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Highest Self Podcast 131: What Is Meant to Be Will Not Necessarily Happen with Sahara Rose

I hear so many people just giving up on what they want, saying if it’s meant to be, it will happen. This episode is about ...
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Highest Self Podcast 115: The Dance Between Doing and Being with Sahara Rose

I recorded this episode while in Bali, thinking about the juxtaposition between doing and being and how my mind is constantly battling between the two.. ...
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Highest Self Podcast 096: Overcoming Spiritual Materialism with Sahara Rose

We’ve got our crystals, tarot card, essential oils, feathers, dream catchers and macrame everything.. and while these tools are great, all we really need is ...
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Highest Self Podcast 091: How To Spiritually Grow Through Ease with Sahara Rose

Have you ever noticed we often hold the belief that in order to grow spiritually we must go through pain? We shape our reality with ...
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Highest Self Podcast 079: How To Shift Your Vibration with Sahara Rose

Want to know the secret all successful people do before beginning any new task? They shift their vibration. In this episode, I explain what that ...
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Highest Self Podcast Episode 016: Why I Decided To Turn Off My Instagram DM’s

DM= Direct Message, a feature Instagram added last year to allow direct-messaging which has led to a SERIOUS influx of constant communication amongst millennials, taking ...
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Highest Self Podcast Episode 009: What If You Dropped Your Crystals?

I’ve noticed many people in the spirituality world become addicted to “spiritual” material possessions.. Crystals, tarot cards, mala beads, etc. What if you dropped it ...
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Highest Self Podcast Episode 001: Who Is Your Highest Self?

Welcome to the Highest Self Podcast! My name is Sahara Rose and I created this podcast out of a need I felt of so many ...
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