Highest Self Podcast 382: Divine Feminine Truth, Embodiment + Body Sovereignty with Rev. Briana Lynn


This has to be one of my favorite conversations date because we really WENT THERE. What it *actually* means to integrate your divine feminine, the full spectrum of your pleasure, rage, passion, grief, all of it. We talk about the path of descension, rather than ascension, and tuning into sensations where there was once numbness. We bring it back to what really matters- creating a world we all want to be part of, where all beings are free, expressed and honored, and manifesting beyond the material. We speak about massive choices we are faced with today and how to tune back into your body’s wisdom for the answer. We also dive into living in community, reconnecting with the land, and mobilizing the people for a collective evolution. This is a POWERFUL conversation that the world deeply needs right now and beyond excited to share it with you.

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Episode 382: Divine Feminine Truth, Embodiment + Body Sovereignty with Rev. Briana Lynn
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
I just finished recording one of the most impactful Episode’s yet, that we have ever had on the Podcast, in the 4+ years, and 400+ Episodes of recording, like his conversation that you are about to listen to – is juicy and real and grounded and universal and all things, divine feminine in her full force. Her embodiment, her heart, her desire to care for the planet, for her children and for the embetterment of humanity. This Episode is really what the Podcast is about – it’s to take these spiritual principles and to live them as an embodied day-to-day experience, into action, not as a concept but into something that we incorporate into our lives to better our lives and the lives of our children and all of the generations to come, especially in pivotal moments like right now, that we’re in, where questions like body sovereignty are on the forefront and we’re having deeper and deeper awarenesses of ourselves and our choices and our free will and the collective and all of the shadows that are coming to light and how we can navigate and be the highest part of it with a shared sense of responsibility and elevation that we get to bring to the table. So, this Episode is all of it!

[01:54] Sahara
And we go on for about 2 hours, so, this is the kind of conversation you really want to be sitting back; maybe you’re taking a walk through the forest, or you’re weaving something. I’d love for you to be doing something like super divine feminine and earthy just while listening to it. You’re like making some herbal nettle tea or making beautiful macrame or dreamcatchers or something because I want you to really be here for it because it’s a lot and we don’t get to have conversations like this in our day-to-day lives, definitely not on social media, which is I love the Podcast so much because it is really one of the only spaces that we do have that safety of being able to share what we’re really talking about behind closed doors; what are the conversations that I and probably yourself and many people are having on these issues, and with all the context, because what happens on Instagram, or whatever, is someone makes one statement about one specific thing without all of the context of who they are and why their beliefs are that way, and their deeper curiosities and their background and why they feel this way. We take that and we take the humanness out of it and we just see one written stance and we judge that person, we argue with that person and we don’t have the ability to feel that’s just a human trying to do what they believe is best for their safety and humanity’s safety based off of the information they’ve been presents with.

[03:26] Sahara
So, I love conversations like this because we get to really drop into our why and our felt experiences as being a woman, for myself, being a woman of color, as just being spiritual beings in this point in time that there is such division.

[03:45] Sahara
So, this conversation, we really get to go there, into, as she shares, the descension, descending down, back to Earth, back into our womb’s wisdom. And it is so juicy, so fluid, so rich and I’m so excited to share it with you.

[04:01] Sahara
And I’m super excited to invite you to my absolutely Free 5-Day Rose Gold Goddess Challenge. This Challenge takes the Five Pillars of Rose Gold Goddesses, which are Embodiment, Womb Wisdom, Expression, Intuition and Joy into action with daily practices including my Womb Meditation, Embodiment Practice and Expression and Channeling session, and so much more. And we’re going to be doing it together as a community, absolutely free, between Aug 16-20.
So, if you are feeling the call to join us, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com and that link is in the show notes. And even if you’re not able to participate in it during that week, be sure to sign up so you can get it all emailed to you. And I’m super excited to be embodying these practices with you, even if it’s through the internet, so we can come back home into our body’s sacred wisdom, at this crucial time in humanity.

[05:00] Sahara
Now, a little bit about today’s guest. Reverend Briana Lynn is such an inspiring soul, I met her maybe a few years ago in LA, but I remember I was visiting this land called The Mother Tree and I saw this small tent, at that time, that was there, and my friend said “Oh, Brianna lives here”, I was like “Wait, she actually lives in this tent” and now it’s a yurt. And it amazed me to be able to see someone, in today’s time, just make that decision, like “Yeah, she’s going to live in LA and she’s going to do it in a yurt.”
And I was able to participate in some of her prayer groups that we were doing, especially at the beginning of 2020 with the Australia fires and then into Covid. We were actually meeting every Sunday, doing these shared prayers with different practices that we were each bringing to the table. And I could just feel her wisdom and her transmission and it just so deeply resonated with me.

[05:54] Sahara
So, I wanted to talk about Embodiment in this conversation because it is one of the Pillars and the first Pillar that we’ll be diving into in the Rose Gold Goddess Challenge, and she is someone who really lives in such an embodied way. And in this conversation, we go into the true meaning into what embodiment is, but also into the deeper meaning of why it matters and taking it beyond just the self and into, really what the feminine is about, which is into how we can help humanity. And this conversation really brought me back to my heart and my why as someone who really, my mission, my entire life was International Human Rights, and that’s what I went to school for, and always is a cause that is so important to me.

[06:36] Sahara
What I see happen sometimes in spirituality is, we forget about the collective, we forget about raising the vibration of the entire planet, not just for ourselves but for groups of marginalized people who do not have the access to these types of conversations and information, and even liberties and rights.
So, I love this conversation because this is the path of the feminine, to be anchored into your own felt sensations and wisdom, and truth, and pleasure, and joy, and heart, and doing it so it can be for something greater than you.
So, you’re just going to find yourself nodding along and feeling it in this conversation. And I’m super excited to share this beautiful conversation with you.

[07:21] Sahara
So, without further ado, let’s welcome Reverend Briana Lynn to The Highest Self Podcast.


[07:27] Interview

[07:27] Sahara
Welcome Briana to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[07:31] Briana
Thank you, Sahara! I’m so grateful, I’m so happy to be here with you!

[07:35] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[07:40] Briana
I love this question. I love that you have a repeat question too that’s kind of the strand between all the pearls. So, what makes me my highest question is going really, really deep. I am a descensionist, so, while there is a lot of talk in spiritual, emotional and intelligent circles around ascension, my work with myself and others is actually to descend. My work is about bringing spiritual concepts into everyday living, to actually embody it, to let it become something that I don’t have to remember.
So, the way that I view my highest self is, I work on shifting my identity and beliefs so that I don’t have to remember to be different, that it becomes an automatic body response. I also really believe in the power of breath, sound, movement and touch, it’s like a physical way to anchor in concepts that kind of swirl around that we can talk about. I’m much more interested in coming from my pelvic bowl than my frontal lobe.

[08:33] Sahara
You are speaking my language girl! And it’s funny, because when I called it The Highest Self Podcast, it was over 4 years ago, and even my understanding of spirituality was so different. We get this new age information of like “Ascension; 5D; higher self; third eye; leave the body; astral-project”, I’m like “Oh, yes, gooey, gooey, I want all of that”, and then as I go deeper into the path, I’m like “Shit! No! It’s all in the womb, it’s all in the earth, it’s all in the blood” these very things that we were trying to bypass and to no longer even need, to just become a breath period, like, one with the air. And that’s a spectrum of it (a masculine spectrum of it) and what I am so drawn to, and I know so many as well, who listen to the Podcast, are so I’m so excited to chat with you, is really the embodiment and the integration and having it be a lived experience rather than a theoretical concept that we get to nerd out over in philosophical conversations and then go back to living our normal and mundane, too, being the sacred thing as well, which I know you love jamming out about.

[09:37] Briana
Yeah, I think, you said it really well, I consider it a 360° perspective and 180° above ground is what most religions and spiritual practices focus on, where the light is, and that is often considered the masculine practice (bringing the energy up; bringing the energy to the third eye or into the astral area), and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s incomplete.
And, for most of my life, I was raised in a very strict Christian cult, and most of it was about the heart chakra, the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, although they would never call them those things but it was about the christic energy of the heart and then lifting it up to God, the Father. And so, the last 20 years of my life has actually been about getting below my heart, but there’s actually a motor, an intelligence, a brain that lives deeper in the human body, that requires us to descent, that actually requires us to have the felt human experience to access divinity in this moment.
If we want to access divinity as a mental concept and also as a nervous system reception, we move up, but if we want to experience divinity in every moment, it’s a downward movement. And I really like the example of the Star of David or the Markab, with the ascending triangle and the descending triangle, that there’s a relationship there between the out-chemical of the process. Hieros Gamos, what alchemy truly is, is each one of us, internally, masticating and digesting the process of being the masculine and feminine within ourselves. Rumi is one of my favorite examples of a conceptual writer who really was about becoming the beloved to self, that the one that I reach for is this internal process. and I see this – my experience working one-on-one and in groups, is that most people are looking for the savior outside of themselves. Most people are looking for that book or that teacher or the Deepak Chopra that can stand next to them, you know what I mean? I love Deepak, no offence, but they want that one to give them the answer. And what I’m noticing in today’s age, and we see it, whether they’re president or prime minister or an actual guru, is the fall of the pedestal; the shadow masculine structure that one leader is actually going to save us, is falling apart. and it’s so appropriate because we are going from the ascension path, the only ascension path, we’re on the pinnacle as the person we bow down to, back into the circle. The strongest form for humans to be in is in a circle, acknowledging that we each have a place at the table, that I’m going to be better at things than you’re at, that you’re going to better at things than I’m at, but we actually don’t need to compete, but the only way to survive and thrive is to collaborate. And it’s had to be completely destructed; the patriarchy in me has had to completely crumble the way I speak to myself, the way I talk about my feminine body, the way I regard my emotions. I would say the first piece of embodiment is inspecting the patriarchy within self. And when I say patriarchy, I mean the way that we champion masculine traits over feminine traits. The way we say getting things done, making money, making sure the dishes are done on time, is better than feeling.
Now, I’m not saying that those things are bad, it’s just that they need to have an equal seat at the table, and because the feminine traits are deep-nurturing, feeling the moment, being sensual in the body, those things have been demeaned over the masculine traits for about the past 8000 years (we have some catching up to do). So, it’s almost like “If I haven’t eaten enough Vitamin C, I need to eat three oranges for the next six months to make sure I don’t get scurvy” (just an example), but I’m not going to eat three oranges forever. As a feminist, as a woman, as a feminine divine, I’m also healing my own masculine and it’s not our intention to have all women in power or to all of a sudden have a feminine society or matriarchy, that’s not it, it’s a wholearchy. But because we’re Vitamin C deficient, we need to have those three oranges a day!
So, I’m also a big advocate for women leaders and women in positions of power who are deep in their feminine processes and can bring value to what the feminine is because we don’t have a metric system to actually measure that right now.
[13:46] Sahara
So beautifully said and yes to all of that! And I think what a lot of people struggle with is “Well, if I fully stepped into my feminine; fully stepped into my receptivity; my feeling; my intuition, I’m not going to get to where I want to go, for the “goals” I have, even my purpose”. Some people feel like “Well, I need to get it done and hustle and do all the things to step into my soul’s purpose’ – so how can see actually create the reality that we desire through the path of the feminine?

[14:17] Briana
Yeah, I think that’s such a juicy question because it’s not about only being in the feminine (I want to make this super clear, especially it in the business women out there). It’s not about only being in the feminine, it’s about allowing the feminine to be in the driver’s seat – so, feminine pleasure (pleasure) and the sensational experience of being alive.
So, it’s about noticing and even as I’m saying this, I close my eyes so I can actually connect with where my body wants to speak from, so I’m saying this for those who are listening and not watching. But when I slow down and I actually feel, specifically my pussy, my womb, my chest, my heart, my breasts, my throat, and even into my head, and I feel the physical sensations and I allow all of them to be and inform my experience, that’s what I define as pleasure.
Pleasure isn’t necessarily “I lay around in silk and do fucking nothing all day”, I get extreme amounts of pleasure when I do my finance Friday’s, when I look at what we did for the week (I have some pleasure from that). Granted that it was a masculine process, but the reason why I do my finance Friday’s is because I found a way to incentivize my feminine. She gets to be naked, drink her hot chocolate and get her foot rubbed by her lover while I’m doing my finances Friday’s.
So, understanding that the feminine way isn’t about eliminating the masculine, it’s about knowing who’s in the driver’s seat. When pleasure is in the driver’s seat, when nurturing of myself and others in the driver’s seat, I am so much more available for what it is that I actually want to create, that’s not just sustainable, but regenerative.
Hustle culture is not regenerative; hustle culture will give you a heart attack, that’s just where it’s at. There’s no point in quitting your 9-5 if you’re bringing your 9-5 mental constructs with you. It’s so important to be in the mindset and the heart-set and the pussy-set practices of what it means to embody. And I believe this is for men, for women, for all identified. Because we’ve all been gifted, or we’ve all inherited, the patriarchal structure, meaning that accomplishments and metrics and money and numbers is somehow more valuable than nurturing and connection and sensuality. Our job, when we decide to be on the descension path or help balance out the system, and this is for everyone, not just women, but specifically for women, that our work is to give ourselves more space for pleasure than we think is necessary because we have the internal programming for patriarchy.
So, that fear of “I’m going to lose my purpose”, no, actually, it’s going to help and there’s a lot of inner work to do. I would say hire a coach, talk to a therapist, do some child regression work because, like I said, patriarchy on this planet has been around for approximately 8000 years, depending where in the world you’ve really solidified. We’ve had some Middle East, South American and some places in Central America, and Australia that had a bit more of the matriarchal cultures for longer periods of time. So, like the past 5000 years, maybe even some 2000 years, we’ve had a couple of matriarchal cultures in some of the islands in some places. But, when we’re really talking structures of any quality, the first basis of any quality that set up, before we talk about skin color, before we even talk about genitals, before we talk about even socio-economic class, is that, what you can produce is better than what you can feel. And so, the process of “What I feel” becomes “What I am drawn to; what I am naturally magnetized to becomes the driver of my purpose.” It is a marriage; it is an out-chemical marriage between the masculine and the feminine within oneself. And this is so personalized, this is why I highly suggest to hire a coach, join the Rose Gold Goddesses, whatever it is that you’ve got to do to be in that rebalancing. But we need external accountability, because when we get stuck in our own thing it’s hard to see our own eyeball. We need a mirror to see what’s actually there, we will never see our own eyeballs.
It’s the same thing with our internal patterning. It’s really useful to have someone outside of you to be like “Hey, you’re doing that hustle thing again” of when you get scared and you feel like you’re not going to be able to regret and you get stressed about things that are actually really small, “I’m here to hold you accountable to breaking that pattern”.
So, it’s kind of threefold. One – identify that the hustle culture is not healthy. Number two – find support in your field, call in support for what it is that you can actually do help rebalance that. And number three – start giving validation and value. It’s like the Mastercard commercial, $60 for this dress, $100 for this wine and $50 for this bag of fruit, and I show up at the most amazing event ever and it’s priceless – that’s the feminine! The feminine is that last piece of the Mastercard commercial! So, it’s like we still need masculine, we still get to have all of this structure, and we celebrate that. But the reason why we do these things is because it’s priceless!

[19:19] Sahara
I love that so much! And that is so beautifully said because we can all understand. I feel like we get so tied into our worth, our level of productivity, and we may have gotten acknowledged as a child of like “Wow, you were such a good girl, you helped mom with this” or “You got a good grade” or “You got this; you got that” that we get this idea “For me to be loved, for me to be accepted, I need to always be providing value”. And it’s true, people do like value being added to their lives, but then it becomes this addiction “How can I create more value and more value” and then we lose sight of why we’re even doing it.
I see it with so many female business owners, it’s one job launch after the next and all the money that they make they grow their business and then, they started the business to have more free time, to be more in their feminine and be creative and receive, but what they actually create is the exact same conditioning (the 09:00am – 5:00pm conditioning) that they escaped from, except now it’s going on 24 hours a day and there’s no one that they can blame, there’s no boss they can talk shit about or fantasy they can have about leaving their job because they’re so, now, stuck in this web but they feel like “If I stop producing at the level that I am, everything will fall apart and I’ll go back to square one”.
So, for people whose worth is so defined in their productivity, what do you have to say to them? And I am definitely one of those people who have been, 7 planets in Capricorn, it runs deep, and, you know, Middle Eastern cultures as well that are very immigrant like “You’ve got to come to America and show your worth.” So, it’s hard because we get that validation back of like “I did create all of this through my hard work and I created this through my hard work, so, if I stop working hard, then it’ll all disappear.”

[21:00] Briana
Right! This is such a powerful question and I appreciate your vulnerability in bringing forward, even your piece. I’m a type A personality, the oldest of four, of an Italian farmer, so I get working hard. I’ve been hacking strawberries at the strawberry stands since I was 5-6 years old, you know what I’m saying. I had my first full-time job at 15, three jobs, working full-time though college, worked full-time through my master’s degree, PhD studies, I feel you! Neither of my parents went to college, my dad is a first-generation immigrant, there’s a lot of the pain and the opportunity that the archetype of the United States, specifically, embodies, that there’s a beauty to that. I want to first acknowledge the beauty in, we have created, we’ll call it a stage (because it’s not fully real), but a stage in the American drama called The American Dream, that if you work hard enough, you can get anything you want, right (this concept)? But what that doesn’t take into account is socio-economic status of your starting line, doesn’t take into account gender and gender presentation, doesn’t take into account race and race presentation, it doesn’t take into account the culture, the religion and all of these layers. And so, there’s this patriarchy/American Dream, kind of, placed on us of like “You can create anything that you want”. And it’s also a little bit like the New Cage Spirituality-isms too, that I want to address.
There’s this idea that you can just manifest whatever you want, but if we don’t talk about systems of oppression, if we don’t talk about historical benefits of the fact that I’m a white presenting woman, and that you are a brown presenting woman. If you and I were to go into a board room, most places in the world, and people didn’t know who you were and people didn’t know who I was, and I took my nose rings out, and we both dressed in the same outfit, pretty much, anywhere in the world right now, I would be regarded differently than you, just based on our skin presentation and until we talk about those pieces, it’s hard to really talk about the hustle culture because the hustle culture is based on systems of oppression. It’s this idea that any individual can work hard enough, and if this person actually wants to get out of Africa and immigrate to the United States, they could, and that’s just not true, that’s just not true, it’s just not true, it’s just not true! Most places in the world, most places that have lots of power and lots of money, and I’m talking about Saudi princes, I’m talking about the Chinese businessmen, I’m talking about the London Bank, I’m talking about the Vatican Bank; most places in the world right now, rely on systems of oppression in order for us to stay divided as a people. We’re 7.23 billion people on the planet right now, and 1% of the earth’s population owns over 60% of its resources. We can’t talk about individual’s American Dream, we can’t talk about us climbing the ladder until we talk about the fact that China owns the entire Amazon Forest – that’s the hustle culture, that’s where I want to be orienting more and more entrepreneurs and people who are linchpins like you and who have millions of followers. This is about us breaking out of our individual definitions of scarcity and poverty, 100%; this is about us creating a beautiful businesses and sacred enterprise and really building a whole new way of operating as human beings. Yes, it’s a simultaneous step forward; it’s a personal; it’s an inner-personal and it’s an intra-personal (global) movement of working on any piece in me that has tied my value to productivity because my value is infinite, right? This is a billion dollars a second opportunity here! There’s actually no amount of money that someone could pay me for me to get back that life force in time that I’ve given so freely, it’s done, it’s gone, and on my deathbed, I hope that I have accumulated enough of those moments and points so that I can hold my life with no regret. That’s really the only bank account that counts; is at the end “Where have I given my time to” that’s actually a value and not just based on some pretend productivity. So, it’s the personal, and then it’s also the collective – we are working within a system that does not set up everyone equally from birth; that does not set up everyone equally when they arrive in the United States. People from Mexico are treated incredibly different than people from Canada, in terms of the immigration process (and I’ve walked people through both).
I grew up in a hometown that was farm and agricultural-based, and most of my friends were either first-generation or just arrived over the border, and their parents were immigrant farmers. And watching the way they got treated and watching my friends from Canada gotten treated through immigration process – it’s two different worlds! So, while there is that desire in me to encourage people to follow your purpose, and you’re going to have to do somethings, sometimes, that are not fun in your business and learn what pieces you get to give up in order to say yes to your true decision, there is a larger system at play right now that does not allow for equal opportunity for human beings on the planet. So, while I want to be like “Let’s go, let’s manifest, let’s create, there’s a part of me that’s such a cheerleader and an advocate for personal responsibility in our creations and abundance, and I’m also a very strong advocate and ally in the knowing that the system is not set up equally for all of us.

[26:17] Sahara
I think that’s so important to regard and it definitely happen in the spiritual community because people are like “Well, I was here and I manifested this” or “I was able to create this”. And yes, there are – I think everyone, especially when they want to talk about Black people, they say “Well, Oprah did it; Obama did it. So, if those two could do it, why can’t all of you, guys figure something out.” And it’s using these specific people to be like the blind example to negate our own responsibility from the rules that we play in this. And I think that the other side is, people feel so overwhelmed, they don’t even know what to do and they’re afraid that they’re going to lose themselves in this quest. And I feel that I was also an activist and went to school in D.C. and studied International Human Rights, and I get so fiery in this and I would see, in the activist circles, the level of burnout and the responsibility, and feeling we’re responsible for everyone in the world. And it’s this balance of yes, we do have so much that we can do to change the world, does it mean all of it is our responsibility? No. However, the fact that we can, means it’s open for us too.
So, I feel like a lot of us, we think that it’s either one or the other. It’s like, either manifesting and creating reality, and you can too, or it’s “I need to lose myself, suffer and be mad at you, that I am not living the life I want to live.”

[27:45] Briana
Yeah, it’s like the spectrum of the martyr or the manifestor. I can either martyr myself or manifest the shit out of my life! And I love this idea of like, how do we become activators, spiritual activists that deeply self-care, who radiate the new possibility from within, because how we do one thing is the results. So, how are we being activists right now is the results that we’re getting, let’s just be very clear about that. How we be is the results we are creating. The frequency in our beingness is the frequency of what we are going to birth. And this is why very few social revolutions, that are military-based anywhere on the planet, very few of them have brought more peace afterwards, right? If we look at the Cuban Revolution, we can look at the Iranian Revolution, we can look at the Argentinian Revolution, the Algerian Revolution, these were social-based revolutions led mostly by farmers, women, poor people that were overthrowing military dictatorships that were extremely fascists, extremely out of line, and as soon as the people gained power, 1-10 of the higher-ups of the commanding revolutionary force took over and basically recreated the same military oppression that they were trying to revolt against in the beginning, because what we see is how we do the thing, is the results of the thing that we’re going to get. And it’s the same thing for business – if you’re hustling in your business, when you finally get that client, do you think you’re going to behave any differently? No, you’re going to be stressing about if your work is good enough, are they going to make their next payment, “Oh, I finally got them”, “Oh, how are they going to reset”, that’s how we do the thing. Yes, how we do the thing is the results we’re going to get from the thing. This is why I’m not a fan of visualization; I’m more of a fan of the felt experience. How are you going to feel when you have that car? What are you actually going to be feeling? Because it’s the feelings we want to manifest, not the physical things. The physical things are representations of our internal map, of the map of reality that is our world. And so, we get to create beautiful things!
I love having the dream car, I love having the dream house, there’s nothing wrong with those external things. But thinking those external things are the things that sources my happiness is very problematic, is very problematic. It’s an acknowledgment that my beloved is God (God is Creator), they source to me all the joy and happiness. And in my external world, I call in metaphors to reflect the joy and the infinite orgasm that I already have with Source Creator. My car is a metaphor, it could be gone like that; my bank account is a metaphor, it could be gone like that; my relationships are metaphors, they could be gone like that. So, it’s full commitment to be the reflection of the beauty and abundance and power and pleasure and possibility for humanity, while also being really clear that it’s connection to Source; while also being really clear that a lot of those metaphors of the external are going to be judged either as something great or something below because most people (and even myself at times) are still playing the game of “If I’m valued and have value, I have things that cost a lot of money”. And that teaming of money and value, and that process of separating those two, is like a practice I’m with my Coach all the time of just “Okay, okay, that’s right, that’s right.” It’s not my personal vale that’s represented in money; my personal value isn’t how I treat myself; my personal value isn’t how I speak to myself. You want a full bank account of self-love? That is a completely different experience than a full bank account of money.
The majority of people that I’ve worked with, who are in the billionaire category, the majority, not all, there are exceptions, but the majority of the people that I’ve worked with in the billionaire category, are so stressed and so either in the martyrdom or the manifestation; they’re on a spectrum, but they’re definitely not in a centered place of feeling confident. They’re either so worried about losing what they have or so needing to be the linchpin in their world, that they have to maintain this money, that they have to show up time for money exchange, or, they’re so focused on creating this image that they actually don’t get to enjoy life. And without any pity-party for the billionaires, I do have a place in my heart that’s a lot of compassion and empathy for someone who has defined their value so much by what they have, that they have no sense of self outside of that having – that’s not a fun place to be, that’s a sad place to be.
So, when I think about, specifically the female entrepreneurs, who want to make it and have the million-dollar client and touch a million lives, these are all beautiful metric goals, but if you are defining yourself by those goals, you are contributing to patriarchy, you are contributing to the same rat-race that has oppressed women, people of color; and men, has suppressed all of us, in order for a small group of people, that 1% on 60-70% of the world’s resources. I don’t want to contribute to that.
And it’s not just what we do, I’m going to say this a million times, it’s not just what we do, not just what we buy, not just what, it’s not only the content, it’s also the context, it’s the how, it’s the energy of tenderness that will be the greatest revolution on this planet.

[33:03] Sahara
So beautifully said! I love all of that! And I think it’s so important for us, as, you know, this manifestation buzz word continues, and a lot of empowerment can come through it, but to not confuse it with materialism. Manifestation is not the conquest of “Now I have this bag”, which, by the way, was made by Chinese child slaves, and happens to cost $4000 because of a marketing campaign around it that makes you feel it’s valuable. So, all of these hard-earned dollars you’re making, you’re giving back to the system that, again, has you also part of it being you are now part of the oppression and slavery in it, of “I’m going to work to now feed into this, to feed into that because this logo makes me more valuable”. And I think it’s so important for us to wake up out of it, and it doesn’t require a certain level of income, of like “Oh, once I’ve hit 6 figures, then I can wake up out of it”, but it’s really a moment in time that could happen in any single – right now you’re in a van – can you share with us a little bit, how you live, because I think it’s so inspiring for people to know that you can live in a completely different life, and like, here you are, choosing all of it; this is what you have manifested and does not look like what we think manifestation looks like on Instagram.

[34:20] Briana
Totally, totally! I live in one of the three, top three, most wealthy places in the United States, outside of Dubai and Miami coast. I live in Pacific Palisades, which is a very elite area of Los Angeles, and I live in a 300 square foot yurt, or round foot, I guess would be the right way to say it, on the property I built the deck of myself, from refurbished pallets. And the tent itself, I bought off a Facebook Marketplace, and we run electricity, we have some solar, and we have a spring-fed creek that runs through our property, and I love with 10 people on about an acre and a half. We’re growing our own food, we have honeybees, because we are practicing (I’m just going to say practicing) being a community. We ain’t got the camion thing down, it’s very much like asking questions of intimacy and working together and individuality, sovereignty and solidarity.
And for me, it’s been about a year and a couple of weeks now that I’ve been in this community, and it’s been such a journey of – I feel like I’m back in university, I feel like I’m in community university and people often like to romanticize where I live, the Mother Tree and think about it as this place and we’re all living together and it’s this amazing thing. And we have those moments but it’s a lot of processing, it’s a lot of education around connection and intimacy. And I’m seeing, intimate relationship 101, all our shadow comes up – imagine intimate relationship with 10 people, granted, I’m a monogamist, so it’s not sexual intimacy, but deep emotional intimacy with 10 people at a time, it’s like ripping your guts out, and it’s a beautiful thing to do it with people who are very loving.
But the reason why I chose this, is because I am enchanted by and obsessed with emotional intelligence. And I’ve gone to almost every workshop and sat with all the teachers and consumed a lot of emotional intelligence material, but I have found that the way that I’m able to interact with EI the most, is in real time, with people that I actually care about, and how they trigger and activate me. And so, my choice is to be, and live in, a community university because my experience is, that the only way that we are actually going to eat food that is not poisonous; actually, send our children through education that isn’t going to indoctrinate them into the obedience to Big Brother; and create a health system that’s actually based on health and not just symptomology. It’s going to come from the community, it’s going to come from that root chakra, it’s going to come from the tribe. And that’s connecting back to the rhythms and cycles of life, and nature any ways of being and ritualizing life; waking up as a ritual; going to sleep as a ritual; eating as a ritual; reintegrating spiritual ritual into our life, in community, is, in my opinion, the only way that we’re going to be able to address these larger systems of oppressions.
So, I do this because this is my personal choice, I also do this as my own active revolution/evolution, of like, living in isolation. I lived in isolation with my former partner for about 3 years and it was really intense and really beautiful, learned a lot, in a lot of ways, and what I got the most out of that is, in order to be in a healthy intimate relationship with another, I need a lot of healthy intimate relationships; I need my people close. And so, we’re just living an experiment, the way that I live to say it. It’s not perfect and I don’t think community living is for everyone, right now, however, I do believe this is the direction we’ll be going in, in the upcoming generations. And we’re doing our best to listen to the ancient blueprint that lives in all of us, around how to get along.
I think houses and division, and modular units, really came online in the Greek and Roman Empire, and the reason why they did that was because there was a mix of so many cultures and the advent of metropolitan areas like Rome. And to keep people from fighting with each other, they basically created these modular homes.
And we’ve been kind of going on that colonial mindset since 2000BC and then it spread when the Dutch and the English and the French and the Portuguese decided to take their philosophies around the world. The combination of oppressive Christendom with individualization as the way to be right with God, I would say, are the two biggest things that have harmed out intrinsic need as human animals, to be in our pack. We’re actually designed much more like wolves or elephants than we are like solitary sharks.
Most solitary animals don’t live very long lives, they don’t have a lot of protection, if there is a natural disaster, and they come and go fairly quickly. The animals that have had the longest duration, or have the most robustness, in terms of their duration on the planet, are in groups. And so, we’re really looking – when I look at, kind of, the timeline of humanity and where we’re going, in the direction that we’re going at, when I look at the carbon emission levels and how much food we have left, and how much petroleum we have left, and how much of the Amazon we have left, unless we start to shift something really differently, we have about 100 years left on this planet. And not that the planet is going to be destroyed, we’re just going to make it uninhabitable for humans. I have a shirt, I should’ve worn it today, but it’s a big whale that says ‘Save the Humans’, Mother Earth’s going to be fine; the animals are going to be fine. We’re making this land uninhabitable for us to exist.

[39:51] Sahara
Yeah! I was wearing my googles yesterday, looking at the fist, and I’m like “Y’all have no idea what’s going on up here, lucky you”, and they’re hanging out, completely sovereign, and I’m like “Wow, it’s us, humans, that we’re here and our free will has just created this craziness that who knows where it’s taking us.” And it’s taking us in so many beautiful and dark paths simultaneously.
I want to touch on Emotional Intelligence because I think a lot of people, what they struggle with, with Embodiment, with Manifestation, is, when someone says “Tune into how it feels”. They think about how it feels, “Oh, I’d feel happy, I’d feel good”, but they can’t feel it because part of them is numb. I think a lot of us deal with this numbness because we’ve disconnected ourselves from our bodies, from our emotions.
So, if someone is feeling numb, what advice do you have for them?

[40:46] Briana
I love this question, and it’s something I deal with too, so it’s not like I’m coming from a place of like “I feel fine, let me give you notes from the expert”, this is notes from a student in the field of learning how to feel again.
The big thing is, focus on sensation, not words. Sensation – “Oh, there’s something in my belly, it’s tight, got it!”, “Oh, now it’s moving”, “I imagine it’s the color red”, “And, okay, it’s moving again and now it’s in my solar plexus” – focusing on the sensation. And this is where I really feel like Somatic Psychology, a Coach that’s based in orgasm, pleasure, body work, can be really helpful because they can give you guiding questions.
But the basis of returning to the body is the body’s intelligence; the feeling is a sensation. Emotion (energy emotion) is just where in the body is there actually sensation, “Oh, I’m feeling tingling in my hips and I feel wet at the opening of my vagina, and I feel tightness in my chest simultaneously, okay, now I’m with that”, “And now I feel my neck kind of straighten up and wanting to compensate for my heart shutting down”, and learning how to narrate sensation, rather than “Oh, that means that I am this” or “That means this”. Before we make meaning about the sensation, just to name and be with the sensation is a revolutionary act – that is the feminine. As soon as we make meaning about it, “Oh, that means it’s connected to my mother’s trauma” or whatever, that’s the masculine, and that’s not a bad thing, it’s just, we’ve over-masculinized our feelings; we’ve over-masculinized our emotional process.
So, remember, we need to eat three oranges a day to get scurvy, focus more on the sensation to begin with – less journal writing, more dancing. Dance for 30 minutes and you get 3 bullet points that you can write down in your journal. It doesn’t mean don’t journal, it doesn’t mean don’t meditate, it doesn’t mean don’t sit still, it just means acknowledge that the body animal, with this giant cat – have you seen these things? It’s like, they need to be let out every day, they need to be paid attention to.
I also really love watching Luna, My Wolf, because she’s so in her body. All she is, is body; all she is, is animal; there’s no frontal lobe activity happening in that creature, she doesn’t even have a frontal lobe, she’s in this constant instinct. And that’s not what I’m an advocate for, but that’s a really good indicator of how we can be more in our feminine. Find an animal that you love and emulate it! Be in that body, allow, especially the hips – we, as humans, who sit in chairs, have really fucked with our hips and our pelvic floor, and so much of our emotions and our base sense of safety come from that root chakra. A clenched asshole is a human not feeling their experience. Learning how to really get into the sensation of relaxing the pelvic floor, egg work, inner womb work (for those who have wombs), perineum squeezes, Kegels – these are all really powerful exercises to get deeper into the body. And even just hip circles, for men, women and others, bend you knees and get nasty.
I love your advocacy of twerking, and you have the funniest, silliest, sweet way of bringing the twerk. And, twerking is an ancient exercise for women who are about to give birth, to open their hips – that’s how we can actually get in our bodies, we’ve got to move it from a place rather than choreographing or like “I’m doing 15 lunges”, because, remember, choreography and 15 lunges, that’s putting metrics on top of movement. True feminine movement is what’s alive for me now, and letting the body express “What’s alive for me now”, “Oh, this is alive; this is alive’, and letting the body answer; the masculine asks “What’s alive for me now”, the feminine body responds. And when I say feminine body, I do not mean women or those with wombs, I mean any human being who has a body. The feeling experience in your body is spiritually called the feminine, you can call it the Omega, you can call it the Underworld, you can call it The Other Side, you can call it Feelings and Thought, however you want to delineate it, I don’t care.
We’ve used masculine and feminine so much, it’s almost like a word that doesn’t have any meaning anymore. But that feminine side or that underbelly side or that pelvic bowl side, every human being has it and has the right to access it, because that is actually where our pleasure lives. Most people, who live in the hustle culture, who live in the CEO culture, who live in this entrepreneurial culture, are only in their masculine and actually never enjoy any of the metrics that they hit, because they can’t fucking feel their body. The body is where God happens; God is a concept until we can feel it in our pelvic bowl. Infinity is a concept until we can feel it in our body. Orgasm is just a concept until we are actually having one.
Most people who are in the hustle culture or most people who are killing it, are literally killing it. They’re literally killing their body in order to have the metrics externally, to validate the little boy or the little girl or the little other in them that their parents or their caretakers never validated and saw, just for their intrinsic value. You mentioned it earlier, of like “Good girl for helping me clean”, we as parents get to go “Good girl for existing!” “Wow, you got up today, my son, I’m so excited to see you”, “Wow my little one, who’s not identified yet, I’m so excited that you’re alive!” Learning how to validate each other in relationship, and especially those of us who are coming on parenting, we want to validate the beingness, not the doingness, and reclaim our human beingness (we’re not human doings, we’re human beings). And not as a way to discredit the doing – I’m a doer, I love to do, but if I do, do, do, do, do, I’m going to be a do, do everywhere, we want to do-op: do be, do be, do – really bring in that feminine balance.
And again, because we’ve been over-masculinized, over-patriarchitized, at the first 3, 6, 9 years of reawakening the feminine descension path (whatever you want to call it), there does get to be an overemphasis on the feeling because it’s been imbalanced.
So, that place of numbness is an indicator that we’ve disconnected from our bodies, that we’re not validating the feminine experience, and so those. practices of getting deeper in the body, also having someone to hold you accountable, and then also getting really, really in touch with your relationship with pleasure and sensation. It’s not about describing it, it’s not about knowing which trauma it came from, it’s not about getting the right hypnotherapist, those are all things that could help you, but ultimately, what you want access to is more sensation, more sensation. We’re going to feel more in the now, in the body.

[47:16] Sahara
So beautifully said! And, you know, I love to dance, for me, it’s a pathway to connect directly to the divine, to my body, to my entire life. It just naturally wanted to undulate and move, and it was intrinsically inside of me, but then, you’re at a desk and you have to be still, “Stop fidgeting and stop this and stop that”, and you train yourself to be so rigid. And then what I see is, so many people go into a yoga practice, which again, it’s very masculine, it’s very rigid, there’s no hip movement, it was created for prepubescent boys to sit still and keep their hormones at bay; and also, for military training – that is actually what it was created for.
So, on my pathway, I discovered yoga and it was this more kind way of being with my body than boot camp or intense class, however, after years of Ashtanga yoga, I stopped getting my period completely, for 2 years, because I was disconnected from my feminine. And now, coming back to dance, I see so many women, they almost can’t let themselves get there because there’s so much self-consciousness, even if they’re by themselves, and then underneath that, shame. Shame of ‘If I dance like this, what attention will I get; what will people think about me; I won’t be safe in my body”.
So, what advice do you have for women who feel like they can’t even get themselves to dance?

[48:34] Briana
Yeah! The first piece that I would have is – listen to my podcast that I did with Blue on my Witch Trials, because there’s a lot about female her-story and why we’re fucking scared. It’s legitimate that we’re scared, I’ve been sexually assaulted many times in this lifetime, and I wasn’t doing shit. Ass grabs to being pulled into an alley to try to have sex with me – I’ve had to gam it without even doing anything, right! So, then we do something that brings the feminine radiance online, it makes sense why you’re scared.
So, the first one is validating our intuition- We, as women, are not safe on this planet right now (it would be really nice for us to just start naming that). I live in one of the most expensive places in the world and I do not feel safe walking down my street at night. That’s an issue! I still go to my car with my keys in between my fingers, if it’s anywhere near dusk or dawn.
So, the first piece is like validating, that our intuition is letting us know that we’re not safe on this planet, and the answer is “You’re right, sis”, there are very few places on this planet where it’s actually safe to be a sensual woman. There are very few nude beaches left where people aren’t voyeuring you; most of the Middle East, women can’t even show their face – we’ve got to talk about this, we’ve got to talk about this! Most places in Latin America, it is legal for the man to rape his wife; most places in the United States, Texas being the number one, you have to get a signed signature from a male in order to have an abortion – this is a fact!
So, my first step is, your shame isn’t unfounded, your shame has been implanted, let’s acknowledge where this comes from in this lifetime and all the past lifetimes. Up until 1983, women couldn’t own a property in the United States, unless they had a signature from a man (their father, or husband, or a brother) – the United States! My mom worked for The Bank of America before I was born, I was born in 1985, and she wasn’t allowed to become VP unless another man was also elevated as VP with her, so that they could watch over each other. So, your shame ain’t unfounded! First, a lot of copious kindness for the fact that we live in a patriarchal culture, and the first demeaning level of patriarchy is gender; the second one is skin color; so, and socio-economic class, boom, boom, boom! So, if you’re a woman, you got knocked off; if you got brown skin, you got knocked off and if you got no money, knocked off. So, to acknowledge that the history has set it up that first, women were otherized, and the Witch Hunt goes deeply into why – it’s because we’re the spiritually more powerful ones, we’re connected to the cycles of life and we don’t want our sons to go to war. So, you put that up against something like the Roman military industrial complex, and they’re going to demean women first, because the women are the ones who are speaking up first, “I don’t want my husbands and I don’t want my sons going to war” and the Roman army said (the Roman capitalist said) “Witches, say anything else and we’re fucking going to burn you!” Because the Witch Hunt wasn’t about paganism, the Witch hunt was about the military industrial complex and the Romans wanting to keep the Ottoman Empire out of Europe – that’s where this all began! Women weren’t going to have it and so they silenced our shit! That’s my family history from Europe; that’s my indigenous history – we were silenced because we didn’t want to fight as the war machining anymore.
So, number one, validate the shame. Number two is to do deep work with the shame; understand the Gremlins; start to understand the little pockets, and Gremlins is the word Brianna Brown uses, because I love the gremlins, they come up in this really insidious ways, they have just the right; they know just the place in the stomach for us to look at when we’re in the mirror, as we’re dancing, to get us to stop, like that, you know what I mean, they’re so fucking insidious! So, start to identify them. And I have begun to play with them; make friends with my shame gremlins; make friends with these parts of me that know how to take me down. So, when it’s looking at my lower belly, that looks bigger than my own butt, and it has these whole concepts and ideas of what it should look like, to give that one voice and to dance with that one; to move from a place of shame to actually embody shame and let it come forward.
A great exercise from Mama Gina, who wrote the book “Pussy”, and she does the school of Womanly Arts (incredible), but she does a process called Swamping, that I really love. And it’s three different songs, this is my version of her Swamping, but what I do is, I have three different songs, the first one is Rage, the second one is Grief and then the third one is Turn On.
We, as women, cannot access our pleasure or our sensation until we deal with our rage and our grief. Because it’s like, sensuality is the result of what we are. We’re already sensuous, we’re already turned on, it’s the layers of patriarchy and shit on top of us, that keep us from accessing that. So, my invitation for a woman, who is having a difficult time dancing in her body, dance your fucking rage bitch! Get that Rage Against the Machine song, get that Courtney song, get that rageful L7 song on and let yourself go on about how it’s unfair, how your shame gremlins are up, that you take your hips, whatever it is that wants to come forward, dance it fully, and then dance the grief of the disconnect, dance the grief of the relationships lost, dance the grief of whatever’s there, and then the Turn On, you don’t have to do shit. It’s actually our natural state – sensuality, sexuality, expression from our pelvis, our love for our breasts, this is our natural state, there’s nothing to do to get there. What the doing is in, is recognizing moving the rage and the grief that’s stacked on top of it. So, that would be my number one thing of dealing with shame.
Shame is, specifically for women, the safe response for women in situations where we would normally have rage and grief. It’s easier to shame ourselves than to actually express our rage, than to actually express our grief. So, behind all shame is rage and grief at the systems of oppression that are putting us in that position, that would have us shame ourselves.

[54:15] Sahara
I love that! Instead of being “Why aren’t I dancing?”, “Why aren’t I sexy?” “How come I can’t twerk?”, dance your grief, dance your rage, dance what you’re actually feeling right now, not put on a show, put on a choreography and think that you need to look a certain way because, otherwise, it’s another spiritual practice that I can’t get right, and then naturally see what’s under that.
Osho Dynamic Meditation is also similar to that, I don’t know if you’ve done it before, but he has these 5 different stages, which are similar, but, essentially, it’s – one of the stage’s, he’s like “Go crazy”, and you punch pillows and you just do whatever you’re holding onto. And then the last stage, he’s like “Now celebrate”, and you just can’t help but celebrate because that’s what was waiting to come through. Joy is our natural state, you just need to release all of those layers of clothing that we have been holding onto, for that to come out, so, I love that so much.
And I think, also, using our voices – what advice do you have for women who, maybe, feel like their throat chakras are blocked and just the connection between the womb and the pussy and the throat, and how we can open that channel up?

[55:19] Briana
Yeah, I’ll send you a link. So, there’s a whole process that I lead people through (women, men, others) called Breath, Sound, Movement, Touch. And so, we begin with the breath; we move into sound and then we move into physical movement, and then self-touch, to move some of these things, but most if the podcasters here (the listeners here) will know the larynx and the throat and the lymph nodes are almost bio-identical to our vaginal canal and our ovaries.
So, there’s this really beautiful bio-mimicry happening within our body; and also, every time we make vibration in our throat, it activates the Vegas nerve, which is the largest nerve in our body that goes from our frontal lobe, down our face, down our chest, into our digestive system and down into the pussy. So, every time we make a vibration, we can do it when we’re speaking, I’ll vibrate my voice a little bit so you can feel the difference, every time we allow that vibration to come forward, it activates that Vegas nerve and calms our entire nervous system.
So, whether it’s mantra, whether it’s just toning, whether it’s just humming, singing and speaking to ourself in the vibration, is the number one way, outside of breath, because that comes first, breath and then sound to calm the nervous system and come back into our power and pleasure.
So, the simplest way is just to sing. Put on songs and sing. It is so special and horrifying to know that the number one tool of colonization, whenever they would come into an area and want to take over a group of people, is, they made it illegal for them to sing. That’s all you had to do, was take away the singing, and all of a sudden people were disconnected from their own bodies; disconnected from each other. And the conflict in between people rises so much when singing is not involved. When we sing together it’s literally creating vibrational harmony. It’s almost impossible to be in conflict with someone and also create harmony.
And so, there’s this piece around scenes singing, as an act of evolution/revolution, right? Every time I sing, I’m contributing to the rebalancing of wholearchy on the planet. Every time I hum, I’m contributing to mine and the world’s well-being. I’m trying to remember this study, but this really incredible study that showed how plants sing, and when we sing back to them, that there’s a symbiotic relationship that’s happening, that we can receive more information from the plants when we sing. And a lot of Shamanic cultures and earth-based cultures, and even in Disney princess cultures, there’s like “Sing to the trees and they will sing back to you”, that there’s a harmonic resonance that when a tree can sense, with their electromagnetic frequency, that there’s energy coming towards them, they will send more energy towards the thing that is giving them energy, it’s an incredible plant intelligence.
So, for those who feel the disconnect from the throat, you don’t have to do anything other than bring in that vibration, and you can sing to a fucking houseplant, it doesn’t have to be this huge – it can be, vocal awakening and now you’re a singer, I encourage it, go as far as you want to go. And I like to kiss it, keep it simple sweetheart, just really like subtle availability, breath, sound, movement, touch – your own breath, your own sound, your own movement and your own touch are the most healing things for you. Not another Healer, not Jesus Christ, not the Buddha, not Mother Mary, not Isis, those are all concepts and metaphors for something we can never define. The most powerful way for you to experience God and the healing power of who and what you are is through your own breath, sound, movement and touch – every time! The most healing, the most nurturing! And anyone who can help you have access to that, take on guys, definitely, I’m such an advocate for finding good facilitators and an advocate for finding leaders in these fields, but they cannot heal you. No one can heal you, nobody’s coming for you, there is no Prince Charming, there’s no second coming of the Christ, there’s no eighteenth coming of the Dalai Lama, there’s no other Mohammad – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. How to become the savior of your own process is to learn how to breathe and make sounds and move your body and touch yourself in a way that releases pain and activates pleasure – that is how we find God!

[59:27] Sahara
Yes, all of that! I, so agree with you! I feel like a lot of us, when we enter the divine feminine, we see all these Goddesses and we’re like “Oh, the Goddess! The statues and the flowers. Mary Magdalene and the red tent”, it’s so beautiful but then I’m like “All of this is just symbology for the deeper-felt experience and these are all just archetypes that we all have access to.” And then, you know, it’s almost like the shiny thing that gets you into it and then you go beyond it and you don’t need it. And then yes, you can have fun doing rituals and magic and all of it, but you know that you are the ritual, your body is the ritual, it’s your breath, it’s your movement, it’s the state of being, and everything else is really just, almost a way for our brains to convince us that what we’re doing is real, but like “Oh, well, I must have manifested because it was on this portal at this time, with these specific herbs, then that must be real”, but really, we’re manifesting with every single breath that we take, thought that we think and the felt experience is our bodies.
So, I feel like, right now, what we’re finally realizing is to, even, just go beyond even the divine feminine labels into the body, which has always been the temple.

[1:00:37] Briana
Yes, a hundred percent! Yeah, you said that really well too of like, these are all metaphors, and almost like arrows that point to the divine, right? Like, Mary Magdalene can give us an indicator, Isis can give us an indicator, and they have different key codes that historically and her-storically have helped women and others unlock aspects of self. But if we go the arrow and just place our face on it, like “This Mary Magdalene is now the way!”
I think because I was in a cult for most of my life, I’m very careful about dogma and the place where I notice dogma the most right now is in the New Age Spirituality Movement of like “This is the way”, “This is the rule”, “This is how you have to light the sage”, “And walk around the tipi this way, and you have to pray to Isis”, and I’m like “The fuck? We made this all up! We literally made this up!”
Now, I respect traditions, your TP, your rules, you do the thing, because ritual is what evokes emotion, right? Ritual helps us get into that emotive state. So, if there’s a certain ritual and I’m a guest, I’ll honor that, I will also be the first one to say “This is all metaphor”, and if the ritual starts to become more and more important than people’s personal process, it’s an irrelevant ritual, right?
Like, I think the Catholic Church, which is losing like 12% of their populous every year, because, my opinion is – A) because they’ve been one of the most oppressive forces on the planet; B) because the ritual doesn’t have any connection to emotional meaning anymore. They are doing the things; they stand up and sit down; and there’s not as much of a connection of meaning to the people. If the ritual loses its meaning, there’s no point to it. Those herbs only have power because you believe that they have power. The full moon has power, intrinsically, because it’s electromagnetic, but also because we give it that power and we name it to be so on that full moon. That’s actually more of the power, it’s the power that I give to it, that gives it its power. Whether Isis or the angels or the entities actually exist, I don’t know and I don’t care, I actually don’t care! If that supports someone on their path to believe; if that allows them to be kinder, more embodied, a more available person for their own and other’s abundance and healing, great, believe in Isis, believe in Jesus, believe in my fucking dog Luna. Whatever it is you’ve got to believe in so that your identity is more connected to infinity and more present in your pelvic bowl simultaneously and you treat your barista as though you were speaking to the most important person in the world, believe whatever you’d like. The problem with dogma right now is that it says “People who don’t believe what you believe are somehow wrong”, and that’s the crux of all of this. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual practice is, we want to cultivate a relationship deep within heart, deep within pelvic bowl, deep to Source Creator, in kindness, with all beings around us. Any dogma, any practice, that does not do that is not useful. It’s not wrong, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it’s just not useful for where humanity needs to go so that we don’t get ejected off the planet, that’s really where it is.
Is your practice helping you become more kind so that we stop destroying the rainforest in the Amazon? If it’s not helping you become more kind, then we’ve got to choose a different practice. And that, for me, is the conversation around ascension and descension, because a lot of ascension practices make people assholes. They think they’re better than everybody else; they think that, them, jumping into cold water and then breathing only with their eyeballs for 20 minutes and it’s standing upside down, and doing the Joe Dispenza thing (I love Joe Dispenza, nothing wrong about it), but them doing that thing somehow makes them more valuable than someone else doing a different practice or not a practice. No, no, no, this isn’t about dogma comparison, this isn’t like dogma dick tricks, this is about the practice that helps us get connected so that we could be more connected with each other; this is about emotional intelligence; this is about empathy-building; this is about getting to know our own map of the territory and being able to have compassion for everybody else’s map of the territory because here’s the thing human beings – none of us have the territory, not one of us knows the truth, not one of us on this planet knows why we are orbiting at millions of miles per hour, following a giant iron orb in the sky that is finite it’s flame, to a destination unknown. We actually don’t know where our solar system is going! That’s the bottom line of all of the dogma, is people want answers to the thing that the most honest person in the room is going to say “The Emperor has no fucking clues!” Nobody knows what’s going on, and that’s why we meet at the table; that’s why it’s got to be equality, because, only when everyone’s voices involved, can we actually create a solution for this planet that supports us in thriving here, instead of going crazy at the concept that we don’t fucking know where we’re going, so we might as well just take whatever we can while we got and kill these people cause they kind of irk me and take this woman because that’s what I want. That comes from the place of feeling the unknown and not knowing how to embody it. Our relationship with the unknown is our relationship with the feminine; our relationship with death is our relationship with the feminine; our relationship with the deep truth that actually nobody knows what’s going on, is our relationship with the feminine. And usually, the programmed response, and I would say maybe even the intrinsic response (I don’t know) of human beings is like “Oh no, nobody knows, who knows? Where’s the teacher, are you going to save me?”, “Do you know? Oh, you know! Bow to you! I’m going to send you all of my money because you know Scientology! Fantastic!” “And you feed me whatever it is you’re going to feed me so that I can tell myself that you know where a giant orb is going in the sky! Great!” You tell me that, I feel better! But it’s just not true! Nobody knows! And until we, as human beings, can come to a consensus “Okay, nobody knows”, we need to make our time here on this planet as enjoyable as possible, let’s do that – Great! As long as we continue to perpetuate that we know what’s happening in the afterlife, and my definition of that is better than yours, that is why wars continue.

[1:06:24] Sahara
Absolutely! And that is what really created religion, right? We have no idea what’s happening so let’s all have this belief system because it’s better than us killing each other, at least if we believe that “If I do good in this lifetime, I’m going to get rewarded in Heaven (or whatever the thing is)”. But yeah, going beyond it of “If I can just be a good person, not because I’m going to go to Heaven; not because I’m going to get this thing, but just because that is who I am”.
So, yeah, and so many people are awakening to this right now, and I think what a lot of people are struggling with, in this current moment in time, is body sovereignty and, you know, this collective decision and mandates that are being made, now in New York and California, for mandatory vaccines to enter into indoor spaces, and a huge percentage of the population not wanting to put into them a very new vaccine that there isn’t a lot of information about, and conflicting information about, a lot of side-effects, not to mention a lot of people with autoimmune conditions etc., but then feeling like “Well, if I listen to my body’s wisdom, then I’m not going to be able to be a functioning member of society, so I might as well just do the more convenient thing and ignore what my intuition is telling me because I want to continue living like a member of society”.
So, what advice do you have for people dealing with this conflict?

[1:07:46] Briana
Yeah! I have a lot of empathy and compassion because I’m right there with you. But what I’m really interested in is organizing. So, let’s say, even if it was just 10% of the population who didn’t feel in alignment with receiving a mandated vaccine, to organize, to come together, to have a forum, a place where we can speak about our concerns and gather the academic research, right?
So, it’s kind of a four-fold path. Number one is to gather the humans. Number two is to speak the qualms and have an emotional process to allow the conflict and rage to come out, like this feeling of injustice. Number three is to actually gather the academic information of what is available in terms of research. And number four would be to present that information to those who are making the decisions to understand why we are taking a stand for what we’re taking a stand for.
I think that one of the saddest things that I was really looking for, I my university, that I wish I would have gotten is community organizing. Like, how do we actually organize humans to do something other than just like my own buying and selling? Other than just commerce. How do I function as a civil, responsible human, in civil society? Civil society means as a citizen in a place that has other citizens. How did we function? We didn’t receive out of like “This is the voting box. This is how you fill in the circle. Here’s how you write a letter.” No one taught me how to pay taxes; no one taught me how to organize if I didn’t like the fact that they were ripping out the trees in the park; nobody taught me how to organize if I wanted to be able to bring my wolf with me because she’s my emotional support animal; no one taught me how to organize. This is something that I had to learn by traveling to South America, because those motherfuckers know how to organize!
Here’s what I love about traveling, is, it helps (especially for Americans), it helps us realize that civil society in the United States is almost completely dead. Civil society in other parts of the world, especially in places that are considered developing countries, is the only thing that they can count on. They can’t count on their government to show up with gas; they can’t count on their government to show up with the rice they promised; they can’t count on their government to show up with anything. So, they, as a civil society, have learned how to organize.
So, this four-part process is, what I’ve learned by spending most of my, say, the majority of my adult life, in South America, and seeing the problem, gathering the people, allowing for an emotional process, then gathering the information where we could actually organize and say “Hey, this is what we are feeling; this is why we’re feeling it” and then, finally, presenting all of that, I think is the next step.
For those of us in California, it’s a pretty interesting process because we have a state level Marshall Law (so does New York), so that basically means any gathering that isn’t supporting what’s already in place could be considered treason. So, we just live in a very interesting time in, supposedly, a democratic culture. But anyone who studied policy knows this is fascism 101. Making gathering of people illegal; making gathering of people who have a dissenting opinion illegal is fascism 101, okay! That’s what they do first, they poison the water and then they make it illegal for us to gather. Look at any fascist government, from Mussolini to Adolf Hitler, to what’s happening in North Korea, people aren’t allowed to gather, people aren’t allowed to descend.
So, for me personally, what we’re doing in our community is, we’re gathering as much academic information as we can and we’re holding small forms, whether they’re online or in person, to talk about what we can actually do; what’s the extent that we can actually do. But if we don’t have civil organization, there’s not going to much that we can do.
For those who feel strongly against the vaccine, my invitation would be to continue to stand as a free-choice agent, like, you have your choice and so do other people. The best thing that we can do is not create any more enemies right now. Not create more enemies, it does not mean that you’re a better person because you to choose to vaccinate or not. It just means that your map of the territory tells you that that is the correct decision for you and for whoever else you have the influence of choice over. To not make ourselves better than, or worse than, anyone else is the ultimate spiritual practice. And it’s hard because we have all this justification and righteousness and academic research – whatever side you choose, I always feel like is the best side for you, so it’s important to remember, we have a map of the territory based on our cultures and our beliefs, and where we come from and what we subscribe to and how we were raised, and our religious background, and the color of our skin, and how much money we have, and how much money we don’t have, and all of these things influence the map of our territory. Nobody knows the territory and so, we’re all creating these maps, kind of, in our own vacuums, a lot of times, especially in community, and so we come to the table with this map of our territory demanding that our map be heard. Well, we got a table of 100 people, each one with a different map of the territory, how do we even begin? We find the places that actually overlap; we find the place, on all of our map, that is similar, because that is very likely the territory. Not the places where we descend, we can discuss those too, but the places that are similar.
So, what I notice, whether you’re a vaxxer or non-vaxxer (or somewhere in between), is we all want to be safe, we all would like to be safe, we would all like our children to be safe, we would all like to be free, we would like to be free, we would like our children to be free. So, from those conceptual places, and the sensation (back to sensation) of what it actually means to safe and free – how can we be advocates for each other’s safety and freedom at this time, especially when we have dissenting opinions? How can I advocate, for you, to have complete freedom of choice, complete freedom of opinion, complete freedom of expression, even when you disagree with me 180° on all three of those areas? That is a true, free society! That is the America that I stand for!
You and I may not agree, but I will die for you right for freedom of choice expression!

[1:13:41] Sahara
Yeah, I think what’s challenging is the way that the media has spun it, is, “It’s their fault! Because of then, we can’t be free. Because they are threatening us”, so it creates this internalized civilian division. And it’s breaking up families, breaking up communities, breaking up, even for my friends who are dating, I think it’s one of the things in the dating profiles “Are you vaccinated or not” and people are making their love decisions based off of this, that it’s also, the media’s feeding into this, of like “Who do you support”, “Are you someone that believes in collective safety or not”.
I think what they keep doing is – you know, as humans we do naturally care about other people, so they use this card of “Well, if you care about other people, you would do this”, “If you cared about other people, you would do that” and it keeps getting further and further. And I think what a lot of people are now realizing is “Where does this end? What is it going to look like in 2030?”

[1:14:38] Briana
Yeah, I think it’s a really good question. This would be a really good time for anyone who’s feeling that (whether you’re vaccinated or not) to read – this is a very strange recommendation, but just give me a second here, but to read “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler, because that book helped me understand the way that we can throw blame on a group of people, as the ones who are problematic and actually use historical evidence to prove it to be true, even though the accusation is the most ridiculous thing on the planet.
Right now, we do not have enough academic or time-based evidence to show that the vaccine actually helps lower Covid – we don’t. As an academic, we do not! Scientists are dropping out of the medical community left and right, not because that the vaccination is wrong, but because anyone who questions it, even slightly, is outcasted. And who are they outcasted by? They’re not outcasted just by the scientific community, they’re outcasted by the large corporations, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Epstein & Co., these companies can make or break a doctor or scientist’s career. So, as soon as someone starts to ask a question, I’m just talking about a question like “Hey, antiviral vaccinations are known to possibly alter the RNA sequence of human beings, can we run a couple tests to see what the Covid 19 vaccination is currently doing on the RNA of, let’s say, babies?” This is a scientific proposal – the scientist who proposed that was exiled with the threat of being tried for treason, because of this academic proposal. So, this isn’t about descend, this is about a scientific process being shut down in order for pharmaceutical companies to continue to make money off of this virus. That’s what we’re dealing with, okay? Whether you want to get the vaccine or not is your personal choice; it is being pushed as an agenda because people are making billions and trillions of dollars off of this shit.
I want to know the actual recalibration of a virus. Here’s the truth – is a virus cannot be cured by a vaccine, a virus is only cured when we can get it out of our immune system, and it requires a strong human immune system to change the course of a virus. A vaccine will not cure us.
We already see Delta strain rising, which is a mutation caused by those who have received the vaccine – that is what is going to continue to happen. This is a hyperintelligent strain of a flu, right? Covid is just a normal flu strain that has been somehow worked, maybe it was from a lab, I don’t have enough evidence to know, that is unlike any other flu strain that we’ve seen in terms of biochemistry. You put that into a machine (like an antiviral) that gives it more intelligence on how to work and go into somebody else’s body, and then you get somebody who’s not vaccinated, who gets that Delta strain, it is double time the intensity of what Covid was originally.
So, the vaccine, right now, in my experience, allegorically and numbers-wise, has not helped us lower anything. As a matter of fact, it’s only created a mutant strain that has then created more chaos in our systems because we don’t have the vaccine to address it. This is why vaccines need 20, to 30, to 40 years of in-laboratory and small batch tests before it’s released to the public, so that it doesn’t create mutant strains of it.
Something like the Polio vaccine or the MMR vaccines, these were tested for long periods of time and have been refined over time. They weren’t great at the beginning, they weren’t perfect at the beginning, they had to be refined over time, so that we then can utilize them in society and not have them cause mutant strains of their same virus. What we’re going to see is continual strains of this virus until which we actually address the issue, which is a health issue.
We, as human beings, are addicted to caffeine, we’re addicted to petroleum-based foods, we’re addicted to petroleum-based coverings, that then allow our immune systems to completely shut down, so we’re become susceptible to things like Coronavirus. The way to combat Coronavirus is to have a strong immune system and to have strong things like different medications that can actually address it, that aren’t necessarily going to put in a mutant strain of the virus.
And so, to take a step back – A) none of us have the full picture; none of us know everything that’s going on (myself included). B) We haven’t had enough time to actually test the results of what could actually be the benefit of and what is actually the detriment of this vaccine. C) We’re already seeing mutant strains pop up because the vaccine is so pushing for it. I’m just very suspicious of it, it doesn’t mean I’m against it, it just means I have, as an academic, I have a lot of curiosities.
And what I’ve noticed is, anyone who’s curious, is immediately seen as someone who doesn’t care about people, and that’s problematic. And Adolf Hitler did the same thing to any Germans who did not get on board with his “Mein Kampf” – if you are not with me, you are against me. As soon as we see that kind of language (if you’re not with me, you’re against me) that’s called fascism; that’s called fascism’ that’s called fascism! Even if what they’re saying is correct; even if it was like “We’re all going to eat healthy food or all do yoga”, it’s still fascism! The moment you tell someone that they do not have freedom of choice of how they live their life and what they’re going to do with it, that is fascism!
So, it’s not just what we’re doing, it’s how we’re doing it. It’s not just what (about the virus), what’s in it, what can it cause, what is it going to do with my body, it’s how the vaccine is being pushed, that is scary as fuck!

[1:20:10] Sahara
Thank you so much for expressing that so clearly. I know so many of us have been feeling that exact same thing and seeing it in so many different places, and just to have it echoed back so eloquently is so helpful, so thank you for that.
And for people who are in full body agreeance but they’re wondering “What can I do”. And you know, I think that we are, at least 50% of the population, who is at least in some way questioning, even if you got it, even if you didn’t get it, we’re questioning, we’re curious, it felt rushed. I know so many people who felt they had to get it to go back to their jobs or because their parents wanted them to, or whatever the thing is, how can we, now, see the way that certain states like California and New York have even made it illegal, which is what they’ve done in Iran as well, that cannot meet in groups – how can we combat the first steps of this fascism that’s taking place?

[1:21:04] Briana
Yeah. I wonder if there’s a hashtag of ‘I’m curious’ or something? I think being an advocate…

[1:21:08] Sahara
There’s a ‘#vicurious’.

[1:21:13] Briana
#vicurious, yeah, totally, I love that! Let’s all be vicarious, to really not polarize. I don’t think this is the time to polarize and be like ‘The evil governments’ and ‘This is horrible’ or even ‘This is all perfect’, it’s like ‘Can we just get curious around who’s making money from this scenario’? Who’s making a shit ton of money from Covid? Who’s making a shit ton of money from the vaccines? Who’s making a shit ton of money from the masks? Who’s making a shit ton of money right now? Because if we follow the money, we’re going to find Oz behind the curtain. And when I say that, it’s not just Google, it’s starting to gather as human beings, whether it’s on Telegram or in person. I’m going to tell you to fucking gather! Gather and have these difficult conversations of what it means to be curious about our government. When was the last time that Americans gathered to be curious about their government? I’ll tell you – 1776, that’s the last time we fucking gathered! Maybe a little bit during the Vietnam war, but other than that, we, as Americans, have no idea what it means to gather in a civic sense! The Quakers know, the Quakers have got it down! There’s still some Town Hall meetings here and there, so, I’m not going to say all Americans, all the time, especially in middle America. We’ve written off Nebraska a lot, especially as Californians, Miamians or New Yorkers, we think middle America is just this giant corn field, but there’s actually some really cool examples of townships and meeting halls. And even though, politically, I’m often not in alignment with these areas, the ‘how’ of how they’re doing their community conversations is fascinating, fascinating, fascinating.
So, the step number one would be, have a conversation with more than just your Instagram Feed, go into the world, hold an event, make a social distance with masks, whatever, but just be like “We want to talk about our curiosities about the vaccine We’re going to make this non-polarized, which means you cannot say you are right and someone else is wrong, that’s it. You are allowed to start questions with ‘I’m curious’ and then you respond to whatever anyone says as ‘Thank you’. ‘Thank you, I’m curious about what you just said. I don’t feel the same, here’s what I know’”. To really create some frames around how we communicate with each other in times of conflict and no longer seeing conflict as incompatibility, but conflict is the seed of creation. Conflict is the seed of creation, whether it’s jealousy or disgust, there’s actually something there that wants to be created. So, if we, as Americans, can get really curious about this conflict, of like “Wow, there’s a huge conflict here, there’s charge”, we’re not apathetic anymore, this isn’t 1995 and we’re just letting the fucking bombs roll out in the Middle East, we’re actually feeling something as Americans, which is a great sign, because when I was out of here traveling, in the late 90s, early 2000s, and I was in South America, I was like “There’s a huge contrast between Americans” and their response to the political environment vs. Latin Americans, and their response to a political environment. They were on it, they were in the streets, they were protesting, they had their civic rights written on their hands. We don’t even know what our civic rights are as human beings, we don’t even know what our renter’s rights or our land rights are. What are your land rights where you live? Most Americans have no idea what that is. If you don’t know your land rights in Latin America, you can get your land revoked the next week and have to go to court for it. So, I think we’re getting acclimatized to needing to be more involved. And so, my first step would be to organize, just have an event, have a conversation around what it is that people feel about what’s going on and start to see a little bit more solidarity (number one). Number two, start asking “Where do I actually really want to align?”, “What is actual alignment for my own life? what is in integrity for me to believe and me to behave and for me to stand in today?” And to stand there, to sit in the truth, “Can I sit in my truth without defending it” has become a big one for me, I’m a fire sign, I love me a good old-fashioned argument, I love me a little dirty brawl too. But during this time, I have found that sitting in the seat of curiosity and not needing to be right is actually the more effective and efficient way to find the answer that’s going to serve the collective.
So, number one, gather. Number two, sit in your truth and not need to defend it, and number three, it’s going back to what we just said, we’ve got to be in our bodies. Because if we’re in our minds and we’re in the concepts, it’s going to get fucking dizzying because as many humans as there are out there, there are different opinions. So, the way that we sit in our truth, the way that we come home, is to get in the body, breath, sound, movement, touch, get back on the earth, bare feet on the earth, get into the water, let yourself know that you’re okay. Let yourself know that if none of us survive this, it’s going to be okay. But to really start to come from a place of deep heart, deep pelvic bowl listening, in this time that we get to organize. We get to organize, we get to understand, we get to come with curious inquiry, not needing to be right and we get to stay deep in our bodies while we’re doing that.

[1:25:56] Sahara
So beautifully said and thank you for expressing that. And you’re so right, most of us have no idea what our rights are, let alone our land rights, our medical sovereignty rights, exemptions that exist, exemptions that people are getting for their children etc. I mean, most of us just sign the terms of agreement, without even reading them, let alone injecting things in our bodies, we don’t even know what they are, so I think it’s important for us to – I think our capitalistic society has made us so busy that feel like we don’t have time for any of that. We feel like “Oh, maybe the people in Nebraska have all this extra time on a Friday afternoon, they can gather, but I can barely take care of myself”, but we have to reevaluate what’s important. Because if we don’t have these conversations or we keep things to ourselves and become so nuclear, then that’s how the powers in control who are gathering and are talking and are having these conversations get stronger and stronger and stronger, and before we know it we’re like “Wait, now this is happening; that is happening” because there’s a group of people (whatever call it ‘elite’, ‘corporation’) they are meeting all the time and they are making sure their best interests are met. So, we need to also make sure our best interests are met because we outnumber them by billions, right? So, it’s time for us to remember our power and to take that responsibility that we each have, as individuals, as citizens, to go back to the constitution, what’s even in there, right? Most of us have no idea.
And it’s funny because it’s – like for myself, I definitely lean more liberal and open-minded. I remember in high school people were like “No, you constitute more rights”, I rolled my eyes and be like “I thought of that like a very Texan or Republican thing”, which to me felt like the opposite, but now, it’s almost like you go so left, there’s right and we all come together and realize it’s like, we actually all really want the same thing. And there’s a lot that we can learn from these other perspectives such as knowing constitutional rights, knowing your state’s rights, knowing that every single state has different rules and these things are really going to matter more and more and more as these laws and these mandates may continue; and we do have the opportunity.
I mean, I think last year was a really good example of a civil uprising, last year with the Black Rights Movement, and I’m curious to see how we uprise now, also considering that this mandate is a racial issue as well. A lot of black and brown communities are the ones who are extremely skeptical of this because historically, vaccines have been used in the past to make groups of people infertile or have diseases etc. So, of course, it is another form of white supremacy that’s happening right now, to say that “I know what’s right for your body and if you don’t follow my rules, you are not going to be allowed to be part of the system; to go inside restaurants; to live your normal life; to get a normal job until you do what we (group of white rich men) believe is right for your body.” I mean, if we want to talk about my body, my rights, I think is really the time that we need to be on the streets marching and saying this declaration.

[1:29:14] Briana
One hundred percent! And to just parallel it with something in history and how far is this going to go – when Germany was transferring from this kind of World War I, deep depression into the Nazism that became World War II, there was these markers that people had to put on them. Like, if you were Catholic, you got to wear a pink band, if you were a homosexual, you had to wear a double white band, if you were Jewish, you had this golden star, there were all these demarcations that at first just seemed like “Okay, there are these people in our country that are having conflicts, we’re going to identify these ones so that they know ‘Okay, that could be a potential conflict, I want to stay away from it”. That’s the way it was identified, is first. It was different people who were forced to mark themselves; forced to say who and what they were. And then, towards the end, especially with the exterminations, it was just the Jews who were required to mark themselves.
So, I say this only because once authoritarianism starts, once fascism starts, there is not one historical experience that it didn’t require a complete breakdown of the economy, usually through some other country taking over that country, a complete break in that governmental power for them to not be authoritarian anymore.
I’m hoping that America and we as her civil citizens can choose a different fate because right now the snake is solely constricting, and there will be a point where we can’t breathe, and if we wait until that point, we won’t be able to get the snake off our neck.
It reminds me of that poem too, I can’t remember who it was, but it’s something along the lines, I’m going to paraphrase it, this isn’t exact quotes but – ‘They came for the Blacks, they came for the Jews, they came for the women and they came for the handicapped, and when they came for me, there was no one else to stand up for anyone’. So, it’s like, what are we waiting for; what’s the actual point that we’re waiting for to actually say “Hey, this is actually infringing on my civil liberties’. Forcing vaccines on people that are not properly researched, that do not have enough actual scientific evidence to prove that this stops or helps slow down the Coronavirus; forcing people to take this medication, in my opinion, is an infringement on our civil liberties, is an infringement on our human rights. Wearing a mask is not your infringement on your human rights, but me injecting something into my body that we don’t know how it’s going to interact with my DNA and my RNA and my ability to reproduce, fuck that shit; fuck that shit! If you choose to put that in your body, I’m not going to make a judgment of you, that’s your free choice. And my free choice, in the United States, I’ve been promised that that would be honored. And it is our right to stand up for our rights; it is our duty to stand up for our rights. And that space that we have right now, we’re not completely restricted right now, this is the sweet spot, this is the time, in our tenderness and curiosity, to step forward and say “This actually doesn’t feel good for us, this is not true for us and we’re really curious about the conversation of how we can this work for all of us”. And I’m super curious of how this is going to go because with how much debt the United States owes the Chinese corporations, Middle Eastern petroleum companies, the prince of Dubai, who has gotten us out of so many debt crises recently (California is so in debt, it’s ridiculous). With these debt crises, I’m really curious of what’s being done with the experimentation on human beings. It’s almost like the United States has had a high level of medical know-how, the training, the education and then people who want to pursue medical knowledge, and one thing that we did and have done, is, we sponsor medical simulations in Africa, in South America, in the Bronx, you know what I mean, in these, what would be considered developing areas (in Inglewood, here in the United States) and we give medications and then we record what happens to these humans that are considered insignificant by the larger populations. What’s being done right now is, that’s basically what’s being done to the United States population as a whole. And part of the reason is because we’re in debt to so many of these corporations that they’re like “Hey, the United States, one way you can pay off your $88 trillion of debt, is just mass produce this vaccine and give it to all of your people and we’ll just do research on them”.
I don’t want to be a research rat! It’s not my fault that my government has bought billions of dollars-worth of planes this past year, to drop bombs in the Middle East, where they’re extracting oil for the Chinese – that’s not my fault; that’s not my journey to be on! But unless there is a combination of political science, historical and spiritual practice, this is the thing that’s crazy and I’m so glad you mentioned your academic history – is to find those who are activated, both spiritually and socially, is really rare and it’s really the thing that we as human beings need in terms of our awakening. Our awakening is spiritual but it’s also political. The spiritual is political now. We’re in a place where people are telling us that our intuition of our bodies is off and they want to tell us what they want to do instead – that is a spiritual and a political confrontation.
So, the moment I hear a yoga teacher or a meditation teacher or an embodiment teacher say like “It’s all your own creation” – no honey, it’s a co-creation. You are not creating your reality; you are co-creating your reality with the divine and with the other beings around you. You, yourself, do not live in a vacuum, you’re not Henry David Theroux living in the middle of fucking forest, in a cabin. You are a human being, deeply connected in a matrix that’s based on systems of oppression, that’s based on systems of money and education and pharmaceuticals and that’s based on other individuals. We are co-creating this reality. We can contribute greatly and we can receive greatly, but we have to remember we’re co-creating this reality.
So, in that co-creation, what can we do to activate part of the wheel that’s going to allow for a more open conversation? How can our conversation have more openings than closings? That’s really where it’s at. We’re got to open the conversation about the vaccine, not close it down. Let’s open it, let’s get real about what’s actually happening, because the more lack of transparency, the more closed down, the more we’re not allowed to talk about it, the more authoritarian rule can just take it over. And that white supremacist, patriarchal rule wins again.

[1:35:46] Sahara
I think what’s tough is, we are so digital that we’re not even having conversations, it becomes people fighting on Instagram captions.

[1:35:54] Briana
Over memes!

[1:35:55] Sahara
Exactly! And you don’t feel the humanness of the person on the other side who’s just scared. With the information they have been presented, is making the best decision, and you making the exact same decision if you watched all of the content that they have consumed.
I think, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, you just saw different people just got different news feeds, and that created an entirely different echo-chamber, which is going to create a completely different decision and understanding of this vaccine, simply because they’ve been following the thread.
And what’s needed and what has also been taken away from us is the meeting in person. What a genius plot twist that the one thing that we need to do, meet in person, gather, is the thing that is, I don’t know, “killing us”. So, it’s just crazy times and I think sometimes, for us – I had this dream last year when this all kind of started, that there was a split in society, that there were a group of people who decided to just no longer be part of this matrix, and we were called ‘the others’. And the mainstream society actually didn’t know we existed; they did not want them to know we existed because it would just open up an entirely new pathway of life. so, ‘the others’ were, they didn’t have the same vaccines, they weren’t trans-humans, they ate food from the earth, like “Eww, gross, nasty, it has soil on it”, and they lived connected with nature. And in this mainstream society, it just kind of got more and more hunger games, matrix, you’re basically in a pod, having your experience without ever leaving the house and everything being created in a cyber web of experience for you. So, you could travel around the world without ever leaving your pod. And the division got further and further and further, to the point that we, basically, were on different dimensions on this planet.
Do you feel like we should be more focused on creating that world we want to be a part of, living off grid, etc. or more putting our energy towards not having this divide and trying to get just the collective mainstream society to take a more balanced approach?

[1:38:08] Briana
I think that’s a great question. I love this dream by the way, it sounds like a lot of the different dystopian movies that have been coming out in the past 10 years.
I think our movies really reflect the subconscious of where we see ourselves going. Is it any coincidence that there were 10 mega virus movies made in 2018? Just go back to 2018, top Netflix movies, and it’ll freak you out. We co-create our reality – so that’s number one.

[1:38:35] Sahara
There’s like literally one about a bat virus and everyone dies, I think it’s Gwyneth Paltrow or something, it was from a while ago and then it became like a number one movie last year, but it was scary because, basically the plot of the movie is, everyone turns into a zombie and everyone dies until there’s a vaccine and then we live happily ever after. So, it’s like encoding into our subconscious that this is the solution, “If you want things to go back to normal, you must do this”.

[1:38:59] Briana
Yeah. I think the answer to this question is a both, and, at least I’m at now, I choose to live in Los Angeles because of the people and also because I feel this is a place where the work that I’m called to do, can have the most impact at this time. I do not see myself living in Los Angeles, especially when I’m ready to give birth to a child, I want to be on land with my own water source, that is not owned by the city and that’s not being contaminated with fluoride. So, right now, where we’re at, we’re in that space where before the snake constricts, we can still have the conversations.
For me, there are a couple of indicators, just having studied revolutions and having studied authoritarianism and military industrial complex, there’s a couple of indicators that would let me know “Okay, it’s time to get out”, and one of them will be the elimination of the right to free speech. As soon as I’m not allowed to – and we’re already starting to see it with some of the censorship, but as soon as there’s punishment for freedom of speech and expressing dissenting opinions from the status quo, as soon as we see that become illegal, or people are incarcerated or people are investigated, because of bringing forward these pieces, that’s when I’ll start to be like “I’ve just got to go”.
We saw, kind of, the first wave of it with Edward Snowdon. And if you haven’t heard of Edward Snowdon or you don’t know who that is, go look up all the things.

[1:40:22] Sahara
And dr. Marcola now, as well.

[1:40:24] Briana
A-ha! Huge researcher for the pharmaceutical company who is now being like “Yeah, we gotta talk about the bullshit behind the scenes”.
So, with Edward Snowdon, what we really got to see was that there are millions of people who have insider information and they each have a piece but nobody has the whole download. This is how the elite, if you will, or the 1%, or those who are receiving benefits from other people suffering, continue to move forward. There’s no one lyncher who gets kind of the whole picture, but Edward Snowdon, as a programmer, as a developer, within organization, got to see the whole other perspective and got to really name that there is a force within human beings that is maniacal. This isn’t just human trauma coming out sideways and unconscious, there are people who are literally saying “We need to kill part of the planetary people in order for us to make more money”, that has been a conversation, right? This came out in 2010, maybe earlier, where this conversation of like “Hey, there are people within the US Government who actually are maniacal.
I think we missed so much of the emotional impact of what he was saying because of the details of “This bomb thing” or “This thing”, or “How we’re being hunted on social media”. And yes, the Government is watching our text messages, big woo-hoo! The deeper conversation is, there are people, elected into our government and who are in black ops, who actually want to eliminate part of our population! We missed that part of the conversation, which could have been a great awakening of us, as humanity, of like “Okay, there are maniacal people out there, how can we deal with; how do we actually deal with those who say yes to destroying life; who say yes to being evil”, that’s a big conversation that we need to have in civic society.
But I think where we’re at now is starting to understand that the wisdom of beauty and the wisdom of happiness comes from a place of when we are deeply connected to our breath and we’re deeply connected to nature.
And so, this idea of the society splitting and there being people in these pods and all of that, they will deeply suffer, that actually will not be a place where humans thrive. I would estimate, and my intuition says, the death tolls will be really high (early death rates, back to 40 years old). There’s also a lot of lies in our history about death rates, which is something that I really started to research (age of death). We’re told “People used to die at a very early age”. At certain points yes; at certain points there were earlier death rates because there were a Bubonic Plague or there was a lack of nutrition, and agricultural societies were really clunky at the beginning, but there’s not a lot of talk of the 300-400-year-old people who didn’t exist in tribal societies; the Shamans who could live almost half a century. Nobody’s talking about how the connection to the earth and the natural cycles of the earth is actually the healthiest and most happy inducing thing for us as human beings. The healthiest thing for us is to be living as close to the earth as possible! And this isn’t like a preference thing, this is a biochemical truth. When your feet are in the earth, you have more nutrients in your body. Bare foot walking isn’t just a fad, it’s not something that we as hippies do, you have the largest pores of your body on the bottoms of our feet. There are certain types of pollen and tree material and plant material that live in the dirt, and when your bare feet in the dirt, in a non-pesticide zone, you can absorb a lot of the nutrients that you cannot absorb through your intestines and your gut, especially for all of us who have gut and intestinal issues. We need to be bare feet on the soil to absorb the nutrients! And what has been identified as, like these ‘others’ – those are the others, those are the crazy hippies, those are the crazy New Agers!
Look at any farming culture throughout the world; look at any tribal society that lasted for more than 100 years, they’re bare foot in the earth, they’re listening to the cycles; they’re listening to nature. That is the only way that human beings will find true joy and happiness again, is if we become one with our mother, if we return to the earth. And if we choose not to, human beings will greatly suffer even more. And that will be a choice for some of you – you choose to do that, that’s your Karma, that’s your choice, blessings on your journey! That’s not what I choose for me, that’s not what I choose for my family. And it’s really starting, for human beings, for us to really get a good look at what actually brings us joy, what actually brings pleasure internally, what actually lights us up from the inside out, is good food, physical touch, good water, healthy, happy, safe, free people, breath, sound, movement and touch – everything else is just kind of like a fringe benefit of being alive. But those basic needs come, are digested, in our bodies the best when we are closest to nature. We are not separate from nature, we actually are nature – this body is an animal and if you put an animal in a zoo, it cuts its life in half.
A Siberian tiger can live up to 50 years old in the wild, in the captivity 20 years is the max age. What do you think that’s going to happen to human beings who are put in pods? 40 years old? 80 years old is the general medium in the United States of natural death cause – that’s going to go by half. So, if people want to pod themselves, they want to travel the world, drinking oxygen out of a tube, do you honey? That’s fine, but the research shows, the closer we are to the trees, the more alive, the more vibrant, the more available we are – that’s just research! Sure, I’m a crazy witch hippy, you can write me off all you want, but as an academic, societies have shown us.
Right now, the people who are considered the happies and who live the longest, live in Okinawa, Japan. And the majority of their life is spent outside; outside! They’re outside all day long! The biggest key that they have found is that they are eating food from the island (where they grow on the island) and they’re outside. They don’t have any high-tech pharmaceuticals that are making their people live longer; they don’t have any crazy mumbo-jumbo of like pods and antibacterial – they’re outside! The sun is the greatest antibacterial force we have on our planet – the sun! Not rubbing alcohol, get your ass in the sun! Literally, put your butt in the sun and it can totally revolutionize your nervous system. You don’t have to trust me, you can look at academic research for that one, it’s really helpful when science is finally proving what the witches have been saying for the past couple of years – it’s finally catching up!
But we’re in this state right now, where it’s like, maybe there will be these two divides, and I say blessings on that free choice journey. And, research shows that we survive better, we thrive better, we’re more connected, we’re more in our own experience and being able to shine our light, the more we are connected to nature.

[1:47:07] Sahara
Thank you so much for expressing all of that, and it just shows the power of us sharing and us passing along this Podcast, passing along different resources to other people, so there, hopefully, doesn’t need to be a divide.
Just in the past 10 years, how much consciousness, collectively, has risen that, I really do believe that all of this, whole, global spiritual awakening that has been happening was to prepare us for these times so we can see with clear, sovereign eyes, and to not give into any dissolutions and to tune back into our body’s wisdom. So, let’s continue to awaken the people! Again, it can be gently, it can be in their own time, but to not give up, because I think most people, if they knew, they would choose differently. It’s just that they aren’t given the same information and sadly it is hidden.
I know, on Instagram, which is the place a lot of us commune, conversations like this – I mean, the moment you say something, you’re immediately flagged and then accounts are being deleted. So, I really do believe living closer to community, and really in community, is the solution.
So, do you have any final tips for people who are seeking to live in community, but, you know, are so used to being this Amazon culture where it’s getting it when you want it, where you want it, how you want it, that that feel like such a far away thing?

[1:48:30] Briana
Yeah, my invitation, in that department, would be, just like 1%. Think of it 1% – how can I be 1% more involved in my community today; how can I be 15 more of a leader in my community; how can I show up 1% more in service? So, it’s like contributing, leadership and service. And contributing can be monetary; leadership can be speaking up about something that can feel a little conflicting; and then service is showing up to help clean, beautify and connect in that space. So, it’s like, if we can all ask just 1% more, every day, that has nothing to do with technology or online, so this is specifically in-person. So, I feel like “1% more for me was like picking up trash on the side of the road”, that wasn’t mine, cool, “1% more to me was making eye contact with every person I saw today”, “1% more to me was going into part of town that I’ve never been to before and taking a walk around a neighborhood that I’ve never seen”. There’s so many different ways that we can just integrate more. 1% more can be going to (where you can), going to an event that I wouldn’t normally be interested in, and I just wanted to see new people; 1% more might be going to a different coffee shop and intentionally having a conversation with someone, with no attachment to the outcome; 1% more might be taking one day a week from you phone (a phone fast). I love phone fasting! 24 hours a week where you’re not on your phone and you’re just in the spontaneity of whatever wants to arise, I’m going to be present for.
So, my invitation to create community in an embodied way is, every day just do one percent more; just one percent.

[1:50:11] Sahara
I love that so much! So easy and it’s something we can all integrate. And I think a lot of people – I live in an apartment building, I’m like “I don’t even know who my neighbors are”, so it’s like, maybe it’s talking to people in your elevator and not like pretending that you guys don’t live in very close proximity of each other; just that elevator behavior that we all have of “Don’t make eye contact”, “Don’t be weird” and of course, now, “Stay far away”. But yeah, how can we lean in a little bit more, because if we are going to really need our community, we need to start by making friends with each other and making friends with people who may feel different from us or even feel like they have nothing to add to our lives, so it’s not worth trying to get to know them, but realize that every single person has so much to add to our lives. And it’s really, especially in those different views, different walks of live – I think that’s why the blue zone is the Okinawa, it’s so healthy, it’s so inter-generational. The young, the old and the everyone, they’re all mixed, whereas now, it’s like “Eww, Gen Z vs. Millennial – you parked your car in that place, fuck you!” It’s like, really, who’s that helping because we’re all going to fucking need each other regardless of where your hair part is, so let’s come together and start talking, because there are conversations to be had.

[1:51:31] Briana
Yes, yes. I love that, and that is actually where the wisdom is cultivated. It’s not one person’s wisdom that they’re transferring to another, but in the exchange, a wisdom is born and that’s where community change can actually happen is, is in those conversations. And instead of thinking about “What can I get from this scenario”, it’s like “What can I be a permission for in this scenario”, especially for the light-workers, especially for those who identify as healers or change-makers. Even in this moment, the way that I’m standing in this elevator wit this person, “Can I be a permission for more safety, just in my energy”, “Can I be a permission for more freedom”, “Can I be a permission for more sensation in the body, right now, just by the way that I’m breathing and speaking with you”? Embodying permission is the greatest way to connect with anyone because that’s a gift to give. This is something in indigenous traditional societies, if you want to start a relationship, you start by giving, you start by giving, you start by giving! Not “What am I going to get”, “What’s the cost benefit analysis of me speaking to the stranger in the stairwell right now”, it’s actually “I’m here to give; my life’s purpose is to give complete permission for tenderness and full-felt experience of the human being. So, how can I just be that in my radiance? Even if I say nothing?”

[1:52:47] Sahara
So powerful! Wow, well this was like an almost 2-hour juicy-juice conversation and I don’t want it to end! Well, thank you so much for all of your wisdom and your intelligence and your passion, and just the sacred cauldron of information and codes that you carry within yourself, and so clearly express, we’re so grateful for you!
And where can listeners connect with you, be in one of your experiences, coaching containers and more?

[1:53:17] Briana
Amazing! Thank you for having me here. It’s such an honor and a pleasure, and you reaching out to me and asking me to be on, just tickled me pink, so I’m just grateful, grateful!
And for anyone who wants to get in contact with me, I am at Rev. Briana Lynn on Facebook, Instagram and a lot of other things that I don’t check, but Facebook and Instagram I do, so you can reach out to me, DM me there for group containers, online containers, one-on-one containers, in-person containers, all sorts of ways to dive deeper into the embodiment work. And you can also find me at theearthtemple.com which is the non-profit church that I’m one of the co-directors of.

[1:53:51] Sahara
Well, thank you again for sharing your wisdom with us today! So, so beyond grateful!

[1:53:55] Briana
My pleasure, thank you for inviting me Sahara.

[1:53:57] End of Interview

[1:53:58] Sahara
Wow! All I can say is wow! I absolutely loved being part of that conversation. I hope you enjoyed listening to it, and I did not want it to end. I actually, am recording this literally right after the conversation, and I’m just like – my cells are activated, my being is alive and I am remembering, again, my soul mission on this planet – to be here, to create the new paradigm. This is not a concept, this is not just an idea that we get to geek out on and then go back to our lives – this is why we are here; this is why we chose to incarnate in this planet, at this time, for this reason! We are in the most crucial precipice that we have ever been in, in humanity.

[1:54:46] Sahara
So, now it is up to us to decide how we want history to go; to not repeat the mistakes from the past; to allow curiosity to prevail.

[1:55:00] Sahara
Because I, myself, my parents fled from their country because it turned into a dictatorship and free will was no longer allowed, and that is why I am the first generation to be born here. And I don’t want to have to repeat picking up and leaving my life and going somewhere else, because freedom has been taken away.
So, it is up to us and don’t ever feel like you are outnumbered because the more I have these conversations, the more I share, the more I realize, so many people are just questioning and they’re curious.

[1:55:30] Sahara
And again, whatever side you’re on, whatever experience you’ve had, we all deserve information, we all deserve research, we all deserve to just know. If questioning something is getting us kicked off of the internet, kicked out of our jobs, that, in itself, is the problem.

[1:55:50] Sahara
So, I just invite you to take a deep breath because this is some big stuff and we chose to be here for these times.

[1:55:59] Sahara
Thank you so much for tuning in, I am so excited to dive deeper with you in the 5 Day Rose Gold Goddess Challenge.
Again, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com right now, to join absolutely free, it begins August 16, and I’m so excited to see you inside.


Episode 382: Divine Feminine Truth, Embodiment + Body Sovereignty with Rev. Briana Lynn
By Sahara Rose

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