Highest Self Podcast 396: Vedic Astrology End Of Year/ 2022 Forecast with Laura Plumb


I love Vedic Astrology, the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic meditation, for it’s precision and accuracy. In this episode, I sit with Vedic Astrologer Laura to discuss the end of year forecast, how things will lighten up slowly as the year ends and what we can expect in Spring 2022 (ps: get excited for then!) We also discuss big spiritual topics like why the fall of consciousness happened, getting comfortable with death, stepping into the unknown, individual + collective healing, facing uncertainty and so much more.

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Episode 396: Vedic Astrology End Of Year/2022 Forecast with Laura Plumb
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Vedic Astrology Episode and I had to bring in my dear friend Laura Plumb to drop us with another one. I’ve linked the other ones in the show notes, that we’ve done in the past, but this one is specifically on her end of year and early 2022 astrological forecasts.

[00:39] Sahara
So, past two years have been a little bit crazy, to say the least, and I was curious, “You know what, what’s in store for us, for the rest of this year? What does 2022 look like? Let’s look ahead a little because there’s no point looking back, right?” And in this Episode, she has really researched what November, December 2021, look like and what we can look forward to in 2022, which is really, really great, and I love just the wisdom that she shares.

[01:08] Sahara
And if you aren’t familiar with what Vedic Astrology is – Vedic Astrology is one of the eldest forms of astrology that originated in Ancient India, or really in the Indus River Valley, which is now, kind of, modern-day South Asia, in general.
And what’s so beautiful about this system is, it’s based on the Sidereal system.

[01:29] Sahara
So, the Sidereal system accounted for the earth’s slight wobble in its axis that makes it shift a slight, slight, slight percentage of a degree every single year.
Now, the thing is, since the Vedic astrologers and the Greek astrologers shared information about 2000 years ago, when the Greek astrological system was created, which our Western astrological system is based off of, it didn’t account for that shift in its axis. So, now, everything is about 24° off. So, most likely, three-fourths of the chance is, your sun sign in Vedic Astrology is actually the sign before your sun sign in Western Astrology.

[02:11] Sahara
So, for example, in Western Astrology I’m a Capricorn, but in Vedic Astrology I’m a Sagittarius. And in fact, all the planets I have in Capricorn, in Western Astrology, I actually have in Sagittarius in Vedic Astrology.

[02:24] Sahara
Now, some people resonate more with their Western astrological chart, however, if you’ve always been wondering “Oh, I actually don’t really resonate with that one so much”, you may actually look into your Vedic astrology chart and resonate with that one more. Which, for me, I actually resonate more with that Sag energy of who I truly am, of the explorer and the philosopher and the adventurer, more than my Capricorn, because I’m not organized or clean or on a routine, I’m not Miranda from Sex and the City at all. However, I do have the ambition of the Capricorn which I resonate with. So, it could be interesting for you to look up your Vedic astrological chart and you may find resonance.
And in fact, what sometimes happens is, someone’s rising sign is their sun sign in Vedic Astrology, or their moon sign, or they just have it a really important house. So, you may actually have your same signs in Western Astrology, but they may play out differently.
And again, one fourth of people are actually going to have it in the exact same placement, because it’s 24° off, so there still is, I believe, between 24° and 30° those chances. So, if you were born really early in the month, you may still be the same.

[03:33] Sahara
Another thing I love about Vedic Astrology is, it really has a cosmic view of astrology. I find validity in both and I actually look into both every single day. I love some Western astrologers like Christopher Witecki, who’s been on the Podcast, and I love learning about Vedic Astrology, especially because it is the sister science of Ayurveda and yoga.

[03:53] Sahara
So, I just find different aspects about myself and humanity by looking in them. And if you’re curious about learning more and integrating them in my Yogic Path Oracle Card Deck, I have dates and key phases etc. for both, as well as a chart for you to find where your birthday is.

[04:10] Sahara
So, for myself, I love to dive into both and I think they’re both equally wise and beautiful. So, if you’re not as familiar with Vedic Astrology, this is the invitation to look into it, especially if you’re a yogi, because this is the sister science.

[04:25] Sahara
So, in this Episode, we, not only talk about Vedic Astrology, but we also dive into just big quantum questions. And I love having conversations like this, like “Why did the descension happen? If we’re supposed to all move towards ascension and moving towards more light, why did we forget, why did this amnesia happen? How can we overcome this fear of death? This conversation right now, of being for the collective vs. individual, how do we have both?”
So, we also really dive into these more spiritual topics.

[04:58] Sahara
And for me, conversations like this, though we never have the answers to the, they really open us up to questioning why we’re here, and if we’re not always asking ourselves this question, then life becomes very mundane and boring and pointless.

[05:11] Sahara
So, this is a cosmic conversation and I hope you enjoy it!

[05:15] Sahara
So, without further ado, let’s welcome Laura Plumb to The Highest Self Podcast.


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Now back to the Episode!

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[08:21] Interview

[08:22] Sahara
Welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, Laura G, so excited to have you here!

[08:27] Laura
It’s an honor, always wonderful to be with you, thank you!

[08:31] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[08:35] Laura
Well, it’s the same thing I think I said last time, I love chanting. When I’m singing and chanting, especially outdoors, I feel like, you know, the wind is caressing your face, the sun is kissing your skin, the birds come and sing with you. So, nature, beautiful places in nature and singing, chanting.

[08:52] Sahara
Love that so much! And you are such a powerful Shakthi, full-force, stream of information on all things Vedic, from Ayurveda, to Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, which we’ll be diving into. And I’m so fortunate to have recently had a consultation with you, and in the past, on my birthday and before. And I love your wisdom because to me, you’re the person that has made Vedic Astrology really accessible for me to understand, and I know for so many in my Rose Gold Goddesses community, where you have a beautiful workshop and how much you read Vedic Astrology charts
And I think so many people right now are realizing the significance of the Sidereal system and just, you know, how, in a way, we just haven’t been taught this system and this approach, which we go into, all the differences of Western and Vedic Astrology in the previous Episode that we did together. So, I will link that below if people are “What is Vedic Astrology? How is it different? How do I read it?”, I will link that below.
But in this conversation, I really wanted you to share your wisdom of what you see coming up for the collective, from the end of this year (of 2021), which has continued to be unpredictable, and what is in store for us in Spring 2022, because I know a lot of shifts are coming.
So, can you share a little bit of your downloads with us?

[10:12] Laura
Well, a lot of great shifts are coming. Jut to really quickly preface it, 2020 was a mess, the sky was a mess, the planets, the malefic planets, the planets that bring accidents and depressions and all kinds of trouble, they were strong. The planets that help us and support us, the planets that give us hope, abundance, prosperity, flow, health, wellness, they were weak – 2020 was a difficult time.
2021 has been a mixed bag, things are getting better, but then things are going bad, sort of back and forth, contract-expand, contract-expand, so we are living, this year, with that uncertainty that makes life uncomfortable. Human beings don’t usually like too much uncertainty.
Recently, all summer and into the autumn, Saturn, Jupiter, were retrograde, that can create some stagnation, and then in September, Jupiter retrograded right on back into Capricorn, markets dropped, hope dropped, lots of people have been through a little bit of a tough time, but I’m here to give you the good news.
So, October is when the planets Saturn and Jupiter will be going direct again, and then Jupiter will be able to catch up, he’ll get back into Aquarius, November 20. So, Jupiter’s been in Aquarius, he was in Aquarius for the most part of this year. Because he went retrograde, summer and autumn, he retrograded back into Capricorn, but fortunately he’ll be moving direct in October, and then making it back into Capricorn, November 20.
I’m putting some emphasis on that because Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, he’s the advisor, the counsellor, he’s our wise guide, he helps us feel hopeful and he helps us expand our wings, he’s very up-lifting, very positive and wants to bring us towards our highest self. So, when he’s in a good sign, he’s really got a great power for us and he’s very, very up-lifting.
So, November, 20 until April 12, we’ve got Jupiter in Aquarius, moving in direct motion, and that will be very positive. Jupiter in Aquarius gives humanitarian ideals, it gives us a chance to grow in technology, in science, in mechanics, and in our group settings. Aquarius has a lot to do with getting together. So, hopefully, we’ll start seeing more opportunities to be able to get out and get together and to get into events and to get into live.
I think we’ve all really got quarantine fatigue, we really do have a desire, a burning desire, now, to get back together. Jupiter in Aquarius helps us with that. Aquarius loves to meet people from all walks of life. So, that’s one good thing.
Saturn, of course, will be going direct. He’s been in Capricorn since late January 2020, and he takes 2.5 years to go through any sign. He’s been retrograding as well, doing all this retrograde in Capricorn.
If you have a moon in Capricorn or you’ve got Saturn in Capricorn; if you’ve got Saturn in Capricorn, then you’re in your Saturn return; if you’ve got Moon in Capricorn, you’re right in the middle of your sade sati. So, those are periods where it can be a little bit challenging.
Good news is, Saturn will be leaving Capricorn. Saturn is leaving Capricorn and moving to Aquarius, April 28, 2022. So, I’m sort of jumping ahead there but I just want to let people know Saturn’s been heavy in the retrograde period. However, in Capricorn, Saturn’s been able to give us some tools and some resources to help build and rebuild, sort of this motto we had in the election cycle last year of ‘Build Back Better’, that was a very Saturn in Capricorn motto. So, Saturn, now, will be moving to Aquarius. So, Saturn’s move to Aquarius will be an even better place for Saturn to be.
So, here’s the great news – starting November 20, things pick up because Jupiter goes to Aquarius. Then in the Spring on next year, Jupiter is going to Pisces, Saturn is going to Aquarius and these Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) lunar nodes, that cause eclipses, are also moving.
So, March, the Nodes move; April, Jupiter moves and in May, Saturn moves. And these are all long transits. The Nodes stay 18 months in one place; Jupiter stays 13 months in one place; Saturn spends 2.5 years in one place. So, we’re going to see a lot of dynamism in the sky in the Spring of next year.
And the good news is, Jupiter is going to his own sign of Pisces, which is very, very strong; Saturn is going to a place of great dignity, Aquarius, where he’s very, very strong. So, we have the help of these two teachers, you might say, these outer planets that really do, powerfully affect the collective and will be powerfully affecting it in the sense that Saturn in Aquarius is going to be wanting people to get together, building towards humanitarian ideals. Pisces is also humanitarian in a sense, so we’ve got the help of Jupiter in Pisces, also wanting us to connect, but in that place, really connecting at the heart, really connecting at that level of oneness “We are one, we belong to one family”. So, the two of those planets, Saturn and Jupiter, are going to be very, very positive for the collective.
Again, I think November 20, we start to see an up-lift and it starts to really, kind of, up, up, up, expand and then March, Nodes move; April, Jupiter moves to Pisces; and then at the end of April, Saturn moves to Aquarius.

[15:34] Sahara
Wow, wow, wow! So much! So, what I really took from it was, wait till November 20, just keep it cool, lay low, I don’t know what’s going to happen, maybe continue to get a little bit more divided, a little bit more crazy. In a way I think that, and I’m curious what the starts say about this, but the division has gotten so bad and so in our faces that it’s awakening us from it. It’s like it almost needed to get to this level of extreme for us to be like “Wait, we are dividing and segregating and labeling and judging and being so cruel to each other, this isn’t how humans treat humans”, and then, I’m hopeful to hear that now, this humanitarian, more heart consciousness wave is coming over, because I realized we’ve reached a threshold of how divided. And I think a lot of people’s fear is “Are we going to move further and further into this division that we separate into two different societies, countries?”, do you see something like that happening?

[16:33] Laura
It’s a great question because in February of 2022, Saturn will be moving into the Nakshatra Dhanishta, and Nakshatra are starts. So, when we talk about signs, we’re talking about groups of starts, constellations, and within those constellations there are certain bright stars. So, as the planet travels across the constellation, it’s closer at each point to the beginning, the middle, the end of the starts, as they cross. And Dhanishta is a star that is really, at the end of Capricorn, at the beginning of Aquarius, and Dhanishta, all of this year (Saturn), the entire year has been in Shravana, which is the Nakshatra that relates to listening, the symbol is the ear.
And so, this year (2021), in a way, a theme for this year has been “Let’s stop complaining, and start listening, or at least deepen our listening. Let’s practice listening”, and listening with an ear to the heart. Saturn is a great teacher, he’s the farmer, and he’s teaching us to turn the soil, plant the seeds, water the seeds and then wait. He teaches patience, he teaches hard work, delayed rewards.
So, we are not getting the lesson and if we’re not getting the lesson, he’s going to keep doing it, plant the seed, water, wait; plant the seed, water, wait. We need to be listening more, “At the end of the day, at the end of my life, do I want people to remember me for my opinions or would I rather people remember me…” I want people, personally, to remember me for my heart, I want people to know I was here to love, but that means going back to the heart; ear to the heart, to listen.
Next year, when Saturn, in February, moves to Dhanishta (from Shravana to Dhanishta) that is symbolized by the musical drum. So, there’s a lot of themes here that talk about getting together, maybe singing and dancing and enjoying life together. But be cautious because Dhanishta is ruled by Mars, and Mars is the planet of dynamism, action, bravery, bold, assertion, but also the planet of aggression and muscularity. And so, we want to be sure that next year, in 2022, we are following the, you could say that we’re more in the Aquarian age, it’s not the Aquarian age but we’re more in the Aquarius, you could say, mindset of being open to diversity, while we’re also in the Pisces mindset of recognizing that we are all one. So, there’s a nuance to it.

[19:11] Sahara
Yeah, and I think that the great reminder is, with any planet, any sign, there are light and shadow sides. So, that light side is, we can all move together into singing and dancing and chanting and creating unity and using those beautiful powers of it, or we can move towards more aggression and who’s right or who’s wrong, with the energy of Saturn.
Another theme that I’m seeing is, the word ‘the collective’ is a very hot word right now, everyone’s like “The collective, the collective, what does the collective want”, and I also could see the shadow of that, being the sacrifice for the collective, “It’s not about you, it’s the collective; do what’s right for the collective”, and I’m curious if that’s maybe a shadow side of this Aquarius energy of maybe sacrificing what you feel is best for you because you just want to what’s right for the collective but this collective being this – who is the collective? The collective is comprised of a bunch of individuals and I feel like it’s this old paradigm of you give and you give and you give to the collective, but who’s benefitting from this collective narrative? Have you noticed anything about this?

[20:21] Laura
Yeah, I think that’s a great point. It’s sort of interesting because I feel like what I’m seeing is more of this “I want freedom, freedom, freedom” and then it’s like “Okay, but then how do we grow the common good? How do we live together?”
Two great teachers, Jesus Christ and Buddha, as two, there’s numbers, but…they came at close times in history, they both came at times when their people, their collective, in the Middle East and in Asia, were living through very, very troubled times, and they both, you can look at the stars, you can look at the skies, it’s like they’re both coming alive of the cosmos’ desire to teach people how to make an evolutionary leap. And I just wonder if that’s what we’re going through now.
And so, I think you were on to something at the beginning and even here, it’s really important that we look at both the individual and the collective, what is being asked of us in terms of personal and collective transformation.

[21:28] Sahara
And I feel like that’s exactly what this divide is – the people who are super far into the individual, freedom, “It’s all about me, zero government, zero control” and moving further into that, and then people who are totally like “The collective, and do what’s right, and the government knows what’s best for us.” And it’s interesting because both sides, they’re trying to do the right thing and I think what’s hard is that it’s almost like – it’s like every world religion, you just read different books, you read different books so you have different answers. And I’m just curious what this pathway towards us seeing that, we all want the same thing, we all want to be safe, we all want to be free (both), so how do we come together to speak the same language?

[22:19] Laura
Yeah, how do we? Oscar Wilde said that England and America are two countries divided by the same language. Even when we have the same language, we can be so divided.
And I think it’s so beautiful too, if we think back to the Nakshatras. Saturn’s been transiting Shravana, I feel like you’ve been tuned into that, and maybe that’s got something to do with your own chart, but this year has been about going beneath the surface of all this division. The division is out there, it’s not in here. So, Shravana is inviting us, “Come, listen to your heart, listen to the silence within”, and yet, I feel like if I do go out, what do I want to do? I keep saying my community, I mean, my neighborhood, where I live, the residential community, has been extremely divided, and yet, every now and then, in the summer, there’s been a concert in the park and we’d just all gone out and danced, we just sang and danced, everybody, all ages, all types of people, no words, just dance.
So, music and dance, and that is what Shravana into Dhanishta is telling us. Shravana is saying “Go in, listen, find your true values. Doesn’t matter if others are living according to your values, find yours, listen to your heart. And next year, let’s join together and be together beyond language, beyond opinion. Let’s be together in the song of life itself.”

[23:48] Sahara
And what do you see happening in terms of just politics and these elections, and all of that? Do you feel like there’s going to be revolution or a big change happening or do you think people will just, sort of, create their own ways of self-governing themselves?

[24:05] Laura
Well, so, you know, right now, I knew that we were going to have a bit of, the markets would drop this week and we’re talking late September, and because Jupiter retrograded back into Capricorn.
And so, you know, you can tell by looking at what’s going on in terms of the planets, what’s going to happen in terms of government, in terms of our leaders. So, our leaders are going to go through a time where everybody’s angry at them, there’s going to be a lot that needs to come up, that people don’t like, and people are going to be upset about, and people are not going to be feeling great, they’re going to be feeling upset about the uncertainty, they’re going to feeling upset about things not necessarily going their way and they’re going to be upset about the markets dropping, because that’s going to look like the economy is not going to do too well.
Middle of October, things are going to start to look better because the two planets (Saturn, Jupiter) go direct. Late November, Jupiter goes into Aquarius and that’s going to create more expansion and more growth. So, it’s coming, we just have to breathe, we don’t have a lot. It’s not that much more time if we think about it, we’re going to have a lot to celebrate this year, at Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate that. We do have a lunar eclipse, November 18, 19; solar eclipse December 4. Those usually affect government and leaders, those usually do affect things at higher level, we saw that last year in our own United States government, January 6, Insurrection came right after a really strong solar and lunar eclipse. So, we do see that.
But I think that what you’re going to see once Jupiter goes into Pisces is two possibilities, either we’re going to unite or people are going to use religion and their spiritual beliefs to continue to try to control.
And Saturn, moving into Aquarius, it’s going to be these two really powerful forces, we’re either going to unite and get things done and rebuild our world in a brighter way. The planet Saturn in Aquariusand Jupiter in Pisces, give us a lot to be hopeful for, a lot that’s positive, and there’s a sense of potentiality. And Saturn in Dhanishta, with that Mars aspect, means that we are going to have to be careful that we don’t become aggressive, don’t become aggressors.
Rahu is moving to Aries, and Aries is also ruled by Mars. So, Rahu, who’s always externalizing, always looking outside of itself, to take, is going to be in the sign of Aries, the sign of the military, the general.
So, we are going to have to be careful that we don’t think “Oh, there’s my oil over there, I’m going to go take some; there’s my land over there, I’m going to go take some; there’s my whatever it is, I’m going to go take some”, we are going to have to be mindful of aggressive tendencies or our selfishness and greed, we are, we always have to watch that, maybe not you and your friends don’t have to watch it, but generally humans do, it’s there at us.
So, there is that and I don’t want to say either way what exactly will happen, we’ll have to watch, a lot of it has to do with where we put our intentions.

[27:00] Sahara
What would you say is the word, or a couple words, to represent 2022?

[27:06] Laura
Hope, renewal, unity and diversity, song and dance. Let’s celebrate, let’s come together, let’s believe in the world that we can create, that we want to create, let’s believe in it, because we have to see it first, to be it. But we do have energies for that in 2022, starting in late March, April.


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[29:49] Sahara
So, in Vedic Astrology, it says that right now we’re in this Kali Yuga time period, the time of darkness. And there’s a lot of debate over when that ends, if it already ended, if it’s going to end 1500 years from now. What is your perspective on this and our collective consciousness right now, and how it’s increasing or decreasing?

[30:10] Laura
Such a big question you ask! It’s such a great and big question! So, I’ve been a devotee of Yoga Nadna and his teacher Sri Yukteswar – was a Jyotish, a great, great master Jyotish. Sri Yukteswar once said Yoga Nanda, another one of my favorite lines, he said “You have to do this, that and the other thing or you’re going to end up in hospital with a liver problem”, and Yoga Nanda said “I don’t believe in this nonsense” and ignored him and then ended up in the hospital with a liver problem, at which point he said to his brother, Yoga Nanda sitos brother “Go to Yukteswar and ask him again what it was that I need.” So, when Yukteswar said to Yoga Nanda “You need to do these things”, Yoga Nanda said “I don’t believe in it”, Sri Yukteswar said to Yoga Nanda, “The truth does not need you to believe in it in order to be true”, that’s my favorite line ever. “The truth does not need you to believe in it in order to be true!” So, such a beautiful line!
Anyway, Sri Yukteswar does believe that we’re already coming up out of the Kali Yuga into a higher yuga, but that we’re just at the beginning of that. Whether we’re still in the Kali Yuga or we’re in the next yuga, the fact is, we are rising, we’ve gone from the dip to the rise inside of things. And you can see that there is a lot of ascension, there’s a lot of transcension or transcendence, there are so many people now learning to meditate.
Gosh, a couple years ago I was visiting my Ayurvedic teachers, I was at the grocery store and I saw Time Magazine and on the cover was a woman meditating, I thought, when I began meditating, people thought I was crazy, and now it’s on the cover of a national magazine. That, already, is a great sign of how much it’s grown, how popular it’s become, thanks to people like you, look how popular Ayurveda has become. So many people knowing about Ayurveda is helping us to restore Dharma, Sanatana Dharma. Then you go and write a book about Dharma, so people are not only restoring their personal selves to their personal Dharma, but restoring ourselves collectively to nature’s rhythm and flow, which is the Sanatana Dharma.
So, clearly there is a lot of growth in the world, but as long as we live in this world and a beautiful time to talk about it – in the Autumn, when we’re always seeking balance, we’re seeking the balance of the solar and lunar energies, we’re seeing the harmony of the five elements. We are at a time when there’s a lot of growth, a lot of awakening, and yet, we live in a world of duality. So, what is happening? There’s a pulling in the opposite direction and is it going to split us apart and we’re all going to fall down in the crack in the middle? I think, the important thing is that what matters is we do our work and once awakened, we seek company. Once a great master stayed at home, woke up early in the morning to do his meditation and suddenly one of his children and the family awoke and went to wake up the other kids to play. And the family said “Oh, I hope they didn’t disturb you”, he said “No, it’s just a great reminder that once awakened, we seek company.” Stay the course, teach of us to do our work and let’s do what we can to find those who are also doing that work and awakening. Find the people who are seeing the light and let’s help all of us awaken together. What can we do? We can’t make others do it, we can only do it and hope that resonance becomes the morphic field, ultimately becomes a critical mask, ultimately, we have peace on earth, let’s hope.

[33:51] Sahara
I love that story, that once you’ve awakened, you desire company. And it’s so true, it’s so natural to want to share that with the people in your life and online, and I think that’s why so many people are having career transitions right now, because once you realize all of these gifts inside of your soul, you can’t go back to just doing things that don’t feel in harmony with who you are and why you’re here, it’s like you realized you’re a lion, but you’ve been living in a cage so you can’t go back to that cage anymore, you’re like “Wow, okay, I need the jungle, I don’t know how to get there, but I feel this yearning inside of me.” And it’s almost like we have to go through the exact things we’re the most afraid of, the reasons why we put ourselves in that cage in the first place to get to that jungle, and I think that’s what so many people right now, collectively, all together, are experiencing of what is your greatest fear? Is it financial? Is it being not accepted? Is it people making fun of you? Canceling you? Whatever it is, that is showing up.
And I feel like, right now, we’re given a choice to either step into it and through it, to find our way, and trust that there is another side, or not. But even if you don’t choose, it’s going to come back and come back and come back until, in some lifetime, somewhere, you’ll step into it.
So, I think that, I love how the Yugas really show that this shift, it flows, it ebbs. And my question, and I don’t know if you, or anyone, has an answer to this, is, if source desires us to awaken, if it wants us to awaken to our true nature, to live our dharmas, to take care of this planet, why did it even design a Kali Yuga? Why create a descension? And if we were all deities with all of these powers and long lifespans and living in these beautiful Vedic and Lemurian and Atlantian times, why create the descension? Who designed this?

[35:47] Laura
That’s an awesome question. So, it’s also the Yugas, is really an understanding of something that’s just so beyond genius. So, we circle around the sun, it turns out the sun is circling around its own sun, and the Yugas relate to this sun’s cycles around its sun.
So, first of all it’s just a scene of that, that as the sun cycles around its sun, we go through different phases, just as here on earth we’re going through different seasons (you can think of the Yugas as being like a season). And the way I understand seasons, the way I think about seasons is, it’s nature’s elegance, nature’s wisdom, nature’s efficiency. It doesn’t want to just be energetic all the time, just like we need day time and night time and we need to sleep and restore ourselves. So, in a way, the Kali Yuga, you could see it as this beautiful – I mean, what is going to awaken you more? A lot of people don’t wake up thanks to an easy life.
I mean, I look at an easy life, I look at the chart of a person with an easy life, it’s a lifetime of coasting, it’s not a lifetime of growth. A lifetime of growth, not such an easy chart. A lifetime of growth comes from debilitated planet’s year or planets in those difficult houses, right?

[37:05] Sahara
Does our soul choose this like “You know what, I’ve had some crazy lives, I want to take a breather this one, just give me a pretty easy 9:00 am – 5:00 pm where I barely have to show up for work in this life, I just want to drink some beers”, does it choose that? Because I think I’ve got some family members who chose it.

[37:22] Laura
It’s maybe a little bit more like – I have a very good friends who’s just, everything she does seems to turn to gold. She’s never seemed to have any hard day, she never seems to, everything just seems to go her way, just like an easy flow, and she’s a beautiful person, but there hasn’t needed to be a lot of growth from this side, from a lot of self-examination, self-inquiry, self-awareness. That usually from challenge, as much as we don’t want that to be true, that, I’m afraid, is how humans learn and grow.
And so, back to your original question, such a beautiful question, if Source wants us to grow and awaken, and it does, our essence and our future is to be an awakened being, to be home in the transcendence sphere. And even now, the way the yogis consider it is, there’s different lokas, there’s different plains of existence. And two lokas away is Swarloka, the heavenly realm, it’s only two; and then in that loka, everybody is already awakened and existing that way. So, there’s no Kali Yuga there. In other words, the Yugas are a way of understanding one way of experiencing time, but there’s many ways, and once we awaken, we are ourselves in this word, we are ourselves in the Moksha. Moksha is word that means liberation, but it also means Heaven. We can bring Heaven to Earth; I think that’s so important for us to remember.
So, Kali Yuga relates to the duality, and as long as we’re alive, we live that, but as long as we’re in the heart, we are in the non-dual realm, having an embodied experience in the realm of duality. We can live both, simultaneously.

[39:08] Sahara
I love that, that without Winter there can’t be Spring and can’t be Summer, and eventually the Summer is going to naturally have to turn into Fall, and that paves the way for the next Winter, and these cycles have always existed throughout time. And even in tropical places, it happens with the rain, or there’s always cycles, there’s always life and death, life and death, and life would be meaningless without the death.
And we humans, we do learn through juxtaposition and “Oh, I burned my finger on that, I don’t want to touch that thing anymore”, and that’s how we learn.
What I’m wondering is, as we shift in consciousness, can we create a reality that we don’t have to continually learn from pain?

[39:53] Laura
The long answer is yes, of course, definitely. And the short answer is, if we are in a human body, we are here – you know, let me say it this way – the way I see many, many charts, I’ve just had a lot of clients, including you, who, I look at their charts recently and I see what I consider to be a Bodi Sadtwa, someone who’s advanced, many, many lifetimes, let’s say, of awakening.
When I think about you and the work you’re doing, the books that you’ve written, the messaging that you put out on your social media, you just feel like there’s just lively dynamic, powerful spirit that chose to come alive in this time, to shake it and say “Wake up! I promise you it’ll be worth it!” But in order to do that, you had to have come into a human body, with a human nervous system. Sure, we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and this human experience is very real, and this nervous system is very real, and it’s communicating to us through feeling, mostly through feeling things.
My father, this is the anniversary of my father’s passing, so not too long ago, today, just a few hours ago, I was really teary, really feeling that loss. I don’t ever not want to feel that loss, because it’s so tender to feel his presence; it’s so tender and beautiful and dear, even as it makes me cry, to remember how great he was, how blessed and lucky I was to have that person as a father, right?
So, you know, there’s also that beauty – what is it that they say, is it the Hafiz who says “It’s the crack where the light comes through”, there’s beauty. So, it’s about can we get to a place where the experiences, even when they’re painful, feel like “God, I’m so grateful to be alive and to be able to feel this and learn something from it, and grow and glory be to God, alleluia, yes!!”

[42:05] Sahara
Full body resonance with all of that! And to feel is such a gift and I think so many of us, when we step into feeling there’s just so much there that we haven’t felt before that it just feels so overwhelming, so we’re like “How can I cut myself from this ability to feel because my life would be easy”, but if you cut yourself from the ability to feel pain, sadness, grief, you cut yourself from the ability to feel love, pleasure, joy, because they really are two ends of the same coin.
But I’m seeing is almost, that’s what ‘ascension’ is, and that’s why I’m using that word in air quotes, because I feel that so many people misunderstand this word of like “We ascend that we stop being a human and we become these aliens that don’t need to feel and don’t need to anything”, and that’s numbifying the human experience and also, why would we be here if the goal is to not be a human, why would we incarnate as being a human? What if it’s to explore the richness of being a human, which means to feel?

[43:12] Laura
Totally! Absolutely, a thousand million percent, a hundred percent agree with that! We’re here to be here and to be fully in our bodies, fully alive, to do the fullest ranges of experience, a full spectrum of everything that we can feel and know through our five senses. Absolutely!
And the opposite of feeling is numb. You were talking earlier about the lion and the cage, and I would see about my sister-in-law, Coleen Plumb, she’s a photographer, fine art photographer, and she’s gone around the zoos in America and she’s photographed elephants in captivity, and they do this thing, stereo-tipping, where they sway back and forth, and when you watch it, it feels so soothing and calming, these great, majestic, beautiful animals swaying back and forth, and it feels calming, till you learn why they’re doing it. They only do it when they’re in captivity, it’s their way of dealing with being in captivity. So, the lion in the cage, the elephant in captivity, what we want to do is set ourselves free, but freedom doesn’t mean to get out of here, freedom means free to feel all your feelings and know that they’re not going to destroy you. To feel all of your feelings in each feeling is the potential for awakening, the potential for grace, to rise and hold you in their heart. Yeah, it’s very powerful.

[44:28] Sahara
I love how you shared that about the elephant swaying because I watched this documentary on orphanages in Romania, and a lot of these children that have different types of learning disabilities are abandoned because their families just don’t know how to take care of them, and they’re abandoning them to these orphanages which they barely have any human contact or love. They’re starving and it’s extremely inhumane, and what I noticed is, watching the documentaries, you see this girl being dropped off, and over her year, to there, she developed something that she’s swaying back and forth, just moving herself, rocking back and forth, and all of the kids are doing it, and what they shared, it’s to soothe the nervous system. Just like a baby rocks their child, when you don’t have anyone to take care of you, when you don’t have freedom, when you don’t have connection and community, you look for ways to self-soothe yourself, so you start to rock yourself until it becomes an addiction that you can’t stop.
And also, that elephant in captivity, you could look at that as “Oh well, at least there’s no lions to attack it; at least they’re safe from the tigers or this or that” they’re swaying but at least they’re safe.” And it’s such a great reminder for humans of like “How are we putting ourselves into that cage and being like ‘Well, at least it’s safe in here, at least I’m good even though I have a nervous system tick that I’m taking care of myself, because I’m too afraid to be in my natural habitat”, which is wild and free, and yes, there may be danger, but that’s life.

[45:57] Laura
And that’s really powerful, it’s a great way to look at it because then you come back to at least they’re safe, at least under my control, in my four-square walls, at least I can justify it by saying they’re safe, at least I’m the occupying force, at least, I, as a greedy extractive power, I will justify what I’m doing, taking the animals out of the natural habitat. Basically, we’re saying “As I remove myself from my Dharma, and I mean this in the largest sense, that we’re Dharma, my aliveness, my dance with the rhythms of life, if I remove myself from it and put myself in a safe place, I’m going to end up numb, I’m going to end up dying and I’m going to justify it by saying it’s safe. It’s a kind of imperialism, a kind of colonial captivation. No, set yourself free!

[46:54] Sahara
Exactly! And we can see so many examples of that from your career to, I was just thinking about the feminine and how right now what we’re seeing in Afghanistan, is the Taliban is taking over and putting these women back in captivity, covering them up, putting them in the home, not letting them go to school, taking away their rights, for what? Their safety! Because they may be in danger there, someone may hurt them there, so we’re actually doing this because we deeply, deeply care about you and honor you. We’re taking away all your rights and having you stay at home, covered, because we want you to be safe. And how that story is used again and again and again for control, and it’s only until we look at our relationship with death and really look that death is not the worst thing that can happen, it’s an inevitable thing, it’s a guaranteed thing to happen.
So, when we can really look death eye-to-eye, then we stop living a caged life in the name of safety.

[47:54] Laura
Yeah, and why is that I wonder? On one level it’s because, it’s like, suddenly, you’re able to say “What would by regrets be at the end of my life if I don’t choose?” It’s more that even freedom, it’s my authenticity, my purpose for coming alive.
Yeah, and then really looking death in the eye, you can say “As long as I’m alive, I want to be alive, not dead, not numb.”

[48:20] Sahara
Many people choose their death far before they actually die.

[48:25] Laura
Yeah, and it’s a slow death, right? You’re doing great work!

[48:30] Sahara
Thank you, and I think conversations like this really open people up, especially at this time, where these energies can activate us and activate our fears and activate these higher glimpses of universal truths.
So, I think it’s so important the work that you’re doing of spreading that and sharing that and reminding people to, again, connect to their cosmic nature, because we really are all, always, interconnected with the stars.

[48:58] Laura
It’s so important, what you’re saying is so important because, for anybody who’s listening, who is having a difficult time, a dark night of the soul, two things – one, is, even in the dark night, even in there, there is the moon, so keep going within, keep finding the light that always is there, existing within you, but also reach out, find a friend, reach out to people who can support you because we’re not designed to be alone, we’re not designed to be lonely. We are designed to do the work and only you can do the work, so there is that singularity. But at the same time, we are stronger together, we need each other. And so, there’s again that duality of “Go within and find your light, but then go without and find your support”, not without your support, but go outside, reach out to find your support.

[49:44] Sahara
I love that so much! And I love how you share that this year, 2022, especially, will be lots of music and dance as pathways of healing, which, I think is so the medicine that our souls need – community, dance, sun, touch and just coming back to being a human again.

[50:01] Laura
Yeah! Absolutely!

[50:03] Sahara
Well, thank you so much for all of your wisdom and where can listeners connect with you and book a reading with you?

[50:09] Laura
Yeah, exactly, come back to being a human again, amongst humans again, that’s so important. It’s the community that we really need and that is going to a theme, unity and diversity, but also unity in community, singing and dancing together.
I’m at lauraplumb.com very simple.

[50:28] Sahara
Awesome! And I will have that link in the show notes! Thank you so much for sharing with us today!

[50:32] Laura
Thank you! It’s so great to be with you, always! Thank you for all that you do. You are a bright light and I’m grateful!

[50:38] Sahara
Aww, thank you!

[50:39] End of Interview

[50:40] Sahara
So beautiful! I love Laura’s wisdom, I love sitting in her presence, she just exudes such peace and grace, and I hope you enjoyed listening to her as well.

[50:49] Sahara
And again, she does have an expert-guest workshop, teaching us how to read our Vedic Astrology Chart firsthand, in Rose Gold Goddesses. So, if you’re curious, you’re interested in learning more, join our wait list at rosegoldgoddesses.com.

[51:01] Sahara
And this is my last reminder to you, if you’re interested in joining us in Dharma Coaching Institute, to become a Certified Dharma Soul Purpose Coach, as well as a Spiritual Life Coach, then head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com that link is in the show notes. We are getting started November 8, it’s just around the corner! And in 6 months from now, Boo-Boo, you’re going to be a Certified, accredited with the ICF, Spiritual Life Coach.
So, where else will be 6 months from now if you don’t do this? You’ll be potentially where you are, maybe you’ll be transformed, I don’t know, but this will be a really fun way to spend your time, especially if you’re interested in things like Vedic Astrology, because living your Dharma is really the purpose of it all.
So, again, that’s dharmacoachinginstitute.com, if you’re listening to this later, join us in the wait list for when doors open again 6 months from now.

[51:50] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode, and I’ll see you on the next one. Namaste!

Episode 396: Vedic Astrology End Of Year/2022 Forecast with Laura Plumb
By Sahara Rose

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