Highest Self Podcast 387: What Actually Is Cultural Appropriation + Activating Your Powers with Shaman Dr. Axel Carrasquillo

You’ve probably heard this word, seen others accused of it or maybe been accused of it yourself — but what does it actually mean? What is it? And what is its context within your spiritual practice? This is a big and extremely controversial topic right now in the collective that people are accused of yet most don’t understand what it actually means. I have seen countless arguments and debates on social media about this so I wanted to drop in with my friend Shaman Dr. Axel Carraquillo to discuss it from a spiritual + multidimensional perspective, especially as two brown people. We also dive into connecting to your heart energy through quantum heart healing and activating your powers. Be sure to listen to this episode in full to understand the contextuality!

Connect with Axel @antojai https://antojai.onuniverse.com/

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Episode 387: What Actually Is Cultural Appropriation + Activating Your Powers with Shaman Dr. Axel Carrasquillo
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
So, in this Episode, we’re going to talk about a topic that you may have heard before, you may have even seen others be accused of this, or maybe you’ve even been accused of this yourself – Cultural appropriation. What does this word actually mean? What is it? And what is it in the context of your spiritual practice?

[00:46] Sahara
So, again, this is a very big, multilayered and controversial topic in the collective right now that so many people are accused of, or even use, but most of us don’t actually understand what it means.

[01:00] Sahara
I have seen countless of arguments and debates on social media about this, so I wanted to have another conversation about it on the Podcast. I’ve actually spoken about this topic on the Podcast twice before, once with Hindu priest Panache Desai, as well as another time, with Apache and Toltec Elder Shaman Tatyana Rae.
So, if you’d like to listen to those Episodes and hear their perspective, I have them linked in the show notes.

[01:27] Sahara
And interestingly enough, what I have found now, having this conversation, not just with them on the Podcast, but with dozens and dozens of people in real life, is that, even though we all come from different backgrounds, when we actually all look at it from a higher perspective, we all want the same thing, and we even see it in the same way.

[01:48] Sahara
We all want to honor spirituality and the cultures that these practices come from, while also integrating practices from different lineages that we most resonate with.

[02:00] Sahara
Many of us today have a direct relationship with Source that goes outside of religion and are creating our own spiritual practices, one that may contain yoga, Shamanism, Thai Chi, various forms of dance, Chi Gong, Ayurveda, and many other types of spiritual practices. However, we may hear someone say “Oh, well, it’s cultural appropriation for you to practice yoga or to practice acupuncture, or something else that’s not from your culture, that you were born into in this lifetime, that it may evoke guilt and shame and confusion, and actually cause some people to stop practicing these practices.
So, in this conversation, we really take a higher perspective look at this, looking at the long-term effects of this, on these very spiritual practices.

[02:57] Sahara
So, in today’s cancel culture, people are so quick to read a headline or hear a word and quickly jump on the bandwagon and accuse people of something that they don’t even quite understand. No culture has ever been in a vacuum. In fact, adapting the tools and clothing, dances, ideas, music, architecture, from other cultures, is actually what has allowed humans to survive up till now. And, in fact, it has always happened throughout human history.

[03:33] Sahara
For example, Siddhartha was a Hindu prince who left his palace to contemplate the true meaning of life and created what we now know as Buddhism. Chinese medicine, the Greek medical system, macrobiotics and many other forms of medicine, all come from Ayurveda.
The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Sumerians and Indians all shared astrological and astronomical information. Every single type of music, dance, art, architecture, is heavily influenced by other cultures.
So, unless you come from a very small island that has never had any outside contact, every single culture is influenced by another. So, essentially, every single thing is a remix.
So, with that, then, what is Cultural Appropriation?

[04:26] Sahara
So, the definition of the word, if you look it up, is ‘the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society, by members of another, and typically more dominant people or society’.

[04:45] Sahara
Now, the examples of what that is, is where things get a little bit more tricky. So, some overt examples of cultural appropriation are movies that show ethnic groups in a negative way, such as the movie 300 which showed the Persians as these evil monsters, but the Greeks as these heroic, white crusaders and you could just see the difference of how the people of color were portrayed vs. the white people.

[05:13] Sahara
Another example are stereotypical roles that they put people of color in, in films, or Disney characters, the ones who are evil, having more ethnic features, or black features, such as Jaffar, in Aladdin, being the only person who looked Arab and had a bump in his nose, and had more of an Arabic accent, or Scar in The Lion King, having a darker complexion, or the hyenas being played by black actors whereas the Simba and the good characters were played by white. So, we see this happen a lot in films and you can go down a deep rabbit hole of Disney, specifically, and how they perpetuate this.

[05:52] Sahara
Other examples are people dressing up in Native American head dresses for Coachella, or wearing black hairstyles (wearing black face), making fun of people’s accents. There was a famous tequila company recently, by one of the Jenner’s who didn’t recognize their Mexican workers, or even called it Blanco Tequila instead of Tequila Blanco, which is not even what it’s called. So, that’s a huge example of appropriation right there.

[06:19] Sahara
Another is the misuse of plant medicine, without really honoring the way the indigenous people have been using it and the way that it’s been consumed for thousands of years, and just creating your own hodge-podge, or creating sweat-lodge that you’re not honoring the ancient roots, which can actually create more damage and harm.

[06:35] Sahara
Another example are lumping together cultures, such as in Aladdin, where they had the Taj Mahal which is from India, but they were also pretending to be Arab, and they also had Persian references, as if all brown people are the same. Or in mini films, lumping all Native Americans together, or in the Gods of Egypt, making all of the characters white, instead of Egyptian.

[06:57] Sahara
Another example is Christian yoga that takes out all of the Sanskrit terminology out of a yoga practice, which is a Vedic Hindu practice; or them saying “Oh, the no Om zone” or “We don’t want to use the Sanskrit terminology” even though ‘yoga’, this is integral to a yogic practice. So, these are all examples of taking one aspect of a culture for the benefit, without the interest or respect to the whole culture.

[07:23] Sahara
Now, cultural appreciation, on the other side, is adapting practices from a culture while honoring, respecting and learning about the whole culture, including their current-day issues. So, let’s say you’re very interested in yoga; learning about what’s happening in India right now; giving back to the people of India.
Let’s say if you’re interested in Shamanism; giving back to the indigenous cultures; supporting the Amazon.
Let’s say if you’re interested in Thai Chi or Chi Gong; supporting people in that culture who are still practicing it; giving back to China or wherever you are gaining your practices from.
So, it’s really about having a reciprocal relationship with these practices; donating to charity; doing volunteer work; raising awareness about issues happening right now in those cultures because sometimes we forget these cultures still do exist. And there are still people who are practicing these things from a more traditional perspective, such as, if you go to India and you say you want to study yoga, you’re going to really be in a totally different practice than what you would do if you went to core power yoga class. Does that mean we should stop core power yoga or Vinyasa or whatever practice you’re doing? No, it’s just a new version of it, it’s a more Westernized version of it, but it also is benefitting people’s lives. However, it’s important, let’s say you are a yoga teacher to also know the more ancient traditional ways that yoga has been practiced.

[08:52] Sahara
So, really, the difference between appropriation and appreciation is respect.

[08:57] Sahara
Appropriation takes and disrespects such as what Neocolonialism has done around the world, or forced conversions by many of the world’s main religions, taking all of South America or Middle East etc. and forcing upon a religion.
Appreciation is reciprocal, and honors and gives back to support the culture that it comes from.

[09:23] Sahara
So, this is a very complex topic, one that we could spend a good 10 years talking about and never get to the bottom of it, and every single person is going to have a different take on it.

[09:36] Sahara
So, in this conversation, Shaman Axel and I decided to really just speak about our own experience of appropriation from a more interpersonal spiritual perspective.

[09:47] Sahara
I actually found Axel on TikTok, when he shared a video about the similarities between the chakra system, the Mayan, Greek and Egyptian energy systems and how they were all channeled from the same source.

[10:00] Sahara
At that time there were a lot of videos going viral on TikTok, back and forth, about what is appropriation and what isn’t, and I really resonated with his big picture perspective, seeing the interconnectivity of all things, while also acknowledging that appropriation does exist, but it isn’t what we always think.

[10:21] Sahara
So, in this conversation we speak about appropriation from a multidimensional lens. We are both people of color and first-generation Americans of immigrant backgrounds (him Porto Rican and myself, my parents escaping war and revolution in Iran) and I’m the first person to be born in the US, my ancestry is Persian, half Indian, Bedouin, Palestinian and Lebanese. So, we both recognize and have lived through the effects of colonialism.

[10:49] Sahara
I have my Bachelor’s in International Relations, I was the president of our regional Amnesty International Chapter, I’ve done many, many deep dives into grass roots organizations and how we can create social and political change. And I’ve also studied this topic from living in a family that had to flee due to persecution; my own family going to political imprisonments. So, it’s something that I deeply understand and I understand the complexity of, which is why I wanted to, kind of, just share this overarching disclaimer that, in this conversation, you will probably come up with other ways, other examples, other perspectives, and that is perfect, and that is okay.
This is such a huge, complex topic that, in no conversation, can we ever go into all of the different facets of cultural appropriation, or really any topic.

[11:44] Sahara
So, in this conversation, we really speak about it from a more spiritual perspective, which is both of our backgrounds. And this is more of a lens that you probably have not heard as much because on social media, often times the loudest voices are the voices that we hear the most, and the loudest voices may be the ones that are more shaming, judging, pointing the fingers, and we may assume that everyone feels that way, or at least all people of color feel that way, or all people from another country feel that way, when that’s not the full picture.
And often times we aren’t living in a black and white world, and things are way more in different shades of grey and nuanced.
So, this conversation really speaks about this complex topic in a lens that really isn’t the major norm, it’s not the mainstream, it looks at things from a perspective of true spirit, seeing ourselves as interconnected, seeing ideas as not coming from us but through us, looking at the background of these different cultures and how they have always shared ideas, how we all are truly channeling from the same source, how we are all able to connect to different deities and different energies. So, this conversation really gives you a more expansive and high-level view of appropriation in a way that you most likely have not heard before.
We don’t get to go into all of the effects of colonialism in all parts of the world, every social justice happening in the world, so, if those are all areas of interest to you, I invite you to do further research and have open face-to-face dialogues with people, with different perspectives, because this can be a very divisive topic. And we can all agree that comment wars on social media have never worked in creative effective change. And what I love about this Podcast is, we get to be face-to-face and have a conversation about something that is very nuanced and layered, and get to dive deeper into it, far beyond what we can do in commenting back and forth with strangers on the internet.

[13:53] Sahara
And I think we are all feeling super, just, overwhelmed by the amount of chaos that’s happening, while at the same time we’re wanting to have these deeper conversations, especially on something like this that I know this word is really thrown like a dagger towards people and it never feels good to be called cultural appropriative or we’re so fearful of being called that, that we are also missing out on the ability to share and enliven these cultures, whereas if we stop all practices that are not ours, from this lifetime, then what’s going to happen? The mainstream white culture is what will only prevail. So, it is important to also look at the long-term effects of this labeling, blaming, shaming, because if we continue to only do so, and everyone says “Okay, I guess I’m going to stop all practices that are not white because white is safe and other practices, I feel like, are not, then what is going to happen to those practices?”

[14:58] Sahara
So, again, we are sharing our personal perspectives, which you are able to agree or disagree with. So, especially, both as brown people, we wanted to share our perspectives since social media often puts a label and categorizes people based on their appearances and uses these differences to create more separation and labeling. And most people are simply not ready for conversation that goes beyond race because they’ve been so programmed to see that as the most important factor about someone. And in this conversation, we go beyond that for those who are ready to hear it. It felt extremely refreshing to have this conversation outside of social media where we can really drop in, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

[15:46] Sahara
We also go into his expertise of Antojai energy medicine and discuss quantum heart feeling and its significance.
We also dive into how to find and activate your psychic abilities and powers, so you can live a life that is connected to your intuition.

[16:05] Sahara
I’m especially excited because Axel will be leading us through a full quantum healing heart activation in Rose Gold Goddesses, my divine feminine mystery school. So, if you are a member, stay tuned for that this October, and if not, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com. Again, that is rosegoldgoddesses.com to join the wait list so you’re able to join us when doors open back up, and I’ll have that link in the show notes.

[16:33] Sahara
So, without further ado, let us welcome my dear friend, Dr. and Shaman, Axel Carrasquillo, to The Highest Self Podcast.


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[19:08] Interview

[19:08] Sahara
Welcome Axel to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.

[19:12] Axel
Thank you for having me!

[19:14] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[19:18] Axel
That’s a very powerful question! I think what makes me my highest self is what really has driven me, is freedom. I’ve always gone after freedom in understanding how to figure out minds, how to figure out souls, how to figure out emotions, and that main principle has driven me to unlocking a lot of secrets in the cosmos.
I think that’s one of the most simplest answers I can give you.

[19:43] Sahara
I love that! And freedom is such buzz word and needed word right now, especially – it’s funny, freedom, people would be like “Our country stands for freedom” and I would kind of roll my eyes and now I’m like “Oh wow, that’s actually such an important quality – liberty, freedom, the idea to make the choice. I mean, that’s why so many of us, yourself, myself, we all come from immigrant backgrounds of people who have chosen to be here because of the freedom, so it’s a powerful time right now where this concept is, for us, spiritual people, becoming more and more important on the forefront.

[20:18] Sahara
Oh yeah, totally! And freedom goes so much deeper than just the physical freedom. One of the things I learned early on, in my 20s, was like, if you’re not emotionally free from the past, are you truly free? Because if you’re being always by what you did 10 years ago or what someone said to you, you don’t truly have freedom, you have the illusion of freedom, you know.

[20:43] Sahara
So true! Yeah, that liberation from our limiting beliefs and the stories. When we get rid of that, we can create anything, we can manifest anything that we desire, we’re going to be diving into today.
So, you are an incredible, just like, being of light, I don’t even know how to describe you. You’re a ninth generation Shaman and a PhD in metaphysics?

[21:08] Axel
Yeah, metaphysical sciences, yes.

[21:10] Sahara
Metaphysical sciences and just such an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom, and you’ve been such a support to me over the past few months of just so many things, Axel has been there, supporting, pulling cards for me, downloading information from the cosmos, so I’m so excited to have you here today. And the way that I found you was on TikTok. So, one of your TikTok videos went viral and it was about what is cultural appropriation. And this word is such a – it’s such a charged word, it’s almost like being called a racist, to be called cultural appropriating, it’s something that no one ever wants to be called, and it is an important topic because cultural appropriation does happen and it is a misunderstood and misused word, often times because people haven’t really doven into what does that actually mean, but it’s a lot of “He said/she said”, “I read this on a post, therefore anyone who is doing anything that has to do with any culture, besides the one they were born into in this lifetime, then they are cultural appropriating, which is actually hurting many people from these cultures whose practices are, people have fear of diving into their practices. And you made an incredible TikTok video, several of them, just sharing how similar so many of these concepts are, such as the chakras and how they exist, and the Mayan culture, in their different ways. So, I would love just to get started on the fieriest topic out there.
What is cultural appropriation and what isn’t it?

[22:40] Axel
Oh, okay, so, cultural appropriation, what it is – we’ve all seen some level of cultural appropriation. For instance, if you go to Coachella, you go to Burning Man, and you see that one person who’s wearing the Indian headdress or something like that, that’s a great example of cultural appropriation because you’re taking something sacred and you’re turning it into a fad or you’re, kind of, diminishing its importance in our lives, right? So, that’s truly what cultural appropriation is. But when it comes down to, let’s say, somebody who went out and they answered this spiritual call that maybe they had, some sort of past life in an Indian culture, and they went to pursue that, and then all of a sudden, it envelops their life and they’re wearing that headdress because it means something very important to them and they value the culture; it’s part of their soul, it’s part of their experience, their dharma, right? That’s where the blind, kind of, draws itself, and often times we just – a lot of people who want to point the finer when it comes to cultural appropriation, usually just look at the color of the person, right? Like, you’re practicing the chakras but you’re white, you’re not supposed to be doing that, but even the original installments, the original pioneers of the chakras, what did they do? They shared it with everyone, whoever they had access to, they didn’t really wait and say “Oh, you’re not Indian, you’re not this, you’re not that”, to say that they couldn’t learn it. And when you really start thinking about cultural appropriation and spirituality, it really doesn’t exist, unless you’re disrespecting it, because you can hit yourself, you can be in one of the worst places in your life, and reach out to the cosmos or whoever’s listening to you and ask them “Hey, I need help, I need some sort of guidance” and any God that maybe comes from Hindu culture, comes from Greek Pantheon, whatever, whoever hears you and has the answer, is the one that is going to come through and answer you. And they don’t care, they’re not like “Oh, hey, I’m in the astral realm, you don’t belong to this culture, so I’m not going to talk to you”, that’s totally different. But cultural appropriation, and we’ve also seen it when we see mascots be of a certain race or anything like that. That’s truly what cultural appropriation is, is when we forget the importance of culture’ is not necessarily us practicing a specific cultural practice or a belief, it’s whether or not we, wholeheartedly, do it without the authenticity, integrity and with the highest intent in mind for the collective.

[25:15] Sahara
I love that so much! Yes! When I think of cultural appropriation, I think of the British museum which has taken artefacts from all over the world, stolen it from the indigenous cultures and is using it for a profit. I think of, exactly, the different sports teams, or even for example, there’s this yoga studio or movement called yoga without the om, and it’s like “We take all of the Sanskrit stuff out of the yoga or Christian yoga”, that I can see as cultural appropriation because yoga is a Sanskrit, cultural, Vedic practice, so to take that out, that is cultural appropriation to, yeah, take something because it’s a fad, to buy all the sage and polo santo because they’re selling it at Forever 21, that is cultural appropriation because you’re just doing it for the esthetic or because of someone else. However, if you are studying in the lineage, if you truly respect and honor this work – I have some friends who are white and they are Shamans, and a lot people have a very big problem with that, saying “You cannot be a Shaman because you’re not in this lifetime from an indigenous background”, but these are people who have devoted their lives to be officiated and have done vision quests and all sorts of things, but people just look at the color of their skin and say “Look, you can never be a Shaman”, which, you know, if we’re actually going to believe in spirituality , past lives – how do you know whether that person hasn’t been sitting in a Sadhana or sitting in vision quests, or whatever the vision is for many, many lifetimes, it’s just in this lifetime, their soul chose to have a different experience for whatever way.
I mean, I was speaking about this with Deepak Chopra, because you know, he’s someone who, obviously, is of Indian descent, but his biggest inspiration was Ram Das. And Ram Das is the reason why Maharishi Mahesh yogi, founder of TM, who was with Deepak and —-, many other people’s teachers, came to the US because of Ram Das. However, Ram Das was put here, these days, on Instagram and TikTok, I bet that you people would say “You’re cultural appropriating! How dare you! That’s not yours, how dare you take that!” And imagine if that had stopped him, we wouldn’t have such a movement of meditation that we have in the US and around the world, if that were a factor here. So, I think people don’t really think about the long-term effects.
I have so many people now that are like “I’m afraid of even learning about Ayurveda because I’m not Indian”, and it’s like, who is that helping? Is that helping the lineage or is that helping the pharmaceutical industry?

[27:48] Axel
Absolutely! Absolutely! And it’s the other thing, I usually, I point out to people when they pull out this whole cultural appropriation card. We live in a third dimension; the third dimension is material; one of the main laws in the third reality is, everything changes, everything has to blend. So, at some point we see it with fashion, we see it with food dishes, we see it with ways of thinking, we recycle ideas, we let them change, we let them evolve, we become innovative with sciences, with the old technologies. So, today, we’re set on finding that a lot of the things that the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Yogis, are all in alignment with quantum science and things are almost redefining at a physical level, they have found at a metaphysical level. And what really comes back to is – I like to tell people, if you are really a die-hard fan of this culture appropriation, stop buying stuff from other countries; stop eating food that doesn’t belong to your specific culture because everyone loves Mexican and no one has a problem with going to get a taco or even an Americanized version of a taco, and suddenly, convenience is what really determines what is cultural appropriation, based from your experience.
So, you can’t just cherry-pick what is cultural appropriation when all of us are, at some level, guilty through this dimension of doing so, right?
So, it’s one of those things that when you open yourself up to seeing what’s happening and whether or not – if you love tacos and you’re eating tacos because it’s like “Oh my God, it’s the best thing on the planet”, are you culturally appropriating it because your due value its significance and reality, right? You’re showing it its respect that how it plays out for you.
And I tell people, if you really want to see how damaging this idea of cultural appropriation is, in spirituality, I dare you to live a whole life where you’re just sustaining from your culture, everything that you’re looking for. That alone is going to change your mind instantaneously after a while, you’ll be like “Oh my God, I’ve been seeing everything wrong!” If you want to be a sage of that particular path, do it all the way, and that’s going to be your own lesson that you to learn.

[29:56] Sahara
Exactly! And you know, I think there are great benefits of learning about the spirituality of our unique culture, there’s such beauty. I’m seeing and researching some people, learning about the Celtic mysticism or the Welsh, or all these different European lineages, and I think a lot of the reason why this started was because, in Europe (that ancestry) was wiped out, the pagan, the Wicken, all of that stuff was wiped out by Christianity, so a lot of white, European people feel like they don’t have a culture. Whereas indigenous cultures – what is your background specifically?

[30:29] Axel
Mine is Puerto Rican and Spanish.

[30:32] Sahara
Okay, so, you have that lineage. For me, it’s Persian, Indian, North African. So, these lineages, because they were in different parts of the world, got to be intact for longer, so we still have more access to these traditional indigenous practices, whereas, a lot of people in Europe, don’t, right?
So, I think a lot of them, they see like “I feel thirsty for culture. I feel thirsty for tradition and I’m not seeing that in my lineage but I’m seeing it in these other cultures, so if that’s what ritual and magic looks like, I would want in on that, whereas, there has been that in their own lineage, it’s just been wiped out. So, I think there is such beauty of going back to your ancestral line and learning about that, but at the same time, where do we draw the line of what is from one culture or not? Even like, Puerto Rico for example, like yourself, Spanish colonists came in and there were indigenous people, so where do you draw the line of what is Puerto Rican and what’s not? Where do you draw the line of where was the border of India when that border has been changing even across the 1900s? Where do you draw the line of what’s considered of one culture or not when migration has always happened, movement of ideas has always happened?
I mean, even Ayurveda transitioned into Chinese medicine in 800AD when Chinese scholars came to India and learned the original 5 elemental principles, which they’ve transformed, which then Korean medicine and macrobiotics is based on. So, where do you say that’s cultural appropriation when all of these cultures have always been sharing ideas? And that’s how we’ve learned and grown and developed, right? Not from separationism, but rather from this globalism of learning from each other, and it’s almost like people are trying to put the stake in the ground right now of like “Well, now these are where the borders are; These are where the cultures are”, you can’t learn from another one, whereas that stunts our development and our growth, and it also stunts where we’re all heading, which is unity consciousness.

[32:32] Axel
Absolutely. I was telling you this just last night about how King Solomon and Nikola Tesla ended up finding the same variable in reality, which is the ethers, and how the ethers were basically classified by the Yogis and the Egyptians in their own ways. So, we continuously recycle information, it’s what we do and as we grow, we have to learn how to integrate not only ourselves, our current society, but also definitely respect what the ancients have brought to our world. Because sometimes people confuse cultural appropriation with completely destroying a culture and its significance. If you’re trying to dismantle the cultural significance of, let’s say Shamanism or a specific type of Shamanism, then yeah, you’re culturally appropriating, like you had said, but if you’re also just like diving into it just because you feel like there’s this draw to it, you can’t explain what it is, you have to answer that, otherwise you’re denying yourself your highest level of existence. And unless you’ve gone through that personal experience – I’m Puerto Rican and Spanish, but at age, I think 25-26, I started really just channeling, I used to be a pharaoh in ancient Egypt, and all of a sudden, I had this thing of like “No, that can’t be true, that can’t be true.” I tried to go to my friends, get their opinion, they’re like ‘Oh, it’s probably all in your head” and it wasn’t till the moment I said “This is coming through so hard and I’m understanding things about Egypt, that there’s no way I should understand this, let me roll with it”, when I did that, I was able to embody another version of myself, like we had said, that allowed me to open up more magic in my reality, that then allowed me to bring in more magic to other people’s realities. We have to always come back to this understanding that “Where does information really come from?” It comes from the Universe, right? If you want to call that God, if you want to call it Source, The All, whatever, it comes from there. People sit down in meditation and they look for answers, and your intuition connects with God and brings you the information, regardless of whatever era you’re in, what color of skin you are, that’s where we must, kind of, understand. If you believe in evolution – humans eventually got to a point where they were able to evolve, meditate, hit their internal consciousness and pull out a certain kind of information, right? Which, a lot of people, who are into spirituality, are learning a lot about the Akashic records. The Akashic records is a huge cosmic library and it doesn’t have any rules other than you being conscious of what you’re looking for.
So, how are we using this definition of cultural appropriation in spirituality when even the cosmos doesn’t abide by that, you know what I mean? It doesn’t really even recognize that as a thing, it’s all about us learning how – essentially, when you study Shamanism; Shamanism has over 140 different variations of Shamanism. Some of them are really dark, some of them are really light, it depends on your ethics; on what it is that you believe is right or wrong for you. And when you start looking at how all these different Shamanistic cultures across the world, that had no way of connecting with each other, back to the same places, in the same kind of ways, with the same practices, and it only leads you to question what is reality and are we looking at it correctly because a lot of the left brain (the left hemisphere of our brain) is identifying separation, identifying like “Okay, we can hear all the sounds that we’re speaking but we can’t cohesively put all those sounds together to hear the actual phrase, the sentence, the paragraph, that we’re trying to put out. That’s the right side of the brain that does all that logistic wiring into itself.
So, right now, it’s really important for us to understand that we’ve been living in a very male-centered, divine masculine reality and we’re diving deep into the opposite contradiction, which is the divine feminine, and we’re doing it in such a deep and accelerated way that it almost seems violent at certain points. If you’ve ever worked with the divine feminine, sometimes she’s rebirthing and sometimes she’s really violent, chaotic and unpredictable. And that’s where we’re going, but it’s almost like we’ve realized that we’re living in the divine masculine or a really twisted version of a divine masculine; we went all the way over to divine feminine, saying that this is like the next polar extreme, is the answer to solving everything, when really it comes back down to us balancing yin and yang, positive and negative, and what resonates with us, because, really, a lot of the cultural appropriation stuff, too, that comes out in spirituality is coming from people who don’t really dive into this stuff like we do, you know what I mean? And it’s really interesting because it’s just the fad, it’s the ‘he said, she said’, and that lets us just kind of create a live division, a misinformation that ultimately happens because somebody has a million followers and tell that that was the way for them, you know?

[37:27] Sahara
One hundred percent! I definitely do notice that a lot of the loudest voices of it are actually from people who are white, who feel like they need to be the voice for people of color and they need to be the protector, and I think that that thought in itself is cultural appropriation. That thought that because I’m white, I have a privilege that you don’t have and I need to be your voice. I think that constantly reinforces the narrative, and I think that right now it is important to speak about racism and history and colonialism. Trust me, I grew up learning about all of that stuff, my dad is hardcore Malcolm X, I grew up hardcore learning about all of it.
And to teach and continually reinforce that people of color are fragile and they need you as their voice, and they need you to speak up for them, and they need you – like, no, let people decide.
I know this Native American woman, she has been creating textiles (handmade textiles) that she creates the fabric all from organic material, she prints blocks on it, which are from her Native American culture, and says no one will buy her products anymore because they are afraid they will cultural appropriate, and now she has to get a 9-5 job and is out of business where she used to fully sell her things on Etsy.
So, it’s just like, again, who are we supporting? The very fact that we are actually hurting the people who have been, for generations, creating their living off of sharing their culture with the world. And that deserves a monetary exchange, but to be like “No, it’s cultural appropriation for me to buy that, so instead, I’ll shop at Walmart. Instead, I’ll shop at the generic place”. And it also reinforces white as the norm because white is the safe thing that everyone can go to, but other cultures are, you don’t know if you can go there, so what is that doing? It’s further creating a more monochrome, Anglo-Saxon environment where, if I put on – like, I was volunteering in Zimbabwe for two months and I bought beautiful African jewelry, but now if I wear that, I guarantee you someone will say “Oh, you’re cultural appropriating” without knowing the backstory of it.
So, again, that’s why we need to zoom out and actually look at what are our choices creating in the long run. Are they actually helping these cultures or are they helping you feel better about helping these cultures?

[39:53] Axel
Absolutely! No, that’s a great way to bring it out. The other thing that we need to think about is, the spiritual community itself is the culture. So, itself has its own tone and it’s almost like the real American way because everyone from all over is participating in it regardless of whether or not, like you see yourself as doing so.
So, when we look at, what you said about this one lady that you know, we’re only harming. Everyone who’s in the spiritual community that wants to further the spiritual pathway into this Earth, and we’re letting this, kind of, stop us, we’re only self-sabotaging ourselves, we’re only self-destructing ourselves, our ides and our own freedoms because at the end of the day, you’re going to get to a point where somebody’s call you so much and you won’t be able to do it. Especially with cancel culture, right? Cancel culture, for now is like “Oh, you rub somebody the wrong way, so here, we’re going to just completely destroy everything that you are without looking at, maybe, the impact that that person has made across their lifetime, career, the other people that they’ve touched, you know what I mean?
You and I are both people who have worked with others and we’ve helped them change their lives and when it comes down to – how the proof is in the medicine itself, right? If you were culturally appropriating, I really, truly believe that a Shaman that is culturally appropriating (essentially a faux Shaman) cannot deliver the same amount of effects than someone who is wholeheartedly embodying that, it’s just going to show in the work, it’s going to show in how they carry themselves and what they say and how they inspire other people. And that’s what we should really be using to see who is basically culturally appropriating for the fan base or for feeling better versus the people who are actually doing the work that changes the world, the people who are actually leading, it’s an intuitive thing, you can feel it. Just like when we know when we’ve run into somebody that just doesn’t resonate with us, we feel that, you know what I mean? And that should be more than enough for us to run with it.
The other thing is coming back to the whole concept of the modern age, this neo – what we’re going through is a neo-spirituality, it’s a rebirth of a lot of spiritual concepts. And when we even just look at neo-spirituality, you could even argue that that itself is another part of cultural appropriation. It’s a slippery slope, I think it can get really, really crazy after a while, which eventually will stop people from expressing themselves. And cultural appropriation as well is enforcing your own beliefs onto another person without really knowing who they are, what they are, what they’re bringing into the world and how they’re doing it. And we see that with a bunch of things that are going on in the world right now, I’m not going to go into that particular area, but yeah.

[42:34] Sahara
A hundred percent! It’s like a modern-day witch hunt. I was just in Salem this past week and I was sharing with you some photos and videos, but it was almost incredible to hear the history and how it’s repeating, that people who were different, people who people didn’t understand, who said something that just wasn’t popular at the time, were ostracized, were blamed. Even if the accusation had no merit, the simple fact that someone accused them, back then, saying “Oh, I had a dream that you were a witch, therefore you’re a witch”, people don’t even give a chance for that person to explain themselves. The moment you’re accused, you’re basically sentenced. And that’s what this cancel culture is, the moment someone accuses, they create this movement of all of the people who really are lacking meaning in their lives, so this has become their meaning, they feel like they are creating good in the world, they actually feel like they’re protecting and have this moral compass of this universal police. And I think that the beginning of the cancel culture movements actually was there for a true reason, it was this true reason of people who are sharing hateful or ‘untrue’ things, though who knows really what’s true and what isn’t, shouldn’t have platforms and because we don’t have a way of moderating that, we are going to be the ones who are going to take control. It just morphed into something that’s something else, that’s now, “If you aren’t repeating the generic norm, the woke culture belief of today which, by the way is always changing and always contradicting itself, therefore you must be canceled because “I deem you a witch!”

[44:12] Axel
Yeah, totally!

[44:14] Sahara
That’s basically what’s happening!

[44:15] Axel
Yeah! Actually, on TikTok, I remember one person had mentioned, in one of my videos, they were like “Oh, you know, your cultural appropriation – you’re basically appropriating because you’re talking about Egyptian Alchemy to a platform where there’s a bunch of white people on it and white people don’t have third eyes”, and I’m like “Wow! Where did that come from, where did you pull out that information? Aren’t we all human? Don’t we all have chakras? Don’t we all have this divine understanding?” And I remember just responding to this person and just being like “Okay, wow! Obviously, this is factually incorrect and what you’re saying with this” because every culture, especially minorities, especially your parents and mine, they had certain interactions with American culture and white people in general, European people, and they had a certain kind of bias that they developed, and maybe they tried to pass it on to other people, but at the end of the day, when that trickles into your spirituality and you start saying things like “Oh yeah, white people don’t have third eyes or whatever”, what you’ve essentially done at that moment, without realizing it, is you’ve turned your spiritual practice – your spiritual practice is essentially racism, it a low-key racism and you’re not even looking at it that way, and you think you’re doing a service for everyone, but ultimately you’re not. You’re harming yourself as well because our subconscious can’t really tell a difference when we say, if I see somebody on the street and I were to come to this conclusion “Wow, she’s really fat”, my subconscious can’t tell me whether I said that about her, I said that about myself. So, in a way it’s going to be like “Okay, everything’s a reflection of self, so you’re saying it about yourself even though you’re saying it about another person, what are you doing at a subconscious level at the end of the day? You’re only harming yourself because you’re harming your health by creating more separation.
And through all these quantum techniques that, people like Dirk Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, what they really bring back is the unity of the self. You have to really sit down and unify yourself to heal yourself, to love. It’s not about separation anymore.
A lot of times people are even talking about, because on TikTok there’s this huge thing about “The aliens are coming, they’re going to be coming through, why haven’t the aliens showed up yet?” And it’s one of the things – do you think an alien culture that’s really been able to transcend their own planetary system and travel the galaxies and all that, do you think they got there through separation? Do you think they got there because “Oh, we’re green aliens, you’re blue aliens?” It’s like, no, only the green aliens get to travel. No, they had to, somehow come down to a universal, global perspective that we are all one. At the end of the day, we’re all humans. Yeah, even white, I say white people and black people, we’re just going to take those two segments. Every black person has their own beautiful trait that they can bring into the world. Same thing with every white person; any person; any culture.
We’re all different, automatically, by our personalities and spirit and our incarnations in general. So, this foolish thing of letting skin color really determine who we are and what we’re going to do next is not going to allow us to rally understand the next evolutionary trait, not only for consciousness, but for the world, because Gaia is really suffering from all the division. We can’t even sit down and come down to a conclusion on what’s the best method to protect our own home planet, you know what I mean? And we’re sitting – there’s so many other things that are happening right now at a bigger scale and we’re still fighting over what differences lie at surface level, you know what I mean?

[47:40] Sahara
Absolutely! And divide and conquer is the oldest play in the book! This has been constantly reinforced throughout history when they would go to Africa, Middle East, South America and take two tribes that have always coexisted and point out their differences.
I mean, for example, the Sunni vs. the Shia, which are the two sects of Islam, have always existed until British rule and colonizers came and created these arbitrary borders and said “You guys and you guys are now enemies” and since then, the past 80 or so years, so many lives have been lost over this slight different interpretation of the Quran. People are losing their lives, they’re children, because of this thing that someone literally pointed out, for a reason, to cause you to fight. So, if we can see this to take place all around the world throughout history, how is this happening right now? How has we become so obsessed with labels; so obsessed with pointing at “You’re this” and “You’re that” and “You’re that”? And it is important to notice our differences, to celebrate our differences, we’re not here to be one homogeneous alien race quite yet, however, if all we do is point out our differences, we don’t notice our similarities. I mean, 99% of our genes are the same as a monkey, let alone each other’s, humans, right? But all we’re doing is pointing out our differences. So, who is benefiting from this? We need to ask that question.

[49:19] Axel
One of the things that people usually forget is the cradle of all civilization is Africa. So, I mean, we all came from this one place, we all decided to evolve at some level by traveling or whatever, and we forget what our true roots are, which essentially is, we’re all the same in a very different way and we have to really sit down and really think about what the implications of that are because – I mean, essentially, manifestation is perception, right? So, what we perceive to be true is what’s going to give us more what we’re looking for in this reality. And a lot of times people forget that the Universe gives you exactly what you want. So, if you’re constantly focusing on the separation, on the fear, on gatekeeping other people, that’s going to come back around to you at one point or another. When you feel like it’s time for you to evolve or hit the next level, and then you’re not going to let yourself do that because you’ve manifested a perception that now limits you. It’s really important to be able to say “Okay, I can spot out what true cultural appropriation is versus the assumption of someone else. And I really do believe that it’s partially, the cause of it is social media because social media, especially with TikTok stuff and reels, we’re so quick on just making a whole decision on a piece of information or a person off a 15s or 30s clip. So, now, all of society is pretty much being trained to make snap judgments, which is okay if you’re using your intuition, if you can tap into your intuition and make that snap judgment that then aligns you with the divine path, but we haven’t even learned to do that yet. And it’s almost still like the technology we’ve created is now self-sabotaging our own growth in a way, if we don’t recognize that that’s what’s going to end up doing to us if we don’t change. So, yeah.

[51:08] Sahara
You know, how many of us, we look at the video and before the video is even done, we’re going through the comments, we want to know what do other people think about this, because that informs our decision. And so many people right now are unable to make decisions for themselves, like “How do I feel about this? Let me see what people are writing in the comments. Let me see what this influencer said. Let me see what other people are saying because they must be right, so I should just follow along with them”. But I really think social media has created is, for so many people, an inability to make their own decisions because you don’t want to be the one who’s canceled, you don’t want to be the one that’s burned at the stake, so you’re just working at “What does the group think, what does the group think? Okay, I’m going to fit in there because I don’t want to be the one that they’re going to call out!” And what it’s creating is just ‘the loudest voice wins’ because the loudest voice becomes the scariest voice and becomes ‘everyone wants to side with that person’. So, if one person is like “I hate Axel because he’s a false Shaman and he’s a false cultural appropriator of Egyptian culture and we hate him”, created a bunch of videos about you, that could create an entire movement which, you know, luckily, you’re a very strong and sovereign person and I know you’d fight back, but for a lot of people that leads to their demise, and it’s very, very dangerous because it’s simply based off of one person’s accusation and it’s not based on the truth. And so many people right now are just becoming carbon copies of each other because they’re afraid of being that one black sheep.

[52:29] Axel
Yeah, for sure, totally! And when it comes to those – you read a comment, right (coming back to that), there’s this great technique when you get angry at somebody or they really piss you off, instead of reacting in that moment and being “You know what, this, this and this”, they tell you “Okay, take a second, take at least 24 hours, meditate on it and then come back to it. If you really do still feel that way, then vocalize your opinion with that person”. And we don’t even do that anymore because maybe you should digest a piece of information, and over the course of the next couple days, you might meditate with this subconscious thing, and be like “You know what? I kind of do agree with this or don’t agree with that” instead of just looking at the comments and seeing like “Wow, all these people hate this person, I’m just going to automatically be impulse. Again, by that 15s – 30s rule, and I’m going to throw in some hate.” And then you don’t really think about what are you doing. Everything, again, is a vibration of manifestation. If you’re sending hate to another person, you’re eventually going to manifest that hate for yourself, no matter which way you want to paint it. And it comes back to, you’re causing harm to other people. I’m not saying every person is void of not getting mad, kind of attention, because some people have two-face. They come on social media, they paint something that they aren’t and then people end up finding out those are fake people and then the cancel culture gets sent, right? That’s a different story than allowing ourselves to, kind of, like sit down, make a conscious decision, after we’ve meditated on it, because that’s really what it comes down to. Every guru in existence has given a student a piece of information and that student may not get it right off the bat. I’ve been there millions of times and I’ve had to sit with something, maybe for a week, a year, freaking five years, to then be like “Ohh, I get where mu guru is coming from”. Even though it hit me hard at the time of absorbing it because I wasn’t ready to absorb it at that moment. It’s having this level of patience and I think especially with the Arab being able to order something online and have it come over immediately, people are really losing this ability of being patient, which eventually develops vulnerability for yourself because when you’re patient and you can’t make a snap judgment, you become vulnerable with what’s happening in the moment and you can become with yourself, which then lets you find clarity. The truest answer to the cosmos doesn’t lie, really, with the influencer or whatever it is that you’re using to digest information, it’s how you take the information that’s coming through and processing it for your own personal enlightenment, for your own life, for your own truth. At the end of the day, we always have to come back to self-knowledge, what is everything that you’re absorbing coming back and telling you about yourself and what’s right for you and your reality, because when you realize that, you’ll see past a lot of the division that’s happening right now in terms of social media and other areas of life.

[55:20] Sahara
Absolutely! And I think it’s so important for us to realize it’s a human on the other side and you do not know that person. We are so quick to judge based off of, even if you’ve been following this person for a year, you don’t know them! Do you post everything about your life on social media? Absolutely not! I would say 99% of my life is not on social media. I pick very specific things that are related to my dharma, that I’m sharing with the world on social media. But you know Axel, I’m not sharing everything, I’m texting it to you, I’m not sharing it. But that’s the beauty of being a human, to have that personal life, to have that privacy, to have different sides of yourself. But we are so quick right now to assume that we know someone simply because we’ve been following them and it’s this righteousness and also narcissism that’s happening, of “I followed you!”, “I listened to you!” “I this! Therefore, I put you on a pedestal and you are not matching everything that I assumed for you, the vision I created for you in my mind, you are not living up to that anymore so now I will destroy you! Because this means that everything I’ve created in my mind is false and I can’t let that happen, so you are the reason for all of my problems!” And we see this happen again, the pedestal and the throwdown the pedestal and the throwdown. So, realize that every single person on the internet fucking shits; every single person on the internet has some skeletons in their closet; has some things they don’t want out there; has stories and traumas and fears and problems with their families, and all of these things that you just don’t see. And don’t be so quick to judge this, it’s not even 3D, it’s 2D! You’re not even seeing that person! It’s a 2D experience that we’re all of a sudden making this universal judgment on, and really, it’s just showing how far away we are from human connection right now.

[57:15] Axel
Yeah, yeah! For sure! And it’s the most important thing right now, is like, one of the things that we really need to start tapping into is this love concept, right? I tread on that very lightly because sometimes people are like “Oh, yeah, live and love, let people walk all over me, just do whatever”, but really, just having compassion, being able to understand everyone’s going through their own life journey, everyone’s still figuring it out.
So, I’ve been doing Shamanism my whole entire life and I’m still not even mastered at it, you know what I mean? I’m a master to other people’s realities, but even to myself, I’m still like ‘Wow, I still don’t understand anything.” So, when we can give ourself that permission to be like okay, we’re constantly exploring what reality is and at any given moment reality can change, because that’s science. We have to be willing to say that everything we used to know at one point isn’t anymore, or used to work for us to a certain degree. We used to have old-school TVs or a VHS player, that worked for us for a certain amount of time, and then we switched over to DVDs and now we’re not even using DVDs anymore, unless you really have to. So, you have to allow yourself to be very fluid because that’s what consciousness is, that’s what infinity is – your consciousness is infinite and you have to allow yourself not to go, not only with the flow of what society is going with, and that’s not saying that society is always wrong, but sometimes society is misguided. And it’s those very individual few like Buddha, Gandhi, ourselves, that are bringing this attention to other people, that’s one of those things that you need to allow yourself to really embody. Sometimes it’s not unhealthy to look in the opposite direction than where everyone else is looking in.

[58:55] Sahara
Yeah! And I think it’s really the way that we were brought up, of “Listen to the teacher. Listen to the parent. Listen to the authorities. Someone else knows more than you do”. So, you sit down, shut up, be obedient and listen to what they have to say. And a lot of people are looking for parent figures and they’re finding them on the internet, and that’s what’s happening right now, of “I don’t know you, but now you are my parent figure and I am waiting for your validation. I’m waiting to form my opinions based off what you say and then if I don’t like where you’re at right now, if I disagree with you on this one subject matter, oh shit, now I’ve got to find a new parent figure in my life and I don’t want to do that!” And it’s so harmful because it’s like you don’t know anyone’s total background at all and then the fact that we’re also always changing, it’s an interesting concept to observe from the outside because in so many ways we’re growing (spiritually) and in so many ways we’re regressing emotionally, and it’s like simultaneously happening right now.

[59:55] Axel
Yeah! So, 2020 was all about our shadow coming out to the forefront and we saw that, everybody was like “Oh my God, I’m stuck at home, I have to do self-reflection, all this other stuff”. 2021 is all about our inner child now, it’s about us really stepping in and being “Okay, what have I believing since I was a kid? How am I going to let that orchestrate the next events of my life?” Because one of the things that I’ve learned through helping other people heal their inner child and their shadow work and stuff, is we already knew who we were, where we going, what we wanted to be when we were kids. We didn’t have the full picture of it, but I can guarantee you, when I was a kid, one of the things I used to tell people was like “I want to be a doctor” or “I want to be a teacher”, surprise, I’m both! And it comes down to this thing, I never knew I’d be a Shaman and doing that kind of work, but it eventually manifested. And so many other people have a very similar story and that’s what’s coming up this year specifically, it’s like “How do we reparent our inner child to not only have a parental guidance, but also to make us feel like we are empowered in our own sovereignty in the sense of our creativity, our imagination” because right now, there’s a huge war on consciousness. Everyone’s fighting for your attention, whether it’s social media or the next person that wants to dictate which way the world is going to be remnant. There’s this attention-grabbing sequence that’s going on and you have to come back and be like “Okay, if I were raising a child today”, which you are essentially always connected to your inner child, what would you want your inner child to really absorb of today’s society? You have to think for yourself, you can’t take everything from social media at face-value. And a lot of times we forget about that, we forget what we’re going to tell our kids today based off of what’s going on in our society and how can we translate that directly to the shadow and to our inner child so that we can thrive and we can grow past limitations that are being experienced right now, because there’s so much of this internal confusion I’m seeing in creativity and what is acceptful. And that’s why I think you really have to think about is, cultural appropriation, eventually, is going to seep into the arts, if you’re not careful, or is going to seep into philosophy, to the point where that creates a very regimen, kind of, form of thinking where if you think outside the box, it’s going to be completely, 100%, frowned upon and it’s going to be used against you, you’re going to be ostracized. And nobody wants to live in a reality where they cannot express their creativity, that they cannot fully fulfil themselves in whatever direction they want, you know what I mean? It’s one of those things that, it’s a really tricky time today to educate people and also grow as an individual because a lot of it is coming back to you. And that’s the whole entire spiritual process, but more than ever, now it’s coming down to your own discernment of what works with your own ethics for your reality.

[1:02:48] Sahara
I love that so much! And yeah, what even is creativity? Where do ideas come from? Did they actually come from only that culture or are they universal plains of information that will land in the crown chakras of whoever are a fit?
And I remember one of your videos you shared how, just the chakra system for example, there are many different similar versions of it all around the world. Can you share a little bit more about that?

[1:03:15] Axel
Yeah, for sure! So, the Egyptians had their own way of understanding the chakras. They mostly associated each chakra to a specific animal and its properties for the animal. And they thought of the Nile River as he same concepts of the Kundalini that the Hindu culture, the Yogic culture has, which, then, if you compare the Yogic culture and then Egyptian culture, they both had tantra in it in their own ways. The Egyptians used to tell people, all the time that, reality is essentially you, what you’re doing is you’re masturbating with your own spirit when you realize how interconnected everything is. The Yogic Alchemy teaches you that you are the Universe, and tantra really teaches you one thing, which is like, you’re always having an orgasm, right now. The only thing that separates you from the constant existence of having an orgasm is your ego because you have to show up to work, you have to this, you have to that, but if you took a second to disconnect from your ego, you could have an orgasmic experience right now, without having sex or doing anything like that, because that’s a constant universal law.
So, we have the traditional chakras, we have the Ancient Egyptians. The Greeks and the Romans – they associated the chakras to planetary bodies which is Jupiter, Venus, and then, all these sciences, when you think about “Okay, what is the vibration of the sacral chakra in Yogic Alchemy”, well it’s tied to your gut health, your emotional system, how you accept things, your abundance center. And then you think about “Okay, in Greek alchemy, Venus is associated to sacral chakra; Venus is associated to your emotions, it’s associated to love, it’s associated to the acceptance of almost like being revered and fame, and those two concepts are very much in alignment with each other, where you start saying like “Wow, they all had a different way of understanding the same thing”. The Mayans had power bars, they didn’t consider them to be chakras. They had five power bars. Each one of the power bars associated to a specific aspect of your consciousness of your reality.
So, when it comes to energy work, energy is reality, energy is what composes absolutely everything, your consciousness is energy. So, if that’s the case, who’s to say that an energy cannot just be anywhere, anytime. We have Wi-Fi where, there’s certain cities that have Wi-Fi all over the city and you can get a signal everywhere, right? You’ve got to think of that Wi-Fi signal as a cosmic law. The Universe is the cosmic internet of all source. Once you learn how to tap into the cosmic internet, you can pull out any form of information if you wanted to, and you could use that, and you’re going to find that there’s a lot of similarities because everything is repeating itself, everything is essentially interconnected. And, if you’ve never done psychedelics, that’s one of the first things an Ayahuasca experience is going to teach you; is the interconnectedness of absolutely everything in reality.

[1:06:11] Sahara
I love that so much! I remember I was in Las Vegas, outside of Vegas, in the Nevada mountains on a medicine journey, and I looked out onto the mountains and I saw what we would consider Native American symbols. I saw them in the mountains, and that is when I realized they didn’t just come up with these symbols out of nowhere, it’s in the nature, they looked at nature and they saw it to be there. And I remember having a similar experience just looking in this palm tree and seeing the red, yellow and green and I was like “This is where the Rastafarian colors come from.
So, all of these things that we associate with different cultures actually come deeper than that, they come from what is existing in the planet, in that place, which they, probably even without medicine at that point, just had the level of consciousness to see it. So, they were creating art, creating fabric and textures and sacred geometry based off of what is already there.
If anyone takes plant medicine, sacred geometry is one of the first things you’re going to see. That doesn’t just exist in Yogic culture, that is in the ground, that is in the leaves, that is what everything in the Universe is made up of. So, it’s actually a very naïve perspective to assume that one culture just came up with it one day and actually realize that it’s there, we just aren’t seeing it.

[1:07:29] Axel
Yeah, one of the things too, which is really interesting, we kind of talked about this a little bit, but when it comes to cultures, cultures have been trading information and getting with each other forever. The Indian culture and the Egyptian cultures, they are really well-known for trading information with each other back and forth. So, who is to say who came up with it first? Maybe they both came up with different style of it and we’re like “Oh, you’re missing this one piece to your formular here, let’s trade” right? Because that’s essentially what it is, we’re always trying to get in between these different philosophies. Especially if you study religion, all religions come back down to one major truth which is connecting with Source and embodying your self-knowledge, to some degree. Everyone gives it a different kind of spin, but when you start reading them and you even start looking at the similarities of how to get there, you start seeing “Oh, wow, we just, kind of, slightly modified it for specific reasons made for the people to understand”. When you start understanding cultures as well, you start understanding that, the Ancient Egyptian culture isn’t here anymore, so it’s there but it’s not there, it’s not the way that we relied on it, based off of what we know now.
So, the Egyptians themselves, back in the day, the old kingdom, they had a totally different vision on the Universe, they operated on a totally different set of laws that today, even when we translate their magic into English, German, whatever, some of it is going to get lost because we don’t have the same perception of reality that they did. So, in a way, even just trying to say that you’re recycling or you’re reviving certain kinds of information, could be even taken as a way of cultural appropriation because you’re slightly changing it based off of what the modern culture is trying to interpret it or unlock its information.

[1:09:13] Sahara
Yeah, I think that’s an important point to bring up that that culture doesn’t even exist in the same way today than it did in that time. The Ancient Egyptian mythology that you and many people are drawn to, you go to Egypt, you’re not allowed to meditate in the pyramids, you are not allowed to gather in circle, you are not allowed to be in Om because now it’s an Islamic government and it’s practicing Sharia Law and they don’t want you to have that type of connection because that’s not what the religion now is. So, we have to also understand, I mean, if you want to talk about cultural appropriation, basically every single world religion that has invaded other cultures and brought their religion, that right there is cultural appropriation, but people, they don’t really see it quite like that, they think it’s just people on TikTok doing it, and I’m like “Oh, no honey, there’s a lot bigger, bigger fish to fry out there!”

[1:10:05] Axel
To fry, yeah, definitely, definitely! It’s one of those things where it’s good that people are being conscious of ‘this is a thing that we should be keeping an eye on’ but everything with moderation. You’re not going to eat a ton of sugar because you’re eventually going to develop some sort of health condition; you’re not going to go all the way to the extreme of any one idea, otherwise it’s going to taint some other aspect of your reality. And I think that’s the most important thing to grab from it.

[1:10:33] Sahara
Yes, and I think just having conversations like this, and that’s why I love the Podcast, because we can dive deeper into it and have the context and have all of the different perspectives that go around it, whereas if I made an Instagram post, just like “What is cultural appropriation? Here’s what I think with my 120-character limit that you have on Instagram” and all of these people who don’t know you, they don’t even follow you, they have no awareness of who you are, there’s no context there, it turns into a fight that I’ve honestly never even heard anyone have this conversation before because most people are too afraid to even touch it. And people might be listening right now and be like “Hey, I agree with what you said here. I don’t agree with what you say here” and that’s beautiful, that is the point. The point is to talk about these things and to understand different perspectives to formulate our own and allow our opinions to change with more information too.

[1:11:23] Axel
Yeah, absolutely! And what I really like about, I don’t know, this whole cultural appropriation thing, is like, it is serving its purpose, it’s forcing people to really step into this higher sense of awareness, but we also have to be able to see how that eventually is going to affect, just like, the future generations. Because, again, today a lot of us are living our lives – some of us are conscious of Mother Earth and what we’re contributing, in terms of her longevity, but then we don’t think about how certain things that we’re putting into play right now, which, we’re all victims of certain things (“victims”), we’re all product of what our parents believed to be the foundations of reality and we’ve progressively changed those things to become a better society, we still have our flaws but we also have to recognize that “Okay, what was one of the things that they were doing in the past?” They were segregating in the past, and we found that to be a problem. So now we’re repeating this segregation in a way, without realizing that history repeats itself, right? And we gave it a totally different skin, we changed the down side of the framework, of the program, and that’s it, that’s all we did.
So, we need to make sure that we, as a conscious collective, we’re not creating more of the same for the future. And now’s the time for us to really dismantle a lot of these things by being educated, taking the time not only to talk to be people about culture. I have tons of students that are from India and sometimes I don’t understand a specific concept and I’ll message them, I’ll be like “Hey, what does this word mean, how does this play in your life?” all this stuff. Having the ability to communicate in today’s modern world with people who actually come from those cultures, are living that life, is a tool. And in a way I’ve realized that, because of how social media is designed, a lot of people have forgotten how to use Google. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that yourself, but yeah, it’s kind of one of those really crazy things.
So, yeah, I’m very hopeful for the planet, as long as people are still willing to ask the questions. The moment we stop even debating the question, that’s when we’ve really stepped into some really thick stuff, some really big issues.

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[1:16:25] Sahara
Yes! And that’s why I think in-person gathering in community is so needed, so we can be in a living experience with different people. Not just seeing them on social media and making these assumptions based off of what their posts are, but to actually be living in community and to have deeper connections that we can see someone for the full humanness of who they are that we feel safe to ask those questions; we feel safe to be like “Hey, I’m actually really curious about this thing of your culture, what do you think about this?” whereas right now, I think people are afraid to ask the question because there’s no rapport, there’s no relationship that’s being built. So, again, we need to live on the land, in community, that is happening, and also to do the healing within ourselves.
So, one thing I really want to chat with you about today is Quantum Heart Healing. I know this is something that you teach and you guide, and you’re going to be guiding a full ritual and activation of in Rose Gold Goddesses next month, which we are excited about!
So, can you share what Quantum Heart Healing is all about?

[1:17:29] Axel
Yeah! So, the Quantum Heart Healing technique, basically comes from Antojai, and comparing – So, Antojai is this energy signature that I channeled in 2015. I had this really bad accident, it left me completely bed-ridden, I couldn’t feed myself, go to the bathroom, I couldn’t do anything, I had other people taking care of me at the time. And add to this point where I was like, I was bed-ridden for like a year, year and a half and I was like “I can’t do this anymore, this is what I’m residing myself to in the material universe, I’m totally fine dying, I’m out, take me out of here!” And I remember I got to this point where, you know, it’s the same cliché that everyone, sort of, tells you about, but I was having a near-death experience, looking back at it now, and I saw the light, and I was going towards the light and I was like “Oh, this is it” and then, all of a sudden, I heard this voice that was like “But…there might be an answer somewhere else” and I said “Fine, if the answer doesn’t exist in the material universe, I’ll go wherever I need to go to go get it, just take me and I’m willing to learn!” So, then, I remember just kind of turning away from that light and I took off into the cosmos. For the next six months, I spent some time in other universes, literally other planets, other dimensions, talking to the Ascended Masters, aliens of all sorts, almost like learning the back print of reality that we are never taught, right?
Up until this point, I had tried everything. I come from a Shamanistic culture, I had learned 16 different styles of Reiki before I had my accident, I had been healing people, but none of it helped me, I didn’t know how to get out of it. So, when I said “Finally I’ll go discover this wherever I need to go”, I learned Antojai, which is basically an ascended language, and what it does is, it teaches you the fundamental laws of reality and how to hack reality by understanding and integrating these laws into your life.
So, one of the main fundamental laws that you first learn when you take Antojai is how to bend and control time to your world. Time is a thought in our mind, if you took away humans and their processing of time, what is left over? There’s only just cycles, there’s only experiences, there’s only life, there’s no time, there’s no clock. So, in a way, when we start understanding these fundamental laws and we don’t let time control us, you’ll end up learning “Okay, well, you can slow down time, you can speed up time, you can use the plasticity of time to rewrite a memory” which, this is all found in quantum science.
So, one of the things that brought the Quantum Heart Technique into light was, after studying Antojai for like 4-5 years, and practicing it on other people all over the world, I came to this conclusion that your heart chakra – because each one of your chakras is a dimensional doorway into another dimension. Your heart chakra has been associated to the past love, relationships, it’s also tied to the ethers. Kind Solomon wrote about the ethers, basically stating that it’s a place where you can access all magic at once and pull it into the physical universe. Nikola Tesla eventually wrote about the same concept many, many, many hundreds of years later and he ended up saying that the ether is this fabric of reality that connects everything that is available to us in reality. And then we can see that the same concept goes into today’s modern understanding of quantum sciences (heart coherence). If you have a really strong heart chakra, then you can expand your influence across the world, you can literally influence the world with your heart chakra, based off of your emotions.
The planet Earth has a heart chakra, so the Quantum Heart Technique comes back down to us tapping into the most magnetic center in our reality, which is automatically going to connect us to the ethers, this is going to connect us to everybody, which is just going to makes us get deeper into Mother Earth. And when you can tap into that center, you can let go of the past, you can better your relationships, you can not only do it with other people and other events that have taken place, but you can do it with yourself, that’s the most important thing about it all. It’s like, if you don’t have that heart coherence with yourself or you’re saying you love yourself, that you are interconnected with everyone, that sometimes it’s hard to see that but you’re always going to hold that at the deeper centers of yourself, you’re always going to find some sort of struggle with reality, you’re always going to find something that’s keeping you away from fulfilling your soul purpose.
A lot of what connects us to our soul purpose is being able to tap into the unlimited power of our emotions and our desires, and then pursuing them so that we can free ourselves.
So, the Quantum Heart Technique is designed to not only help people get a clear understanding as to what are the most important things that matter to them because when we go to the Quantum Heart Technique, one of the things that I really teach you is that nothing really matters right now than the now moment. Because you could’ve masked a million dollars over the last couple years, tomorrow you die, you can’t take that with you. So, what’s the most important currency? Is your self-understanding and how you are impacting the world with every small thought, every small emotion that you’re delivering (consciously or unconsciously). And the only way that you can really tap into that is by really connecting to the heart chakra, which then allows you to not only become better at manifesting, but it also allows you to really understand that you are so much more powerful than you’ve ever given yourself credit. Because when you start really tapping into your heart chakra, and you start understanding the power, your DNA will change, your DNA will literally rewire itself. And the heart chakra is associated with gratitude.
The University if Berkley has found that when you practice gratitude, you can cancel out depression and anxiety because it rewires neurons in your brain. And that all comes back to magnetizing more experiences that make you feel like you are having the best life ever. So, a lot of the energy to that comes from the quantum heart space, it’s associated to life.
One of the other classes that I teach is Quantum Reiki, which is what really, kind of like, broke the waters for me in terms of my spiritual path. And the heart chakra is associated to pure life energy. A lot of times people are like “Oh yeah, reiki, the crown chakra”, yeah, the crown chakra does bring in energy, but what really harnesses the balance of the heart, of the life energy, is the heart chakra itself because it balances the lower aspects of your conditions and the higher aspects of your conditions, to have the most fulfilled life.
So, one of the things that I really like to point out there is, I help you tap into nine critical centers. What does money actually mean to you? What is the monetary value for you? Why is it that you’ve been holding onto this one experience for such a long time? And the Quantum Heart Technique – I’ve used it on a lot of autoimmune disorders; so, women with thyroid myalgia, people with HIV, Parkinson’s disease. And one of the things that we’ve found doing the research that I do here at Antojai, is, when you do the Quantum Heart Technique and you get a person who has thyroid myalgia to really feel gratitude, one of the first things that ends up happening is shadow confrontation. You end up hitting some sort of wall that’s trying to stop you from experiencing that vibration because it’s tied to something else. If you push right past that, you end up getting to a memory that programs you to feel like you shouldn’t be feeling gratitude. And the moment that you get to that memory and you decide to just connect heart-to-heart with that 3-year-old version of you that absorbed some sort of twisted message that you’re not worthy, and you decide to give that version of yourself love, you’re going to see your health condition automatically change, because you’re no longer holding onto that trauma; that’s no longer something that’s stuck in the past that’s defining your future, right? You’re living now, in this moment, recognizing that the power has always been in front of you, you just got caught up in a different illusion that took away your power from your presence, right?
So, it’s one of those things that I really love to bring to other people because it has so many different aspects that can go into it other than just health, it can be one of those great manifestation techniques. I have students that just do the Quantum Heart Technique all the time. And a lot of it compares research that Joe Dispenza, Greg Bridden, even this one YouTuber that I used to follow a while ago, Annae Brown, they’ve all kind of contributed to it.
And one of my specialties, my divine abilities, is being able to see the flaws in people’s formulas and like, well, not necessarily the flaws but where they acquired a bunch of information but they haven’t touched this just yet, and I can, kind of, piece things together. So, that’s really what it brings in; it brings in all of this different research from Quantum Science and Ancient Shamanism Techniques to help you unlock how your body is responding to time, how your soul is feeling fulfilled, how you’re connecting to Mother Earth, how your spirit embodies itself through your aura, because when you’re living from a really heart-cantered space, you end up emitting that in your aura and it’s undeniable.
If you ever heard of a guru – some people say “All I did was sit in the presence of this one guru and it changed my life”, it’s because they’re living from such a high heart-cantered space that all it can emit from them was the purity of their soul, and that’s why when you are in front of that, it reminded you of the purity of your soul.
So, that’s really what this comes down to. And it’s a very simple technique, it’s not too complicated. It does have – it goes in depth after a while when you get really advanced in it, but it’s one of those things that you learn it and you just have to carry it, you just have to remember how to do it on a daily basis, and that’s it.

[1:27:00] Sahara
Yay! We’re so excited to have this experience in Rose Gold Goddesses with you! And I’ve always focused on, I’d say, a chakra every two years or so, that’s my main one and it was sacral, for the past two years, and recently it’s shifted into heart. And just meditating every single day and feeling my heart, just placing my hands on my heart, breathing into my heart, feeling my heart beating, feeling the magnetism that’s there – it’s electric! The power that the heart has, and when you just spend a couple minutes of your day just focusing on your heart energy, you don’t even need to think anything, just to really feel into your heart, or bring upon an emotion that you want to experience in your heart there, it is so powerful and you feel the difference in someone who’s connected to their heart over someone who’s not. Someone who’s just speaking from the analytical mind or even from a lot of third eye information, when the heart is not turned on, it’s missing that embodiment, it’s missing that feminine, it’s missing that passion and feeling, which is really what most of communication is. It’s not the words, it’s the feeling and it’s the expression of it.
So, I feel like the heart, right now, is such an important area to focus on. And also, on the topic of your dharma and your soul’s purpose, you’ll never be able to live your purpose if the heart is not activated because you won’t have the passion to be able to get through all of the road blocks that will naturally arise. It’s really just a level of how open is your heart, and even in situations that may want to close your heart, can you keep it open?
So, if someone, maybe feels disconnected from their heart, they’ve dealt with a lot of heartbreak, people betraying them, what advice do you have for them to open their hearts?

[1:28:47] Axel
Wow! Well, that one, if someone’s betrayed you, you always have to recognize that someone, a person that betrays you is only working off of the extent of consciousness that they have. Sometimes people betray you today and five years from now or a couple months from now they realize that they were in the wrong because they have a different level of consciousness based off of what they did to you originally. And when you’ve been betrayed, you have to also understand that you’re not perfect, you’ve done the same thing to someone else, no matter how good of a person you are, you might have betrayed them unconsciously and you might have never heard of it. You were supposed to be somewhere, you couldn’t make it, that person felt betrayed, they stopped talking to you, you just talk it up as “Oh, you know, we just fell out of resonance”, but maybe you left that inside of them as well.
So, when you recognize that you’re not omitted from causing somebody’s experiences and then you did some of these things as well from your own level of consciousness at that time, you’ve grown and you’ve changed.
And one of the things a friend of mine had brought up the other day to me was “People don’t change” and I said “That’s not true!” “That’s absolutely not true, are you the same person you were 10 years ago?” “No, obviously not, but that’s not what I mean.” “No, that’s exactly what you mean!” No, you’re not the same person so you have to be able to recognize that for other people. And when people have betrayed you, it comes down to also how willing were you to be a participant of that, because nobody can walk all over you unless you choose to participate in that vibration, a lot of the times that comes down to a lack of self-love, right? And, I was married once, to a narcissist, and then I got divorced, and the only reason why I stayed in that relationship was because I didn’t have self-value for myself, right? I didn’t say “I deserve more than this” until the very last moment where I had to walk away from it and my life exploded in front of me. And today, I can’t even look back and say it’s his fault, you know what I mean, it was my fault because I had all the information coming to me, I had the intuition, my friends were telling me, I could’ve made a decision but I didn’t. So, at the end of the day, sure, I ended up in a really crappy situation, I learned from it, I grew from it, I couldn’t be who I am today without it. And for that simple fact of, if you have grown in such a way that today you’re like “Man, I never want to be that old version of myself”, all you can do is look back on those moments that have shaped you, no matter how difficult they are, and be grateful for them because that was part of your dharma, that was part of your soul purpose, that’s what brought you here. And sure, sometimes we can evade them because if we do truly listen to our intuition at that moment, we can get past it and avoid a bullet, but it’s not always going to be that way. And that’s why we come here, we come here to experience lessons, we come here to experience change, and we come here to become a better version of ourselves, regardless if we have to experience the pain to get there.

[1:31:41] Sahara
I love that so much! And yeah, it is so important to recognize our own responsibility and everything that we’re creating, which isn’t the sexiest topic, but it’s interesting because we’re in this time right now that I feel like people are almost afraid of saying that word ‘responsibility’, they’re like “Well, that’s victim-blaming and no one deserved that”, which is true, no one deserved their trauma, but now we are responsible for how we’re going to live the rest of our lives. That’s where our responsibility lies rather than repeating the narrative of “Well, this happened to me and this is why I’m like this” and creating a label for ourselves of “Well, now I’m depressed, I’m anxious”, no, that’s not who you are, that’s what you’re feeling at this moment, but it’s not who you are. And we’re so quick to label ourselves based off of just something that happened to us that doesn’t need to forever define us.

[1:32:35] Axel
Yeah, obviously! I’d love to share this one little excerpt, I guess, of my life. Before I met you, I had a dharmic experience that put me in that place that we’re talking about, and I remember I had gone to Sedona, Arizona, I had been looking to talk to my mom through this one Shaman that’s there because my mom has passed away and I was like “I’ve really got to talk to her!” I had waited for this Shaman on the last day of my trip to Arizona, and he wasn’t available, so I went home, kind of like “Oh, man”, super-bummed. I ended up having a session with someone and she actually came first for a session for me, basically for to heal her, help her with something. At some point in that session, she started channeling my mom and I was like “Wow! Where did this come from, I was not expecting this!” So, of course, naturally her and I really kicked off and became really good friends. As our friendship progressed throughout the months, I realized that this person was dealing with a lot of their unresolved trauma. They had a lot of anger, they had a lot of blaming of others for certain things that were happening to them (when they were completely responsible for it) and I felt like I was getting dragged into it and it was draining me, it was draining me. And I got, I just remember at this point, starting to hear, I was starting to really read tantra and stuff like that, and I had heard, months before I had met her, that I had completed my soul purpose, so, I was done, I could do whatever I wanted. As I had this friendship with this girl, oh, this woman, I’m sorry, I’m like “Okay, I keep hearing ‘This is not your dharma. If you continue being part of this friendship, which is dragging you down, this is not part of our dharma, it’s not what you’re supposed to be doing’”. And I remember sitting down and actually using the Quantum Heart Technique and I said “Okay, what’s the most important thing to me in my life right now? What is driving me forward?” And I came down to the conclusion of happiness! Happiness is what really makes me thrive when I’m at my peak. So, is this relationship making me feel happy? And I said “No, this is causing me a lot of stress”. And I remember coming from it and it was very difficult for me because I tried to end it very nicely and I was like “Hey, we’re friends, I care about, but I don’t think this friendship like that is really helping me, so I think we need to, kind of, split ways for a little while”. She didn’t take it really well and I remember saying “Okay, I know what the guides have told me, I know what I feel, until happiness can be re-brought into this situation, I won’t step into that situation anymore.” And I decided to be alone, I decided, because I don’t have a lot of friends, being a Shaman is really hard to have friends that are at your level, you already know that. And I chose to stick to my dharma, I chose to stick to happiness, which is really funny because I had even stepped away from TikTok because TikTok, with that whole cultural appropriation thing, I had gotten so intense where I was like “I don’t want to be a part of this negativity. I can’t be a part of this negativity!”
Finally, one day, after being off of it for like a month and a half, I was told “You need to go on there because you know a lot about this and you need to set the table straight, no matter what happens”. And of course, I had fear, I had total fear, I was like “Oh my God, I’m going to post this and people are going to chew me out”, and of course, it happened, but as soon as soon as I did it, you showed up and you had seen the post and you’re like “Hey” and then you reached out and we became friends. And it was not until probably last week, where I was meditating, I was like, I think about formulas and everything, I think about how things happen in reality and I was like “What aligned me with Sahara”, because I really value our friendship and I was like ‘How did I find someone like that that’s at my level and I can really understand things and would see the world, I need more people like that in my life!” And I remember, you were looking for happiness, you chose that your dharma is going to focus on happiness and you’re always talking about joy, and I’m like “Ohhh, duh! That was what did it, right there!” So, in a way, this is a manifestation for me come true because a year and a half ago, I actually wanted to be on a podcast with you and I was like “Oh my God, I want to be there” and I talked to my PR publicist and he gave me some bogus answer and I was like “You know what, if I can’t do it through him, it’s going to happen somehow, this is going to happen somehow” because I trust the Universe! And it happened in a way that I would have never expected it to happen, you know what I mean? And now I’m here and this is truly one of my manifestations come true in a way that I didn’t even expect it because now I have a really valuable friend out of it, you know what I mean? And that’s what the dharma path is, that’s what life is and that’s why – you know, I could look back on that one friend and be like “Argh, she dragged me through so much crap”, but really, without her, and learning the lesson to validate myself, I would never be here, you know.

[1:37:15] Sahara
I love that story so much (of course, because I’m in it), but even outside of it, because we’ve all had situations that we’ve been in friendships that are not serving us. And then, you’re so used to being in the friendship that you’re just like “Oh, well, I care about this person” and then you’re like “Wait, is this…?” Friendship is a choice, it’s not like your family, it’s a choice, and if it’s bringing you down, it’s not like this person is just going through a rough patch, we’ve had so many good years together, it’s like, from the get-go, this friendship is just bringing you down and so, it’s like “Am I going to choose to be involved with this or am I going to choose to even be alone”, but wait out for friends who feel more at my vibrational frequency, and that’s what you did. And, you know, with this Podcast, I don’t accept any pitches at all, every single person who is on the Podcast, I choose them, there is no pitching on this Podcast, it’s on my website, because I only have people who are teachers to me on this Podcast; people who I have learned from, who I’m like “Oh my God, I’ve learned so much from you, I want share you with other people” and that’s what you have been to me. You have been such a beautiful teacher, this is so corny now, but we love each other so much, but it just goes to show that you stood in your power and you stood in your heart, and that is why, you know, this conversation is happening right now, because it’s your manifestation and my manifestations brought together in bringing more joy to the planet. So, yay, I love that!
And another thing I wanted to touch upon is one of your abilities – is to help people tap into their abilities and their powers. So, can you share a little bit more about that?
And, we were actually practicing, because my power is to bring people joy, and we were practicing on your husband and on some people that I was bringing joy to them, and it was – my ego, almost, couldn’t believe it because I was like “Okay, you’re just saying this to me to make me feel better, there’s no way I’m actually…”, because I was singing and dancing in my head and passing it to them, but then when I would try it on different people, they had completely different experiences.
So, can you share how can we tap into what our unique abilities are?

[1:39:21] Axel
Oh yeah, this is like my jam! So, the one thing I always tell people is your imagination is key. Your imagination is going to be one of those things that makes it or breaks it for you. If you believe that, wholeheartedly, you can change a person’s life, you will be able to do that, rather through a healing session or some other way.
So, I have this tendency of creating new abilities for myself, and this is exactly how I do it – if I want to be able to bend probability, and all of my friends have seen me do this, we’ll be playing some sort of dice game, and I will call out what number the dice is going to end up on, and it happens all the time. I can say seven 14 times and it’s always going to land on seven because I’ve learned how to manipulate probability. The only way I’m able to do that is because I know the dice are listening to me. I know that I can move the dice in a specific orientation if I really, 100%, believe about it. I tested this theory as well, I used to play Pokemon Go back in the day, and how everyone used to get together for those raids, for the monster (the main monster). When you play the game, there’s like a 3-5% that you’re going to actually get the mega monster that you’re fighting, and I would always tell myself “I’m going to get this. There’s 50 people here, chances are there’s going to be only 3 or 4 of us that are actually going to catch it, I’m going to be one of those 4.” And I held it in my heart 100% and every time it would happen. The moment I would have a slight doubt, like “Yeah, I’m going to crush this, I’m going to get it…or maybe you won’t, maybe you should be calmed up”, I would lose it, that was it. So, one of the things I really like to remind people is, your psychic abilities, stop calling them psychic, first of all, because they’re not supernatural, they’re natural. One of the things I like to recoin is metaphysical naturalism. It is natural for you to be metaphysical; it is natural for you to be psychic, we’re all born that way, there are cultures that have been described as telepathic, and we’ve known about them. So, one of the things that I would really like to focus on is first, opening up the imagination and then enacting it in reality, because a lot of times we only think of our psychic abilities being this thing that you can only do it when you’re doing tarot, you can only do it when you’re meditating or you’re healing somebody, but really, those are the same abilities that you can use in tarot or you can use them in your everyday life, so you need to learn how to integrate your psychic abilities or the thing that you want to incorporate into your reality. Anything can become a psychic ability! If you want to become somebody who is always super lucky and you’re always getting blessings just randomly happening to you all the time, you can be that person. The first thing that comes down to it is you being 100% in that power, then allowing your imagination to play it out, and then actually going out into the world and reminding yourself, when you’re walking down the street, “I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky!” You’ll notice that when you say that to yourself, you’ll go to a smoothie shop or somewhere, and the guy’s like “Oops, I made an extra smoothie by mistake, do you just want it, I won’t charge you for it?” “I’m lucky, I’m lucky because I just got an extra smoothie and I can bring it back and I can give it to my husband”, you know what I mean? You can have that ability, that type of thought process because you are magical. There is nothing in reality that’s stating that you cannot be all of the psychic abilities at once. It’s more so what resonates with you, because I don’t want to learn how to control someone’s mind on purpose, to puppeteer them, that’s not an interest of mine, but what I do love to do is talk to people’s subconsciousses. And one of my abilities is being able to directly isolate the consciousness, your subconsciousness, your spirit, your soul, and be able to talk to them because I recognize that they’re listening, always, they’re always there, they, just, are waiting to be interacted with, right?
So, you had seen how I taught you to tap into joy, but it was really just you knowing what joy meant to you and then knowing that you had the ability to give that to another person, and then using your imagination, however it came through, when you were interacting with that individual, that then changed their lives. That’s really how superpowers come to be.
And yeah, I help people tap into not only your psychic abilities, but the healer abilities as well and other side things as well that happen as a byproduct because, really, everyone can be a healer, everyone can be a psychic, everyone can be an alchemist, really. We all have a little bit of everything that comes back to source consciousness.
And one of the things in Egyptian Alchemy, even Yogic Alchemy that you’re really taught a lot about, is how can you embody Source, how can you remind yourself that you’re that powerful, even though you’re having a human experience? And that’s kind of like the secret to it all, is just having that fate and having that determination. And some powers come to you differently; some powers are based off of trust. If you want to know how to read people authentically and always know the truth, you have to have a lot of trust, you need to trust that whatever’s coming to you, when someone says “Oh yeah, I had such a fun night last night” and you hear “No they didn’t, they argued with their boyfriend all night long”, you have to have the trust to be able to say “Okay, no, what I’m hearing is actually true, that’s the truth”. And if you orchestrate the conversation, to maybe spin it around and get them to talk about what actually happened last night, you’ll realize that you’re right, they’ll be like “Oh, my boyfriend didn’t want go to the party, and I went to the party still, but I was still stuck up because he was texting me all night long and it was this thing”, and you heard that originally. You have to have the trust to embody it.
If you want to trust, not only as in a lot of abilities, but also determination and willpower. A lot of things – people who want to become really abundant and want to bring out more money, you have to have the willpower to make that happen. And it’s not just willpower to go after the opportunity to get money, it’s the willpower to say “You will accept nothing less but the manifestation that you created” and that means that you will take whatever action is necessary for you to get to that place. And sometimes that means you meditate three hours a day; sometimes that means that you just write all of your feelings down to absorb it, but you can always talk to your soul, you can ask it – your higher self is a part of your soul that hasn’t integrated fully into this reality, for a purpose, so that it can remember everything that it’s been able to do in other lifetimes.
So, if you sit down in a meditation and you say “I’m going to directly talk to my soul, I’m going to ask it what I should be focusing on to bring out my divine ability” you’ll get like a key word or a sensation and it’ll tell you happiness or love or desire, you take that word and you start looking for that word everywhere in your reality and you’re going to start slowly seeing “Okay, if your key word was desire, what is your desire?” “Well, I desire to have an ice-cream today, but I still have time to go to that”, “Oh!” turns out your friend comes over to your job and he has an ice-cream, “I was just thinking about you, I just bought an ice-cream, have an ice-cream!” You had a desire, you had to be able to put that out into the cosmos.
Another thing is like, what my friends think is really funny, but I use numerology and I speak to the Universe. So, I think of reality and I teach people that reality is spiritual technology. This is a huge desktop and you’re not even realizing it.
So, just like any other form of spiritual technology, any desire you have is essentially just an App on the computer. So, if I want to have the experience of a lot of ecstatic love, it’s an App that I just have to turn on, know that it’s on, it’s running, I’m not micromanaging it, I’m rolling with it, right? And it’s going to play out in one way, shape or form in my reality if I just know that it’s running in the background, right? And we forget how intimately easy it is to manipulate reality in that fashion, mostly because a lot of people probably haven’t learned how to do that yet or they don’t fully trust that it can be that easy. We’re taught that reality is so hard.
And coming back to one of the first things that I teach in Antojai is time – time is a thought in your mind. If you think that it’s going to take you 20 years to become clairsentient, it’s going to take you 20 years or maybe even more, but if you’re like “I’m just clairsentient right now, time doesn’t even affect me right now. Yeah, I’m clairsentient, I’m not experiencing it fully but I know it’s there”, and you have that determination, that willpower, and that’s essentially the willpower, “I’m not experiencing it but I know it’s here, it’s going to happen|”, and eventually you’ll start experiencing all the experiences that bring you into that particular ability that you want. But yeah, I think that’s the quickest way I can explain it to people.

[1:47:43] Sahara
I love that! And we’ll dive more into it in the Rose Gold Goddess circle, which I’m just so excited about! And yeah, it’s beautiful when we know how powerful we are and that we do have the ability to create change in our lives and the lives of others in a positive way. And we, just, doubt ourselves, I think that’s the biggest thing, we doubt that “How can I make a difference?” or “If it’s not physical, it must not happen”.
For myself and joy, I was like, I don’t know, I know how to bring joy if I’m talking to someone, if I’m dancing with someone, if I’m DJ-ing for someone, but just to share the vibration of joy, without even seeing what they look like, that to me was like “I don’t know if I can trust that”, my egoic mind couldn’t believe it because we’re so in this three-dimensional field, but it just comes with that practice and that trust and that feedback of like “It sounds weird, it sounds out there”. But even a group of people meditating around the world will have a massive shift in the vibration and the timelines available for the planet, simply by people gathering together and meditating. And now, finally, science is beginning to research this with Dr. Joe Dispenza and so many different people, so, it’s almost like we’re finally beginning to understand the things that we believed in as a kid were actually real – magic is real!

[1:49:05] Axel
Yeah, totally!

[1:49:06] Sahara
So, we get to go back and remember it now!

[1:49:09] Axel
Yeah! And a lot of my students, sometimes, get kind of really angry because when they realize “Oh my God, everything I was essentially taught, through culture and reality, is wrong”, and they almost feel like they got cheated from this whole experience of reinvigorating their lives, their imagination.
Again, we’re in 2021, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing right now. We’re supposed to be reinvigorating that child and knowing that we’re big kids right now, we have the resources to do whatever we want, we can make it happen, all we have to do is give ourselves the permission to be that person and trust that, as we step forward into that body, we’re going to have more experiences that make us feel concrete. Because there’s many times in any individuals’ life where you’re met with a choice to grow or to stay the same, and if you are afraid of the growth, which happens to us so naturally, you’re going to stay the same or you’re going to repeat the same process until one day you decide to have the courage to move forward. And when you have that courage, you’ll see your life change because it’s a step-by-step process.
One of the things about time that’s most interesting to me is that we’re quantum-shifting all the time. Right now, there’s a version of us that’s not even having this conversation and there’s another version of us that’s having this conversation on a totally different podcast, you know what I mean? And that infinity concept is from moment to moment, with every thought that you make, you’re jumping a timeline. So, what timeline do you want to be focused on? Do you want be focused on one that really empowers you?
One of the things I like to do when I was first really trying to develop some of my higher abilities, I would wake up and I’d be like “I’m super psychic today. I’m even more psychic than I was last night” and I would have all these different kinds of affirmations that made me feel like I was always getting stronger, I was always getting healthier, every second of the day, and that eventually became my reality. And now, now I can sit down with a person and just talk to them for five minutes and I guarantee you, I can tell you everything that’s going on in their life, because I allowed myself to embody the Shaman. And each one of us is a Shaman, each one of us is a Buddha, each one of us is a Yogi, we’re just waiting for the permission to actually tap into it by just saying “I am that. I am”. And that comes on to the fundamental law of manifestation because ‘I am’ is essentially saying that you’re using the voice of God or the voice of Source, that is.

[1:51:32] Sahara
So beautifully said! And ‘I am’ is like ‘A-Om’ which is the sound of the Universe. So, it’s so beautiful how it all co-aligns and how we can recognize that, and to really get rid of the imposter syndrome that says “You need to train for this long and this way, and do this and do that” just to reclaim it and let your spirit be your teacher, because your spirit will show you everything it is that you need to learn through your life’s experiences, and your thoughts, and your beliefs, and your obstacles, but most of us, we don’t recognize that to be the school, we’re like “That’s the shit that I need to get rid of so I can go to Hogwarts”, but it’s like, you’re living in Hogwarts right now, you’re just not recognizing it.

[1:52:15] Axel
Yeah, and we’re realizing “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”, it’s one of the cool things. I definitely struggle with that, like I told you, most recently I’ve been channeling one of my Agorae lifetimes, really hardcore, and I had come to some sort of defeatist mentality where I was like “I haven’t been practicing this for long enough to know any of what I know” and then I heard this message come through, like “Well, technically, since time doesn’t exist, you’re in that other timeline right now, as that Yogi, doing all the work, and because time doesn’t exist, but you got reincarnated as this, in this lifetime, you’ve already done all the work, that’s why you’re remembering everything so easily, and so you just have to roll with it. You’re picking up the practice that you left off, it’s not like you have to start from zero all over again.”

[1:52:55] Sahara
One hundred percent! I mean, so many of us, and if you’re still listening to this Podcast two hours in, you are one of these people. We’ve been doing this for many, many lifetimes, this is not our first rodeo, we wouldn’t even be able to understand this stuff, had we not. So, we get to piggy-back off of all the work that we’ve done in these other lifetimes.
When I was writing “Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda”, which is a 400+ page textbook on Ayurveda for educating the American population, so, that’s like a pretty – you’ve got to be very on point, you’ve got to be very scientific, you can’t just make shit up. You’re explaining Ayurveda here, which is an age-old science, but I would sometimes just look out the window and my fingers would be typing, I’m just looking out the window, and all of this information that I’ve never learned in this lifetime, was streaming through me. I’m talking about specific information, Gunas, Sub-Gunas, how the koshas are connected to the chakras, this is not information that I can just make up, which then fact-checkers are then fact-checking and seeing yes, this is actually, these are things from old, old, old, 5000+ year-old ancient Sanskrit texts, how could I know this in this lifetime without reading that first? It’s all our past life information that is streaming through us, it’s just, most of us, we don’t trust it, we don’t turn on the faucet, but once you turn on that faucet, it’s like (sound). And we just doubt it so much because we’re like “I must be making this up, I must be”, but it’s like, where does your imagination come from? Your imagination is also coming from somewhere.
And you just see, I follow this little boy Brody, on Instagram, he’s three years old and he’s this amazing ballerina and he just has such emotion and passion as he dances, and you’re like “There’s no way this three-year-old just picked up that right now”, he did not learn that from a YouTube video, he’s been a dancer for many, many lifetimes. So, it’s up to us to tune into “What have I spent many, many lifetimes doing? What’s my unfinished business that I have come back to complete?”
And then, often times, you complete it and then it shows you something new and then another past life turns on, and another one, and another one, and you’re just going through life completing all these soul contracts and you reach this point and you’ve fulfilled your dharma and “Okay, now, what is my heart desiring to create” because you’re no longer living from past life karma anymore, you’re just in a clean slate, creating a new reality.

[1:55:18] Axel
Yeah! I think that was one of the biggest lessons that I had to learn when I completed my dharma because, like, when you’re in your soul purpose, it’s almost like you’re on a mission like “You’ve got to get this done right now”, it was for me. And when I was done, I almost felt lost, I was like “What am I supposed to do now that I don’t have this, what am I doing?” And it always came down to “Well, what do you want out of life now, what is it that’s most important to you?” And it was like “I just want to be happy”, I want everybody else to be happy. And, at the end of the day, regardless if you’ve attained your dharmic expression and you’ve evolved past it, it’s never going to stop being a part of you. You may have completed the soul purpose, but the thing that drove you, and I think that was one of the things that I learned, I had to rediscover, was, when I was doing my soul purpose, what drove me, and I almost had lost my why and that’s why I disappeared for a while, because I had to re-find that, it’s okay if you have to do that. Sometimes we, especially with today’s culture, we feel like we have to chug through it and keep going, even though you’re drained of energy and you don’t have what it takes to really bring your best, it’s sometimes really, it’s part of your soul purpose to be like “Okay, maybe it’s time to meditate, just for a quick second”. And after I had accomplished my dharma, I was “Okay, well, what drove me previously was the fact that I just wanted to help people”. I wanted people to stop suffering from that stuff that I was suffering from and when I realized that, I was like “Okay, now I’m going to help people stop creating all these hard rules for themselves, when it comes to manifesting”, and that reinvigorated my passion. Even though it’s in a different format, I’m still fulfilling a critical part of my personality, which is eternal.

[1:57:02] Sahara
Yes! And even our dharmas, there’s so many different layers to it that it could be, you completed a layer was external, but there are still internal layers of evolvement and vibrational frequencies that you’re here to share, that are outside of words. Or different stages that require you to go inward to listen to that next thing that comes out, who knows? We may hit 40million, we may run for president and we don’t know.
So, it’s that remaining open to “Which part of the journey am I on right now?” because we get so attached and create an identity around even living our dharma and what that looks like, of like “I am a teacher, I am a whatever, and this is who I am, and I’m on a mission and I need to wake up as many people”, but it’s like, even awaken as many people as possible, that’s coming from the ego too, that is coming from the ego that sometimes the dharma is really to just embody a certain frequency that has nothing to do with what you’re actually doing.

[1:58:07] Axel
Yes! I always tell people, consciousness is medicine, and the world’s medicine is you! You shift your consciousness; you’re going to notice everybody around you is eventually going to pick up on it. And sometimes just embodying in a higher level of consciousness is the dharma. You didn’t have the objective to come here and save a bunch of people. And that’s one of the things that I usually, I find a lot of Healers struggle with this, they’re like “Oh my God, I don’t feel like I’m fulfilling my soul purpose because I’m supposed to be saving all these people”, you can’t save everybody, some people don’t want to be saved, but you have to be aware of that, and some people are not ready to be saved at the moment that you come around, but somebody else can help them get saved. And at the end of the day, we all have to save ourselves, right?
So, it’s like, this really interesting thing and when you’re growing through your soul purpose, you need to see how you’re polarizing yourself because one of the main things that all Alchemy teaches you, all spirituality, is not to be dualistic or not to be polaric, even though those are things you must use in this dimension, the positive and the negative, and justify how you’re going to live your life, is not ultimately something that should be leading, it’s a tool more so than a compass.

[1:59:14] Sahara
Yeah! And this very idea of like “I am the savior”, no you’re not, no one is the savior, it’s not your responsibility to save anyone, you cannot save anyone, because if someone is committed to drowning, they’re going to drown, right? It’s not until we decide to swim, that we’re going to float and make it to whatever waters we’re meant to make it to, and to even say that “Well I know the answer, I know the path”. Even this languaging of “I’m awake and we’ve got to awaken the sheeple (like the sheep)” and it just creates more duality and divisiveness and it’s not what this true ascension and descension is all about. It’s about realizing that you really are here to be your highest expression, whatever that looks like, and that may create beautiful change in the world around you, but that’s not the purpose of it. It’s like detaching, it’s like a flower doesn’t blossom to affect the lives of people around it. Truthfully, it doesn’t! It blossoms because that’s it’s nature and it’s here to be beautiful.
And it’s so hard for us – I know, I grew up as an Activist, so it’s like very, very hard because it’s “We need to create change and we need to wake them up and we need to…”, and it’s like, if that were meant to happen, it would happen, right? Just like we have gotten on this path on our own, somehow, every person, at any moment, can awaken to whatever level of consciousness they need to awaken to. We can share our light and shine our vibrancy and inspire people into action, but we cannot shake someone into awakening because that actually creates more disruption and resistance.

[2:00:57] Axel
And resentment as well!

[2:00:59] Sahara
Exactly! And then people are like “Screw the spiritual people, they’re up my ass trying to…”, or people talk about the Christian (the Jehovah’s witness), they’re knocking door to door trying to get them to tell me Jesus will save my life. How are we repeating that with just spiritual languaging now, by being like “Oh, become a Light Worker, it will save your life”, no it won’t, nothing will save your life except you, and your life doesn’t need to be saved. Who says everything isn’t perfect just as it is?

[2:01:26] Axel
You know, I’ve mentioned this before, sometimes infinity does not make sense, sometimes infinity just is, you’ve just got to roll with it and let it unfold. And sometimes you may feel like you are supposed to be saved, but it isn’t until the moment you realize there is nothing to be saved from, that you really find this weird enlightenment. And just like the Buddha says, there’s so many times where a Shaman will hit this peak where they’re like “Oh, wow, I’ve complicated my life for no reason” and all you can do is laugh, you just get this urge to laugh at yourself because life is a joke, you made it something more than what it was because you get better, and now you know “Look at that, that was the greatest joke of the cosmos, itself is making you forget how powerful and how lucid you are because, really, every culture teaches us that we’re living in a dream, and just like when you’re lucid dreaming, you can control what happens to you. It comes down with a little bit of practice, a course, my expertise on getting to know how your dreams work and how to wake yourself up from what not, but really, I’ve done it today, this is – if your life was meant to be experienced at its fullest, and if you don’t like something that’s happening in your reality, no one wants to ever hear it, but how are you contributing to that one element, being something that happens to you all the time? And when you figure out what that is, you’ll be able to change it like that, it would be so fast, and realize “Okay, the problem that I was dealing with, that I felt like I couldn’t get out of, really had the most simplistic answer. And when you, kind of, remember that, you can rinse and repeat that same methodology with everything that’s going on with you. So many decisions are going to be extremely hard to make versus others because, of course, attachment is the root of all suffering. We might be attached to a specific person or situation, but ultimately, when we come down to being authentic with ourselves, knowing what our truth is, we can then find the simplicity that is almost indescribable really, I feel.

[2:03:23] Sahara
So true! And that’s why, for me, it just keeps coming back to joy and fun and laughter and play, which seem like the most childish, primitive things, right? But to me it’s the holiest, it is the most sacred because it’s why we’re all here, it’s why we’re fighting the fight, it’s why we’re getting on the internet and having comment, whereas we just want to live in joy and we just have different ways that we think other people are going to get there, and that’s it, it’s all just a misunderstanding. So, it’s like, instead of trying to tell people what they got wrong and they need to know this, it’s like, if someone is joyful, it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t really matter! Some people, they may find joy in getting on stage and talking to millions of people and being Toni Robbins, that’s their highest form of joy, and for someone else it may be meditating in a cave and having no human contact at all. How are we to say one person, one person’s path, is superior than another?

[2:04:27] Axel
Absolutely, absolutely! And sometimes, one of the things I’ve learned most recently is, sometimes you go for something and think that’s really going to make you happy, like fame, money, whatever it is that you’re going after, and it takes a great deal a wisdom to look at what you’ve been chasing and asking yourself “Is this truly what I want? Is this truly going to make me happy and bring me to the highest vibration?” Not everyone can do that, and sometimes we – I’ve definitely been there, I’ve gone after things that I was like “Oh yeah, this is the next thing that’s going to make me feel the most fulfilled” and I end up getting it and I’m like “Wow, this is not what I wanted at all”. You have to be at the point of even questioning your own ideas, not because you don’t trust yourself, but you have to be real with yourself, and being real with yourself is checking in with yourself, making sure that you’re following that path.
Sometimes you come off a little bit, but once you have that moment of realness with yourself, you’ll step back into the vibration that you need to and you’ll make whatever needs to happen, happen.

[2:05:24] Sahara
Yeah, we’re so used to kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, you go up this progression of what’s next, what’s bigger, what’s better, what’s going to get me the corner office, what’s going to make me more money, what’s going to get me more followers, what’s going to get me more 6-figures or whatever the thing is, but maybe that’s not actually what would bring you the highest form of joy. Maybe you are meant to climb that ladder to level 6 and then you’re like “No, I don’t want to be on this ladder anymore”, you don’t need to go to level 10 if you don’t like that ladder anymore.
And I think we’re so afraid of “Well, I worked so hard on this thing and I don’t want to lose track”. I remember hearing this story of my friend’s uncle, and he was a lawyer for 50 years, finally retired and she was like “What do you think is the secret to such a successful career, you’ve been a lawyer for so long, most people change their jobs so many times”, he’s like “When I was in Law School, I realized I didn’t want to be a lawyer, I realized I didn’t even like this career and I told my parents” and they said “But you already went to Law School, you can’t quit now”, “So I actually spent 50 years of my life hating my career, and I could’ve lost those 4 years I went to Law School, but instead I lost 50 years”.
So, here we are thinking that this person has the highest form of success, a long career, they made millions of dollars over their life, but because they weren’t or because they listened to other people’s fears, saying “You can’t lose 4 years”, they lost a lifetime.
So, if someone’s listening to this and you’re like “But, I’ve worked this job for so long, I’m about to get a promotion” or “I’m about to hit this”, it’s like – you know, for me, I’ve written books and stuff and I’m like, right now, honestly, my highest form of joy of what I want is to bring dance and music to the world. The next logical thing for me to do is to just keep writing a book and another book and another book and just keep going, I’m like “No, I really feel like my highest form of joy is through music and dance”, and that’s how I can share it with more people.
So, someone could be like “Wait, what? You’ve written multiple books and now you want to be an actual DJ” and I’m like “Yes”, because I know, for me, that’s what my highest form of joy, at this stage, looks like.

[2:07:31] Axel
Yeah, and one of the things that most people don’t realize is, usually when you pursue the joy or the happiness, the thing that really drives you, all that other stuff that you are asking for are automatically going to come with it because you feel that as your highest vibration. One of the things, like money and fame or whatever, and you’re feeling the best that you can feel, those things are going to naturally magnetize themselves to you because there is nothing left to it, there’s no resistance other than fulfilling happiness and that’s part of the equation.
So, yeah, I have tons of stories like that, like your friend’s uncle. And I’ve had clients, because I work with a lot of LGBT people, so I have clients that come to me and they’re in their 80s or their 90s and they have lived this whole second life where they had a wife, they had kids, their kids don’t talk to them anymore, the wife has passed away, they’ve been in the closet this whole entire time, and now they’re 80 and they want to explore that, but they can’t because times have changed and they don’t know the culture, and they don’t know all this other stuff, and maybe people don’t find them attractive for some reason. And that’s probably one of the worst; those are probable the most difficult people to work with because you can’t help but to feel their pain and be like “Man, you just realized that you threw away what you truly wanted to be experiencing” and no one should ever be there. So, I really do enjoy, often times, working with those clients because it reminds me “What are you doing right now Axel? Why are you not fulfilling yourself in that way?” And you know, just always remember it’s now or never. Tomorrow you might die worrying about the fears that are happening today and you don’t want to be in the astral and looking back and “Man, I could’ve done that, I could’ve done it if I just had a little bit more courage”, because it’s always going to be the thing that brings you back into reincarnation.
Some people want to be reincarnated, some people don’t, I know that, definitely, when I’m done with this one, I’m out!

[2:09:23] Sahara
I love that so much! Well, we have traversed so many different pathways and rabbit holes today and we’re so excited for your Rose Gold Goddess Workshop this October.

[2:09:32] Axel
Yeah, thank you!

[2:09:34] Sahara
So, where can listeners connect with you and learn more from you?

[2:09:37] Axel
Yeah. So, I have a YouTube page, which is Antojai Quantum Healing, you can find a lot of wisdom and the magic that I teach on there, Free Energy classes. Obviously, follow me on Instagram at @antojai and I also have a page where I do classes every week with my students, anything from channeling to energy work, stuff like that.
So, all those places are really good to get a hold of me, to connect with me, to do one-on-one coaching, what not.

[2:10:05] Sahara
Well, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us today, I really loved the conversation.

[2:10:10] Axel
Thank you! Yeah, I loved it too, thanks for being part of my life!

[2:10:14] Sahara

[2:10:15] End of Interview

[2:10:16] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed that conversation! I hope it allowed you to see things from a multi-dimensional perspective and to really see the interconnectivity between all of us. I know unity consciousness is not a sexy topic right now and people really like to focus on our differences, but we really are all coming from the same source and it is important to recognize and remember both, the duality and the non-duality. But if we forget about our similarities and the fact that we are all connected, we have the same heart, the same emotions, we all want the same thing. So, sometimes it does require us to move beyond race and to see the humanness that connects every single one of us.

[2:11:00] Sahara
If you’d like to dive deeper in a full 90-minute Quantum Heart Healing session with Axel, come join us in Rose Gold Goddesses, my divine feminine mystery school, that really takes Highest Self Podcast and puts it into real life with the monthly goddess circles, workshops and epic community and so much more.
So, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com to join the wait list when we open doors back up, and I’m so excited to see you inside.

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 387: What Actually Is Cultural Appropriation + Activating Your Powers with Shaman Dr. Axel Carrasquillo
By Sahara Rose

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