The Artist is put on this earth to create beauty. They are channels of divine expression through art, song, design, poetry, and/or dance. They are tapped into the beauty of all things, taking in the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells in their surroundings. They need the world around them to be aesthetically pleasing or they feel out of balance. They are very particular about the way they like things and have a signature style to everything they do.

It’s important to note that the Artist is not necessarily a professional artist—they’re just someone who brings art into everything they do, a messenger of beauty. They’ll spend extra time to make sure everything they do is beautiful, and become frustrated when people don’t share the same attention to detail.

An Artist is always reinventing themselves. They tend to have several careers over their lifetimes, or even at the same time. They’re the type of people to make the art, come up with the branding, direct and edit the video, design the costume and even build the set. Everything in their life is curated to reflect their creativity, from their social media feed to their  home to their wardrobe and to their office.

Artists are tastemakers. They don’t follow trends but create them—Artists can throw together items from a thrift shop and look like they’re walking down a runway. An Artist likes to spend a lot of their time by themselves, because they take in so much energy around them. They need extra time to themselves to process that, which then becomes the inspiration for their art.. They have a lower need for human interaction than other archetypes, and can be hermits.

Artists are intuitive, open-minded, and creative, and bring divine consciousness into the physical plane through their art. They may feel uncomfortable in big groups of people because they’re taking in so much information from the world around them.

An Artist’s greatest issue is sticking to their originality rather than creating something they know will be successful. There may be a demand for them to create something more mainstream, but if it’s not true to what they have a passion for, they’ll become extremely depressed. Artists do well as creatives, branding specialists, graphic/ interior/ fashion designers, content creators, writers, photographers, cinematographers, musicians, jewelry makers, painters, and poets.

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