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Highest Self Podcast 153: New Year’s Resolutions for Vatas with Sahara Rose

This is part 1 of a 3-part series on what each Dosha should be focusing on for the New Year! I dive into the lifestyle, …

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Highest Self Podcast 147: How the Doshas Deal with Loneliness During the Holidays with Sahara Rose

Many of us experience loneliness during the holidays—but it isn’t all the same. In this episode, I share how each Dosha deals with loneliness differently—and …

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Highest Self Podcast 143: Looking for a Career in Wellness—Listen to This

Launch Your Career as a Holistic Health Coach in 2019 by studying at my alma mater, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Email [email protected] to receive a savings …

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Highest Self Podcast 142: Food Emotionality with Samantha Skelley

What does your eating say about your emotions? Everything! In this episode, Hungry for Happiness founder Samantha Skelley and I dive into the concept of …

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Highest Self Podcast 140: Become Your Own Best Doctor with Dr. Jessica Peatross

I’ve known Dr. Jess for over four years now, we co-hosted the East Meets West Retreat and are now in business together in the Path …

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Highest Self Podcast 133: Adaptogens 101 with Lopa of Rasa Koffee

Ever heard of adaptogens? These intelligent herbs actually work with your body giving you exactly what you need, whether it’s more energy or more relaxation. …

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Highest Self Podcast 126: Your Entrepreneurship Dosha with Sahara Rose

This was an interview of me on Angie Lee Podcast and it got such great feedback that I wanted to share it with my Highest …

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Highest Self Podcast 121: Ayurvedic Nutrition Tips with Dr. Douillard

Seasonal eating, digestive fire, dual Doshas.. we cover it all in this comprehensive episode all about Ayurvedic Nutrition! Dr. Douillard is the author of Three …

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Highest Self Podcast 119: Biohacking + Choosing the Best Water with Luke Storey

We have Luke Storey back for part two of his amazing journey—and where he’s at now, 20 years sober! He is now extremely passionate about …

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Highest Self Podcast 118: Overcoming Addiction Holistically with Luke Storey

If you/ anyone you love has battled with addiction, listen to this episode. Luke Storey suffered from an alcohol, cocaine, heroine and crack addiction for …

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