Highest Self Podcast Episode 009: What If You Dropped Your Crystals?

I’ve noticed many people in the spirituality world become addicted to “spiritual” material possessions.. Crystals, tarot cards, mala beads, etc. What if you dropped it all and realized you already hold the magic inside of you? I discuss in this spoken word Highest Self Podcast Episode.

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Episode 009: What If You Dropped Your Crystals

By Sahara Rose

What if you dropped your crystals? Let go of your tarot cards. Stopped consulting with your pendulum. And started to look to yourself as the answer. In the spiritual world, we’ve become too addicted to externalities. Expensive clothes have been replaced with expensive crystals. Dresses with Lululemon leggings. Stylists with psychics.

What we don’t realize is we’re repeating the same pattern. Still needing validation from the external world instead of using our own intuition. What good is all that kundalini when you can’t answer your own texts? Where did all that white light go when you’re pissed someone cut you off in traffic? We’re just replacing shiny material possessions for other shiny material possessions. Except, these ones have been dubbed “spiritual,” which means they’re great.

And don’t get me wrong, I do love a good crystal. But if you can’t leave your house without one in your bra, one in your pocket, one in your bag, and one up your yoni? Chances are, you’re giving up your own power. You see, spirituality is about self-empowerment. It’s about realizing that you already have the answers to your problems. It’s about opening up the channels of your body to let its wisdom travel through you. And most importantly, to spread it out to the world.

It’s not a competition about how many hours you spent in meditation. Or what level reiki attunement you have. No, it’s not the spiritual Olympics. There is no winner. And no matter how high vibe you make your life appear on Instagram, people are going to meet you—the real you. And as I always say: vibes do not lie. So let go of your need for fulfillment by an archangel reader who just met you five minutes ago when you agreed to pay her $200 an hour. Let go of the psychic who told you, you already met your twin flame. And even though he cheated on you, he’s going to change soon enough. Let go of the belief that you need anything to heal your body that doesn’t exist inside of you. You are enough. My god, if only you knew how enough you are.

Episode 009: What If You Dropped Your Crystals

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