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Highest Self Podcast 113: Figuring Out Your Dual Dosha with Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

Dr. Suhas is back for a long-awaited part 2 podcast episode! This time we went deep into the dual Doshas, a topic many of you …

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Highest Self Podcast 111: Ayurvedic Facial Analysis with John Immel

We can read our tongues and now we’re going to deep dive into how to assess our FACES to know about our Dosha through facial …

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Highest Self Podcast 086: Why Feminine Doesn’t Mean Weak and Masculine Doesn’t Mean Strong with Sahara Rose

As conscious beings, our words hold power. Let’s change our language from feminine meaning soft and weak, and masculine being strong and assertive and instead …

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Highest Self Podcast 075: How To Balance Each Dosha with Sahara Rose

This episode is a deep-dive on how to balance each Ayurvedic Dosha and a sample of what my Doshas + Dharma 4 Week Virtual Coaching …

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Highest Self Podcast 071: How Your Dosha is Related to Your Dharma (Life Purpose) with Ayurveda Author Sahara Rose

Did you know Vatas are meant to be in the creative fields? And Pittas are meant to be managers? And Kaphas are meant to work …

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