Highest Self Podcast 451: How to Find + Heal Your Voice with Monique Benaboue

Do you have a fear of public speaking or singing? Are you ready to heal the blocks preventing you from finding your voice? Or are you feeling called to channel?

It all starts with diving deep within yourself and in this episode I take you through what that process looks like with one of my dear friends Monique Benaboue. Monique is a professional singer turned vocal alchemist, who guides others in finding their own true voice.

Join us as we chat about our own stories of how we transformed our relationship with our voices, what causes chakra blocks, the difference between being a channel vs. a vessel, + why its soul important to drop all comparison around who you are and what you’re creating. You’ll also hear Monique sing her own sacred songs that will leave you inspired to transform your own craft into artistry, because we are all artists in our own divine way.

Drop in to the medicinal conversation that anyone sharing their voice needs to hear right now!

Connect with Monique: https://www.instagram.com/moniquebenabou/
Listen to Monique’s music here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0AEjlH63O5KgI4nbROpdd1?si=-ZrVh_C_SySyZyGfJxOOJw

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Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor

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