test Warrior

The Warriors are here to protect. They have a strong moral compass and a deep desire to safeguard the powerless and give voice to the voiceless. They are strong in their expression, and not afraid to be themselves. They know what it’s like to be weak, bullied, or taken advantage of, and never want anyone else to be in that situation. They have strong opinions and a deep sense of what is right or wrong.
Warriors have love-me-or-hate-me personalities and aren’t here to appease anyone. They are willing to speak up and say what everyone else is thinking, even if it singles them out or alienates others. They are anchored in their own truth. They make excellent fitness professionals, CEOs, motivational speakers, managers, and law enforcement agents.

Warriors were given a great deal of energy because they were meant to find solutions. They often find themselves as entrepreneurs because they can’t stand to take directions from others. Regardless, they need a sense of freedom in their position to allow them to make their own decisions. They can’t be micromanaged by someone, and a boss may be intimidated by their strength.

Warriors have a communal soul and their Pitta energy makes them want to be part of something greater than themselves. They prefer to work with their team in person, rather than online, because it’s far more intuitive for them to connect in the physical rather than the ethereal due to their low Vata energy. Warriors need to share a mission with others and, as good team leaders, rally the troops to keep everyone motivated.

The gift of the Warrior is to motivate others with their Pitta energy. The Warrior thrives on overcoming obstacles, whether it’s helping someone drop twenty pounds, invest in a business, or buy something they didn’t know they needed.

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