Highest Self Podcast 476: What We Can Expect in 2023 from a Vedic Astrology Perspective with Christine Rodriguez


In this episode I welcome Christine Rodriguez, who is a certified Vedic astrologer that does a beautiful job of articulating this topic in an extremely understandable and relatable way.

We discuss everything from why Vedic astrology is different, its origins, how to explore what your past lives are, the different signs and their meaning, karma + dharma, what she discovered in my natal chart, and soul much more.

Christine also shares her predictions for 2023, and how we can prepare for obstacles to come while we will also be brought closer to light + truth.

This is a perfect episode for anyone looking to receive insight on our new year and interested in diving into the world of Vedic astrology in depth.

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Episode #476: What We Can Expect in 2023 from a Vedic Astrology Perspective with Christine Rodriguez
By Sahara Rose

[00:00] Christine

Even though I do view astrology as a science, it is inherently spiritual and there is a very intuitive, spiritual, nuance to it. And so, I do believe that we can find so much value and beauty through so many different systems. 

[00:28] Sahara

Hello, hello! I’m Sahara Rose, and this is The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement.

[00:36] Sahara

If it’s your first time listening, welcome, I’m so grateful to have you here, especially this year, 2023, we’re doing big things, we’re shining our lights like the sun beings that we are! And there is so much beauty and magic and creativity ahead for us, as well as lots of new learnings, and healings, and up-levelings that we’re going to experience this year! 

[00:57] Sahara

So, this Podcast has been happening, now, this is going to be the sixth year of it! And I love having conversations on spirituality that are modern, grounded, ancient, fun, relatable, full of joy, sacred feminine wisdom, and I’m so grateful to have you here! 

[01:14] Sahara

So, a little bit about my background. I actually have written two books on Ayurveda, “The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” and “Eat Feel Fresh”, both with Forwards by Deepak Chopra, as well as another book called “Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose”, also with a Forward by Deepak Chopra.

[01:32] Sahara

So, I spent two years living in India, actually studying Ayurveda, and 7+ years of my life being an Ayurvedic practitioner and really bringing this ancient Vedic wisdom, which is the sister science of yoga, out into the world. 

[01:46] Sahara

So, a lot of people ask me, because I have a school called Dharma Coaching Institute, where we train Dharma, Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coaches, a lot of people ask me “How can I see my Dharma through my astrological chart?” And I share with them that it’s not related to your western astrology chart, but it’s related to your Vedic Astrology chart. So, then, the question comes “How do I read my Vedic astrology chart? Where do I look that up? Why is it different than my western astrology?” 

So, this conversation is going to answer all of your questions, and so much more! 

[02:21] Sahara

So, I have done several Vedic Astrology Episodes here, over the years, on the Podcast, and I’ll link some of them below, with Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, as well as with Laura Plumb.

Dr. Suhas is one of the OGs in Vedic Astrology, who was actually brought here by Maharishi Maharshi yogi, he is Deepak Chopra’s Vedic astrologer and Ayurvedic doctor. And I met him through Deepak, and he is so full of wisdom, and Laura Plumb is his student. 

And today, I wanted to bring on a new voice, who I actually found on Instagram, because she really is part of this generation. I feel like she can make it super accessible for people who maybe are completely unaware of Vedic Astrology, you know, these terms like ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’, may be completely foreign to them, it might be harder for them to understand it. So, I feel like Christine does such a great job at making Vedic Astrology really understandable and relatable, and that is why I brought her here, on this Podcast, to give us the 2023 download of what’s going on, as well as helping us read our Vedic Astrology chart.

[03:24] Sahara

So, before this conversation, she actually read my chart, so you get to hear about it in this conversation. So, I’m, kind of, someone that you’ve gotten to know here on this Podcast a little bit, so you’re able to see how it’s making sense in my chart. 

So, we go through lots of questions that you might have, such as “Why is it different?”, What are the meanings of your Rising, Moon and Sun in Vedic Astrology?”, “How to tell what your Past Lives are”, and so much more. 

And then, she also shares what she sees coming in 2023 and how we can be ready for some potential challenges and obstacles, but ultimately, how it’s bringing us closer to the light and the truth.

[03:59] Sahara

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Christine to The Highest Self Podcast.


[04:04] Interview

[04:04] Sahara

Welcome, Christine, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so good to have you here!

[04:08] Christine

It’s such an honor and a pleasure to be here, thank you so much for having me. 

[04:12] Sahara

The first question I would love to ask you is, what makes you your highest self?

[04:17] Christine

Yeah, I think that what makes me my highest self is being in company of amazing beings. And so, when you first asked me that, I think of my teacher, I think of all of the people who have influenced me throughout the years and helped shape me into the person that I am. And so, I think that it’s having positive associations with people who are also seeking it on the path.

[04:42] Sahara

Yes! There is so much we can learn from each other. I love having this Podcast because every single person here is, like, you’re going to be my teacher in this hour, and, like, every single person has such wisdom to learn from. 

And got a chance, actually, to do a Vedic session with you last week. And I have loved learning about Vedic astrology, especially because it’s the sister science of Ayurveda, which is what I have studied and what my background is in. And even Dharma, this concept of your soul’s purpose, a lot of people ask me “Well, I’m curious if my astrology is related to my Dharma?”, and I tell them, yes, but it’s not your western astrology, because the sister science of Dharma is Jyotish, Vedic astrology, which is, you know, one of the most ancient forms. 

And I would love for you to share with us a little bit about what is Vedic astrology, what is Jyotish, and maybe how it is a little bit different, historically, than western astrology?

[05:39] Christine

Yeah. And so, I love that you bring up the idea (or, not the idea, the reality) that Jyotish is the sister science of Ayurveda and yoga. And that’s one of the first questions I always ask people when we’re having a conversation about astrology and I’m like “Well, you know, the Sun sign it’s going to change whenever we talk about Jyotish”, and then people get a little bit uncomfortable because they get so attached to their western signs and the western placements. And so, I ask them, I’m like “Do you like yoga? Do you like Ayurveda?”, because if the answer is yes, Jyotish helps complete that system of science, it helps complete the system for true evolution and self-discovery that it was intended for. 

And so, Jyotish literally translates into ‘the science of light’. And so, what we’re doing is, we’re studying how the astral bodies are influencing us here on Earth. 

And I think that what a lot of people get confused about is that, western astrology is actually not using the literal astronomical placement of the planets, it’s using the placements of the sun. And in Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, we’re using the astronomical, literal, placement of the planets. So, that’s the second question I ask, it’s “Do you want to know where the planets were literally sitting?”, because that’s what we get to study. And I think it’s a really amazing, beautiful and intimate opportunity to see what the planets and what the stars were doing at the moment that we took our first breath. 

[07:08] Sahara

For me, a huge wake-up call was going to the Sahara Desert, in Morocco, this year, and using the App so I could see where the constellations were, and you could just see everything so brightly out there, there’s no guess. And to see where we were placing as Capricorn, Sagittarius etc., was not actually where the constellation was in the sky, and I’m like “Wait, like, how are we pretending?” And from what I’ve understood, is that Vedic astrology is one of the eldest, and around, a little over 2000 years ago, when the Vedic astrologers met the Greek astrologers, they were exchanging information and they gave their maps of where the constellations were in the skies, and the Greeks had recorded them, however, what they missed, or was not understood, was that the Earth shifts in its axis very slightly every single year. So, today, the Earth shifts, and its axis is around 23.6, maybe you know the specific degree that it’s shifted in the past 23 years, and that is why they actually are in the sky, is about 23° behind where we think that they are.

So, for example, in western astrology, I am a Capricorn, as my Sun sign, but in Vedic astrology, and where the Sun actually was where I was born in the sky, was actually in Sagittarius. And I think that this is very important to note, that the Earth does shift in its axis because we, in western astrology, are operating from the constellations 2000 years ago, which is not the actual constellations of today.

[08:51] Christine

You summarized that so beautifully, I’m going to have to have you on my podcast and say that all that again.

[08:58] Sahara

And you think a lot of people get defensive when this conversation comes up because it’s not to discount western astrology. I still follow many western astrologers and I’m, like, subscribed to an App that gives me my western astrology, and it’s like, I really think it’s the astrologer, at the end of the day, and how they intuitively perceive the information. And I know western astrology is a little bit more harvest-oriented, more focused on the Sun, it’s a little bit more micro, whereas Vedic astrology is a little bit more macro, it’s focused more on the constellations and more on the galaxy.

So, you know, like, there is definitely a lot of truth that can be gained from western astrology, I think it’s just important to note that what you might think is your Sun sign, or Moon sign, or Rising sign, that’s not actually where those planets, those constellations, were when you were born.

[09:50] Christine

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and so, I mean, if people want to test it out, today, it’s November 22, 2022, I’m not sure when this is going to be publishing, but when you hold, like you were saying, a star App to the sky, you would see that we’re actually in Scorpio season now. And so, in western astrology, they’re kind of wrapping up Scorpio season, but in Sidereal astrology, we’re just getting started and we can see that given the true placement of the planets. 

And I also really love what you said about, at the end of the day, it being the astrologer. Because even though I do view astrology as a science, it is inherently spiritual, and there is a very intuitive, spiritual, nuance to it. And so, I do believe that we can find so much value and beauty through so many different systems and modalities. So, I love that you said that.

[10:37] Sahara

Absolutely! And at the end of the day, it’s whatever serves you, whatever empowers you and helps you.

So, I’m curious, in your perception, when you work with clients, and they may have always been told their sign was what it has been in western astrology, since they were reading Cosmo magazine, like, we’re very focused on the zodiacs, right, and then they learn about their Vedic astrological signs, what’s the typical reaction that you see?

[11:02] Christine

It varies, to be completely honest with you. The vast majority of people are like “This makes so much sense!” The vast majority of clients that I get are amazed at how much the Vedic chart resonates with them. And other times, people will come and they’ll be like “Man, I just, I feel like a Libra, this entire time I’ve resonated with Libra”, and I’m like “Well, guess what, in Vedic astrology, your Moon is in Libra. It may not be the Sun, but maybe your Moon is in Libra, or your Venus is in Libra, your Loginesha is in Libra”, there’s usually something else in the chart that is going to resonate with the clients, or it’s going to, kind of, show that same energy that they were connecting with in western. So, they really do reflect one another, and I’ve always found that interesting.

I’ve never had a client say that they have felt like a Leo their entire life, and then when we look at their chart, there’s no Leo. There’s usually always that sign that people are resonating with, their intuition is usually always correct, if that makes sense?

[12:02] Sahara

Isn’t that amazing, how the signs that are for you, will always find their way to you, right? Because it’s like, for example, in my western chart, my Rising is Sagittarius, which, the Rising sign changes, I believe, every two hours, so it’s like, what are the odds that my Rising sign would be Sagittarius. But then in my Vedic chart, my Sun and Moon are Sagittarius. So, it’s like, that Sag needed to find me anyway.

And when I first learned about the Vedic, I was like, I definitely see the Capricorn because I’m a very hardworking person and you know, I create a lot of things, but I still have five planets in Capricorn in my Vedic chart as well, so, it’s like, it’s still going to show up, it’s just going to be a little bit different. However, I never felt, like, that’s why I, honestly, never really looked into astrology until interviewing an astrologer on this Podcast because I never felt like the Capricorn definition that I would read about, that was very, just like, organized, like Miranda from Sex and the City vibes, like, super type A, and I’m like “I’m so not that person”. You know, I’m always asking what is the truth and I love to travel, so the Sag made so much more sense to me. But I feel like, in the western world, I have more of my western chart, like, in the western world, I can be that Capricorn, but my true self is more of my Vedic chart. 

[13:20] Christine

Wow, that is such an interesting reflection, yeah. And I have two things to say. First of all, with my western chart, growing up, I never resonated with my western sign, at all, and I was so interested in why, because I could see that there were patterns.

[13:36] Sahara

What is your western?

[13:37] Christine

I don’t ever talk about my chart.

[13:40] Sahara

Okay. It’s secret.

[13:42] Christine

Yeah, I’m sorry. But I never resonated with it but I saw synchronicities and patterns, so I knew that there was something to astrology and then I looked up my natal chart in high school and it made even less sense, and I was like “This doesn’t make…”. And then, as soon as I saw my Vedic chart, I was like “Everything makes sense”, and I didn’t have any of the same placements from the western. So, you’ll see people like you where you find an overlap and you’re like “Okay, I can relate with both and I see the crossover”, but for me, that Sun sign that I would’ve had in western, I didn’t connect with that at all, and I have no planets in that sign in Vedic. So, it’s interesting to see both.

And then, the other thing that I wanted to note is that, from – well, I don’t want to say, I don’t want to pigeon-hole western astrology necessarily, but I think that we, as a collective, have a tendency to approach astrology with the mindset of “What comprises my personality and what comprises my different traits”. And when we really look at what we’re doing with Vedic astrology, we’re looking at a karmic blueprint, it’s like a genetic map of our karmas, of what we’ve done in past lifetimes, what we’re here to experience in this lifetime and perhaps where we’re headed in the future if we’re not reconciling, learning and evolving. 

So, it goes well beyond just the personality or personality qualities, it’s really what we’re intended to learn and experience in this lifetime.

[15:04] Sahara

So, I definitely want to get into looking at Past Lives in our Vedic chart, so, we’re pinning that because we’re coming back to it. But I want to talk about the significance of your Rising sign in Vedic astrology, because I remember, in India, they told me – people were asking me what’s my sign and I would tell them my Sun sign, and they were like “No, we’re asking about your Rising sign”, I’m like “Why my Rising?”, because it’s almost like, in western, no one really talks about that, they’re like “Well, that’s the one that matters to us because it’s how you’re going to interact with us”.

So, I would love to hear more about in, like, the importance of each and every one, because I feel like, in the western world, it is very Sun sign focused. 

[15:42] Christine

Yeah, and I love that you brought that up. And so, western astrology, as we know, is a solar based system. So, if we know your birth day, we can know your sign. Vedic astrology is lunar based system which means the Moon sign is actually way more important that the Sun is. And I like this about Vedic astrology, Jyotish, because the Moon changes signs once every, like, two and a half days, whereas the Sun is an entire month. 

And so, and the Rising sign is every 2.5 hours, so we’re getting more and more specific and precise when we look at where the Moon was when you were born and then where the Rising (what your Rising sign is). 

So, I do want to point that out as well, is that, when we get into those quicker moving planets, we can learn so much more about an individual in an inner personal way, it’s not as broad scope as an entire month. 

And so, the Rising sign sets up the entire path of somebody’s life. And it has so much to do with who we are at our core. And so, earlier, I love what you said, when you were like “It really is like, it’s who I am”, you know what I mean, at a base level. And the way that I like to think about it is that, the Rising sign is who we are untouched, untouched by the influence of our mother, the influence of our father, the influence of society, it’s who we are when we really come into this world and when we strip away the layers. And, as I mentioned, it does set up the path of our life, which is, of course, very significant. 

The Moon, in Vedic astrology, has to do with our mind, our emotional way of approaching things. How I like to describe it is that the Sun is who we see when we’re walking out in public, or when we’re speaking, or when we’re at work. The Moon is who we are when we’re with friends, it’s who we are when we’re with family, so it’s that more emotional approach, and again, kind of how we think and feel about things, it does have a lot to do with our personality as well. 

The Sun is more of that ego and what shines to the world and what people kind of perceive at first glance. And so, some people like you, you have the Moon and the Sun in the same sign, so who people see is exactly what you’re putting out there. People are going to know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling, you’re going to have your opinions.

[17:54] Sahara

And I always get that feedback, they’re like “You’re exactly how you show yourself to be online, I’m like “Isn’t everyone?” But I guess some people, maybe, aren’t even designed to be that way.

[18:03] Christine

No, not at all, some people are designed to have secret lives. But of course, you are a Scorpio Rising, right? So, there is this very deep, mystical, kind of, hidden inner world that you may experience, but for the most part, when it comes to your public life and who you are with other people, it’s going to be really consistent, I’d imagine.

[18:21] Sahara                            

It’s like my whole career has just been around sharing what I’m personally going through, you know. So, maybe that’s because my Sun and my Moon have been in the same sign. And in fact, it’s been sharing my more metaphysical and spiritual and philosophical self, which is in that Sagittarius energy, so it makes total sense.

And I think that what you just said is really important to differentiate because in western astrology we hear a lot about how your Rising sign is that first impression that people get of you, whereas the Moon sign is like your emotional self, and your Sun sign is, like, more your inner most self, but now the definitions are a little bit different in Vedic astrology, with you saying that your Moon sign is more who you are, not just emotionally, but also mentally. Your Sun sign is maybe how you come off to other people and your ego self, and then your Rising sign really having a lot of your truth in you. So, it’s like a total paradigm shift, and even in the way that we see these things. 

[19:20] Christine

Yeah, it is, for sure. And I do want to say, you know, the Sun, it does have a lot to do with our soul and what our soul’s focus is going to be, so the Sun definitely has a lot of depth to it. But I think that you summarized it all perfectly.

[19:33] Sahara

So fascinating! Okay, so, let’s talk about Past Lives, because we love talking about Past Lives on this Podcast! And I asked you when you were looking at my chart, I was like “Could you tell what was one of my more recent Past Lives?”, and you were, and it’s always the same thing that every astrologer says. So, what are you looking for when you’re looking at that?

[19:51] Christine

Yeah. Well, what I always like to remind people of, because, sometimes I’ll sit down with a client and they’ll be like “I want to see, like, Karma, like, what is the Karma?” And the truth is that the entire chart is Karma, right? It’s like you are a Sagittarius because you were intended to share about philosophy, and spirituality, and truth, and knowledge in this lifetime, and that’s just your Moon and Sun. 

So, we can gain insight on what someone’s karmic indicators are with anything in the birth chart. But the two main indicators of Karma are going to be Rahu and Ketu. 

And so, Rahu and Ketu are the South Node and the North Node, and in Vedic astrology, they take on different meanings. From what I understand is that the North Node, being Rahu, there are nuances of difference, so, they indicate different things. 

So, Rahu is going to indicate a forward moving energy, something in our life that is going to be insatiable, that we have to move forward, it’s going to be obsessive. And for you, like we talked about, it’s like writing, and expression, and creativity, and media, and creating beautiful things. And so, that’s just like that impulse that you have to do, it’s part of your Karma, you know, no one can hold it against you, you’ve got to do it. 

And Ketu is what we’ve achieved many lives before, it’s almost an area of mastery. But of course, if we had mastered it, we may not be incarnated again, so we didn’t fully complete it because we’re here, but it’s an area where we spent a lot of time investing time in and investing resources in. And so, wherever Ketu is in your chart, it’s going to indicate this area of life that just comes really naturally, you’re going to have natural skills. But what’s interesting, because we’re talking about previous lives, is that, often, where Ketu is placed, it may always feel like something is, kind of, missing. And the way that I like to rationalize that is, it’s like we’re trying to remember, but we can’t quite remember because it was a previous lifetime, so, we’re always trying to put our finger on it. And so, it’s a really interesting, they’re very fascinating placements to look at and assess – do you mind if I share a little bit about your chart? I know, I’ve been sharing, I should’ve asked for permission.

[22:07] Sahara

Yes, you can share, yeah.

[22:10] Christine

But, for you, Ketu is in the 9th house, so it’s philosophy, spirituality, teaching, being a guide, but you also have some placements that show this desire to revolutionize and modernize and kind of blaze your own path.

[22:24] Sahara

So, my Rahu and Ketu are in the same place?

[22:28] Christine

Your Rahu is in the 3rd and your Ketu is in the 9th house, and the 9th house – thank you for asking that, the 9th house is the house of…

[22:35] Sahara

I’m like, I’m destined to, like, my Karma is my Dharma. 

[22:40] Christine

What does it mean? Yeah! No, so, that’s a great, that’s a really great thing to bring up. So, what’s amazing about Rahu and Ketu is that they are always seven signs apart, they can’t be in the same house, they’re always going to be transiting seven signs apart, which creates this interesting dichotomy of energy between the two.

[23:00] Sahara

Just like in western astrology, your North Node and South Node are always opposite signs, so like six signs different. So, your Ketu, then, is where more of that Karma, Past Life energy is, and so, because mine is in the 9th house, you said it’s also about spirituality and philosophy. 

[23:18] Christine

Yeah. And that’s what we were coming to about those Past Lives that you’ve had. You know, it’s like, you’ve been a teacher, you’ve been a guide, you’ve been invested and truth and tradition, right, like you’ve done tradition, so now it’s no time for tradition anymore, you’re wanting something else, right? 

So, Ketu, it can also create almost a disconnect as well, not all time, we need to see the chart. But Ketu is the great separator, it completes an energy so that we can move beyond it, so, it’s a separator, but it’s also the liberator. 

Ketu is Moksha Karaka. Karaka means significator of and Moksha, as you, I’m sure, have taught on this Podcast many times, Moksha is liberation, freedom from material reality. So, Ketu’s job is to help us transcend and release ourselves from the cycle of death and rebirth, it’s the only planet that truly wants to separate us. All of the other planets attach us to what’s, you know, what’s beautiful and what’s shiny, and what makes us money, and gets us a good partner, and all of that good stuff, right? Ketu is the only one that’s disinterested, it’s only focused on Moksha. So, wherever it is, it can help us complete that cycle of energies, so that we don’t need to complete in previous, or future lifetimes. 

[24:28] Sahara

So, if someone’s listening to this, how can they find where Rahu and Ketu are in their chart?

[24:34] Christine

They can go to a chart calculator, if they want to use my chart calculator, I have a free one on my website, it’s www.innerknowing.yoga and then you would go to ‘offerings’ and then ‘chart’. And I actually have a bunch of resources there as well, for people to learn more about Vedic astrology and their own chart. But if they go to that chart calculator, wherever they see ‘Ke’, that’s going to be Ketu, and that’s going to be the house that their Ketu is placed in. 

[24:59] Sahara

So, because the houses are a little bit differently, how do you suggest they understand what does that house now represent?

[25:06] Christine

That’s a great question. And again, I feel like this is shameless self-promotion, and I’m not intending it to be, but if you go to my website…

[25:13] Sahara

Yeah, we want to use your resources, girl!

[25:15] Christine

Yeah. If you go to my website, I have a video linked there that teaches you how to read your chart, and then I have playlists available. So, if you see that that ‘Ke’ is placed in the first house, you can listen to the house playlist and what the first house represents (so, I have a house playlist). 

So, you can find your Ketu and then whichever house it’s in, you can listen to that playlist on Spotify, and you can learn all about that house and what it represents.

[25:39] Sahara

Amazing! And I think it’s super helpful to learn about, you know, all the different houses because then you can look at your whole chart and say “Oh, my Jupiter is in the, you know, seventh house, and my etc., is in this house”, and like, understand just like if you were reading a western chart, you can start to read your Vedic chart and understand what each of these things represent. So, I highly recommend looking into it. 

[26:00] Christine

Yeah, absolutely!

[26:02] Sahara

Yes! So, another thing I really would love for you touch on, that’s very unique in Vedic astrology, is that, we are all born in a continuum of this 150-year period where there’s, like, different planets for certain numbers of years and you’re born somewhere in this timeline. So, someone might have been born in their Venus period, someone might have been born in their Rahu period, someone might have been born in the Ketu period, Jupiter period, Saturn period, and they’re going to go through their lifetime, it’s all the same order, but for example, I was born in my Venus period, so there might be some periods out of these 150 years that I might not experience in this lifetime. Whereas, my friend, he was born in his Rahu period, so he’s like, now stepping into his Saturn, which, I’m not even going to step into until I’m in my 70s. 

So, can you share a little bit about these, like, timeline journeys that we’re on?

[26:59] Christine

I would love to! And I do want to say, you were actually born in the Ketu period. 

[27:05] Sahara

Oh! When I looked at my chart, it said…oh, it was the last year, maybe.

[27:09] Christine

It would’ve been the last year because your Moon is in Mula, and Mula is the galactic center, it’s one of the most spiritual portions of the sky, right? And we just talked about Ketu and that mysticism and that spiritual component. 

And so, people who were born in the Ketu Dasha, to be very mystical, so I just wanted to catch you, and then you stepped into Venus, so you didn’t have to spend much time in Ketu. 

[27:34] Sahara

Got it! Because when I was looking at it, I was like “Oh, it seems like it’s all Venus”, but you’re right, it got the very last year of Ketu and then was like “Bye Ketu, I’m going into Venus now”.

[27:46] Christine

Yeah. Yeah, and so, what you’re referring to is the Dasha period, and this is something that is completely unique to Vedic astrology. And I always like to share that, it’s like, I mean, obviously, Vedic astrology is my heart and soul, I try to brag on it as much as possible, we’ve got the divisional charts, we’ve got the Dasha system, we have so much that’s so valuable in making predictions, specifically. You know, Vedic astrology excels in prediction because of these different tools.

And so, the Dasha system is planetary periods that we move through throughout our life. And earlier, I referred to the system of astrology being lunar based, the entire cycle of Dashas is determined upon the placement of Moon at your birth. So, whatever Moon sign your Moon was in, the ruler of that sign is going to set into motion the Dashas. And, you know, then we can get into the nakshatras and what they mean, but I’ll try to stay on topic. 

And so, the Dashas are going to be, like you were mentioning, Ketu, Venus, then we would move into the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Rahu, etc., all the planets. And the Dasha system is based on the assumption that we have on the 120-year life. We would have to have a 120-year lifespan in order to experience all of the Dasha cycles. Obviously, most of us don’t have that. Like you were saying, it’s like, you’re going to be experiencing your Rahu Dasha much later in life. 

Depending upon the Dasha we’re in, it’s going to flavor what is happening in our life now. And so, for example, Venus, Venus is easy. Venus could be beauty, getting in touch with our own personal style, it could represent relationships, and it’s going to emphasize where Venus is placed in our birth chart. Wherever Venus is placed, that house, that sign, any conjunctions with Venus, are going to come to life. And so, to really benefit from the Dashas, we want to see the sign that the planet is in and (the sign of the planet is in any conjunctions that it’s with) if the planet is very well placed – so, for example, again, if someone is going through a Venus Dasha, their Venus is exulted in their 1st house, that’s a beautiful period of time. You know, you’ll probably experience a very fortunate period.

If your Venus is debilitated and it’s in the 8th house, and it has negative aspects, that could indicate a really challenging period of time, that we would want to prescribe remedial measures for. 

And if anyone is listening and you have a debilitated Venus in the 8th, it doesn’t always mean something bad is going to happen, you want to look deeper, but I’m trying to give examples for it. 

But these Dasha systems are going to help us navigate when periods of time are going to be auspicious, when should you have a meeting, when should you have your get togethers or book publishing, when should you open a business – we would look at your Dashas to figure that out. Similarly, when there may be a death, when may there be car accidents or health issues – we would refer to the Dashas, because events really cannot occur if the Dasha does not allow it to. Dashas are what set into motion big events in life, it’s very powerful.

[31:04] Sahara

I think that’s so important to note because we all are experiencing life in our own timeline, and someone else might be in a different period. And it’s so beautiful to look at your Dashas, throughout your life, and look back and be like “Oh, wow, the year that I moved from my Moon to my Jupiter, this really significant thing happened”, or “The year that I moved from this one to this one”, and you always notice, it’s like a huge life change. And it’s also fascinating too because every single year of it, the Dasha has, like, a sub-planet. So, for example, I think, this year, I’m in, like, I’m in my Moon Dasha period, which – are each of them 7 years? How long are each of these periods?

[31:47] Christine

They all have different periods of time. So, like, Venus is 20 years, you know, the Moon is going to be 10, it just depends on the planet. There are some that are longer and then some that are shorter. 

[31:59] Sahara

Got it!


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So, you can head over to rggquiz.com to learn what your unique Rose Gold Goddess Archetype is. Again, that’s rggquiz.com and you can find that link in the show notes. And I’ve created custom graphics that you get in your results so you can share which Rose Gold Goddess Archetype you are. I’m super excited to see!

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[33:32] Sahara

In Vedic astrology, do they tend to have this understanding of a Saturn return that they have in western astrology, that, like, round age, 28 or 29, people will experience their first Saturn return, it happens, you know, throughout their lives? Or is it just depending on the Dashas and when they’re born in these periods?

[33:50] Christine

That’s a great question! That’s a really good question! Yeah, so, we do have a Saturn return, like with every planetary return, right? Like, if we have our birth day, that’s a solar return, or we could have a Jupiter return every 12 years, and then we’ll have a Saturn return every, like you were saying, 28-30 years. But, as you were mentioning with the Dashas, we can also be going through a Saturn period. And so, you’re going through a Saturn sub-period, which is great for you because you have a really great placed Saturn, so, it’s helping your business, it’s helping your, anything in media, anything with publishing. It’s supporting people who have a challenging Saturn, they may go through a Saturn sub-period and it may not have the same results as you were saying. Is that helpful? 

[34:32] Sahara

Yes. So, there are collective things that we experience, such as overall Saturn returns, Jupiter returns, etc., but the emphasis more, I would say, in Vedic astrology, or is it based on your Dashas than these collective, like “Okay, everyone’s going to have a crazy Saturn return”, which is sort of the understanding in western astrology?

[34:53] Christine

Yeah. So, everyone has a Saturn return, but depending on where it’s placed is going to determine the outcome. So, if you have Saturn return in the 7th house of relationships and it’s really strong, you may have a Saturn return where you’re having break-ups and you’re really learning the reality of what commitment and intimacy means, and it may not be a lot of fun. 

But having Vedic astrology helps you understand what’s happening and use that to the highest potential so that you can grow and evolve to the best of your ability because you know what’s happening and you know when it’s going to be over, which is always very helpful with astrology. 

Other people, they may have a Saturn return in their 1st house. You know, Saturn may be exulted or in a friendly sign, and that may be when they feel that they’re stepping into their power, that they’re learning about the responsibility that they have in life, how they can show up as an authority figure, how they can take care of themselves better.

So, it really depends on the house that Saturn is in, and most importantly, the dignity, the sign that Saturn is in, how easy or how difficult it’s going to be. 

[35:59] Sahara

Is this something that we would be able to tell from our charts without being astrologers, like whether our Saturn is strong or weak?

[36:07] Christine

That’s a great question! It would probably take a little bit of researching, but if people are interested and they’re looking, if Saturn is in Capricorn or Aquarius or Libra, that’s a really good place for Saturn to be. If Saturn is in Aries, when someone was born, it’s technically debilitated, so, sometimes that can get a little bit weaker of results. 

But for anyone listening right now, if they’re, you know, around 30, 31, 32, they’ve just, almost, completed their Saturn return.

So, in Vedic astrology, Saturn has been in Capricorn since 2022, and so, that’s been Saturn return for anyone who has Saturn in Capricorn in their birth chart. And January 2022, Saturn has completed its cycle in Capricorn, it’s going to enter Aquarius. So, if you’re, like, 28 years old now, you’ll be starting your Saturn return in January, broad strokes. 

[36:59] Sahara

So, this is also important to note, because in Vedic astrology, your Saturn return is, like, five years long, right? 

[37:08] Christine

So, that’s Sade Sati. 

[37:10] Sahara

Okay. Because I remember these Vedic astrologers telling me it’s Saturn return is 28-30, it’s like I’m still in it right now, you know.

[37:18] Christine

That’s for you? Yeah, so, you’re in Sade Sati right now because your Moon is in Sag and Sade Sati in January. So, you’ve got your Sade Sati in Saturn return out of the way, which is awesome, in one transit. Some people aren’t as lucky.

But, yeah, Saturn return is a 2.5-year period…

[37:36] Sahara

What is Sade Sati?

[37:38] Christine

Sade Sati is a 7.5-year period, and that’s when Saturn is transiting the sign before, the sign of and the sign after your Moon. 

So, for you, because your Moon is in Sagittarius, when Saturn was in Scorpio, Sag and Capricorn, that’s your Sade Sati. So, you’re done in January. So, party, you know, listen to your favorite music, invite people over, have a blast, yeah.

And I want to use you as an example here, in a second. But anyone who has their Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, they’re going to be in Sade Sati come January. So, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are in Sade Sati, yeah, come January 2023.

[38:20] Sahara

So, Sade Sati is a 7-year period, correct?

[38:24] Christine

Yes, approximately 7.5 years. 

[38:27] Sahara

Okay. And how long is a Saturn return? 

[38:30] Christine

2.5 years.

[38:30] Sahara

Okay, got it.

[38:32] Christine

Yes, and it’s because we’re looking at the transit of Saturn. And so, Saturn moves at a rate where it stays in the sign for 2.5 years. And so, if we’re looking at the three signs, right, we would just multiply it.

[38:44] Sahara

So beautiful!

[38:45] Christine

Okay! Good! But one final thing on Sade Sati, because someone may be listening, they’re going to look at their Vedic chart, they’re going to see that they’re in Sade Sati, they’ve got their Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, and then they’re going to look it up online and then it’s going to be like the web MD of astrology. You look up Sade Sati and then all of a sudden, you know, you’re going to be terrified and it’s going to be this horrible moment. Don’t look up Sade Sati online! 

Sade Sati is a period where you have the opportunity to master something and there usually are challenges, there’s usually layers that are stripped away, there’s usually new responsibilities that we have to take on, but it’s also a profound opportunity, again, to master something, to step into our power and to come into authority in some way.

You are finishing Sade Sati and you’re having, from what it seems like, it seems that your career is going really well, it seems that you’re really expanding with your spiritual life and your spiritual philosophy, it doesn’t seem like your entire life crumbled. I’m sure in the last 7.5 years a lot changed, but I’m sure that you feel more in alignment and more in touch with yourself now than you did in the previous 7.5 years.

[39:52] Sahara

The past 7 years have been the most life changing of my entire life. I mean, I wrote all of my books, I healed so much, I created this Podcast and Rose Gold Goddesses and Dharma Coaching Institute, and like, everything that I have in my life, even, I met my husband exactly 7 years ago. So, it’s like every single thing I have in my life has been created in this Sade Sati period, so, if you’re in it, it’s going to be a good time! Don’t worry! 

[40:21] Christine

Yeah, but you handled it so well, you used discipline and commitment. And Saturn is about discipline, commitment and responsibility. So, if you have a good Saturn in your chart, it’s usually not a problem because you’re like “Saturn, discipline, commitment, I’ve got this, step back!” But if we struggle with that, it might be a little more difficult. 

So, if we’re stepping into that period, just remember that the more serious we are and the more committed we are, and structured, how we plan long-term, if we’re envisioning things for the long term, we don’t expect things to come naturally or easily, it’s going to be just fine. Writing books is not easy! 

[40:57] Sahara


[40:58] Christine

Creating a business is not easy, right? 

[41:00] Sahara

Exactly! And I think that our greatest work comes from facing our obstacles head on, and understanding what the lessons are. 

And I think, sometimes, in, like, very commercial astrology, we’re like “Oh no, Mercury retrograde”, and we make ourselves victim to what’s happening in the skies, but the truth is, everything is here to serve us. And you can take anything, whether it’s the Mercury retrograde or your Saturn return, or the Sade Sati, or whatever else it is, and use it as a catalyst for your Dharma. And ultimately, that is what it’s there for.

[41:32] Christine


[41:33] Sahara

So, let’s talk about 2023. You’re going to do a whole Goddess circle in Rose Gold Goddesses, which we’re so excited to do, to start the year, but I would love for you to share what are the things, the main themes, that you have, kind of, been looking at for the year ahead?

[41:49] Christine

Yeah. So, we do have some pretty significant shifts coming up on the horizon, as I’m sure you know, and unfortunately, we’re American, I’m American, and so I spend a lot of time looking at the US chart. And so, sometimes, people in Europe and other countries, they’re like, you know, “What about our charts”, and I totally get that. But the USA, it does have a profound impact on the globe and so I try to remind people of that.

So, typically, when I’m looking at the years to come, I spend time looking at the planetary transits, collectively, but then, also, of course, in relationship to the US and what’s going to be happening with the US politics and all that.

And so, since, oh man, I don’t remember when I started my podcast, I think it was 2018, but I’ve been talking about this for a long time. I’ve been looking at Pluto return for the United States, and so, I think that this is, like, the most notable event. And Pluto entered Capricorn in 2020, which is where it’s placed in the chart of the United States. And we’re going to have an exact Pluto return in 2024, so that’s not next year, but it’s the year after. And I always like to remind people that we’re looking at the long game.

[43:01] Sahara

Which is election year. 

[43:03] Christine

It is election year. Man, I can go into that, I’ve been looking at it! But it’s going to be an interesting election, I created a post on this, just kind of breaking down what’s going to be happening for the US, it’s going to be a very interesting ride. I don’t even know if we need astrology to tell us that at this point, but…

Next year, though, we’re going to be moving towards this Pluto return. And Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, and it’s the planet that breaks things down so that it can rebuild. The beautiful thing about Pluto is that it does promise a rebirth, and so we have to keep that in mind. 

This is the first Pluto return that the USA has ever experienced, ever. So, we’re kind of on unchartered territories. And usually, what we do, in astrology, to figure out how the planets may act or what may be created, is, we go back in time and we look at what was happening. And so, when the US was built, it was a time of revolution, it was a time of free thinking, it was a time of people not wanting to go with the status quo or what was being, kind of, held. Of course, the history of the US is profoundly complicated (and we can get into that as well). But I do think that with Pluto return, a lot of what the US has been built off of is going to come to light, there’s going to be more and more of recognition, there is going to be more truth revealed. And I think that there is going to be a call for there to be greater equality, status and power being perceived differently and distributed differently. 

So, I think it’ll be a really interesting time, it’ll also be interesting for the economy, currency, structures of government, because Capricorn, the sign of Capricorn, is all about economy, currency, structures, how things are maintained. 

So, as Pluto moves through Capricorn, I think that we can expect to see profound transition in those areas. And again, that’ll be more into, like, 2024, but it’s beginning in 2023, Pluto is going to get closer and closer to those natal degree points. 

So, that’s a little bit about Pluto. I do think that we have a lot of change on the horizon for the United States. 

In 2023, in addition to the Pluto transit, we’re also going to see Saturn move into the sign of Aquarius.

And so, we’ve been talking about Saturn, Saturn will be in Aquarius for 2.5 years. And Aquarius is a much different energy than Capricorn, where Saturn had previously been transiting. There are a few things to think about with this.

Aquarius is the sign of humanity, it is the sign of humanitarian efforts, collective energy coming together, power to the people, like, that’s what Aquarius is. But it’s also very revolutionary. It doesn’t like to be confined by ideals or titles, you know, definitions, it always likes to question “Well, what’s beyond that? How can I view things differently?”

And so, I do think that, America specifically, and probably around the world, we will see groups of people come together to strive for power and influence that is outside of traditional structures of power, if that makes sense? I think that we will see more people coming together, revolutionary movements, maybe even rebellious movements. 

And I was doing research on this, the last couple of times that Saturn was in Aquarius, there was a lot of revolution and rebellion around the world, and it wasn’t always positive, it wasn’t always peaceful. So, I don’t want to paint this picture that it’s going to be like this humanitarian movement necessarily. I think that there will be groups of people wanting power outside of the systems, for better or for worse.

What’s interesting for the United States is that, the USA is actually in Sade Sati. So, the USA’s Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, so this 2.5-year period, we’re kind of in the thick of Sade Sati together, here in the United States, which, I think is going to put a lot of responsibility on the United States. I think that we’re really going to be trying to work to get things together, work to get things under control. I think that there’s, definitely, going to be a lot of shifting in terms of politics and law. And yeah, I think it’ll be interesting. I can just keep going, but I want to give you a chance. I can just keep rattling on all day.

[47:29] Sahara

We are here for it, we’re taking notes. It sounds like it’s going to have similar themes to some of the 2020 movements. Is it – like, what was the difference of what was happening in 2020 as opposed to 2023?

[47:42] Christine

Beautiful! I’m so glad that you asked! So, in 2020, this was when Pluto entered Capricorn and it was also when Saturn entered Capricorn. And so, that was such a profound period of time because this was when we really started seeing, collectively, how implicit bias works, right? How systems have been constructed in a way that’s unfair, unjust, unethical, you know, how power is distributed among people. This was when the George Floyd occurrence happened, this was when so much was revealed and, as I mentioned, racism, implicit bias, so much came up with women and women’s rights, women’s related issues. All of this is related to systems of government and that’s what Capricorn is all about, it’s the systems that uphold us, things that are engrained in our mind, whether we’re aware of it or not, right? Paradigm construction, but then, also societal construction.

And so, Saturn came in and it kind of broke down any illusion or anything that may have needed to be seen, it revealed a lot of corruption in so many ways. Even the Ghislaine Maxwell and that entire thing coming to light in us, being like “Wow, wait a second, these people in power are super corrupt, what the…?”, right? So, Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn really kind of broke that down.

Now, Saturn is getting ready to go to Aquarius where it’s like “Okay, we got this information, what are we going to do about it? How are we going to change things? How are we going to make things more fair and more equal?” 

So, I think that once things shift into Aquarius, once Saturn shifts into Aquarius, I think that we’re going to see so much more call to action and organization. 

And that’s, kind of, what I was alluding to earlier, where I think that there will be – there’s a lot happening in Aries as well, which makes me say this. I think that there will be a lot with rebellious tendencies, people being, like, really pushing back against the government, really calling for what they believe is fair and just. And we may even see new movements and people coming together to formulate new groups, to create change specifically.

[49:54] Sahara

Do you have any advice, astrologically, for us, how to navigate these things? You know, like, is this the year of going out there and fighting for your rights in the streets? Is this the year to, like, step back and witness and not react too quickly to witness, potential, you know, like, lives that are being shared? How do we navigate what’s happening collectively? 

[50:17] Christine

Wow, that’s amazing, that’s such a great question! And something that I did want to mention was being mindful of, like, false prophets. There may be people coming into power or people presenting themselves as teachers or leaders, we need to be really mindful of who we accept as leaders and teachers this year. So, that’s something to be really mindful of, and it could even be a time of tapping into the heart.

I am a huge proponent of teachers, I think that having guides and teachers and people to learn from is very important, and I also think that this concept of discernment, it’s the compass of the heart, it’s what keeps us out of trouble. And so, I think that tapping into our inner discernment and our inner guide and what feels good for us and really evaluating who our leaders are, who our teachers are, do they really exhibit and instill the qualities that we want to have in ourselves, not trying to just follow anything blindly, really trying to keep that the forefront. 

But then, in regards to some of the other things that we were discussing, I think that, for some people, their Dharma is to create change, their Dharma is to be out in the streets promoting what they believe in. And for each individual, they get to decide for themself what Dharma is. But Dharma, specifically, was what I wanted to talk about, was Saturn in Aquarius, because Saturn in Aquarius is all about revolution. And I think that, collectively, we get really disconnected to what our Dharma is. And our Dharma, how I’ve been taught Dharma is, what Dharma is for me and what I’ve been taught, is that, it is our natural skillset, what we’re good at naturally, what we resonate with, what makes our heart sing, but also what’s best for the greater good, for the most amount of people, how does it help, how does it support. 

Saturn is Aquarius is all about serving humanity and we serve humanity when we’re doing what makes our heart sing, when we’re using our natural skillset, when we are working to serve and support. And so, I think that that’s something that we, collectively, can do. 

I think that we get so disconnected from our own power when we spend so much time watching media or absorbing certain messages. It can be very harmful and disempowering to the reality of who we are and what we can do. We really have the power to create the life that we want for ourselves and also to change the lives of everyone we come into contact with on a daily basis. We can change the world with how we choose to operate and how we choose to act. And when we’re acting in alignment with Dharma, that’s the first step that we can do to change the world, in my opinion. 

[53:00] Sahara

I think this is so important, that you said, because there is a difference between living your Dharma, which, how I always say, it’s similar to how you were taught it, it’s your highest form of joy with your highest form of service. There is a difference between that and following whatever political leader claims is going to bring change. 

And I see a lot of people take their activism around “Vote for this person because that’s going to be the person who’s going to being all of our solutions. That person and their fighting, is this this one or is it that one?”, and it’s neither because the whole system is fucked, the whole system. If you even made it to the top of the system, you have already, essentially, sold your soul, like, you are not living in integrity, because you can’t. It’s the sad truth, is that you can’t even make it in such a corrupt system without becoming corrupt. And this not just the US Government, this is almost all Governments in the world, at this point. 

So, when you’re living your Dharma, you’re of service, but it might not even be a topic that’s on the ballots you know, because they keep pushing the same topic to us every single year, because they know those are the topics that we’ll all fight about. You know, we’ll all fight about pro-choice vs pro-life, we’ll fight about gay marriage, we’ll all fight about these things. So, instead of, you know, it’s important to pass these laws – and you know, we were talking about how the women’s rights movement is happening, not just in the US, but around the world, however, like, let’s put our energy towards the actual grass roots organizations that are helping these very causes. And then, there’s so many other causes that never get mentioned in the ballots, such as the many people dying of malaria today, such as the many women that have no rights around the world, such as human trafficking, such as, you know, there’s so many different issues out there. And it’s important for us to realize that each and every one of is here to be our own unique solution to a world’s problem, rather than band against this one person and give up our sovereignty, you know, thinking that this one person is going to be the answer, when, if we haven’t learned our lesson at this point, no politician is going to save us.

[55:10] Christine

Right! Man, I got chills listening to you! I agree with everything that you said, wholeheartedly. And we are dismantled when we are in fear, and the opposite, right, the opposite of what we’re doing – if we’re trying to observe mindfulness, if we’re trying to evolve, if we’re on this path of self-discovery, it’s like yoga is to yoge, it’s to come together to union, and it’s finding, you know, commonality and connection. And so, when we’re in fear and when we’re, like, damning one another and just so gang ho on being better or knowing more or being right, it’s creating chaos amongst the solution, because, like you were saying, we’re the solution. If we come together, if we find commonality, if we work to understand one another, most of the time we find that we have more in common than we thought. There are exceptions to that, for sure, but the vast majority of us, I feel like, are actually, kind of, like, in the middle, you know what I mean, most of us are reasonable people. 

And again, it’s just, I think that the media, and I think what’s happening right now, it does such a great job at causing us to view each other as the problem, when really, coming together is actually the solution.

And that’s what Aquarius is all about, it is humanity coming together to, kind of, form that power. And I really do hope that we, as individuals, can harness that for the betterment because the solution is not buying into a corrupt system that has been perpetuating inequality for however long. 

Like you were saying, nothing has fundamentally changed right now, and hopefully we’re working towards fundamental change, but we need to be able to see clearly.

[56:49] Sahara

I’m curious, in Vedic astrology, because, in a lot of the gene keys in Human Design, which is based more on western astrology with Iching, they talk about how we’re in this shift between 2020-2027, that the illusions are coming to surface and the, kind of, threshold of this is 2024, where it’s going to be the height of it. So, it’s like destruction of the old world, from 2020-2024, and then 2024-2027, we start, kind of, the reconstruction of this new paradigm which we will enter into in 2027. I’m curious if these dates are significant in Vedic astrology as well?

[57:29] Christine

Yeah, it’s really interesting. I think that there is a lot of change to come, I think that it’s going to take a while, I don’t know if it’s, you know, it may take a few years, but the dates that are incredibly significant to me is the 2024, where they’re saying that this is, kind of, the pinnacle, where a lot is – maybe there’s some more difficulty, challenges, maybe some chaos happening, that’s the exact year of the Pluto return for the United States. And so, to me, I think it aligns and makes a lot of sense. 

And what I try to remind people about all the time is that, for change to occur, big events have to happen. And so, if we want a different world, if we want things to function differently, there has to be a lot of really big events in order for that to happen. You know, we’re not just going to slide easily from one thing into the next, it’s going to have to take a lot of work and there’s going to have to be a lot of uncomfortable change.

And I think we’re kind of preparing for that and the years make sense to me, with the Human Design dates.

[58:34] Sahara

Absolutely! Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom. You have to experience the Karma, to turn your wheels over and then move towards your Dharma, and that’s when you experience the Kriya, the flow, and sometimes the collective Karma as well, of like all of the ways that we, collectively, have not been listening, all the ways our government has not been listening, all of the ways that we haven’t been listening to Earth, to humanity. I think this is all continuing to bubble up and bubble up, and you know, with 2024 maybe being that threshing point, it’s like, how beautiful, it’s not that far away, until we can finally just, like, pull off the band-aid and see it head first, and we can start to rebuild from there. 

I’m curious, like, my prediction is that we’re not even going to have this government structure anymore. Like, this one president at top, two-party system, the electoral vs the popular vote, it’s not working, no one feels heard on either side. The moment that any progression of change is being made, we typically flip-flop, whether it’s President or the Senate, or the other side, so then they block that change, so it’s like there’s no change being made, there’s so much bureaucracy, which is why I left working in non-profit organizations, which is what I used to work in, and then the change-makers like myself, yourself, a lot of the people listening, don’t want to be involved in government, we don’t want to be involved in these non-profits because we’re like, our energy isn’t going anywhere, there’s just so much red tape and so much corruption happening. So, I think that we are at the end of this system and it’s no longer serving us. And I don’t know everything that it could look like, maybe we’re going to go a little bit more local, I can see a timeline where, maybe, the US splits apart and maybe there’s, like, the costal US is, like, one country and then the middle of the US – I don’t know, because then you have places like Austin, where you live, and maybe would go more with coastal. 

[1:00:33] Christine

Help, yeah!

[1:00:36] Sahara 

Yes, but I do feel there’s going to be some form of shift in our governmental structure, and that also might be related to moving out of the Capricorn and into the Aquarius. So, like, let’s dream up a new way that we can actually have governments that work for the people, which is what they were created for. 

[1:00:56] Christine

Right! Public servants, right?

[1:00:58] Sahara

Yes! Not public peeves.

[1:01:01] Christine

No, it doesn’t feel like that anymore. Amongst astrologers, because all of us get together and kind of, you know, share ideas and look at things, the vast majority of us think that there is going to be a huge system change, like you’ve been describing. And it’s like, I could be wrong, you know, I’ve been wrong before, it’s not impossible, I just, I really do think, with this Pluto return, that a lot is going to change. 

And I did research on Pluto returns as well, I created a post on that for Portugal and just gave some examples of what that could look like in terms of people calling for change and wanting a difference. I mean, I don’t know if this is going to happen in the US specifically, but like, overthrowing the government, forming coups. 

[1:01:43] Sahara

I heard the collapse of Rome was during Pluto return.

[1:01:46] Christine

Oh, really? 

[1:01:46] Sahara

I think they’ve had several potential Pluto returns because it was a very long civilization.

[1:01:52] Christine

Yeah. Oh, I should’ve looked that up, I’ll look into it. I haven’t done Rome, but I don’t doubt that at all, I mean, it’s a very Pluto thing. 

And so, all of that to say, being that this is the first time that we’ve ever had a Pluto return, just given what we’ve seen since 2020, already, the amount of change that’s occurred and what’s been happening and what people have been talking about and the division that’s been occurring, I would not be super surprised if there was one of these very big fundamental shifts that changes the United States.

[1:02:24] Sahara

Yes. And while that can be scary, it’s the only way that we can have a better reality, is to let go of this former one that we just know isn’t serving us. It’s like, right now in Iran, where my family’s from, first it began with protests and now it’s like a full-blown revolution against the Government. And the scary thing is, is like, well, who’s going to be in power after. And we don’t know, what we know is that this Government is not serving anyone right now and the only way that we can even begin to have the conversation of what comes next is to release ourselves from the suppression that we’re under so we can even legally have a conversation around it.

So, I think that, often times, we, like, clutch on to what is known, even though what is known is like, you’re in a zoo, you know, you might know every single little quarter of your zoo, but, like, you’re supposed to be out in your jungle, in your natural habitat, and you can only do that if you, first, escape the zoo.

[1:03:25] Christine

Yeah, yeah. No, exactly, I agree! And something also, that I try to remind people of is, like, this dance of Shiva, right? We’re approaching all this from a Vedic perspective and we have the three mean Gods of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. And so, Brahma is creating, Vishnu is sustaining and Shiva is destroying. 

Destruction, and change, and transformation is an innate part of being alive, it’s a byproduct of being on Earth. And when we look back, historically, things have always changed, things have never stayed the same, this is a natural metamorphosis.

And so, I just try to remind people of that, it’s nothing that’s supposed to happen, it’s nothing that’s too, you know, catastrophic, necessarily. There’s going to be change, but it’s a natural part of life, we’ve seen this occur throughout history, over and over and over again, it’s nothing that we can’t move through. 

[1:04:17] Sahara

And that’s the beauty of astrology, because it’s always changing. Like, there is never going to be a period of time, ever. Even, like, even if we zoom out and look at the Yugas, which are these thousand year long periods of times. I’m curious on your take, just as we wrap this conversation up – people talk about how we are in Kali Yuga, which is the time of darkness, and some Vedic astrologers say we have actually left Kali Yoga, now we’re in Sadh Yoga, which is the age of truth, and some say we actually have like 1500 years left of Kali Yuga, because, I guess, the dates are really not agreed upon. I’m curious if you’ve heard about this and what your perspective is?

[1:04:57] Christine

Yeah, that’s great, that’s so fascinating! I’ve been taught that we’re in Kali Yuga. So, from my perspective, we are in Kali Yuga, and Kali Yuga is a time of destruction and we, kind of, can lose our compass and lose touch with what’s real. We kind of fall deeper into Maya or the illusionary quality of the material reality. 

And I do think that, you know, we’re kind of in a time where, talking earlier about false prophets, we’re in a time where we can become very easily confused on what is real and what truth is. And there’s still a lot that distracts us from really deep meaning and really deep purpose and alignment. 

And I think we are at this really cool juncture of time, you know, maybe, I don’t know, maybe we are near the end, I’m not sure, but I think that we’re at this really cool juncture of time where there is this uprising of people who are wanting to heal and wanting to share real, authentic knowledge, and really focus on what truly matters, at the end of the day, and from a more spiritual perspective and a more enlightened broad perspective. 

And so, I think that we are at this juncture point where things will start changing in terms of our consciousness and what we’re able to perceive and conceive of. But when we look at the vast majority of the population, and I think that a lot of the world is still struggling to have the resources, have the time, whatever it may be, to connect to that higher plain. 

[1:06:30] Sahara

Absolutely. And how beautiful that even in the time of darkness and destruction, that we’re able to have conversations like this, and that we may be the first generation to now be moving into Sadh, into truth, and philosophy, and understanding, and what a privilege to be born and choose to incarnate at this time, that we are literally setting up the foundation for this beautiful golden era to come.

[1:06:59] Christine

That is such a beautiful thing to say! And for everyone listening, what an amazing life that we chose, to be interested in higher thought, and to have the time, and to have the resources and the accessibility to access, you know, beautiful leaders like yourself and other amazing teachers and people who can help broaden our perspective and consciousness, it’s like, it’s such a blessing and it’s such a boom, and it’s there for our responsibility, to help share that light with other people. It’s back to that Dharma, right? All of us have the ability to teach something and to share something, to show love and gentleness, and to hold the space of perspective for people who have differences. 

And so, we have the ability to bring that opportunity to everyone we come into contact with. And it’s an honor, and it’s also, in my opinion, a responsibility, but it’s the most beautiful and rewarding responsibility we can get. 

[1:07:53] Sahara

Absolutely! Well, thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful wisdom here today. And where can listeners connect with you? I know that you mentioned you have resources about reading your birth chart, so where can we find all of this?

[1:08:06] Christine

Oh, thank you! Well, yeah, my podcast is Astrology Now. And so, it’s available everywhere, and I do horoscopes every week, and I do personalized horoscopes on my Patrion account, it’s www.patrion.com/astrologynowpodcast.

My website is www.innerknowing.yoga, and that’s the hub of resources for people to find playlists and videos and all of that. And then, my Instagram is @astrologynow_podcast

And I just appreciate you so much, having me on, and sharing your time and sharing your space. You’re so easy to connect with and resonate with, and it’s just such a pleasure to connect. 

[1:08:41] Sahara

Well, thank you so much for helping make Vedic astrology more accessible. It’s really challenging, sometimes, to find information on Vedic astrology, and I know, I’ve been wanting to share more about it, but it’s often very hard to even get the information in the first place and then translate it. So, thank you so much for making it so easy for us to all grasp. And yay, we look forward to learning from you more and having you in Rose Gold Goddesses as well. 

[1:09:04] Christine

Thank you, it’s my pleasure! Thank you so much!

[1:09:06] End of Interview


[1:09:07] Sahara

So much juicy wisdom in that conversation! I can’t wait for Christine to give us her full 2023 workshop in Rose Gold Goddesses, my Sacred Feminine Mystery School. 

[1:09:17] Sahara

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So, you can head over to the show notes or www.rosegoldgoddesses.com to learn more about it.

[1:09:54] Sahara

I hope you loved this Episode, and I would adore for you to share it on your Instagram stories because it can really help so many people dive deeper into themselves. And when we have a world where people are more self-aware and self-conscious, we’re able to live our Dharmas and be of service to humanity. So, share this Episode!

[1:10:13] Sahara

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[1:10:49] Sahara

Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you in the next one. Namaste!     

Episode #476: What We Can Expect in 2023 from a Vedic Astrology Perspective with  Christine Rodriguez
By Sahara Rose

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