was, because I wouldn’t have known that I had high level of mercury, so that, for me, was a good one. But also, I had, I did a gut test and I had a candida overgrowth, so that was important for me. I also did a hormone test and my hormones were a bit out, so that was important for me. I did a thyroid test, but my thyroid was fine, so I didn’t need to do anything with that. And then I just did general bloods to kind of see iron and all of these things, and that was all really good – iron, Vitamin D, B12, that was all amazing for me. For me, it was the high mercury and the gut, they were – and a few hormonal things, they were like the big ones for me, but it kind of depends on what’s going on for you. So, that’s why I would say, if you can, do a whole bunch of things, if there’s stuff that you suspect to be going on. 

And for me, I met Nick in November 2013, and I knew, straight away, that I wanted to marry him and one day we would have babies. And you know, we got engaged after 2 weeks and we got married 6 months later, and that was, yeah, in 2013. And I knew, when I met him, that one day I was going to have his babies, I knew it wasn’t going to be for a really long time. So, we met in 2013, we didn’t have a baby until last year, so, I was in trimester zero, 2013, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, that whole time, because I knew that, one day, I was going to want to have a baby with him, so I was priming my body that whole time. I read every book I could, I became obsessed with this topic of pregnancy, conscious conception, birthing and conscious parenting. I became obsessed! I read every book, I went to every seminar, my friends and Nick would joke, they’d be like “I’ve never met a more educated non-pregnant person than you!” I studied it like I was doing a PhD because I was so fascinated with it, I was so fascinated! And then I had the absolute privilege of having a top-rated podcast, so I could just get on the world’s best experts onto my podcast to talk to them about conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. So, I would just pick their brains, it’s one of the beautiful things about having a podcast. 

And so, I studied it for so many years, I became obsessed with it, I’ve lived it myself, I’ve birthed, I had a beautiful home birth, I have a gorgeous, healthy, happy daughter, and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to put it all into the Wholly Mama Program, and now share it with others, because this information needs to be out there. Because I believe, if more women know this information, and men too, if more people know this information, and they consciously decide to conceive and have healthy pregnancies, and then they feel empowered in their birth, and then they have a blissful postpartum experience, and then they raise conscious children, we are going to be putting into the world light beams. We’re going to be putting into the world conscious light beam children, that’s what the world needs more of, right?


[23:00] Sahara

Absolutely! And I love just how intentional and ceremonial process was for you. And of course, not everyone have the privilege of knowing when they’re going to get pregnant, but I think for those of us who know that it is in the forecast for us one day, it’s like, don’t wait until “Oh my God, I want to have a baby right now, but, oh crap, I have these heavy metals and I have this and I have that”, and then you have the stress of detoxing and the stress of trying to conceive at the same time, but just beginning that work, the trimester zero, starting today.

So, I want to speak about, now, how did you guys prepare mentally? What were some of the shifts that you needed to make, especially, again, as a woman who’s living her Dharma, who has so much going on, surrendering to trust and release and acceptance, which, we’ve had many conversations on things that are a little bit of a struggle for us sometimes. So, I’m curious to hear what that journey was like for you?  


[23:54] Melissa

Yes. So, like we mentioned before, there’s the physical component and there’s also the mental component, and there’s a lot of mastering of that inner mean girl that needs to happen, there’s a lot of rewiring of the brain, there’s a lot of upgrades that need to happen to consciously conceive. 

And the first thing is looking at any fears, and that might be fears like “I don’t know if I can conceive. Am I too old? Am I too young? Am I with the right person? What will this mean for my career? Will my body change? Will I hate my body?”, there’s so many different fears that come up for women when they think about getting pregnant, “Will I be a good mother? Will this change my life? Will this ruin my life?”, you know, there’s so many different things.

And I think one of the best things that you can do at that very start of the journey is get clear on what those fears are for you, write them all down and get them out, and you can look at them and address them and release, and however you do that, whether it’s through some sort of burning, saging ritual, or if you prefer to talk it through with your therapist, or your coach, or your counsellor, or your partner, or a friend, everyone has different ways of releasing fears.

I know, for me personally, journaling is a really powerful thing. Just, even, bringing awareness to it, like “I have a fear or my inner mean girl is telling me that I’m too old”, or whatever it is, that – journaling, for me, is self-therapy, so powerful. And then, if it’s still, kind of, lingering, speaking it out with a friend or coach, is really powerful for me, but it’s very important that with each stage we look at any fears that have come up, with the conception phase, with the pregnancy, and then the birth. 

I know a lot of women, and this is what we talk about in Wholly Mama, a lot of women have so many fears about the actual birth and then parenting. And then, with each phase, like, what are some fears that are coming up for you, address them, let them go and then come back to the truth and to your center. 


[26:15] Sahara

So powerful! And now, tell me some of the soul level shifts that you made to prepare yourself for this.


[26:23] Melissa

I feel like, and this is always, I feel like I’m upleveling in my soul all the time. And I – you know, some people, they say that they weren’t ready for children or that they didn’t get that like “Oh, now I’m ready”. I had that, I literally woke up one morning and I turned to Nick and I said “I’m ready”, and he was like “Wow!” After years, I was like “I’m ready, I feel it”, it was literally like, overnight, a flick went off inside me and that maternal flick flicked on. 

And I know that that’s not the case for everyone, but that literally happened to me, it flicked on and I was like “I’m ready. I’m ready to be a mama!” And I had that deep, deep yearning to be a mother. 

And it’s such a gift; children are such a gift. And before she came, I did a lot of connecting with her soul, I did a lot of connecting with her soul.


[27:30] Sahara

Did you read “Spirit Babies”? 


[27:31] Melissa

Oh my – that is essential! Have you read it?


[27:35] Sahara



[27:36] Melissa

Isn’t it wonderful?


[27:37] Sahara

It’s so beautiful! I actually have it on audible, so it’s great to have all the meditations.


[27:42] Melissa

Yes. So, I did all of those chants, I did all of those meditations. So, you touched on this at the very start, you said my journey took a while. So, once I had that flick go off within me, and we made a decision, “Okay, let’s try this month”, we finished our detoxing, we had built up, so, we did detoxing and then we did rebuilding, because detoxing is very depleting, as you know, so then we need to build the ojas, so we were rebuilding, and then we were like “Yes! Okay, January, we’re doing to start”, and then it didn’t happen, and then we tried the next month and it didn’t happen, and then the next month, and it didn’t happen, and that went on for 18 months. And in that 18 months, it was the biggest spiritual assignment of my life. 

My heart was ripped out of my chest, that’s what it felt like every month, I lived my life in 2-week increments, 2 weeks waiting to ovulate and then we would make love and 2 weeks to find out whether I had my period or not. And then, if I’d get my period, okay, disheartened, heartbroken, 2 more weeks to wait to ovulate, make love, 2 more weeks again, am I pregnant or did I get my period? 18 months of that. 

And it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. And the spiritual and the emotional upgrades that I went through during that 18 months have made me the mother that I am today, and I’m so grateful for those lessons because I truly, truly love motherhood so much. I love being a mom and I love my working life as well, but I love being a mom. It is home, it’s just, it’s cracked me wide open, it’s showed me things that I never knew existed, it’s been the most beautiful thing. And if we had of got pregnant that first time, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go through all of those spiritual upgrades that I went through during that 18-month journey. 

And it’s made me the mother that I am today, of the very patient, and this doesn’t mean I’m always patient, but it has just made me the mother that I want to be. And no matter what anyone is going through, and I know some people it takes a lot longer than 18 months. You know, people, it takes 5 years, 10 years, and then people, straightaway. My best friend got pregnant, they weren’t even trying, first time. 

So, everyone’s journey is different and this is where we cannot compare, we cannot do comparisonitis, we have to trust that the Universe is giving us the lessons that we need. And I needed these spiritual assignments, for those 18 months. 

And so, going back to your question – yes, I read “Spirit Babies”, I read “Spirit Babies” about 10 years ago, and then reread it during this 18-month period because I was like “Okay, what’s going on?”, I did all of those chants every day, I was up at 3am, 4am, some mornings doing the chants, I would go out onto the couch in the dark, I would do the chants, sometimes Nick would come join me, we’d put our hands on each other’s heart and we’d do these beautiful chants. My heart was yearning to be a mother and I’m so glad for the spiritual lessons that I got during that time because it’s just made me the most grateful mother that I am today.


[31:35] Sahara

So beautiful and inspiring to hear the yearning that you really had and part of your soul just knowing, a huge part of your Dharma, could only be fulfilled through the path of motherhood and your commitment to making it happen in any way. And this was what led you to now create the now Wholly Mama experience, which is honestly the most in-depth course I have ever seen around conception. I mean, you go into conception, you go into pregnancy, you go into birth, postpartum, conscious parenting, I mean, I am saving this course for the rest of my life to go through because you have thought of everything.

So, can you please share with us a little bit, more about what you have in Wholly Mama?


[32:18] Melissa

Yes. And this was one of the things that was bubbling away inside me postpartum, well, actually, when I started to become obsessed with healthy obsession, I will say, it was a healthy obsession, back in 2013 when Nick and I got together and I started reading orgasmic birthing books. Even though we weren’t even at that phase in our life, he would say to me “You’re going to share this one day”, and I was like “I know”, and I think he’s like “I feel like you’ll write a book on this”, and I was like “Yeah, I will”. And then, yeah, it just was like, it needs to be in a program, it really needs to be in a program right now and I will write a book one day. 

But like we mentioned before, we cover those major areas, conscious conception, pregnancy, empowered birthing and postpartum, and then conscious parenting. As so, I deliver content, I teach on each of those and then you also get an opportunity to ask me any questions. So, we’ve got a full Q&A session together after the content has been delivered, so people can kind of go away, digest the content and then if they have any questions, they can come back and ask questions. 

And then, also, within each module, I’ve brought in three of the world’s best experts and doctors to come in and talk about each of those areas, so, we’ve got people like Dr. Cleopatra, we’ve got Dr. Sarah Buckley, we’ve got Dr. Stephen Cabral, we’ve got so many amazing – we’ve got an incredible shamanic midwife in there, Jane Hardwick-Collins, there’s so many amazing people inside and I’m just in awe of these people. 

And so, they’re delivering content and masterclasses on each of those areas as well. And then you can also upgrade to become a VIP mama. Now, what that means is, you get all of that content that I’ve just mentioned, but you also get five expert masterclasses with experts that, some of them don’t even see clients one-on-one anymore, Dr. Oscar Salaras, who wrote “The Post-Natal Depletion Queuer”, he’s in there. And so, after you’ve gone through the whole program and if there’s still burning questions for you, you get to ask them your questions.

So, it’s really awesome in their masterclass, which is just so awesome and absolutely priceless because you can’t even get a session with these people.

So, it’s incredible, I absolutely love it, I’m so proud of it! The doors are open right now until November 4, in Australia (November 3, in America), so if you want to come and learn all about the Wholly Mama Program, come and join.

And the thing is, like Sahara said, even if you are a long way off, this information is imperative. And if you are pregnant, this information is going to change your life. If you’re about to birth, if you have just given birth or if you want to learn about conscious parenting, if you want to be a wholly mama, this program is for you. And what that means, a wholly mama, what that means is a mama who is integrating the body, the mind and the soul in everything that she does, that’s what a wholly mama is, and that’s my intention. And I want to create wholly mamas and drop them all over the world. And imagine if we just had these beautiful wholly mamas everywhere that were out there, living their Dharma, being wholly mamas and living their truth in that way, imagine the impact that would have on the world.


[36:13] Sahara

So powerful! And the ultimate way that we can raise the vibration of the planet, to plant these seeds, light beams and sun beings all around the world who, naturally, just by being themselves, heal the planet. 

So, we have a really special bonus for you guys who sign up for the Wholly Mama Program. So, I am actually offering, for the first time ever, a Goddess Circle from Rose Gold Goddesses that I created, called The Four Womb Elements.

So, in this workshop, I look at the four different facets of the womb, the water, earth, fire and air elements, and help you heal and understand which element may be out of balance in your womb space. 

There are different sides like the left and right ovary energies and it’s related to different archetypes as well, so this is a really powerful spiritual component that you can add to your womb healing journey, which has been so instrumental for me on my path, especially with – so many of us, our ancestors, have faced impregnation and abandonment, have faced rape and sexual trauma, and it’s so important to clear the womb space now so those traumas are not passed down intergenerationally. 

And even if you have children, when we heal our womb spaces, we heal seven generations forward and seven generations back, simply through the vibrational shift. So, I am also including that for anyone that uses my link. 

So, if you head over to the show notes or iamsahararose.com/mama you will be able to, not only get the Wholly Mama Program, but exclusively get this bonus of The Four Womb Elements Workshop. And Melissa’s been one of my dear friends for like 5 years now and I truly just love and honor everything that she shares. And honestly, she’s like my mom inspo, my husband Steven’s like “When do you want to have kids?”, I’m like “I want to feel like how Melissa felt”, putting that on my vision board! 

So, I’m just so excited to, also, take this course and dive further into it, and yeah, be able to share some of my wisdom with the people listening to this Podcast who dive into it.

So, again, you can head over to the show notes, iamsahararose.com/mama to get your course and the bonus!

So, thank you so much Melissa, for sharing with us! This is such an important conversation and I can’t wait to see the ripple effects that it has on healed sun being children all around the planet. 


[38:31] Melissa

Aww, yeah, absolutely! Well, thank you so much for having me today, again, my beautiful friend, I love and adore spending any time with you! And oh my gosh, your bonus sounds amazing! So, make sure you click Sahara’s link if you want her incredible bonus as well as the Wholly Mama Program.

So, thank you for having me!


[38:53] Sahara

Thank you for being here!


[38:54] End of Interview



[38:55] Sahara

Wow, I learned so much about that Episode, and it’s really inspiring me to go back and to take some of these tests again, that I’ve taken years ago. But the truth is, since then, I’ve moved, I’m in a new home environment, new water, new foods that I’m eating, new cooking appliances, so all these things may have created a shift. So, it is important to constantly test back and to know that wherever you are in your fertility journey, maybe you already have kids and you’re wondering how you can allow your children to grow up in a healthier environment; or maybe you’re pregnant; or again, maybe you’re just listening to this because you’re thinking about having kids one day. It’s never too soon to begin taking care of your body!


[39:33] Sahara

So, if you are interested in learning more in her Wholly Mama Course, it has over 80 experts teaching about conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and conscious parenting, and I’m also including a special bonus of my Four Womb Elements Rose Gold Goddess Circle, which is a Circle that really goes into the energetics of the womb space. So, if you want to get that bonus, head over to iamsahararose.com/mama you can find that link in the show notes and you’ll be able to get it. 


[40:03] Sahara

Thank you so much for tuning in today’s and I’ll see you in the next Episode! 


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[41:13] Sahara

Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode! Namaste! 




Episode #461: How To Have A Conscious Conception (Health Hacks For Pregnancy) with Melissa Ambrosini

By Sahara Rose


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