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For press, speaking engagements, brand sponsorships and business collaborations, please submit your inquiry in the contact form below. 

Please note: Sahara does not take podcast guest submissions for Highest Self Podcast. Please do not submit any guest pitches. 

  • Podcast/ Social Media Sponsorships– Sahara loves working with aligned brands! Please share about your company and vision in working together and we will send you Sahara’s media kit.
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  • TV/ Press Features– Include all info below. Sahara is represented by United Talent Agency.
  • Podcast Invitations– Sahara participates on a limited amount of established podcasts. Please include your iTunes link + number of downloads and we will get back to you if it is a fit.
  • Online Summits– Sahara does not participate in summits with mandatory email send-outs.
  • Working With Sahara– The best ways to work with Sahara are in her Rose Gold Goddesses membership community, where she facilitates a monthly Goddess Circle or in her Modern Approach To Ayurveda Course!
  • Personal Questions and Praise–  Please note that due to the massive number of emails Sahara receives each day, personal emails will not be answered.  The best place to stay in touch with her is listening to Highest Self Podcast, where she posts twice a week, and Instagram @IAmSaharaRose where she actively posts and engages with followers every day.
  • For Rose Gold Goddesses related customer support, please email [email protected]  

Please submit your press, speaking engagements, podcast invitations, sponsorships and business collaborations below and we will get back to you shortly.

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