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Highest Self Podcast 335: Discovering Your Dharma Through Vedic Astrology with Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

If you’re into Ayurveda, dharma, goddesses, yoga shakti, kundalini, meditation and all things Vedic– you gotta learn about Vedic astrology! It’s the sister science of …

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Highest Self Podcast 253: Lunar Abundance Rituals with Ezzie Spencer

How can we manifest with the moon? In this episode, you’ll learn how! Ezzie breaks down the 8 stages of the moon, which is better …

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Highest Self Podcast 219: Vedic Astrology—Ayurveda’s Sister Science with Laura Plumb

Doors are OPEN for Rose Gold Goddesses, where Laura is an expert teacher— join now at Have you been curious about Vedic astrology but …

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Highest Self Podcast 109: All Your Astrology Questions Answered with Danielle Paige

She’s back for a much-requested part 2! Highest Self Podcast listeners LOVED Danielle and had a LOT more questions for her, so I brought her …

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Highest Self Podcast 052: Intuitive Astrology 101 with Danielle Paige

Have you ever wondered WTF was going on in the stars and how to TRULY read an astrological chart? Then this episode is for you! …

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