Highest Self Podcast 383: Healing Your Womb Space with Queen Afua

In this episode I sit down with Queen Afua, known as one of the mothers of womb wellness sharing this wisdom for over 40 years. We discuss the important of the womb space for a woman’s health, common ailments and their remedies, bath rituals and much more. Sit back in your throne and enjoy!


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Episode 383: Healing Your Womb Space with Queen Afua
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara

Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara

If it’s your first time listening, welcome, I am so grateful to have you here! And if you’re here every week, I am so grateful for your continued listenership and to be on this journey with you!

[00:32] Sahara

Now, can we just take a pause for a second and take a deep breath in. One more breath. And one last one.

[00:57] Sahara

Let’s just take this hour right now, listening to this Podcast, let’s just take it for ourselves, because right now, is a heavy time, a chaotic time, a time of great need, of great transition and it can also feel very, very overwhelming on the nervous system to take it all in.

[01:19] Sahara

Every single day we are exposed to new atrocities happening around the world. And yes, they are real, and if we just lose ourselves in one horrible event after the next, we’re never going to really be able to be in our dharmas, in our purposes, in our sacred missions on this planet.
And I feel you, how overwhelming it can be, with so many things happening, laws changing and events all around the world, it feels non-stop. And this is why we have our practices; this is why we have our tools; this is why we take a moment to gather and collect our thoughts and embody, because without it, we will lose ourselves and we won’t be able to be of service; and to be the solution that we are here to be.

[02:12] Sahara

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re feeling it all, and you’re trying to stay up-to-date with everything happening and also figure out what’s your stance on it, just breathe. We don’t know anything, fully, about any situation and it’s not up to any single one of us to be the overall solver of it. All we can do is to try our best, to continue to stay aware even when things are hard, and to also honor ourselves enough when we are feeling frazzled and overwhelmed and unable to move or take action, to take a moment, pause, to practice self-care, because that is the only way that we can be in alignment with our purposes.

[02:55] Sahara

So, I created this amazing, Free 5-Day Rose Gold Goddess Challenge, which is happening right now. And just seeing the women today – today we had Day 1, all about embodiment and seeing all the queens share their embodiment practice.
I share a new practice every single day in this Challenge, so today’s was an Embodiment Practice, this guided, kind of, free-flowing dance practice; tomorrow’s is all about Womb space Wisdom, so, I’ll be sharing my free Womb space Wisdom Meditation.
And if you want to join this Challenge, it’s happening right now, it’s absolutely free, you can head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com I have that link in the show notes.
So, then, on Wednesday, we’re going to be diving into our Expression. I have this beautiful channeling session where you’ll be able to practice some breathwork and then channel your highest self into its fullest expression.
Then on Thursday, we’re going to be moving into Intuition. I have a beautiful meditation and a practice to share with you to open up the channel of your intuition.
And then on Friday – Joy; because joy is your birthright, joy is your true nature. Truly, all of us are here as joy, it’s just that we are holding onto all of these layers, all of these responsibilities, all of these limiting beliefs, all of these false narratives that are withholding us from really blossoming into the fullest expression of joy and that sunlight that we are here to shine as.

[04:20] Sahara

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[05:55] Sahara

So, on today’s Episode, I am so excited to be bringing on a true queen – yes, her name is Queen Afua, on to the Podcast.
You may recognize her from her bestselling book “Sacred Women” which came out over 20 years ago, or more recently on the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith, all about Womb space Wisdom.

[06:20] Sahara

And she is known as really being one of the mothers of the Womb space Wellness Movement, teaching this now for over 40 years.

[06:29] Sahara

So, in this conversation, we dive deep into how the womb space is connected to our wellness; how we can cleanse from past lovers or relationships; how we can open up communication with our yonis; suggestions for different imbalances we may have in our womb space or morning bats and how that is so helpful for your spiritual growth, and so much more.

[06:54] Sahara

I love Queen Afua because she is such an Elder that carries so much potent wisdom and truly a pioneer in this movement, of helping women see that the base central of their wellness all beings in their womb space.
This is something that is very overlooked in our society, where we’re so masculine-focused, we’re so driven on go, go, go, do, do, do, perform, perform, perform, that we forget this innate wisdom that we carry inside of us to create life, and these different flows that we move through their menstrual cycle, and to connect back with her.

[07:30] Sahara

And even if you don’t have a physical womb space, we are all connected to the cosmic womb – men, transgender, non-binary, all people are connected to the wombs space, so it’s something that we can all benefit from.

[07:39] Sahara

Now, like a lot of the practices that she shares, are directly related to a yoni or a vagina, but you will still be able to really learn so much about womb space wisdom through this Episode.

[07:51] Sahara

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Queen Afua to The Highest Self Podcast.


[07:57] Sahara

Welcome Queen Afua to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[08:01] Queen Afua

Oh, it’s a delight to be here with you, thank you so much for inviting me.

[08:06] Sahara

And the first question I’d love to ask you today is what makes you your highest self?

[08:11] Queen Afua

What makes me my highest self? It’s lifestyle; a holistic lifestyle, such as breathing, meditating, living a vegan intake of wholefoods, forgiving, using the elements to heal me (air, fire, water and earth), and it’s all of that holistically coming together, on a daily basis, that keeps me into a higher level of living.

[08:40] Sahara

I love that so much! And you really have been the mother of wellness, teaching this for the past, over 40 years. And can you share with listeners, how is our womb space connected to our wellness?

[08:55] Queen Afua

The womb space is the centerpiece of our womb-niverse of the women. The womb space records all of our experiences (I have found) and she speaks. She either speaks wellness and it’s just we have womb peace; we have womb happiness; or she speaks womb pain and we go into that pain and we dissect and we begin to realize that she has been picking up on everything. And so, the womb space– she gives you information, she gives you inspiration, she gives you healing, or she cries out, if you’re not in alignment. So, she’s really there to help us and she nudges us and says “This is not the way for us to heal; this is the way for us to heal” and you can feel the shift. So, she speaks everything about where we are and what we’re doing and how we’re doing.

[09:54] Sahara

I love that so much! And I have been diving into my own womb space wellness journey over the past two years, and it really has been so powerful to see this as our house of intuition and the place that we can connect to, to receive further insights.
So, can you share a little bit with us how we can open up communication with our womb space, our vaginas, our yonis?

[10:17] Queen Afua

Well, there are – I’ve placed them into chakras. The first one of the chakras, the ‘origant’ we call chakras, the original term are ‘the will of power’ and it’s an ancient African spiritual concept. And inside of that, there are lotuses; and so, we tap into our seven lotuses. And also, that is an ancient African symbol of transformation, the lotus of rebirth, of coming out of the mud into the lotus blossom.
So, one of the ways in which we can (of the seven), we can recognize that we’re on common ground. And so, check-in with your mother; ask her about her womb space challenges; her womb overcoming; her womb space stories; if she will be open enough to share, because as, for my generation, they don’t share as much, and my mother’s generation share even less about their womb space experience, it’s very hidden, very secret. So, you, ask your mother, ask your auntie, ask your grandmother, ask your big sister to talk with you, because that is you, you are the continuation of your womb space life, your womb line, the DNA. And many times, we are having (young women are having) experiences that their mothers had – poor communication with mates, womb space pain, a hysterectomy. So, they’re on the same pathway. Now, as women begin to ask and talk, then they go “Oh, okay, I need to make some changes and I’m going to change the flow of my womb space because of my mother’s issues” which are also, usually your issues then, passed down. And so, just to know that we can overcome and have this discussion and all begin to talk about it and to share.
Another way is looking at your womb space as three centers – the womb space of your mind – for what you think, you birth, you create. So, your thinking is creating your womb space experience. Then go into your heart – what you feel, what you hold on, what you harbor, what you overcome, what you forgive, you birth, you create those feelings connected to the womb space. And what you think and what you feel, often times, is what’s translated to the womb space.
And so, if a woman is bleeding heavy and she’s in womb pain and literally 5, 6, 7, 8 days of bleeding, and at the same time she’s in pain, most women are in womb pain every month (I myself was one of those women, as a young woman, I was in excruciating pain) and so when women realize “Oh gosh, I’m in pain but how do I overcome?” How do you overcome? You have to take a holistic, natural lifestyle. So, those who, over seven weeks, or over twelve weeks, start to live a holistic lifestyle and start to move into plant-based, and move out of flesh and junk and processed and fast foods, they automatically start to have a healthier womb space. But then, there’s another way, that’s the second area we work on, we work on our food is medicine there, but we also work on our heart, and we work on forgiveness. Go back to your relationships, and I will say, women, all of our relationships are really and extension of ourselves. What we feel before we even go to a relationship; what we’re thinking; what was passed on in our DNA; we have to reconnect to that frequency of ourselves. And then we keep on repeating at looping ourselves into these traumas, these relationship traumas that keeps us depressed, and keeps us bleeding heavy, and keeps us in womb pain.
So, look back at your relationships, take them to the water, take them to the bath, and get into your water, take your Dead Sea salt or your Epson salt, put your rose oil, 3-5 drops of rose oil into your water, light a white candle for clear vision (for example), play some meditation music, or just be in silence and 10 minutes into your bath, ask the question; pick up you are you angry at, who are you upset about, who you felt wounded from on intimate relationship level, and you pull them up into your mind’s eye, and then you ask the question, the question is “Where was I? What did I do to bring this relationship? And what did this relationship come to teach me?”.
So, when you realize the relationship can teach you something, it shifts everything, and you say “What did it teach me”, well maybe that relationship wasn’t loving, attentive, and maybe you weren’t loving and attentive to yourself. So, it sends you back to yourself to empower yourself, to say “How can I be more loving to me? How can I put myself to number one? How can I encourage myself?” So, all relationships are mirrors and it brings us back, and that’s the heart of it.
And then, there’s seven of them, I can stop here, and those are just some of the things you could begin to do to have a healthy womb space life.

[15:25] Sahara

I love all of those tips, and it really does show how it’s so much more than our thoughts, so much more than our food, and even our emotion, it’s all of it put together, and it really is the system that all of it interplays.
And I know so many women have been having really heavy periods, especially the past couple of months, people think it may be related to the Covid vaccine – have you been seeing this in your own work?

[15:49] Queen Afua

Well, you know, it’s interesting. Those who come to me are usually sacred women, who want to take the sacred path or want to take the emerald green of the detox. So, they’re already in the alignment or they’ve read some of the books, they started making some alterations or changes. So, in the circle of those who come to me, they are not suffering from the Coronavirus. I think two out of thousands, and one that came took the training and due to her daughter, her daughter said “My mom is limp, she has a fever, she can hardly breathe, all of the symptoms”, so her daughter sent my detox kit to her. So, when I spoke to the mother, well, she couldn’t even talk so I said to the daughter “Who else is in the household”, so she said “My father, my brother”, so I gave them instructions, I said “Are there lemons or limes in the household or outside of them”, they said “Yes”, “Make her some lime water. Okay, do you have any vegetables in the house? Do you have any ginger?” “Okay, make the ginger, size of your hand, add that to some greens and make a juice out of that. Okay, son, you go run the bath!” By the time we worked on her illness, air, fire, water, earth, within 24 hours she was out of the bed, and in 3 days she was up and running. So, she had the virus.
And so, there’s a few that come to, who have it, and break their cycle. But most, who are already in this flow, they have not been having any of those issues because their immune systems are so strong already.
And when it hit, in March last year, I did a 21-day vigil, and every day (it was a volunteer), I just hopped on a call and I invited all the healers from different walks, different methods and systems to join me and share their method of healing and charging the community (the global community). And so, people were already having great results, I wasn’t hearing major fall-outs at all in those who had been coming in the circle of wellness.

[17:49] Sahara

I love that so much, and it just speaks so much into how our lifestyle, and I love how simple it is, it’s just lemons and limes; it’s ginger; taking a bath; incorporating these different elements; having the fire, the earth, the water. And these things have always healed us and we think that we need something outside of us, something pharmaceutical, something else, and it’s just this media that makes us so afraid of our own bodies and makes us doubt our body’s healing powers.

[18:17] Queen Afu

So real. So, the way that you work and the way that I work, what I realized is that I’ve never seen so many women want to become healers in the last 30 years; it’s an awakening, and I know it’s coming from a particular prayer.
I unearthed this prayer many moons ago, and it just aligns us. I would like to share this very briefly with you, I said:

We are the women who lighten the darkness,
We have come to lighten the darkness, it is lightened.
We have overcome the destroyers,
We are there for those who weep; who hide their faces with sun down, that looked upon us then,
We are the Women,
We are the Healers,
We are the Women,
We are the Healers.

So, there’s been an uprise of women waking up and saying “I want to be a Healer”, and women are studying herbology, they’re studying hydrotherapy, they’re studying yoga and meditation, they’re becoming vegan chefs – all this is suddenly happening.
Years back, it wasn’t like that, women were coming to take care of themselves. But now it’s, the women are saying “I want to learn this so I can help my family and my friends and my community”. So, I’m seeing a real, major shift at the last few years of women waking up to the healer within.

[19:42] Sahara

Absolutely! It really is such a reawakening of that, of coming back to the ways that before patriarchy, that all women were healers and we’re just remembering those codes within us. And I think it starts with these really simple things that so many of us experience, and one of those things that so many listeners shared are UTI’s. UTI’s is something so many people suffer from. What do you suggest for healing this?

[20:07] Queen Afua

Tell me the symptoms? The symptom tells the story.

[20:10] Sahara

So, with UTI’s, I believe it’s painful for them to urinate, it’s an infection of the urethra.

[20:17] Queen Afua

Well, that infection comes from really a diet filled with toxicities. So, they have to examine. Do self-inflection and examine what are you taking in that is causing the toxicity to accumulate.
I have found that all diseases are really two things: malnourishment – the body is starving for real food, empty calories, junk food, fast food, processed food, fried food, microwaved food, GMO foods, all of those cause toxicity in the womb and bacteria build-up. So, it’s either malnourishment or toxicity.
So, if you can take the toxic substances out of the lifestyle, even just try it out for 7 days; your womb will begin to make a shift, and put in the diet, foods that help to repair and to build. So, primarily simple; the green foods will help to repair and build, and the fresh foods will help to detoxify. So, if you can increase that into your lifestyle, whatever the issues that you’re having in your womb, it will begin to shift. And then just take a look at how many days you have your menses. Many women are hemorrhaging; they’re bleeding heavy (they’re bleeding too heavy) and they’re also in pain, unnecessarily so. So, once they start to change and really create a balance from more alkaline foods, more live foods, so, cook by the sun, not eating late at night, liquifying with live juices, taking your herb teas from your golden rod, for those bleeding heavy (Shepherd’s Purse), these are simple things you can begin to do to really clean out the womb from all the various womb issues, from endometriosis to a thyroid tumor.

[22:05] Sahara

I love that! And what is your take on caffeine?

[22:08] Queen Afua

My take on caffeine is that it shocks the adrenal system. So, it’s going to shock the nervous system. And so, it’s like, the goal is to take the trauma out and that’s causing emotional trauma to the body. So, that’s a small but simple, take on it.

[22:24] Sahara

Yes. I know so many people, they definitely rely on it and it can contribute to those things.

[22:31] Queen Afua

They’re stressed out, that’s really what it is. So, they have to look at “Why am I stressed out? What do I need to change?” It’s the habits that we have that keep us stressed. So, maybe communicating with people who aren’t on the same page with you or being in an unhealthy relationship, you need to begin to look at that and start to come out of that. Some of us have jobs that are causing us a lot of tension and stress, caffeine comes along with your 9-5 job, maybe. And so, maybe you should be looking at something that you really care about and really love, and you want to do, and begin to develop yourself in a way that you really want to live, and then the stress levels automatically begin to decrease.

[23:12] Sahara

Absolutely, yes, it’s going back to the lifestyle of why we need to keep drinking more and more caffeine.
And I think a lot of us, too, are afraid of fruits. A lot of people have read that is has such high sugar in it, it can lead to Candida, so what is your take on this, kind of, modern trend right now, to steer clear of fruits?

[23:32] Queen Afua

Well, I say stay clear of sugar; the sugar on the table, it eats away the nervous system. The fruits itself, has natural sugar that if it’s so organic and has seeds in it, and you take it in moderation, then it’s fine. But most of the time people are really just taking the sugar, the table sugar, and that is, it depletes the nervous system, the brain, the skin, the teeth; so, it deteriorates and breaks down. So, they need to take a look at “What am I actually taking in? Am I taking two apples for the day or a bowl of cherries?” That’s not going to cause an adverse effect, that’s moderation. But if you’re having sweets all throughout the day and then you’re having fruits, that’s what is going to cause the issue.

[24:18] Sahara

Yes, definitely! And we all have, from thousands of years, survived off of fruits and there’s a reason why it’s so easy for us to pick, and it’s within arms-length distance and it’s sweet. I believe that God, Universe, Source, designed us to want to eat these fruits.

[24:34] Queen Afua

And they, also, I look at fruit as medicine, so everything you take in, it has an impact on your life. You could actually just write down all your issues and then start to take in the – for example, say you’re stressed out, you may make a juice (a green juice) with two stalks of celery; say, at the same time you have aches and pains in your joints, you may take a half of a turnip; say that you are debilitated, you wake up tired, go to sleep tired, then you may add kale or chard to your greens – so, that may be one thing.
Say you have vaginal discharge, so, that’s some vegetables that would help; juicing or whole salads when looking for what’s uncooked as opposed to cooking all the life out of it. And then say you have vaginal discharge, so, you may take 4oz of unsweetened cranberry juice three times a week for that. Say you’re constipated – and so, constipation is very dangerous to the uterus. If you have, for example, and so, to balance that, you could juice yourself, two or three apples or one or two kales to that, and add two glasses of water. So, it’s not a high-sweetened drink, and then take that in and that will regulate your colon, as you then start to eat okra and you put that into your soups and into your salads; of flax seeds.
So, whatever your issues are, there is an antidote in nature, and once you start to use nature to rectify the issue, along with exercise, and proper breathing and meditation, a whole lifestyle, then you begin to really have the womb wellness lifestyle, and all the different issues will begin to leave.

[26:13] Sahara

I love that! And your book “Sacred Women” has so many of these different remedies for basically every problem. So, thank you for sharing that.
And, I’d love to ask you about, what does it mean if you’re getting really late periods or not getting your period and how can we bring that into balance?

[26:30] Queen Afua

Well, it depends where you are. A late period means your body is; your emotions are up and down. So, do an inventory, and so, you have to look at your life, closely, and you say “Okay, what am I doing in the morning? What am I doing, who am I coming into contact with in the afternoon and in the evening?” So, you get to a chance to say “Okay, this is 7 days of self-evaluation”; inventory of the kinds of relationships that you bring into your life, because it’s keeping you emotionally up and down. And then bring into it “Well, what am I eating also” and then “What am I thinking and what am I feeling?” So, having some self-reflective time is very important and really the best way to analyze yourself, the best time of the day, is between the hours of 4 and 6 or 7 in the morning when your melanin is strong, you’re more centered and everything around you is very quiet. You could light a candle and so a prayer and just have a conversation with yourself “What am I feeling? How am I feeling? What are people saying to me? What am I saying on social media? Is social media stressing me, I need to detox from that for a minute. And, what am I reading? What am I looking at?” See, all of these things are food and some foods are making you sick. What you’re looking at; what you’re hearing; what you’re saying; how you’re responding; all this, I have to go all though transformation and what did you actually shift that reality? “I’m having a baby” and the name of the baby is Womb Love Care and it’s a 7-step rejuvenation moon program.
So, I recommend that one finds, it may not be me, it may be you, it may be other healers, find a system that you can stay with and every day you follow that system, because what we do (a hit and miss), read a book here, take a workshop there, take these vitamins. I could imagine so many people get vitamins and herbs and they put them in their cabinet until the next new thing comes up and they get that one and try that for a week or two, and the next new thing. And so, really, we’re all just so scattered, we’re all over the place. So, we don’t really get the results that we’re seeing.
So, if we were to really just focus in, whatever program, whatever circle you decide to be with, give yourself a season, become well-seasoned in it and learn what you need to learn and clear up what you need to clear up. That’s why retreats are so helpful, but a retreat is usually only 3 or 4 days, you need to retreat for 12 weeks. And even during this time, people have been locked in and you’re feeling locked down, I call this whole experience a very profound retreat. I’ve changed the tome of it. And so, people would be, set up their wellness homes and their kitchens become human laboratories, and their bathroom becomes a hydrotherapy room, and their living room becomes a living-in, and pull out their yoga mats, they pull up their music, they pull out their juice and retreat in their kitchen; they take their bath salts and they take the enema bag and their foot stool for the elimination of the hydro-room, and they out their pillows for their version in the healing bedroom. So, every woman in your house right now, she would say, to take all the rooms in your house and make your home a wellness home.
There’s a doctor, Benjamin (Dr. Benjamin, I believe her name), one thing she said, I love her so much, she said “Healing is not only done in hospitals and clinics, healing is done in homes also”. So, we would go into our homes and transform our homes into healing homes; we would begin to see a major shift, and the issues that we’re suffering from, whether it be a thyroid tumor, because of the habits that we’ve been carrying and passed down through the blood line or we’ve been having unhealthy relationships, whatever that is, when you start to zero in, focus in, you can break the cycle of disease in yourself and your bloodline.


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[32:53] Sahara

I love that so much. And yeah, I’ve definitely noticed within myself because of this quarantine, bringing in so many things that I used to, maybe, go out for, like a healing treatment etc., bringing them into my home and making my home that sanctuary. And I loved something you wrote in your book, to have flowers in your bathroom all the time, to just make your bathroom a sanctuary for yourself. And a friend of mine, who had done one of your programs, she has been doing the morning baths.
So, can you share with us a little bit why taking a bath in the morning is so helpful?

[33:26] Queen Afua

Well, it depends, if you’re working at home, it’s easier to take a bath in the morning because you’ll be very centered. Water, you are made of 75% water – when you circle and surround yourself in water, it’s the quickest way to balance out your emotions. If you’re sad, if you’re depressed, if you’re anxious, if you’re stressed, whatever the emotions that are going around, it’s going up and down and everywhere, the bath will pull you right in. And because it’s circling you, it has that power.
And so, the bath balances you out emotionally and psychologically and spiritually. Then water, it allows you also to connect to relationships, you can do a self-restoration in those relationships. Bring them up, look at them, let them go, learn from them and your day is open. Otherwise, we take the people with us that we’re hurting them – we’re mad at them, we’re thinking their thoughts, we want to get back at them – go get yourself in that bath, and all of a sudden, you start to see “Wait a minute, there’s something I need to do and shift in myself, that’s collected in these relationships”. So, the water helps to balance out the relationship with yourself so that you can balance out your relationship with others, and that you will attract healthier relationships. So, it’s a beautiful way to begin your day (with that spiritual bath). Then you can charge your bath so you can feel that spiritual shift. It’s all about love and giving yourself a lot of love, a lot of care, a lot of upliftment. And the more that you can give yourself that, you will begin to attract a loving, supporting, kind relationships. So, you can put five drops of rose oil into your water to represent opening up of the heart or a few drops of lotus oil to open up your heart and your consciousness and your mind.
You can put in there some Himalayan Salts or Epsom Salt or Dead Sea Salt (a pound or so) as long as you don’t have high blood pressure, otherwise use a cup or two or organic apple cider vinegar or dandelion tea (make that into a bath). And, if you want to really have a love, love bath, then you can get yourself a bunch of roses, pink roses would be lovely (or white) and put them in your bath, and you’ll have a flower bath. There’s nothing like a flower bath! Turn off your light in your bathroom (your hydrotherapy room) and light a candle to represent that what you’re working in.
You might be communicating on people true to your heart, so, you might light a blue candle for that. You might light a green candle because you’re about opening up, healing your breasts and your heart, and having healthy relationships and prosperity (prosperous relationships, not relationships that drain you). You might light a white candle for a clear channel because there’s so much clutter in your life, so you just keep getting more confused in your work, so that will help clear the pathway. You might light a violet candle so that you can see the truth (the truth will set us free), you don’t make up things, you say “What is the truth here so that I can grow and that I can overcome”. And with the candle (color of the candle), it’s connected to chakras, so you work with the candle, you’re working as the light, that’s the fire. And you might put ginger in your bath, and that’s more fire to burn up more congestion and then you have the flowers and that opens up the spirit and the heart, and you have the salt that opens up the physical body and allows you to detox deeper. So, using all the elements into this one bath and your day is going to flow, just like the water is going to flow.

[37:10] Sahara

So beautiful! I’ve taken flower baths before and there really is nothing like it, and I think it’s just an ultimate way to rewire our nervous systems and this productivity culture that we’re in, that’s wake up and get on my computer, and answer my emails, and get on top of the day – instead to start your day from this place of not responding to the world outside of you but really listening to what’s happening within you. I think that’s so powerful and will set the tone to how you respond and react to the world for the rest of your life.

[37:41] Queen Afua

Oh yes, absolutely! And then you’ll have more time to really have a loving, healthy relationship with yourself, and that becomes your new way. That’s why there’s so much stress and anxiety, so we sit all day and we look at the news, the bad news. The bad news is coming because people are sick and hurting and that’s more the norm than not, but if you represent the good news that ‘I’m a whole woman. I’m on my path of healing”, that also becomes the good news.
I remember, I spent some time in Africa for some months and I would look at the news and it would be “Oh, the crops are growing so beautifully over here and this hugna white tea are doing work for the community”, that was the news. But in New York I’m hearing how many murders, suicide, fires, pains, so that’s what the news is, that’s the people (the people in the news).

[38:35] Sahara

So true, yes! I mean, and that’s the thing too, we think that it’s being informative or being a good citizen to be watching the news, but really, how are we helping the world if we’re just being bombarded by everything going wrong, but we’re out of our own power to create what could go right.

[38:54] Queen Afua

Yes! That’s the beauty of healing, because you have good news inside of you that wants to come out, and it’s really important. One of the blossoms is birthing a purpose, and if you don’t live your purpose, you’re always going to be stressed out and you’re going to attract stress and you’re going to see nothing but stress; you’re going to see a continuation of how you feel inside – outside, but when you start to really say “Why did I come on this planet? What am I really supposed to be doing here? Am I a teacher, an educator, am I to be an author, am I to help women, am I to teach people how to prepare full holistically? Why did I come here? Am I to help people with technology?” Find why you’re here, so you can be on purpose, and when you’re on purpose, your heart is at peace, you attract healthy relationships. You can take your healing bath because you’re not all stressed out and you’re not in the loop of bad news and drama. And you realize “Wait a minute, I, also, can create the news”.
So, there are stressors all the time and triggers all the time, and the more bad news you see, the more you create within yourself; and the more fear that’s magnified. So, you know, pause, go inside and say “What is it that I came here to do and I’m going to begin to do that.”
Taking those baths, getting up early, at 4 o’clock in the morning, doing your journaling, all these are ways in which you can connect to yourself and rebirth you. By rebirthing yourself, you will see that your womb, also, will begin to shift. So, if there’s heavy bleeding, if there’s a thyroid tumor, if there’s endometriosis, any of those things and more, it’s just because your mind and your heart and your emotions are locked into a toxic journey. And so, you can shift that, at will, whenever you’re ready.

[40:46] Sahara

I love that so much! And, you know, we’re all about living our purposes here on the Podcast and in my book.
So, I would love, if you have any rituals or suggestions to recommend for someone who’s seeking to find their purpose right now?

[41:00] Queen Afua

Yes! Actually, I have what’s called – first you have to look at birthing blues and see what you’ve done. And some have aborted their vision, they conceived it, they’ve thought about it, they started to grow it and then they became fearful of their own purpose, so they aborted it, they stopped it, they put it on the shelf. Others get the vision, it’s called ‘reflection’ to see where you are, some have actually given themselves a hysterectomy of their vision and they don’t think they can even do it, they don’t think they have way of it, they don’t think they have the support, they don’t feel they have the money, so they just affirm “I can’t do that, I can’t do what I really want to do, I have to do what I don’t want to do”.
There was a physician and she said “I really don’t want to do this, I want to dance” and so she would call me from time to time and I helped her with herbs and things, and she became a physician who dances, so she was able to live her full life and do performances and be a healer at the same time (a physician). So, it’s important to just see where you are.
And then, sometimes, we go through full term, we have our vision, we grow it and we have support, we have midwives and mid-husbands and everybody helps, and then you go out and say “Okay, world, my vision is here” and maybe a handful of people show up and you get depressed and then you just say “Well, this is just not going to happen for me”. But you have to grow, it’s like a baby, you have to nurse it, you have to hug it, you have to have a conversation, you have to grow, and as you’re growing it and learning why the five people came and giving thanks.
I remember when I was a teenager and I realized “Oh my gosh, I got rid of my asthma, my allergies, my PMS, my headaches and I did it at three 28-day cycles”. I was so excited, I made a flyer and I got on my bike (I was 19 -18) and I was, sort of, riding around the whole neighborhood, putting up food co-ops and health food stores “Come to my house, I want to share with you a vegetarian lifestyle and how it can help you to heal you and overcome the issues”, I laid out a banquet, one person came, I was so happy about my attitude about it. One person came and we talked for several hours, he was so enthused about this healing and that he had someone to talk to. And that gave me a lot of insight, just having that first conversation outside of myself. I had been reading, I had been taking workshops, I did my personal healing, but to have that comradery about the health and wellness, it encouraged me. And that one because ten and it became thousands, I just kept growing it and learning from every single experience.
So, I just want you to just look at it like that, you came here to do something really special, everyone. Not looking at somebody else’s lives, they’re doing so great outside and they’re a star and they’re wonderful, but what about me? What about you? You can go inside! So now that you’ve looked at how you’ve been kind of looking at your visions, you’ve given it up, you don’t believe in yourself, well these are some recordings that have been given to you.
My family, I have nine aunts and seven of them are school teachers, so really, I should be a school teacher, but I did, I became one, I teach about wellness, I teach about natural healing, but I didn’t teach in the way, I didn’t teach in the public school like all my aunts did, it wasn’t my calling.
So, in your bath, that we talked about, this wonderful bath, give yourself three baths straight and you’re going to get up at 4, 5, 6 o’clock in the morning, you’re going have a cup of herb tea, maybe dandelion for iron, maybe golden rod to start to shrink that tumor, maybe Shepherd’s Purse to cut on the heavy bleeding, and you can do that for a few days and you can come out with your journal; and after your bath and you’ve done a few moments of affirmations and meditation, then begin to let the spirit move you and say “What is my purpose? Why did I come here?” And just let the spirit write through you. That’s how I wrote these books that I put out. I have to ask, I don’t think I’m a writer, I just channel and I hear and I hear what the people need and then I see that and say “Okay, this”, and I hear everything. So, that intuition, you wake it up and you will see the where, the when, the time, the place, the who, the what – you’re going to get all this data, and you just keep coming every day “I’m so excited about getting more information about birthing my vision. I don’t know what it is but I like to work with people. I’m not sure what it is, I like to work also with children”. So, it means you might want to work with parents who are holistic, to raise children. So, you’ll find your way, just know that you will find a way because it’s in you. Your purpose, you were born with and it was already there before you came out of your mother’s womb.

[45:59] Sahara

So beautifully said! And what I’m really hearing and I’d love listeners to let that land, is, first of all, it’s not overnight, it’s starting with that one person and here you are, 40 years later and continuing. And I’m sure you’ve explained things thousands upon thousands of times, but your enthusiasm and passion is still there because it’s your dharma, it’s your purpose, it’s why you’re here.
So, when we find that thing that we align with, and it comes through trial and error, it comes from, like you said, you could’ve been a teacher, but you’re, kind of, your own type of teacher. And it’s kind of remixing things that “Okay, I’ve seen someone do this before, but my remixed version is the doctor that dances or the person who’s teaching about this thing that most people aren’t talking about”. And the more that we make it authentic and unique to us, and even if it’s never been seen before, understood before, the more it is needed by the world, because we’re that one person who can fill that gap.

[46:56] Queen Afua

Oh, I love it! It’s needed by the world, actually, somebody’s exactly what you have. And I hear my own enthusiasm; my sister, she just made me a fresh orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit drink and I’ve put some green life in it, this is right before the interview, and I took the juice and I said “Oh my gosh, I feel so excited, I feel my cells awake, my eyeball is vibrating high”, the food that you eat will give you energy, it was life, it was organic and it really talks to you; you’re what you’re eating. So, for those people like “I don’t know what it is, I’m afraid”, well do a 7 or 21-day detox and all of a sudden you become fearless in your vision, and no matter what people didn’t believe, because most people are afraid to live who they are. So, you have to watch who you talk to, only talk to people who believe in you and your vision; everyone else, let it happen and they will find out later on, because if you don’t get to write encouragement, words have power; words can build you up and words can bring you down. So, if you feel those words not supporting you, it can stop you, it can paralyze you. So, watch who you share your purpose and your vision with and make sure they become your champions and they celebrate your vision with you.

[48:20] Sahara

Absolutely! And this is why it’s so important to find community. Sometimes people who don’t even know us, total strangers can be more supportive of our purposes than our own family and friends who may be committed to a former version of ourselves that’s no longer in alignment, and sometimes to try to make the people around us happy, we hold onto this past version of ourselves, even if it’s hurting ourselves and preventing our natural evolution.

[48:45] Queen Afua

Yes, and that’s so real. I heard you say families – you know what, you have different families, you have holistic families; some you have spiritual families; some you have business families, and you share things with; and then you have blood families. So, if you think you’re going to get everything from your blood family, the frequency of the family, you’re in that family. You may be the unique one of the family, it begins to break out, of someone with family’s habits, they may not be productive even for the family. And so, you have to be of courage and then find an additional family that you’re on the same path with, and that’s the community.
And sometimes you have to either go look for a community or you have to become the community. What I do is, I became the community, I said “Okay, I love this feeling, oh my gosh, this is so exciting, it’s healing my life”, I start telling people I didn’t know, I said “Do you know you could be well?” And I remember calling up all my mother’s friends, those who I thought might hear me, I said “You know that cane you have, you might as well put that down”, and then I start calling up my friends who thought I was totally mad and I said “You know that asthma that you had, you can get rid of that if you have some citrus and some cider vinegar and warm water”, and so, I started to create family and community out of my own enthusiasm. And then I have the whole world.
People say “Where are you”, I’m in the world, I’m in the whole world, and that’s how I feel, I feel connected to everyone.

[50:13] Sahara

I love that so much! Create the community you wish you are a part of, be that vibration, start sharing it, because chances are, you’re going to inspire and even find other people who are like “Oh my Goddess, I have been wanting someone to talk about that with”, and finally you’re giving people that permission.
I think so many listeners are really feeling that call right now to set up sister circles in their community, to start talking about these conversations.
And before we go, I would love for you to speak a little bit about yoni steaming, as I know that’s something you’re very passionate about sharing.

[50:46] Queen Afua

Yes! Oh, I just had a wonderful time with Jada Pinkett on Red Table.

[50:52] Sahara

Yes! I watched it, it was so great!

[50:54] Queen Afua

And I saw the sister, I believe she’s in Brooklyn, I’m not sure where she’s from, but she does yoni steaming. That is in total alignment with one of the techniques of cleansing and healing the womb. I’ve taken thousands of people to the Russian bath house over the years, I would take 50 people at a time, sometimes 100, and we would just sweat for three or four hours, the whole body. But when I learned about focus steaming on the uterus itself, it just makes so much sense because it moistens the uterus so that the congestion in the uterus, it’s like having a sinus congestion, the congestion, that may be a tumor, that’s womb congestion; a vaginal discharge; a cyst; that is congestion of the uterus. So, the heat, the moist heat, which is what the yoni steam is all about, it softens the uterus, it softens the yoni, it softens that growth and it begins to drain so your uterus can now begin to drain and release that poison, and then you can start herbs, compounds that you may use (I have a herbal compound that you may use) and while you’re in this steaming, you have those herbs and it helps it pull that congestion out, and so, the yoni is important.
But what I have found with focus – you can focus in and do a breast compress, of cast oil and black seed oil over your breast, heated – that’s a focus. Or you can work on the entire body so that all your systems support the flush. So, with the yoni steaming, you need to be liquifying through juicing, maybe you’ll have juicing, particularly when the sun goes down and your body starts to really go into a place of settleness. So, you liquify in the evening time, and then, in the morning time, you have a yoni steam, it’s wonderful.
So, you do your juicing, you take your water, you take your herbs and then you have a yoni steam, and you’ll have twice the results.
I just believe in moist, I believe in heat, I believe in water treatment, that’s why the colonics are so helpful. I just love to go through leaps of healing.
So, getting yourself ready for yoni steaming or getting yourself ready to come to my womb spa, then you’re actually going to move to a lifestyle that supports yoni steam. Or if you do the yoni steaming, and you’re eating dairy, which is going to congest the uterus again, or having a white flower process of congesting this again, then it won’t help, it will just be temporary leap.
So, you have a plan – so, if you get so many treatments of yoni steaming and that you’re squatting, you’re actually sitting, and the moisture is coming into the womb and the heat is coming into herbs and then you lead from there and have a large salad and some fresh juice and maybe some steamed vegetables or wholegrain, something light, or avocados as your protein, and then you come back for another treatment, then the healing is getting stronger. So, it’s a whole lifestyle that has surround the yoni steaming.

[53:55] Sahara

Yeah! I love yoni steaming because it really does connect you, there’s really no other practice that totally connects you with just that womb space of yours, being in a full body sauna, you’re feeling it everywhere, but with the yoni steam, you’re really right in there.
And I actually went to a yoni steam, it was at a Korean spa, with my husband, and he did an anal steam, and I found out that the Chinese emperors, for thousands of years, would, every single week, get an anal steam because it would open themselves up from the root chakra and bring them more into their power.

[54:27] Queen Afua

That’s fantastic! You see, I was a colon therapist for 15 years, so I was about cleaning out that colon. So, steaming it, that’s a whole other way of approach. So, that’s what the men go through, alright!

[54:40] Sahara

Yes, exactly! I love that we’re paying so much more attention to these areas of ourselves that we’ve dismissed.
And, another last question that I would love to ask you is, what are your takes on using tampons? I know a lot of women have been using tampons their entire lives because it’s easy, but do you feel like it blocks the flow? As well as different bleaches used in common tampon products can be harmful for our health?

[55:05] Queen Afua

Well, yes. I would say to not to block, it can cause congestion. So, I would say to open up. They have pads now, they have organic pads, they have no chemicals in them. And so, I want you to seek those pads out. And particularly, give them to young girls, the daughters, the ones going through their ripe, age 13-16, start them off correctly because it can cause issues in the future. So, you want to have a pad that allows the flow to just drop into the pad as to suppress it and push it back up, because I would say that causes womb shock to actually insert a tampon into a body, and that tampon has ammonia in it, so the chemicals in there will bleach out the uterus because of chemical shock.

[55:57] Sahara

Yeah. I really love using these period underwear that are these new kind of underwear that basically have pads built inside of them so you don’t feel the same, kind of like, the thickness of wearing a pad, but it allows you to free bleed into the underwear, so I really recommend that for people.

[56:14] Queen Afua

I love that, I read that somewhere.

[56:16] Sahara

Yes, and what is your take on birth control pill? I know a lot of people were put on it from a young age (myself including) and they’re feeling the call to get off of it. So, if you have any advice there, on ways that we can detoxify from birth control pills?

[56:31] Queen Afua

Well, there is a system, I’m trying to know the system, I’m going to have to give it to you later, but I wrote about it in my book because I studied with a woman about 35 years ago and she taught using the texture of the vagina, if it’s dry, if it’s moist, and you can tell if you’re fertile or you’re not fertile, and you have about 6 or 7 days of the month that you are fertile.

[57:01] Sahara

Oh yes, fertility awareness method.

[57:03] Queen Afua

Thank you! Fertility Awareness! I met the woman who started that, many years ago. I don’t hear anything about her specific, but I do love that concept.
I use that, I did that with numerology, Lord Stray Horn gave me my numbers of the month when I was fertile and I just became, I was intimate during those days and I was not fertile. And then when I was fertile, I was ready to have children, I’d scrape them. So, it’s important to know your days, and that’s one of the ways. And you can tell by your temperature, you can check your temperature and fertility awareness and checking the moisture in the vaginal area.

[57:43] Sahara

Yes, and now it’s really cool, there’s all these different bracelets people can wear that are automatically tracking their temperature all the time, or just these really easy thermometers that allow you to track it. I was writing it down every single day, and then you miss one day, and it’s a little bit hard but it is super-effective, I think it’s 99% in preventing unwanted birth, which is actually higher than condoms, so I totally suggest for people.
And do you recommend any specific herbs or foods or rituals for detoxifying, if you’ve been on birth control for quite a while?

[58:19] Queen Afua

Well, I would say that juicing would be helpful and you should have at least 8oz to 6oz of green juice every day, and to ginger, taking the heat, that will help to flush out. So, taking a bark about the size of your palm of ginger, with the vegetable juice or your fruit juice. Taking your cranberry will help to flush out. Also, clay, using the clay, you can use it as a poultice and putting it to the opening of the vagina to help to repair the uterus, and that will help to nourish the uterus – you’re putting zinc, potassium, calcium, using it at the back of the uterus, nourishing it, that’s another way. Do that maybe 3 times a week, keeping it in for an hour and then flushing yourself out.
Also, inverting, getting the bloodstream to repair the uterus. Inverting, get three pillows underneath the bed, legs on those pillows that allow the blood to flow down to the legs into the uterus. So, all these are ways in which to repair and flush out and reset, literally reset, the uterus.

[59:28] Sahara

Love all those so much! And super-easy things people can find anywhere that they are to get them detoxifying. And it’s beautiful how something like a green juice or cranberry can heal us in so many different ways, even ailments that we might not even be aware of; these foods can really work in supporting us.
Incredible! Well, thank you so much Queen Afua, for sharing your wisdom with us, for being such a pioneer in this movement and making womb wisdom so accessible for so many people. We, so deeply, appreciate you! And where can listeners further connect with you, get you book and try one of your trainings?

[1:00:05] Queen Afua

Oh, well, thank you so much for having me, it’s been such a joy being with you today, I feel so rejuvenated.

[1:00:13] Sahara

Aww, likewise!

[1:00:15] Queen Afua

Well, I do have the training coming up. It’s at the end of August, but the book is going to be available also for Womb Care Love and this is a 7-step to rejuvenate, restore and renew your womb, based on the 7 arit.
And so, that is going to be a 7-week training and you can register for that, for the end of August, and you can also get pre-orders for the book, be the first ones. And we’re going to have a giant, massive, private circle for those who get the book, those are called The Believers. Like in your own vision, if you get some believers who believe in your work ahead of time, who see it before it all shows up to the world, you’re going to support them and give them extra thank you.
So, for the Believers, go ahead and get the book early and we’re going to have a special circle for those who saw the vision before the world saw the vision.

[1:01:10] Sahara


[1:01:11] Queen Afua

It’s at www.queenafua.com or wombcarelove.com

[1:01:16] Sahara

Perfect! And we will have that link in the show notes! Thank you so much again for sharing with us today.

[1:01:21] Queen Afua

Thank you so much for having me! Stay blessed! Be well!

[1:01:24] End of Interview


[1:01:25] Sahara

How beautiful was that conversation! I love Queen Afua because she is such an example to me of a woman sitting in her throne. The way that she dresses herself and just wraps herself with these beautiful purple silks and takes care of her body and is aging so gracefully, without the resistance, but just because she’s so in touch with who she is and taking care of herself and feeding herself so much.

[1:01:50] Sahara

And this conversation also inspired me to eat more fruit, because I feel like we are sort of fruit-phobic right now, that’s sort of the thing in nutrition is way more having protein and fats and less carbs. And I feel like I used to eat a lot of fruit, at one point I was probably even like a fruitarian, when I was a raw vegan, but then I kind of shifted away because of the Candida stuff, but this conversation, since having it, I’ve been eating a lot more fruit and just like letting myself enjoy that more and not having as much restrictions of “Well, it needs to be at this time, on an empty stomach”, and, you know, the other night, for dinner I wasn’t really hungry, I just had a bunch of papaya and it was so good.
So, if you have a little bit of fruit fear happening, I know that’s a thing, I invite you just to try some more fruits to see how it feels. And of course, baths! If you have access to a bath, such a beautiful way to take time for yourself.
I have a friend who did Queen Afua’s program and she has two kids and she started taking baths by herself, every morning at 4:00 AM, it was the one time for the whole house to be quiet and for her to have this time for herself and it has been so life-changing. She’s come up with so many ideas that have impacted her life and her business, just through having this quiet time for herself.

[1:03:08] Sahara

So, love Queen Afua so much! I hope you enjoyed this conversation! If you loved it, please leave a review on the iTunes Store, it helps so much! And as a free gift for leaving a review, I will send you the first half of my unreleased book, and never to be released book because it was the first book I wrote on Ayurveda, called “Eat Right For Your Mind-Body Type”.
So, all you’ve got to do to receive this book is leave a review for the Podcast, take a screenshot and email it over to me at [email protected] and I will send you the first half of my unreleased book.

[1:03:51] Sahara

Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next Episode, Namaste.


Episode 383: Healing Your Womb Space with Queen Afua
By Sahara Rose

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