Highest Self Podcast 371: How To Manifest Using Astrology with Christopher Witecki


Calling all astrology + manifestation lovers- this is for you! In this episode we dive deep into step astrology, Christopher’s system that calculates the signs using the degrees and how that gives us a refined understanding of the birthchart and each day. He then shares with us his process to manifest using the steps to create our own reality. We also discuss moving into 5D consciousness and his reading for June/ July 2021 and beyond.

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Episode 371: How To Manifest Using Astrology with Christopher Witecki
By Sahara Rose[00:12] Sahara
Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.[00:20] Sahara
If it’s your first time listening – welcome! I am so excited to have you here today! I’m Sahara, ancient soul in a modern body and I love taking all things spiritual and mystical and making them fun and relatable because, seriously, that’s what the world needs right now, we need to ground it all into our reality. So, I’m so glad that our have paths have crossed.[00:43] Sahara
And if you’ve been here every week for the past 4+ years – I love you, thank you and I’m super-excited to get this Episode started because I can only say this, with this Episode, but the person who is the guest on the Episode today is someone who, I, have personally been listening to, almost every single day for the past year or two. And there has never been a guest that I could say that, so that’s pretty exciting, except if I maybe brought my husband on or something, but he refuses to come on the Podcast (he’s a Scorpio).

[01:18] Sahara
But, Astrology, it’s something that, growing up (and I’ve shared this on the Podcast before), growing up, I never resonated with Astrology because I’m a Capricorn and I was always like “I’m not Miranda from Sex and the City, I’m not serious and organized and very straightforward in that way”. I feel like I’m much more fun, and joyful, and playful, and because of that reason, reading the horoscopes on the back of Cosmo, I thought that’s what Astrology was, so I never dove into it any further. And it wasn’t until this Podcast, where I started to interview many different Astrologers, from Danielle Page to Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, to Laura Plum and now Christopher Witecki, that it continued to open my eyes to see that “Wow, Astrology is so much more than just your Sun sign”, that is just really, really scratching the surface of it. But you have your Rising, your Moon sign, your North Node, and I’m continually learning more. And I’ve really learned so much from Christopher Witecki, especially going into Step Astrology, which we’re going to go into, which is his unique method, what he essentially channeled, to take Astrology into a really detailed process using the degrees.

[02:29] Sahara
So, he found that, in Astrology, not one Capricorn is the same as the next Capricorn, or one Virgo, or one Pisces – why are they all so different? And of course, we have the Rising and the Moon sign etc. but he went deeper and realized that it had to do with what degree that sign was in when you were born. So, he calls these degrees ‘Steps’, so you may have been born on Step 0, and it was at 0° or all the way up to, I believe, 29° is the highest one. And these Step Numbers, he found, correlates to, essentially, how many past lives you have in that specific sign – which he goes and explains into so much more detail in this Episode.
So, for example, I’m a Step 23 Capricorn in my Sun sign, so, that’s a master level soul. So, I have been a Capricorn for many, many different lifetimes. I can’t say it was 23 lifetimes, for example, because you can skip many Step numbers in one lifetime; really ascend and go through different lessons or you may actually have to repeat certain lessons if you’re not learning from them. But, Step 23, which he shares, is related to the Mastermind.

[03:40] Sahara
So, for me, I was born having a very intelligent mind, and it’s really hilarious because my husband is a Step 23 Scorpio, he was like “Oh my God, you guys are the only couple I found who are the exact same Step number, out of these 29 different ones”.
So, it tells us basically who we are; the essence of that type of Capricorn. And he then also shares something called ‘The Goal Story’ which is our Mid-Heaven and he goes into more detail of how that’s figured out according to your chart. And that can really tell you what your soul can be evolved into, into this lifetime.

[04:17] Sahara
So, for my Goal Story, I’m a, I think it was Step 26 Virgo, which to me – I had never even heard about a Mid-Heaven before diving into Christopher Witecki’s work. And in this Podcast, we talk about all of these things, so, what do the different Step numbers mean; how is the Mid-Heaved (The Goal Story) different than the North Node? And we also speak about how we can now use this process for manifestation.
And he has found that each of these Steps really correlates with a specific phase of manifestation, which he breaks down, such as “I protect”, “I believe”, “I act”, “I receive” etc. and correlates them with Steps that you can take for you to manifest.

[05:02] Sahara
Another thing that we speak about is this stepping into 5D consciousness. I think the tern 5D is super, super buzzing right now, and it’s a term that so many of us, we don’t totally understand, and also, everyone has their own interpretation of it. For some people it’s more a 5D reality, or heart-centered reality, and it’s more connected to nature and spirit and our highest selves etc., whereas other people see it as actually a different dimension, a different frequency that we cannot see each other. Almost like ultraviolet rays or infrared, these are different dimensions and frequencies that we cannot see.

[05:44] Sahara
So, some people actually see it as “We are actually shifting our matter into a different dimension that we may actually not even be able to see each other on the same world” which sounds really, really out there and he is someone who, I think, does a great job at taking these super-metaphysical things and explaining them.

[06:06] Sahara
And then he also shares about what he sees as the coming energy of June 2021, as well as the rest of 2021 (if it’s 2021 and you’re listening to this).
I feel like, for me, this has been a much more calm year than 2020, I feel like, with the collective, I noticed that we feel a lot more grounded and we’re kind of like “Oh yeah, the world’s on fire…so what’s for breakfast?” We are almost easier, able to adapt with the chaos and the noise, and it’s still not over, it’s still – wars going on, and conflict, and debates, and all sorts of things happening in the world right now, so we’re definitely not, quire yet, in the Heaven-on-Earth experience for the collective, but we are tuning into more and more of that frequency as individuals, which can then transcend into the collective.

[06:58] Sahara
So, if you’re vibing with what I’m saying, you’re like “Oh my God, I love what you’re saying, I don’t know what it is, I want to know more”, or you’re like “Yep, you’re talking my language girl, I’m always thinking about this stuff all the time”, then this Episode is for you.
And I really invite you to challenge your understanding of Astrology and Manifestation, and all these terms. Let’s take it past TikTok and let’s take it past Intro101 and let’s take it to the next level because in spirituality, the whole point is we’re always meant to be growing.
So, I think this Episode is really going to expand a lot of your views and just show you different ways of being.

[07:33] Sahara
I think Christopher Witecki, he has this super Atlantian (which he shares), big Atlantian, scientific, rational, integrated with the masculine and the feminine, playful but also, really, Numerology and systems and very analytical as well. So, if you are someone who is a scientist as well (mathematician type of person, and spiritual), I think you’re really and especially going to resonate and love this. And he’s someone that I’ve learned from so much.

[08:00] Sahara
So, without further ado, let’s introduce Christopher Witecki to The Highest Self Podcast.


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[10:09] Interview

[10:09] Sahara
Welcome Christopher to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so exciting to have you here.

[10:13] Christopher
Thank you for having me, I’m excited also.

[10:15] Sahara
I was just sharing with you that I’ve literally been listening to your voice almost every day for the past 2 years, which I can’t say I’ve ever had that experience with any other Podcast guest before, so I’m so excited to have you on!

[10:28] Christopher
Thank you! I appreciate that! And it’s funny, it’s a weird psychology that, I guess something like Johnny Carson would also enjoy, where you’re in people’s lives every day and they’ve sort of build their life around you. And people tell me, when they meet me, the first thing they tell me is “I was every day in the shower…”, I’m like “Okay!” or “On the way to work” or whatever. So, it’s an honor.

[10:48] Sahara
Yes! And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[10:53] Christopher
For me, what calls me into my highest self is this teaching role. I think I’ve always had spirituality as – I’ve taken it very seriously in past lives, I gave my entire life to it and I’ve also taken; completely turned my back to it before; and in this life, I know in my heart, I wanted to combine the two and take my professional desire to make a difference in the world and mix it with my spirituality.
So, I find that I get into my highest elevation when I’m channeling and doing readings. As far as when I do I actually touch base with my highest self the most, is when I read, when I channel. Something happens, it takes over me and I’m in contact with some of the deepest wisdoms that I don’t sometimes know where it comes from, exactly. I know it’s my highest self that’s channeling but I think my highest self is also talking to other people. But in my own personal life, for me, well, it’s work to stay in that vibration. I have to walk every day, I have to chant, I have to do a Buddhist chant, I have to meditate (if I can). Honestly, it’s very hard for me to stay completely silent. I am more walking meditation; yoga is better for me than being completely silent; I hope that’s an earth sign or chanting. So, my personal life, my highest self takes a lot of work, but when I go to work, it just comes out naturally.

[12:08] Sahara
I love that so much! And I remember one thing you said to me when we had our session two years ago, you said “Your Guides are mad because you don’t call home enough” because I wasn’t really sitting down and making it a focus because sometimes we’re like Oh, yeah, I’m always connected to my highest self”, and now, every time I do, I always have that reminder in my head of calling home to your Guides and making space and time to have your divine time where you’re in direct connection.

[12:36] Christopher
Absolutely. And from what I understand, studying from Ascended Masters, and recently I’ve been picking up this story of Christ, I don’t know why, I actually know why, I feel like that presence is coming to me and it’s time to wrap up the Pisces (Age of Pisces). But I realized, hearing those stories, now as an adult, that he was in constant contact with Heavenly Father and the Ascended Masters are in constant contact with higher self. So, really, just this year is the first time where I’ve attempted to bring myself back into that space while driving, do you know what I mean, or walking around the lake, to call upon it. But it’s a whole different perspective of live living in that higher self all the time.

[13:15] Sahara
I love that so much! And you have channeled so much for the collective, and I have been subscribed to Sirius Joy for two years, and I’d love to learn more and share with my listeners – What is Step Astrology because this is something I had never heard about before you?

[13:30] Christopher
This is something that I channeled specifically. I started; I was the first Astrologer on You Tube back in 2007. I had the idea of doing video horoscopes and I thought “This is amazing” because I was in TV production at the time, I was a producer and I was like “I’m going to go on the internet and create this”, and I decided to do 12 horoscopes a day, five days a week, so I was doing 60 videos a week on You Tube. And it became really clear very quickly that the planets don’t move very much in 24 hours, what am I going to talk about? And once I was forced to produce content, and I had side of me to produce content, I really started to pay attention to the energy every day, and realized “My gosh, today is totally different than yesterday and the planets have only moved 1°. They’ve moved 1°. Why is today so intensely different than yesterday? And everything is the same transited Taurus.”
Well, at that time I had been opening up and channeling more and doing readings, and so, I was bringing my reading self into the studio. And that’s how I would do the horoscopes, is, I would channel the horoscopes for each of the signs, and at one point my Guides kept saying “Number Two, Number Two, Number Two”, and it was so clear, and I had goosebumps the whole 9 yards, my God, going into convulsions over the Number Two! And I looked down at the page and saw “Holy camoly”, almost every planet was at a 2°, some sort of a degree with a 20 or it’s ending in a 2, there were 2s all over the place. And suddenly I just had this flash of inspiration “Is it possible that this degree is actually tied to a planet?” And then I put two and two together with Linda Goodman, she had broken the code for the planets and the numbers (most of the numbers) and so I started experimenting with that.
And as I began to channel, it became very clear that my Guides were giving me additional information. I think about the lost start of Astrology, I think it was something part of the ancient past that I channeled back. And in essence, what it proposes and I think is completely true, I’ve been doing this for 15 years now, it’s so spot on, it’s ridiculous, is that consciousness actually cycles through all of the planets and all of the step numbers (what I call them ‘Steps’, which are degrees) throughout life.
So, just like the planets cycle through Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. they also cycle from their designated number, and the cycle is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and so what I came to discover was “Oh my gosh, this is the missing link to Astrology”, because Astrologers can sort of do aspects and we can do planets in houses, and we can do these types of things, but what is actually going to motivate the client in that last moment? And what I discovered was – it’s the degree! That in this 360° reality, it’s almost as if God/Universe has programmed, in these 360°, which is really sacred geometry and mathematics, that in this circle of 360, that can be divided into these 360°, which come down to 12, right? And 12 set of 12, and within that set of 12 God is basically scanning through a spectrum of awareness, just like we scan from Roy G. Biv, and colors from red all the way back to violet (there’s this spectrum).
So, I started analyzing and being very quiet about it and I realized, each day, we have a different ruling planet based on the degree that the planet happens to be on, and so, it added another 6ft to the interpretation. We know Taurus is in a sign, we know that it’s in a certain degree and then when we add up that degree, and it adds together like numerology, when it’s a double digit, you have the final say. That planet is the final say of that degree.
So, for instance, if I may use your chart, you were telling me that you and your partner were 23° people, and 23 adds to a 5, which tells me that this is an intellectually ruled (5 is Mercury) and so that tells me “Oh, these people are intellectually ruled”. And once I started applying to the Astrology in my readings, which the most brilliant feedback you get, is from an intimate reading, I realized “Oh my gosh, this is it! This is what designates why is one Capricorn completely different from another Capricorn, and they’re born one day part” and the answer was it’s the degrees. And the way they add up comes to a ruling number or ruling planet.
So, where it gets really interesting, and as I started to channel this, I was waking up, during this period, once that sort of cracked open, I would wake up in that haze between waking up in the morning and I’d be getting these downloads of “Yellow is a number 2”, almost like a psychological child thing; “Blue is the number 6” and I’d be like “Blue and 6?” It didn’t make any sense but as things started to unfold, I realized “Oh my gosh, I’m decoding the spectrum of consciousness of how it relates from numbers to colors and to planets”, and I realized “Wow, we basically have 12 colors of consciousness, which are the 12 signs” and this went into my overall understanding anyways. And these 12 colors are constantly cycling and people choose the color. What gets really interesting, to me, is, a Taurus, I found out in my research, is a 10 (a number 10), and you’d think it would stop at 10, but there’s 12; so, really, it’s from 0-11 that the spectrum is. So, 0 is Pluto or Scorpio and 11 is Virgo. But if you start to realize, okay, so, 1 is Leo and so that means Taurus, therefore, is technically a Leo and a Scorpio had a baby because Taurus is 1 and 0. And I realizes “Oh a Virgo, this makes total sense, is technically two Leos trapped in a body”, and that really made sense – Virgos, because they want things in every direction. And it really started to give me a lot of clarity, also about how consciousness is constructed. And this is completely unique and I haven’t seen it anywhere in anyone else’s work, so I have nothing to compare it to.
But for instance, 25, so the degree 25 is the highest 7 you can get in a 30° cycle. And so, 7 is Neptune, it’s our spirituality and I realized “Okay, so 2 and 5 make 7, they add together, which means that emotion and the mind, the mind is 5 and 2 is emotion, when emotion and mind work together, it opens up spirituality. So I had this other paradigm that opened up, I was like “Oh my gosh, this is literally giving me the formula to focusing consciousness to tune into specific frequencies and tune into different states of awareness”, and there are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak, because you can reach a 7 by 6 and a 1 which is the heart (number 1), opening up, step 6 of your heart opens, you get to a 7; if you innovate step 4 (your beliefs); so if you take your beliefs in a higher level, you can get to your spirituality of 7; and you could, of course, go to this from 0-7, just open up to spirit, if you’re like a yogi, up in a cave.
So, the Step System gave me this amazing mathematical approach to adding up consciousness.
And in personal readings, it has just been the life-saver and the breakthrough, because what you tend to find is that people, and this is the way that I look at Astrology, is that we are all Astrology signs, we are God consciousness and we fractal off into certain specifics, and so, my approach is that we are good at some states of awareness; we’re aware of some states of awareness, but we are inexperienced in others. We’re just not good with emotion; we’re just not good with intuition. And so, what I would find in my reading is I could determine “Ah, the client is broken down in this particular state of awareness” and then whenever I found that number, somewhere else in their chart, I knew that that part of their life was breaking down because that core number was not functioning properly.
So, the Step System gave me a precise ability to calculate how the client is working and how far along they are.
Another fascinating thing about the Step System, that blew me open, was experience level. The reason why I call it ‘The Steps’ is because I downloaded and learned and studied with my clients, and I took like 7 years before I told anyone about Step Numbers, I just used it as my secret sauce and I just studied it in the background to see does this work because I knew it was kind of revolutionary, different in Astrology. But, I realized “Oh, anyone who is in the first decant, in the first 9°, that’s a certain spectrum of life which is your relationship to yourself”, and I realized the next 10° are the spectrum of day-to-day life; and I realized the final decant is actually the spectrum of long-term, future and big picture sort of things. And I realized, each Step, if you’re at Step 23, it’s not that you just miraculously pop up into that Step out of nowhere, your soul has learned every Step up to Step 23; that each Step builds on the other Step; and you have to know a Step to build that Step concretely. And it makes sense if you think of the sense like an embryo dividing, it’s like two cells go to four, goes to eight, Step is the same way, you start with sort of nothing of awareness and you start awakening and getting more awareness under your belt. And so, I recognized each of these numbers, each of these degrees builds on the prior degree. And you have to have that prior degree built in. So, it’s not just a random address of where the planet is, it is a precise acknowledgement of how awake and aware that client is in that particular spectrum of consciousness. And, if they are bad at a Step leading up to that Step, and that’s where the holes are, so to speak, in their parade, in where they’re having a hard time manifesting.
So, to bring it back to the simple things, it makes total sense if you go through it. Step 0 is Pluto, so the consciousness starts with 0, which is all and everything with God, just like in the Bible, it was dark and it was light. And so you start from that 0, and from that nothingness and everything, you go to Step 1, which is the Sun, or Leo. So, it’s like “Of course, that makes total sense from creation”, we start from nothing and we come out with love. And then from that love (Step 1) you feel the love. Step 2, so Step 2 is the Moon or our emotions; so we experience love and we experience as felt. Step 2 – you can’t feel anything unless you have love and you have defined your existence with Step 0; so each Step builds on that. And then Step 3 is Believe or Jupiter. So, once you heart is acknowledged and you feel it, well then Step 3, you can believe it. And this goes on, I could go through the whole system. I don’t want to drag you through it if in this particular session, unless you ask, but ultimately, each Step builds on the other and so, what I was able to determine was that you can figure out precisely where a client is tripping up over a Step. And these Steps actually lead to Wholeness. Step 11 is Virgo, where we become Whole.
And so, using the Step System, I would say, most of my work in the last 7 years, has been helping people heal and become whole. I haven’t even really gotten us to, what we’re manifesting with that wholeness, I would say that’s where we’re headed now, with my tribe, but we’ve just been working with fixing in the holes and using the Step System to figure out “Where am I lacking and where am I awake?”

[24:51] Sahara
I love that so much! So, if someone were to look up their chart anywhere, or in Sirius Joy, they would see what degree, first of all their Sun sign is at, like, it’s at 7°, 23°, etc. and if it’s in the first 9, you said? Was that the first part?

[25:07] Christopher

[25:08] Sahara
So, is that the number of lifetimes they’ve had specifically in that sign or in general?

[25:16] Christopher
I believe it’s their experience in that sign over lifetimes and that’s actually only from my own knowledge. I happen to know a couple of my own past life charts and who I was in Past Lives. I looked at the charts and I’ll be darned, it’s the same energy at lower numbers, it’s incredible. And so, I realized “Wow, I think I’m waking up over time!” So, 0-9 would mean you’re a beginner at that particular state of awareness. And I look at the 12 signs as the 12 parts of being a human. Like I said in the beginning, we’re all signs and each of these states, I call them States of Awareness (really not astrology signs) are states of understanding being human.
So, as I mentioned, we don’t have time to focus in all 12 states at the same time, in fact, it takes entire lifetimes to get good at a particular state.
So, a lot of clients come to me after they start Sirius Joy, is like “I’m a beginner at everything”, they’re sad, the numbers are under 9, but then when I look at their chart, I’m like “Oh, you’ve got Pluto was high in the 20s and you’ve got Saturn way high in the 20s, your soul has been a master at these other things and obviously skipped out of gym class or skipped out of these other rudimentary things like emotion, and so, yes, when it comes to Emotion (Cancer) you’re very young, or when it comes to Intellect, you’re very young because you’ve put it all into Belief in Past Lives where you just blindly believed and didn’t need to know the facts.” So, you can’t assume that you are young per say, I think it’s more about experience.

[26:46] Sahara
So, once you have completed all 27 Steps in a certain sign, do you then shift to a next sign or a sign that your souls just needs at the time? How does that work?

[26:58] Christopher
From what I’ve studied in Reincarnation and Astrology, it looks as though (again, we’re downloading this) but it looks as though that when you reincarnate, you follow a shape of sacred geometry and it’s not linear whatsoever. So, you kind of think it like the Star of David in Astrology or in a chart. You might start with your Sun, let’s say in the Third House, and in the next lifetime, it’s across the way in the Ninth House or it’s over in the Seventh, it does like a Star of David and it goes way over to the Seventh, and then from what I understand, we make it about relationships and then in the next life you make it about your ego.
So, from what I understand there is a certain sacred geometry shape you have to follow, which means every few lifetimes you might be up again to continue on that path, that’s what I’ve learned so far.

[27:45] Sahara
Got it! So, we have, on average, 27 lifetimes in the same sign.

[27:51] Christopher
Well, no, no, not per say. First of all, it’s 29°, it’s 29+0, so it’s 30. No, I don’t think so, I think, actually, we can go very far in a spectrum. So, for instance, one of the that I learned in my readings is, a person could be born, let’s say, with a 21° Sun that they’re a master, anything past 20 means you’re now a master of that particular sign. A master, meaning, you’re going to push the envelope for the planet; you’re going to do something with this spectrum that we haven’t seen before; you’re going to be a leader of Capricorns, or a leader of Tauruses or a leader of Cancers, and set the stage for where it’s going. But I’ll find clients who will then have Uranus, which is an innovative planet at 28°, so they’ll be born at 21° but they have Uranus at 28°. And so the way I, and I channel when I read too, I connect to the angelic realm, the angels will tell me right away “Oh yeah, she started at 21 but she’s going for 28 this life. She expects to bring that consciousness up to the 20°.
And that’s where the Steps really help me because 21 is a different conscious focus. 21 is what you feel what you heart wants; 28 is being committed to a feeling. So, in coaching a client the Step System makes it precise because it’s like, you are, right now, feeling your heart all the time, but if you want to pull off this mission, you’re going to have to commit to a certain feeling and hold that feeling as a constant.

[29:14] Sahara
I love that so much! So, would you say our Uranus is what we should be looking for or our mid-Heaven or out North Node? It seems like everyone’s talking about the North Node as kind of the North Star of what we’re our highest selves; what we’re meant to be in this lifetime, but you have the Goal Story, which is the Mid-Heaven. Can you explain more of that, how it’s different than the North Node?

[29:35] Christopher
Sure, the North Node and the South Node represent – first of all, you have to understand, sort of, what they are mathematically. The North Node is calculated by the crossing of the Sun’s orbit, the ecliptic, and the Moon’s orbit. So, the Sun and Moon actually cross each other in the orbit. If you’re going to draw imaginary little circles for each of their orbits, their orbits would have a cross hair and make like an X on the map. So, what a North Node really is, is a hybridization of your heart (the Sun) and your feelings (the Moon). And so, by the way, your heart is Step 1, your feelings are Step 2, so we’re talking about 1s and 2s here, as far as consciousness is concerned.

[30:11] Sahara
So, it’s the planet between your Sun and your Moon?

[30:13] Christopher
It is actually where the Sun and Moon conjunct; where their paths come to a crossing. So, the Sun might be over on the right side of your chart; the Moon might be over on the left side of your chart, but the North Node might be in the top of your chart because where their orbits, if you drew a circle for their actual orbit, where they cross is actually the North Node, and where they cross underneath that is the South Node.
So, what that ends up telling you is the Nodes are a hybridization, it ends up being the hybrid, or it’s the mean or the average, you could say it’s the average energy between the Sun and the Moon. If the Sun and the Moon had a baby, it would be the North Node. Well, the Sun is your heart, what your heart wants, and that is the power of your soul right there and the Moon is your vibrational experience. So, all the feelings that come up in your life, those are the actual micro-vibrations of your soul, vibrating at various degrees and various wavelengths to create the sensation of emotion. So, between your heart and your feelings, you have the history of the soul. And so, the Nodes are really the history of what the soul has been feeling and what their heart has been wanting; the average of the two, put together.
The South Node would represent what you have been feeling in the past and where your heart and feelings have been connected to the past. And see, that’s what’s interesting – the North Node is where we’re meant to push our heart and feelings now.
Now, your heart and feelings have to do with your own personal experience, what you’re going to experience as a soul, what you have to let go of and what you have to go towards. And what’s interesting about the Nodes is, it definitely says that whenever you pick up any given life, you’re basically doing the opposite of some other life. The Nodes say to us “Okay, time to do the opposite! You used to do this, now you must do the opposite.” So, we know, as far as reincarnation, some of it is based on complete polar opposite, like “Okay, try the other side of the coin.”
The Mid-Heaven is what I call ‘The Goal Story”; and the Mid-Heaven is the highest point of the chart, which is sort of the highest point the Sun will shine on your birthday that’s the highest point the Sun will reach in that day. The highest point is the highest point you’ll take your life; with the highest point you will take your heart in this lifetime; it’s going to be in this highest point. So, the Mid-Heaven really says to us “Oh, her heart and feelings are going to go from this to this with the North Node”, but in this incarnation, she’s going to take her Love (the Sun) to this height, this is how high she’s going to take it; this is how high it’s going to go.
And I use a system, with equal system, with the floating Mid-Heaven, so, not everyone has agreed with that. That means that the Mid-Heaven can go into the Tenth House, it can swing it even as far as the Eighth House, in some cases. So it tells you (the Mid-Heaven) exactly where their legacy and the path they’re going to leave behind. You could look at the Mid-Heaven almost as the wake your soul leaves behind in the boat (you’re going to leave this wake behind you). So, it became important to me because when a client gets a reading, the first question is “What is my life purpose” and the first thing I look at is “Let’s see the wake you’re going to leave behind you”, and so I look at that Mid-Heaven and that’s where the Step Numbers really tell me because it’s like “How do I pull it off? – Here’s the formula!” So, the degree of that Mid-Heaven tells you, specifically, how to go about, making that wake happen from an internal coaching perspective – the energies.

[33:34] Sahara
Yeah, I was shocked to find mine was a Virgo Step 26, I was like “Okay”. Well, I never thought about Virgo because I typically didn’t have it on my planet. I’m not a very organized person, I’ve always thought Virgos are Type A, organized, clean freaks – and I’m not that. So, I’m like “Okay, I’m a 23 Capricorn, with 26 Virgo, that’s a lot of Earth and a lot of high Step numbers in my chart”, so obviously something, paradigm shifting with the Earth. I don’t know what it will be.

[34:07] Christopher
So, what’s your North Node, I’m just curious?

[34:09] Sahara

[34:10] Christopher
Oh, that’s right, but it’s a higher degree than your Sun, it is, I think so, I looked at your chart. Isn’t it?

[34:16] Sahara
Yeah, so, if someone’s Sun and Moon is the same sign and their North Node would be that sign as well, right?

[34:20] Christopher
Yes, correct. Yeah, exactly, because of the ecliptic crossing, they’re already in the same sign. So, yeah, your North Node, you’re a perfect example – your Sun is at 23 and your North Node is at 28.

[34:31] Sahara

[34:32] Christopher
You basically are used to vibrating at 23 and your Guides are saying “Okay, we need to take that up to 28”, and so that tells you right away “She’s not going to end up being a 23. She’s going to start as a 23, which is an intellectual, Master of Intellect, but she’s going to end up being a 28, which is Manifest.” And your Sun is in the Second House, which is the House of 28, so it’s clearly to manifest. But, the Mid-Heaven (26 Virgo) – Virgo is reality, actually, so, I believe that consciousness is invisible until Virgo. So, all the signs, up until Virgo, are invisible consciousness that are all making up vibratory precursors to what it ends up becoming (Virgo, Virgo is what it ends up becoming). And Virgo is Step 11, and Step 11 represents the Law of Attraction. When the 1 attracts 1, it looks just like it, that’s what 11 is to me (it’s when 1 attracts 1).
So, people who are working to be Virgo – yes, they’re organized and what not, but that’s because they’re hyper-aware of reality. And so, because they’re hyper-aware of every molecule, for their own sanity, they have to organize, that’s just their own thing and that’s just a part of, I think, of having so much awareness going through you, you have to sort of quiet a lot of it by having it put away in cadence. But I know chaos Virgos too, who, you walk in the room and you’re like “How can you live like this” and they know exactly where their toothbrush is, and it’s like organized chaos in that same sense.
But 26, just to decode it, 26 is a Capricorn number, it adds to an 8, so this is where Step Astrology to me just makes so much sense. So, of course a Capricorn is going to be a Capricornian Virgo, could’ve been any degree Virgo, but you’ll be a Capricornian Virgo. And Capricornian 26 is the leader, so that adds to the 8, it’s the highest 8 there is so it means a leader. And a leader in the highest degree as a Virgo would be a leader in healing, a leader in transformation for the better, reorganization for the better, and it comes from (the 26 is from) opening your feelings to your heart, basically, from your heart opening because 2 is the Moon and 6 is Venus. So, for you, you’re putting together your feelings and the openness of your heart to be a leader in healing.

[36:40] Sahara
And do you tend to find there are similarities in Numerology, with the birth date and name and this, because I know in Numerology I’m an 8, so I’m like “Wow!”

[36:50] Christopher
There is. And although I haven’t sat down and nerded out on it, I will tell you that the numbers in your chart, you will find everywhere; the Step Numbers you’ll find everywhere – definitely like hotel rooms, addresses where we end up living. I’m just, I’m always manifesting those numbers, everywhere, and in my own Numerology, my name, my last name and all those different things, same numbers are coming up in different forms.

[37:14] Sahara
I love that so much! And you talk a lot about using the Step System to personally manifest and all of the different stages of manifestation. Can you speak a little bit more into this?

[37:26] Christopher
A hundred percent! First of all, my goal with this whole thing was – I wanted to crack the code of how to manifest. I’m like “There must be some code! Like wiggle your butt, then touch your nose. What is it? What is the code to manifesting? I know God’s got it in the matrix, I want to know what it is!” And I, literally, was praying to God, like “What is the formula to manifestation?” and I literally got, it’s 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, and I was like “No!” Because when I first did the Step Numbers, I was like “No way!” Because if you look at Astrology, it’s like Taurus is 10, and then it goes to Gemini, which is 5, and it’s goes to Cancer, which is 2; and so, the Sun doesn’t go around in the order of the numbers. But then, my Guides are very funny, they’re like “Yeah, because people would start manifesting pink elephants out of their nose”, you can’t have the Sun going through the Steps because people will constantly be manifesting without even knowing, it has to be in this convoluted way. Even the way God unfolds, it’s very fascinating, if you look at it first, as far as human development.
So, I realized “Oh my God, it’s 0-11, that’s the secret code to manifestation. So I started doing some experiments in my own life. The last time was when I manifested a house, out of nowhere, and basically it works this way – that what you be is what comes. So, I believe that we live in the Law of Attraction – what the energy you be is what comes. That’s what become is, you be it and it comes. And so, what I realized was, you are consciousness, has to vibrate and be, become what we want to receive. We have to become the millionaire; we have to become inside of ourself and our energy (the successful actor), we have to become that and live that and we will then attract it in our life. So, using the Steps, I realized “Okay, the way to do this is just to follow the path of the Universe”, and for at least 11 days straight, although I’ve gone through a 40-day program, you consciously hold and become what it is you want to become. And each Step or state, tells you what to work on that day.
So, on the first day, you work on the boundaries, which is Step 0, through Pluto, so you define what are the boundaries of this manifestation; where does it end; where does it begin; what is my out; what is in? And just any kind of boundary you can possibly imagine, and just really, the thing about consciousness is, it’s just consciousness, you just have to think it and own it and it’s done; which is really the secret to Sirius Joy, because we’re just sending messages and people just, you read it and book, you’re done. There’s nothing to meditate; there’s no quiz, you just incorporate it.
So, what I discovered, and I did this with the house, is, for 11 days (12 days), I would focus on this house using each of the Steps on each of the days. So, the first day was where it is, where it’s not, as far as neighborhoods; and the next day, Step 1, what my heart loves about it; what my heart loves sitting outside; I love sitting in the sun; I love being in my bathroom with a big tub, I just empowered that. Step 2 is I feel – so the next day I added emotion to it and how I was feeling in different parts, and then you go to belief, and you go to all these different Steps; belonging; it’s thought (Step 5); it’s accepting (Step 6); surrendering to the spiritual path (Step 7); Step 8 – deciding and committing; Step 9 is taking action. So it’s really not till the 9th day that I actually checked Craigslist (at the time), it was that how far back this goes, to see what was renting in the area. So, you don’t take action until the 9th Step. And then the 10th Step, you hold space and the 11th Step, it starts to arrive. And ultimately, that’s what I call the 11 Steps to Sirius Joy, by holding those Steps for 12 days, you begin the manifestation process. And then, from that point on, you maintain the core of your vibration as challenges come. So, after 11, it becomes “Okay, the wrong house just came, now what are you going to do?” And you sort of hold that core. And that’s what I discovered and I manifested a house out of nowhere; the exact house I wanted.

[41:24] Sahara
That is amazing, I definitely need to sit with that process more! And what do you think Karma has to do with this, because you speak a lot into Karma? And a couple months ago it was really about not falling into the same Karmic loop and repeating the cycle all over again. Can you share a little bit more about that?

[41:40] Christopher
Yes. To me, Karma, first of all, is unresolved issues in our soul. And this comes, also, from doing readings because I’m a full-on psychic. I actually didn’t study Astrology very much, it became a language in which I talk to my Guides with; and I learned Astrology from my Guides, really. So, as I did readings I could see, I had flashes of what the Karma is, for the client, and ultimately what it is, is that your soul has gone through some sort of ordeal, that the soul has not been able to let go of. So, Karma is something you haven’t been able to let go of. Now, sometimes you don’t let go of it because it’s incomplete and everything that we create has to come to a completion (that is the cause and effect of things). So, sometimes Karma is that, you started a process and you didn’t complete it. So for instance, in this life, I intend to complete this path right now, as a spiritual teacher, I don’t plan for it to be interrupted. But if it were interrupted for some reason, that would then be stored in my soul as something to be resolved and completed. And that usually shows up in the chart, by the way, through Kiron, Black Moon Lilith, I use a lot of Black Lilith, Waldemaths and the Black Moon Lilith. All these different variations give you like a size of what the client is struggling with. But most Karma is personal anguish; most Karma is that certain factors happen and you fall into some sort of state of being; and the Karma is that you’re stuck in a certain state of being such as stuck in trauma, or stuck in fear, or stuck in terror, or stuck in laziness (like no motivation), and it’s an energetic funk that people fall into. And most Karma, to me, is not that bad things had happened to you “My car was stolen”, it’s the funk that you fall into after it happens, and the “Karma” is “Can the client get themselves out of it?” ultimately, to me. And sometimes, Karma, is you have to experience things. And so, I think, they say “What comes around, goes around”, so, a lot of times Karma is, you took an action and you received the consequence of that action, as we’ve all understood. So, people have done harm to others, they will inevitably be harmed.

[43:48] Sahara
And yeah, one thing that was helpful for me is that sometimes, if we don’t let go of this lesson, we can repeat it again, and again and again.
So, how can we shift our lessons to be from a place of ease rather than these dense, tough lessons over and over again?

[44:07] Christopher
That’s a very good question. I believe that there’s a way of living life (a formula to living life), it’s super simple, it’s live in your heart and nurture your emotions and stay present with your thoughts and be mindful of yourself. So, these are just some certain fundaments, I think, to life. And what ends up happening is our ego, for instance, chimes in and gets defensive for us to ruin the show.
So, most of Karma comes down to the way you respond to yourself. And I think the ‘get out of Karma’ free card is, if you love yourself and you forgive yourself and don’t hold yourself in judgment, and you nurture your feelings instead of resist them, you will come out of anything, it’s really that simple. It’s really about loving ourself and going back to those, really those principles of living a higher vibration life; living your higher self in the moment. So, the answer is live your highest self in that moment and be there with yourself through that moment. And I believe that once the Karma is experienced, it’s sort of burned off. It’s sort of like, once you’ve already been through the hype of being married and then perhaps the person goes through divorce, the second marriage is like “Meh”, once you experienced it, there’s no more emotion around it, it truly is over. So, most of, I think Karma busting, is about being there for yourself through the process so that it can sort of be used up like a film; it gets used up energetically. Once the energy is spent, I think it’s over.

[45:28] Sahara
And do you think that we have certain Karma to play out with specific people or it’s just a lesson and then whatever other soul needs that lesson will just become a vibrational match and play that role out to each other?

[45:41] Christopher
That’s a brilliant question. I believe it’s both. I believe that we absolutely have Karma with other people, where a person has – you know, we talk about falling into funks. So, a lot of times there is a person who falls into a funk and then, when they fall into their funk, they abuse another person. And that second person allows the abuse to happen, and they fall into a funk. So, there is, absolutely, a Karma, where the two tangling together make it worse. And if you have an issue where you have allowed a person to take your power away, it seems, in my experience with my clients, that you must, inevitably, live a day where you don’t; that must come full circle. And I see a lot of times that people are brought back together, and one party will be awake and will rise up, and the other party will resist and refuse. And so, in that case, what I see is, the party that rose up moves on and leaves that Karmic situation behind and that person who refused to grow ends up finding a new dance partner who also has abuse issues and wants to work it out.
So, I think we have specific to others, but we can graduate that and move on, and in that case, the party that refused gets a new partner.

[46:54] Sahara
So, do you think that before entering a relationship, we should see what someone’s goal number is, to see where we’re both heading in this lifetime?

[47:03] Christopher
You absolutely can. You know, I, for one, have never. When it came to choosing people and choosing jobs and choosing anything, I still say “Your heart and your feelings know what’s best.” And so, in that way, I go with my heart and feelings and I look at the goal number and I look at the Step Numbers and I go “Hmm, how’s this going to work? What am I being shown?” I, personally, when it comes to relationships, the wake you leave behind on the planet is probably only important if both parties intend to leave a big wake, you know what I mean?
So, you are married to a Master and you are a Master, so yeah, for you two, I would be like “Are these Masters on the same path? Are they heading in the same path?” The Step Number sort of tells you what parts of the consciousness they’re working with and what’s ruling them at the end. And I think it’s really helpful, with partners, to know, at the end of the day, what’s ruling them.
So, for instance, at the end of the day your mind is ruling you and your mind has the final say of everything. And so, I would say, in a reading to you, you consciously need to look at your feelings because your mind is real quick to just push them to the side. And so you have to make a note for yourself to look at your feelings.
So, I think, what you get with the Step Numbers in partnership is, where their focus is and that gives you understanding of where they’re not paying attention.
So, I would say, in your relationship, it’s really important to talk about your feelings because that’s not something either of you would bring up. And it might be what’s actually the problem, the mind keeps thinking “Well, what’s the matter? Everything seems fine, but it doesn’t feel fine” and the issue is, yeah, mentally everything is fine; it’s the emotional level (Step 2, the Moon) that is unresolved. So I think the Step Number gives you clues on where to look.

[48:44] Sahara
Love that so much!

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[50:42] Sahara
And you’ve been speaking a lot about moving into 5D and these different portals into 5D and kind of getting on that bandwagon or not, depending on how we are responding to ourselves. Can you speak a little bit more into this?

[50:58] Christopher
Yes, I believe, this is just my pure on belief right now, studying the planets. This is the end of the Age of Pisces, first of all. People say it’s the beginning of Aquarius – yes, that’s true, but we have not actually integrated Pisces, which is basically what Christ and Buddha were teaching. You know, that we are multi-layered beings, that this is a temporary moment of incarnation, and building our life from this perspective of spirit first, physical second. Mind you, in Pisces, we’re coming to the Age of Aquarius, which is the most ego, most detached, most segregated consciousness, from spirit. So, Pisces was going from pure ego, to now going into pure spirit.
So, as far as 5D is concerned, I think, first and foremost, a person – the gateway is opening, so I believe that the entire solar system is moving into the spectrum in coordination with the galactic center. So, I think, we literally didn’t have the bandwidth during the Dark Ages. I personally believe, and this is me looking back and remembering past lives, that we were crunched, pretty much, energetically, into that ego form. In other words, we were only aware of ego, we were only aware of fight or flight, we were only aware of what was 6 inches away in front of our nose, and we have been waking up, slowly, through the Age of Pisces, to these energies that happened before physical reality. So, in this particular moment, we have this gateway opening up to raise our vibration. And from a planetary perspective, that gateway is all this energy in Aquarius.
So, Aquarius, to me, is the door, it’s number 4, it adds to 4, 4 is the door, and I believe Aquarius is an energy that sort of envelopes reality itself, so I think, when we say we live in 3D or in 5D, I believe that Aquarius is what determines 3D from 5D (the vibration of Aquarius). I believe that’s the vibration that holds reality together.
And I believe that a low vibration would take you back in time and a high vibration would take you forward in time. That literally, the speed at which things are vibrating, determines what you end up seeing in your third eye and out of your eyes and the spectrum of color that you see.
So, the reason why this is an opportunity to go to 5D, which is a term that I learned, by the way, from other light workers and then applied Astrology, like “Well, where do I see this in Astrology”. I think it’s happening from the perspective of these planets that have entered into Aquarius. Now, what happens when you have energy vibrating higher? Right now we have Saturn in Aquarius, for the first time since 1991, so 29+ years of transit Saturn. So Saturn means, we can now take responsibility; Saturn – we can make decisions. Capricorn – we can actually decide, we have the awareness and the visibility to decide what frequency of Aquarius that we want to go into. So, of course, we had this in 1991 and I honestly think that what ended the crazy 80s was Saturn in Aquarius. Once Saturn in Aquarius were like “Okay, we’re done with this silly clothing, we’re done with coke, it’s going to become club drugs now”. The whole vibration of what we want to vibe with, what vibes with us and doesn’t vibe with us, it changed between the 80s and 90s, and I think that was Saturn in Aquarius.
So, one gateway to 5D is, “Hey, Saturn’s in Aquarius, we can decide and take command over where we vibe”. At the same time, Jupiter, this time, has moved into Aquarius. And this is the first time Saturn and Jupiter have been in Aquarius for a very long time, I think it was 1602 if I’m not mistaken, was the last time they were together. And Jupiter brings awareness. To me, the key word to Jupiter is “Did you know”, so Jupiter’s like “Did you know you can switch dimensions?”, “Did you know that color and numbers are the same thing?” Jupiter gives us awareness.
And I think, what’s interesting is, there is a huge generation of past life Atlantians, who are incarnated right now, and just as predicted, it’s happening, with Jupiter now in Aquarius, they’re remembering. I have clients telling me they are having Atlantis dreams; that they are having flashbacks – that’s Jupiter saying “Did you know you were in Atlantis?”, “Did you know you were in a past life?” and I think what it does, it literally brings the ability for us to be aware of these frequencies and for us to shift to different frequencies, like shift back in time and see the past and what not.
So, the reason this is going to happen in a big way is, Saturn and Jupiter could just, they could leave Aquarius as they always do and then we will just quickly forget, as we always do as a society, like “Oh, yeah, that was nice, those were good times but now we’re facing other stuff”. Except, this time we have Pluto entering into Aquarius. And Pluto has not been in Aquarius since, really, the United States Revolution, 1775-1783 was the last time Pluto was in Aquarius. And it wasn’t when Saturn and Jupiter were, so it was forcing innovation at that time, but people were unaware, they didn’t realize they were creating the country that would set the foundation of democracy for the world. They didn’t realize the consequences, they just didn’t like taxes, you know what I mean! So, Jupiter and Saturn wasn’t there, they were unaware of why they were evolving, but they were evolving.
So, what makes this particular time different is we have this 1 2 3 punch that we have the responsibility (Saturn), that we have the awareness (Jupiter) and then we have Pluto entering in from 2024 – 2043, Pluto will be there for 20 years. And Pluto is the final line, it is Step 0. So what this does, is to me, this is the math that allows a person to become aware of these other frequencies; to take command of those other frequencies; and then Pluto makes it the Step 0 (Pluto is Step 0). So, that means that people take that awareness and they make it the 0 foundation of their life. So, I think that’s the math of how a person can go.
Now, when I talk about it passing people by, it’s all about awareness and what you choose to adopt and what you choose to live in. And I think many people are introduced to things but they’re not quite ready yet, to hold that tone on their own, to hold that vibration on their own.
I believe, to go to these higher dimensions, you simply have to let go of the lower ones. We tend to think “Oh, I want to go higher”, it’s really “Let go of the lower” is what I’m finding, that’s the trick, which our ego doesn’t want to and what not. So, I believe that we’re in a particular period, right now, where, if you are aware and you are constantly shedding and letting this old stuff go, you will naturally, I think, vibrate higher into these higher spectrums.
And from what I understand, I don’t know, I’m just with you – I remember, I joked, when Atlantis fell, the dissension was so much easier than ascension. It was so much easier with the planet ruining itself than it is trying to grow. There’s so much pain, there’s so much crap. And I keep wondering are we just going to wake up one day and be in Shambala with Jesus? And what I’ve read from certain books, that’s how it is when a person ascends, that you literally see different parts of reality that are invisible to the naked eye right now, that literally are vibration to go to that level. I don’t how far we’re going to take it but as far as my subscribers and the people I teach – my goal is to help everyone leave 3D behind at minimum.

[58:02] Sahara
I love that so much! And what do you think is going to happen with, it seems like, just the mainstream world is descending more, in some ways, but then we have these other pockets of, you know, communities like this that is so ascending. Do you think there’s going to be split of two different societies happening on the same planet and we don’t know about each other or something?

[58:24] Christopher
That’s a good question. From, what I understand, first of all, from what I understand inn ancient civilization, there already are two societies on the planet, one of them is underground. From what I understand, the ancients ended up; the ones who are wise and awake, they went downstairs in the basement while the monkeys threw poop at each other for 3.000 years.
So, it wouldn’t surprise me that we decided to co-exist and that we split into two. Aquarius energy is very interesting that way because it is about belonging and not belonging and it’s very dualistic. And if you know Aquariuses, they’re like Geminis, there’s two sides of that coin, they’re showing you the friendly sign but there’s an unfriendly side too (there’s a shadow side too).
So, the Age of Aquarius and what they were singing about in the 70s, they were only talking about one side of it; the side that their heart belonged with; they weren’t talking about the side their heart doesn’t belong with. So, it’s a possibility, I feel intuitively that that will be at least the next chapter, is a division because the way God seems to work, dare I say, is to give people choices and that’s how we learn. So, I would imagine, there will be a phase where there’s two distinct choices on Earth; very, very clear choices, probably very black and white choices because we’re all in kindergarten. And at least in this lifetime, I think we’ll end up with a split.

[59:43] Sahara
Yeah, it’s so interesting. And the question that I have always wondered is, you know, why is Aquarian considered more idyllic than Piscean? Isn’t Piscean water – emotions? Why is that considered masculine?

[59:56] Christopher
That’s a good question. I think it’s because it’s so airy and it’s intellectual. From what I understand, we come from a universal mind of God and the mind itself is not gender specific, but here, in the incarnation of life, the mind tends to be more male associative and water tends to be female associative.
As far as Aquarius is concerned, let’s be clear, its enlightenment stops with physical. Aquarius does not take you into God consciousness. It is a physical vibration; it’s the highest you can get in the physical; but it does not connect to the angelic realm, for instance. I think Aquarius connects to different times, it connects to different dimensions of physicality, but if you want to talk to an angel, you’ve got to go through Pisces.

[1:00:44] Sahara
So, after this Age of Aquarius, we’re going to have the Age of Pisces, then? Or have we just finished the Age of Pisces?

[1:00:50] Christopher
No, after the Age of Aquarius, we’ll have the Age of Capricorn, we go backwards.
So, from what I understand, we’ll build great civilizations and build up based on this new vibration, this new basis.
Aquarius is the vibration in which manifestation is built. So right now, we’re vibrating at 3D, and so, I imagine some of us will be able to vibrate at 5D, and I’m guessing some people will be left in 3D. And then when you go into Capricorn, the Age of Capricorn, that’s 2000 years of building, based on that new vibration.

[1:01:22] Sahara
Okay. So, it won’t be like the same type of Capricorn that we know, that’s very industrial and governmental and judicial? It would be the complete building of this new 5D consciousness of civilizations?

[1:01:35] Christopher
That’s what I believe. But I also believe that it’s quite possible that, from what I’m studying with ascended Masters and stuff, they live in the high dimension right around us, apparently. Apparently there are 5D cities already; I’m just reading this, I don’t know. So, I’m wondering if this is just a big cycle that for those people who are in 5D, they’re now going to build these new 5D worlds, and for those who stay in 3D, it’s going to be darkness and slavery, and taking those 3D components and bringing them under absolute control under those frequencies and those rules, and I wonder if we’ll even see each other.
You know, there’s – I don’t know if you studied the alien stuff, but Venus is apparently popping; apparently there’s a whole race of people on Venus, and why don’t we know this? Because, apparently, it’s in a different vibrational frequency and it’s beyond our current sight.

[1:02:28] Sahara
Yeah, true. I mean, even our different lifetimes are simultaneously happening right now, but we’re just unaware of them, we just have to think of them as past or future, but it’s all here now.

[1:02:39] Christopher
Yeah, and I’m, from what I’m studying and guessing is, it’s simply that, in that life you were vibing a different frequency, so if you were to change your frequency, right now, and meditate on that frequency, theoretically, you could go back to that time.

[1:02:53] Sahara
Yeah, it’s fascinating how, what causes one person to awaken. You know, I think a lot of us feel like the black sheeps in our family, or feel this like, responsibility to “wake our family up” or to cause them to make decisions that we feel are the best for them, and it is creating a lot of division right now, within families. Why do you think that so many of us are born into families that are so committed to the vibration that they are at?

[1:03:22] Christopher
I think most of the time, when I look at Astrology, and charts in particular, and Past Lives stuff, because I download past life information very easily in a reading. A lot of times, you’d be surprised, but a lot of times, the person in your family that is the agitated, the one that’s being really harsh and whatever, is actually playing the role of you in the prior life.
So, a lot of times you’re disgusted by seeing yourself, again, doing the same thing, in your mother; or you’re disgusted at seeing you father do the same thing you did.
So, I think, in many times with my clients, you choose a family that keeps you from falling into that pattern you were once in, and it’s a guarantee you won’t do it because it’s ugly and it’s out there in your face. And what you’re seeing is how you operate in that life, and that’s also part of the Karma, you were once the one yelling at everyone and now you’re the one being yelled at, and you’re understanding. But you also have this ‘one light worker per thousand’ sort of mentality. And I think there really are evolved souls who make a point to always try to be their brightest, and they are spiritual engineers of reality. And those spiritual engineers, which I believe you are one, incidentally, just given your word, they deliberately put themselves in the middle of a puddle because their light and their vibration raises the whole puddle. And ultimately, I think where we get confused is, we want to reach out and have them change with our own hands, but the greatest change is when the person and client decides to change on their own, that’s the change that they own and take to the bank.
So, for many of us who are stuck in these sort of puddles, recognize, I believe, your job if you want to call it that, is to simply be yourself and vibrate at your highest. Because when they see your joy, when they feel your heart, when they see your smile, they want it too, and they will begin to reach out at the glowy, shiny object.
And so, I think for the people who are master in reality, such as yourself, part of your master path is not losing touch with yourself as you climb, which is, I think, one of the lessons masters have. Masters get very interested in helping the world, they want to help the whole world, they’ve done the basics, they’re done with that, and they’re excited to make a difference. And what happens is, being new at being a master, they start doing their thing and they allow their surroundings or their people or their relationships to sort of take away from that pedestal that they had built for themselves in past lives.
So, really, it’s a dual lesson. You’re learning how to hold your own and be a master, regardless of reality, in other people’s choices, and they have a shining beacon of light to compare themselves to. And sometimes people take a whole lifetime – I’ve seen parents that, it’s not until the very end of their life, that they realize that their kid way right, they’re like “You were right, goodbye!” So we can’t have our own self-worth get caught up in it. I think it’s a path of a master lesson. As you walk down the ascended path, you realize angels allow people to suffer until they ask. The light will allow people to fall into – one, is because it’s all fake anyway, it’s just a big illusion, you’re going to die and be perfect again, as you started. So, we take life way too seriously, it’s all simulation, it doesn’t mean that much, right? But you also realize, as a master, that the ascended masters and the angels, they let the other people stay in the mud until they cry out for help, and that’s when they step forward. So, I think that’s part of our lesson as masters, is not to go rescue.

[1:07:03] Sahara
And what if you feel like you have cried out for help for something or you’ve practiced the manifestation – it’s still not coming. Is it something that you’re doing wrong, is it just not the right time? You know, some people say “It’s not no, it’s not now”. But are the sometimes just noes?

[1:07:22] Christopher
There’s never no. In fact, there’s never no, it’s always ‘not now’. Worst case scenario is ‘it’s not now’, I think, in many cases. And a lot of times, a client, for instance, is wanting their career right now, but they’re going through what we call ‘a fourth house transit’ which is building their home and family. So, basically, the energy of the planets, for instance, is helping you with a different part of your story, you’re this way around the block, and this is the part of you that you’re developing which is your foundation or your emotional self. And people are wanting to get to the fruit, and like “Why can’t I pick the fruit? Why can’t I have the fruit?” Well, you’re currently working on the root system. And many times people are working on that root system, but here’s the thing, in my teaching and coaching, they still attract the job, but they’re not ready. I, for one, it’s never what they want, like “This isn’t what I wanted”, but you said “Let’s manifest a job, you got a job”, well “It’s not the job I wanted”. Well, I don’t think you’re going to manifest a job that you want unless you have that root system in. So, you want this gigantic, successful career and you haven’t built a basic watering system to your emotional self, how are you going to lead a whole team of people when you aren’t emotionally standing on solid ground yourself? It’s just not in the metaphysics, it’s consciously not going to happen.
So, a lot of times, that’s where people’s ego – you know, the ego wants it now, want’s instant now, and so, that’s where it sometimes ‘not now’ is because the ego is wanting something And this is where the Steps help me – it’s like, people want Step 11, where it becomes real, or Step 10, and they haven’t worked on Step 3, they don’t really believe that it’s possible and they’re wanting to manifest this big thing.
So, in most cases, when people aren’t getting what they want, it’s because they are not addressing one of these; one of their other states of awareness, inside of them, is actually fighting against the goal. Their heart wants it; their this wants it; but their boundaries are afraid it won’t happen and their ego is not pointing that in the right direction and it’s scattered. And that’s what the 11 Steps have taught me. And basically, the principle of manifestation is that all of your self has to be in alignment with what you want to manifest. If half of you is wanting one thing and half of you is wanting the other, you’re going to get just that – you’re going to get partnerships that are half in, you’re going to get jobs that are half in; everything you see is going to be half in because you’re half in, it’s going to a reflection of you.
In some cases, it is also just that it’s not in the cards now. People have wonderful imaginations. I actually read this one book about an Ascended Master where a person was ascending, and the night before he ascended, the Ascended Masters created this giant palace in the middle of the woods, for him to sleep in one night (I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this story). And they literally manifested this palace out of nowhere, and out of gold and jewels and everything. And then when he woke up, the palace was gone, and he asked the Ascended Master “Why, if I’m ascending, did you manifest this palace?” and they said “Hundreds of lifetimes ago, you spent an entire life wishing to live in a palace of gold and you could not ascend Earth until you had fulfilled that wish.” And this is why the Buddhist say “Be careful what you attach to and what you want.”
So, the answer is, it’s not now, because, even if you want to ascend and you don’t want it anymore because your soul requested it in reality, it’s my understanding it has to come.

[1:10:38] Sahara
Wow, that’s powerful!

[1:10:39] Christopher
It’s a point for you to leave, yeah.

[1:10:41] Sahara
Yeah, and it really just shows us that we truly can have whatever we desire, it’s just really syncing up and getting very specific on these different Step Numbers. And I think that’s such a beautiful system to see where you may be out our alignment, because, sometimes we think “Oh, just must not be in the cards for me” or “Oh, this Earth is so dense, it couldn’t have happened”, but really, there is something in the foundation that’s not allowing it to happen.

[1:11:07] Christopher
I believe – so, I believe you’re not talented enough yet, you’re not experienced enough yet. I believe we, from what I understand, and where we’re headed, the whole Jesus water-wine thing, is a real thing; that human beings reach a state where they have command over reality and that they can manifest and create things out of thin air. We literally have that potential in us, and so, it’s really just our own ignorance. We haven’t learned, yet, how to use our powers. And in most cases, people are not awake enough to their whole being – their ego really wants it but their mind is on another track; their heart is wishing for it, but they’re emotionally bringing damage to the table.
So, in most cases, it’s just that we have to cycle through these parts of ourself; be aware; and align our entire self towards that intention.

[1:11:50] Sahara
Yeah, I think it’s that balance between the Steps before and then action and then letting go. I think what happens is, once we get into action, it becomes this ‘keep going and going and going’ until it happens, if feels off or we’re going to lose momentum if we stop to receive and let go because we feel like “Well, it’s not just magically going to appear”, so I know that’s the final line that a lot of people struggle with.

[1:12:16] Christopher
I agree. That’s brilliant too, because Step 9 is the ego, where we take the action, but then Step 10 is where you love and trust. So, the Step 10 is to love and trust, and that trust really is interaction with reality, I believe.
So, the example you just gave, that person launched whatever they wanted and they were pushing, pushing, pushing – they weren’t listening to reality, to see what reality said; they weren’t listening to the water to see if it wanted to become wine, they were just commanding it to become wine and not listening to the water. That’s the thing, we are connected to all the consciousness around us, so when you say “To detach to outcome”, I agree, you put your goal out there and then you step back and you see; you wait for God to knock back. You knock at the door, you wait for a spiritual answer; once you start doing magic, it’s an interaction with reality, and reality might tell you – So for me and myself, for instance, when I manifest, I’m constantly going to my intuition; I know when I’m to put energy out there and I hold my space, and I wait “Should I push now? Should I wait?” I asked Spirit “Is it time to push or is it time to wait?” And at that point, I’m in a relationship with Spirit; it’s not my identity. The ‘I’ is a separation from consciousness; so the ‘I’ creates the desire, but then after you create that desire, you go back to ‘we’.

[1:13:40] Sahara
I love that so much. Asking is it time to take action or step back and receive, and having that dynamic relationships so it’s not just like “Keep going until I get there” and it’s also not just “Okay, I’m going to sit back and just do nothing and it’s going to magically appear, without me getting on a Craigslist and searching for the house” you know.

[1:14:00] Christopher
Yeah! Exactly! It’s an interaction. And I think that’s how magic works too. I think that, even, when you want something – for instance, if you’re trying to manifest a car, we think of that car as inanimate, but it’s not, it’s actually a complicated form of consciousness that decided to be a car. And that car, believe it or not, is aware, it’s all God consciousness. Now, science is calling me a lunatic right now, but I know I talk to my car; I know it talks to me; I have plenty of examples because it’s energetically falling in. And the car wants to work for me, that’s the beautiful thing about consciousness. Trees want to be a tree to help other people; Christopher Witecki wants to be an astrologer to help other people; cars want to be a car, to help other people; all we really have here is to help each other, and that’s what everything is doing around us,
So, humans, where we’re ignorant and asleep is, we see it as a separate; we see it as inanimate; we see it as dead; we show up disrespecting its awareness and its consciousness and then we expect it to do something for us. So, I think we’re evolving into understanding this; this true relationship dynamic with reality; that it’s our partner.

[1:15:09] Sahara
Love that so much! So, what tips do you have for listeners? We are now moving into June 2021; so for June and beyond, I know we just completed, now, that this Episode’s going out, Malibu May, and entering into some, maybe, rockier months. How’s it looking?

[1:15:30] Christopher
It’s looking rocky, to be honest with you. A lot of people have written me saying “This isn’t Malibu”, and I’m like “Hah, wait till you see June! It’s Malibu!”
One thing about me is that I always predict with positivity because I’m giving you that option to take. You have that option to take, it’s your own approach to it, which makes it a little bit easier. Some people say I gloss over and I sugar-coat things. I’m trying to coach into manifesting the path the easy way, it’s what I’m here to do – it’s to help you find the easy way. I can make it hell; we can pretend it’s going to be hell. And it will be, because we want it to be, or it can be a fantastic question.
But to answer your question, we’re about to go through tremendous change, and actually, when I got on board, 15 years ago, when I got on You Tube to do Astrology, I was actually looking at this year, as the year I was preparing for (it was between 2021-2022). In the big picture sense, we’re wrapping up Pluto in Capricorn, is the issue here, Pluto’s at 26° Capricorn right now, the same degree as your Mid-Heaven, 26 is the Grand Master controlling pin, basically. So, it is the degree in which all control comes from.
So, Pluto being on the 26° means that Pluto is eroding or killing off ancient systems of control that we’ve been basically using since the 1500s. So, that was the last time that Pluto created this sort of energy. So, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1700s, but this current system that we have of Capricorn control, came out in the 1500s. So, what we’re going to end up doing is decaying that. I’m expecting, from this month forward, in June, there’s a square between Saturn and Uranus that is at 13° which is a transformative degree (it’s on June 14), and I’m expecting that to be some sort if a karate chop to that Pluto 26° tree. So, some sort of system of control is likely going to collapse. And I’m not sure how fast it will collapse, but it does look like it’s basically collapsing from June until, really, the next year. In fact, July 12, 2022 is the Pluto return to the exact place of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. So, the United States is having what we call our Pluto return. So, the United States, which isn’t the whole world by any means, but it is the pinnacle of democracy, this democracy experiment, this free trade experiment, where anyone can become something if they just dream about it. There’s a lot of concepts under the umbrella of the Unites States that are feeding the world, basically. And so, the United States is going to go through some sort of change; it begins in February, is when the Pluto return begins, and the Pluto return ends by next July. So, basically, hold onto your hat and your seats.
The good news is that, human beings, individually, are well-prepared. People don’t feel they’re well-prepared, but because of the Step System, these planets move through all the lower degrees before they got to these higher degrees, which means human beings have already had to face the issues inside of themselves about being strong enough, about being there for themselves, about facing their shadows and facing their puddles.
It’s interesting, in the last year, with the lockdown, we were completing a couple of key, transduce for personal development (Kiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus), they finished these very personal degrees. So, I’m expecting the world to start falling apart, in certain ways, and I would think that old control regiments are going to be what ends up falling apart.

[1:19:05] Sahara
Maybe like a new type of presidential system. I just think the whole presidential system is not working for people, I don’t know. I didn’t think there would be another president after Trump, I thought maybe he would be the last one. So, I fell like, yeah, there must be something. The fact that there’s so much division in this country; at any time, 50% of the people hate the President, it’s like “This isn’t really a sustainable system”.

[1:19:31] Christopher
Yeah, well, you know, I think we have to take a look at it, for sure. The Forefathers were pretty brilliant, though, we want to point fingers at one branch of government, but the truth is, the system has managed to stay together, right? I do think that we’re probably going to have another Constitutional Convention; I do think that we’ll probably redefine the United States in a new way. And you can see that conversation already happening, they’re talking about packing the court with judges, talking about… So, there’s conversation and they’re talking about a Constitutional amendment, and I can’t remember why, I guess for the Electoral College, is the excuse they’re using right now for the Constitutional amendment. Some states have signed on to want to change the Electoral College. So, you can feel this energy sort of brewing underneath that there’s going to be change.
But I suspect we will still have the same system we have, but better.

[1:20:23] Sahara
Okay. So you think it will be some sort of internal system, not like a war, a civil war, something like that?

[1:20:30] Christopher
I think that we’re being pushed to civil war but the truth is, if you talk to two Americans on the street, they’re not very mad about each other. I think this is not true, as far as what media is pushing, that Americans are hating each other. Americans are not hating each other. I know people on both sides of the vaccine conversation, and both sides are worried about the other side dying. You know, the ones taking the vaccines are worried about the people that don’t take the vaccines; and the people who don’t take the vaccines are worried about the people who do take the vaccines. We’re both worried about each other – that’s love. So, the media had made this out to be a problem, I think. But honestly, I believe that there are false control mechanisms; so there’s a lot of cheating going on. There’s a lot of cheating in the world banking system; there’s a lot of cheating in the world petroleum trading system; there are a lot of cartels; there are a lot of businesses that have tied together and taken away freedom, taken away the ability to climb up from the bottom. And so, what I predict, and I what I hope for – let’s put it like this – What I’m hoping will collapse is the corruption; that’s what I’m hoping is going to collapse. And I think America is being told that our country is on the verge of collapse, when the truth is, is that we are riddled with viruses and we are riddled with corruption. And so, this system, that was designed incredibly well, is riddled with a lot of fingers in the pie. And I’m suspecting, if we just remove the corruption, the system actually works.

[1:21:51] Sahara
And have you received any downloads on cryptocurrency and that being the currency of the future?

[1:21:57] Christopher
I believe that whatever is being created now is most likely the fundaments of the future. I don’t know how it will unfold but it’s certainly the fundaments.
Uranus is in Taurus, and so, we actually created our last economic system right around that same time – FDR; it going off the golden standard, that was all right before Uranus went into Taurus; and then Uranus, sort of (in Taurus) ran with that new system. So, if you compare it to that last time, when we went off the gold standard, during the Depression, and they moved into Taurus, it’s sort of the same timing. Cryptocurrency was sort of created at the same time that we went off the gold standard the last time, and so, I’m suspecting that it’s going to go down this path and be a standard. I do believe an independent currency is part of the Age of Aquarius.

[1:22:43] Sahara
So fascinating!

[1:22:44] Christopher
Freedom is very important in Aquarius. And that’s a good example, the current monetary system is controlled by a few families, it’s not done democratic, by any means, or fair by any means, or independent; and very easily corrupted, right? And so, I’m hoping and praying that we move to complete independent system, but it’s going to come to human beings to decide if they don’t want to be controlled by those old systems.

[1:23:08] Sahara
Absolutely, wow! So many wonderful insights and things we can look forward to, even if it’s going to be a bumpy road. You know, I think we all signed up to be here, part of this experience and this ascension. And if anyone is listening to this Episode this deep in, I believe they’re a part of it, we’re all volunteers coming back down.

[1:23:28] Christopher
I completely agree! I think a lot of people were in Atlantis in this lifetime and I tend to be very helpful. I mean, I was born believing that we’re going to enter into a new age of lightness in this lifetime, and that was before any of this happened, and it’s been a constant. So, I do believe we’ve come down to get it right; not get it wrong. And I think the reason why we fear it going wrong is because we did in the past life, to some degree. And even think, with Covid, a lot of that was about people overcoming their Bubonic Plague trauma and people who had died from plagues, that had to happen, the fear of Covid, just to get that fear out of the system. So, recognize that sometimes the things that appear bad, is us actually healing from the bad, it’s not that the bad is coming.

[1:24:10] Sahara
Yeah, I love that so much! Realizing that we’re going to be safe in this lifetime.

[1:24:15] Christopher
I believe we are and I believe you and I definitely have come for that. And I think a lot of these Atantians have come to get it right and to make it so. But being drama queens, that we are as humans, it’ll be the last minute, the last hour, the hero’s hand will just come over the cliff, after he fell over the cliff, the last minute. That’s the one thing about our collective consciousness, I say to everyone, it’s like, every movie we’ve watched for the last 30 years have been a happy ending, that’s built in our collective consciousness; all of us are collectively writing a happy ending, subconsciously, every day.

[1:24:46] Sahara
Just we feel like we’ve got to really struggle and battle the evil guides to the last second to get there, and it’s like, maybe we can take an easier path.

[1:24:56] Christopher
Maybe we can.

[1:24:57] Sahara
Do some deep healing with the villain and help him see that he is also the light, and come together and give each other a hug, and ascend together.

[1:25:05] Christopher
I would love that. The devil having a drink with God.

[1:25:08] Sahara
Yes, exactly! Thank you so much for sharing so much deep wisdom with us today. And where can listeners become a part of Sirius Joy and get your five texts a day based off of what’s happening in their chart?

[1:25:22] Christopher
Oh, my pleasure. I created a service called Sirius Joy (it’s spelled like the star – Sirius, from the brightest star in the sky), and this system I developed as I would give readings to clients every year and they’d come back and they hadn’t necessarily worked through the issue that I had set out for them (their sort of plan) and I thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just spoon-feed a lesson plan to the client and be with them!” And as technology evolved, I was able to do that.
So, it’s siriusjoy.com that is where my service is. And actually, we’ve done a promo for you Sahara, if they put in a promo code ‘Sahara’ at check-out, they’ll get the first two months for the introductory price of $3.99/month (so you’ll get 60 days for $3.99/month). And see for yourself, over the 60 days – I basically take your chart, I adjust it and I create a learning program for you based on where your sign is growing, and send you little coaches that just do slight little adjustments of what to pay attention to each day. And also, the service has a daily pep-talk where, every morning, I come on and I do like a 30-minute explanation of the day; what you’re going to experience; we do a little telepathy practice; we work on your psychic ability; I do a little breathwork; we do a couple Om chants; I do celebrity birthdays; it’s like 30 minutes sets you on your way. And between that and the text messages, my clients all come back and tell me that their puddles dry up, they find their confidence. Most of it is that you had someone with you along the way. So, that’s at siriusjoy.com
And if you want to watch my weekly show, I do a weekly show (about 1.5h), I put it out on Saturday nights, so it’s available for Sundays, it’s like my Sunday service. You can watch it every week, for free at siriusjoy.tv So, the show is at siriusjoy.tv and the service is at siriusjoy.com And enter the code ‘Sahara’ to get your first two months for $3.99.

[1:27:11] Sahara
Amazing! I so recommend it! I have my husband, mom and brother, all on it too. And my mom, every time she gets a text, she sends it to me to tell me what’s happening in her chart, which is really cute because she never knew about Astrology before. So, it really is digestible and easy for someone who doesn’t know any Astrology.

[1:27:30] Christopher
Yes, thank you for saying that. I don’t make it very – you can go in the Astrology, if you dive deep, but basically just it’s sort of how to deal with your emotions today or that you might have your subconscious bubbling up and that sort of thing.
And we have a new feature coming out in a couple of weeks here, where you can actually track your whole family inside the App. So, you’ll be able to put your mom and you husband and stuff, and you’ll see in the App, we call it ‘My Tribe’, you’ll see your whole family, what your moods are today and what they’re working on. So, you can sort of be a better support to your family, that’s our next version coming out.

[1:27:59] Sahara
Oh, I live that! So good! Well, thank you, again, for sharing with us today.

[1:28:03] Christopher
Thank you, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time actually.

[1:28:06] Sahara

[1:28:07] Christopher
Yeah, I really have! You have a great talk show and your energy is very grounding, I just want to say. It’s really easy to listen to you and go into different topics.

[1:28:15] Sahara
Aww, thank you so much! It’s all the Capricorn!

[1:28:19] Christopher
You are a smooth operator.

[1:28:21] Sahara
Thank you! Been doing this for 23 lifetimes!

[1:28:27] Christopher
It’s showing, yeah!

[1:28:28] Sahara
Yeah, thanks so much!

[1:28:29] End od Interview

[1:28:30] Sahara
Wow! I, so, loved that conversation! I love bringing on people on the Podcast who are teachers to me and who bring in a totally different essence, and frequency, and message, and that is so what Christopher Witecki delivered today!
Wow! I have a lot more to dive into, into Step Astrology and I’m super-excited to put the principled of the different Steps into action towards a manifestation.

[1:28:57] Sahara
It feels really good to have a pathway towards something and something you could focus on, on each day.
So, if you do want to try out his App, I highly recommend it – siriusjoy.com/sahara and he’d generously gifting us 2 months at only $3.99.

[1:29:14] Sahara
And again, if you want to dive in deep into understanding your Dharma, your Soul’s Purpose, come join me in my 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey, you can find that link in the show notes or iamsahararose.com/dharmadiscovery
Thank you Organifi and Safe Sleeve for supporting this Episode and I’m so grateful to you for tuning in.

[1:29:37] Sahara
I hope you have a wonderful day and dive into all of the different wavelengths out there! Namaste.

Episode 371: How To Manifest Using Astrology with Christopher Witecki
By Sahara Rosehttps://iamsahararose.com/blog/dharma/

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