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Work related to Dharma Archetype has been instrumental in my life because it allowed me to see the patterns in myself and others. Inspired to help people find theirs, I created a dharma archetype quiz that will help people find their dharma archetype. This is a part of my book Discover Your Dharma

Hey guys, I am Sahara Rose, an ancient soul in a modern body. I’m here to help you discover your dharma (soul’s purpose) so you can share your gifts with the planet. And to show you that your highest path of service is your highest form of joy. I write books, channel podcasts, share ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and dance through this sacred journey called life.

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If you want to take the quiz right away, you can do it here. To know about dharma archetypes are, read along


What are Dharma Archetypes?

Before we start with archetypes if you don’t know what dharma is read my elaborative guide about dharma.

Archetypes are as ancient as the Vedas and universal as consciousness. They are personality types that have existed since the beginning of time, such as the mother or the wild woman.

The Doshas, Goddesses, Jungian archetypes, Myers Brigg, Enneagram, and Michael Teachings are archetypical systems. All  of these reveal a new side of ourselves. Essentially they allow us to connect the dots and understand ourselves on a deeper level.. Especially after a year of massive career shifts like 2020.

Through downloads from the universe, I received nine archetypes that are related to our dharma, which I call the Dharma Archetypes™.

We each have chosen these archetypes as souls to fulfill our life’s work before incarnation. They allow us to excel at exactly what it is our dharma involves. They support our dharma by making it feel natural to us.

The Dharma Archetypes™ are the universal expressions of the soul types that exist within all of us, and have proven to be a crucial tool that’s helped me to work through my own dharmic journey and guide others through theirs.

Knowing your Dharma Archetype™ will help you understand why you are drawn to certain things and give you permission to fully step into the embodiment of who you are.

I’m super excited to share with you my new Dharma Archetype Quiz, as part of my new book Discover Your Dharma

The Dharma Archetypes™ build off the Doshas but further categorize them into actual roles in our society. When you begin reading about the Dharma Archetypes™, you’ll likely recognize your friends, family, and yourself instantly. These archetypes are all universal. You’ll find them in Kenya, China, England, and any other part of the world, as our souls know no borders.

I believe that the universe encoded us with these unique Dharma Archetypes™ so that we can naturally come into balance as a whole society. If we all had the same personalities, gifts, and traits, there’d be no such thing as talent. If we all had the exact same capabilities, there’d be no thing as an incredible singer or artist or healer. Everything would be the same, and therefore boring.

The universe did not design you to be well-rounded like your school’s college counselor may have told you; it designed you to be you.


Take the Dharma Archetype Quiz

Are you a Visionary, Teacher, Researcher, Activist, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Nurturer, Artist, Warrior or combination? Find out with my Dharma Archetype Quiz.

Upon taking the quiz, you  will find your top two Dharma Archetypes and how they are related to YOUR purpose, with custom videos for each!

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On a side note,

On this episode of Highest Self Podcast called What’s Your Dharma Archetype?, I dive deeper into the Dharma Archetypes, breaking each of them down.

Also available on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud!




Feedback from the Quiz

So many of you have reached out to me saying you’ve been having MAJOR breakthroughs on your purpose after taking my Dharma Archetype Quiz!

It’s given you permission to be the exact person you were born to be and express your gifts in a way that is unique and authentic to you.

I always say the Universe designed you to be the Sims character you were born to be! So why compare yourself to someone else when you were encoded with your own gifts to share?!

Know that you aren’t just ONE archetype but rather a combination of all but in varying amounts.

You may be primarily Nurturer, secondarily Researcher, thirdly Teacher, fourthly Artist or any other combo. There are nine in total!


With Respect To My Book

Discover your Dharma | Dharma Archetype

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So Did You Take The Archetype Quiz Yet?

Have you taken the Dharma Archetype Quiz yet? In this, firstly find out which are your top two archetypes and how they are related to YOUR purpose and secondly, find custom videos for each here!

Learn More:
Want help in finding your soul’s purpose? Then tune into Sahara’s free Discover Your Purpose Masterclass.


So excited for the magick and transformation that you will create when you are in full alignment with your dharma.

With Gratitude,



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