Test Visionary

The Visionary is here to be a bridge for the new paradigm. They are especially tapped into universal Source consciousness and spiritual energy, and they’re able to express the visions that come through them with the gift of words. They have reincarnated at this time to inspire people to embody their fullest potential. They are change makers who thrive in leadership positions where the focus is on their message.

Visionaries serve as a reflection of your own spiritual practice, reminding you that you already have the answers within yourself. They won’t sulk with you about your latest breakup or that you were fired; they’ll lift you up and hold you to the highest level to ask what your experience is teaching you.

A Visionary’s life must feel like the unfolding of their words. Visionaries are tapped in with the cosmic web of energy and constantly shift their focus to be in alignment, even if it means completely changing something or launching a new project before the infrastructure is in place. The moment an idea hits—they need to take action.

Visionaries can guide others easily, but it’s important for them to tune into when their advice is wanted. Visionaries can come off as preachy to others who don’t share the same ideals. They must speak only to those who are ready for the lesson and not give someone more than they can chew.

It’s important for Visionaries to remember that the spirit world moves much faster than the physical realm —spirit may be throwing you ideas that you’ll be able to manifest in this lifetime, but you don’t have to do all of them right now. Focus on bringing one vision to life before you usher in the next. At the same time, if you’re being called to action, go for it. Let your intuition guide your way, rather than your fear of not getting everything done.

Above all, as a Visionary your energetic state is of upmost importance. Don’t sacrifice your high vibration just to create. Sacred self-care is of ultimate importance because your product is you.

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