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Highest Self Podcast 305: Working With Your Menstrual Cycle for Optimal Living with Alisa Vitti

What does your nutrition, mood, exercise, productivity, ideal daily schedule and even sex life have to do with where you are at in your menstrual …

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Highest Self Podcast 284: Connecting To Earth To Bring Us Through This Shift with Malaika Darville

When I was 23-years-old I attended Malaika’s African dance class and knew I needed to learn from her. I trained under her in 5Elements Shamanic …

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Highest Self Podcast 272: How To Communicate With Your Womb’s Wisdom with Usha Anandi

Your wombs carry the codes to your greatest healing. In this episode, we dive deep into feminine spirituality, why the patriarchy has kept us separate …

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Highest Self Podcast 239: You Can Be Feminine and Feminist with Sahara Rose

In this episode, I share that the next wave of feminism is one that will include the divine feminine. That your sexuality is your sacred …

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Highest Self Podcast 220: Why Female Rivalry is Patriarchal BS with Sahara Rose

Doors are OPEN for Rose Gold Goddesses— join now at Why are women always deemed to be competing, rivaling and jealous of each other? …

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Highest Self Podcast 183: Why Should Us Women Hide Our Bodies? With Sahara Rose

Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor Let’s take the discussion further in the Mind-Body Balancers FB group: Discover Your Dosha (Mind-Body …

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Highest Self Podcast 166: Being a DisruptHER with Miki Agrawal

Women are criticized for everything– you are too ambitious, not ambitious enough, too maternal, not motherly. Miki, founder of THINX and TUSHY, has had enough …

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Highest Self Podcast 095: The Rise of Women with Danette May

There has been a major shift since 2012. We have woken up and realizing that we are all connected. Through supporting one another, we rise. …

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Highest Self Podcast 087: Opening Wide with Melissa Ambrosini

We are experiencing a beautiful shift post 2012 back into the Divine Feminine Era and talk about goddesses, moon cycles, feminine archetypes and menstruation is …

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