Test Nurturer
The Nurturer is here to care and connect. They find their sense of purpose in nurturing others. They are highly empathic and can feel exactly what a person needs. They are the kind of friend who will invite you over for dinner and make an incredible meal, then truly listen to you talk about everything on your mind. They are natural healers and have an ability to transmit that healing through their love. Simply being in their presence feels restorative.

Nurturers are high in Kapha energy, which makes them patient, good-natured, humorous, loyal, warmhearted, and loving. They don’t do drama, and it rarely comes to them. Many Nurturers become coaches, but their coaching style is different than that of the Teacher, who may be more intellectual. The Nurturer is more about emotions and energy. They’re here to hold your hand and help you find a way out of your problem.

The Nurturer must learn to use their superpowers wisely, to uplift people without creating that dependency. Nurturers will often say, “People take advantage of my niceness,” which really means, “I don’t know how to set healthy boundaries with people and I end up overextending myself.” The only people who will become upset at your boundaries are those who aren’t honoring them. It’s crucial for them to create boundaries so they can nurture people fully when their heart is there, and not when it isn’t. The most important person Nurturers must nurture is themselves. If your cup is not full, how will you pour into anyone else’s?

Nurturers’ sweet, loving energy lights up the world and makes this human experience easier for everyone. There isn’t a person that doesn’t love a Nurturer—people around them can feel their compassionate hearts. When they’re able to give themselves the love they give everyone else, they’re fully able to step up into their power.

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