Test Researcher

A Researcher is here to observe the world, the object of their study, to be analyzed through their lens. They came here understand the ways of the world on a deep level. They are extremely curious and carry that childlike curiosity with them throughout life. As children, they were always asking “why” and were never satisfied until they got the real answer.
Researchers are like sponges that can never get enough knowledge. They love sitting for hours and getting nerdy on a subject to thoroughly understand it. However, they often push back their actual careers because they feel like they need to learn more.

Researchers love getting lost in museums, reading every single word about every single display. They are thorough in everything that they do —others may find them OCD, but it’s because they’re so aware of all of the subtleties of a subject. A Researcher will never speak about a subject they don’t know about; if you ask a question they don’t know the answer to, they’ll tell you they don’t know and then come back to you a few days later having done the research.

Researchers are integral to society because they’re willing to go places that others will not—into the details. Researchers are in the lab curing diseases, creating technology, and shaping the world of tomorrow. They’re putting together history’s lost puzzle pieces, which helps us understand the world today. The superpower of Researchers is their focus. While others get bored quickly, a Researcher dives in 100 percent. They have no problem spending hours a day for weeks, months, and years to fully understand a subject.

Researchers should remember that they can spend a lifetime in preparation, but they will never be totally prepared for every eventuality. Sometimes you just have to take action. Don’t use another degree as a way of escaping from the responsibility you have to share your gifts. There are people out there who know far less than you who are changing the world. Allow this to be a message from the universe giving you the permission to begin now.

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