Highest Self Podcast 317: Why Things Aren’t So Black Or White


Can you feel the spiritual chaos? In this episode, I share my download about why we need to move past dualistic thinking, labeling right or wrong and going down social media rabbit holes to try to figure out every single person’s opinion on every single subject. We are hearing many different opinions, perspectives and “facts” right now and it’s hard for us to hear our own intuition among the noise. I share how to move past it, navigate these times and tune back into your dharma.

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Episode 317: Why Things Aren’t So Black or White
By Sahara Rose


Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement. 


It’s not so black and white! We are right before the Elections – a system that is built off of making everything appear black and white. You’re either a Republican or Democrat; you’re either this or that; you either care or you don’t care; you’re either a good or a bad person. This Duality is intrinsic in all human beings; all of us have this Light and this Shadow side. So we create these systems off of it. We create these systems that categorize viewpoints and say “Well, if you agree with me on this, you should agree with me with all of these other things, and if you don’t agree with me on one of these things, then you are a bad person; then you are untrustworthy; then you must be wrong in all of these other ways.” 


We have to become cognoscente that this system is being fed to us; it is being taught to us in the educational system. What we are dealing with right now is the fact that the first time we are not getting all of our news from the same sources. 


We have been taught, from the time that we were in school, to listen to the teachers, and what the teacher and the textbook say is right and don’t question it. So, we’ve been conditioned since the first 18 years (22 years) of our lives to trust authority and not question it. So that went on to trusting our bosses; trusting our spouses; trusting our Presidents; any authority figure. We assume that they must know because they are higher up than us in this perceived ladder.  


Well the ladder has fallen, that has fallen since 2012 and before, with the Internet and the spread of consciousness, and the awakening that is happening. However, it is creating a great deal of perceived chaos, and I say perceived.


Now, the perceived chaos that it’s creating is the fact that we’re all getting our information from different sources. So, if all of my information that I’m getting every single day says “There’s going to be a war, there’s going to be a war!” and everyone that I follow on social media say ”There’s going to be a war” and I’m seeing people prepare for the war and I’m seeing politicians make comments and I’m like “Oh, that’s about the war!” Then of course if someone comes and tells me “Oh, there’s not going to be a war” and I’ll say “Are you crazy? You’re out of touch! You don’t watch the news! What kind of world are you living in? Are you living under a rock? There’s of course going to be a war, everyone’s talking about it!” (I’m just saying this as an example). 

And if someone else was watching the news and it said “We are going to create a unified Government across the world” and everyone is talking about it “We’re going to create a unified Government across the world. There’s going to be no more borders! We’re going to share resources with each other” and everyone is talking about it and they’re planning that and etc. and then you come and tell me there’s going to be a war, I’ll say “Are you crazy? You’re fear-based; You’re out of your mind!”


So, do you see that it’s just coming from where you’re getting your information; and where you’re getting your information is based off of where you grew up, who you surrounded yourself with, what jobs you’ve worked, your parents, all of these situational upbringings. 

So, if I were you and had the same exact experiences as you had, the same upbringing as you had, the same past lives, and DNA and ancestry that you had, then I would think exactly like you. Because your viewpoints, I believe that everyone is just trying to do the best that they can for the most part, so your viewpoints are based off of what the information that you have been given, you think that this is going to help people in the most way. 


So, of course we’re going to have people butting heads because they haven’t been shown the same criteria. And what’s interesting about this time and this dilemma that we’re seeing is, there’s this battle between do we want more “censorship” or less? And again, I’m coming at this with a completely ‘you choose your own adventure.’


So, there are the people who are saying that the media, social media is being censored; Facebook is censoring us, they’re not allowing us to speak our truth – anything that’s considered ‘woo’, ‘fringe’, ‘holistic’, ‘conspiracy’, “against going the mainstream” is being taken down, it’s not being shown, it’s being flagged, anything that goes against the CDC’s protocol (even if it’s a doctor saying) it’s being flagged – and that’s not fair. 


And then you have this other school of thought that is saying that it’s not fair that the Facebook algorithm is even letting people post these conspiracy theories because they could be pegged from hate groups and they could have racism attached to it, and we don’t know what the roots of these things are, and they might be based on facts and it’s very dangerous that it’s being spread.


So you have these two groups of people who want the greatest good for all but one of them thinks that it will come from having more regulation when it comes to spreading information to prevent the “fake” news from being spread (which is also a subjective term because fake news for one person will not be fake news for another person).

And then you have this other side saying that we’re losing our democracy; we’re losing our freedom of speech because we’re not able to share our beliefs and our theories, and what we believe, which might not be in alignment with that the mainstream media is telling us. Both make sense, both are valid points. 

So we are getting caught in this, once again, dualistic viewpoint of we’re either not doing enough to censor or we’re doing too much to censor. If you question the Government you’re QAnon, and if you question these QAnon (or wherever they’re coming from) theories, then you are a close-minded sheep, you’re a sheeple. 


And it’s again these – it’s interesting because a lot of it is coming from the Spiritual Community of “Are you going to take the red or the blue pill?” and again, it’s this dualistic viewpoint – you’re either awake or not; you’re conscious or you’re not. And what this is creating in a way is this internal civil war; it’s this internal spiritual war which is going within each and every one of us because each and every one of us is very confused because we’re receiving contradicting information and sometimes we’re receiving this information from two different people that we trust. Two people that you might look up to and you might resonate with their viewpoints and so many different things, but these two people are completely different when it’s coming politically. And the thing is with these rabbit holes is the more that you go down them, the more you find more information to validate your viewpoint.

So then all of the information you receive is to validate this and then you’re in this echo-chamber and you’re not receiving information from this “other side.”


So, the point of me sharing this with you is to take this higher-look perspective of what’s happening. Just look at this dualistic world – “How’s this showing up in my life? How am I, maybe, judging other people? Oh my Gosh, they questioned why we’ve been in quarantine so long – they might be a grandma killer, right?” Then we go and label that person. Or, “I watched this documentary and it said that Trump is the Savior and it really made sense to me and then suddenly you’re questioning everything and you voted for Trump.”

And again, it’s these two very different world views that really come from the same thing of trying to do the best with the information that we have. 


So, my invitation for you is to zoom out; is to look at what’s happening from the higher perspective. When we meditate we witness our thoughts. Instead of getting so entangled up in them and trying to think our way through them and trying to understand it all, we say “Oh, I’m thinking a lot. What’s the quality of my thoughts? Oh it’s very scattered, I feel like I’m rushing somewhere. Okay, I’m feeling a little bit of anger here. And there’s a bit of sadness.” Do this with the world right now and do this with yourself right now. Because when you’re able to take yourself to that witness perspective, you’re able to see these are just people (all of us) who are hurt, and wounded, and confused, and overwhelmed, and we’re trying to cling on to any theory that we can to help us make sense of these times. And the truth is, the only thing that will help us make sense is to tap into our own Truth and into our Dharmas. 


So, whatever you’re moving through right now, I feel you, and it’s valid. And take this time to get off of the social media; get off of the trying to figure out everyone’s opinion on every single subject and “Am I allowed to say this word anymore? Am I allowed to do that? Is this good? Is that? Oh, this guy must be evil. Oh, this guy must be good!” Let’s just get out of that! We’ve spent a lot of time getting tangled into this web.


So what would it look like if we zoom out, focus on ourselves, and allow ourselves the space to actually listen for the solutions? Because we’re never going to think our way through the problem without allowing ourselves to see it and notice the webs and the knots that we wouldn’t have seen when we were inside. And then from there we can see “How am I here to serve? What are my gifts? How are my talents aligned with the world’s needs?” And that is living in alignment with your Dharma. 


So, I hope this Episode was helpful for you navigating these times. And know that greater clarity, purpose, joy and freedom is waiting on the other side and it just our invitation to expand our spiritual selves; our strength; our well-being; our courage, as well as our intuition. 


Sending you so much love at this time! 

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 317: Why Things Aren’t So Black or White
by Sahara Rose 

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